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This article contains information and transcripts for Korekiyo Shinguji's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 1 2 4 2 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 216 50 75 125 75 125 100


Hope's Peak Academy, where Ultimate students gather... There must be many wonderful people. Kehehe...I am excited. Very excited, indeed... What sort of human beauty will I witness here?


I researched much as an anthropologist, but... My dream has gotten further from me.

Friendship Events[]

With Makoto Naegi[]

With Makoto Naegi
W-Was that...an empty can?
Ah...here you are, Makoto.
Oh...Kiyo. Did...you happen to see that? How embarrassing...
It appears the can was thrown from a window. You have my condolences.
Getting randomly hit by a can... Man, that's pretty unlucky.
Unlucky? That's an odd thing for an Ultimate Lucky Student to say.
Yeah...I was lucky to have been picked out of all the high schoolers in the country...
But for me, stuff like this is normal. Honestly, I'm more used to being unlucky. I guess they're researching luck here at Hope's Peak Academy, but...I wonder if I'm helping.
Perhaps luck is something not easily measured. Good and bad luck are woven together like rope.
I shall go ahead and say... "Makoto, you are lucky after all."
We ended up chatting, but the reason I came to talk to you was to deliver this.
Oh...that's my wallet!
I wonder when I dropped it... Thanks, Kiyo!
The can hit you and made you cry out... Hearing that, I looked over... And thus, I was able to deliver your wallet. That could be considered good luck, yes?
Um...when you put it like that, maybe it was good luck after all...
Perhaps whether something is good or bad luck needs to be decided after all is said and done.
Well, that can hurt pretty bad... And I dropped my wallet...
But you're right. I'll try being more positive. I was lucky you picked it up, Kiyo. Thanks.

With Genocide Jack and Sakura Ogami[]

With Genocide Jack and Sakura Ogami
...Totally not adorable!
How rude to declare such a thing upon seeing someone... But your words will not faze me.
Ngh, I can probably see a demand for you, but ya just don't cut it for me.
I have no issue with that. I doubt anything good will come from being your type. You also do nothing for me. Only cleanly people are suitable to be Sister's friends.
My gloomy side is the one who doesn't bathe! It's her fault I get this filthy! By the by, what happens to the suitable girls? You find any worthy ones already?
I could ask the same of you. What happens to those who "cut it" for you?
I must interject...
Ooohh, Miss Ogre just showed up, draggin' her knuckles like the ape-woman she is!
I felt a great disturbance in the air... What were you two discussing?
Nooothing! We were just chit-chatting and sipping some tea!
I see...then that's fine. I must be imagining things... My apologies.
Kehehe... I do not mind. I am accustomed to people thinking I am suspicious.
In regards to your question from earlier, though...
Hm? My question?
I will say... "The decision shall be put on hold for the time being." I don't wish to be seen as any more suspicious than I already am at this school.
Ahhh, we'd be in big trouble if she got mad! We'll call it off for now!

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

With Yasuhiro Hagakure
Hiro... There is a question I would ask you.
Hmm? What's up, Korey?
I have wondered for some time... What format do you use for your fortune telling? Although "fortune telling" is a single umbrella term, there are many ways to go about it... One might divine the future with palms, birthdays, or tools such as cards, yes?
Wow, Korey! You know your stuff! But my fortune telling is different from all of those... It's an inspirational style!
Inspiration... Also known as revelation, flashes, or one's sixth sense.
But don't lump my fortune telling in with the occult, you got it? Cuz my predictions are on the mark more than pretty much anyone else's!
But why're you asking about all that? You want your fortune read? I'll give you a discount.
I was merely curious what style of fortune telling has been acknowledged as "Ultimate."
Many styles of fortune telling have long historical roots stretching back generations. They are all...of great interest to me as an anthropologist.
Hmm, so in other words, you wanna know more about my fortune telling, huh Korey?
Well, I would not mind if you interpreted it that way.
Then I suggest you start by actually having your fortune told by me! Seeing it done for yourself is the best way to learn about it, right?
Indeed...I know your fortunes are expensive, but it may be to my benefit to experience one.
Yeah, you get it, Korey! Cuz of that, I'll tell you a bonus story, no charge!
I have a bad feeling about this, but I shall listen...
I've got these power stones here. They almost have as much energy as the crystal ball I use!
Normally, they're crazy expensive... But if you buy 'em through me, they're just 500,000 yen!
I see.
I bet someone like you could draw out their true power, no problem, Korey!
By the way, Hiro... When you say, Şablon:İmp, you are referring to me, correct?
Well, duh! "Korekiyo" is kind of a mouthful, y'know? I guess my name's the same though, huh?
While I normally tell those who have trouble with my name to call me "Kiyo"... I do not mind "Korey" either. Please refer to me as that whenever you wish.
Oh, sure thing. Leave it to me!
Very good. In that case, I shall see you later, Hiro.
See ya, Korey!
...Huh? Wait, Korey! What about the power stones!?
The bargain did not pay off!

With Angie Yonaga[]

With Angie Yonaga
Hm? How long have you been standing there, Kiyo?
Mm...I've been here for some time. I didn't wish to interrupt your prayer.
Nyahahahaha, thanks for being considerate! Do you want to join me, Kiyo?
Atua has spoken... If you convert now, you'll get a great deal on some exclusive services.
Hmm...I think I shall decline for now.
Hmmm... For now? This offer will not last forever, you know.
How can I believe in your god when I barely know anything about him?
His origins, his doctrines, the ways in which he is worshipped...
I can infer some from your words, but I have yet to hear a proper explanation.
I see, I see... You have a genuine interest in Atua beyond mere worship...
Cuz you are curious about Atua, right? That is what He is telling me.
Yes. I am curious as an anthropologist. Is it a problem if that's why I'm interested?
Hmmm, I would like to say that all are welcome, but...
Atua's business hours are closed for today. Too bad.
I see. That is unfortunate.
You know, if you want to hear the voice of Atua...you must pray.
Atua brings salvation, but only to those who believe.
Those who do not will face His judgment, you know.
Kehehe...how scary. I shall have to rein in my academic interest to avoid your god's wrath.

With Rantaro Amami[]

With Rantaro Amami
Oh, Kiyo. It's been a while. You took the day off yesterday, right?
That is correct. I returned from my fieldwork only just last night. I see you have returned as well, Rantaro. Where did you go this time?
Southeast Asia. I just got back the day before yesterday. But I've got another trip planned tomorrow. We almost missed each other!
Hmm...you are ever busy, flitting around the world as you do. It may sound strange coming from me, but... You seem pale. It may be best to recuperate.
Ha, maybe. But there's still so many places I want to go. Isn't it the same for you?
The answer to that question is, "Precisely." For research of course, but another reason as well.
Another reason?
Kehehe...oddly enough, when I look at you, I sense that we are kindred spirits.
You, too, are flitting around with a purpose... That is what I have deduced.
Haha, well, you *are* good at observing people.
...Do you have any siblings, Kiyo?
I do. An older sister.
Oh, nice. Are you two close?
Very much so. My sister is someone who is very important to me...very important indeed.
You said that without much prompting, Kiyo. That was kind of unexpected.
But in that case...maybe you understand.
To have asked me such a question...do your travels have something to do with siblings?
Yeah, something like that.
I see...that explains it. I shall not stop you from pushing yourself, in that case.
I, too, wish to do everything I can for my sister. That is how I feel.
Haha, and here I thought no one would ever really understand.
By the way, the sibling you are pushing yourself so hard for... Is it a brother? A sister?
Oh, um, little sister.
Hm... The fact that you have so much drive, must mean you have a wonderful sister.
Oh yeah. Much better than me!
Kehehe... Is that so? I won't ask in detail, but I shall root for you. When the day comes that you have fulfilled your goal...I would like to hear more of your sister.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... Your card for the scavenger hunt says, "Şablon:İmp"! The one you like the most is always inside you, so going to the goal alone would be correct... But explaining that seems problematic. How will you deal with this?
Perhaps I will exchange my card
Hmm...this should solve the problem.
Kiyo...I saw you switch your card with the one I was gonna draw...
That's cheating. That card's mine, give it back.
It wasn't me that switched them. They were switched by the power of your magic.
M-My magic? Did you say it was my magic?
indeed. Because of that, you cannot return them to the way they were before...yes?
Hm...well, if it was my magic that did it, then that's that.
...You managed to pull of the switch!
I'll take a...broad interpretation of "like"
The national pop sensation, Sayaka... Everyone has fond feelings towards you...
None would question us running together for the scavenger hunt.
I don't mind running together, but...what did it say on the card?
Well... Şablon:İmp...that's what it said.
You brought Sayaka with you!
I shall observe the others instead
Well, I needn't win. It would serve me much better to observe everyone else.
So...Teruteru, I give this card to you.
Huh? Is that even allowed?
This card is more suited to you than me... Look at it, and you will understand.
Let's see... Şablon:İmp huh? I see... You got shy, huh? You do look like you'd be the shy type, Kiyo.
I, on the other hand, think it's fine to talk openly about love... This card does suit me! But if you're giving me this card, does that mean you want to...reach the goal together?
...I did not foresee this outcome.
You politely declined!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You are running the haunted house. A guest approaches...
So you enjoy such entertainment?
Well, I don't write horror manga, but I figured I'd learn something by shaking my emotions up.
And I knew if you had a part in this haunted house, Mr. Shinguji, it'd be the real deal!
I see. You are researching expression. I expect no less from the Şablon:İmp. I believe we will meet your expectations. I was involved with the design of the set... I had them create an authentic experience based on ghost tales passed down in many regions.
Mhm, and it looks like there's some good visual elements too. They're important for immersion!
I believe the atmosphere is perfect for inducing fear. But there are no real ghosts...probably.
Of course there won't be. Well then, it's time...
Hifumi advances into the dungeon!
...After a while, you heard Hifum's shrill screams coming from inside.
Do you enjoy scary games as well?
A haunted house, huh? Yeah...that sounds like fun.
I'm sure you've played many horror games. Are you used to this kind of atmosphere?
Well...not in real life, but...I'm sure horror games are a good reference.
Um...if it's a horror game, I'll need to change my tactics depending on the available weapons...
...I would prefer if you refrained from attacking the actors.
Hm, got it. So it's a chase game.
...You felt uneasy as you watched Chiaki enter the haunted house.
I did not expect to see royalty here
Why, naturally! I plan to complete two laps of the whole academy!
You seem quite enthusiastic... As a princess, are student festivals rare for you?
I feel quite invigorated to attend as a student. In my country, I visited academies as royalty... It was my duty to cut the largest Skong each year to begin the festival.
What an intriguing tradition... I would love to visit your kingdom as an anthropologist.
You watched with interest as Sonia entered the haunted house!


Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. So where will you clean?
Perhaps I shall go to the dojo
Geez, I knew the noisy ones wouldn't come here, but now I gotta deal with the creepy one.
Kehehe... Did I interrupt your quiet break time, Hiyoko?
Hey, can you not say it like I'm slacking off? I just thought if I had to clean, I may as well clean this beautiful Japanese room.
I usually don't hang around in barbaric places like these, but this scenic view is okay.
Hm...I suppose I should have known a traditional dancer like yourself would have a delicate side.
What do you mean by that? Of course I'm delicate.
In any event, I shall leave the cleaning here to you... You may spend as much time as you like.
Eh, whatever. Now that I think about it, this place smells like sweat. It's gross.
I'll look for Mahiru and help her, so you can just clean this place by yourself.
...I almost reevaluated her, but it was a mistake to even consider it. She is not worthy.
You cleaned the dojo by yourself...
The dining hall may be surprisingly easy
Oh, Byakuya...are you having a coffee break?
Do you honestly think I would stoop to cleaning this place?
No...I cannot imagine you doing such a thing.
Anyway, the dining hall's already been cleaned. I'm just here because there's no dust.
Ah, as I thought...Kirumi always cleans the dining hall, so there's nothing to do here. In that case, I shall thank Kirumi and have some tea.
By the way, Byakuya, I notice Toko isn't with you today.
She's never been with me.
Well...I do not think that's accurate. She's always following after you so eagerly.
I've never seen her. Even if I had, it wouldn't mean we were together.
Kehehe...so cold. Why not respond to her feelings? Such earnestness is rare, you know? You may find that it makes you happier than having the entire world in your hands.
What a terrifying thought... I'm disappointed that you have such commoner sentiments. Is that all that you've gained from observing people as the Ultimate Anthropologist?
No, this is a conclusion I've reached based on my own personal experiences.
Either way, it's a terrifying thought...
You spent time having tea and exchanging opinions with Byakuya...
I would like to clean my own room
Oh, Korekiyo... Aren't you gonna clean the school?
Yes, but I thought I would clean my own room first.
Y-Your own room... Are you sure that's really a priority right now?
Well, I know we are meant to prioritize communal spaces for something like this...
But my notes and documents are starting to pile up. Cleaning is a difficult task.
I'd prefer to take an opportunity like this to organize everything.
I see... You take your research very seriously.
Very well, then! You've convinced me to give you permission!
Your permission doesn't really matter...
Oh...that's right. I'm not a teacher right now...
You? A teacher?
I know I may not look like it...but I really am supposed to be everyone's teacher.
I still feel like I'm your teacher. I'll always be there for you, Korekiyo.
Hmm... Really? No matter what happens?
Really, I mean it... Ummm, is something the matter?
No, it's nothing. I am grateful for your thoughts. Trust...expectations... The beauty of humanity can be seen even when such feelings are crushed.
...Although, you are not a person.
...You cleaned your room with Monomi!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Celestia Ludenberg[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
That being said, you don't really feel anything. Let's spend our time drinking tea as always! Almost all of the seats in the dining hall are taken... Who will you ask to sit with?
Peko, would you like to play a round with me?
Of course, it is not a serious contest. Just a little...fun gambling.
Very well. A tense game with you will be good stimulation for me as well.
Ah...this seems intriguing. May I watch from the sidelines?
That is fine. I do not mind if you join in.
No, I will focus on observing your game for the time being.
What sort of battle will ensue...? I would like to carefully observe it.
I would not mind that either. It is not a bad thing to have an audience.
Are you alright with this as well, Peko?
I don't mind. It will be good training for keeping my composure in any situation.
Such a serious woman... You will do anything for a match. You are a worthy opponent.
This will be an intriguing match, indeed... Kehehe...I eagerly wait.
You had an intense battle at the corner of the dining hall...

With Genocide Jack[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs asked you to clean the school today...
But once again, your personalities switched! Forget about cleaning! Let's look for Master!
Master must be having coffee in the dining hall!
I thought that Master would be here... But here you are, sippin' coffee!
Hey! Where's Master? Where!?
Kehehe... Well, well...aren't you an eager one?
Damn right I am! I've seen plenty of pretty boys, but...
Master takes the cake! Kyaaa! I can't control my ovaries!
How 'bout you? See any pretty girls lately?
I would appreciate it if you didn't compare my standards to yours. I don't seek girls for myself.
I already have someone I love. I have never so much as considered anyone besides her.
Now here we are, a couple of weirdos who are honest with themselves. Doesn't seem right!
I have mixed feelings about being called a comrade of yours... But so be it.
I will allow myself to say.. "Byakuya just left here to return to the classroom."
What!? Seriously!? We're doing the "just missed them" trope!? Thanks, comrade!
Thanks to Kiyo, you were able to find Master!

With Ibuki Mioda[]

Today is the school festival you've been waiting for! Of course, you'll do a concert!
But you've still got some time before the show. Why not chek out the other events for now?
I heard Hiyoko's doing a haunted house!
Oooh, ghosts right at the entrance! That's a new one!
...I am not playing a ghost. I am merely the receptionist.
Huh? Oh, now that I take a good look at you, you're Kiyo!
I'd appreciate if you noticed without having to take a good look... Anyway, the haunted house...
Heck yeah! I'm gonna go in there and shout my heart out to prepare for my concert! If Hiyoko's involved, I'm sure it'll be some sorta screamy, machiney, super crazy place!
Indeed...Hiyoko seemed to be making some very cruel traps. I'm sure you will enjoy them.
Hyaaaa! It'll be like visiting hell!
...You headed for the show after shouting at the top of your lungs in the haunted house!

With Junko Enoshima[]

Your last winter at the academy... your three years as Hope's Peak are about to end boringly. On top of that, it's December 24th, the day you hate the most. How will you spend it?
Maybe I'll eat something in the dining hall
You're spending today like you would any other, no? Have you no interest in christmas?
Geez, did you think I'd be out with some guy? I look like this, but I guard my virtue, y'know?
Well... according to my observations, you don't seem the type to get excited for a day like this.
You're always acting bright and cheery, befitting your title as Şablon:İmp... However, at times, it seems as though... you are bored with everything in the world.
Eww, you've been watching me? That's way creepy. Stalkers aren't in right now, y'know?
Kehehe... that is not my intention. Besides, I already have someone dear to my heart.
Well, it's true that I'm bored most of the time. But I know how to deal with that... For me and everyone else to feel heart-pounding excitement...
...I know just what I need to do.
Hmm... well that sounds lovely. I assume you have some fun things planned?
Oh, I've got a bunch of stuff planned, so you can look forward to it.
You ate as you thought about your despair-packed plan...

With K1-B0[]

Today is the sports festival and you're going to play soccer! What position will you play?
I will mount a solid defense
I will be on defense. That is the most logical course of action I can take.
For those of us who aren't good at sports, this is all we can do.
Miu suggested that I equip a booster function for this occasion...
...I honestly do not expect anything from any of your functions.
You did your best to mount a solid defense!

With Kokichi Oma[]

Today is the school festival... You walked around looking at food stands and exhibits!
You went into a haunted house that's known to be scary, but you have one comment. And that's...
I have a problem with the reception desk!
I never expected to receive a complaint about the reception desk... Did I do something rude?
Well, I think you as the receptionist is perfect for setting the mood.
But that's why it's a bit too devious. You're obviously too scary.
Kehehe...well yes. I am aware that the role of "creepy receptionist" suits me. To put guests in the proper mood, I've been telling scary stories from different regions.
Whaaaat? But you never gave me that kind of service!
My stories would have been wasted on the likes of you.
What a buzzkill... Haunted house plus a scary story would've been so awesome.
What was your original complaint even about?
You enjoyed the haunted house, while Kiyo glared at you!

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Let's take a lot of pictures today!
Where will you aim for the perfect shot?
The scavenger hunt seems fun
I want to get a group picture of everyone before they run.
Alright, everyone. Ooone, twooo, thr—
H-Hold on! D-Don't just start shooting!
Huh? I'm sorry. Do you not like having your picture taken?
Y-You just think I'm ugly! I'm just here to make the other girls look pretty by comparison!
Toko...you're disturbing Mahiru. It is her duty as a photographer to take her pictures of everyone.
N-Not me! And if *you're* in it, there's gonna be a ghost or something in the shot!
...Actually, you may be correct.
Hey, Kiyo... L-Let's not joke about that.
Th-Th-There's no such thing as ghosts! Don't be stupid!
Ghosts are real. I have heard their voices many times. They are merely humans after death.
One needs to follow certain steps to hear their voices, but they are always among us.
N-No way! It's your dumb imagination!
...Why are we talking about this?
You felt a chill in the air the rest of the day...

Today is the school festival... You decided to exhibit your best pictures!
Someone has come to look at your pictures... What do you say to them?
These are when the girls made sweets
You seem to be looking at those pictures intently... You're not being a perv, are you?
Of course not. I would never direct wicked thoughts toward such wonderful pictures. These pictures capture everyone's smiles. Through them, the beauty of humanity shines brighter.
Also, I already have someone precious to me. I would not go about eyeing other women.
What!? R-Really?
Kehehe...you must be surprised, no?
Oh, no...I'm sorry I accused you. She must be very dear to you.
...You learned something unexpected about Korekiyo!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Your part is over, so now you can cheer for the Ultimates! Which event will you go watch?
Maybe I'll go cheer for soccer
Ah, Nagito...are you here to offer your support to the athletes?
Yeah, since my race is over. I'm glad I made it in time for the soccer game.
It seems as though you enjoy observing the talents of others, yes? I'm surprised you've come to cheer despite there being no Şablon:İmp here.
I just want to see the moment you all shine as symbols of hope. But being in an event not related to your talent isn't really what I'd call despair...
Ultimates can easily overcome something like that.
Kehehe...I see. Perhaps that is what one might call an expression of hope? For example, I may be able to use my observational skills to excel at soccer.
That's exactly right! I knew you'd be able to think of something like that, Kiyo!
Oh...sorry someone like me distracted you from the game...
No, I do not mind. This was an intriguing conversation. All aspects of humanity are beautiful. I am observing you with great interest as well.
I'm glad that scum like me can be of use to someone like you, Kiyo.
...You spent time watching Korekiyo and the others' soccer game!

With Rantaro Amami[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're back from your trip, but Christmas has passed. The dining hall has fewer people than usual. Should you talk to someone?
Kiyo, long time no see
Greetings, Rantaro... I see you're back from another trip. Where did you go this time?
South America. Quite the stimulating trip.
I see... I'm glad you've returned safely. I wished to speak with you about something. It seems as though your travels have a purpose. Were you able to fulfill it this time?
...No. Not yet.
But...you haven't yet given up. Isn't that correct?
Are you here to tell me I'm pathetic, and I should just quit?
No... To that, I say, "That is simply another aspect of the beauty of humanity." I would like to continue to root for you, as your friend.
Haha... That's... really encouraging. Thank you, Kiyo.
You and Korekiyo spent some time discussing all the people you met on your trip.


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