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This article contains information and transcripts for Mondo Owada's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
25 15 2 5 1 4 1 2
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
270 162 75 150 50 125 50 75


I'm gonna need to be the Şablon:İmp if I'm gonna lead the Crazy Diamonds.


Graduation... I haven't even left the gang yet, but I've still got this empty feeling in my chest.

Friendship Events[]

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru
Good morning, bro! Today is a good day as always!
Hey bro! You're all fired up first thing in the morning as always, too!
Of course! The start of the day is the most important part!
Oh, and speaking of the start of the day... You barely made it on time today, bro.
Even though we're bros... No, *because* we're bros, I refuse to let you live a slacker's life!
Heh...that's just what I'd expect from you, bro. It's been a while since someone said that to me. Even the teachers are too scared now.
Well, I made it on time, so it's all good, yeah? I got to sleep late last night...
Staying up late isn't good for you, bro! Was there a reason!?
Yeah...I was talking with my right hand guy from the gang. He was having a rough time. There's no way a boss'd do such a loser thing as not listen to his guys when they wanna talk.
So that's what happened... Your men must truly look up to you, bro.
Well yeah, as the boss, I got responsibilities. No way I could ignore those. It's just like a promise between men. Bro...don't you think so, too?
*sob*... You said it, bro! It's just as you said! What marvelous dedication! Please keep that sense of responsibility!
C'mon now, cut it out. It ain't something to cry about. It ain't the end once you become top dog... You gotta carry even bigger burdens...
It's just what ya do...

With Kaito Momota[]

With Kaito Momota
What's up? Is something bothering you?
Alright, then I'll tell you about the universe! It'll make your problems look insignificant!
You talk about space and shit all the time, but...you ain't even been there yet, right? And even so, you've still got such a confident look on your face.
Of course. I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars! It's already been decided that I'm gonna go to space! Right now is just before that happens!
Bwaha... Hahaha! The fuck's that even mean, dude?
It pisses me off, but...hearing you say something like that makes it sound possible. Space, huh? To have a dream like that, you gotta have some real balls, man.
Right!? I knew you'd get me, Mondo! Space is huge! It's filled with the unknown! It's a man passion to explore it, right!?
A man's passion... Like the wind on ya when you're riding your motorcycle at top speed? ...Is it something like that?
That's right! Just like that! It's somewhere you'll never reach if you live normally!
Just like that...? Have you been on a motorcycle before? Well...whatever.
Hey, what's your dream, Mondo? I bet yours is filled with fire and passion!
Nah, I...ain't got something like that.
Really? Are you only looking at the past or something? You can't move forward in life if you're looking backwards, y'know?
What? You don't wanna tell me? Don't compare your dream to mine, y'know? You'll get scared by the size of the universe...
Shut up! There's no way fuckin' way I'd be scared! You think I'm a coward or something!?
Then chase your dream with confidence! Don't think your dream is too small or you'll become small yourself!
Like hell I'd do something like that! I'm gonna be the best in the universe at my dream!
Heh, that's what I like to hear! I dunno what kind of dream you've got, but I'll search the universe for your rival!
What? How are you gonna find my rival if you don't even know what my dream is?
You're a reckless guy after all...

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

With Mikan Tsumiki
Oh... Mondo!
Huh? Mikan?
Wait up! Um...um...ummmm...can I see...?
Ow...I tripped!
Wh-What's the matter!? Hey, you okay!?
I-I'm fine! Please don't worry about me!
You say that, but...you can't even stand up...
I-I'm so sorry! I'll stand up right away! Anyway, Mondo...
Hey, whoa, the table's all messed up! You sure you're okay!?
Eeek, I'm so sorry! But don't worry about me! Mondo, you...
L-Like I said, what's the matter!? Chill out already!
I-I'm sorry! I'll apologize, so please don't hit me!
Th-There's no way I'd ever do such a loser thing as raise my hand against a girl!
So calm down...and hurry up and close your legs already.
Y-You're not mad?
I'm not mad... Sorry I yelled. It's a bad habit of mine... I've freaked out Chihiro before, even when I tried to be careful.
Y-You surprised me too... Um... Sorry for causing you so much trouble!
Don't worry about it. Now...what did you want with me?
O-Oh, yeah! Can you hold out your hand, Mondo?
My hand? Oh...it's bleeding a little. I musta scratched it on something...
A little!? Your blood is dripping onto the floor!
Ah, so that's what was the matter... Oh yeah, you're a nurse, huh?
Yes...um...I'll clean it up, so...can you come to the infirmary?
You don't gotta worry about this. My fists get bloody from fights all the time.
Th-That's not okay. Even if the injury is small, it can still get infected. A-And about fights...I can't stop you, but at least let me treat your injuries.
Okay, I got it... I'll do what you say.
Yeah...I promise. So don't start crying again.
The hand injury was treated in the nurse's office...

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

With Chihiro Fujisaki
*sniff* My body is aching all over... Training is hard... Athletes must have endure a lot...
Mondo... Thank you for training with me.
Don't worry about it. Call me anytime you want.
You're fine even after all that training we did, Mondo. You did so many more reps and ran so much faster than I could...
I gotta have enough muscle if I'm gonna ride a heavy motorcycle and get into fights.
You're incredible. I couldn't even do half the push-ups and sit-ups that I was supposed to do.
Just think of those numbers as...a goal to reach.
Try with all your might to reach that goal... Plan to work as hard as you can to do that. ...That's all you gotta do.
Thank you, Mondo... I feel like I'll be able to do more tomorrow. You're amazing, Mondo.
That ain't from me. It's something I got from my buddies.
I'm going to try a lot harder. The path might be tough, but I'll definitely become stronger! So I look forward to training with you again!
Of course! It's a promise...between men.

With Leon Kuwata[]

With Leon Kuwata
Oh, Leon... Lemme borrow you a sec.
Huh? Did...Did I do something?
N-No. I just want you to listen. Hey! You got a problem with that or something!? Huh!?
Wh-What do you want with me!?
S...Sorry man. My bad. I didn't know what to say, so I just yelled...
I guess you're used to yelling, huh? ...But wow, it really freaked me out, man.
That might be okay with your gang, but... It'll scare off girls, don'tcha think?
Ah... Now that I'm thinking about it, can you even get chicks?
Honestly...when I get nervous, I start yelling, So I mess up when I try to confess to girls.
Huh? What's that all about? Then...the reason you yelled at me was just cuz you were nervous?
O-Of course I was! No way I could ask for advice like this all smiling and shit!
A-Advice!? That's how you ask for advice!?
Like I said, my bad!
*Sigh*...Well, whatever. I don't feel like getting mad at you anyway.
But anyway...hehe, you've got a good eye me to ask about that! I'm used to both confessing and being confessed to. So I can help you with your problem, man!
Thanks so much! I promise I'll return the favor, no matter what!
You don't gotta be so intense about it! Let's practice being chill so you don't scare 'em off!
You thought of ways to confess your feelings...without yelling!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the the sports festival... You're the captain of the basketball team! School events aren't really your style... But you've got a responsibility. So, who should we look out for?
Didn't expect that family to be an issue...
What are you looking at? Let me guess, you're nervous about being a captain?
What kinda bullshit is that!? I was just thinking about how I don't want you on my team!
You're all bark and no bite.
Everything you say pisses me off!
I can't promise I won't snap at you during the match.
Hmph, if you can't even win this dullard's game, you don't deserve your Ultimate title.
Now you've said it! Just you wait, this team will be the best!
Byakuya kind of pissed you off, but he did motivate you!
There's a big guy on the other side
So we're up against you, huh? Never thought I'd find someone bigger than me!
Mondo! This Gonta's first time ever playing basketball, but...Gonta will do his best!
Good luck to you, big guy.
You're like a really big...puppy dog.
Oh...Gonta like dogs! Of course, Gonta like bugs the best...
More than dogs?
Well, let's settle this with a game of basketball!
Gonta brought out your fighting spirit!
That guy looks strange...
Yo. You a new guy?
New? No, I'm not in the main course. I'm just here filling in for someone...
Ah, helping out a friend, huh? I gotta respect that.
It's nothing that cool... I'm just going to try not get in the way.
Ha! You've got determination on your face! I'm counting on you!
Looks like this game is gonna be fun!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the yakisoba stand! You're making a lot of money today! Another customer has arrived!
Hey, you want somethin'?
Mmmmmm, these food stands smell absolutely divine. Atua has spoken... I must try one. Mondo, may I have one yakisoba please?
What's with "Atua" anyway? Do you have to ask him what to eat too?
But Atua is never wrong.
Sure, sure. Here, take your yakisoba.
Yahoo! Thanks! May Atua watch over you, Mondo.
...Now, I know I'm not supposed to snap at a girl. Big Bro said guys who did that were trash. But there's no way in hell I'm ever gonna follow that god.
So you might as well just drop the Atua crap and leave.
No matter what you say, Atua is watching over you like a macho, reliable older brother.
Tch, get out of here!
Nyahahaha! If you ever wanna know what Atua is saying...you can visit me anytime.
You cooked some more yakisoba to clear your mind of Angie's words...
Thanks for coming, it's on me!
Hm? That's... Are you sure?
Hey, don't worry about it. Any buddy of that spaceman is a buddy of mine.
You're talking about Kaito, right? I do think you two would get along...
Exactly. He's like a younger brother to me. Seriously, it's on me, man.
...So that's what he is to you, huh? You're both the same age, though.
What're ya sayin'!? You don't want my yakisoba!?
Ah, no, that's not it!
I know what you're thinking, but I'd still like to pay...
I'm telling you, it's fine! Just shut up and take it!
O-Okay... Thank you. I'll accept it.
But...let me pay for something next time. I'll even invite Kaito along!
You agreed to hang out!
Oh, time for a shift change?
Yeah, you're on break for two hours now. Go ahead and check out some events.
Really? It's kinda funny, don't you think? A bike gangster having fun at a school event?
Did you already have a look around?
Yeah. Shops, shows, all that kinda stuff. They're all fired up.
Bro did say he was gonna give a speech or something. I'll go cheer him on.
Yeah, go do that. Though, your bro's usually so fired up, steam's comin' off him.
Haha, yeah, definitely.
You took a break and brought Kiyotaka some yakisoba!


Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed, and graduation is coming up. The closing ceremony is over, and winter break starts tomorrow. What do you do tonight?
I'll get something to eat
Oh, hello Mondo...
Somethin' wrong? You seem down?
Hm? H-How do you know?
I think anyone could tell by looking.
Oh... Guess Gonta still have long way to go before becoming gentleman. Gentleman must be...courteous, no matter what.
You seem really down, man... This isn't like you, what happened?
Nothing... Graduation coming real soon, is all. Make Gonta feel...frustrated.
Uh-huh... After three years, Gonta still not any closer to being gentleman.
A gentleman, huh? Well, I'm no expert on that subject, but I think you're a great guy.
You want to grow so much, y'know? Starting from the bottom... You're aiming for a goal like that... That's not something everyone can do.
It makes you really strong.
Wh-What's wrong? Did something happen?
Thanks, Mondo! You cheer up Gonta so nicely... You might be better gentleman than Gonta!
Oh cut that out, there's no way *I* could be a gentleman.
This academy full of amazing people! Gonta gotta work hard to be more gentlemanly!
You cheered up Gonta!
I've got plans with Chihiro...
Thanks for training with me today as well, especially since this time of year is so busy.
Nah, I...didn't have anything else to do. But you seem really busy lately.
Do you mean my research? Hm, I guess I have been a little busy.
I'm always sitting in front of the computer., so it felt refreshing to move my body today.
Yeah, you were training hard today. I'd say you've gotten a lot better at it.
Do you think so?
Well, when we first started, you would always complain about how it hurt. But how about now?
Now that you mention it...I do feel fine.
I see...I thought I wasn't progressing at all, but maybe I've actually become stronger.
Yeah, that's right! It's good, isn't it?
Hehehe...I'm glad. I think I'll be able to tell everyone soon.
Tell everyone? You mean...
Yes, probably... I'm going to tell everyone the truth before graduation... that I'm...not a girl.
Even though I can never be as strong as you, I've been doing my best... I feel like...I can tell everyone. And it's all thanks to you, Mondo.
Hey, come on. I didn't do anything special. Besides, from the very beginning, you...
...Nah, nothing. Let's head back to the room. We're gonna freeze out here!
That's true... Thank you so much for today. I'll see you later.
Yeah... See ya.
I wonder...if I can change too. I don't know if I'll ever be as strong as you, Chihiro.
You finished training and headed back to your room.
I'll walk home, the breeze is nice
Hm? Hey, Kaito. What are you doing here?
Oh hey. I was gonna go get some fresh air.
Is that right? I'm almost embarrassed that I had the same idea as you...
Is that where you're headed, too? Then you're in luck. The stars are really clear tonight. Walks really are the best at night!
Oh. How about that.
Hey, what kinda reaction is that!? The whole universe is right up there! Get more fired up!
I'm not as into space as you are.
Well, I guess... I, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars, am the one closest to space in this academy!
With that kinda confidence, I think you might actually make it up there.
Well of course! I'm the Şablon:İmp, y'kow!? Everyone told me it was impossible... But the impossible is possible, all you gotta do is make it so! You can always change your present and your future, as long as you don't give up!
You're right. I can't change the past, but I can do something for the future.
Yeah, that's the spirit! Do your best, even after you graduate, Mondo!
Don't talk to me like that, I'm not one of your sidekicks...
You looked at the stars with Kaito for a while, talking about nothing...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Celestia Ludenberg[]

Today is the school festival...and your exhibit is a gambling hall for beginners! However, many seem too scared of losing to attend... Why not ask students as they walk by?
Would you like to learn how to gamble?
Face off against a stronger opponent, huh?
Of course, at this school...the prize would not be anything impressive. Candy, perhaps. If it's with me...the thrill of the battle is the real reward.
Candy? Well, I'm not exactly breaking a sweat here, but fine.
If we're gonna do this, you better not cry when I win.
Oh, do not worry. I am not concerned by such a predictable opponent as you.
What'd you say!?
So predictable. You had best practice your poker face before our real duel begins.
You won against Mondo in poker, who exploded with anger from your provocations!

With Gundham Tanaka[]

Today is the sports festival... Your card for the scavenger hunt is...
Şablon:İmp! To whom will you offer a pact?
The antihero with a cursed mark on his back
What? I gotta run with *you*?
The cursed mark you bear on your back... Şablon:İmp... Its power differs from my own.
Most interesting! Now follow me, the Şablon:İmp!
I got no idea what the fuck you're talkin' about, but you've got a good eye.
You went on a rampage with Mondo and seized victory for the Tanaka Empire!

With Hajime Hinata[]

Today is the sports festival at Hope's Peak Academy. You came to cheer for your friends... But the basketball team was short a person, so you were asked to join!
I might as well give it my all
The other team has...the Şablon:İmp, Mondo Owada. His talent doesn't have to do with sports, but he looks like he'll be a tough opponent anyway.
Hm? Haven't seen your face before. But it doesn't matter, I'm gonna kick your ass anyway.
You guys may be Ultimates, but you're not all athletes! We can still win!
Bring it on! This is a test of manliness!
...You had a heated battle in basketball!

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

Today is the school festival. You loitered around Mahiru's exhibit for a while, but...
Ibuki is going to put on a show! You've still got time before it starts. What do you do?
I'll buy some snacks for Mahiru
Hmm...this food stand kinda sucks.
I don't wanna give Mahiru crappy food... But I also don't wanna go to Teruteru's shop. Aww, there's not enough options... Hope's Peak should have a better festival than this.
Hey, I can *hear* you, dipshit. Are you gonna eat my yakisoba or not!?
Huh? Me? How dare an outdated small-fry punk caricature like you talk to me... I'll report you.
Bring it on! Some flatty chick like you can't scare me!
And besides, no one's gonna take your side anyway!
Waaaaaah! I got yelled at by an idiot who only knows how to be reckless and yell at people!
Wh-What? H-Hey, don't cry about it...
You think I'm only good at being reckless and yelling at people!? What the fuck!?
He yelled at me again!
You both got scolded by Usami for all the yelling and crying...

With Izuru Kamukura[]

Today is the sports festival... It's a boring event, but Usami forced you to participate.
To get her to leave you alone, you decide to participate in just one event. Which will it be?
I will choose basketball
What? *You* are in this?
Let's hurry and get this over with. I am talented at basketball.
The fuck? You think you can beat *me*?
That is a given.
You've got some nerve, punk! I'll teach you a lesson for underestimating me!
...The opposing team seemed to be very fired up, but you won without any effort!

With Kirumi Tojo[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. You will be especially busy today. Where will you start first?
Before that...the hallway seems to be noisy
The hell'd you say!? Oh, it's on!
You have some nerve, bro! Let's debate this thoroughly!
What is happening? I had assumed you two were quite amicable with each other.
He's a guy I respect, so there's some shit I can't let fly. You stay outta this!
Hey, bro! I can't overlook you yelling at someone who's not even involved!
Kirumi...it's just how it looks. I apologize, but could you leave us to settle this?
No...this is my business as well. Do you mind hearing my advice?
Wha-!? What'd you say!?
First...Taka, you are a hall monitor and I expect you to take command of this huge cleanup. I understand you may have forgotten your duties when you were distracted. You will regret it if you do not take care of the problem, so please be rational.
Gh... I-It's just as you say...
And Mondo... You should already be aware of how much Taka takes pride in his duties. Even if you do lose patience with him, you two have already accepted each other as brothers. If that is the case, then you should help Taka.
Gh... A man shouldn't tarnish his bro's pride...
Kirumi...I'm sorry. It seems I forgot myself there for a moment.
Sorry I yelled...
Please accept my apology for overstepping my boundaries. I sincerely hope that I can help mediate this dispute.
Bro...let's cool our heads and calmy talk this over.
Heh... You don't gotta be so proper. I forgot why we were fighting anyway.
Ooooh... Bro...!
You helped the two reconcile with each other, and cleaned the hallway!

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

Your last winter at the academy... You must cherish these last few days! It's the morning of the closing ceremony, and you have some free time...
I will have a passionate talk with my bro!
Bro! Let's talk!
Sounds good, bro!
What did you want to talk about today? We can talk about the coming graduation...or talk about my Bro's favorite bike!
Huh? That reminds me...I never did talk to you about my career path...
Bro! Let's talk!
Sounds good, bro!
Oh, Bro! We're going to discuss *that*!? You've surprised me yet again!
Fine. Let us talk about our career paths! I, of course, will work hard to create a society that rewards effort... What are you gonna do, Bro? You can't stay in a motorcycle gang forever.
Yeah, I gotta graduate from that too.
I personally believe that is a good thing, but...
Hey, you can be happy for me. To be honest, I've been thinking...about life after the gang.
Really!? Please, tell me about it!
...I'm going to work, Bro. I want to become a carpenter.
Surprised? Yeah, I know, I'd be starting with grunt work, but...
Oh Bro... How...
How magnificent!!!
Stop, really, you're too excited...
Am I!? You've lived your whole life with your talent, and now you want to work hard for a new life! How can I not be touched!? I will support you with all my heart!
Heh, thanks. I'll be the best carpenter in the whole world. I'll build your house, Bro.
Yes! I am looking forward to it! I am...so glad that I met you!
You encouraged Mondo passionately!

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You went to buy drinks...but you got excited and bought too many.
They're heavy... Why not take a break somewhere?
I'll take a break here...
Hey...what are you doing here?
Um, just standing... Um... I mean... I'm just...
Mondo...it seems like you haven't injured yourself today. So...that's good.
Do I *look* like someone who hurts himself regularly?
N-No, it's not like I don't trust you... That's not what I mean! I saw where you got hurt before, so I got worried...I don't think you're a klutz like me!
Hey, relax. I'm not mad or anything.
S-Sorry...when I see someone like you, I get nervous...
What, my face scare you? I can control my temper well enough, but I can't do shit about my face.
Th-That's not what I meant...sorry!
Oh...I apologized again!
You're pushing it...but I'm not gonna yell at you.
I've decided to really try to keep that rage in check.
I'll try not to cry or apologize too much in front of you, so...please forgive me...
Right. Good luck.
Mondo's scary...but you felt like you were able to talk with him a little...

With Monomi[]

Today is the fall school festival! You've been looking forward to everyone's exhibits!
But Monokuma forced you to be part of his talk show, so you barely got to see anything. The festival is nearly over...but you still have a little time left! Where will you go?
I saw lots of food stands in the schoolyard!
Hello! Is this food stand still open?
Uh, can't you tell by looking? We're closed.
Oh, I see... How disappointing...
If you wanna buy somethin', try somewhere else. They're probably closed too, though.
W-Wait, please! At least...let me help clean your stand!
What? You don't gotta do that. You don't look like you'd be much help anyway.
Then, please...just let me be with you... It can be our little secret...
Get the fuck away from me! A motorcycle gang member can't have a stuffed animal!
You couldn't help Mondo...


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