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This article contains information and transcripts for Ryoma Hoshi's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 15 4 2 1 1 5 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 162 125 75 50 50 150 100


Hmph... I was accepted here? What kind of bad joke is this?
The Şablon:İmp... I'm nothing more than his empty shell.


Hmph... Graduation, huh? I thought that my future disappeared a long time ago, but...

Friendship Events[]

With Leon Kuwata[]

With Leon Kuwata
Eh...you'll do, I guess.
That's a rude thing to walk up to someone and say... What do you want?
Hey, you wanna go to a mixer this weekend? We need one more guy to balance it out. I tried asking a couple of the others, but they all said they had to study or practice. But I figure you're free to go, right?
Hmph... You mess around a lot, don't you?
What's wrong with that? In this academy, tests are the worst thing we gotta worry about.
And since I never gotta practice for baseball, I've got a ton of free time!
No matter how talented you are, if you don't polish your skills, they'll just rot away. You haven't gone to practice or played any baseball at all recently...have you?
I never go to practice cuz it's a pain in the ass. Also, this place doesn't even have a team.
Besides, why are you lecturing me when you haven't done any tennis at all? I get enough of that from the teachers. I didn't expect to hear it coming from you, too.
You're right. Right now, I... I'm no different from those nosy people who think I still care about tennis.
Hmph...I've still got a ways to go. Please forget it.
Yeah, that's the spirit! Forget everything that's a pain in the ass! You don't need to play tennis and I don't need to play baseball!
Is that how you really feel...?
Huh? Of course it is. I'm sick of being forced to shave my head for games.
Is that your only reason for not playing? If you go pro, there are teams that would let you have whatever hairstyle you wanted.
Huh? Pro?
You've got that option, don't you...? Unlike me.
Well, I'm also sick of being covered in sweat and dirt after playing baseball! You're lecturing me after all! It's none of your business, you busybody!
Oh, I'm not just being a busybody... I'm just trying to annoy you now. I realized I can't talk to you as an equal. Hmph...because you're just not cool.
Wh-What the hell? I'm uninviting you to the mixer, you jerk!
You glared at one another and parted ways...

With Peko Pekoyama and Kirumi Tojo[]

With Peko Pekoyama and Kirumi Tojo
Hmm? Near the gate, that's...
Good morning, Ryoma. May I ask why you are standing here? Did something happen?
You looked like you were staring at that gate over there...
Ah...I just saw a cat.
A c-cat!?
Perhaps the poor creature is lost...
I apologize... The cat probably ran away once it noticed me.
I doubt you're the reason why it ran. It is quite normal for cats to be skittish around people.
No, that cat could sense my merciless demeanor. It ran away from me, not from you or Ryoma.
Well, you do have a dangerous aura around you... To an animal, you probably seem like a predator.
Ryoma...what did the cat look like?
A brown tabby cat. Probably a mix... It looked like it had a soft coat.
I see... I wish I could have seen it, even just for a moment.
I can only imagine how nice it must feel to pet its soft, fluffy fur...
I gather you're both fond of animals?
It's not that exactly... It's just...I saw collar on it.
I was worried if it'd be able to get out of this school and get home safely.
Yes, this academy is quite vast... The cat could get lost trying to find its way out of here.
Shall I search for the cat, then? We still have time until the opening ceremony begins, so I can track it down and rescue it.
That's a good idea... This is an emergency, so I'll ask for your help here.
Of course, I won't make you do all the work. I'll look for it, too.
Thank you, Kirumi...
I would offer to help you search for it, but...
Ah, right. If you get close, it'll run away.
Quite right... Then Peko, can you enlist Gundham and Shuichi's aid?
I am certain they will come to help us. In the meantime, Ryoma and I will begin the search.
I will follow your careful instructions and call for them at once.
Hmph...I'm relying on you, Kirumi.
Leave it to me. I will fulfill this request for the both of you.

With Tsumugi Shirogane[]

With Tsumugi Shirogane
Sorry for making you help me carry the prints, Ryoma.
Hmph...I haven't fallen so far that I'd ignore a girl struggling to carry so many things.
Since I'm so plain, I usually don't get called on by the teacher during class...
But for some reason, I still get asked to run errands all the time even though I'm so plain.
It's probably because you're the diligent type who'd make sure to do it right, don't you think? The teachers know that much. Whether you stand out or not shouldn't matter.
You don't need to put a positive spin on it, but that's nice of you to say.
Oh, I was going to thank you, but we got off topic. Thanks for helping me, Ryoma.
Don't worry about it... You don't have to thank me for something like this.
I bet you're just plain popular with the girls, aren't you?
You probably get a lot of chocolates on Valentine's Day, right?
Huh? That's the first time anyone's said that to me. What makes you think that?
Compared to other boys your age, you're levelheaded...and you're good at sports...
And it might be a troublesome topic for you, but guys with a dark side are attractive.
I won't deny that I've got a dark side... But any girl who really knew me would run away.
No woman would pick a guy like me. Even if they did, I'd just make them unhappy...
Ah! Yeah, yeah! That's it! There are girls who would be way into that!
Hmph...there are some strange people out there.

With Kaito Momota and Usami[]

With Kaito Momota and Usami
Huh? Oh hey, it's Usami. What are you doing here?
I just came to talk to Ryoma! I'm everyone's teacher...so if you ever wanna talk to me about something, please feel free!
Hmph...Did I look like I was thinking about something? Thanks, but there's nothing to talk about. Don't bother with me. Go back to your students.
It feels...wrong for such a cheery mascot like you to be around someone like me.
Really? I think talking about stuff will help. Come on, just talk to her.
Hmph...is being nosy your talent or something?
What did you say?
Hey! Fighting's a no-no!
We're not gonna fight. There's no use butting heads with him anyway.
Because this guy's a total sad sack now. He used to be an amazing athlete before.
You knew about me?
A little, yeah...
So you get it now. The Şablon:İmp... I'm not that guy anymore. That's in the past.
Yeah, I guess not... The Ryoma I knew was invincible and would go up against any opponent.
K-Kaito... Is everything okay!? Please calm down!
My bad... I'm gonna go cool off.
The air feels so tense... It's all my fault... I shouldn't have said anything at all...
It's not your fault.
But...I do think you're a nosy teacher.
Noooo... Uguu... I might be nosy, but you're still a very important student to me, Ryoma. As long as you remember that, I'll be very happy...
Hmph... Yeah, I can do that. But that doesn't mean I'll respond to your nosiness.

With Hajime Hinata[]

With Hajime Hinata
Sorry for making you wait. I hope grape soda's okay.
Oh, that's my favorite. Thanks. I was surprised you'd come to talk to me. As thanks for the drink, I'll answer your question.
You want to hear about why I quit tennis, don't you?
That's not the reason I wanted to talk to you... But it'd be a lie if I said I wasn't curious. I remember hearing about what you did on the news.
Hmph...from your perspective as a reserve course student, it's probably infuriating, huh? Even though I had a talent, I threw it away... You probably think I'm an idiot.
N-No...that was probably your only choice. For a guy as talented as you to throw it all away...I imagine it was a hard choice.
Sorry...those were harsh words to put in your mouth. *I'm* the one who thinks I'm an idiot.
I never once thought about the consequences of my choice back then... Even if you've got talent, one wrong choice can make your future vanish in an instant.
You should be careful. You can choose any path you want, but be sure to think carefully about where it will lead.
Hmph...as thanks for the drink, I gave you a lecture... That's a poor trade.
No... It was helpful. I can choose any path I want... My friend told me something like that.
It seems like you've got good friends... That's a valuable thing to have.
You had a long discussion while drinking some soda...

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to participate in table tennis.
Even though it isn't tennis, holding the paddle brings back memories... What will you do?
This is for class...I'll do what I can
I lost... I suppose I don't have much of a chance against you, Ryoma.
As a detective, you've got good instincts, but your reflexes still have a ways to go.
...You look like you're having fun, Ryoma.
Hmph... Quit it. I don't want to have to tell you to get your eyes checked.
...That was a pretty good game!
I'll just let my opponent win
Everyone else is doing their best, so I thought I could give you the win, but...
It can't be... After I spent all night reading that famous table tennis manga...I lost.
I think "It can't be..." is my line. Even when I try to throw the match, I win...
...You tried to let your opponent win, but you ended up winning anyway!
Hmph... I'll give it my all, for a change
Thanks, Ryoma. That was the best game I could've hoped for.
You've suffered a crushing defeat, but you look so happy...
Of course... I was able to get a glimpse of your amazing talent! One day, I'd love to see you holding a tennis racket instead of a table tennis paddle.
Hmph... I don't like this guy.
...You won the game, but it left a bad taste in your mouth.

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're manning a stand that sells cream puffs!
Business is excellent. Here's another new customer... How will you greet them?
Didn't expect *you* to buy so many
Oh, sorry...was it inconvenient? I did just buy a lot...
Hmph... Not at all. I just thought it was unexpected.
Hehe...did you think all this was for me? It's for my friends, too. They went out to buy the other foods and drinks.
Oh, I get it now.
Here you are. Take them to your friends. Can you carry all that?
I can hold it... Do I really look that weak to you?
...I guess I am.
No... People judge me by how I look all the time, too. I should've been more considerate.
...But you're such a wonderful person.
People who judge based on looks are everywhere... I say, just let them talk.
Though...I guess that's not something I should be saying after judging you by your appearance.
No, don't worry... I'm a little braver now, thanks to what you said.
...You gave Chihiro a free cream puff!
You looking for something?
*sigh* It appears they do not have gyoza here, either.
Well, of course not. We're a cream puff stand. Do you...like gyoza?
Is that unexpected? I absolutely love them.
I thought that at least one place would have gyoza, but...I can't seem to find one.
Gyoza at a school festival... I guess some people might do it, but I haven't seen any.
How disappointing... It makes me yearn for it more now that I know I can't eat it.
Teruteru should be doing a restaurant. I bet he'd make you some if you asked.
Oh, splendid idea. Why didn't I think of that?
I look forward to gyoza made by the Şablon:İmp. I will ask him. Well then, goodbye.
...Celeste left without buying anything.
What's wrong? Are you gonna buy any?
I stopped...because I can't overlook it! Ryoma...what is that in your mouth!?
Hmph... Did you think it was a cigarette? This is just candy.
It seems that's true... My apologies.
No, I know it's easy to mistake. You were just doing your job as a member of the morals committee. No need to apologize.
Thank you! I'm grateful for your understanding!
...Hm? Wait, hold on a moment.
It's rude for customer service representatives to have candy in their mouths!
Ryoma! Get your work station in order!
What a volatile guy...going from depressed to angry that fast.
You put away your candy cigarette to placate Kiyotaka.


Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas. Himiko asked you to help with her Christmas magic show. How will you help?
I'll help her set up inside the gym
Did Himiko get you to help her out, too?
Well, something like that. You too?
Yeah. I may not be as fit as I was back in my glory days, but it should be enough...
How pathetic... An athlete at your level should say stuff like, "I'll take on any challenge!"
Hmph... Don't bring up such an old story now. Those days are long past.
I don't care about your past!
I played tennis in middle school, so I know about you.
Hmph... Is that so? Well what's your point?
There are plenty of tennis players that look up to you. They're trying to surpass your memory. One of them might become the next Şablon:İmp!
So quit it with that mopey face you've got on all the time! When you see a tennis fan, can't you just smile at him and say, "Tennis is pretty great, huh?"
That's all... I just wanted to say that to you before we graduate.
Were you...just waiting for a chance to talk to me about tennis? That doesn't seem like you.
What do you mean? I always wait for the best time to talk about stuff!
Well, even if I agreed to...do you really think you're qualified to talk to me about tennis? Well...you'd probably say that something like that didn't matter.
Heh, so you get it, after all!
You really do just say whatever you want. Well...that's fine sometimes.
You worked on setting up for the show while talking to Kaito about tennis...
I'll go shopping for things she needs
Hm? If it isn't Hajime. You here for a Christmas party?
Yeah. Chiaki invited me to hers. How about you? Are you going out somewhere?
I'm about to go shopping for things Himiko needs for her magic show.
Hmm... The Şablon:İmp's show, huh? That sounds like it'd be fun.
If you've got time, why not stop by? I've never seen it before, but it's supposed to be pretty good.
Yeah, I'll check it out. You're going to it too, right?
No, I won't be there... I'm just going to help set up, then leave.
Huh? Why?
If I have too much fun, I might...forget my place. After I graduate, I'll go back to prison and be forced to do hard labor...
In that case...I think it's even more important you go to the show.
You made one bad choice in your life, right? But it's not like your life ahead of you has completely disappeared. You have tomorrow and the day after and the next. Treasure your bonds with your friends.
So you don't make that mistake again. No...so even if you do, you've got a place return to.
Hmph... Are you trying to talk to me about the future?
Just a little bit of advice from a guy you chat with... But I'm sure you don't need it.
No...I'll remember it. Hmph... You're such a nosy guy.
You decided to go see Himiko's show after all...
I'll bring something from the dining hall
Hm? Are you the only one here?
Nah, Teruteru's in the back. He's with the girls in our class getting ready for our party.
Oh, yeah. Your class is having their Christmas party today.
If you wanna eat something, the dining hall's open till the party starts.
In that case, I'll talk to Teruteru when he's got a moment. Thanks.
Hey...hold on a sec. While you're here, there something I gotta say to you.
What would a yakuza want with me? If it's a fight you want, I'm not interested.
Nah, it ain't like that. In fact, it's the opposite.
The opposite? What do you mean?
I didn't have a whole lot of chances to talk to you the last three years...
But I know what you did before you came to this academy...and why you did it.
I see... I guess it wouldn't be strange if you of all people knew about it.
I'm not mad at you or anything. In fact, I think you got some serious balls.
So if you got nowhere to go after graduation...come talk to me.
Looking out for guys like you is pretty much my specialty.
I'm surprised. You don't know me all that well, but you're still concerned about me.
...You made an unexpected connection before graduation!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the relay race. How will you lead your team?
I'll be the anchor...in the name of my family!
So you are the anchor for the other team, Ryoma. This will be an interesting battle.
Hmph... Unlike you, I'm not the kind of guy who should be in the spotlight anymore.
You are incorrect.
What do you mean?
I mean...it's perfectly fine for the likes of us to receive attention.
Şablon:İmp, Ryoma Hoshi... I will defeat you and lead my friends to victory!
You're...a surprisingly a stuffy guy.
As the anchor, you battled with Ryoma for victory!

With Genocide Jack[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Toko finished her events as fast as she could to go see Master in action, but...
Oh my, how lucky! Now you must burn Master's sweaty, youthful body into your eyes! But you don't know which event Master will be in... Where could Master be?
Master would take first place in table tennis!
Tch, no Master!? My prettyboy radar must need tweakin'!
Hey...cheering is fine, but don't get too worked up. You'll distract the people playing, y'know?
What?! You talkin' to me, midget?
You think some masculine mini boy can stop me? I'll make you bleed!
You're pretty good...but you still got a ways to go. I can dodge you with my Shukuchi Method.
You wanna bet!? I'll have you *begging* me to kill you in five minutes!
You toyed with Ryoma for a bit!

With Ibuki Mioda[]

Today is the school festival you've been waiting for! Of course, you'll do a concert!
But you've still got some time before the show. Why not chek out the other events for now?
You can't do a concert on an empty stomach!
Hey, Ryoma! Can I have an octopus crepe or a yakisoba waffle or whatever!?
Hmph...I'm running a cream puff stand.
Awww, man! How unexpected! Super unexpected!
But custard sounds good too! Gimme some of that!
I see... In that case, here. It's an assortment of mini cream puffs.
Yaaaahooo! Thanks, I'll eat 'em right up!
However...there's one wasabi cream puff mixed in, so choose wisely...
You should've told me that...first!
Spicy! It's too spicy!
...Amazingly, you randomly chose the wasabi cream puff right off the bat!

With Izuru Kamukura[]

Today is the school festival... It's a boring event, but Usami forced you to participate.
To get her to leave you alone, you decide to walk around for a bit. Where do you go?
There are food stands in the schoolyard
Hm? Well, if it isn't Izuru. If you're here...does that mean Usami dragged you out here?
I see you are in the same situation.
Hmph...that's right. I can't really participate in events like this. I was thinking about just skipping it, but I was told there were things I could do.
That's why you are running a cream puff stand, despite it having nothing to do with your talent.
Well, now that I'm doing it, it's pretty fun. How about it? You want one? It's an assortment of mini cream puffs.
One of them has been tampered with, correct? ...I will return this one to you.
...You didn't even look at the one you took out. So you think this is the one?
It's boring, but one of my talents is Şablon:İmp. If you doubt me, eat that cream puff.
Hmph...I think I'll pass.
...You ate the sweet cream puffs that Ryoma gave you!

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Today is the sports festival... You finished your events, so you decided to cheer!
Which event will you cheer for?
Shuichi will be playing table tennis...
Kaede...did you come to cheer me on?
My event just ended. Oh wait, did yours already end too?
Hmph... Disappointed you couldn't see Shuichi's victory?
Th-That's not what I meant! Obviously, I just wanted to see how well you did!
Ah, I don't know if I was very impressive out there...but thank you for coming.
You were thanked, even though you couldn't send him any cheers...

With Leon Kuwata[]

Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony is over, and you're heading home. You were having a meal and thinking about gifts when the dining hall started to get busy. Who would you like to talk to?
Ryoma! You wanna sit here?
In that case, I'll impose on you. There aren't any other seats, anyway.
Sure, do whatever. It won't be awkward or anything.
Hmph...is that so?
...So I heard you were talking to a pro baseball scout.
Huh? How do you know about that...?
What, did Hina or Makoto blab to you or something?
Who cares where I heard it from?
*sigh* Yeah, it's true. I've been scouted by a few teams. I'm feeling them out.
But hey, can you blame me? Maybe when I go pro, I'll date some hot announcers. Not that I'd wanna break so many hearts...
Hmph...you're the same as ever. I hope the world of pro baseball finally knocks you down a peg. I'll look forward to your games.
Hey, just watch me. I'll throw so many strikeouts and hit so many home runs!
You and Ryoma talked about your future in sports while you ate...

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed and graduation is coming up.
Lately, a lot of people have asked you to take pictures as keepsakes.
You brought a few of them to the closing ceremony. Who do you give them to first?
I'll give Ryoma his class pictures
Oh, it's you... Is this about the pictures you took the other day?
Yeah. Here, pictures of you and your classmates.
Oh, thanks. That's a big help.
Hey...why did you ask me for pictures of your class?
It's not that important, but... I don't know what'll happen after I graduate.
But no matter what, I'm not going to throw my past away this time... I'll carry it with me.
Ah, so it *was* something like that. But I don't like the way you're saying it. You make it sound like you're going to disappear.
Hmph...I've got no plans to do that. Don't worry. This really is just in case.
I wasn't worried or anything... But, I'm glad. I was going to get mad if you said it'd all be over after graduation.
I won't let it end so easily. During the the three years we spent in this academy...
I found something I don't want to let go of. Something I thought I'd never find again...
And your pictures...have captured their smiles so clearly.
These pictures will always remind me that the time I spent here was worth every second.
I see... Thank you.
You felt glad that you were able to help Ryoma out.

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

Today is the school festival... You decided to do "Şablon:İmp" to athletes you've chosen!
A promising student is walking by right off the bat... How do you approach them?
You wanna stop by my booth?
Your booth's specialty is..."Şablon:İmp"? It must have to do with your team manager talent, right? You must not be busy if you're bothering me. I'm sure other people need your help.
Well...I knew I'd get turned down.
Hmph... I can tell by looking at you that you're disappointed.
But...it's different from the expression nosy people usually make...
I am a manager. This is the only way I know how to be.
What an awkward guy. I guess I don't mind that, though...
You couldn't get Ryoma to come in...

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
There's someone you want to talk to while you still have the chance. It's...
Ryoma...I've been worried about you. Sometimes it's necessary to sit back but... I didn't know if I should step in or not.
Hmph... You were right to not step in. First off, I'm not an athlete anymore.
It's regrettable, but...if that's what you think, then I can't stop you. To battle...to win...to stand on the court... I can't help someone who doesn't want those. But your relationship with your manager doesn't end when you step off the court.
Hey...since when were you my manager?
You're right. I'm not your manager. But I was worried about you...
Worried about what you'd do after leaving tennis behind.
But it seems like I didn't have to worry. You've had a fulfilling life here the past three years.
...You really think so?
Oh, I can see it. When you first came here, your expression said you'd thrown everything away. Now, even though you've got a heavy burden, you can lift your head and keep on walking... That's the kind of expression you've got now!
Hmph... Is that so? A fulfilling life, huh...? I never thought I'd be able to have something like that now.
You and Ryoma discussed your school memories with each other...

With Rantaro Amami[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to be in the 3-man relay race.
The other two members of your team are athletic. Which order should you run?
I'll run second
I think I can handle the baton, so I'll go second and you can be the anchor, Ryoma.
Aren't you overestimating me? How long do you think it'll take me to reach the finish?
Hey now, I don't think you've lost your edge one bit! Can I leave it to you?
Hmph... When you put it like that, it'd be uncool of me to decline. I can't run like I could in my glory days, but...I'll do what I can.
After running the second lap, you handed the baton to Ryoma!


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