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This article contains information and transcripts for Leon Kuwata's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 15 4 2 1 1 5 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 162 125 75 50 50 150 100


Just getting into Hope's Peak Academy guarantees my success in life, right?
So maybe I don't gotta be the Şablon:İmp... I'll finally fulfill my dream of being the Şablon:İmp!


Grah, everyone keeps going on and on about baseball!
Well I'm not gonna do it!

Friendship Events[]

With Mondo Owada[]

With Mondo Owada
Oh, Leon... Lemme borrow you a sec.
Huh? Did...Did I do something?
N-No. I just want you to listen. Hey! You got a problem with that or something!? Huh!?
Wh-What do you want with me!?
S...Sorry man. My bad. I didn't know what to say, so I just yelled...
I guess you're used to yelling, huh? ...But wow, it really freaked me out, man.
That might be okay with your gang, but... It'll scare off girls, don'tcha think?
Ah... Now that I'm thinking about it, can you even get chicks?
Honestly...when I get nervous, I start yelling, So I mess up when I try to confess to girls.
Huh? What's that all about? Then...the reason you yelled at me was just cuz you were nervous?
O-Of course I was! No way I could ask for advice like this all smiling and shit!
A-Advice!? That's how you ask for advice!?
Like I said, my bad!
*Sigh*...Well, whatever. I don't feel like getting mad at you anyway.
But anyway...hehe, you've got a good eye me to ask about that! I'm used to both confessing and being confessed to. So I can help you with your problem, man!
Thanks so much! I promise I'll return the favor, no matter what!
You don't gotta be so intense about it! Let's practice being chill so you don't scare 'em off!
You thought of ways to confess your feelings...without yelling!

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

With Ryoma Hoshi
Eh...you'll do, I guess.
That's a rude thing to walk up to someone and say... What do you want?
Hey, you wanna go to a mixer this weekend? We need one more guy to balance it out. I tried asking a couple of the others, but they all said they had to study or practice. But I figure you're free to go, right?
Hmph... You mess around a lot, don't you?
What's wrong with that? In this academy, tests are the worst thing we gotta worry about.
And since I never gotta practice for baseball, I've got a ton of free time!
No matter how talented you are, if you don't polish your skills, they'll just rot away. You haven't gone to practice or played any baseball at all recently...have you?
I never go to practice cuz it's a pain in the ass. Also, this place doesn't even have a team.
Besides, why are you lecturing me when you haven't done any tennis at all? I get enough of that from the teachers. I didn't expect to hear it coming from you, too.
You're right. Right now, I... I'm no different from those nosy people who think I still care about tennis.
Hmph...I've still got a ways to go. Please forget it.
Yeah, that's the spirit! Forget everything that's a pain in the ass! You don't need to play tennis and I don't need to play baseball!
Is that how you really feel...?
Huh? Of course it is. I'm sick of being forced to shave my head for games.
Is that your only reason for not playing? If you go pro, there are teams that would let you have whatever hairstyle you wanted.
Huh? Pro?
You've got that option, don't you...? Unlike me.
Well, I'm also sick of being covered in sweat and dirt after playing baseball! You're lecturing me after all! It's none of your business, you busybody!
Oh, I'm not just being a busybody... I'm just trying to annoy you now. I realized I can't talk to you as an equal. Hmph...because you're just not cool.
Wh-What the hell? I'm uninviting you to the mixer, you jerk!
You glared at one another and parted ways...

With Ibuki Mioda[]

With Ibuki Mioda
Oh, Ibuki! Heeey!
Heeeeyyy! That's me! I-bu-ki!
Hehe...I wanted to talk with you at least once!
Ooh? And what business does Leon, the Şablon:İmp, have with me?
Forget about baseball! I'm gonna explode onto the stage as a musician!
Huh? You know how to play an instrument, Leon?
Nah. I'm gonna be vocals!
Hmmm...then how about writing lyrics and composing?
Not really. I'm gonna have one of my other members do that pain in the ass stuff.
W-Wow...so does that mean you already have band members ready to go on stage with you?
That's what I'm recruiting people for right now! So...Ibuki, you wanna join my band?
You're guitar, right? Well, I don't have any instruments yet, so anything's fine.
Me and the former star Ibuki... The both of us'll get a lot of attention from our debut! And our fans probably won't overlap, so I'll let it slide if you stand out a little!
Haaa... Ahhh....I don't even have a face for this. I've never felt this un-pumped up...
Not bad, Leon! Not bad!
Then you're gonna be the guitarist for my band, right!?
Nooope! Not even if you paid me a million, a billion, or a gajillion dollars!

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)
You're...Byakuya? Wait...huh?
I understand it may seem odd, but... Don't think too hard about me.
Wow...there really are all kinds of students here. Just what I'd expect from Hope's Peak.
I did just tell you not to think too hard about me...but I didn't say to be careless.
Ah, I don't care about stuff like that! More importantly, you don't look busy, so listen to my complaints!
Even though I came to Hope's Peak... I still can't make my debut as a musician. What if that cute girl at the salon who likes musicians gets a boyfriend while I'm here!?
Aren't you the one with the baseball talent? Don't tell me you want to quit.
Hell yeah I wanna quit! I've already stopped going to practice! Getting dirty's not my thing!
That's quite a shock. I didn't think there were any students who didn't care about their talent.
There's no doubt I'm a super genius, but I wasn't just born to play baseball.
If you care so little for your talent, then it may be best your life didn't revolve around it.
Oh, you get me! Sometimes dudes start lecturing me when I tell 'em this stuff. You're a way better fatty than one in my class! Let's get lunch! I'll tell you my dreams!
The conversation took a surprisingly lively turn, and you shared a meal!

With Kaito Momota and Teruteru Hanamura[]

With Kaito Momota and Teruteru Hanamura
Oh, you guys are in luck! There's only three of the desserts Kirumi made left! Let's split 'em!
Oh, nice! Of course I'm gonna have one!
Kirumi personally made these desserts, you say? As a chef, color me quite intrigued...
Hehe, it's gotta be delicious! And since Kirumi made it for us, it's even better. This school's got some pretty hot girls. Like Sayaka, for example!
Between the pool, the locker rooms, and the showers, my imagination is running wild!
The places where no boy has ever gone before... Stuff like that is a man's passion.
Mm-hmhmhm... You get it, Kaito!
When it comes to passion and chasing adventure, there's nobody who can stand as my equal!
I don't get it. Wouldn't it be better to just talk to a cute girl and get a girlfriend?
That's different than what I'm talking about!
I dunno, Leon's got a point.
Wha—!? Are you gonna abandon me too, Teruteru!?
Sure, it's fun to check out fresh ingredients and fantasize over how you're gonna cook 'em...
But you can't know how to prepare something until you've felt it with your own two hands.
I'm disappointed in you guys! Men should chase after passion!
No, I mean...that's just peeping, right? Getting a girlfriend is way more legit.
I never said I wanted to peep! I'm talking about chasing after unknown worlds!
Huh? Did the means and the end get switched around?
Don't sweat the small stuff! Listen up! I'll teach you what a man's passion really is!
You discussed a man's passion while eating dessert!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the the sports festival... But you can't impress the girls with your baseball skills. Unfortunately, you have to play soccer instead. What position do you play?
Ha, I bet a lot of flashy goals will impress the ladies... I'm starting to love soccer! I don't have to shave my head for this!
Hey... Are you underestimating soccer? This is perfect. There's some things I've been wanting to say to you. I'll be your opponent!
Whoa, hey, relax!
With Nekomaru on your heels, you had to try really hard!
Alright, I'll be a defender or whatever. Makoto, you play forward, get us some goals.
Th-That's your entire strategy?
Calm down, Makoto. It's soccer. We can't even win with this team anyway.
...Maybe not, but I'll still try my hardest!
You actually managed to win with that defense!
Being a goalkeeper looks easy. Maybe the girls will call me a guardian angel!
Guardian with hair of flames...will your flimsy barrier be able to stop my Reihado-kick?
...What? I didn't understand one word of that.
You got really tired fighting off Gundham's kicks with all the special names!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the crepe stand to get girls! Because you're kind of a big deal, you decide to take a walk around...
I heard Sayaka was doing a fashion show...
I wonder what kind of clothes she's gonna model? Idol stuff or something more...mature?
So you've come...you miserable pile of secrets!
Oh, Tenko. Are you gonna be in the show too?
Indeed! And it's my duty to banish vile degenerates like you!
What? You're not gonna let any guys in!?
It's a necessary measure! Degenerates will swarm like flies once Sayaka and the others display their elegance! Honestly...if it were up to me, this entire event would be girls-only!
Oh come on! I wanna see Sayaka's show too!
Absolutely not! Go away!
...Fine, whatever.
Hmph...you seem much more reasonable than the average male.
Not really. I'm just gonna come back when you leave and sneak in.
Wh-What did you say!?
So keep playin' guard dog a little longer! See you later!
W-Wait! Come back so I can destroy you!
You ran away, Tenko chasing behind you!
Cosplay exhibit?
Oh, I'm surprised to see you here, Leon.
Aw man, you're not gonna greet me in cosplay or something?
Ah...did you think this was a maid cafe or something? I'm just displaying my outfits today.
I didn't think you were interested in cosplay... Some normal people are, but not you, right?
Cosplay? Hell yeah I'm interested! You've worn all this stuff, right?
Oh, this one is sexy! I wanna see you in it!
I think you're mistaken... That outfit isn't for showing off skin. Well, I guess it's understandable why you'd think that. There are some famous cosplayers...
...who cosplay to get attention and be fawned over, not because they like the characters.
Well cosplayers or not, everyone wants to be popular. It's cute.
Urk...That's a sound argument from a regular person... You may not understand it...but the whole situation is actually pretty complicated.
Guess I don't understand it, but I can see how it's pretty tough.
...So to be clear, you're *not* gonna wear anything for me?
Tsumugi sighed and rolled her eyes at you.
I'm thirsty, I could use some juice...
Huh? You a customer?
Yeah, I'm looking for something really refreshing.
You want a juice or somethin', right? Gimme a sec...
*rustle, rustle*
There ya go...
Thanks! Nothin' like the first drink after a hard day's work, huh? It's sort of weird, seeing you working a normal job like this.
I'm pretty used to stuff like this... I've worked as a waitress part-time. Selling juice here is easy. Nobody tells me not to wear panties. It's a piece o' cake!
...What was that about panties!?
Yeah, there are shops like that, y'know?
Y-Yeah, but... I'm surprised to hear that coming from you! I figured you only thought about food.
Really? I don't think it's that surprisin'. I've never worked at any of those places anyway.
Huh? Really? Now I feel like an idiot for getting excited...
You chugged the cold juice to quench the fire in your heart...


Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony is over, and you're heading home. You were having a meal and thinking about gifts when the dining hall started to get busy. Who would you like to talk to?
Akane! Sit down, your plate is spilling!
Whoops, my bad! Thanks! It's pretty crazy in here right now.
Damn girl, you're eating a ton! I don't know anything about gymnastics, but are you allowed to eat all this?
Huh? Gymnastics? I dunno much about 'em either. But I gotta eat to keep my strength up.
Yeah, I guess... It would be a pain in the ass to not eat what you wanted before a meet.
Being able to stuff my face whenever I want is the best. I eat, get strong, and win!
I didn't realize you were so competitive.
When you see a strong guy, don't you get pumped up about winnin', too?
Wouldn't know, I've never lost. But I guess I get it...
I remember watching the high school baseball championships after I transferred. My school lost, and I thought, "Damn, I coulda helped them win if I were there."
Hmm...so you're strong, then! You look a bit wimpy, but do you wanna fight?
What? Fight? I'm talking about baseball!
Hm? So you do baseball?
You just figured that out now!?
I don't really get it, but quit mumblin'. If you wanna battle, let's do it already. Quit mumblin' about your past and just win! That's all you gotta do.
I dunno, sounds a bit too simple. Man...talking to you makes me feel like I shouldn't sweat the small stuff.
Maybe I just want to throw the ball around, bat a little...whatever.
Okay! Let's fight!
I told you, I'm talking about baseball!
Talking to Akane sapped your strength...
Heyyy Sayaka! This seat's open, right here!
Oh, Leon...sorry about that. Thank you.
Hey, no worries, no worries! Let's eat together! Oh, hey! I saw that quiz show that you were on the other day.
You looked really cute answering the really tough questions!
Thanks for watching.
You've been busy lately, huh? And you're gonna be in a show soon, right?
You even know that, huh? I'm pretty nervous since it's my first drama... But I knew I had to do my best, cuz people who aren't interested in pop stars will be watching.
That's so cool! I love that part of you.
Um...what about you, Leon?
Huh? What do you mean?
No, it's nothing. But...
Ha, you're thinking, "And what exactly are you doing with *your* life?"
No, not that! I didn't mean it like that...
Nah, don't worry about it. I mean, I haven't cut it as a musician yet... For someone who works as hard as you, I probably seem like a slouch.
I was a little worried...about what you were planning to do after graduation.
Yeah, I'm thinking about it. Maybe... I'll play some baseball after all!
I'm gonna be a major league baseball player and a celebrity! Hope's Peak Academy didn't let me play music, so...baseball's the only way!
And you know what? It would be cool to work with you on TV! If you ever have any more trouble on quiz shows, you call me up!
So, you're going to play baseball...
Yeah... I have to. Hey, at least I wouldn't have to shave my head!
Is that so...? I think that's a great plan. I'll root for you.
You talked about your future with Sayaka!
Ryoma! You wanna sit here?
In that case, I'll impose on you. There aren't any other seats, anyway.
Sure, do whatever. It won't be awkward or anything.
Hmph...is that so?
...So I heard you were talking to a pro baseball scout.
Huh? How do you know about that...?
What, did Hina or Makoto blab to you or something?
Who cares where I heard it from?
*sigh* Yeah, it's true. I've been scouted by a few teams. I'm feeling them out.
But hey, can you blame me? Maybe when I go pro, I'll date some hot announcers. Not that I'd wanna break so many hearts...
Hmph...you're the same as ever. I hope the world of pro baseball finally knocks you down a peg. I'll look forward to your games.
Hey, just watch me. I'll throw so many strikeouts and hit so many home runs!
You and Ryoma talked about your future in sports while you ate...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the relay race. How will you lead your team?
I will lead as the first runner!
So you're first up, huh?
So you'll be the other team's first runner, Leon.
Ladies love first place, don't they? Sorry, but I've *gotta* win this.
My motives are not so impure, but... Just remember this...I will be the one who stands triumphant.
...You got psyched up before the race!

With K1-B0[]

Today is the sports festival and you're going to play soccer! What position will you play?
Perhaps I would be a decent goalie?
What!? A robot!? Are you serious!?
Do you have a problem with that? Because I will not tolerate any robophobia.
I bet you transform and have a rocket booster leg and stuff. Isn't that unfair?
Where did you get that idea about me!? I don't have any functions like that!
You fervently explained just how average your athletic abilities really are...

With Kirumi Tojo[]

Today is the school festival... Your work at the shop has finally settled down.
Others have requested you visit their shops and exhibits. Where will you head to first?
I will visit the food stands in the courtyard
Oh, hey, it's Kirumi! Hey, Kirumi!
Oh, Leon. You had a stand as well?
Yeah. Hey, try one of my crepes.
Your crepe is burning, Leon...
Huh!? Wha-! This is bad! Th-The iron plate...what do I do!?
Please calm down. I can easily clean it.
Huh? Really?
Oh...then can you teach me how to clean it? And how to make crepes?
Understood, if that is your request.
Aw yeah! Lucky! The truth is, I have no idea how to make crepes. It's a good thing you're here to teach me how...hehe.
You taught Leon for awhile!

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. You will be especially busy today. Where will you start first?
I need to buy tome cleaning supplies first
Oh hey, Kirumi! If you're going out shopping, take me with you!
Leon, I am simply heading out to buy some cleaning supplies.
It doesn't matter what you're going to go buy. There's something I wanna ask you.
Yes? Please tell me what I can help you with.
I'm going back to my parent's for New Year's. And, uh...I thought I should bring my cousin a gift once in a while.
That cousin's a girl so...I wanted to ask you what you think I should get her.
I see... If that is the case, I will help you.
I've given girls presents before, and I know she'll be happy with what I gave her.
So I figure I might as well get her something really good. Hehe, I'm a good older cousin, huh?
So your cousin is younger than you... I see...please give me more information. Let us think of something she might like.
Hehe, thanks! I'm sure you'll pick out something perfect!
You talked to Leon about his gift, while you finished up your shopping...

With Kyoko Kirigiri[]

Today is the fall school festival... Should you work or check out everyone else's exhibits? What will you do?
I'll work a shift at the juice stand
Man, I'm exhausted from working so hard! Give me a cold one!
Here you go.
Hey, thanks!
Did you need anything else?
This might be none of my business, but why don't you smile more, Kyoko?
I mean, you're in customer service. A nice smile... Man you'll have the guys begging to buy your stuff.
I haven't run into any problems yet. If it's about my cold demeanor, I'm working on it.
Oh, alright... I was just saying.
I'm sure you would say that to anyone though, right?
Not really. That advice was just for you!
Leon's advice aside...you decided to treat your customers like actual human beings!

With Rantaro Amami[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to be in the 3-man relay race.
The other two members of your team are athletic. Which order should you run?
The others can finish, I'll run first
Even if I fall back a bit, you'll more than make up for it, won't you, Leon?
Hey, it's true I'm pretty fast, but...you're gonna leave it all to me from the start?
Well, I don't *plan* on falling behind. You can trust me.
Well, whatever. Let's hurry up and get this over with. Being dirty and sweaty is uncool.
After running the fist lap, you handed the baton to Leon!

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

Your last winter at the academy... You have plans to throw a party with your classmates! While you're cooking for the party, you're also helping with the dining hall...you're very busy! It looks like there are a few students here... Why don't you greet them?
Sorry, that cake's not for customers
Why not? There's a ton of food here... Is this a special Christmas menu?
Sorry, but that's for our class party later. Is it that you want some cake, Leon? Or do you just want to cover yourself in cream with me?
I don't want any of your cake, man. But the ladies dig this stuff, right?
I thought I could tell Sayaka and the others about how delicious it is...
Hm...well, I can relate to your love of the ladies.
I don't want you to "relate" to me at all.
Anyway, where did you even get this? You didn't make it, did you?
Yeah, I placed an order to the Ultimate Confectioner. I could've made one myself, but...I thought it'd be best to ask the pro herself.
Then it's gotta be crazy delicious. Maybe I would like a taste after all...
If there are any leftovers, I guess I'll put them out in the dining hall tomorrow.
Really? Then I'll grab some girls and have a little get-together here! This is gonna be fun!
Well, Akane and Byakuya will both be at the party tonight...
But you can make a whole buncha food so the cake doesn't run out, right?
Come on! Save some for us! Please?
Okay, okay. I'll put my back into it, but I can't guarantee there will be leftovers.
...You prepared more food than you planned!

With Tsumugi Shirogane[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. You finished cleaning the classroom! Now, what to do next?
I need to organize all my outfits
Ah, Leon. Are you cleaning your own room too?
Nah, not "cleaning." I'm going back home on New Year's, so I thought I'd pack.
I don't really have much, though. Just clothes, CDs, and gifts.
I'm so jealous that you can travel light like that. I have a ton of cosplay and props...
Cosplay stuff, huh? Are you gonna keep doing that after you graduate?
I'm just getting started. There are still a ton of costumes I want to make.
You're pretty devoted to it. But aren't you gonna get too old for that soon?
L-Leon... That's kind of a sensitive topic...
Oh, shouldn't have asked a lady about her age, huh?
Cosplayers don't care about that sort of thing. But I can understand why a normal person might.
But that's just the way I think... There shouldn't be an age limit on things you enjoy.
Even if at a certain point you notice that all your friends are younger than you...
You shouldn't throw your hobby away if you still enjoy it, right?
Yeah...guess not.
Oh...sorry! I got caught up in the moment!
Waaah! I messed up... I'm sure nerds getting passionate about stuff scares you off, huh?
Nah, it's not a bad thing. Coming from girls like you, anyway.
From guys like Hifumi? Shit's creepy.
You're very honest... If this was a dating game, that line would get you -30 relationship points.
What!? That bad!?
But I was relieved that you didn't think I was creepy.
Ha, what can I say, I'm a tolerant guy.
No...I wouldn't really go that far.
...You chatted with Leon for a bit!

With Usami[]

Today is the fall school festival... Let's go visit everyone's exhibits and events!
Where do you wanna go?
There are food stands in the schoolyard!
Hello, Leon! How's your crepe stand doing? Are you working hard?
Heyyy, it's Usami. Yeah, we're making some pretty good money.
And we've been getting lots of girls, probably thanks to my pretty face!
I didn't even know how to cook this stuff! Luckily, Kirumi helped me out.
Y-You mean, you had a customer teach you how to make crepes...?
Kirumi's crepes are so damn good! You want one? Can you even eat food?
I appreciate the gesture. I'm happy to see that your stand is doing well.
Hm, so you're a stuffed animal that talks like a teacher, huh?
Hehe... Of course, cuz I'm everyone's teacher.
You spent some time watching Leon serve customers!


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