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This article contains information and transcripts for Rantaro Amami's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 1 2 3 3 4 7
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 175 50 75 100 100 125 201


An academy that grants special privileges? Enrolling here could really work for me.


It's been forever since I was able to relax and have fun. My time here was inspiring.

Friendship Events[]

With Kirumi Tojo[]

With Kirumi Tojo
Rantaro, may I have a moment of your time? Your sleeve appears to be torn.
Oh, yeah, you're right... I must've caught it on something.
Shall I repair it? You need not hesitate. My utmost desire is to serve others.
Are you sure? Thank you, I would appreciate that.
Understood. Please change out of your torn shirt and give it to me. You do not need to wash it. I will make sure it is laundered before returning it.
That would be absolutely perfect! You're something else, Miss Ultimate Maid.
...Makes me feel kind of nostalgic.
I hope you are not feeling nostalgic because I remind you of your mother.
Haha, no, no. We had a maid at my house a long time ago, is all.
I don't think she was as spectacular as you, but... To a kid...it felt like she could do *Anything*.
...She sounds like quite the fantastic maid.
Yeah. She was nice, took care of everyone... Heh, we were always fighting over her. It was silly kid stuff, like who got to have her read a bedtime story to them first...
I see... That is a heartwarming story.
Haha, yeah, I suppose those were good times. All of us treated her like a second mother.
Oh, but, I'm not comparing her to you or anthing, y'know?
Hmhmhm... I understand. Perhaps your maid's utmost desire was for you to trust her enough to see her that way.

With Sonia Nevermind[]

With Sonia Nevermind
Oh, hey Sonia. Is it alright if I sit with you?
By all means, please join me. I believe this will be our first meal together.
Haha, yeah. I never imagined that one day I would be sitting next to a princess!
At this academy, I am just a transfer student, so please be at ease around me.
Oh, so I can relax a bit then. Got it.
Sonia, you were born in the Kingdom of Novoselic in Europe, right?
Indeed, I was. I am told you have a penchant for travel... Have you visited Novoselic before, Rantaro?
No, unfortunately I haven't been there yet. But last time I was in Europe, I bought some chocolate from Novoselic. Now, I've tasted a lot of things in my life...but I'll *never* forget that chocolate.
Well...I am pleased that you have tested my homeland's national specialty!
I can easily arrange to have a year's supply of Novoselic chocolate delivered to you!
Oh no, really, that's okay! It was delicious, don't get me wrong. But that's asking too much...
Are you sure? In my homeland, when foreign guests praise our cuisine... ...it is custom for us to gift them with as much food as they can carry.
Perhaps a year's supply is too extravagant? I cannot imagine where you would store it.
Haha, that reminds me of grandmas spoiling their grandchildren on New Year's.
...I've been to so many countries, but there's still so much I don't know.
The Kingdom of Novoselic sounds incredible. I'd love to go someday.
Please do! I would be honored to guide you to all the sights Novoselic has to offer!
Now, if you're back in Novoselic...you'd be guiding me as princess, not a student, right?
I'm really grateful, but I gotta admit that makes me nervous! Haha!

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

With Korekiyo Shinguji
Oh, Kiyo. It's been a while. You took the day off yesterday, right?
That is correct. I returned from my fieldwork only just last night. I see you have returned as well, Rantaro. Where did you go this time?
Southeast Asia. I just got back the day before yesterday. But I've got another trip planned tomorrow. We almost missed each other!
Hmm...you are ever busy, flitting around the world as you do. It may sound strange coming from me, but... You seem pale. It may be best to recuperate.
Ha, maybe. But there's still so many places I want to go. Isn't it the same for you?
The answer to that question is, "Precisely." For research of course, but another reason as well.
Another reason?
Kehehe...oddly enough, when I look at you, I sense that we are kindred spirits.
You, too, are flitting around with a purpose... That is what I have deduced.
Haha, well, you *are* good at observing people.
...Do you have any siblings, Kiyo?
I do. An older sister.
Oh, nice. Are you two close?
Very much so. My sister is someone who is very important to me...very important indeed.
You said that without much prompting, Kiyo. That was kind of unexpected.
But in that case...maybe you understand.
To have asked me such a question...do your travels have something to do with siblings?
Yeah, something like that.
I see...that explains it. I shall not stop you from pushing yourself, in that case. I, too, wish to do everything I can for my sister. That is how I feel.
Haha, and here I thought no one would ever really understand.
By the way, the sibling you are pushing yourself so hard for... Is it a brother? A sister?
Oh, um, little sister.
Hm... The fact that you have so much drive, must mean you have a wonderful sister.
Oh yeah. Much better than me!
Kehehe... Is that so? I won't ask in detail, but I shall root for you. When the day comes that you have fulfilled your goal...I would like to hear more of your sister.

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Hmm... It's been a while since I've seen you in class. Were you traveling again?
Yeah, basically. I brought some souvenirs, feel free to take one.
I see! I shall accept them with gratitude!
Wait, that's not what I came to say! Rantaro! Have you been keeping up with your studies!? I thought your travels were for an independent study, but you're just goofing off!
Oh, I don't think you need to worry about that... Besides, "goofing off" is a bit harsh.
This academy emphasizes *talent* over attendance and grades, right? I gain valuable experience when I travel. Stuff that will help me with exams, y'know?
Gh... Even so, you should not neglect your studies! Studying is a student's duty!
Hey, I hear you. But that's really just your perspective, right?
There's a lot in life more important than studying, wouldn't you say? Things you really wanna do... Things you *have* to do...
Are you saying you have such a thing?
...I do, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask. It's a little sensitive. But you know what? I *have* been traveling a lot lately. I should catch up on my studies.
I see. I'm not fond of secrets, but...
If you want to catch up on your studies... I am more than happy to help you!
Fortunately for you. I have taken thorough notes on every conceivable subject!
Haha, I never imagined it would end up like this.
You spent some time studying together in the library!

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro) and Peko Pekoyama[]

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro) and Peko Pekoyama
Hey, Peko. I just got back from my trip. I brought what you wanted!
Rantaro...thank you for doing this. I know your travels abroad aren't just for fun.
Hey, don't mention it. It's nothing. Actually, it sorta helps me. Gives me some time to relax on my trips.
I didn't know you two were meal buddies. Whatcha guys talkin' about, huh?
J-Junko! It's nothing! Do not worry about it!
Well, THAT'S not, like, totally suspicious. Should I not mention this to Fuyuhiko?
...What does he have to do with this?
H-Huh? You and him aren't close?
Close, how? Fuyuhiko and I are just classmates. ...Do you know something we don't?
Wow, you don't even talk to each other? Weird, I coulda sworn you two were close.
We weren't discussing anything *bad*. ...Peko does seem to be blushing a bit, though.
It's really nothing...but to keep rumors from spreading, I suppose I must tell you. The truth is...Rantaro has been showing me pictures of animals he's met on his travels.
Huh? Animals?
Yeah. I was in the Mediterranean. I got lots of photos of cats. There was this one island... Cats as far as the eye could see.
That sounds wonderful... I would love to see that with my own eyes.
Ohhh, so you like animals, Peko? That's, like, so adorbs!
The three of you spent some time looking at animal pictures...

With Junko Enoshima and Peko Pekoyama[]

This event is duplicate of the previous event, but with Junko taking the place of Mukuro Ikusaba in disguise. This version appears exclusively while playing as Junko.

With Junko Enoshima and Peko Pekoyama
Hey, Peko. I just got back from my trip. I brought what you wanted!
Rantaro...thank you for doing this. I know your travels abroad aren't just for fun.
Hey, don't mention it. It's nothing. Actually, it sorta helps me. Gives me some time to relax on my trips.
Hmm? Whatcha talkin' about? I wanna join in.
I'm not getting in the way, am I? Soooorry! I didn't know you two were such a pair.
Junko, are you perhaps misunderstanding something? Rantaro was just showing me photos.
Oh, Peko...is it okay to tell her...?
Well, it is not like I have anything to hide.
Hmm, Rantaro's pictures? Did you take these while you were out globetrotting?
You have a sharp eye. That's right!
I have been asking Rantaro to show me photos of animals he had seen in his travels
Ah, I see. It's cuz you like animals, isn't that right, Peko? Gundham's hamsters... rabbits... Sometimes you just stare at 'em like a hungry wolf!
Y-You knew about that?
Yeah. I was in the Mediterranean. I got lots of photos of cats. There was this one island... Cats, as far as the eye could see.
That sounds wonderful... I would have loved to see that with my own eyes.
The three of you spent some time looking at animal pictures...

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to be in the 3-man relay race.
The other two members of your team are athletic. Which order should you run?
The others can finish, I'll run first
Even if I fall back a bit, you'll more than make up for it, won't you, Leon?
Hey, it's true I'm pretty fast, but...you're gonna leave it all to me from the start?
Well, I don't *plan* on falling behind. You can trust me.
Well, whatever. Let's hurry up and get this over with. Being dirty and sweaty is uncool.
After running the fist lap, you handed the baton to Leon!
I'll run second
I think I can handle the baton, so I'll go second and you can be the anchor, Ryoma.
Aren't you overestimating me? How long do you think it'll take me to reach the finish?
Hey now, I don't think you've lost your edge one bit! Can I leave it to you?
Hmph... When you put it like that, it'd be uncool of me to decline. I can't run like I could in my glory days, but...I'll do what I can.
After running the second lap, you handed the baton to Ryoma!
I'll be the anchor and run last
The race has started... My team's in first place...
We'll still be in first after the baton pass. This is a lot of pressure...
It seems your team has a lot of trust in you... but this race won't go that easily.
I see your team is pretty fast too, Byakuya. But no matter what happens, I'm going to anchor this team.
Rantaro...don't tell me you think I move slowly because of my size.
Haha, well, to be honest, I *was* a little bit relieved when I saw you next to me.
But you're an anchor, just like me. Up against a team of sports Şablon:İmp. It would be unwise of me to underestimate you.
Hmph, so you're a sharp one after all... Very interesting.
But, in the name of my family... I will be the one to lead my team to victory!
Running the final lap as the anchor, you and Byakuya sprinted to the finish!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're a server at the shop!
It's time for your break. Why not go check out the other events?
I'll stay here and get a drink
Rantaro...you did an excellent job following my orders. You helped me out greatly today.
Nah, I didn't do much, really. You're just a great manager, Byakuya.
Hmph...this *is* my specialty. Anyway, take a break now. You've earned it. Don't hold back. It's the duty of those on top to make sure those they lead are taken care of.
Haha, I should have expected that coming from you. Alright, I'll take you up on that. I want to taste Kirumi's tea and Teruteru's cooking here...
With a reliable manager and a delicious menu, you figure you're in a great spot!
Someplace relaxing would be nice...
Mahiru...your pictures are wonderful. You see these smiles every day, but the way you photograph them is like...a new world.
Thanks, it feels pretty good being told that.
...I see you have a lot of pictures of everyone eating?
Oh, yeah... These are from when Teruteru cooked for all of us.
People eating delicious food always have this smile. I think it's universal.
Yeah, I was able to take these because of Teruteru, so I guess I should thank him.
But my opinion of him is so low, this is nowhere near enough to bring it back up to normal.
Well, I think deep down, he's a kind guy. I will admit it's hard to defend him, though.
Mahiru gave you a curated tour of her exhibit.
There's some kind of show at the gym...
Phew, that should be good for now. Did you come to watch the show, Rantaro?
I did, I enjoyed it a lot. You really classed up the place with a fashion show, Junko.
Oh, don't worry. I'm not hitting on you or anything.
I know that. You look like the type who plays the field, but you're different, aren't you?
Ha, I'm actually glad to hear you say that. People tend to think, I...get around.
I totally get that. I'm sure you're the complete opposite of sleazy, right? Do you get dumped right after someone tells you you're too closed off from your emotions?
...Well? I'm totally right, aren't I? I think I've got a pretty good eye for people.
Haha, nope, not touching that one. No comment.
You and Junko got along surprisingly well, and you told her to check out your shop.


Your last winter at the academy... You're back from your trip, but Christmas has passed. The dining hall has fewer people than usual. Should you talk to someone?
Kaede, you're looking well
Oh, Rantaro! You came back!
I was planning on coming back last week, but I missed the closing ceremony and Christmas!
It's not too late to enjoy Christmas! There's still some cake left!
Oh, a cake?
Chiaki held a party in her class yesterday. They ordered too many, so they shared with us. I saved some for you, Rantaro. You can thank me later.
You saved some for me, even though you didn't know when I'd be back...?
Yeah, well I knew you'd be back by now. You're always traveling around but...you never miss school activities, right, Rantaro? We participated in the sports festival and prepared the school festival together... And for the last three years...that's how we all spent time together...
Yea...I guess I was able to be your classmate in my own way.
Well, even if you didn't come back today, I would've eaten the cake before it went bad.
You and Kaede shared the cake that she saved for you!
Kiyo, long time no see
Greetings, Rantaro... I see you're back from another trip. Where did you go this time?
South America. Quite the stimulating trip.
I see... I'm glad you've returned safely. I wished to speak with you about something. It seems as though your travels have a purpose. Were you able to fulfill it this time?
...No. Not yet.
But...you haven't yet given up. Isn't that correct?
Are you here to tell me I'm pathetic, and I should just quit?
No... To that, I say, "That is simply another aspect of the beauty of humanity." I would like to continue to root for you, as your friend.
Haha... That's... really encouraging. Thank you, Kiyo.
You and Korekiyo spent some time discussing all the people you met on your trip.
Junko, I have something for you
Oh my god, really!? You're so thoughtful!
Just so you know, I won't be satisfied with just pictures and memories, got that?
Haha, yeah, I didn't think so. I've got food too, so you don't have to keep hounding me.
You're so cool, Rantaro! You totally get me!
Anyway, traveling overseas... it's nice sometimes.
Have you ever been out of the country?
Yeah, I used to travel a lot in the past, like to the Middle East.
A young woman vacationing in the Middle East? That's rare.
Yeah, there's some dangerous places. The area I went to was pretty risky, too.
I always knew you had courage. Well, it's a good thing you're safe now.
Yeah, I guess. But, Rantaro...it looked like you traveled to dangerous places too.
I saw your injuries. It seemed like you wanted to hide it, so I kept quiet.
Oh, yeah...I've been in some bad places myself. So you noticed, huh?
Heh heh, it's a fashionista's keen eye! Don't ever underestimate it!
"A fashionista's keen eye," huh? That's the first I've heard of that.
Now, now. Don't worry about the details!
Anyway, just be careful, okay? As a fellow classmate, I worry for you.
Well...thank you, but I gotta warn you, I'm probably gonna keep worrying you.
Hm... So you're not going to stop even if it's dangerous... But why?
...It's for my little sister. I'd prefer it if we left it at that.
I see. Got it.
You see, huh? Well, that was easy.
No...I get what you're going through, so I won't stop you. Just be careful, okay? If you die, your little sister might get sad.
Yeah. I'd never want to make her sad. I'll take your warning to heart, Junko.
You gave Junko some souvenirs and discussed the events of your trip...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Aoi Asahina[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it. With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
Maybe I'll go eat donuts in the dining hall
Hey, Rantaro! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!
It's actually been a while. I was overseas, just got back.
Really? You travel a lot... Oh! There should be some cake left from the party, did you get any?
I was grateful to be able to eat some. My classmate saved some for me.
I'm glad! It was so good, I thought I was gonna melt! Ah!
Donuts are my favorite, but cakes at a party are really good, too!
Yeah. It's been a long time since I've had Christmas cake. Made me feel nostalgic.
When I was a kid, I used to argue with my little sister about whose cake was bigger...
Aw, you must have been so cute! I have a younger brother, but he sticks to Japanese sweets, so we didn't fight.
Oh, so you're a big sister? Are you close to your little brother?
Hm, no more than any other brother and sister. His name is Yuta, by the way.
Yuta does sports too though, so we talk about that. Sometimes we even run together.
He's on the track and field team, so he's pretty fast. I beat him in swimming though!
Haha, you're close enough, I think. I'm jealous, that sounds like a lot of fun.
You and Rantaro enjoyed talking about your memories with your siblings...

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

Today is the school festival... You'll be taking command of the shop selling Teruteru's food! It looks like you have a guest right off the bat... How will you greet them?
I'll let the server handle it
Oh, me? Not bragging or anything, but I've been in some high-end restaurants. So I have experience.
I'll be relying on you. I know your soft demeanor will be perfect for customer service.
Haha, I think you might be overestimating me. But I'll do my best, I won't let you down.
...You entrusted the floor to your trustworthy server!

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to run a yakisoba stand.
At first it was a pain...but now you're getting into it! Try calling out to a passerby!
Rantaro, you hungry?
Oh, a yakisoba stand? Looking good...it suits you.
You think? Well, it isn't my first time. My little sister was better at it though.
Oh, you have a little sister?
Yeah, she's kind of a pain.
Haha, you say that, but I can tell you love her by the way you talk.
It's not like that. She's talented, but I never know what she's gonna do.
So you feel like you can't leave her alone, right?
Hey...what's your deal? Why are you being so nosy?
Oh, sorry, just feeling a bit jealous is all. You should really cherish your sister.
...That's not something I need you to tell me.
Nah, of course not. You're a family. ...That's what family is supposed to do.
...You gave a sad-looking Rantaro a large portion of yakisoba.

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Today is the sports festival... You finished your events, so you decided to cheer!
Which event will you cheer for?
Maybe I'll cheer for the soccer team!
Oh, Kaede! Here to cheer for me?
My race just ended. But I'm glad I can cheer you on for the second half of your game.
Cheering on your weary classmates... Impressive! I will also encourage my friends!
We don't have any athletes on our team, so I dunno if we can win...
But we're gonna do our best! Cheer loud for us!
You chanted fiery cheers to everyone!

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the middle runner in the relay! But you dropped the baton before you could pass it! How will you recover?
I must focus! Run faster!
I can't let it affect me now! Yaaahhh!!!
Finally, I passed the baton!
You're an incredible runner, Kiyotaka! I thought you were gonna overtake me!
But I still couldn't surpass you, Rantaro!
Well, yeah, that's how it ended up... But you fought for your team, never gave up. That's why your teammates are working so hard right now. Don't you think so?
Ahhh! Th-Thank you, Rantaro! I am honored to have you as a rival!
Uh, hey, I didn't say anything special... I don't know what to do when you cry like that.
You made a mistake, but you were touched by Rantaro's kindness!

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

Today is the long-awaited sports festival! You'll support your friends with all you've got! You're going to be captain of the soccer team! How will you fight!?
I'll stand on the front lines
Usually, I'm just supporting the athletes from the sidelines...but today, I'm one of them.
I'll use my body to pull my team along... Today...THAT'S MY ROOOOOOLE!
So you're my opponent? Oh man, I feel like your spirit alone could crush me.
Hmph...you're talking like you're defeated, but your eyes say you haven't given up yet.
Well, I am the captain. My team trusts me. And I'm gonna do my best.
Understood! Bring it on! I'LL ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE!!!
You had a heated battle with Rantaro and his teammates!

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed and graduation is coming up.
The closing ceremony ended and you have no plans for today... What will you do?
Perhaps I'll stop by the dining hall...
Oh, Peko! It's been a while, huh?
Rantaro...did you go overseas again?
I just got back. I have souvenirs for everyone, I'll give you yours later.
Oh, I took lots of pictures on my trip! I saw lots of animals this time.
I see, please show me. I regret that I won't be able to see your pictures after I graduate.
Nah, you don't have to worry about that. I'm gonna start posting my pictures on the web.
Wh...What!? Even the animal pictures!?
Well, of course. I'll upload them as soon as I take them. So you'll be able to see even more than you do now. You should check it out!
Yes. I will look forward to that.
But, hmm...perhaps you should start your own website, like Gundham?
I only update things when I feel like it, so it wouldn't be good for a proper website.
You can really feel his love for animals on Gundham's website. How much he cares... I want to do it a little more laid back, y'know?
You're right... His Exciting Breeding Journal is a very elaborate site, indeed.
Well, I will be looking forward to your pictures, no matter the form they take.
And as long as you continue to post more, I'll know you remain safe in your travels.
Haha, yeah, that's true. Please, check it often, make sure I'm still alive and all that.
...Rantaro gave you the link to his social network page!

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to tell fortunes, of course! Here comes a mark–uh, customer! What do you do?
You look like you need your fortune told!
Haha, that obvious, huh?
I occasionally get deeply serious customers like you, Rantaro...
You can see right through me, can't you?
Say, listen... Could you find a missing person with your fortune telling?
Well, I can't tell for sure, but I know that my fortunes are correct 30% of the time!
30%? ...That's not bad. I'll take those odds.
Nice! So, the price for fortune-telling is 100,000 yen!
100,000, nothing to it!
What, seriously? Wow, Rantaro, you're a generous guy! No take-backs! There are a lot of rich people at this academy, but no one understands the value of my talent! It's only you, a man with voyager's eye, who knows what it's truly worth!
Oh, it's gotta be cash, right? I don't have any on me...but I'm good for it! I'll come back, don't worry!
Any time, Rantaro! I'll be waiting!
Rantaro is going to become one of your best customers!

Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony has ended. Let's read someone's fortune for next year! Who should you select?
I'll find one of my best customers!
...Well? See anything? The next country I should visit, things I should look into? Any fortune like that?
I did see something, but... it's kinda hard to describe.
...Is it something bad?
No, not at all! I mean, I can't guarantee that it's something bad, but...
I saw you crying... And you were saying someone's name...
Crying...? Me...?
Yeah, I can hardly believe it. I wonder... what could possibly make you cry.
Well, I...don't cry often... But if...I were ever to cry in front of someone... It might be because... my wish had just come true.
Then that must mean that the future I saw was a good one!
That's probably it. That's what I want to believe.
Then you must be relieved, because my fortune are correct 30% of the time!
A 30% hope is great, I'll take it. Thanks...I feel a lot better, Hiro.
I'm glad, Rantaro. I hope it turns out the way you want.
...Anyway, that'll be 100,000 yen!
You did a good job!


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