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This article contains information and transcripts for Mahiru Koizumi's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 1 2 4 2 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 216 50 75 125 75 125 100


Hope's Peak Academy... I'll probably be fine. I have friends in the reserve course, too.
Alright... As the Şablon:İmp, I'll take lots of pictures!


I need to take pictures of the entire class today...and pass them out to everyone.

Friendship Events[]

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
...There we go.
...You taking a picture?
Ah!!! You scared me... How long were you there for, Fuyuhiko? You should've said something.
I didn't say anything because it looked like you were concentrating. You gonna take any more?
No, I think I've pretty much snapped all the pictures I wanted to take.
I'm surprised you asked me something like that. Are you...interested in photography?
Not really... But I've got a family member who's into it.
I see...
She'll show me a shit ton of pictures and ask me what I think or drag me with her to take more. Honestly, it's kind of a pain in the ass.
The only thing I could say about her pictures...was that I thought they were good.
Hey...don't just use empty words like "good" or "pretty." You should give real feedback.
I know that... That's why I came to talk to you.
Well...I couldn't come up with stuff to say about her pictures, but I can for yours.
So I was thinking...maybe if I look at your pictures, I'll know what kinda stuff to say.
So...you want to practice forming your opinions into words by examining my pictures?
Yeah, basically. If it's a pain in the ass for you, it's fine if you say no.
*sigh* You should've just said that from the start.
But, sure. If you're fine with my pictures, then I don't mind.
Gotcha... Thanks.
But in exchange, you better be really into it.
You don't gotta tell me that. You want me to tell her my opinions with my own words, yeah?
Yeah, you should do that for her. I'm sure that'd make her very happy.

With Peko Pekoyama[]

With Peko Pekoyama
...Ha! ...Fu!
Phew...I think that should be enough for today.
Were you able to take some pictures?
Yeah, I was able to take some good ones, all thanks to you. When you hold your bamboo sword, you look so dignified. It really makes for a good shot.
Is that so...? I wouldn't really know.
Do you want to see the pictures I just took? It's a digital camera, so you can see how you look right now. Here.
Ah, I see. I do look a bit sharp in these pictures...almost like a blade.
Oh, here's some different pictures, too. Like this one of all of us together...
What is it, Peko?
Is this...me?
Yeah, that's when you were watching everyone from a distance.
I think Kazuichi did something stupid, and Fuyuhiko got dragged in. Hiyoko was so mad...
And then, you looked at them with a kind smile... I couldn't help taking a picture.
I like taking shots of people's smiles...and for a while, I couldn't get yours.
That is probably true... I have never been able to smile very easily.
But...I see, so that's what I look like when I'm smiling.
Yeah, your smile looks nice. Next time, I'll definitely snap a picture of you bursting out in laughter with everyone else.
...I look forward to it.

With Tenko Chabashira[]

With Tenko Chabashira
*sigh* Geez, why are boys so...?
What's wrong, Mahiru!? I heard a girl in trouble!
Ah... Well, I had to scold some boys causing a ruckus in the hall.
How dare they!? They're not kids anymore! They should know better than to bother you!
Totally. They're not kids anymore, but they're so insensitive...it's ridiculous.
Exactly! Degenerates are always creating problems for us girls!
Yeah, seriously. Some are so helpless, and others have no tact...
Exactly! All degenerate males should die!
They should all die! No questions asked!
Well...I think that's going a little too far.
Why!? Wait...are you being blackmailed by a degenerate male right now!?
Curse you, degenerates... You're a bunch of sneaky bastards!
Otenko says to keep the sun in your heart, but this Tenko chooses the daughter!
C-Calm down, Tenko! Don't raise your voice in the hallway like that!
I'm sorry, how could I...? I made the same mistake as those males...
Yeah, well...I understand how you feel, but try not to get too worked up about it.

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

With Gonta Gokuhara
Hmmm, no...not here, either...
Hey...why are you digging here?
Hiro tell Gonta there, um..."O-Parts" buried around academy. Hiro ask Gonta for help cuz Gonta is strong. Gonta work hard to dig them up, but...
There's no way any OOPArts are buried here... And "around the academy" is real vague, anyway.
But Hiro see it with his fortune-telling.
Are you sure? Aren't his predictions only, like, 20 to 30 percent accurate or something? Also, you shouldn't take anything Hiro says seriously, especially with fortune-telling.
Ummm... But Hiro look troubled and Gonta wanna help anyway...
You don't need to do this, though! I'll make sure to give Hiro a piece of my mind later...
O-Okay...Gonta understand.
Geez, you're actually a lot softer than you look, huh?
Just the other day, Kokichi was teasing you with his lies, right?
Huh? Kokichi lie to Gonta?
So you didn't even notice... Geez...you're a boy, y'know? That means you need to get your act together.
Sorry...Gonta not reliable. Gonta never become gentleman if he not "get act together" soon...
Well, maybe you're just nice to a fault... But that's better than being a jerk like most boys. I support your goal of becoming a gentleman. Set a good example for the other boys, okay?
Th-Thanks, Mahiru! Gonta work hard!

With Chiaki Nanami and Mikan Tsumiki[]

With Chiaki Nanami and Mikan Tsumiki
Phew, the exams are finally over.
It seems like everyone in class passed. That's good.
Yeah, the headmaster seemed to really like the photos in my portfolio, so I'm glad.
E-Everyone...thank you for your hard work!
You too, Mikan. Great job.
Th-Thank you! Um...I know there were some people who had given up at the start of the exams... If you feel sick, then please don't hesitate to stop by my room!
Yeah, when the time comes, I'll ask for your help.
Oh, yeah! How about we gather girls from our class and talk, while we bake and drink tea? Mikan said there were some people cramming for exams, so this might be a nice change of pace!
Oh, that sounds nice. Let's hold a game tournament, too. I'll bring lots of snacks.
... Um...ummm...
Mikan...have you ever baked before?
Oh, I said yes without thinking... I'm actually not too good at baking...
I-I'm sorry I couldn't meet up to your expectations! Please forgive me!
You don't have to take it so seriously... I'm not very good at it, either.
Then, let's look up some recipes and do something simple with everyone.
It'll be the same as looking up a guide before going on a capture mission.
Okay then, I'll go invite everyone else.
Mikan, do you want to look up some recipes with me?
Y-Yes! I'll try my best to be useful! I look forward to working with you! Ehehehe...

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Let's take a lot of pictures today!
Where will you aim for the perfect shot?
I want to get shots of the relay race
...Alright. I got a lot of pictures.
Oh, Mahiru. Are you taking photos of everyone?
Good job in the relay race, Kirumi. I got your picture too, of course.
I got some really good shots, so I'll give them to you once they're developed.
I will thank you for them graciously. It is refreshing to be a subject for once.
Are you more used to taking pictures than having yours taken?
Indeed. I usually take my masters' family photos.
In that case...I'll get lots of pictures of you today!
You enthusiastically took lots of pictures!
I want to get shots of the three-legged race
Oh, good... It hasn't started yet.
Oh, Mahiru. You here on a photo shoot? Alright, be sure to get a good shot of me!
Okay, okay. I'll get a picture of your dumb-looking face.
Wha—!? What do you mean *dumb-looking"!? I'm a handsome guy! Check out this suave beard!
...You got shots of Kaito and the others who ran the three-legged race!
The scavenger hunt seems fun
I want to get a group picture of everyone before they run.
Alright, everyone. Ooone, twooo, thr—
H-Hold on! D-Don't just start shooting!
Huh? I'm sorry. Do you not like having your picture taken?
Y-You just think I'm ugly! I'm just here to make the other girls look pretty by comparison!
Toko...you're disturbing Mahiru. It is her duty as a photographer to take her pictures of everyone.
N-Not me! And if *you're* in it, there's gonna be a ghost or something in the shot!
...Actually, you may be correct.
Hey, Kiyo... L-Let's not joke about that.
Th-Th-There's no such thing as ghosts! Don't be stupid!
Ghosts are real. I have heard their voices many times. They are merely humans after death.
One needs to follow certain steps to hear their voices, but they are always among us.
N-No way! It's your dumb imagination!
...Why are we talking about this?
You felt a chill in the air the rest of the day...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You decided to exhibit your best pictures!
Someone has come to look at your pictures... What do you say to them?
These are pictures of daily school life
They're ordinary days where nothing happens...but through Mahiru's camera, they're dazzling...
H-Hey Nekomaru...what's wrong?
Huh...? Nothing's wrong.
I don't understand art, but...your photos have a power that shakes the soul of NEKOMARU NIDAI!
You don't need to shout! I can hear you! You're gonna bother the classroom next door!
But...thanks. I'm really glad you like them.
...You got some heartfelt feedback from someone you didn't expect!
These are when the girls made sweets
You seem to be looking at those pictures intently... You're not being a perv, are you?
Of course not. I would never direct wicked thoughts toward such wonderful pictures. These pictures capture everyone's smiles. Through them, the beauty of humanity shines brighter.
Also, I already have someone precious to me. I would not go about eyeing other women.
What!? R-Really?
Kehehe...you must be surprised, no?
Oh, no...I'm sorry I accused you. She must be very dear to you.
...You learned something unexpected about Korekiyo!
These are from the sports festival
You're in a picture, too, Kyoko. See...here. You're squinting. Looks like you're having fun.
...Was I really making that face?
So the Şablon:İmp was able to capture an expression I was trying to hide...
Oh...do you not like it?
No, it's not that. I was just surprised. I don't often see a side of myself I don't recognize.
Haha...my pictures can even surprise the Şablon:İmp, huh? Not too bad.
You're right. Can I see more of them?
Of course! You're in plenty of pictures!
...I think I'll pass on looking at any more pictures of myself.
You showed lots of pictures to Kyoko!


Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed and graduation is coming up.
Lately, a lot of people have asked you to take pictures as keepsakes.
You brought a few of them to the closing ceremony. Who do you give them to first?
I'll give Ryoma his class pictures
Oh, it's you... Is this about the pictures you took the other day?
Yeah. Here, pictures of you and your classmates.
Oh, thanks. That's a big help.
Hey...why did you ask me for pictures of your class?
It's not that important, but... I don't know what'll happen after I graduate.
But no matter what, I'm not going to throw my past away this time... I'll carry it with me.
Ah, so it *was* something like that. But I don't like the way you're saying it. You make it sound like you're going to disappear.
Hmph...I've got no plans to do that. Don't worry. This really is just in case.
I wasn't worried or anything... But, I'm glad. I was going to get mad if you said it'd all be over after graduation.
I won't let it end so easily. During the the three years we spent in this academy...
I found something I don't want to let go of. Something I thought I'd never find again...
And your pictures...have captured their smiles so clearly.
These pictures will always remind me that the time I spent here was worth every second.
I see... Thank you.
You felt glad that you were able to help Ryoma out.
I'll give Gundham the animal pictures
Hm...it's you, Mahiru. For you to approach me... Have your astral levels been thrown into disarray after encountering my demon beasts?
Okay, okay. None of that. I just brought what you asked me. Here...pictures of animals.
I see... To make the ephemeral moments of this world eternal...that is your secret art!
Come on...can't you at least thank someone normally?
Kehehe...I am thankful for any record of the brief time my demon beasts have in this world.
Well, whatever... It was fun being able to pet the animals while I took their pictures.
Mahiru...may I use these pictures in the construction of my electric barrier?
Huh? What does that even mean?
I ask your permission to use these on my Exciting Breeding Journal website.
Huh? I didn't know you had a site like that.
That site is but a cover for another site that only chosen sorcerers may view...
Okay, okay. You can use them, but give me the URL. The way you talk still makes no sense... I kinda hate that I've gotten used to it.
...You looked at Gundham's website and felt soothed by the animal pictures!
I'll give Tsumugi her cosplay pictures
Oh, Mahiru. Do you have something for me?
Yeah, the pictures I took the other day. I gave you the files, but these are printed copies.
Huh? Really!? I'm so happy! Your pictures are wonderful.
I'm glad you like them. I was a bit worried since it was my first time taking cosplay shots.
Of course I like them. Besides, I was the one who kept pestering you to take them.
Having the Şablon:İmp take pictures for my photo shoot is just too extravagant.
Oh, don't worry about that, just relax. It was fun for me, too.
I was a little surprised how different you were when you're cosplaying, though.
Changing into the different characters like that... Cosplay is pretty interesting.
What's that? Are you interested in cosplay?
Uh, well...I don't think I'd be any good at it. But let me know if you need more pictures.
Ah...in that case, I was actually going to rent a studio with my cosplay friends.
Ooh, you even go to studios. Taking pictures with a lot of people sounds pretty fun.
Oh, it's very fun. If you aren't busy, why don't you come along?
Seeing it for yourself will show you how fun cosplay can be better than any explanation.
As thanks for the photos, I'll teach you about it without dragging you into the cosplay swamp!
A-Alright... I guess I'll go then?
It seems like you got closer with Tsumugi...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Aoi Asahina[]

Today is the summer sports festival you've been waiting for! You're in the relay race! So, which runner should you be?
I'll be the anchor runner and get all the glory!
I ran with all my might and finished first! It feels so good to push my body to the limit!
Congrats on coming in first, Hina! I'm gonna take a picture, so line up with your teammates!
Whoa! Thanks, Mahiru! Hehehe, this is kinda embarrassing.
You had your picture taken with your teammates! This will sure to make a great memory!

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates. You still have some time before the party. What will you do?
I'll take a walk
Fuyuhiko...where do you think you're going? You haven't forgotten about the party, have you?
Of course not... I'm going to it, no matter what you tell me.
I see...alright then. You're being awfully frank today.
Hey, I'm always frank. Chiaki's always inviting me to this stuff...
I know. I was just messing with you a bit. In the beginning, you'd never come with us, no matter how much we asked. But now...our class has gotten so close.
Yeah...dealing with you guys is a real pain.
You say that, but I know you enjoy it. My pictures always capture your childlike smile.
Wha—!? Childlike!?
Yeah, yeah. Don't lose your temper like some little kid.
Grgh... Y-You...
I'm going to take a bunch of pictures today, so leave it to me.
Oh, and don't be all stubborn and force yourself to not smile or anything, you got it?

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

Today is the sports festival! But it'll be all stuffy and gross with your kimono...
So you're going to skip it! How do you kill time?
I'll go find Mahiru!
Yayyy, I found Mahiru!
Oh, Hiyoko...I was wondering where you were. I didn't see you in any of the events I visited.
Mahiru, were you worried about me? Ehehe...sorry.
*sigh* Are you skipping out on all the events today?
Yeah, I'm gonna leave the stuffy gross stuff to the physical idiots...and play with you!
Hey, hey, let's go eat snacks!
O-Okay...don't be so clingy. I still want to take more pictures...so after that, okay?
You spent time clinging to Mahiru as she took pictures!

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas is over and graduation is coming up.
Thinking about that...makes you feel gloomy. How will you spend your remaining time?
I'll spend as much time with Mahiru as I can
There you are, Mahiru! Can I hang out with you today?
Sure. Is everything okay?
Yeah. I just wanted to be with you.
Oh, hey... *sigh* You're still so clingy, huh?
Ehehe... Hey, what's that? A photo album?
Yeah. I was just thinking I took a lot of pictures, the last three years.
Mahiru...will you keep taking pictures of me?
Hm? Yeah, of course. I'll take pictures of you anytime you want.
But...not for long...
That's right. We're...graduating soon.
Hey, I... Since you taught me, I can tie my kimono sash by myself now.
But... I still want you to die it for me sometimes.
I'll go and see your dances, too, Hiyoko.
Will you take pictures of me and tie my kimono sash again?
Yeah. Of course.
Ehehe...you better. It's a promise!
You made a promise for the future with Mahiru!

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports hosted a fashion show! Junko took your place on stage, so things ended well... Who will you talk to now?
Mahiru, don't take pictures without permission
I've told you before, haven't I? My model photos have all been photoshopped. If the unedited pictures ever spread around...
I know. I won't do anything you won't like.
I'm kidding! I don't mind you taking my picture at all!
Geez...then let me take one with everyone in your class later, okay?
Sure! Make sure you get a cute one!
Even though it wasn't actually *you*... You had Mahiru take lots of pictures!

With Maki Harukawa[]

Today is the school festival... Mahiru asked for your help for her photo exhibit. The photos are set up, so now it's time to sit at the reception desk. What should you do?
Anything else I can help you with, Mahiru?
No, I think we're good for now. Thank you so much for helping.
You're so reliable, Maki. I didn't know you were that strong.
I've trained a lot, but in terms of raw strength, I'm no match for Sakura.
Hahaha, well no one can stand a chance against Sakura.
Anyway, I'm impressed that you train. Does caregiving require a lot of physical strength?
...Yeah. They'll suddenly jump on you and annoy you with wanting piggyback rides.
Kids must really love you. It'd be great if I could get some photos of you playing with kids.
You made a promise with Mahiru you're not sure you can keep...

With Miu Iruma[]

You're going to play table tennis in the sports festival...and win, thanks to your inventions! You made sure to come prepared today... Which invention will you use?
The "Ping Pong Ball Blaster!"
Hah-hahaha! Hope you like a face full of balls!
Whoa, hold on! Time out!
Miu...this match won't be fair if you use your inventions! You can't rely on them all the time!
Wh-What? You're mad? Really? I-I was just jokin' around... I'm sorry...
Despite your ingenious invention, you still got scolded...

With Rantaro Amami[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're a server at the shop!
It's time for your break. Why not go check out the other events?
Someplace relaxing would be nice...
Mahiru...your pictures are wonderful. You see these smiles every day, but the way you photograph them is like...a new world.
Thanks, it feels pretty good being told that.
...I see you have a lot of pictures of everyone eating?
Oh, yeah... These are from when Teruteru cooked for all of us.
People eating delicious food always have this smile. I think it's universal.
Yeah, I was able to take these because of Teruteru, so I guess I should thank him.
But my opinion of him is so low, this is nowhere near enough to bring it back up to normal.
Well, I think deep down, he's a kind guy. I will admit it's hard to defend him, though.
Mahiru gave you a curated tour of her exhibit.

With Shuichi Saihara[]

Today is the sports festival... All of the events so far were really exciting!
But apparently Monokuma got in everyone's way during the events...
Before the afternoon events start, let's find Monokuma and catch him!
Someone might have a clue...
Mahiru, you've been taking a lot of pictures today. Have you seen Monokuma?
Oh, he kept getting in everyone's way, so he ended up in a bunch of my shots.
This is a digital camera, so I can show you right now if it'll help catch Monokuma.
That would really help. Thank you, Mahiru.
You better catch him soon so he doesn't get in anyone else's way!
You traced Monokuma's footsteps with the pictures and caught Monokuma!

With Tenko Chabashira[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
But save your sadness for graduation day! Right now, you're feeling pumped as ever!
So, what will you do today?
I'll go get what I asked Mahiru for!
Are you finished with the thing, Mahiru?
Yeah, it's done. Here you go...a group picture of your class.
Th-Thank you very much! Aaw...Himiko's eyes are half-closed in this. She's like a cute, sleepy baby animal!
I have mixed feelings about the males in this, but...I'd like to keep them in my memories, too. I must defeat them one day... I'll carve their faces...into my heart!
You want to defeat them...?
Well...with your photography skills, these vile degenerate males look...somewhat endearing. If we can all get along with each other forever...just like how we're doing now... I catch myself thinking stuff like that from time to time.
Yeah...the boys are still acting dumb even after three years...
But, it's sad to think it'll be hard for all of us to meet again after we graduate...
But I think the only time I'm okay with males is...when they're in a picture you take!
Mahiru gave you enough copies of your class picture for everyone!


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