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This article contains information and transcripts for Mikan Tsumiki's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 25 1 3 2 5 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 270 50 100 75 150 75 50


I wonder how I should greet my new classmates...
I'm Mikan Tsumiki, the Şablon:İmp... Um, I should also prepare 5,000 topics to talk about.


Uhh...everyone was so nice to me... I'm really happy.
This isn't goodbye...right?

Friendship Events[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter) and Hifumi Yamada[]

With Hifumi Yamada and Byakuya Togami (Imposter)
Um...thank you very much for waiting! Should I take off my clothes for being late!?
There's no need for that. Can you take a look at him?
Oh no, Hifumi, what happened? You look so pale!
I'm not sick or anything... It's just crunch time and I've been pulling all-nighters...
It sounds like he's had only snacks and soda for some time.
He's able to eat a magnificent amount, but such a diet will be the end of him. If this is truly an important battle... There are meals far better suited for it.
Even if you think you're fine, your immune system and organs may be weakening... It may affect the quality of your sleep and how your brain functions.
Even so... I've gotta meet my deadline! There's no way I could miss my release date!
There's no way I'd be in a slump... Guh...there's no way...
D-Don't overwork yourself! If you continue on like this, the doctor will have to stop you!
Indeed. If you collapse from overworking yourself, then it will all be for naught.
First, get yourself back in good health... For your readers' sake, as well as your own.
In order for your brain to function properly, you need lots of sleep and nutrition. Um...and you definitely need your brain in good shape to draw good fanfic comics, right?
Grn... Grrrrnnhh...
It's no use. My head's empty... I can't even think of a good protest.
You win. I'll go to sleep on time tonight and I'll eat a proper meal in the dining hall.
Please do it every day from now on...
But wow...the two of you were so in sync, it was like being lectured by a single person.
I've had Mikan help one of our friends who was in a similar situation as you.
*sigh* I guess there are a lot of people out there who force themselves...
Do all artists have that kind of problem?

With Mondo Owada[]

With Mondo Owada
Oh... Mondo!
Huh? Mikan?
Wait up! Um...um...ummmm...can I see...?
Ow...I tripped!
Wh-What's the matter!? Hey, you okay!?
I-I'm fine! Please don't worry about me!
You say that, but...you can't even stand up...
I-I'm so sorry! I'll stand up right away! Anyway, Mondo...
Hey, whoa, the table's all messed up! You sure you're okay!?
Eeek, I'm so sorry! But don't worry about me! Mondo, you...
L-Like I said, what's the matter!? Chill out already!
I-I'm sorry! I'll apologize, so please don't hit me!
Th-There's no way I'd ever do such a loser thing as raise my hand against a girl!
So calm down...and hurry up and close your legs already.
Y-You're not mad?
I'm not mad... Sorry I yelled. It's a bad habit of mine... I've freaked out Chihiro before, even when I tried to be careful.
Y-You surprised me too... Um... Sorry for causing you so much trouble!
Don't worry about it. Now...what did you want with me?
O-Oh, yeah! Can you hold out your hand, Mondo?
My hand? Oh...it's bleeding a little. I musta scratched it on something...
A little!? Your blood is dripping onto the floor!
Ah, so that's what was the matter... Oh yeah, you're a nurse, huh?
Yes...um...I'll clean it up, so...can you come to the infirmary?
You don't gotta worry about this. My fists get bloody from fights all the time.
Th-That's not okay. Even if the injury is small, it can still get infected. A-And about fights...I can't stop you, but at least let me treat your injuries.
Okay, I got it... I'll do what you say.
Yeah...I promise. So don't start crying again.
The hand injury was treated in the nurse's office...

With Ibuki Mioda[]

With Ibuki Mioda
Oh, Ibuki! I'm glad you're awake!
Oh? Where am I? Who am I?
What? I-Ibuki?
You're Mikan... Mikan Tsumiki!
Um...I think I get what's going on now! I'm in the infirmary and I'm Ibuki Mioda!
Phew...don't scare me like that!
My memories before this area are a little fuzzy... I remember getting hyped up and climbing a tree!
I think you fell off a tree. Sakura found you as she passed by, and brought you here.
Whaaa—! Sakura is so kind! I'll bring her some of my homemade cooking as a thank you!
Ibuki, do you feel any nausea? Does any part of your body feel tingly?
I feel a-okay and my mood's excellent! Sowwy about that!
Phew, that's a relief...
Um, Ibuki... It's fine that you want to spend some time alone.
I-I know this is presumptuous of me to say...
But if something like this happens again...and no one finds you...
Ahhh, that would be a problem! A super huge problem! Got it! I'll be careful then, especially since you saved me and even gave me a warning...
So, please don't be sad! Although, you are pretty cute when you make that face!

With Sayaka Maizono and Toko Fukawa[]

With Sayaka Maizono and Toko Fukawa
I can't believe a writer is in the same class as me... That's pretty amazing.
Y-You say that even though you're a popular idol who gets all the attention...
To be honest, I haven't read your novels yet, but I was planning to read them soon. I was thinking of starting with your debut work.
Oh...I saw your novel in the library, Toko. I actually read some of them, ehehe...
Hmph... You're probably just doing this for an interview in a trendy tween fashion magazine... Like, "Lately, I've been reading my classmate's book!" or something...
I bet you're planning to say a staged answer like that for the media!
Y-You won't gain anything from using me! I'd never let them turn my novel into a movie, and I'd never pick you as leading actress!
Um...I'm really not planning to read it for those reasons.
Oh...but the heroine from your novel was the spitting image of Sayaka... Just kidding...
What!? Sayaka is like protagonist of my novel!? I-I mean, the reader can interpret my novel however they want, but... that's not possible! It's based off my own fantasy! Are you sure you're not thinking of some other book?
Oh...then I'm interested in the one Mikan was talking about. Can you tell which novel is it later? I think I'll read it, along with Toko's debut work.
Haaa...o-okay! Ehehe...
How rare... My novel was the topic of conversation between two people...
Sayaka! You can borrow it from the library, but you have to buy it! Since you're probably rich!

With Mahiru Koizumi and Chiaki Nanami[]

With Mahiru Koizumi and Chiaki Nanami
Phew, the exams are finally over.
It seems like everyone in class passed. That's good.
Yeah, the headmaster seemed to really like the photos in my portfolio, so I'm glad.
E-Everyone...thank you for your hard work!
You too, Mikan. Great job.
Th-Thank you! Um...I know there were some people who had given up at the start of the exams... If you feel sick, then please don't hesitate to stop by my room!
Yeah, when the time comes, I'll ask for your help.
Oh, yeah! How about we gather girls from our class and talk, while we bake and drink tea? Mikan said there were some people cramming for exams, so this might be a nice change of pace!
Oh, that sounds nice. Let's hold a game tournament, too. I'll bring lots of snacks.
... Um...ummm...
Mikan...have you ever baked before?
Oh, I said yes without thinking... I'm actually not too good at baking...
I-I'm sorry I couldn't meet up to your expectations! Please forgive me!
You don't have to take it so seriously... I'm not very good at it, either.
Then, let's look up some recipes and do something simple with everyone.
It'll be the same as looking up a guide before going on a capture mission.
Okay then, I'll go invite everyone else.
Mikan, do you want to look up some recipes with me?
Y-Yes! I'll try my best to be useful! I look forward to working with you! Ehehehe...

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in charge of first aid! You finish treating all the injured students. Time to check on the people resting in bed.
The person in the left bed is faking...
Are you ready to go back, Kokichi? The afternoon events will be starting soon...
Is it already this late? But...I'm still not feeling well, sorry...
Ummm, someone like me shouldn't be saying this, but...you're faking it, aren't you?
Did I get caught? Or did you know from the start? Hmmm...well done, Mikan.
Aw maaan, how could I fail at lying? I'm so shocked that I can't even stand up...
I-I'm sorry for figuring it out! Please don't hate me!
But that's obviously a lie, too! I knew you'd be able to figure it out!
...You were somehow able to get Kokichi to stop ditching and get out of bed!
The person in the middle bed is faking too...
Hiyoko, it's almost time for the afternoon events. Um...I think you should go back.
I told you I don't like gross, stuffy sports festivals. I'd need to change out of my kimono.
Pig barf like you shouldn't tell me what to do. Just mindlessly do your job like a Mr. Ant.
Uhhh...I'm not pig barf...
...Hiyoko stayed in the middle bed all afternoon!
Huh? The right bed should be empty...
...but there's something under the sheets.
Ahh, a young woman's terrified screams... I think I could get used to hearing this!
Wh-What are you doing!? Don't scare me like that!
...Monokuma surprised you so much, it took years off your lifespan!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're in charge of the reception desk for the haunted house! Instead of sitting around waiting for guests...why not try to approach passing students?
Excuse me...want to go in the haunted house?
What!? Wh-What's wrong!?
Kaito...you look terrible...and you started hyperventilating...
It's cuz you said haunted house! I almost wet myself just imagining it!
I'm really sorry I frightened you... Please accept my apologies! But, but, but...um...you'll be able to enjoy getting scared in the haunted house!
Hell no! That's impossible!
Wait, wait...I'm not scared. Everything in there is just fake, right?
Yes...they're all just props for the festival. So it'd make me happy if you tried it...sorta...
Sorry...I still can't.
You look like you're going to pass out, Kaito... Uuuh...I'm sorry I made you get like this...
You took care of a sickly-looking Kaito for a while...
I don't know if a robot will enjoy it, but...
What the—!? Casual robophobia!?
Phobia!? I didn't mean it like that at all!
Uhhh...I just didn't know if robots got scared at haunted house...I'm sorry...
Hey, please don't cry! You're making me feel bad for making you feel sorry!
I don't scare very easily...but I'm sure I'll enjoy this attraction purely on its own merits.
I see... So you'll go in?
Um, well...I'm actually in a hurry since I have a prior engagement...
Uuuuuh! Not only did I discriminate against you, I stopped you when you were in a hurry... H-How can you forgive me!? I'll do anything so...please forgive me!
P-Please calm down! I'm not mad, honest!
You failed miserably at advertising, but Keebo forgave you...
I think you'll...definitely like the haunted house
What, y-you think I should join the ghosts!?
I-I never said that! It's a very fancy haunted house, so I really think it's fun...
D-Don't cry... What, do you think I'll forgive you quicker if you cry?
The way you look at people with those puppy dog eyes... It's so irritating!
I bet you think that I'm even more of a doormat than you!
I didn't think that! Toko... How can you ever forgive me?
I-I'll think about it after you stop making a scene!
If I do that, then who will pay attention to me?
I-I don't know! You really are a pain in the ass! I'm leaving!
...You failed at advertising!


Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You went to buy drinks...but you got excited and bought too many.
They're heavy... Why not take a break somewhere?
I'll take a break here...
Hey...what are you doing here?
Um, just standing... Um... I mean... I'm just...
Mondo...it seems like you haven't injured yourself today. So...that's good.
Do I *look* like someone who hurts himself regularly?
N-No, it's not like I don't trust you... That's not what I mean! I saw where you got hurt before, so I got worried...I don't think you're a klutz like me!
Hey, relax. I'm not mad or anything.
S-Sorry...when I see someone like you, I get nervous...
What, my face scare you? I can control my temper well enough, but I can't do shit about my face.
Th-That's not what I meant...sorry!
Oh...I apologized again!
You're pushing it...but I'm not gonna yell at you.
I've decided to really try to keep that rage in check.
I'll try not to cry or apologize too much in front of you, so...please forgive me...
Right. Good luck.
Mondo's scary...but you felt like you were able to talk with him a little...
I'm going to keep going till the hallway
I'm sorry if it's a nosy question, but...have you been taking baths, Toko?
N-Not in a while... What about it? Are you trying to say I smell like an ugly bitch!?
Um...that's not what I meant. By taking baths and maintaining good hygiene...you reduce the risk of getting infections... If you wash too much, you'll damage your skin and wash away good bacteria, so you need to—
I-I know that already!
But also, um...if you're dusty all the time, then...
What are you trying to say!? Spit it out already...
Ah... Achoo!
Gettin' covered in dust makes me sneeze!
Uhhh... Genocide Jack...
Hey! Don't cry! It's not like I'm gonna eat you or something!
I-I'm sorry for being so nosy! I'll apologize, so...please don't hurt me!
I don't wanna cut up any chicks!
Because you were talking to Toko, it took you a while to get back to the dining hall...
I'm going to make it all the way back
I-I finally made it back...
Huh? Mikan? You went to buy some things?
If you needed a hand, you should've just called for us!
But...this was my job...so I thought I should do my best...
Hmph...even if you're not an athlete, I'll support you. Because you're my classmate.
Nekomaru...thank you so much!
It's not just me. Everyone in our class would've gladly helped out.
Then...from now on, when I need help, I'll just ask everyone. Ehehe...
Hey, you're late pig barf! You've got guts to make me wait!
As punishment...how about you clean the whole place all by yourself? Yeah, and for tomorrow's school cleaning...how about you do that by yourself, too?
Wh-What? Why are you guys all quiet? Hey, cut it out. It's creepy.
...Everyone cleaned up after the party together!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You plan on telling your classmates the truth about yourself at the party... The preparations for the party are nearly complete, but something's bothering you...
It looks like not everyone is here yet...
You're right...there are a couple people who aren't here...even though it's about to start...
They may have lost track of time... Some of them spend too much time in their rooms.
Um...then...should I go get them?
Please do.
S-Sure! Please continue leading the preparations, Byakuya!
Ehehe...it's a party, after all. We want everyone in class to be together.
I never would have felt like this before...
Oh...s-sorry! We don't have time for me to be talking about myself like that!
No...don't worry about it. I feel the same way. I want to stay classmates with everyone... It's hard to believe it'll come to an end soon.
L-Let's be sure to make this party fun, okay? I'll do anything! Um...should I tie myself up with Christmas lights? Or maybe I'll be the plate for the cake?
Don't worry about that. Just enjoy yourself.
Huh? Is that okay?
That doesn't matter. All of us classmates are equal.
Uh... Thank you so much... Then, I'll go get the others...
Yes, please do...and be careful not to trip.
I-I'll be careful!
As soon as Mikan left the dining hall, you heard her scream and a loud crash...

With Celestia Ludenberg[]

Today is the summer sports festival, but...running and sweating doesn't suit you!
Instead, let's place bets with other students over the results of boys basketball!
As you are gathering participants, someone catches your eye. Who do you see?
You there, would you like to join?
What? Me?
Th-Thank you so much for talking to me!
I am betting on the outcome of this basketball game. Care to make a bet?
B-Betting...? Hnnn... Um, I'm really grateful you invited me, but...
I just came here to drop off some students... I need to get back to the Nurse's Office...
S-Sorry! I'm so sorry I couldn't be any help to you!
I see... How unfortunate.
You watched her scamper away...

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

Today is the sports festival! But it'll be all stuffy and gross with your kimono...
So you're going to skip it! How do you kill time?
Maybe I'll go tease Mikan
Mikan, you've got nothing better to do, right? Get me some snacks.
S-Sorry...I'm giving Kokichi a medical exam right now, so...c-can you wait a little?
Owieeee...my head, chest, stomach, hands, and feet are all aching at the same time...
That's obviously a lie! You're not in pain at all, you lying pig barf!
But...since he's saying he's in pain...I have to do a medical exam.
Nee-heehee...you're so kind to injured people, Mikan.
See? This lying pig barf is perfectly fine!
Whoa! Owieeee, now my ears are starting to ache, too!
You had a bitter back-and-forth battle with Kokichi...

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas is over and graduation is coming up.
Thinking about that...makes you feel gloomy. How will you spend your remaining time?
Maybe I'll mess with Mikan
Oh, Hiyoko...what's the matter? Are you not feeling well?
When I go somewhere to feel better, you're always there... It's good to know your place.
Hey, hey, your arms or your legs? Which is better?
Huh!? What kind of choice is this!?
Whatever, just choose one already.
U-Ummmm.... My arm...?
Okay, then I'll go for the arm!
What!? P-Please forgive me!
Shut up, pig barf!
Um, um...I thought you said you weren't feeling well. Did something happen?
Nope... I was just frustrated.
S-So...is that why you came to see me?
Hey, what are you laughing about? It's so creepy...
Hiyoko...I'm just so happy. You never ignore me, after all.
Um...so my arm, right? What did you want to do? Write on it with permanent marker?
Huh!? That's not what I wanted to do! What kind of gross masochist are you!?
You forgot about your gloomy feelings as you talked with Mikan...

With Junko Enoshima[]

Your last winter at the academy... your three years as Hope's Peak are about to end boringly. On top of that, it's December 24th, the day you hate the most. How will you spend it?
Maybe I'll go to the nurses office
Um... did something happen?
I just wanted to take a nap here. You're the nurse, right?
Yes, I'm Mikan Tsumiki, the Şablon:İmp. Pleased to meet you.
Yeah, yeah. Junko Enoshima. Is there a bed open? I'm so bored, it's sickening me.
U-Um... there's only one bed open, so... I'm really sorry, but unless you're actually sick...
Huh... are you kicking me out?
I-It's not like that, but...
Fine, fine. I'll just sit over there. Are you busy right now? I'm bored, so let's chat.
Y-You want to talk to me...? Really? Are you sure?
What? You don't wanna?
N-No... I'm happy.
Uhhh, my mind is drawing a blank from nervousness!
You don't gotta try that hard. It's easy. Just tell me stories about your classmates. I might find them useful one day...

With Kirumi Tojo[]

Today is the school festival... Your work at the shop has finally settled down.
Others have requested you visit their shops and exhibits. Where will you head to first?
I was requested to visit the haunted house
Is this the haunted house? Angie requested me to come here, however...
Oh, Kirumi... Yes, it's just like you said!
Ehehehe...welcome! You're the first person to come here since I took over as receptionist.
I would like to enter now. Can you guide me please?
Y-Yes, of course! Right away!
I-I'm so sorry I fell! Please forgive me!
Please calm down. First, close your legs. I can see under your skirt.
Now, hold on to me. Are you able to stand?
Oh, yes!
Are you hurt in any way? It does not seem like you have any injuries or ripped clothing. However, the white on your clothing is dirty now. I can wash it if you lend it to me.
Um, I'm fine, so...sorryyyyy! Please excuse me!
You smothered her a bit too much, and ended up troubling her even more...

With Miu Iruma[]

Today is the fall school festival... You've decided to exhibit your ingenious inventions! Approach students as they walk by and tell them all about your amazing works!
Hey, you sad-lookin' sow! Get over here!
Eh!? Um...are you talking to me?
Who else would I be talking to!? Start lickin' my boots, then you can worship my inventions!
What? I-Is that how you draw people over to your exhibit?
No shit, now get in! Cry tears of gratitude that this gorgeous girl genius personally chose you!
I-I don't really understand what's going on, but...please forgive me!
Amazing...there are so many inventions. This is seriously a lot.
Isn't it!? I bet it's makin' you weak in the knees, as well as some other areas...
Anyway. I make everyone who enters this exhibit use the "Hookup Counter"! Annnnd...there!
Hmmm... W-Wow... I see...
Wh-What do you mean, "I see"!?
...Since you're so nice, you showed poor confused Mikan all your other inventions!

With Sakura Ogami[]

Today is the sports festival... You were in the relay race, until Monokuma barged in! You were able to stop him and let the runners continue their race, but... Monokuma ran away! Monokuma might disrupt the other events as well... What should you do to catch him?
I should use this time to treat my injuries
Phew...I heard that Sakura fought with Monokuma, so I brought the first aid kit...
It's merely a scratch, I'm used to such injuries. I'll deal with it later.
But umm...c-can you show it to me first? Even if it's just a little scratch, if it gets infected, you could get sick.
Gh, Mikan!
Heeeee! Um, um... I'm sorry if I'm being a bother!
No, it's just...you're absolutely right. Even the strongest of us can fall ill! I was wrong to doubt your ability. I leave it to you to heal me.
Y-Yes! I will!
You had Mikan properly examine your wounds!

With Sayaka Maizono[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to perform on stage as the pop sensation! You can check out some exhibits and shops before your show stars... Where will you go?
The haunted house is a classic
S-Sayaka... Thank you so much for stopping by!
Hello, Mikan. Are you working here?
Y-Yes...I'm running the reception desk. Umm...so...um...
I prepared 300 ways to introduce the haunted house, but I got too nervous and forgot!
Um...I think it's scarier to go in without knowing anything, right?
I might get offered a role in a horror movie, so I should get used to it anyway...just kidding.
You're the first one who's gone in since I took over reception desk...ehehe.
You challenged the haunted house... It helped you practice your reactions as a pop sensation!

With Tenko Chabashira[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
But save your sadness for graduation day! Right now, you're feeling pumped as ever!
So, what will you do today?
I'll go help Mikan, who's always busy!
Ugh, owww... I-I fell...
M-Mikan! Are you okay!?
Ahhh, Tenko... P-please heeeelp!
Leave it to me! Grab on!
O-Okay! Ughhh, th-thank you so much. I'm so sorry I embarrassed myself in front of you.
Please, don't worry about it! I'm glad I was able to help you!
Helping girls is a given! And helping girls in distress is even more of a given!
I'm Tenko Chabashira, hero of justice! Saving girls and crushing men is what I do best!
H-Hero of justice?
Oops...keep that a secret. Although, I'm sure it's no big deal to tell that to a wonderful girl like you, Mikan.
W-Wonderful!? M-Me!?
Of course! You're always doing your part in the health committee and helping everyone!
N-No way... This is the first time...anyone has said that to me...
C-Can you say it...again?
You're a wonderful girl, Mikan!
I'm sure there are times when tears are necessary, but please smile!
A girl's smile is the best reward for a Hero of Justice!
You accomplished a great feat as the Hero of Justice today!


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