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This article contains information and transcripts for Kiyotaka Ishimaru's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 25 1 3 2 5 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 270 50 100 75 150 75 50


Hope's Peak Academy, where the Ultimates gather. A place of unrivaled talent!
As the Şablon:İmp, I am here to study how to create the ultimate society!


I never dreamed that I could make so many friends! I should have had a more open mind! I will continue this approach in the future!

Friendship Events[]

With Mondo Owada[]

With Mondo Owada
Good morning, bro! Today is a good day as always!
Hey bro! You're all fired up first thing in the morning as always, too!
Of course! The start of the day is the most important part!
Oh, and speaking of the start of the day... You barely made it on time today, bro.
Even though we're bros... No, *because* we're bros, I refuse to let you live a slacker's life!
Heh...that's just what I'd expect from you, bro. It's been a while since someone said that to me. Even the teachers are too scared now.
Well, I made it on time, so it's all good, yeah? I got to sleep late last night...
Staying up late isn't good for you, bro! Was there a reason!?
Yeah...I was talking with my right hand guy from the gang. He was having a rough time. There's no way a boss'd do such a loser thing as not listen to his guys when they wanna talk.
So that's what happened... Your men must truly look up to you, bro.
Well yeah, as the boss, I got responsibilities. No way I could ignore those. It's just like a promise between men. Bro...don't you think so, too?
*sob*... You said it, bro! It's just as you said! What marvelous dedication! Please keep that sense of responsibility!
C'mon now, cut it out. It ain't something to cry about. It ain't the end once you become top dog... You gotta carry even bigger burdens...
It's just what ya do...

With Rantaro Amami[]

With Rantaro Amami
Hmm... It's been a while since I've seen you in class. Were you traveling again?
Yeah, basically. I brought some souvenirs, feel free to take one.
I see! I shall accept them with gratitude!
Wait, that's not what I came to say! Rantaro! Have you been keeping up with your studies!? I thought your travels were for an independent study, but you're just goofing off!
Oh, I don't think you need to worry about that... Besides, "goofing off" is a bit harsh.
This academy emphasizes *talent* over attendance and grades, right? I gain valuable experience when I travel. Stuff that will help me with exams, y'know?
Gh... Even so, you should not neglect your studies! Studying is a student's duty!
Hey, I hear you. But that's really just your perspective, right?
There's a lot in life more important than studying, wouldn't you say? Things you really wanna do... Things you *have* to do...
Are you saying you have such a thing?
...I do, but I'd appreciate it if you didn't ask. It's a little sensitive. But you know what? I *have* been traveling a lot lately. I should catch up on my studies.
I see. I'm not fond of secrets, but...
If you want to catch up on your studies... I am more than happy to help you!
Fortunately for you. I have taken thorough notes on every conceivable subject!
Haha, I never imagined it would end up like this.
You spent some time studying together in the library!

With Kazuichi Soda[]

With Kazuichi Soda
...Aw shit!
Hey! Where do you think you're going!?
I-I've been caught!
Of course! You stick out with that garish face of yours! I won't let you get away today! A man like you with such a garish outfit from top to bottom...you're disturbing public morals!
Gaaah! Shut up! Leave my outfit alone!
Leave it alone!? I'm a member of the morals committee! That would be abandoning my duty!
Alright, hold on a sec, Taka! Think about it... I'm a mechanic yeah? So this outfit's my uniform! It's so that I can do my job as a mechanic any time I need to!
Hmm...that is an important view to consider.
But that's no reason for your uniform to be so garish! Not to mention your whole head!
Y-You didn't buy it...
I will not be deceived! What kind of fool do you take me for!?
Whoa, wait, wait! Hold on, Taka! Is the way I dress really that important?
Of course it's important! Disorder in one's outfit is disorder in their heart!
...I see.
Nah...I get it. The way you look is important. For example, a plain nerd and someone who looks sleazy like me... People wouldn't treat them the same.
Your words are foul, but correct. Now, which of those two would society trust more!?
Well, the plain— Er, I mean, people like you. Short black hair, nice clean uniform... I'm sure everyone thinks you're responsible.
So you do know... Then why haven't you fixed your appearance? Are you okay with others not trusting you?
Well, I mean...looking like this is actually pretty fun.
More importantly...doesn't it seem like I'd get a lot more chicks than a nerd like you!?
Wha—!? What are you saying!?
Whoa, looks like class is about to start! Hehe...see ya!
Y...You're disturbing public morals after all! Hold on, Kazuichi! Kaaazuuuiiichiii!

With Celestia Ludenberg and Monomi[]

With Celestia Ludenberg and Monomi
Ha-wa-wah! I left something in the classroom. How could I make such a silly mistake...
Gh...I lost again! I was sure today would be the day!
Hmhmhm... Now then, Taka, do what you always do.
Kiyotaka? Celeste? What are you still doing here?
We were playing shogi.
Even though I do not know the rules very well.
Eh? Playing shogi without knowing the rules? Is that fun?
It is fun to win.
...You won!?
Taka said he wished to challenged me, so in order to even the odds, I selected shogi. Even so, I have no intention of losing when it comes to gambling.
A-Are you two betting money!? Gambling between students is a big, big no-no!
There's no way I would stand for something that would ruin public morals like gambling!
I am simply having Taka retrieve some snacks from the dining hall for my teatime. Since I am giving him my precious time, this is a necessary exchange...nothing more.
Yeah, that's it! And if I win, I have no intention of asking anything from Celeste!
My teatime every day has been complete and I have not even needed to move.
...Eh? Every day?
Today makes my tenth loss out of ten matches! I study shogi every night, but...it seems I haven't yet studied enough!
K-Kiyotaka...your dedication is impressive.
I just...wanted to win against a talented person through effort and hard work.
However, I haven't neglected my other studies! I have sacrificed some of my sleeping time each night in order to study shogi!
But to have still not won a single game... I'm such a loser.
It's unfortunate, but luck really does trump effort. I also don't intend to go easy on you.
I don't want you to go easy! I'll beat you with effort! By working hard!
Then...I will cheer you on, Kiyotaka. But I think you should get some rest. Sleep deprivation is bad for your brain.
That is excellent advice! Not only must I study shogi...I must also study the other environmental factors at play!
That is what I have been lacking! Thank you, Monomi!
Of course, I'm cheering you on too, Celeste. Please have a fun-filled school life with your classmates and build hope!
If I can continue my splendid teatimes, then I don't mind spending some time with you.
Even if I play with my eyes closed, I would still win.
Then I will head to the dining hall at once!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

With Nagito Komaeda
Oh...good morning, Taka.
"Good morning"? It's already the afternoon. Don't tell me you're just getting to school now!
Oh, should I have said "good day" instead?
That's not the issue! How could you have possibly been this late to class!?
Ah, about that... I went outside the academy yesterday evening to take care of something... And I happened to get involved in a little hostage situation.
Yeah, I was the hostage. It was pretty hectic. But anyway, I just got back now.
Wh-What an outrageous experience...
Ahaha...yeah, it was sort of a hassle.
I apologize for scolding you. I will reflect on my actions!
Don't worry about it. You were just doing your job as the Şablon:İmp, right? Stopping that talent from shining...is impossible.
Hold on! There's one thing I want to correct! I am not talented! I got where I am by putting in effort every day!
Huh? But you've been accepted as someone talented enough to be an Ultimate, right?
That is because my repeated effort was evaluated and acknowledged! I was acknowledged as an Ultimate for working hard. I want the world to work the same way.
You're going to change the world so that those who work hard can succeed...
Gh... So you still value natural talent over hard work...
However, it should be that those who work hard can win and those with talent aren't relied on!
Amazing...with your talent and your will, you'll create a world filled with hope!
... I'm starting to think we're not having the same discussion here...
Sorry...it's unforgivable for scum like me to waste a talented person's time like that.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the middle runner in the relay! But you dropped the baton before you could pass it! How will you recover?
I must focus! Run faster!
I can't let it affect me now! Yaaahhh!!!
Finally, I passed the baton!
You're an incredible runner, Kiyotaka! I thought you were gonna overtake me!
But I still couldn't surpass you, Rantaro!
Well, yeah, that's how it ended up... But you fought for your team, never gave up. That's why your teammates are working so hard right now. Don't you think so?
Ahhh! Th-Thank you, Rantaro! I am honored to have you as a rival!
Uh, hey, I didn't say anything special... I don't know what to do when you cry like that.
You made a mistake, but you were touched by Rantaro's kindness!
I must get the baton to the next runner!
Take the baton!
I will take this baton you've passed to me...and reach the goal! In the name of my family!
Taka...don't worry about the baton. It is my duty to lead this team to victory. Any failure on your part is simply my failure as a leader. I won't have you blaming yourself.
B-Byakuya...th-this honor... I don't deserve it!
But I'm so moved! Moved by your determination!
You teared up a little as you watched Byakuya run off!
I must reflect on my failures later!
I ran as hard as I could...but due to my failures, my team has fallen!
No, no, no!
I'm so pathetic! If only I had tried harder! I can't believe I failed! I should have practiced! Polished my skills!
P-Please, leave me in my sorrow!
Ummm... Keep your chin up! You ran your best and recovered! It was a heated match...and your teammates aren't even mad at you!
So...please don't be hard on yourself. Love...loooooove...
Monomi's words of encouragement touched your heart...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You are giving a speech about meritocracy! You gave a passionate speech. Why not talk to some of the people in attendance?
I am so glad you listened to my speech!
I just happened to stop by, so don't get too happy about it.
Oh, I am honored either way! I would like to hear your opinion!
...It wasn't bad. I think the world could become a better place if we saw it your way.
I see! So you agree with me!
Although...there are things that can't be changed with only effort.
What do you mean?
No matter how much you change the world, there are some things that can never change...
You shouldn't talk like that! You are raising a generation of children...
Well, I don't hate your idealism... Just do your best.
Maki walked away, her expression difficult to read...
I did not expect you to come...
Oh, surprised? Now, I'm saaaad. I love you so much, Taka.
S-Sorry, I...didn't think you'd be interested in my talk about effort...
No, your ideals aren't boring! They're exactly what a leader of evil would wanna destroy!
What!? What are you talking about!?
Doesn't sound like a bad ideal, y'know? It's easier to exact justice when there's evil. If I ruin society and you fix it...then you'd be able to change the world much faster, right?
D-Don't say such things! I've had enough! There's a lot I need to lecture you on! I'll make sure you listen!
Huuuh, you're not gonna take the offer? Man, it'd be so much fun, though.
Well, if you're not gonna play with me, then whatevs. See yaaaaaa.
Kokichi! Wait!
You exhausted yourself chasing after Kokichi...
I've never seen you before! I'm glad you came!
A world that rewards effort...where those with talent are not relied upon. That is your ideal.
Correct! Talent alone is not enough to secure a good and just society!
In that case...I am your enemy.
I have many talents. Nearly every talent you could think of...
What? Impossible! There's no way someone like that exists...
Don't waste your time doubting my words. There's only one thing I want to say to you. Even if you were to create your ideal world...it would crumble before someone like me. Human beings without talent always latch on to their superiors and live off them...like ticks. Still...are you going to preach the value of effort to me, the embodiment of talent itself?
D-Don't mess around with me!
I don't know what kind of man you are, but you should not underestimate the world! Nothing good will come of you abusing others! I cannot abide a man like you!
Fighting against the truth on your own will not move all the talentless humans in the world.
But I am not alone! Many people know the value of hard work! Even with talent...you are just one man. You make mistakes...and then you die.
Hmm... So you carry the shadow of a dead genius on your back. How boring...
The mysterious man spoke harshly to you, but it only strengthened your determination!


Your last winter at the academy... You must cherish these last few days! It's the morning of the closing ceremony, and you have some free time...
I will challenge Celeste to shogi!
...A draw? Until this match...I've only managed to lose pathetically against Celeste...
Luck comes in waves... If you continue to challenge me, it's possible you'll have a draw with me at least once.
For example...like a computer glitch appearing only once out of ten thousand times.
No, that's not it...
If you are as lucky as me, a victory cannot be shaken by some waves... It seems today might be your lucky day, Taka.
That's not it! That's not it, Celeste! It is all my studying, all of my practicing, all of my effort that finally reached you!
If you'd like to think that way, go ahead. Everyone wants to believe in their fantasies.
It's no fantasy! Perhaps, in the near future... I will actually manage to win!
No...this may be unfortunate for you to hear, but I most likely will not lose. Our life in this academy is almost over... You won't be able to challenge me whenever you want.
If you wish to challenge me after the graduation, let us meet in an underground gambling hall. I will gladly accept if you are willing to bet your fortune.
What? I-I don't know about...underground gambling...
Well, I'm sure someone as earnest as you would never agree to such a match. That is why, our matches will end once we graduate.
No... Not yet.
It's not over yet!
What do you mean?
I am going to build a true meritocracy. A society that rewards valiant effort!
In that way...I will have truly won against you!
Hmhmhm...quite an interesting quibble. Well then, I shall gamble on when you fall and make a mistake.
Yes! Watch, as I change society for the better!
It seems your greatest battle has yet to begin!
I will have a passionate talk with my bro!
Bro! Let's talk!
Sounds good, bro!
What did you want to talk about today? We can talk about the coming graduation...or talk about my Bro's favorite bike!
Huh? That reminds me...I never did talk to you about my career path...
Bro! Let's talk!
Sounds good, bro!
Oh, Bro! We're going to discuss *that*!? You've surprised me yet again!
Fine. Let us talk about our career paths! I, of course, will work hard to create a society that rewards effort... What are you gonna do, Bro? You can't stay in a motorcycle gang forever.
Yeah, I gotta graduate from that too.
I personally believe that is a good thing, but...
Hey, you can be happy for me. To be honest, I've been thinking...about life after the gang.
Really!? Please, tell me about it!
...I'm going to work, Bro. I want to become a carpenter.
Surprised? Yeah, I know, I'd be starting with grunt work, but...
Oh Bro... How...
How magnificent!!!
Stop, really, you're too excited...
Am I!? You've lived your whole life with your talent, and now you want to work hard for a new life! How can I not be touched!? I will support you with all my heart!
Heh, thanks. I'll be the best carpenter in the whole world. I'll build your house, Bro.
Yes! I am looking forward to it! I am...so glad that I met you!
You encouraged Mondo passionately!
I will exercise in front of the school!
Good morning! I see you are here early as well, Kirumi!
Oh, good morning, Taka... You are awake quite early as well.
It's nothing! I have a duty as a role model!
What a wonderful way of thinking. It is my duty to help someone like you. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to make a request of me.
I appreciate your words! Your help is worth that of a hundred people! Of course a well-connected student like you would be an excellent role model! Having a person like you in this academy...is truly inspiring!
You continue to be amazed at all the geniuses this academy brings together...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Celestia Ludenberg[]

Today is the summer sports festival, but...running and sweating doesn't suit you! Instead, let's place bets with other students over the results of boys basketball! As you are gathering participants, someone catches your eye. Who do you see?
Someone troublesome caught me in the act
C-Celeste! What on Earth are you...?
Kiyotaka? Why are you so angry?
I am furious with you right now! You're placing bets on everyone while they're working so hard... Such indignity!
I am a gambler. This is what I do. It is my way of honing my talent. It is my way of performing my best.
Gah! A-Are you serious?
Even though Taka is against gambling, you were somehow able to coax him!

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Events like this just aren't your style.
You want to go lay low for a while... Where do you go?
Maybe I'll go rest in the dorms...
Good morning! Did you oversleep? How shameful, on the day of the sports festival!
Taka... What are you doing here?
I had heard about student absences being a problem, and so I am on patrol!
*sigh*... Figures. I knew I shoulda gone back to my room earlier...
I heard that! You weren't planning on *skipping class*, were you!?
Shut up, what's it got to do with you anyway?
It has *everything* to do with me! I cannot let such truancy go unpunished!
You must come with me, Fuyuhiko! No excuses!
You have in to Kiyotaka's demands and participated in the sports festival...

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

Today is the school festival...and you're hosting the Şablon:İmp exhibit!
No one has visited your exhibit yet... But finally, someone has come!
Taka, why you look so serious?
There was a report that there were bugs coming from a shop near this classroom.
What? Gonta's bugs?
It was suspected the bugs had escaped from here, so I volunteered to investigate.
Gonta keep close watch on these bugs so they stay outta trouble.
Besides...if Taka tell bugs to be good, they will understand!
I think...you're the only one here capable of understanding bugs.
No one else understand bugs!? Gonta sad now...and upset!
I-I'm sure you are. So please calm down...
If everyone got to know bugs, Gonta sure they not cause any trouble...
Gonta know! Taka, you should touch Gonta's bugs!
I should...t-touch them...?
If you understand what make bugs so great, bugs will trust you more...
Please, Taka!
U-Uggghhhh... This, too, is...the sworn duty of a member of the morals committee...!
...You introduced Kiyotaka to lots of bugs as he nodded with a very stern look on his face!

With Izuru Kamukura[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
Your classmates invited you to a Christmas party today... What do you do?
Perhaps I will return to the dorms
Hm? Why are you here, Izuru? Isn't your class having a Christmas party? Did you let them know you'd be absent?
...I'll do that later.
Irresponsible! That kind of notice needs to be given as soon as possible!
You're quite pushy. Do you dislike me that much?
You've looked at me with hostility these last three years, haven't you?
So you've noticed... It's true, I have my reservations about you. You are a talented individual, without question. I am not jealous or complaining. I am merely cautious of your inbridled talent!
Please, do not misunderstand. I have nothing against you personally!
Hmm...so you're just taking your frustrations out on me.
I deserve that. But let me say this! I *do* get frustrated by you...because I think there is something you lack.
Something I lack? Hm...
Effort? Do you think someone as talented as I needs something like that?
Indeed you do! You have all this talent, but you have no goals! No motivation!
You're right. I have no purpose right now... I have not been given one.
You must put in that effort for yourself! You must find out how to best use your talent!
I don't think there is any meaning in me doing that. I am being neglected for now... But before long, someone will appear to leech off my talents.
And...I will be used for the sake of hope.
The pattern of hope is predictable. The process may vary, but the result is always the same. Boring...predictable hope.
But that is not your true will!
Hmm... So I should do something of my own free will, then? Would you still feel that way if, for example, I used my talents toward some evil purpose?
Not at all! If you dare take one step down that path, I will right you!
...You are an annoyance.
You were persistently lectured by Kiyotaka about the importance of effort...

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Today is the sports festival... You finished your events, so you decided to cheer!
Which event will you cheer for?
Maybe I'll cheer for the soccer team!
Oh, Kaede! Here to cheer for me?
My race just ended. But I'm glad I can cheer you on for the second half of your game.
Cheering on your weary classmates... Impressive! I will also encourage my friends!
We don't have any athletes on our team, so I dunno if we can win...
But we're gonna do our best! Cheer loud for us!
You chanted fiery cheers to everyone!

With Kirumi Tojo[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. You will be especially busy today. Where will you start first?
Before that...the hallway seems to be noisy
The hell'd you say!? Oh, it's on!
You have some nerve, bro! Let's debate this thoroughly!
What is happening? I had assumed you two were quite amicable with each other.
He's a guy I respect, so there's some shit I can't let fly. You stay outta this!
Hey, bro! I can't overlook you yelling at someone who's not even involved!
Kirumi...it's just how it looks. I apologize, but could you leave us to settle this?
No...this is my business as well. Do you mind hearing my advice?
Wha-!? What'd you say!?
First...Taka, you are a hall monitor and I expect you to take command of this huge cleanup. I understand you may have forgotten your duties when you were distracted. You will regret it if you do not take care of the problem, so please be rational.
Gh... I-It's just as you say...
And Mondo... You should already be aware of how much Taka takes pride in his duties. Even if you do lose patience with him, you two have already accepted each other as brothers. If that is the case, then you should help Taka.
Gh... A man shouldn't tarnish his bro's pride...
Kirumi...I'm sorry. It seems I forgot myself there for a moment.
Sorry I yelled...
Please accept my apology for overstepping my boundaries. I sincerely hope that I can help mediate this dispute.
Bro...let's cool our heads and calmy talk this over.
Heh... You don't gotta be so proper. I forgot why we were fighting anyway.
Ooooh... Bro...!
You helped the two reconcile with each other, and cleaned the hallway!

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

Today is the long-awaited sports festival! You'll support your friends with all you've got! You're going to be captain of the soccer team! How will you fight!?
Show respect to the other team!
Let's have a good game, fair and square! GET YOUR GAME FACES ON!!!
Nekomaru. I have the deepest respect for how you support others so passionately!
I am honored to fight against you! I look forward to it!
Oh! Going up against a guy like you will be as refreshing as taking a huge shit!
Playing against Kiyotaka and his team was as refreshing as you thought it'd be!

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
There's someone you want to talk to while you still have the chance. It's...
You're not an athlete, so you're not one of the people I normally support...
But I've always respected your passion and effort, so I wanted to talk with you.
Nekomaru! Let us have a discussion! But, I must say something that is weighing on my mind. No gym clothes during school!
Gym clothes for manager duties, uniform for classes! You must respect the rules!
Hmph...is that something you can't let slide as a hall monitor? There's a reason for it, though. I need these clothes because I never know when my training with Akane will happen.
Oh! On-the-job training, then? You shouldn't be doing any "training" of that nature in school in the first place!
You were given guidance by Kiyotaka who was fired up as usual...

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

Today is the school festival... You're manning a stand that sells cream puffs!
Business is excellent. Here's another new customer... How will you greet them?
What's wrong? Are you gonna buy any?
I stopped...because I can't overlook it! Ryoma...what is that in your mouth!?
Hmph... Did you think it was a cigarette? This is just candy.
It seems that's true... My apologies.
No, I know it's easy to mistake. You were just doing your job as a member of the morals committee. No need to apologize.
Thank you! I'm grateful for your understanding!
...Hm? Wait, hold on a moment.
It's rude for customer service representatives to have candy in their mouths!
Ryoma! Get your work station in order!
What a volatile guy...going from depressed to angry that fast.
You put away your candy cigarette to placate Kiyotaka.

With Tenko Chabashira[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordsmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports are hosting a fashion show!
You're in the fashion show, but now you're nervous. Maybe you should walk around the gym?
I'll keep watch at the gym's entrance
Grrr... A degenerate male like you has a lot of nerve showing up here...
Normally, I would destroy you and your ulterior motives without hesitation...
I have no ulterior motives! If you will recall, I *am* on the public morals committee! I would never allow such a disarray of public morals as ulterior motives at a school event!
Ugh... Uuuuggghhhhhhh...
Wh-What's wrong, Tenko!? Does your stomach hurt?
Taka...your ideals are correct. But...but...!
...I can't! I can't accept any degenerate male, so please just go back!
What!? A-Are you saying...you won't accept my opinion, no matter how legitimate, because I am male!?
I'm sorry, but I must refuse all degenerate males!
Th-That's...something that can't be changed, no matter how hard I work at it!
Wait, I have an idea... How about you just work hard to become a girl instead!?
...UWAAAAAAAH! What on earth are you telling me to do!?
You felt a little guilty about how upset you made Taka...


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