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This article contains information and transcripts for Monokuma's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
20 10 5 3 1 2 2 2
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
216 108 150 100 50 75 75 75


Normally, I'd be running this place as the headmaster... But my cute kids said they'd do their best, so I'll enroll as a student to watch over them.
It's gonna be a trial enrollment, though. At least that way I don't hafta pay tuition.


Even though these last three years were just a trial enrollment...I still wanna stay here.
I wanna live here and watch over my cute little cubs forever!

Friendship Events[]

With Kyoko Kirigiri and Monomi[]

With Kyoko Kirigiri and Monomi
Kyoko, I'll be your P.E. teacher this time! Let's work hard as we work out! Harumph!
Aw, geez... I can't believe my shoddy little sister is the one teachin' this class...
Waaaah! Monokuma! What are you doing here!?
Um, I'm a student here, so...it's really not that strange for me to attend this class.
But you're always truant!
Well, yeah. The only thing that matters at Hope's Peak is acing the exams, right?
So it's fine if I play hooky every once in a while or all the time, y'know?
No, it's not! Even the students who can't attend class are still out there using their talents!
Kyoko, you're still doing detective work while you go to school, aren't you?
Well, yes...I do at times.
That sounds so tough! Keep up the great work, though! You're doing an excellent job!
It's become normal for me. I've been living like this for a while now.
Well, having a talent is tough, too. You can't live a normal life or any other way, really... You pretty much have no freedom.
I am proud to be a detective, and I'm content with my current living situation.
Maybe you only think that way because you never had a say in the matter, hm?
Kyoko...I think it's commendable that you are so proud of your talent.
But please do not spread yourself too thin. If things get tough...you can always talk to me or your classmates, okay? Of course, if you just wanna get together and tell some fun stories, that's okay too!
I don't really have any fun stories to tell...
O-Oh... Well, if you change your mind, you know where to find me...
Kyoko works so hard... You could learn a lot from her, Monomi.
What do you do around here, anyway? I mean...why are you even at this school?
I...I could ask you the same question!

With Izuru Kamukura and Sakura Ogami[]

With Izuru Kamukura and Sakura Ogami
Hm... Y-You are...
Hmm... So you're one of the students with a combat-related talent.
Yes...I am the Şablon:İmp, Sakura Ogami.
How strange... Your body doesn't look built at all, but I can tell you're strong.
In order to become the strongest human alive, I must test your power. That's what I believe.
That's probably true. I'm talented at many martial arts. The muscles you've spent years building would probably mean little against me.
Even a little will be fine. Can you spare some time?
Does that mean you want to fight? I don't think there's any point to a battle where the outcome is obvious.
You may be able to predict the results, but it does not mean you are always correct.
My predictions are always correct.
Even so...in a battle, you will never know the final results until it is over.
Hey, hey! Aren't you guys givin' off the wrong vibe!?
What do you want, Monokuma? We are in the middle of something...
What do you think this is? The disappointing finale to a bleachy battle manga or something? This is supposed to be about the daily lives of Hope's Peak boys! And girls, too! Like, falling for the new girl in class, or falling for your childhood friend, that sorta thing...
Don't you want a convoluted love dodecahedron that works out for everyone in the end!?
That...that is what you guys want, right?
My bad... Clearly, I'm just getting in your way. So you really were gonna fight, huh? Man, bears got nothing on you savage humans.
Okay, then I'll just be the referee. Let's get it on!
It seems we should have our fight in a more private place, so no one can disturb us.
We've both wasted our time here.
And thus, a declaration of war was made!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

With Nagito Komaeda
It must be a day ending in "Y" because my cubs are so freakin' cute today! I could listen to them talk forever! They're so cute, I don't ever want it to stop!
That's...probably just because you're their father.
My kids make me so happy. There's nothing better than spending time with family.
I've been wondering for a while now, but... do the Monokubs have a mother?
That's a personal question, don'tcha think? Would you ask an orphan if they have a mother?
Cuz I would. In fact, I'd ask 'em that question on Christmas Eve.
Maybe I'll change my question, then. Who's controlling you guys?
Isn't that question...even more personal? Have a little childlike wonder, why don'tcha? Nobody's inside the mascot suits at theme parks!
It bothers me. There's no way robots like you guys just happen naturally. Just like how Keebo's father is Professor Idabashi, someone must've made you.
Isn't it natural to think that way?
Puhuhu... You just can't help feeling so curious about us, huh?
Well of course. There's a robot here at this school, too.
Oh...Keebo might get mad if he overheard this conversation, though.
Well, since you're so interested, I guess I can tell you about my wife... She's a salmon. But I ended up eating her. She was so delicious, but that's probably why my kids are so clingy!
Hmm...I guess you have no intention of telling me.

With The Monokubs[]

With The Monokubs
Hey, kids! You're doing a great job at the one thing you're good at—looking freakin' adorable!
Oh, it's Father! Hi Father!
Shut up, Monotaro! You idiot!
Yeah! We all agreed that we wouldn't call Monokuma "Daddy" or "Father" or anything!
Eh? What's with the disrespect? You kids goin' through puberty or something?
But I want Father to spoil me! I wanna use Father's influence to get outta doing work!
Keh! Have you forgotten? Papa Kuma's just a student here and we gotta support him!
Anyway, since you're a student, Papa Kuma, you gotta listen to us, too!
Awww, now you're acting like the adorably earnest cubs I remember!
But you kids can still dote on me. Your Auntie Monomi is the one you gotta boss around.
I-I'm...gonna dote on Father, then! Cuz I've already forgotten I'm supposed to support him!
Faaaaather! I'm so happy I get to be with youuuuuu!
Ohhhhh, well-behaved kids are so cute! You're earning some major brownie points, Monotaro!
No fair, Monotaro! I wanna play with Daddy too, but unlike you, I'm holding back!
Then ya shouldn't have called him "Daddy." You totally threw in the towel just now.
Quit tryin' to boss us around like some kinda bigshot! I wanna play with Papa Kuma too!
Y-You're right. If we don't grow up, Father'll never be able to relax.
I can't believe Monodam is so worried about me... Maybe I was wrong about you kids!
Monodam, you've become such a responsible little cub... I'm so proud of you...
Awww... I never thought I'd ever see Daddy and Monodam get along so well!
I feel like I'm gonna cry! As a son *and* as a brother!
...Too bad no one else is around to witness this farce.

With Monomi and K1-B0[]

With Monomi and K1-B0
There you are, Monokuma!
Ugh, what do you two obsolete models... I mean, what do you two want?
M-Meanie! Who are you calling obsolete!?
I just caught that robophobic remark on tape. I will definitely reprimand you today.
...Hm? What do you mean?
Don't play dumb! You're always so abusive toward me...
But it ends today! I won't put up with it anymore!
Am I abusive to you? I forgot.
Don't copy Monotaro!
Monokuma, why do you abuse Monomi? Robot-on-robot abuse is not funny. I know you love your cubs. Why can't you show your little sister the same love?
Um...I'm not actually his little sister.
And that goes for you too, Monomi.
Huh? Me?
Don't you think you should have reported Monokuma's mistreatment much sooner?
Wait a minute, are we...in a trial right now? When did that happen?
I-I didn't mean to make this such a big deal...
Well...it's not gonna become a big deal, so don't worry about it. There's no reason to take any of this to court. It's just between you, me, and Keebo.
Hey! Don't group me in with you stuffed animals!
R-Robot-on-robot abuse!?

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... But instead of competing, you're gonna be a nuisance instead! You've already disrupted a lot of events today... But what will you do during lunch?
Form Stage 2 of my disruption plan
Next is basketball, volleyball, and soccer... Wow, it's all the usual ball games.
I could just storm the field, but then what? Man, tryin' to shock everyone is hard work.
Weren't you messing with all the sports events earlier today? What are you doing here?
What are YOU doing here? Why aren't you eating lunch? No, I dunno where Byakuya is.
I...I didn't even ask you about him!
But you were gonna ask. You're like a little lost puppy the way you chase after him!
Don't make fun of my love...or I-I'll tell all the people out looking for you wh-where you are! A lot of people want to teach you a lesson for interfering with the events...!
Let 'em. I'm always chasin' you guys anyway. Might be fun to be the one gettin' chased.
Phew, that's gonna save them a lot of time tryin' to find me. Thanks for helping me out!
W-Wait! I'd never do anything to make you happy!
You left Toko to handle the rest...and decided to nap until someone comes after you!
Even bears need to take a break
Hello! I've come to slack off!
...Huh? Where is everyone?
If you're looking for Mikan, she went to help a patient walk back outside.
Kokichi...did you come here to slack off? I don't think that's a good idea.
Whaaat? But you're the one ditching the festival. I'm just resting cuz I don't feel well.
That's a lie! I can tell cuz your lips were moving!
Even if I am lying, I can't help myself. That's just what evil leaders do, y'know? I had to give orders to my subordinates ASAP. I can't really divulge the details in public.
That's a lie! I can tell cuz your lips were moving!
Why do you assume everything I say is a lie? You're so meeeeeeeeeeeaaaannn!!!
...Oh, yeah! The bed on the left is mine, so if you're gonna nap, choose a different one.
You decided to "borrow" one of the beds in the Nurse's Office!
Being a nuisance is so boring
Phew! I'm so despairingly bored!
And that's why...I'm done. While Monokuma distracts everyone, I'll be able to play all the tricks I planned.
Puhuhu... I bet creating a bunch of Monokumas in the basement will shock everyone. And yet...that's not even close to the despair I truly desire. Puhuhuhu...
You decided to let Monokuma roam free during the afternoon!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to host a talk show with Monomi! However, it's five minutes before showtime and not a single seat is filled... But you made some preparations just in case this sort of thing happened...
I planted my adorable kids in the audience!
H-How could you make your kids do this... This is so bad for their upbringing!
I can't do my job with those five bugging me... All they're good for is filling empty seats.
But it's okay cuz they're cuuuuuuuuuute! Their only purpose is to look and act cute!
What a terrible thing to say! You need to nurture your kids' unique personalities!
Jeez, you're such a nagging aunt.
I-I'm not your little sister, so I'm not their aunt either!
Let's see...there's the suck-up, the boring one, the other suck-up... Uh, who am I forgetting?
Hmph... You're a terrible father! Those poor Monokubs!
Don't you really mean...poor me?
Cuz...look at all these empty seats! I told them to come but they never showed up! Did they just forget!? Are they rebelling!? Did Monodam put them up to this!?
...I think they made the right choice by not coming.
None of the seats in the audience were filled... So you staked out a high traffic area and put on a "bear on the street" talk show instead!
I forced tickets on someone who'd definitely come!
Oh, it hasn't started yet?
No, it hasn't. Did the empty seats give it away?
I see... Um, I guess I'll just sit here and wait.
No! If I gotta choose between no audience or just you, I'd rather have no audience! Go bring some nearby students... Tell 'em I'll make their sides explode with laughter!
I-I don't think that's possible... I'm not sure if anyone else is interested...
I...I don't wanna hear that from someone as humorless as you...
N'awwww... Monokuma's confidence levels are getting critically low...
The audience never came after all... So you staked out a high traffic area and put on a "bear on the street" talk show instead!
I lied to an easily fooled idiot!
Miss Soniaaa! I've come to see you!
...Huh? Miss Sonia's not here... Actually, nobody is...
How rude! I'm here!
Huh!? Hey, didn't you say Miss Sonia was gonna be here in a fashion show!?
That fashion show ended a while ago... and Sonia wasn't part of it.
Wh-What the hell!? You tricked me!?
Hey! I won't let you besmirch my good name, Kazuichi! Are you sure you didn't mishear me? I'm pretty sure I told you that I was hosting a talk show in the gym with Monomi.
Hell no! There's no way I woulda misheard that! I don't care about your stupid talk show!
Since you're here, why don't you stay and watch? I'll even let you do a sketch with me.
Hey, leggo... I don't wannaaa!
...You hosted a hilarious talk show for your audience of one—Kazuichi Soda!


Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it. If you have any unfinished business left, now's the time to take care of it!
Maybe I'll check in on the Monokuma factory
Huh? Monokuma...? Where are you off to?
Does it really matter where I'm off to when I'm always back by dinner?
...Monophanie's been giving me trouble lately. Raising a daughter is tough, lemme tell ya.
Yeah...I don't really care about your family situation. What are you doing?
Nagito...why so curious about me?
Well, because there's something I was wondering, and I think you know the answer... Why is there a factory in the school's basement? Is that where new Monokumas are made?
Huh? That place isn't easy to find. How do you know about it?
I just happened to find the entrance by chance. It may not be much of a talent, but... I'm still the Şablon:İmp.
Oh gosh, I'm so embarrassed you saw that. As a robot, of course I would have spares...
But you can't tell anyone! It would crush too many people's dreams if they knew the truth!
Um...I don't think anyone is dreaming about you. I may be worthless scum, but did you really think I'd let you off the hook that easily?
Slow down, Turbo. You'll find out soon enough why that factory exists. It'd be like finding out the secret behind a magic trick before the show started, y'know? Or finding out who the mastermind is before the killing game even starts, y'knoooow?
That's an ominous example, but I'm guessing you won't tell me because it'd spoil the fun, right?
That's right. So don't you worry... My turn will be here before you know it.
You left Nagito and made your way to the Monokuma manufacturing factory...
Maybe I'll go mess with Monomi
Hey Monomi! If you got time to stand around doin' nothing, then go get me a salmon!
I'm not doing nothing! I just escorted a hurt student to the Nurse's Office!
You pretend to be so good, when you won't even take care of your niece and nephews...
Th-That's not it at all! How do you expect me to ignore a student who needs my help!? And I don't have a niece or nephews cuz I'm not your little sister!
Would you say that to the Monokubs' faces while they're innocently adoring you!?
W-Well, uh... Actually, they've never adored me, innocently or otherwise...
Sheesh... You can pick on the Monokubs all you want, but at least show me some respect!
Ergh... You're so bossy... Even after three years, you're still so bossy...
You delivered a German suplex to Monomi while she complained and whined!
I should praise my kids for working so hard!
Kids, it's winter break now! That means you can forget your roles and just let me love you!
R-Really, Father!? Yaaayyyy!
Give us props for putting up with all the losers at this school, Papa Kuma!
How did you like these past three years!? We...worked super hard, didn't we Daddy!?
Don't get so worked up, even if Pops gave us the OK. You're just gonna annoy him. He's gonna graduate soon...and then we'll get spoiled and babied all we want.
Huh? I'm graduating soon? When did I say that?
I'm a bear, not a real student. So I can just act like a student until I get bored, right?
And you kids have grown up pretty alright, so I think now I can finally retire... From now on, I'm just gonna laze around all day, eating salmon while people fawn over me.
B-But then you won't even be a student! You'll just be a bum!
Wh-What the hell are you sayin' Monodam!?
Hm? I'm not gonna allow that. I'm still the head of this bear pack. No way I'm lettin' you pipsqueaks call the shots.
Hell yeah! That's the Papa Kuma I remember! Now let's go beat the shit outta Monodam!
...You had a wonderful time with your children!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Aoi Asahina[]

Today is the summer sports festival you've been waiting for! You're in the relay race! So, which runner should you be?
I'll be the first runner and take the lead!
I was able to get a really good lead!
Or I would've... ...if Monokuma hadn't interrupted the race. How did this happen?
Puhuhu, I got jealous everyone was having fun without me...so I ruined the whole event!
Th-That's why!? Geez! I was totally looking forward to the sports festival, too!
Yeah, yeah! That's the reaction I was hopin' to see! Ah-hahahahaha!
Monokuma was the only one who had fun...

With Chiaki Nanami[]

Today is the school festival... Your exhibit is an arcade where everyone can play together! You have a visitor right away... What kind of game will you invite them to play?
...Want to play a shooting game?
Ah, Galaga. How about a competition to see how many rounds we can each clear?
Let's do it! I won't lose!
Okay! Then I'm first!
M-Monokuma!? Where'd you come from!?
I've been here the whole time, Hajime! It's a bad idea to leave you two alone in a room together, so I made time to chaperone!
That's none of your business. Besides, we're just playing games. If you're busy, get out.
You say that, but...if you saw me naked, your eyes would explode.
No, you're always naked. You're naked right now...I think?
...That doesn't matter. Let's hurry up and play the game.
You fought against Hajime and Monokuma, who turned out to be surprisingly good at games!

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

Today is the the summer sports festival! You planned to do your best in the three-legged race... but Monokuma barged in and started his 1,000 Blows! What will you do?
C-Can someone stop Monokuma?
Finally...the barrage of balls stopped...
UOOOOOOOOH! Today's the day I'm gonna crush ya!
That's my line. I can tell from your movements that you exercise quite a bit.
Y-You're amazing, Akane... I'm too scared to even get to close to Monokuma...
Akane! Go, Akane!
UOOOOOOOOH! I'm gonna do it! Gimme your strength, everybody!
You stood in front of everyone, and cheered for Akane as loud as you could!

With Genocide Jack[]

Today is the school festival...but then you sneezed and ended up switching personalities! Looks like Miss Morose was selling her novels...But why not go somewhere else for now?
Is something happening at the gym?
Hm!? I smell Master Byakuya...
I'm comin' in!
Oh! My first customer!
Eh? A guest? How is this possible!?
What the hell is this!? There's no one here but stuffed animals!
Master's musk is in the air... I wonder if he hit the gym...
Welp, I'm outta here!
Hey, where ya goin'? My talk show is just about to start!
Plus, I'm here, too!
Who would wanna watch your freaky puppet show!? Move!
If you get between me and Master, I'll slice ya in two!
Oh me, oh my... I don't care what happens to Monomi, just spare me okay?
H-Hey... Are you throwing your little sister under the bus!?
Huh? But you always said...you weren't my little sister, right?
You monster! You've got ice water flowing through your stuffing!
You can't fool me, ya dumb bear! Move it or lose it!
Not only did Monokuma and Monomi waste your time, but you couldn't find Master...

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in charge of first aid! You finish treating all the injured students. Time to check on the people resting in bed.
Huh? The right bed should be empty...
...but there's something under the sheets.
Ahh, a young woman's terrified screams... I think I could get used to hearing this!
Wh-What are you doing!? Don't scare me like that!
...Monokuma surprised you so much, it took years off your lifespan!

With Monomi[]

You've been looking forward to the summer sports festival, and it's finally starting today! But apparently Monokuma is disrupting the events and getting in everyone's way... We gotta find Monokuma and catch him before the afternoon events start!
For everyone's sake, I will uphold the peace! Monokumaaaa! Where are youuuu!?
He might be hiding in the main building!
I found you, Monokuma! You're not getting away from me this ti—
Oh, it's just you, Monomi... Unfortunately, Shuichi's the one who caught me this time.
But I looked everywhere for him... Shuichi, where did you find Monokuma?
He was hiding in the nurse's office. We found him after comparing witness statements.
That makes sense... You're the Şablon:İmp, after all...
Puhuhuhuhu! Too bad, Monomi! You just blew your big shining moment!
Hrmm... At least I don't get in everyone's way all the time like you do.
Anyway, excellent work Shuichi! Thank you! I'll take it from here; you go back to your event!
Thank you, I'll do that.
...Make sure he doesn't get away.
...Though you played a very small role overall, you managed to safely apprehend Monokuma!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Your last winter at the academy... You were invited to a party by the symbols of hope.
But you feel like someone like you has no place at such a party... What do you do?
I'll watch that suspicious stuffed animal
Hey...everyone's here to enjoy this party. You'd better not get in the way.
Ooooh, Usami... Nagito totally thinks you're up to no good!
B-But I'm up to good! Honest! After all, I'm everyone's teacher! If anyone here is up to no good, it's you!
Both of you. Monokuma of course, but I still don't like having a plush toy for a teacher.
Guhhhhh... It's been three years and you still won't let that go...
Well, maybe both of you were left behind by upperclassmen who already graduated... If that's the case, it's like I'm talking with the embodiment of their talent.
Nagito...that's harsh but fair, I guess.
For all you know, someone younger could've made us instead of an alumni, y'know? At any rate...you seem really interested in us, Nagito.
Not really. At first I was wondering what sort of tricks the person who made you would pull. But after three years, nothing's happened. Honestly, I'm a little disappointed.
Puhuhu... Well, enjoy letting your guard down while you still can. You see it all the time in horror movies. Just when someone thinks the danger is over...
...they end up bein' the next victim on the chopping block!
Nuh-uh! I won't allow any violent acts! Including chopping!
Whether you allow it or not doesn't really matter now, does it?
Well, no matter what kind of despair approaches us, we who are full of hope can overcome it.
You spent time dealing with Monokuma and Usami...

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to be the chef at a shop! Do your best!
A new customer has come to visit... How do you greet them?
Hey, you there, what are you doing?
Hello customers! You get to be the audience for my "bear on the street" talk show!
Erm... I'm sorry... I tried to stop him, but Monokuma just wouldn't listen...
Hey, hey! Don't lie now! You were just as excited for this as I was!
Y-You're the liar! I've been trying to stop you from the get-go!
Ugh, you're so annoying... Change of plans! We're doin' a two-man comedy act now!
Hey, what's going on here!? Don't start up some weird show in my restaurant!
Huh? Monomi already missed her line so now I'm over that idea...
Well, people do love the raw, uncut drama that happens during troubled productions like this!
That's right! Raw and uncut is the best!
Yeah! Teruteru knows what I'm talking about!
...What I mean is, get out of here already!
You had a hard time kicking Monokuma and Monomi out...

With Tsumugi Shirogane[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. You finished cleaning the classroom! Now, what to do next?
There's something I need to finish soon
Oh, Monokuma... I didn't see you anywhere while I was cleaning. Where did you go?
I was at the underground Monokuma factory. Looks like it'll be up and running in time. With the school year ending soon, I gotta finish prepping for next year's fun.
I see. I'm glad everything's going well.
What about you? Are you finishing up your preparations?
Things are going okay. The world I'm going to cosplay has already been picked out.
It'll be something I can cosplay 1,000 times. That way, the fun will go on longer.
Cuz if I'm gonna do it... I've gotta cosplay with love!
The two of you reported your plans for after graduation to each other...


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