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This article contains information and transcripts for Sonia Nevermind's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
10 25 1 2 5 3 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
108 270 50 75 150 100 75 50


So I am the Ultimate Princess... For the next three years, I will be a normal high schooler.
How thrilling! I shall cherish my time at this academy!


I will not forget about any of you. If something happens, I will have my entire country help out!

Friendship Events[]

With Rantaro Amami[]

With Rantaro Amami
Oh, hey Sonia. Is it alright if I sit with you?
By all means, please join me. I believe this will be our first meal together.
Haha, yeah. I never imagined that one day I would be sitting next to a princess!
At this academy, I am just a transfer student, so please be at ease around me.
Oh, so I can relax a bit then. Got it.
Sonia, you were born in the Kingdom of Novoselic in Europe, right?
Indeed, I was. I am told you have a penchant for travel... Have you visited Novoselic before, Rantaro?
No, unfortunately I haven't been there yet.
But last time I was in Europe, I bought some chocolate from Novoselic.
Now, I've tasted a lot of things in my life...but I'll *never* forget that chocolate.
Well...I am pleased that you have tested my homeland's national specialty!
I can easily arrange to have a year's supply of Novoselic chocolate delivered to you!
Oh no, really, that's okay! It was delicious, don't get me wrong. But that's asking too much...
Are you sure? In my homeland, when foreign guests praise our cuisine... ...it is custom for us to gift them with as much food as they can carry.
Perhaps a year's supply is too extravagant? I cannot imagine where you would store it.
Haha, that reminds me of grandmas spoiling their grandchildren on New Year's.
...I've been to so many countries, but there's still so much I don't know.
The Kingdom of Novoselic sounds incredible. I'd love to go someday.
Please do! I would be honored to guide you to all the sights Novoselic has to offer!
Now, if you're back in Novoselic...you'd be guiding me as princess, not a student, right?
I'm really grateful, but I gotta admit that makes me nervous! Haha!

With Tsumugi Shirogane[]

With Tsumugi Shirogane
Hey Sonia... In your country, do you wear gorgeous dresses and tiaras and all that?
Indeed. Though I only wear them for occasions that call for pump and circumference.
A dress and a tiara for a princess... I bet they're beautiful and well made.
I'd really like to see them. I bet they'd be a perfect reference for cosplay.
Would you like to wear them? Although they are quite plain, I did bring a couple dresses.
What!? I-It's okay. It's too glamorous for me... Besides, I only cosplay fictional characters.
Um... This "cosplay" you speak of, it involves dressing as imaginary characters, yes?
Yeah. It lets you become someone totally different and live in a different world...
I think I can understand longing to be a different version of yourself in a different world...
What!? Could it be!? Are you interested in cosplay, Sonia!?
No...how should I phrase this? It is something to which I can certainly relate.
To become a normal girl, and to live as a normal girl...is a deep longing of mine.
I-I see... For you, being a normal student is like fiction...
Yes, if I may borrow your words... I might be living in a fictional world at this very moment.
Umm... I think it's a little different.
Hm? Whatever do you mean?
Because right now, you being a student with us...is reality.
I think that Princess Sonia and Student Sonia are the same Sonia after all.
Tsumugi... Your expertise in all matters fictional have exposed my own lack of understanding.
For that, you have my utmost praise!
Ha, haha—! I'm very grateful!
Wow...I feel like falling to the ground... The aura of a princess is powerful.
Hmhm... You are a delightful person, Tsumugi.
You too, Sonia. To be honest...I'm so plain that when I'm near someone as sparkly as you... I feel like someone's cast Poof and I'm going to disappear without leaving any XP or gold. But it's plain to see that we get along well.
Yes, I agree! I'm hella down to hang out with you anytime, soul sistah!

With Genocide Jack[]

With Genocide Jack
Genocide Jack... You have my sincerest gratitude for coming here today!
Today, I present this nation's very special murderous fiend, Genocide Jack. I was bestowed the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with her.
Thank you! It's your wonderful, smiling murderous fiend here!
Although, you're not quite sane, either! A princess all alone with a murderer? The king of your country is gonna have a heart attack!
That is true...Although, according to my knowledge... All of Genocide Jack's victims had been male. Murderous fiends are quite particular about their characteristics and their aesthetics.
I assume you are similar to that as well, Genocide Jack!
You knew you wouldn't be killed? Oh me, oh my! You sure did your research! Although, it's a bit creepy that you're talking to me like you know me... Well, I guess I can forgive you for reading on little ol' me.
I am sorry. I was just so incredibly eager to be able to meet *the* Genocide Jack...
Pfft! What? You make it sound like I'm a star or something! That's hilarious!
*sigh*...I wish I was being pampered by an adorable boy instead, so I could kill him.
An adorable boy...? How does this relate to your particular characteristic as a murderous fiend?
Wha-what? Don't you know anything about what's adorable? If not, you're missing out on life!
I-Is it truly that essential? Please tell us more about this!
Seriously? If I start, I'll ramble on forever! Do ya really wanna go down the maiden's road?
Maiden...? Is there something particularly related to women?
Well, it doesn't really have anything to do with that... But I don't mind teaching you all of the...
...Huh!? Wh-Why is the princess here!?
Oh, my! It seems I will be unable to hear all the juicy information!

With Shuichi Saihara[]

With Shuichi Saihara
Shuichi, please accept my sincerest gratitude.
Though I do apologize for troubling the Şablon:İmp to help me locate this...
Ah, it's no trouble. I'm pretty good at things like this.
I'm glad we found it. Please, feel free to ask me for anything.
You are too kind, Shuichi. Perhaps I can confide in you, after all...
I shall tell you all about the most famous unsolved case in the Novoselic Kingdom...
Ah, this conversation took an awfully serious turn...
It is known in Novoselic as "Şablon:İmp."
...I'm sorry, the what?
A creature native to Novoselic that multiplies when frightened. Are you not familiar with it?
Ah, an animal.
The first incident in this case occurred when a prominent noble lost their prized Makango.
I see... Losing a pet that's precious to you is hard.
Indeed. And his troubles did not end with his missing Makango. In Novoselic, couples must show their Makangos to one another in order to be wed. For this noble, he had a betrothed whom he intended to marry, but...
Things fell apart?
Yes. In time, other women began to pursue him for his wealth, causing no end of drama. Soon after, other nobles and socialites began to report their Makangos missing as well. The entire country went mad as betrothed lovers watched their courtships be torn apart.
That's terrible... I suppose you haven't found that Makango yet?
No... Most likely, the poor Makangos have been sold on the black market or enslaved...
Whether the culprit sought to own rare Makangos or cause discord between lovers, I cannot say. Given the number of incidents, the investigation thus far has not produced any solid leads...
The scale of this case is huge. There could be copycat criminals at work...
The Makango disappearances ended as quickly as they began, yet the case remains unsolved.
It must have been a difficult case... Hard on everyone involved.
So you *do* understand the hardship this case has inflicted upon my people!
I thank you with all my heart for listening to my sudden tale of woe.
Truly, you are sweeter than any millennial confection. I was right to trust you.
As the princess of Novoselic, I request that you solve this case and lift my people's anguish!
Ah...I'm not sure if I can produce results, but...
I've come *this* far. So, if you're alright with this case in my hands...
You have my gratitude. In return, I hereby grant you an open invitation to the Novoselic Kingdom!
...This conversation really *did* take a turn.

With Gundham Tanaka[]

With Gundham Tanaka
Oh, Gundham, good morning!
I never thought I would encounter you at a time before dawn's rising.
Is the festival of the holy mother of darkness to be held in the final shadows of the night?
No, I simply woke up early and thought that I should clean the classroom.
Are you caring for everyone's demon beasts at the moment, Gundham?
Yes...the time is nigh for the demon beasts aligned with the sun to awaken.
The Four Dark Devas of Destruction will soon wrap themselves in darkness and slumber...
Then, would you like to accompany me to the school building?
Kehehe...very well. This, too, may be the workings of fate...
Hehe...I am enjoying our time together. In my own country, I could not commute to school with my classmates like this.
I wonder how many more opportunities like this will be given to me before we graduate...
If this ritual is necessary for polishing your soul...then I will lend you my power again...
However...that is only if you are determined to enter the aura of this malevolent arm!
Yes.... Yes, of course! Please allow me to accompany you again!
Thank you very much, Gundham!
...It is not something I need be thanked for.
You promised to walk to school together again!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival you've been looking forward to! You get to be captain of the basketball team! What plan will you go with?
Offense, offense, offense, offense!
Fortunately, I know the perfect people to execute this strategy!
Akane and Peko! Sally forth!
Don't boss me around! Well...I did just eat, so I guess I'll do it.
So whose ass do I need to kick!?
Akane, this is basketball, not martial arts. Sonia, we need detailed instructions.
My bad. I have just always wanted to say "sally forth"...
...You put an unbeatable offense with your reliable comrades!
I shall focus on the other team's captain!
So Maki is the opposing captain... I sense a worthy adversary!
However, as they say, you must check yourself before you neck yourself...
...You're still not used to our slang, are you?
Huh? Whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Maki? Are you not picking up what I am throwing down?
What did you study to end up talking like that? Never mind, I don't want to know.
...She seemed exasperated with you, but you played a fun game anyway!
I shall focus on the skilled athlete!
Oh, so we're up against your team, Sonia! I bet this'll be a good match!
Wow, my opponent is none other than the formidable Hina...
However, I have a duty as a member of the royal family to overcome this powerful foe... My body's readiness is hella maximum! You have my permission to bring it, fool!
Oh, now you've done it! I'm going all out!
...You had a heated battle with Hina's team.

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival you've been waiting for! You're going to see and do everything! But where will you go first?
Is this...Japanese manga culture?
Huh? If it isn't Ms. Nevermind! I should have known that you'd have a good eye!
Um, so your job is to sell manga that you have drawn. Is that correct, Hifumi?
No no no! I do *sell* my masterpieces here, but it is not merely my *job*!
I apologize, but it seems that you are not ready for my talent...
Oh my... It seems I have not studied enough. My apologies.
I have some knowledge of trendy drama shows, but when it comes to manga, I am a greenhorn. If you would, can you teach me about it? Please show me the gropes.
*gasp*! Princess!? Whatever do you mean!? I-I never imagined...a situation like this would play out in the 3D world!
M-My loyalty to 2D is being tested!
...Hifumi seemed conflicted as he showed you a lot of different manga!
Fortune telling booths are a classic
Hey, Sonia! Thanks for coming! I was just thinking about how we should get to know each other better. Fortune telling?
Yes...I am interested...
But...? You don't have any money?
Um...Hiro, are you determined?
To predict my future...is the same as predicting my entire country's future.
You may see things you don't wish to see and learn things you don't wish to know.
I see what you mean... No need to fret, though! I've told fortunes for a bunch of big shots! Don't worry about it! Just lemme tell your fortune!
And for you, Sonia, a special offer... 11 fortunes for one million yen!
Hiro...I did not say those things to test you. Will you tell me my fortune now?
You serious!? Princesses can't go back on their word, right!?
Yes. There is just one more thing...
There's more!?
Those who tell fortunes for the royal family must offer their own makango as a hostage.
M-My what!? I don't know what you're talking about! Do I even have one of those things!?
Unfortunately, you couldn't get Yasuhiro to tell your fortune...
Could this be the rumored bathhouse?
Huh? Bathhouse?
A bathhouse for human and bug alike... That is the premise of this exhibit, yes?
They supposedly have therapeutic properties. I thought this exhibit might actually be one...
What!? Bathhouse for human and bug!? That sound incredible!
Gonta still got lots to learn as entomologist if he learning about this for first time...
Oh, it would seem I spoke out of turn... My bad, my bad!
It's okay, cuz Gonta make amazing discovery! Now Gonta gotta find this bug bathhouse place!
You both could not be more wrong...but at least Gonta seems happy!


Your last winter at the academy... Today, you're having a party with your classmates!
You decided to start the preparations early. What do you do?
I will go fetch those not here yet!
Ah, the Dark Queen. To run into you before the appointed hour...
Things are nearly ready, so I came to fetch you.
Let us have fun today. In this country, Christmas is a fun event.
Hah...it seems normal human beings believe that. But for a demon such as myself, tonight is only the beginning of the rite of chaos...
Very well...let us throw open the gates! Tonight's celebration will not be forgotten!
Yes... I hope it will be something we never forget. This will likely be the last time we will be able to gather together for a Christmas party...
...The flow of time cannot be halted by anyone. Not even I, the Şablon:İmp...
However, that is why we shall laugh uproariously this night.
This night will never come again...that is why we must etch it into our very souls.
Yes, you are correct. Tonight, we will have a lot of fun and make beautiful memories.
...You enjoyed to the fullest the last Christmas you'll spend with your friends in this country.
I will carry the food!
Hey...can I eat now? I can't wait any longer...
Akane...please wait a little longer. Everyone else will be coming soon.
Just a little longer? You sure about that?
Yes, just a little. It seems as though you are particularly pekoish today.
Oh...sorry. I believe the word I meant was "peckish," not Peko.
Aah...I dunno why I'm so hungry. Maybe it's cuz I was watchin' Himiko's show just now.
Himiko's show...?
Yup. She told me to invite my little brothers and sisters to come see it.
She got all excited, so the show went long and I wasn't able to eat my 3 o'clock meal...
Hmhmhm...what a beautiful Christmas.
Oh! So that's why I'm starvin'!
Hey, can I eat yet?
J-Just a little longer...please hold on!
You spend time calming Akane down until everyone arrived...
I will wipe down the tables!
Oh, Toko...were you in the midst of having tea? I apologize for the intrusion.
Y-You're thinking I'm just in the way, aren't you!? W-Well I'm about to leave...
E-Even I have plans for Christmas...
Plans with Byakuya? I know in this country, many couples spend Christmas together... Then they go to a fancy restaurant and the men give the women jewelry, right?
Wh-What kind of Christmas is that? But Master Byakuya might do that...
Then those are your plans!
No, unfortunately. I tried to set something up with Master Byakuya, b-but he ordered me to postpone.
Then, are your plans to drink tea here by yourself, Toko?
No, that's not it. I have f-friends to spend Christmas with.
Christmas with friends... That is lovely, indeed. Please enjoy yourself.
We both shall boogie down and have ourselves a par-tay!
...In three years, you never grew out of your weird way of speaking, huh?
You parted ways with an unusually cheerful Toko and got ready for the party!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Akane Owari[]

Today is the school festival... Obviously, you're gonna eat, eat, and eat some more! You ate a bunch already and now you're taking a break. Who will you talk to?
Hey, you gonna eat that?
You only drank your tea. If you're not gonna eat your share, give it to me.
Me? Oh, I am fine. Do not mind me. I helped to plan the menu, so I have tasted all of the prototypes already.
What the heck!? That ain't fair! I want some too!
Hmhm...I am sorry. Right now, I am simply watching everyone enjoy their food...
I am here to enjoy their happiness.
Simply watching you eat with the intensity of a lion fills my heart with pride!
Hmm...does that mean I can eat your food? You better not complain when you're hungry.
Indeed. Please eat as much as you would like.
You ate even more as Sonia watched you happily!

With Chiaki Nanami[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to do your best in the three-legged race! But it's your first time ever doing a three-legged race. What will you do?
Let's work together
This is my first time doing a three-legged race. I look forward to working with you.
Oh...it's my first time too. As beginners, let's do our best to clear this co-op challenge.
I see... I am a little relieved to hear that.
The two of us shall work together. Just like in school dramas, let us work up a youthful sweat!
What school dramas are about sweating? Anyway, I look forward to working with you.
It's just like in rhythm games where you need to push two buttons at the same time, right?
You ran with Sonia at your own pace!

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
Gonta gonna miss eating dining hall's food...
Sad to think we not gonna eat in dining hall anymore. Food always so good.
Um, but...Gonta always thought you eat so graceful, Sonia.
Why, thank you very much. All members of royalty require knowledge of table etiquette.
Gonta could learn lots about being gentleman from princess like Sonia.
Gonta study and practice every day, but... "eddy-ket" really hard.
Of course, formalities are essential. However, the most important quality is one's heart.
Being considerate towards those you are dining with is the core of etiquette.
In that respect, I believe you have mastered the basics.
Indeed. You will acquire knowledge in time, so please treasure your gentlemanly heart.
Thank you... Gonta so happy that graceful Sonia accept him as gentleman!
You enjoyed a lively meal with Sonia!

With Gundham Tanaka[]

Your last winter at the academy... You enjoyed a Christmas party with your friends!
The party ended and you're going to help clean up. What will you do first?
Sealing the offerings is my duty...
Phew... It seems like Teruteru put in a lot of effort for today's food.
I never expected that there would be leftovers with Akane and Byakuya here.
The offerings given for the rite of chaos shall nourish the flesh and blood of many.
Indeed. The food was most tasty... I hope that other people can have some tomorrow.
... It is over now... Our final Christmas party together...
We shall not have another party next year... Even if everyone else can meet, I...
Dark Queen...did you empty the cup that was offered to you this night?
What? Yes...I ate and drank everything that was given to me...
Kehehe... Those cups were part of a pact.
Those of us who drank from them...have forged an unbreakable pledge!
T-Truly!? I drank the whole thing without so much as a second thought!
It is too late to cancel the contract now. You are bound to it for all eternity.
Therefore...this will not be our final farewell. Those bound by the contract will meet again.
No matter where I am... No matter the time... We are all connected, correct?
It is my wish that we can all see each other again at any time, yes?
As I said, it is impossible to cancel the contract we have all entered into.
Yes... Thank you very much.
You reaffirmed your vows with those who share your fate...

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)[]

Today is the summer sports festival. You are captain of the basketball team... You're not too enthusiastic, but maybe you should talk to someone before the game.
We can't lose to that team, got that?
So it seems the fashionista, Junko, will be my opponent. I am hella stoked, soul-sistah!
Hey, let's do our best.
...Do I really seem like that much of a princess type? What era were you going for?
...I'll never be able to match that style.
You did your bests in the game, while feeling mentally exhausted!

With Kazuichi Soda[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to visit the shop Sonia's a part of!
Since it's so busy, someone asked if they can sit by you... What do you do?
Ugh, this guy...
You must have some courage to have disturbed the meditations of the overlord...
Huh? Because we're sharing a table? C'mon man, it's busy in here! How's that my fault?
People will gather at a festival of hope... However...
...where there is light, there is also shadow. That is...
...the law of nature that controls the chaos of this world!
That is right!
You guys were perfectly in sync!
Wait...Miss Sonia! There you are!
Gundham, thank you for coming today!
Um, Miss Sonia? I'm here, too!
Oh...thank you too, Kazuichi!
Tell me, Dark Queen... How did your hand help shape this festival?
I created the menu, decorated the interior, and am in charge of customer service.
It has been quite thrilling to experience things from a laborer's perspective.
That's Miss Sonia for you! You never forget your perspective as a princess!
If you like, it would be helpful if I could receive both of your opinions on the meal!
...You ordered lots of things and gave Sonia your opinions!

Your last winter at the academy... You spent time at a Christmas party with your friends. You're done cleaning up the party and it's time to go home... What do you do?
A-Alright...I'm gonna talk to Miss Sonia!
There you are...Miss Soniaaa!
Oh, Kazuichi...can I help you?
Well, not with anything in particular... But today sure was fun, huh?
Doing stupid stuff with everyone... It was a genuine high school experience...
Yes, it was most fun. I made many good memories.
Um... Are you gonna go back to your country after we graduate?
Yes. Since I am a princess...I will return to my country to serve my people.
O-Of course... Um...are you ever gonna come back to visit or anything?
Of course I want to. However, it may not be that easy...
Yeah, I guess... You'll be all the way in Europe... It'll probably be hard to make time...
That is correct. It will be most difficult...
Uh... So, umm...
...Leave it to me!
I'm...a mechanic, even though I might not look like one!
Yes, I am aware...
And...I like making vehicles and stuff... So I'll make an awesome vehicle!
Something that can go back and forth between here and your country, even with your schedule!
I'll make an awesome vehicle like that in no time!
Thank you so much...I am very happy. I look forward to riding in the vehicle you make!
M-Miss Sonia!
Hm...I shall leave this matter to your discretion!
Y-Yes, your majesty! Please leave it to me!
...You gained an important purpose!

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

Today is the school festival... You are running the haunted house. A guest approaches...
I did not expect to see royalty here
Why, naturally! I plan to complete two laps of the whole academy!
You seem quite enthusiastic... As a princess, are student festivals rare for you?
I feel quite invigorated to attend as a student. In my country, I visited academies as royalty... It was my duty to cut the largest Skong each year to begin the festival.
What an intriguing tradition... I would love to visit your kingdom as an anthropologist.
You watched with interest as Sonia entered the haunted house!

With Kyoko Kirigiri[]

Today is the the sports festival... You're in the three-legged race! It's not your style, but you don't want to drag anyone down. Who should you be careful of?
I should be careful of teams with strong bonds
I should not underestimate the Şablon:İmp's leadership skills.
So the person in the next lane is Kyoko! I shall be your opponent!
Shouldn't you be saying, "I look forward to our match?" Well anyway, likewise.
My country has no events like this, so I am most excited! I fully intend to go all out!
It seems you're pretty enthusiastic about this. I'm sure you'll be difficult to beat.
You engaged in an intense battle with Sonia and her partner, who were in the next lane!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Your last winter at the academy... You were invited to a party by the symbols of hope.
But you feel like someone like you has no place at such a party... What do you do?
I'll see everyone's hopeful smiles up close
Oh, Nagito... Are you having fun?
Of course. I can see everyone having fun and full of hope.
Don't just watch. You wanna have a headbanging competition with me?
I'll pass. If I joined in, it'd just bring everyone down.
You're still saying stuff like that? Even after three years?
Well, it's because I'm still worthless scum and you all are still shining beacons of hope... Unless the world turns upside-down, that's never going to change.
Huh...is that so?
No, there's no way hope would ever waver, even if the world turned upside-down. If it's a strong enough hope, it will tear apart any despair.
Ughughugh... I'm supposed to be used to this by now, but it still gives me a headache!
I am not sure how to respond to all that... My my, what a problem.
It seems like you talked too much and ruined the party for everyone...


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