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This article contains information and transcripts for Nagito Komaeda's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 1 2 3 3 4 7
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 175 50 75 100 100 125 201


For me to be invited to Hope's Peak as the Şablon:İmp...I must really be lucky!
I wonder if I'll find it here... The hope that can overcome any despair...


Nothing happened these last three years... that's pretty unlucky. So...
...that means there's good luck waiting for me from now on.

Friendship Events[]

With Celestia Ludenberg and Makoto Naegi[]

With Celestia Ludenberg and Makoto Naegi
Oh, it's Celeste and Nagito. That's an interesting combo.
Makoto...perfect timing. I was just about to go get you!
Is this also a result of someone's luck? Although, I am unsure which of ours it may be.
Huh? Wh-What are you talking about?
I am talking about Mahjong, Makoto. Do you enjoy playing it?
Mahjong? I've never played it...
That's okay. Neither have I.
I'm not sure what's going on, but...are you saying you want us to play Mahjong?
Yes I am. You two, who have the same Şablon:İmp talent and I, blessed with luck in gambling...
I wonder which of us would win in a match. Are you not curious as well?
Celeste and I found a Mahjong set in the Game Room...we're pretty lucky.
Um...Celeste, you always win lots of money from gambling, right?
I don't have anything I could give you when I lose...
Don't worry. I simply want to test our luck... I have no intention of betting anything.
Not betting anything... That's fine then. It'll just be a normal game...
But I'm just a beginner at Mahjong. Is it really okay for me to be your opponent, Celeste?
Even if you are a beginner, if you have Lady Luck by your side, it is still possible to win.
You often claim to be unlucky, but... I suspect you are, in fact, quite lucky indeed.
If we're talking about luck, I think Nagito's luck is better. I'm usually unlucky...
Someone like me won't win... Celeste's talent as the Ultimate Gambler is way more amazing.
Of course, I don't intend to lose. So let us begin immediately.
Oh, but...don't you usually play Mahjong with four people? Who should be our fourth person?
Why don't we ask someone who will take great interest in the results of this match?
Huh? Is there someone like that?
The headmaster.
What!? Th-The headmaster!?
So I'll become the stepping stone Celeste can use to let her talent shine, right?
Then, let us go. I look forward to seeing who will win...
Playing against the headmaster... Hey, I don't know about this, guys...
Ho-Hold on, you two!
The headmaster joined you, and the four of you played Mahjong for quite some time...
But before you could figure out who was luckiest, the headmaster lost pathetically!

With Hajime Hinata[]

With Hajime Hinata
Oh, hey Nagito. Did your homeroom end?
Yes, but...what brings you all the way out here, Hajime?
I came to return the CD Mikan gave me. Well, "gave" isn't quite right. She forced a mountain of CDs on me...
Hmmm, I see...
You know, despite your lack of an Ultimate talent, you get along well with the others. But I'm terrified to be in the same class as all of them. I'm shameful...
Who cares? It's my choice who I hang out with.
Well, I guess I can understand that. For me, I yearn for Hope's Peak...I'm drawn to that light of hope like a moth to a flame...
...Nagito, do you say this kinda stuff to everyone you meet?
Yes, I do. Why?
Nothing, it's just...I don't really get it. It's exhausting trying to figure you out.
Haha, you *do* look tired... You don't have to stay here and listen to me. You can leave me any time you like.
Look, if you have a problem with me, *you* can leave *me*.
Oh, don't misunderstand. It's not that I don't like you, Hajime. I think I know what you want. You're even more mysterious than me...
We have these little talks, but are you just trying to get close to main course students?
Hey, come on. You don't have to say it like I'm some kind of spy or something. Besides, that's not why I talk to you. It's because of...what you said.
I still don't undestand it, but I know that I'm not going to just leave it at that.
I see. Such courage, Hajime.
But courage in the hands of the powerless is called recklessness.
Mind your own business, Nagito. You're just trying to...rile me up.
By the way, I saw Mikan staggering off toward the schoolyard after homeroom.
What? Why didn't you tell me that first!?

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Oh...good morning, Taka.
"Good morning"? It's already the afternoon. Don't tell me you're just getting to school now!
Oh, should I have said "good day" instead?
That's not the issue! How could you have possibly been this late to class!?
Ah, about that... I went outside the academy yesterday evening to take care of something... And I happened to get involved in a little hostage situation.
Yeah, I was the hostage. It was pretty hectic. But anyway, I just got back now.
Wh-What an outrageous experience...
Ahaha...yeah, it was sort of a hassle.
I apologize for scolding you. I will reflect on my actions!
Don't worry about it. You were just doing your job as the Şablon:İmp, right? Stopping that talent from shining...is impossible.
Hold on! There's one thing I want to correct! I am not talented! I got where I am by putting in effort every day!
Huh? But you've been accepted as someone talented enough to be an Ultimate, right?
That is because my repeated effort was evaluated and acknowledged!
Huh? But you've been accepted as someone talented enough to be an Ultimate, right?
That is because my repeated effort was evaluated and acknowledged! I was acknowledged as an Ultimate for working hard. I want the world to work the same way.
You're going to change the world so that those who work hard can succeed...
Gh... So you still value natural talent over hard work...
However, it should be that those who work hard can win and those with talent aren't relied on!
Amazing...with your talent and your will, you'll create a world filled with hope!
... I'm starting to think we're not having the same discussion here...
Sorry...it's unforgivable for scum like me to waste a talented person's time like that.

With Kokichi Oma[]

With Kokichi Oma
Umm...I give up.
Hm? Oh, looks like I won in the end! But you weren't half-bad, Nagito!
Well, we weren't really competing, were we?
Oh, really? Then why did you give up?
Sorry... Did I say something confusing?
Honestly, I wanted to figure out what your talent was, so I tried to look into it... But I couldn't find out a single thing about the location of your secret organization.
Nee-heehee... That's why it's a secret. You're not gonna find it that easily.
That's just what I'd expect from an Şablon:İmp! Despite my luck, I couldn't learn a single thing about your organization.
It's almost like it doesn't exist... Oh, but I'm not doubting your talent or anything.
If you're interested, just ask me directly. For you, I'll tell you anything you wanna know.
No, I think I'll pass on that. Scum like me wouldn't dare ask an evil supreme leader to reveal their secrets...
Huh? Bored of me already? Too bad, cuz my answers would've been the end for you... I was planning to take all of your assets as my payment for answering your questions.
Huh? I just need to pay you money? If that's all you wanted, I should've asked.
Oh...there are other forms of payment besides money. Still wanna know my secrets?
Hmm... If I'm able to pay the price you set, I'll gladly do it but... Are you just going to lie about it after I pay you...?
Or raise the price even higher after I make an offer?
Wooow, you're absolutely correct! You know me so well, Nagito!
Yeah, I think it's clear you just don't want to talk about yourself.

With Monokuma[]

With Monokuma
It must be a day ending in "Y" because my cubs are so freakin' cute today! I could listen to them talk forever! They're so cute, I don't ever want it to stop!
That's...probably just because you're their father.
My kids make me so happy. There's nothing better than spending time with family.
I've been wondering for a while now, but... do the Monokubs have a mother?
That's a personal question, don'tcha think? Would you ask an orphan if they have a mother?
Cuz I would. In fact, I'd ask 'em that question on Christmas Eve.
Maybe I'll change my question, then. Who's controlling you guys?
Isn't that question...even more personal? Have a little childlike wonder, why don'tcha? Nobody's inside the mascot suits at theme parks!
It bothers me. There's no way robots like you guys just happen naturally. Just like how Keebo's father is Professor Idabashi, someone must've made you.
Isn't it natural to think that way?
Puhuhu... You just can't help feeling so curious about us, huh?
Well of course. There's a robot here at this school, too.
Oh...Keebo might get mad if he overheard this conversation, though.
Well, since you're so interested, I guess I can tell you about my wife... She's a salmon. But I ended up eating her. She was so delicious, but that's probably why my kids are so clingy!
Hmm...I guess you have no intention of telling me.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Your part is over, so now you can cheer for the Ultimates! Which event will you go watch?
Maybe I'll go cheer for soccer
Ah, Nagito...are you here to offer your support to the athletes?
Yeah, since my race is over. I'm glad I made it in time for the soccer game.
It seems as though you enjoy observing the talents of others, yes? I'm surprised you've come to cheer despite there being no Şablon:İmp here.
I just want to see the moment you all shine as symbols of hope. But being in an event not related to your talent isn't really what I'd call despair...
Ultimates can easily overcome something like that.
Kehehe...I see. Perhaps that is what one might call an expression of hope? For example, I may be able to use my observational skills to excel at soccer.
That's exactly right! I knew you'd be able to think of something like that, Kiyo!
Oh...sorry someone like me distracted you from the game...
No, I do not mind. This was an intriguing conversation. All aspects of humanity are beautiful. I am observing you with great interest as well.
I'm glad that scum like me can be of use to someone like you, Kiyo.
...You spent time watching Korekiyo and the others' soccer game!
The girls are playing volleyball
You...what are you doing here?
I just came here to cheer... Am I in the way?
Nyeeeh...if it's just cheering, then whatever. But don't say weird stuff to mess us up.
I promise I won't say anything weird... I just wanted to see your magic.
Hm...so you understand. Normally, I'd tell you to watch my magic closely. But since it's against the rules to use magic in volleyball...I can't show you my magic today.
You cheered for a fired up Himiko and the others!
I wonder how boys basketball is going?
Hm...that's a relief. Seems like I haven't missed the final round yet.
Hajime from the reserve course... What are you doing here?
What? I'm playing basketball. They were short one person, so they asked me to step in.
I see. So you're going to be a stepping stone for all the talented people to shine?
That's not why I'm here...
Then why are you here? Don't tell me you think you can stand on equal ground with them.
It's true I'm different from the rest of them, but...
But what? There are no buts about it.
No...maybe you don't understand it, but...
The game's about to start, so I'm gonna go. If you're here to cheer, go and take your seat.
You cheered for *almost* everyone at the basketball game...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival...a wonderful day where you can see everyone's talent shine! So, what will you do first?
I'll check out the show in the gym
Hey there, Kaito. Are you going to perform something on stage?
Nah, I'm backstage today. I'm helping out with the construction.
I see... I was hoping I'd be able to hear some stories about space from the Şablon:İmp.
Oh, are you interested in space, too?
Of course I am! The vastness of space... That's the only stage suitable for your talent, right!? There's no mistake that you'll be able to bring hope to the world from outer space!
Hmm...something feels off.
Off? What do you mean?
You're not interested in space... Or me. That's how it feels. Like it'd be weird for you to cheer me on...
Hmm...did I get too excited? I'm sorry if my blabbering made you uncomfortable... But it's true that I want to cheer you on, Kaito...
Well, I guess you're not lying... My bad.
Look forward to the day when I reach outer space! It'll be an exciting moment for everyone!
Kaito proudly talked to you about space...
Maybe see the exhibits in the classrooms
Nagito! Why not come on over, have your fortune told? You've got money, right?
Can your fortune telling see what kind of luck is in store for me?
Leave it to me! I'm right 30% of the time, after all!
Hmm, yeah...
I'll pass...
Huh!? Why!?
Now that I think about it, there's no point in me knowing what'll happen in the future.
That's not true! If you've got a good future ahead, you can try to make it your reality, y'know!?
I'll end up reaching a good future without any work, and there's no need to avoid bad futures.
What do you mean?
Well...it's a crappy talent, but...I'm lucky. Even if I don't know what'll happen, it's always a lucky ending for me.
So, Hiro...you should use your talent to fill the world with hope!
...If you asked me to read your fortune, you could fill my pocket with hope.
You politely refused any fortune telling!
Looking around's fine, but I should help out
Even a guy like me can help out... cleaning the juice stand.
Oh hey, Nagito! Perfect timin'!
Huh? Akane...what's the matter? Is there a problem with the juice stand?
It's a huge problem! I'm starvin'! The longer I'm there, the hungrier I get. And there's not even any food there, just drinks.
Well, it *is* a juice stand. Do you want me to go buy something for you?
I can't wait that long! Take over for me!
What? But I wasn't told how to make any of the drinks...
I'll be back once I'm full! You got this!
And there she goes... Hmm...this is a problem. I'm stuck here till she gets back...
It's a little bad luck, but...good luck is waiting for me after this!
You covered Akane's shift at the stand, even though you had no idea what to do!


Your last winter at the academy... You were invited to a party by the symbols of hope.
But you feel like someone like you has no place at such a party... What do you do?
I'll watch everyone from the corner
Hajime...is it okay for someone as popular as you to be on the sidelines?
I don't think it's a good idea for me to jump in during all this ruckus.
That's true... If you get pulled into Ibuki and Akane's headbang contest, you'd be done for. I can't believe this Christmas at Hope's Peak will be my last one ever...I can't even laugh!
Don't say it like that...
But it is our last Christmas here. The past three years went by so peacefully. From now on, everyone's talents will shine... and I won't be able to watch.
I know we've all got a bright future ahead of us. This isn't the last time we'll meet, though.
Well, I don't know about for me. You might be invited, but...
Hey...do you really think Chiaki wouldn't invite everyone from your class?
Well, if it's Chiaki...she wouldn't forget me, I suppose.
Yeah, so don't act like you won't be invited.
Why are you telling me this, Hajime? You're not the type to gather people around you.
Why do you ask? Is it weird?
It's more like...I can't believe you're interested in scum like me.
Over these past three years, we've talked about a lot of things, haven't we? About your luck... Listening to that...
Honestly, I still don't feel like I understand you. But even so... After we've talked this much... I can't let it end like this.
I think there's a lot of things about me you'll never understand...
Maybe, but even so...I don't want to leave things like this.
Nagito...let go of my hand.
What? Why?
Why...? This is a handshake. Normally you let go after the handshake's done...
Are you trying to say you want to be friends with me?
... Do you think there would be any meaning in us being friends, Hajime?
Yes. Even something as simple as that... might change things.
Well, if you say so, then okay...
Alright... Since we're friends...you better come to anything I invite you to.
If I'm invited by my friend...then I guess I don't have a choice, huh?
Well, I'd never reject an invitation to something that'd make everyone's hope shine!
...You spent a rowdy night with your friends and classmates!
I'll see everyone's hopeful smiles up close
Oh, Nagito... Are you having fun?
Of course. I can see everyone having fun and full of hope.
Don't just watch. You wanna have a headbanging competition with me?
I'll pass. If I joined in, it'd just bring everyone down.
You're still saying stuff like that? Even after three years?
Well, it's because I'm still worthless scum and you all are still shining beacons of hope... Unless the world turns upside-down, that's never going to change.
Huh...is that so?
No, there's no way hope would ever waver, even if the world turned upside-down. If it's a strong enough hope, it will tear apart any despair.
Ughughugh... I'm supposed to be used to this by now, but it still gives me a headache!
I am not sure how to respond to all that... My my, what a problem.
It seems like you talked too much and ruined the party for everyone...
I'll watch that suspicious stuffed animal
Hey...everyone's here to enjoy this party. You'd better not get in the way.
Ooooh, Usami... Nagito totally thinks you're up to no good!
B-But I'm up to good! Honest! After all, I'm everyone's teacher! If anyone here is up to no good, it's you!
Both of you. Monokuma of course, but I still don't like having a plush toy for a teacher.
Guhhhhh... It's been three years and you still won't let that go...
Well, maybe both of you were left behind by upperclassmen who already graduated... If that's the case, it's like I'm talking with the embodiment of their talent.
Nagito...that's harsh but fair, I guess.
For all you know, someone younger could've made us instead of an alumni, y'know? At any rate...you seem really interested in us, Nagito.
Not really. At first I was wondering what sort of tricks the person who made you would pull. But after three years, nothing's happened. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed.
Puhuhu... Well, enjoy letting your guard down while you still can. You see it all the time in horror movies. Just when someone thinks the danger is over...
...they end up bein' the next victim on the chopping block!
Nuh-uh! I won't allow any violent acts! Including chopping!
Whather you allow it or not doesn't really matter now, does it?
Well, no matter what kind of despair approaches us, we who are full of hope can overcome it.
You spent time dealing with Monokuma and Usami...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami[]

Today is the school festival... You gave a lecture as a prominent Togami heir!
After your speech, some of the audience wants to talk to you...
You seemed to be listening attentively
Of course! As I was listening to that lecture full of talent and confidence...I started getting choked up!
Your words ring hollow. It was a simple lecture. Don't waste my time.
You're right... Scum like me has no place talking to someone like you, but... When I thought about how someone like you would never lose to despair...I couldn't help myself.
Your opinion of me is irrelevant. I will continue to succeed.
Now shut your mouth.
Nagito stared you at expectantly.

With Chiaki Nanami[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is the Christmas party with your classmates!
You're toasting with juice, eating cake and snacks, playing games...it's very lively.
So what will you do now?
Nagito, are you having fun?
I saw you just watching from the corner so...I was wondering.
Of course I'm having fun. Everyone here is filled to the brim with hope.
I see...that's fine then. I still don't feel like I understand you, even after the three years we spent as classmates... I know that hope is really important to you, though, Nagito...
Hope is important...not just for me, but for everyone, right? Do you really think those who don't accept hope even exist?
Hmm...no, I guess not. I guess technically even if someone wanted the opposite of hope, that'd be hope to them.
It's just like you said, Chiaki. Everyone wants to see hope. I'm just a little more passionate than others about it. I think about hope all the time.
It's true. Not many people think about hope quite like you do.
I always believe in hope. With hope, we can triumph over any despair. I thought I'd be able to see amazingly strong hope at Hope's Peak... And there might be something I could do to help the symbols of hope shine...
That's what I thought. But are we going to graduate without anything happening?
I hope so... After we all graduate...we can spend time together happily.
I see... So that's your hope, huh Chiaki?
Maybe. Because...I really like this class.

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Events like this just aren't your style.
You want to go lay low for a while... Where do you go?
Maybe I'll cool off in the schoolyard.
Oh? Fuyuhiko?
Huh? I didn't expect to see you here. Are you skipping out, too?
I wouldn't do something so drastic...well maybe a bit. You too, Fuyuhiko?
Yeah...I'm hiding out here, so quit bothering me.
Of course I'll respect your wishes! Events like this are hard to get motivated for, right?
Huh? You don't like the sports festival? I thought you of all people would be into it.
Oh, I am. Because this isn't a normal festival, it's Hope's Peak Academy's sports festival! By using all the different talents we have here, we can make this event shine even brighter... But just looking at it, it seems like it's going to be a normal sports festival.
Don't you think it should be done differently? So that everyone's talent can truly shine.
...Are you thinking some weird shit or something?
I've been thinking...is there even anything someone like me could do to help everyone?
Well, it's none of your business. Besides, you can help just how you are, right?
Huh? Really?
Well...if someone with amazing talent like you thinks so, Fuyuhiko, then it must be so.
Let's get going, then. It's about to start.
You had a bad feeling, so you decided to drag Nagito with you to the sports festival...

With Izuru Kamukura[]

Today is the sports festival... It's a boring event, but Usami forced you to participate.
To get her to leave you alone, you decide to participate in just one event. Which will it be?
I will choose table tennis
Are you...going to play table tennis?
It was the event I felt as though I would be able to finish quickest.
I see... Unlike team events, no one can slow you down here.
But wow... To be able to see you play against someone... It must be a lucky day for me.
Are you my opponent?
No, it seems like it's someone from another class. If I keep winning, I'll go against you... But I don't think I can defeat anyone else. It's a shame, but we won't be able to compete.
It doesn't matter to me who my opponent is.
...You attained a flawless victory in table tennis!

With Kirumi Tojo[]

Today is the school festival... Your work at the shop has finally settled down.
Others have requested you visit their shops and exhibits. Where will you head to first?
I will visit the juice stand
Hey there, Kirumi. I'm glad you stopped by. Were you looking for one of the girls? Sorry it's just me right now...
I do not mind. I can come by again later. But first...can you recommend me an item?
Sure thing. Just a minute.
Um, the ingredients I have are...milk, soda, soy sauce, and...um... Well, that's strange.
Oh, there's some lard here too. If it's here, am I supposed to use it in drinks...?
Nagito...this is a juice stand, correct?
Yeah. sorry for making you wait. Honestly, I was just supposed to clean up, so I wasn't listening to how to make the drinks.
Um, if only I had a cell phone, I could look up recipes...
At your request, I can research the menu so that you can provide proper beverages.
You helped out at the juice stand for a while!

With Monokuma[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it. If you have any unfinished business left, now's the time to take care of it!
Maybe I'll check in on the Monokuma factory
Huh? Monokuma...? Where are you off to?
Does it really matter where I'm off to when I'm always back by dinner?
...Monophanie's been giving me trouble lately. Raising a daughter is tough, lemme tell ya.
Yeah...I don't really care about your family situation. What are you doing?
Nagito...why so curious about me?
Well, because there's something I was wondering, and I think you know the answer... Why is there a factory in the school's basement? Is that where new Monokumas are made?
Huh? That place isn't easy to find. How do you know about it?
I just happened to find the entrance by chance. It may not be much of a talent, but... I'm still the Şablon:İmp.
Oh gosh, I'm so embarrassed you saw that. As a robot, of course I would have spares...
But you can't tell anyone! It would crush too many people's dreams if they knew the truth!
Um...I don't think anyone is dreaming about you. I may be worthless scum, but did you really think I'd let you off the hook that easily?
Slow down, Turbo. You'll find out soon enough why that factory exists. It'd be like finding out the secret behind a magic trick before the show started, y'know? Or finding out who the mastermind is before the killing game even starts, y'knoooow?
That's an ominous example, but I'm guessing you won't tell me because it'd spoil the fun, right?
That's right. So don't you worry... My turn will be here before you know it.
You left Nagito and made your way to the Monokuma manufacturing factory...

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to participate in table tennis.
Even though it isn't tennis, holding the paddle brings back memories... What will you do?
Hmph... I'll give it my all, for a change
Thanks, Ryoma. That was the best game I could've hoped for.
You've suffered a crushing defeat, but you look so happy...
Of course... I was able to get a glimpse of your amazing talent! One day, I'd love to see you holding a tennis racket instead of a table tennis paddle.
Hmph... I don't like this guy.
...You won the game, but it left a bad taste in your mouth.

With Shuichi Saihara[]

Today is the school festival... This classroom is doing an escape room!
Let's work together to escape! Now, what to do...
We should discuss this first
At a glance, this first code is pretty typical. We can probably escape if we just look around.
It seems like you're used to these kinds of games, Nagito.
Yeah...I like solving mysteries. They're fun.
Oh, it's really arrogant of me to say something like that to the Şablon:İmp, huh?
Ah, no, I'm not a real detective. I'm more of an apprentice. I'm glad you're here, though.
Hearing you say that helps a little. I hope scum like me can be useful.
You somehow managed to cooperate with Nagito, despite his constant self-degradation.

With Usami[]

Your last winter at the academy... All the students will be graduating soon.
You feel both sad and happy. However, there is one student you're a little worried about...
Nagito... How come you're still in the classroom? Is something on your mind?
Well...when I think how it's almost graduation, y'know...
Do you...feel a little sad about graduating?
No...I'm just surprised that I'll be graduating without anything happening.
I thought at Hope's Peak Academy, I'd be able to see hope overcoming despair...
You make it seem like your school life here was meaningless... Do you really think that?
No, that's wrong. I was still able to see everyone's talents overflowing with hope.
For scum like me, it's an unthinkable honor!
I see...then that's good, I guess. But...hmmm...um...
It seems like there's something you want to say to me.
Are you...really okay with that?
Praising others while you put yourself down... Is that something you're really okay with?
You see...you need to love yourself first. Cuz you yourself are your biggest supporter. As long as you're proud of yourself...you can stand tall and move forward, no matter what.
Haha...so you can talk like a teacher after all, huh Usami?
Of course! I'm everyone's teacher, after all!
You don't know if you really got through to Nagito, but it was a nice talk regardless...


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