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This article contains information and transcripts for Sayaka Maizono's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 2 2 2 4 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 175 75 75 75 125 125 100


Careers are made here at Hope's Peak. I'm going to do my best! As the Şablon:İmp.


I made some huge strides as a pop sensation! And I has a lot of fun, too! What a wonderful three years. The future is going to be bright!

Friendship Events[]

With Hiyoko Saionji and Usami[]

With Hiyoko Saionji and Usami
Hey, Usami. You're my teacher, right? Will you be on my side?
Of course! I'm always on your side, Hiyoko!
Okay then, will you put thumbtacks in Sayaka's shoes? She's getting super obnoxious since everyone's giving her so much attention!
Eh? B-But that's, um...uh...
Huuuh? What? You just told me you were on my side!
Um...I'm everyone's teacher...so I can't condone bullying...
P-Plus, you're a dancer and she's a pop star. Performing is something you have in common! So maybe you two can get along if you dance together...
Huh? I'd prefer it if you didn't compare my dancing with some idol's cheap frolics
Hiyoko, Usami... Good morning.
S-Sayaka...um, you see...
Hmph, are you gonna act like nothing happened? You heard our conversation, didn't you?
Yes...I overheard it.
O-O-Oh d-d-dear...
Hiyoko, you focus on traditional dancing, so I'm sure you think very highly of it.
Hmmm...so you're gonna act like a goody two-shoes when no one's looking?
No, that kind of thing doesn't really bother me. I'm sure from your perspective, idols are just young amateurs dancing on stage. Even so, it's a wonderful job that brings smiles to many people's faces. That's what I think.
And...? What about it?
Well...I think we've both got our own pride when it comes to the stage.
So, are you trying to say...being flashy isn't the only thing you need?
Yes, I would be glad if you could understand that. Okay then, I'm going to leave now. The next class is starting soon.
It has nothing to do with willpower. Those who can't compete on stage will be taken down. Well, I guess you know that already. I'm not interested in picking on her anymore.
Wh-What? Don't stare at me like that. You're creeping me out.
Well... even if you don't always get along, at least you can respect each other.

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)[]

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)
Today's lunch special looks great! It has like, everything to get me all pumped up!
Junko, you eat a surprising amount.
Well, if I don't eat enough, then I won't be able to move my body.
That's true, models do need stamina. And you'll get bad skin without proper nutrition.
Where's all this coming from? Don't tell me you, like, fell for me or something.
It's just...you're very skinny, Junko. I'm always thinking how nice and slender your legs are, and I was wondering...
Um...do you do any special exercises or something?
Ooh, that's what you were getting at. Well, like... For starters, I wear heavy duty boots and run four miles, just like how the Navy SEALs do it.
Oh, like army-style training? I think that used to be popular for losing weight.
Yeah, yeah. It's totally killing two birds with one stone, since I need to do what's trendy.
Wow, Junko... You really put a lot of effort into looking gorgeous and being fashionable.
Ah, um... Yeah, I guess so!
Well, I think you're way more amazing than me when it comes to that, Sayaka. You gotta worry about diet, skin, and other stuff, too. Tell me the things idols have to do!
Okay, since you told me what you do... We can talk about it over tea after we finish eating.
The two of you spent some time discussing beauty!

With Junko Enoshima[]

This event is duplicate of the previous event, but with Junko taking the place of Mukuro Ikusaba in disguise. This version appears exclusively while playing as Junko.

With Junko Enoshima
Today's lunch brings me such despair... if it's too good, I'll eat too much.
So you worry about eating too much after all, Junko... well, you are a charismatic model.
Oh, puh-lease. What are you talking about, little miss top idol!? You stand onstage in front of people a lot. It must be hard keeping your figure, huh?
Well, I do exercise a lot and care about my appearance, just for the stage...
What about you, Junko? You have a slim figure and your skin is so clear... do you do anything special?
That's a trade secret! But stuff like that's been covered in my magazine specials. Read all about it there!
Hehe... you sell yourself pretty well. Okay, I'll read them later then. But there are so many fashion magazines with you on the cover. Can you recommend one?
Sure can. You wanna go buy it after this? The latest issue should be out soon.

With Makoto Naegi[]

With Makoto Naegi
Makoto, did you know the menu in the dining hall is going to change today?
Oh yeah...I was thinking of eating in the dining hall today to try it out.
Wow, I was thinking the same thing. If you don't mind, would you like to go together?
Y-Yeah! Of course!
Phew... That was delicious.
I knew the [[Ultimate Talent Development Plan/Teruteru Hanamura|Şablon:İmp]] was good, but this is like eating at a Michelin star restaurant!
Even though, I've never eaten at a place that fancy before...
Me too...but I know what you mean. It was completely different from what we're used to.
Can you tell what I'm thinking of...right now?
Um... Sorry, I can't.
Sorry for messing with you. I got a little ahead of myself, and I couldn't help teasing you. It's fun spending time with you like this as normal students. That's what I was thinking.
I-I feel the same way.
Back in the middle school, I never thought I'd be able to spend time with you like this. I can't really think of anything clever to say, but... it's really fun.
You don't need to think of anything clever. I'm just glad you feel the same way as me.
...I'd also like it if we could eat together again some time.
Did I...guess what you were thinking?
Y-Yeah... Let's eat together again sometime.
Yes, I'd love to.

With Ibuki Mioda and Kaede Akamatsu[]

With Ibuki Mioda and Kaede Akamatsu
Ooohh! Kaede, Sayaka! Good morn-morn-morning!
Good morning, Ibuki.
Kyaaa! A perfect smile for the morning! Smiling like that for free would even affect inflation!
Morning. You're super excited as usual.
For the three of us to gather here... We were attracted by the aura of a musical revolution!
A musical revolution...?
Ultimate Pianist... Ultimate Pop Sensation... And the Ultimate Musician! But all three of us are totally unique, and we clash with each other's music... It'll be like putting rice, pasta, and Chinese dim sum on one plate! A musical clusterfuck!
That's a combination of dishes no one would order together...
But I was thinking it'd be nice to collaborate together. Like be in a music video with Ibuki, or sing in a concert with Kaede on the piano.
Oh, that sounds fun. It'd be a good opportunity for us to spread our music to everyone, too!
Tahaaaa! Our dream is growing and spreading-ding-ding!
But going back to what Ibuki said... Our genre of music is totally different from each other's!
That's true... Kaede focuses on classical music and Ibuki is a guitarist of an all-girls band...
And, and, and! Sayaka has the center lead in her idol group!
We'd end up breaking up before we even get the chance to play together! That'd be horrible!
Ugigigi...but the hype would go through the roof if we worked together!
Instead of trying to kill each other's music and do things we're not particularly skilled in... I think it'd be best if we try to synchronize our music with what we're good at.
Well, I can only play the piano...
I agree with Kaede! I'll sing, Kaede will play the piano, and...
I, Ibuki Mioda, will be in charge of lyrics and composition!
Do you think this will turn out okay?
...I can sorta guess what'll happen next.

With Toko Fukawa and Mikan Tsumiki[]

With Toko Fukawa and Mikan Tsumiki
I can't believe a writer is in the same class as me... That's pretty amazing.
Y-You say that even though you're a popular idol who gets all the attention...
To be honest, I haven't read your novels yet, but I was planning to read them soon. I was thinking of starting with your debut work.
Oh...I saw your novel in the library, Toko. I actually read some of them, ehehe...
Hmph... You're probably just doing this for an interview in a trendy tween fashion magazine... Like, "Lately, I've been reading my classmate's book!" or something...
I bet you're planning to say a staged answer like that for the media!
Y-You won't gain anything from using me! I'd never let them turn my novel into a movie, and I'd never pick you as leading actress!
Um...I'm really not planning to read it for those reasons.
Oh...but the heroine from your novel was the spitting image of Sayaka... Just kidding...
What!? Sayaka is like protagonist of my novel!? I-I mean, the reader can interpret my novel however they want, but... that's not possible! It's based off my own fantasy! Are you sure you're not thinking of some other book?
Oh...then I'm interested in the one Mikan was talking about. Can you tell which novel is it later? I think I'll read it, along with Toko's debut work.
Haaa...o-okay! Ehehe...
How rare... My novel was the topic of conversation between two people...
Sayaka! You can borrow it from the library, but you have to buy it! Since you're probably rich!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival. For once, your job and a school event didn't overlap! You became the captain of the volleyball team. Who will you talk to before the game?
Sakura...we'll support you
I feel very reassured with you on my team, Sakura. But, I can't let you do all the work. Let's do our best to support each other!
Well said, Sayaka. Although I train my body, I am unaccustomed to team events... Victory cannot be achieved without your help... I appreciate it.
Yes, let's put our all into it!
You played an intense game with Sakura and your other teammates!
Kyoko...are you alright?
Yes, I am fine. I still feel a little uneasy.
Sorry, I'd prefer not to remove my gloves. It shouldn't interfere with passing the ball so...
Ah, that's not what I was worried about!
It's just...you seem a little tired. You've been pretty busy with detective work, haven't you?
You're always busy as well. Don't worry about me–you should worry about winning the game.
Yes! Then, let's do our best, Kyoko!
You played an intense game with Kyoko and your other teammates!
I'll greet the opposing team's captain
So Kirumi, you're the opposing team's captain. Let's have a good match.
I received a request to support the whole team and work together for a good game... I am sure you and your team will pull through. I look forward to our match.
I doubt this game will be boring. I may look like this, but I'm actually pretty built!
You played an intense game against Kirumi and her team!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to perform on stage as the pop sensation! You can check out some exhibits and shops before your show stars... Where will you go?
The haunted house is a classic
S-Sayaka... Thank you so much for stopping by!
Hello, Mikan. Are you working here?
Y-Yes...I'm running the reception desk. Umm...so...um...
I prepared 300 ways to introduce the haunted house, but I got too nervous and forgot!
Um...I think it's scarier to go in without knowing anything, right?
I might get offered a role in a horror movie, so I should get used to it anyway...just kidding.
You're the first one who's gone in since I took over reception desk...ehehe.
You challenged the haunted house... It helped you practice your reactions as a pop sensation!
I'll buy some warm tea at a shop
Welcome, Sayaka. Please, sit here.
Yes, thank you...hehe.
What is the matter?
Nothing, I was just thinking that I get to be served by a wonderful maid like you, Kirumi... I feel like a princess, and that makes me a little bashful.
I do not mind if you feel that way.
Today, you will be my practice partner to help me polish my serving skills. Please leave everything to me and enjoy your time here.
Kirumi, your aspirations are so amazing. Ahh, I wish you could be my manager.
...Just kidding. You're probably too busy.
If you prefer, I can serve you as a maid. I see great potential in you, and I wish to support that...
Stop it...or else I might really accept your offer.
You didn't take her offer, but you were flattered by Kirumi's praise!
I'll take a walk in the courtyard
Huh...? Sayaka!?
Um...you're Hajime, right? Hello! I didn't know you were here.
Yeah, a friend of mine invited me. I gotta admit, I didn't think you came to school events.
Hehe, are you surprised? I may be a pop star, but I'm still a high school student.
S-Sorry...that was rude of me.
Just kidding... To be honest, I still have to work a half-day today. Like you said, it's rare that I'm able to attend school events like this, Hajime.
...Because you're a high school student and a pop star. You always seem so busy...there's no way I could do that. You've got my respect.
Being a pop star is my dream come true... I enjoy working this hard.
That attitude is probably why you've got so many fans. It makes me wanna cheer you on, too.
Thank you. I'll be holding a concert in the gym today, so please stop by.
Yeah, I'll stop by.
You renewed your determination to do your best on stage, so you can gain more support.


Your last winter at the academy...but you still have concerts lined up around New Year's! You finished your Christmas show and came home late, but you're restless. What will you do?
I wonder if that person is still awake...
Sayaka...were you waiting long?
Makoto...sorry for calling you out so late.
It's okay. I wanted to talk to you about the concert today! I'm so glad you invited me!
Thank you for coming to the concert today. I saw you from the stage, and it encouraged me even more.
Oh no, I should be thanking you. It was really fun. All of your fans were watching you with big smiles on their faces! And me too... I thought it was amazing. That one person had that much power.
It's a little strange, you know? The girl who was on stage, shining like a star... is now right here in front of me. I guess it's a little late to be realizing that though.
It really is late...
Yeah. You've been that close for years...
Yeah, I may be a pop star, but I'm also your classmate, Sayaka Maizono. Even after we graduate, it'll continue. I won't ever be too far from you.
So, as long as you keep watching me, I'll be happy.
Yeah...I'll keep cheering you on, Sayaka. So that your dreams come true. I'll be right here.
It's a promise.
As your breath condensed into fog from the cold, you had a nice conversation with Makoto.
Maybe someone's in the music room...
Hmm...a dark song on a holy night! I want things to end nice and spicy!
Are you up late writing a song, Ibuki?
Yes! In the middle of! Composing! Super stoked! I was partying with my classmates earlier. My excitement was rocketing up and up till it exploded into an inspiration bomb!
A party with your classmates, how nice... That sounds fun.
It's sooooo much fun! Too much fun! I can't believe I won't be able to do it next year!
Yeah, since we're going to graduate soon.
Sometimes I get a cliche sadness attack and hope that we can meet up after graduation.
It should be fine...probably. From what I can see, your classmates get along very well.
We get along... Not like bandmates, but just as precious. Are we...? Are we all...?
...Friends!? Of course we are! Our class is the best!
Yes. It always sounds so fun, so I'm a little envious of that.
You've got awesome friends too. Right, Sayaka? I saw 'em today!
Hmhm, to tell you the truth, I went to your concert before I lightspeed dashed to my party!
Wow, really!? That makes me so happy!
I saw you on stage with everyone in your group! I...remember when I did stuff like that...
Ah, your band disbanded...
Well, that's the past. I dunno diddly about the future, but...
My road might be different, but I'll meet new friends on it. That's just how it's gonna be.
You're right. There's no guarantee that everything will stay the same as it is now... Even if some things do change, I'm sure those changes will be wonderful.
Yup, yup. Exact-a-mundo. ...
...Hey, Sayaka. Is there anything you're worried about?
Actually...with graduation so close, I've been wondering if I'll still be able to perform...
But thanks to you, Ibuki, I feel like I'm able to calm myself.
No no. I didn't do anything! But I'll still accept your thanks!
You and Ibuki spent time talking about music activities and each other's friends!
I'll drink something warm in the dining hall...
Sayaka...Sayaka. It is about time to wake up.
Um...did I...fall asleep? I didn't even notice...
You drifted off to sleep. Were you tired?
S-Sorry...this doesn't usually happen...
I know you are busy, but you should take care of yourself. Please let me know if I can help you.
Thank you, and thanks for waking me up just now, too...
You do not need to worry. I happened to see you, while I was preparing a snack for someone else.
You're always helping people, Kirumi. That's really amazing.
Oh, but does that not apply to you as well?
You help others by making them smile. Is that not your job as a pop star?
Yeah, I believe it is...
I think you are doing an excellent job. Please work hard, but do not force yourself. If there is anything I can do, please tell me.
Kirumi... *sniff* Thank you.
Kirumi's kind, motherly words nearly made you cry...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

Today is the the summer sports festival! You planned to do your best in the three-legged race... ...but Monokuma barged in and started his 1,000 Blows! What will you do?
I can't run away! I have to save the others!
Sayaka! I-It's dangerous! Let's get out of here!
Okay, Chihiro...
I-I'm out of breath... We ran so much.
Thanks for warning me, Chihiro. I was so surprised I couldn't even move.
Thank you. I thought I would be useless in a situation like this... ...so I'm really happy you said that.
You made it out safely, and laughed with Sayaka afterward!

With Hajime Hinata[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today, you have been invited to Chiaki's Christmas party. You've still got some time before the party. How will you spend it?
Maybe I'll run into someone at the dorms
Huh? Sayaka? Are you going somewhere?
Yes, today is my group's Christmas concert.
Oh, you're working today, too. That's gotta be tough... All I can say is, do your best.
Sorry, I guess you're always working hard huh, Sayaka?
I work hard to make sure that everything goes smoothly! My friend will be there, and all of our fans are waiting.
Doing your best... Hey, Sayaka...if you didn't have an Ultimate talent...
No, never mind. Sorry for stopping you when you're so busy.
...Even if I didn't have this talent, I would still be doing this.
Even if you didn't have the talent?
It's because I love this. I work so hard because I admire that life so much.
Sorry, I didn't mean to answer your question like that.
Admiration... So you feel the same way, Sayaka?
Hajime, do you have something you admire?
I do. No...I did.
But that's over now.
...I'm sorry.
Then, you need to think about the next thing.
The next thing?
We're almost graduates... Some of us still don't have things figured out. Some of us are still looking for goals.
You're right... Thinking of the next thing... Thinking of the future...
A friend of mine told me...I can go anywhere and do anything from now on...
Wow, sounds like a wonderful friend.
Could it be the friend you're going to meet up with today?
Huh!? It is someone I'm meeting with today... How did you know?
I just figured that's what you're doing here. Like a detective!
Sorry, I have to get going. Well, Hajime...Merry Christmas. You should talk to your friend about your future. It's what helped me.
I'll cheer you on, no matter what you choose.
After being supported by a pop sensation, you went to the party feeling reassured!

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports hosted a fashion show! Junko took your place on stage, so things ended well... Who will you talk to now?
Heeey Sayaka, you were awesome
You're awfully comfortable on stage, Sayaka.
You're even more comfortable than me, Junko! You're a model, after all.
No, really, you have so much confidence!
And you have to do a concert after this too? Being a pop sensation is a test of stamina.
Yeah. I have to take every chance I get.
That's so cool! Do your best!
Thank you, Junko!
Without telling her you didn't stand on stage, you watched Sayaka work hard.

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Your last winter at the academy...and you're performing at Sayaka's Christmas concert! You feel nervous to perform on an unfamiliar stage. What will you do before the show starts?
Maybe I'll meet up with Sayaka a bit earlier
Kaede, are you ready yet?
Yeah, I'm ready. I'm gonna go a little early since I have rehearsal, too.
Once again, thank you so much for participating in our concert.
No, it's my pleasure! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity. I feel like there'd be a lot of people who don't listen to classical music at your concert...
...so I'm excited that they'll get the chance to listen to piano compositions.
I'm so glad you said that. I'm also excited to hear you play, Kaede. Ever since you were named my co-star, our concert together is all I've thought about.
Wow... You're so cool and composed, and I'm worrying like it's my first ever recital.
I know I shouldn't be feeling stage fright right now, but...
You don't have to worry too much. I'm sure our fans will cheer us on, no matter what. I'll just be happy if you have a good time onstage with me.
Yeah...you're right. That's what's really important, isn't it? Then I'm gonna have a blast doing this. Let's put on a great show together!
Yes! Let's give our audience a show to remember!
You headed to the Christmas concert with newfound excitement!

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

Today is the sports festival... Your card for the scavenger hunt says, "Şablon:İmp"! The one you like the most is always inside you, so going to the goal alone would be correct... But explaining that seems problematic. How will you deal with this?
I'll take a...broad interpretation of "like"
The national pop sensation, Sayaka... Everyone has fond feelings towards you...
None would question us running together for the scavenger hunt.
I don't mind running together, but...what did it say on the card?
Well... Şablon:İmp...that's what it said.
You brought Sayaka with you!

With Leon Kuwata[]

Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony is over, and you're heading home. You were having a meal and thinking about gifts when the dining hall started to get busy. Who would you like to talk to?
Heyyy Sayaka! This seat's open, right here!
Oh, Leon...sorry about that. Thank you.
Hey, no worries, no worries! Let's eat together! Oh, hey! I saw that quiz show that you were on the other day.
You looked really cute answering the really tough questions!
Thanks for watching.
You've been busy lately, huh? And you're gonna be in a show soon, right?
You even know that, huh? I'm pretty nervous since it's my first drama... But I knew I had to do my best, cuz people who aren't interested in pop stars will be watching.
That's so cool! I love that part of you.
Um...what about you, Leon?
Huh? What do you mean?
No, it's nothing. But...
Ha, you're thinking, "And what exactly are you doing with *your* life?"
No, not that! I didn't mean it like that...
Nah, don't worry about it. I mean, I haven't cut it as a musician yet... For someone who works as hard as you, I probably seem like a slouch.
I was a little worried...about what you were planning to do after graduation.
Yeah, I'm thinking about it. Maybe... I'll play some baseball after all!
I'm gonna be a major league baseball player and a celebrity! Hope's Peak Academy didn't let me play music, so...baseball's the only way!
And you know what? It would be cool to work with you on TV! If you ever have any more trouble on quiz shows, you call me up!
So, you're going to play baseball...
Yeah... I have to. Hey, at least I wouldn't have to shave my head!
Is that so...? I think that's a great plan. I'll root for you.
You talked about your future with Sayaka!

With Shuichi Saihara[]

Today is the sports festival... All of the events so far were really exciting!
But apparently Monokuma got in everyone's way during the events...
Before the afternoon events start, let's find Monokuma and catch him!
I'll gather witness testimonies
Hey, Sayaka. When you all were doing the scavenger hunt...did you see Monokuma?
Yes, he threw a bunch of baseballs at us... I'm glad no one got hurt.
Did you see where he went?
Um... I didn't see Monokuma myself, but... I was on a scavenger hunt with Mondo and Keebo, until they ran toward the school building.
I think they might've seen Monokuma run over there.
I see...thank you. I'll remember that.
You investigated the school after collecting testimonies and caught Monokuma!

With Tenko Chabashira[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordsmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports are hosting a fashion show!
You're in the fashion show, but now you're nervous. Maybe you should walk around the gym?
I will gather my spirit energy by yelling!
Tenko, what happened?
Oh...I was just gathering my spirit energy! Did I scare you!? I forgot I'm not the only one who wants to focus before the show! I'm so insensitive!
I was a little surprised, but I'm fine. I'm used to running around right before the show anyway.
Ooh...you are a national pop sensation, Sayaka! You definitely have way more experience!
I always get nervous at times like these, so I look at my friends on the stage with me. I feel like I can do anything as long as I have my friends. I don't feel so anxious after that.
I hope that helps you a bit, Tenko.
Yes, that definitely helps! I feel like I can do anything now, especially with you on stage with me!
Thanks to Sayaka, your anxiety flew out the window!

With Usami[]

Today is the fall school festival... Let's go visit everyone's exhibits and events!
Where do you wanna go?
They're putting on shows in the gym!
Usami. Did you come to watch us?
Heck yes! There's no way I'd miss your show! I'm looking forward to all the fashion shows and concerts that you're gonna be part of!
Wow, you actually scheduled all of that?
Of course! I'm your teacher, Sayaka! I may not have a homeroom or teach classes, but I care for you just as much as any other teacher!
I'm glad to have such a cute and wonderful teacher!
Well then, I'll do my best! Keep an eye out for me!
Of course! I'll be cheering you on!
You watched Sayaka's show...and you were touched by how hard Sayaka worked!


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