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This article contains information and transcripts for Shuichi Saihara's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
10 25 1 2 5 3 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
108 270 50 75 150 100 75 50


I'm no Ultimate... I'm just an apprentice detective who happened to solve a case...


After coming to this academy and meeting everyone, I feel like a real detective.

Friendship Events[]

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

With Kaede Akamatsu
Shuichi...do you have a minute?
Sure. What's wrong?
Well, I'm gonna be performing a piano recital at a pretty big hall next month.
So...if you don't mind, may I give this to you?
A ticket...?
Yeah, I'd be happy if you came.
Oh, but if you're too busy, you don't have to go out of your way to see it!
No, I'll definitely go! I want to see you.
Huh? S-See me? Not my piano performance?
Yeah, I want to see you play the piano. Did I say something strange?
Oh, that's what you meant...
Don't worry about it... Feel free to come watch me perform.
This will be my first classical concert... I'm so excited to see your performance!
Ah, what should I wear? My school uniform?
That's totally fine! You'll be sitting down for a while, so you should wear comfortable clothes. Feel free to ask me anything! I know it's a bit nerve-wracking since it's your first time.
Okay, I might have some more questions for you after school tomorrow...
Alright! Just ask me anything!
I will.
Ah, I forgot to thank you. Thank you for inviting me, Kaede.
No problem! I hope you enjoy yourself. I have a lot of songs that I want you to hear, Shuichi.

With Kaito Momota[]

With Kaito Momota
Hey, bro. You're not headed home?
Ah, Kaito.
Why're you looking so down now? I thought you'd been looking better than when you first got to this academy.
If there's something going on, then spit it out! It's a hero's job to help out his sidekick!
It's nothing, I just... I feel as though I haven't used my detective skills lately.
Your detective skills? You mean you haven't taken any cases lately?
I was always helping out at my uncle's detective office, but since I've been here...
I feel like...I should be doing something. I got my Ultimate talent by chance, so...
Oh, you're talking about that? That's simple! You just gotta move your body!
Ah, we do a lot of training already though, don't we?
That's not what I mean. I mean put it into action!
Detective work is always useful! Isn't that right, bro!?
But...a detective can't work unless there's a case to solve, or a request to fulfill.
No! Your talents are more than just that!
Hey, Shuichi...I'm an astronaut. Do you think I'm useless when I'm not in space?
You're not useless! You have good teamwork, and you always help people in need...
Everyone really depends on you, Kaito.
Then what about detectives? Are they useless without cases or requests?
So I'll be the hero and you be my sidekick!
...Isn't that what we've been doing?
And when someone's in trouble, you help 'em out! Like, by giving them advice or something! It might be different from your usual detective work, but...
Instead of rotting away like that, it'll make you feel alive by helping out those around us.
What are you planning, Kaito?
A hero's most important job is to be the hero!
...That doesn't make sense.
When you need a hero's help, just call! I'll help you with anything you can't handle alone!
Ah...okay. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but...I'll try.
Yeah! Hehe...you're looking better already!

With Kyoko Kirigiri[]

With Kyoko Kirigiri
Ah, Kyoko. There's something that I've been meaning to ask you...
...What is it?
You were a detective before you even entered high school, correct?
Yes...it's been years since I first entered this line of work.
It's been that long? I thought *I* was young to start working as a detective... You're incredible, Kyoko.
...I feel kinda bad now. An apprentice like me doesn't deserve to share the title of Şablon:İmp with you...
But you're here because Hope's Peak Academy recognizes your accomplishments, yes?
I...don't know about that. I just solved a case by chance...
Be that as it may, you still grabbed hold of the truth and solved the case, didn't you? No one, not even you, can deny that outcome.
Others accept that you are a detective, and have also come to rely on you, too. The other day, I saw you running all over the place with Ryoma and Peko... No doubt because they needed your insights as a detective, right?
Ah, I was just looking for a missing cat around the academy... I've handled plenty of missing pet cases before, so I was able to help, but...
Do you think it's meaningless for people to rely on you?
...No, that's wrong. It makes me...so happy to be helpful.
Then I see no reason for you to compare yourself to me. Every detective is shaped by their motives, methodologies, and case histories.
That's why I believe I should always seek out the truth.
By adhering to your methodology, you've earned accomplishments as a detective, haven't you?
That's true... I'll never forget that, Kyoko.
I apologize for having such a negative attitude earlier. Thank you for encouraging me.

With Hajime Hinata and Makoto Naegi[]

With Hajime Hinata and Makoto Naegi
Huh? Hajime? I'm surprised to see you here.
Yeah, I got a neat gift from my friend just now, and then we got caught up talking.
I'm on my way back to the reserve course now. If I'm late, Usami won't let me back in.
When you get something you really like, it makes you want to spend more time with that person.
That's true. I'm always giving gifts, so maybe I was a little too eager to receive one this time.
Ah, I'm also usually giving presents rather than receiving them.
It's fun, isn't it? Thinking about the person being happy...
Seeing their face when you give them something they really like makes you happy too.
But sometimes they react poorly...
Yeah...it can make you feel pretty bad.
Sometimes when that happens, I think about it later and wonder why I even gave them that.
But you're always so confident when you hand it to them...
When someone gives me a gift, I get shy when I think about why they've given it to me...
But when I see that look of sincere generosity on their face, I can't help but feel happy.
You're right... Seeing a face like that can make you happy all on its own.
...Ah, I'm getting embarrassed thinking about the face I make when I receive a present...
Now that I think about it, I should probably get my friend something in return...

With Sonia Nevermind[]

With Sonia Nevermind
Shuichi, please accept my sincerest gratitude.
Though I do apologize for troubling the Şablon:İmp to help me locate this...
Ah, it's no trouble. I'm pretty good at things like this.
I'm glad we found it. Please, feel free to ask me for anything.
You are too kind, Shuichi. Perhaps I can confide in you, after all...
I shall tell you all about the most famous unsolved case in the Novoselic Kingdom...
Ah, this conversation took an awfully serious turn...
It is known in Novoselic as "Şablon:İmp."
...I'm sorry, the what?
A creature native to Novoselic that multiplies when frightened. Are you not familiar with it?
Ah, an animal.
The first incident in this case occurred when a prominent noble lost their prized Makango.
I see... Losing a pet that's precious to you is hard.
Indeed. And his troubles did not end with his missing Makango. In Novoselic, couples must show their Makangos to one another in order to be wed. For this noble, he had a betrothed whom he intended to marry, but...
Things fell apart?
Yes. In time, other women began to pursue him for his wealth, causing no end of drama. Soon after, other nobles and socialites began to report their Makangos missing as well. The entire country went mad as betrothed lovers watched their courtships be torn apart.
That's terrible... I suppose you haven't found that Makango yet?
No... Most likely, the poor Makangos have been sold on the black market or enslaved...
Whether the culprit sought to own rare Makangos or cause discord between lovers, I cannot say. Given the number of incidents, the investigation thus far has not produced any solid leads...
The scale of this case is huge. There could be copycat criminals at work...
The Makango disappearances ended as quickly as they began, yet the case remains unsolved.
It must have been a difficult case... Hard on everyone involved.
So you *do* understand the hardship this case has inflicted upon my people!
I thank you with all my heart for listening to my sudden tale of woe.
Truly, you are sweeter than any millennial confection. I was right to trust you.
As the princess of Novoselic, I request that you solve this case and lift my people's anguish!
Ah...I'm not sure if I can produce results, but...
I've come *this* far. So, if you're alright with this case in my hands...
You have my gratitude. In return, I hereby grant you an open invitation to the Novoselic Kingdom!
...This conversation really *did* take a turn.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... All of the events so far were really exciting!
But apparently Monokuma got in everyone's way during the events...
Before the afternoon events start, let's find Monokuma and catch him!
I should corner him as quickly as possible
Huh, Shuichi? Where are you going? We're about to go on our lunch break.
Kaede...did you hear about Monokuma interrupting the events today?
Geez, he interrupted our race too, right when everyone was doing their best.
We have to find him and stop him...
Are you gonna go find Monokuma right now? What about lunch?
I'll find Monokuma quickly... I can eat later.
Um...I'm sure you'll be able to find him soon, but...
Oh yeah! You shouldn't try to do everything yourself! Get everyone else to help you!
I'll tell everyone to stop Monokuma if they see him.
Ah, but what about your lunch, Kaede?
I'll ask them, and then I'll go eat. So, you should hurry and go, too. If you don't, you won't have time to eat.
...Thank you, Kaede.
You investigated as fast as you could and caught Monokuma!
I'll gather witness testimonies
Hey, Sayaka. When you all were doing the scavenger hunt...did you see Monokuma?
Yes, he threw a bunch of baseballs at us... I'm glad no one got hurt.
Did you see where he went?
Um... I didn't see Monokuma myself, but... I was on a scavenger hunt with Mondo and Keebo, until they ran toward the school building.
I think they might've seen Monokuma run over there.
I see...thank you. I'll remember that.
You investigated the school after collecting testimonies and caught Monokuma!
Someone might have a clue...
Mahiru, you've been taking a lot of pictures today. Have you seen Monokuma?
Oh, he kept getting in everyone's way, so he ended up in a bunch of my shots.
This is a digital camera, so I can show you right now if it'll help catch Monokuma.
That would really help. Thank you, Mahiru.
You better catch him soon so he doesn't get in anyone else's way!
You traced Monokuma's footsteps with the pictures and caught Monokuma!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... This classroom is doing an escape room!
Let's work together to escape! Now, what to do...
The furniture in this room is suspicious...
Hajime, it looks like you've inspected the room pretty thoroughly. What did you find?
Yeah...I found something that might be a clue.
We should look at that first... Hajime, you're not a bad investigator! You may be suited to detective work.
Hearing that from the Şablon:İmp...
You brainstormed with Hajime and enjoyed solving the mystery!
The floor and walls are suspicious...
This hint is written in blood... Ah, it's fake blood, I suppose...
Toko, you look pale... Are you okay?
Th-There's no way I'm okay... I can't handle blood or gore at all!
...I don't see any gore, though.
Geez...I know it's fake, but I feel sick from these cheap visual effects.
I-I bet you like these inferior attractions, don't you? Well, hurry up and do something!
...Toko, why are you even here?
You worked hard to solve the mystery, without Toko's help...
We should discuss this first
At a glance, this first code is pretty typical. We can probably escape if we just look around.
It seems like you're used to these kinds of games, Nagito.
Yeah...I like solving mysteries. They're fun.
Oh, it's really arrogant of me to say something like that to the Şablon:İmp, huh?
Ah, no, I'm not a real detective. I'm more of an apprentice. I'm glad you're here, though.
Hearing you say that helps a little. I hope scum like me can be useful.
You somehow managed to cooperate with Nagito, despite his constant self-degradation.


Your last winter at the academy... Today is the closing ceremony, and you're up early... Thinking about only having a short time left at this academy makes you sad...
And from that comes restlessness. What will you do?
It's early, I'll go to the classroom
Oh, it's you, Shuichi.
Good morning. You two are up early.
You're here early yourself.
Yeah...I just woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.
I understand. When I wake up early cuz I gotta go pee, it's hard to get back to sleep.
After today's closing ceremony ends...it won't be long till we graduate.
You never thought about it...?
Ah, well...a little.
We make for a pretty unusual group. It's usually Kaito or Kaede here...
I can't have talks like this with the loud idiot. But for all of us to be here right now... That's going to be hard to come by in the future.
Why are you all sad? That's not like you.
Maki...I don't really know how to say it, but it's not as if we'll never see each other again.
I know. Even though I know that...it probably won't go that way...
Ugh, don't make that face! It's not like we're graduating today!
Besides, we can still see each other after we graduate! I'll invite you all to my magic show! My magic can still improve. The next time I show it to you, it'll be even more amazing! See? Why don't you guys try to think of the future in a more fun way? Look forward to it!
Look forward...to the future?
Himiko's right. There are a lot of things we can do from here.
Hey...Kaede played a performance at Maki's orphanage, right?
Why not have Himiko do a show at the orphanage too?
A show for orphans, huh? Yeah, that's a good idea.
I might even get an apprentice. How about it, Maki?
...I can't imagine you as a master. I think you're moving too fast.
Hrmm...so that's how it is...
Well...that kind of future might be possible.
Yeah! Let's plan on it.
The three of you discussed the future...
I should take a walk around the dorm
Hm? Kyoko? You're up early.
I have to leave for some urgent business.
Now...? Are you going to skip the ceremony?
That's right. I'll be able to come back early, but I won't be back for the closing ceremony...
Have you told your classmates?
No, but I have told the homeroom teacher...
Ah, well...I can let Makoto know, if you'd like.
The Monokubs said we were all supposed to do a spring cleaning of the grounds...
If you're going to miss it, I thought...you might want someone to take your place.
If that's the case... I'm sorry, but would you mind doing it?
Ah, don't worry about it! It's alright to depend on others when you need to.
I'll give you some advice someone gave me. Don't try to do everything by yourself.
Sometimes, asking for help is exactly what you need. Even if it's something small.
Ah, but...I might be getting a little *too* much help from everyone...
I never meant to hold it in... That was never my intention. When you involve yourself in someone else's business, you can easily misjudge them.
I'm sure you're right. There are certainly situations like that.
But aren't there times that make you think...you want to really trust someone?
Even if you might get hurt?
You phrase it as if I'm going to agree already.
Ah, s-sorry...
I'm not mad... Thank you for your consideration.
You and Kyoko grew a little closer today...
Exercise is perfect at a time like this
Oh, hey there bro! Are you training too?
Yeah! It's good to sweat some things out!
Right on! That's the spirit! It's all thanks to your training with me!
...You're right. You befriended me, and encouraged me, and gave me advice...
You've...helped me so much, Kaito...
Hey, hey. What's all that about? Don't damped the mood, bro.
Ah, sorry... I was just thinking about what we've built over the years...
If I ever find myself in trouble, I can look back at my time with your inspiration, Kaito.
That's true, but... Graduation won't be the end for us!
Listen up! Even if things get tough in the future...
Don't bear it all by yourself, right?
Oh...well if you get it, then it's all good.
When things are bad, me, Maki Roll, or Kaede will help you carry your burdens.
As long as you understand that, you can get stronger.
The same goes for you, Kaito. If there's anything I can help you with, just say so.
Heh, now we're talking. Of course you'd help me! I'm the hero and you're my sidekick!
Alright then...wanna run for a while? Better hurry, or you'll be eating my dust!
Ah, hey! No fair, Kaito!
Working up a good sweat, you chased Kaito all the way to homeroom.

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

Today is the school festival... You held an AI session, so people can talk to Alter Ego!
A lot of people came... Why don't you ask for their opinion?
Did you like talking to Alter Ego?
I don't really know much about computers, but I can tell that this is impressive...
It's almost like there's two of you, Chihiro!
Yes. If you input memories and other info, you can essentially recreate another you. They'll reply with the same speech pattern as you, so it would be like looking in a mirror.
That being said, it's another existence...so it kind of feels like family.
Speaking of family, Alter Ego talked about her dad earlier.
Huh? Wh-What about my dad!?
Ah, I suppose she talked about your private life without permission. I apologize...
No, you didn't do anything wrong... But that's weird...I get too embarrassed to talk about my dad with anyone...
She has your thoughts, Chihiro. Birthed from you, like your own special family.
But does that mean...the "dad" Alter Ego was talking about isn't *your* dad?
Then...could he be...?
Hm? What is it, Shuichi?
Ah, it's nothing. I learned a lot today, thank you.
I'm glad. I was worried it might have been too boring.
...No, it couldn't be.
You were relieved that Shuichi enjoyed it!

With Hajime Hinata[]

Today is the main course's school festival... You were invited so you tried the escape room! Let's work hard and cooperate with the others! So, what will you do?
I'll ask that reliable guy what he thinks
Hey, Shuichi...did you happen to find anything?
Yes, I did. Looking around the room, I found something that looks like a code. I realized the meaning of the code. Now I just have to find out how to use it.
W-Wow, you really are the Şablon:İmp... With you, we'll escape in no time.
Ah, sorry...I keep going off on my own, even though we're supposed to be working together.
No need to apologize. I'll be relying on you.
I found these tools we can use. How about we work together to figure out how to use the code?
Alright, let's try it.
...You worked together with Shuichi and solved lots of mysteries!

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Today is the sports festival... You finished your events, so you decided to cheer!
Which event will you cheer for?
Shuichi will be playing table tennis...
Kaede...did you come to cheer me on?
My event just ended. Oh wait, did yours already end too?
Hmph... Disappointed you couldn't see Shuichi's victory?
Th-That's not what I meant! Obviously, I just wanted to see how well you did!
Ah, I don't know if I was very impressive out there...but thank you for coming.
You were thanked, even though you couldn't send him any cheers...

Your last winter at the academy...and you're performing at Sayaka's Christmas concert! You feel nervous to perform on an unfamiliar stage. What will you do before the show starts?
I should talk to someone to calm myself
Kaede, thank you for waiting for me.
Shuichi... Sorry for calling you so suddenly. I still have a lot of time before the concert starts, but I'm really anxious right now.
Don't worry about it. If you'd like, you can talk to me about it. I'm actually a little surprised that you're anxious. You've done so many performances...
Of course, I'm nervous! I'm about to perform onstage with a nationally recognized pop star! And I'm playing original songs that I arranged myself.
This is a huge deal! What if Sayaka's fans hate it...?
I see. That does sound intimidating... But, Kaede...I'm really looking forward to hearing it.
And I'm a little bit nervous too. This is my first pop concert...
You're coming with Kaito and Maki, right? You'll be fine.
Oh, yeah... If you feel like it, do you wanna go eat somewhere after the concert?
Oh, well, Kaito said that they were going home right after the concert...
Huh? Um...what about you, Shuichi?
If it's...okay with you...I could stay behind. I know I'll want to talk about the concert.
I see...then do you wanna go somewhere with just the two of us?
Yeah, absolutely.
O-Oh god... Now, I'm even more nervous.
Hm? Are you okay?
I-I'm okay! I'm nervous, but...I'll definitely do my best now... Um, so...look forward to tonight, okay? I'm sure Sayaka will do great on stage, but I'll make sure this will be the best performance.
You headed to the Christmas concert with newfound courage!

With Kaito Momota[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Show 'em what you got in the three-legged race!
Maybe you should talk to someone before the race. But who?
My sidekick, of course!
Alright, bro! It's finally the time to show off the results of all our training! Don't hesitate! There's no way we can lose after training through blood, sweat, and tears!
Blood, sweat, and tears sounds like a little too much...
But it's true that this training will give us an edge in the festival. I feel like we can win!
I've already decided I'm gonna win at everything today. So as my sidekick, you better support me!
I don't think I can be a "sidekick" in a 3-legged race...but I'll do my best.
You and your sidekick showed off the results of all your training!

Your last winter at the academy... There are only a few days left in the year.
The stars are especially pretty tonight... What will you do?
Take a walk with my sidekicks
You can see the stars pretty well tonight, yeah? Before long, I'll be up there with 'em!
The stars are pretty, but...is this really the only reason why you called me out this late?
He does this a lot... But isn't it kind of fun?
...I never said this wasn't fun.
So many things happened in the last three years after I met you guys! We did some school stuff, went to Sonia's country during the break and solved a case!
Hm, I still don't know why I had to tag along, though.
You were great at wiping out all those assassins! That's my sidekick for you!
Correction. I protected us from danger and Shuichi solved the case...
If anything, I don't now why you're tagging along, Kaito.
If Kaito hadn't invited you, Maki, then Sonia and I could have been in big trouble.
Issuing orders to sidekicks is the most important job a hero has!
Then your job was over before we even left the country.
Well, I've still got one huge job ahead of me! After graduation, when I'm in space, I'll look for you guys from up above!
Huh? You'd never find us.
Ah, well, he might be able to see this approximate area...
And then I'll take you guys into space one day. After all, I need my sidekicks to help me out.
*sigh* You say such stupid things.
You need us to save you, Kaito?
Well, yeah... We're the only ones who would do it.
Hey, Shuichi, what do you mean "save me"!? Maki Roll, what do you mean "the only ones"!? Geez, what sassy sidekicks. I gotta teach you guys some manners.
Whatever... Just take a good look, you guys! That big one right up there! The moon!
...Did you seriously think we didn't know what the moon was?
No, I want you guys to remember how the stars look from Earth once we're on the moon.
...How did we end up agreeing to go into space with Kaito?
There's no way it would go that smoothly. You really are all talk, Kaito.
Shut it! The impossible is possible, all you gotta do is make it so!
It's already been decided! Both of you gotta keep up your training!
I don't know if we'll ever end up in space, but...I'll keep on training.
...If I feel like it.
You made a promise for the future with your sidekicks...

With Makoto Naegi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
I'll have a meal at the dining hall
We don't have much time left... I should relax in the dining hall.
I'm glad that I'll be graduating. I didn't know how that would turn out, but...
Why do you say that, Shuichi? You're an excellent detective.
Ah, no, I just...solved one case and was selected to be an Ultimate.
I'm afraid I'm nothing but a failure compared to a great detective like Kyoko.
Kyoko is amazing...but I think that you're pretty great too, Shuichi.
Besides, you two are pretty different in terms of detective work, right?
And if you're worried about getting your Ultimate talent by "chance"...
...imagine how *I* feel. I'm the Şablon:İmp.
Ah, like Nagito? He *does* seem to have incredible luck...
But perhaps there are different kinds of luck.
You're probably right. I actually consider myself the "unlucky" type.
We're already this close to graduating. I think you can be more confident.
Same to you, Shuichi.
Yeah... I feel as though I have much more confidence in myself than I used to.
You and Shuichi talked about your school memories...

With Mondo Owada[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the yakisoba stand! You're making a lot of money today! Another customer has arrived!
Thanks for coming, it's on me!
Hm? That's... Are you sure?
Hey, don't worry about it. Any buddy of that spaceman is a buddy of mine.
You're talking about Kaito, right? I do think you two would get along...
Exactly. He's like a younger brother to me. Seriously, it's on me, man.
...So that's what he is to you, huh? You're both the same age, though.
What're ya sayin'!? You don't want my yakisoba!?
Ah, no, that's not it!
I know what you're thinking, but I'd still like to pay...
I'm telling you, it's fine! Just shut up and take it!
O-Okay... Thank you. I'll accept it.
But...let me pay for something next time. I'll even invite Kaito along!
You agreed to hang out!

With Monomi[]

You've been looking forward to the summer sports festival, and it's finally starting today! But apparently Monokuma is disrupting the events and getting in everyone's way... We gotta find Monokuma and catch him before the afternoon events start!
For everyone's sake, I will uphold the peace! Monokumaaaa! Where are youuuu!?
He might be hiding in the main building!
I found you, Monokuma! You're not getting away from me this ti—
Oh, it's just you, Monomi... Unfortunately, Shuichi's the one who caught me this time.
But I looked everywhere for him... Shuichi, where did you find Monokuma?
He was hiding in the nurse's office. We found him after comparing witness statements.
That makes sense... You're the Şablon:İmp, after all...
Puhuhuhuhu! Too bad, Monomi! You just blew your big shining moment!
Hrmm... At least I don't get in everyone's way all the time like you do.
Anyway, excellent work Shuichi! Thank you! I'll take it from here; you go back to your event!
Thank you, I'll do that.
...Make sure he doesn't get away.
...Though you played a very small role overall, you managed to safely apprehend Monokuma!

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to participate in table tennis.
Even though it isn't tennis, holding the paddle brings back memories... What will you do?
This is for class...I'll do what I can
I lost... I suppose I don't have much of a chance against you, Ryoma.
As a detective, you've got good instincts, but your reflexes still have a ways to go.
...You look like you're having fun, Ryoma.
Hmph... Quit it. I don't want to have to tell you to get your eyes checked.
...That was a pretty good game!


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