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This article contains information and transcripts for Kokichi Oma's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 3 2 4 2 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 216 100 75 125 75 75 50


A school for Ultimate students, huh? Well, that doesn't seem boring.


I thought about quitting this school if it didn't excite me enough, but it wasn't boring.

Friendship Events[]

With Gonta Gokuhara and Junko Enoshima[]

With Gonta Gokuhara and Junko Enoshima
Oh, good morning. You from different class, yes? Your name... Junko, right?
Wow, you barely remembered someone as flashy and charismatic as me! Waaaay to go, wild boy!
S-Sorry! Next time, Gonta remember you better!
Good morning, Gonta! Has a rude blonde bitch always attended this school?
Oh, I guess Miu's a rude blonde bitch. But this one seems different somehow.
Ugh, being compared to...*her* fills me with so much despair, I could just die...
K-Keep chin up, Junko! No say such sad thing!
Of course I recognize you. I would never forget about my darling Junko.
At least...I think you're Junko... Hmm... Hmmmmm...
Sorry, has your face always looked like that? We've never really talked so I don't remember!
Whaaaat!? That's sooo mean! I've had this cute, popular face since the day I was born!
Kokichi... That's not very gentlemanly way to talk to lady!
But Kokichi might not be so far off the mark. It's not unusual for people to have lookalikes.
What? Really? Gonta thought there only one Junko.
No way there's more than one of this flashy-looking girl! She's not Byakuya!
What? There more than one Byakuya?
I have a twin, a body double, and a doppelganger and we all have the same face. But that's a lie.
Hey, don't lie! That's my thing! You may be my bestie, but I'm still mad at you!
Uhhh, Gonta so confused... There only one Gonta, right?
Don't worry. Someone as stupid and gullible as you is one in a million!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

With Nagito Komaeda
Umm...I give up.
Hm? Oh, looks like I won in the end! But you weren't half-bad, Nagito!
Well, we weren't really competing, were we?
Oh, really? Then why did you give up?
Sorry... Did I say something confusing?
Honestly, I wanted to figure out what your talent was, so I tried to look into it... But I couldn't find out a single thing about the location of your secret organization.
Nee-heehee... That's why it's a secret. You're not gonna find it that easily.
That's just what I'd expect from an Şablon:İmp! Despite my luck, I couldn't learn a single thing about your organization.
It's almost like it doesn't exist... Oh, but I'm not doubting your talent or anything.
If you're interested, just ask me directly. For you, I'll tell you anything you wanna know.
No, I think I'll pass on that. Scum like me wouldn't dare ask an evil supreme leader to reveal their secrets...
Huh? Bored of me already? Too bad, cuz my answers would've been the end for you... I was planning to take all of your assets as my payment for answering your questions.
Huh? I just need to pay you money? If that's all you wanted, I should've asked.
Oh...there are other forms of payment besides money. Still wanna know my secrets?
Hmm... If I'm able to pay the price you set, I'll gladly do it but... Are you just going to lie about it after I pay you...?
Or raise the price even higher after I make an offer?
Wooow, you're absolutely correct! You know me so well, Nagito!
Yeah, I think it's clear you just don't want to talk about yourself.

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Hey, Boss Baby! Your smile is looking fresh and friendly today!
Do I look like I'm fuckin' smiling, asshole? And what the fuck did you just call me!?
But we should get alooong. Hated by society, we both walk under the cover of the night. Why shouldn't we get along? If anything...you should be sucking up to me, Fuyuhiko.
I'm an evil supreme leader with connections to criminal organizations all over the world. You won't last long in the criminal underworld if you get on my bad side. Know what I mean?
Hmph, that supposed to be a threat? Fuck you and your bullshit.
Evil supreme leader? What are you, a fuckin' preschooler or something?
Uh-oh... I wouldn't say that kinda stuff if I were you. You're living the good life now, but it won't last once you become the head of your clan.
Keep yapping, shithead.
Oh, by the way... You, of all people, don't get to call me a kid! Got it, Boss Baby!?
The fuck did you just say to me, you piece of shit?
You're so cool and mature, Fuyuhiko! But I'm sure you already know that's a lie!
...I'm gonna show you hell, and I'm gonna take my sweet fuckin' time doing it.
Yay! The dark battle between the supreme leader and yakuza begins! Time to put you in your place!
...Usami happened to walk by and put a stop to your rowdy hallway ruckus!

With Yasuhiro Hagakure and Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

With Yasuhiro Hagakure and Byakuya Togami (Imposter)
Maaan, running an evil secret organization is tough work, lemme tell ya.
Kokichi...cut that out already. Nobody here's gonna fall for such an obvious lie.
Don't even acknowledge him. Can't you tell how pointless it is to talk to him?
Hey, why are you guys being so mean?
Especially you, Hiro! You're the meanest!
Huh!? Why me!?
Cuz you still don't believe I'm a supreme leader. I have lots of shady connections... Y'know those debt collectors you're always running from? They actually work for me.
Why didn't you say that sooner!? Tell me all about your organization! L-Let's be pals!
Kokichi...do you enjoy messing with Hiro?
Yeah! It's so much fun! I love Hiro!
Hey, does your organization want to hire me as a contract fortune-teller? Act now, and I'll throw in a Byakuya-Who-Isn't-Byakuya!
Hey! Don't bundle me in a set without permission!
Hmmm... Well, I'd definitely hire Byakuya! But just him!
What!? But that won't help me!
Byakuya-Who-Isn't-Byakuya! I don't care if I gotta be your assistant, let's join him! Come on, pleeease! Think of it as saving me from the scary guys!
Agggh! Come to your senses already! Besides, I refuse to be Kokichi's underling! I am destined to stand above all others!
Byakuya-Who-Isn't-Byakuya... You're really committed to your Byakuya act, huh?
Maaan, I really wanted to hire Byakuya. But...I don't like it when other people lie.

With Celestia Ludenberg[]

With Celestia Ludenberg
Celeste! I've been looking all over for you!
Oh, Kokichi... Is something the matter?
C'mon! This is no time for one of your fancy tea parties! Something crazy just happened! Just promise me you won't freak out, okay? Anyway, Hifumi...
...inflated like a balloon until he popped!
Oh, dear. Then who will serve me tea tomorrow?
Shouldn't you be more concerned? Your homeroom is covered in Hifumi chunks!
Well...I certainly hope my favorite purse has not been soiled.
Hm, you're pretty calm. Are you used to gory stuff cuz you're a gambler?
What a rude assumption. I am beside myself with worry over my purse's well-being.
I see. Well, you can relax cuz I was lying. Both Hifumi and your purse are safe.
Oh? What a relief, then. I was completely and utterly fooled.
Geez, lies are a no-no! I hate it when other people lie!
I am not lying, Kokichi. Your performance was quite convincing.
Hmmm, so you're doubling down on your claim that I fooled you, huh?
My claim is based in reality. You genuinely surprised me.
Wooow! Only Gonta would fall for that lie!
Celeste...I'm sure, deep down inside, you're so annoyed you just wanna explode at me.
I am a professional gambler... I earn my living among the lies of others.
So my heart cannot be shaken by lies. Unlike you, who claims to hate them.
So you actually hate when people tell you the truth! Is that it, Taeko?
...That is not true. Dealing with nothing but lies would become very tiresome.
C'mooon, you're lying! Man, this is why I love talking to people like you!
That, too, was a lie, yes?
Yup, that was a lie! But then again, that might be a lie, too!
Kokichi...are you perhaps interested in a game of lies?
If you are willing to bet everything you own, I would not mind being your opponent.
Oh, sounds great! Let's play a game with our lives and possessions at stake!
You two promised to have a gambling competition!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival! The events you were in ended early...
There's still time until afternoon events start. Why not walk around and kill some time?
Oh, there's a weird-looking thing
I was wondering who it was, but it's just you, Monomi. Well, your entire existence is weird!
M-My existence is weird...? But I just wanna help everyone through their school life...
You have good intentions, but everything else about you is weird. So, what are you doing here?
Oh yes! I can feel sorry for myself later! I'm looking for Monokuma!
Apparently he interfered in the event...and I have to deal with him right away!
I saw Monokuma head to the courtyard.
Really!? Is that true?!?
Who can say? Do you think it is?
...Aw, I knew I shouldn't have asked you that.
You gave Monomi some attention when she cried!
Oh, there's someone with a weird silhouette
That long hair... Could it be...? Whoa, I'm so lucky to meet you here!
You... Do you know me?
Weeeell, not exactly, but...there are rumors about some long-haired guy walking around.
Hey...aren't you supposed to be dead?
What sort of ridiculous rumor is that?
About how you're a ghost. But rumors might as well be a bunch of lies, so I hate them!
So, who are you? I haven't seen anyone at this school with a silhouette that stands out as much as yours.
I am nobody. I'm just staying at this academy... I no longer have a will or purpose.
So you used to have a will or a purpose before?
...The Şablon:İmp.
That is what I was called.
That totally sounds not-so-boring. Tell me more.
There's nothing to tell. I am...nobody now.
You harassed the man with the long hair, but he ran away before he told you anything...
Oh, there's a weird smell
I thought I smelled something weird... But it was just you, Toko! That makes sense!
Who smells weird!? I-I just came back from exercising, that's all!
Hmmm, but it's not the kind of smell you get from sweating recently.
A-Anyway...do you know which event Master is going to be in this afternoon!?
You're in the same class, but you don't know? Well, I saw him getting ready for volleyball.
Hmph...you're unexpectedly useful.
...But that's a lie! Only the girls are getting ready for volleyball. You must be so obsessed with Byakuya that you even forgot that! Well, I'll be cheering for you!
Shut up! I won't ask you anymore! Wh-What a waste of time!
You watched Toko leave in a huff.

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You walked around looking at food stands and exhibits!
You went into a haunted house that's known to be scary, but you have one comment. And that's...
I have a problem with the mechanisms!
Hey...who made the mechanisms for this haunted house?
Oh, that was me! Was there...something wrong with them?
Hm well, I was pretty excited when the people dressed as ghosts snuck up behind me... But I'm not so sure about the fire shooting from the floors and burning up all the ghosts.
Are you serious!? But I checked to make sure that wouldn't happen!
Y'know the toy hands falling from the ceiling? An assassin fell down too and tried to kill me!
It's pretty tough being a supreme leader of evil. You never know when they'll strike.
I never thought you'd be cooperating with my enemies... I can't let you live now...
Whoa whoa whoa! I didn't do anything! Were you just lying about all that stuff!?
Oh, you got me. You scared me with the haunted house, so I wanted to scare you back as thanks!
I don't need your twisted thanks!
You actually had a pretty good time!
I have a problem with the acting!
Go get me the person who directed the acting for this haunted house!
Whaaat, me? What's your problem?
Oh, so it was you, Hiyoko. No wonder the acting was downright dirty. That's not a complaint—I was actually pretty impressed. It was a controversial work of art. The music playing the whole time in the background especially made me shudder.
Yeah, Kazuichi made that for me. I thought if it was too scary it'd make you freeze up, so I had him tone it down.
That's true! The music was relaxing for me, but it did a number on the other scared guests!
The haunted house taught you a lot about how to be a better supreme leader of evil!
I have a problem with the reception desk!
I never expected to receive a complaint about the reception desk... Did I do something rude?
Well, I think you as the receptionist is perfect for setting the mood.
But that's why it's a bit too devious. You're obviously too scary.
Kehehe...well yes. I am aware that the role of "creepy receptionist" suits me. To put guests in the proper mood, I've been telling scary stories from different regions.
Whaaaat? But you never gave me that kind of service!
My stories would have been wasted on the likes of you.
What a buzzkill... Haunted house plus a scary story would've been so awesome.
What was your original complaint even about?
You enjoyed the haunted house, while Kiyo glared at you!


Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it. You have a few months left on this campus... Why not walk around while you still have the chance?
Maybe I'll find someone in the classroom
Oh, Kee-boy...what are you doing here? Did ya run out of battery, and now you can't move?
Of course not! And don't mock my state-of-the-art energy efficiency!
It just dawned on me that I have only a few months left in this classroom...
So I thought I'd use this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of sentimental emotion.
So you're relieved to be rid of these people! Your heart is colder than your steel plates!
Well, I guess a robot doesn't have a heart to begin with.
Kokichi...you have no intention of ever re-examining your robophobic views, do you?
If that weren't bad enough already...you're always lying and teasing people, too...
Do you think that's acceptable behavior from a student of Hope's Peak Academy!?
Hold on there! You're not a person, so you can't accuse me of teasing people!
Krgh...! I refuse to be baited into allowing you to change the subject...!
Geez, you're persistent. Okay, I'll answer seriously since you insist... As you know, I'm the Şablon:İmp. Everything I do is according to my talent. Even Hope's Peak Academy acknowledges it.
So...you intend to remain this way for the rest of your life.
You're never going to open up to others and tell them how you really feel.
Even if I did tell you how I really feel...would you believe a liar like me?
...No. Unless it's something very serious, I doubt I'll ever believe a word you say.
Then...perhaps I will re-examine my view of you.
Though I can't trust your words...I do trust the three years we spent together as classmates. So the truth I choose to remember is that we have been—and always shall be—friends.
Hm...so it doesn't really matter what I say? You're pretty wise for a robot.
Krgh... I never said I would ever excuse your robophobia, though!
You spent some time teasing Keebo...
Maybe I'll wander around the courtyard
Hm... The spawn of Loki's blood approaches... You are...the Clown Prince of Lies!
Wooow! And now I'm stuck here with a real pain in the ass!
Oh, make no mistake... I have no intention of aligning myself with the likes of you.
You, a supreme leader of evil, master of ruin... I, a demon, the embodiment of madness...
Do you think it possible for those who wear the masks of darkness to mingle? The answer is no!
Gundham, are you actually...interested in my title as the supreme leader of evil?
I get why you think it's cool, but you can't copy me, okay?
I, Gundham Tanaka, the one and only Overlord, would never be a duplicate of one such as you!
You and I are beings that are incompatible from our cores. If you understand, then leave.
Geez, you don't have to reject me like that. I wanna get along with you.
Do not enter my domain! You will regret carelessly crossing the threshold of my barrier.
Your domain? Ooh...that's right. There's a breeding shed you're in charge of over there.
So, you don't want me near your animals? Rude! I won't do anything bad, y'know that?
Reflect on your actions the past three years... It is only natural I wouldn't trust you.
Whoa...you're the last person I wanna hear that from...
You were chased away by Gundham...
Maybe I'll commit the school into my memory
Oh Kyoko, I didn't see you at the closing ceremony. Did you just get back?
I did... Now, goodbye.
Heeey, hold on. Aren't you being too cold?
But, I should've seen it coming. A detective shouldn't be around a leader of evil.
You were investigating an incident my subordinates were involved in, right?
What are you scheming?
I'm trying to warn you, obviously! As schoolmates, I'm doing it just this once!
The incident you're involved with isn't simple. It'll be dangerous if you step in any further.
If you're trying to ask what my intentions are, it's to confirm your lies.
You treated my warning as a lie and even tried to ignore me... You got balls, Kyoko!
But you did some detective work today, right? We may be in different classes, but couldn't you assume I knew cuz I'm somehow involved in it?
It would've been easy to guess I was out for work when you didn't see me at the ceremony.
Well, that's true. But that doesn't really constitute as proof that I'm lying, right?
There's a different reason why I can say you're lying.
Ooh, and what's that? Tell me.
The case I received today was an incident that occurred several decades ago.
Even if the case was solved, we wouldn't be able to arrest the culprit.
However, the victim wanted it settled. He is suffering from a terminal illness...
He wanted to know the truth while he was still alive... And that's why he requested me.
Well? It's improbable that you would be involved with a case that long ago, don't you think so?
Hmmm...so you lie too, huh? That even sounded like a true story...
But it's weird a detective would talk so readily about the victim's background...
Would I have lied about my story? If your claim is true... ...then please explain the content of the case I was involved with today.
...Geeeez, I should've expected that from you, Kyoko. You can't be fooled that easily. I'm sure you'd be able to expose all my crimes, too. So scary.
Playing mind games like these with Kyoko might not be so boring!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

Today is the summer sports festival. It's your first game of basketball... What should you be mindful of while you play?
Don't get hurt! Don't hurt anyone!
Gonta have big body... Might hurt other players if Gonta run into them.
Yeah, you should be careful, Gonta. I heard people at this school's sports festival...
...die! The intensity of all the Ultimates' competitive natures lead to bloodshed!
What? Really?
Well, I lied, but I'm positive you'll end up killing someone!
G-Gonta not kill anyone!.
...You played very passively to make sure you didn't accidentally kill anyone.

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
Gonta have fond memories of this classroom
Gonta sad to say goodbye to this classroom...
Hm? Gonta, what are you doing? Did you forget something?
No... Gonta just feeling sad cuz we all gonna graduate soon.
Last three years were lots of fun. Everyone was so nice to Gonta...
Hmmm, there's a lot of time left, though. We still have a few months.
You taking this really well, Kokichi.
Not really. I'm so sad I can hardly eat. At night, I even cry myself to sleep, y'know?
What!? Gonta had no idea what you going through! Gonta sorry he not notice!
Gonta, you're soooo nice! You're easy to trick!
W-Was that lie just now?
Nee-heehee... Who knows?
So...it was just lie? You getting enough to eat, right Kokichi?
Gonta no like lies, but...of course Gonta worry if you scare him like that.
Well, bear it for a few more months, then I'll stop lying to you.
Huh? Cuz you gonna stop telling lies, Kokichi?
No way! It's cuz we're graduating!
Wh-Why you wait for after graduation to stop lying to Gonta?
Cuz we won't see each other anymore after we graduate. I *am* a leader of evil, after all. There'd be no point for me to be around a gentleman like you, Gonta. And that's not a lie.
Are you relieved, Gonta? You'll never be tricked by someone as despicable as me anymore.
How sad! Gonta make lots of memories with Kokichi over last three years...
So...of course Gonta feel sad he not gonna see you anymore...
Trying to trick me back isn't gonna work! You can't fool me with that lie!
Is no lie! Gentlemen NEVER tell lies!
Of course. Well, I'm not a gentleman like you, Gonta, so I'm saying my farewell.
Grgh... Gonta wish that was lie...
You feel even sadder than before...

With Gundham Tanaka[]

Today is the school festival, you concealed your true exhibit behind an illusion...
Those with low astral levels see an ordinary petting zoo! Your featured demon beast is...
A demon beast who controls hearts
Wow, I was expecting some crazy animals, but there's just normal stuff like cats...
...State your purpose, Clown Prince of Lies.
I'm here cuz I love animals, of course. I've been looking forward to your zoo.
I hate it when people lie, but animals never lie, right?
Indeed...beings who speak words will inevitably betray you. You are one such being.
Huuuh, why are you being such a hater? What'd I do to you?
Especially when I love you so much. See, even this li'l kitty cat is saying you're being mean—
...Ouch. It scratched me.
They have sharp claws and a fickle nature. Those lured by their appearance become their prey.
Repent for your foolishness...and I shall cleanse your wound!
You gave Kokichi some antiseptic...

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

Today is the sports festival! But it'll be all stuffy and gross with your kimono...
So you're going to skip it! How do you kill time?
Maybe I'll go tease Mikan
Mikan, you've got nothing better to do, right? Get me some snacks.
S-Sorry...I'm giving Kokichi a medical exam right now, so...c-can you wait a little?
Owieeee...my head, chest, stomach, hands, and feet are all aching at the same time...
That's obviously a lie! You're not in pain at all, you lying pig barf!
But...since he's saying he's in pain...I have to do a medical exam.
Nee-heehee...you're so kind to injured people, Mikan.
See? This lying pig barf is perfectly fine!
Whoa! Owieeee, now my ears are starting to ache, too!
You had a bitter back-and-forth battle with Kokichi...

With Izuru Kamukura[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
Your classmates invited you to a Christmas party today... What do you do?
Perhaps I will leave the academy
Hm? Isn't your class having a party today?
Do you really think I'm the kind of person who would enjoy something like that?
Of course not! I would know, since I love you soooo much!
Yup, being anti-social is *totally* a thing. Even though, I go to events I'm not invited to.
I have no intention of socializing with you either, so I will excuse myself now.
Hey, hold on there. We should talk more, now that we have the chance.
Sooo, what does anti-social Izuru plan to do after graduation?
Are you gonna use your amazing talents to accomplish things all over the world?
I will answer that question with the same question I posed to you moments ago.
Well, I've been watching you for the last three years, so I know you'd never do that.
If you don't know what to do after, then do you want to become my subordinate?
It's an evil secret organization, so it's not safe. But I can guarantee it'll be interesting.
An evil secret organization...no one would normally accept such an absurd offer.
That's why I think it's perfect for someone who's not a normal person.
I'm sure if you ever got tossed into a tough situation, you'd be able to handle it.
Hmm...so there is the possibility of being tossed into tough situations.
Of course. Subordinates under the supreme leader of evil's rule deal with danger everyday. I am a liar...but that wasn't a lie, okay?
Even if you were to lie, I would be able to see right through it.
Wah! You're scary! You're the nemesis of liars!
Well, if what you say is true, then you must know I'm serious about my request, right?
Don't think too hard on it... Just imagine it as if you're playing a game with me.
I'm sure I'd be able to enjoy a fun game if it's with you.
I will decline. You may have fun, but I'm sure I will find it boring.
Hey, how meeeean! I thought of interesting games that would be tough, even for you!
You were continually pestered by Kokichi...

With Kaito Momota[]

Your last winter at the academy... There are only a few days left in the year.
The stars are especially pretty tonight... What will you do?
Walk by myself
Oh, Kaito! Were you waiting for me to come back?
Like I'd do something like that! I didn't even know you were out!
Ugh...I never thought I'd have to see your face after graduation.
You're lucky then! You'll definitely get all the good luck this year!
I'm not lucky at all. This year's almost done anyway!
You haven't changed a bit these last 3 years... You're still like this at your age? Doesn't it make your parents cry? Do you even visit?
Hey now, you don't really ask the supreme leader of evil such normie questions.
Also, if you wanna know my origin story, you're gonna have to bet two lives for it.
Idiot, everyone's only got one life and there's no way I'd waste mine on your story!
Aw maaan, how boring. If you're not gonna bother learning the truth about me... ...then that means we'll have to say our final farewells at graduation in a few months.
Heh, that's a relief. It'll mean I'm done with being dragged around by your lies! But if you're saying that, then it means we might see each other again after all.
Huh...? Why do you say that?
Cuz you're a liar. Well, I'd be better off not seeing you ever again if I had the option...
So you're saying cuz I told you we'll never meet again, we actually will? Not bad for you, Kaito.
What's that supposed to mean!? Geez, on top of being a liar, you say a buncha unnecessary crap!
You feel like you'll be dragged around by Kokichi's lies till the very end...

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

Today is the school festival... You are giving a speech about meritocracy! You gave a passionate speech. Why not talk to some of the people in attendance?
I did not expect you to come...
Oh, surprised? Now, I'm saaaad. I love you so much, Taka.
S-Sorry, I...didn't think you'd be interested in my talk about effort...
No, your ideals aren't boring! They're exactly what a leader of evil would wanna destroy!
What!? What are you talking about!?
Doesn't sound like a bad ideal, y'know? It's easier to exact justice when there's evil. If I ruin society and you fix it...then you'd be able to change the world much faster, right?
D-Don't say such things! I've had enough! There's a lot I need to lecture you on! I'll make sure you listen!
Huuuh, you're not gonna take the offer? Man, it'd be so much fun, though.
Well, if you're not gonna play with me, then whatevs. See yaaaaaa.
Kokichi! Wait!
You exhausted yourself chasing after Kokichi...

With Makoto Naegi[]

Today is the school festival... You went to a classroom doing an escape room!
Let's show some teamwork and escape together! What do you do?
Someone was checking all over the place
Kokichi, you looked like you were checking everything out. Did you find anything?
Yup, I already found something that looks important.
Buuuut, I hid it again somewhere in a really tricky hiding spot.
What!? Why would you do that!?
Tell me, Makoto...which is the lie? That I found something...? Or that I hid it...?
Wh-What the...? Kokichi, we're in the middle of an escape room, we need to work together!
Nee-heehee...I just thought it'd make this game more interesting.
If we're gonna play, we might as well play at the hardest difficulty, right? C'mon, answer.
Wh-Why are you raising the difficulty on us!? We're on the same team!
You worked hard to solve the mystery, even with Kokichi constantly underfoot...

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in charge of first aid! You finish treating all the injured students. Time to check on the people resting in bed.
The person in the left bed is faking...
Are you ready to go back, Kokichi? The afternoon events will be starting soon...
Is it already this late? But...I'm still not feeling well, sorry...
Ummm, someone like me shouldn't be saying this, but...you're faking it, aren't you?
Did I get caught? Or did you know from the start? Hmmm...well done, Mikan.
Aw maaan, how could I fail at lying? I'm so shocked that I can't even stand up...
I-I'm sorry for figuring it out! Please don't hate me!
But that's obviously a lie, too! I knew you'd be able to figure it out!
...You were somehow able to get Kokichi to stop ditching and get out of bed!

With Monokuma[]

Today is the sports festival... But instead of competing, you're gonna be a nuisance instead! You've already disrupted a lot of events today... But what will you do during lunch?
Even bears need to take a break
Hello! I've come to slack off!
...Huh? Where is everyone?
If you're looking for Mikan, she went to help a patient walk back outside.
Kokichi...did you come here to slack off? I don't think that's a good idea.
Whaaat? But you're the one ditching the festival. I'm just resting cuz I don't feel well.
That's a lie! I can tell cuz your lips were moving!
Even if I am lying, I can't help myself. That's just what evil leaders do, y'know? I had to give orders to my subordinates ASAP. I can't really divulge the details in public.
That's a lie! I can tell cuz your lips were moving!
Why do you assume everything I say is a lie? You're so meeeeeeeeeeeaaaannn!!!
...Oh, yeah! The bed on the left is mine, so if you're gonna nap, choose a different one.
You decided to "borrow" one of the beds in the Nurse's Office!


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