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This article contains information and transcripts for Kirumi Tojo's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 3 2 4 2 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 216 100 75 125 115 115 50


No matter the place, as a maid I must uphold my principle of selfless devotion.


I was able to grow as a maid in the last three years. I will serve with even more devotion now.

Friendship Events[]

With Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa[]

With Byakuya Togami and Toko Fukawa
Thank you for your patience, Byakuya. I have prepared you civet coffee and chiffon cake.
Not bad. You've impressed me. But before I enjoy this coffee...
I know you're here. I can feel your eyes on me.
As expected from Master... You're even accompanied by a servant.
But you over there! D-Don't get carried away, just because you're a maid!
You're mistaken if you think you can care for Master every morning and all night long!
Toko, you should take a seat as well. Which do you prefer—English tea or coffee?
A cup of tea!
Understood. Please give me a moment.
W-Wait! That's not it!
How annoying... Kirumi, keep her away from me.
The dining hall is a common area, Byakuya. If you wish to spend time in a more private area, then may I make a suggestion?
You're going to disobey Master's orders, even though you're just a maid!? Throw me out already!
I am only offering advice, because I thought that would benefit Byakuya the most.
Assertive decisions are necessary, but it is not wise to ignore the emotions of those around him.
Hmph...I guess it's worth considering.
Master is going to listen to someone else's advice!?
Kirumi is not my equal. No one is. Still, she is rare individual with superior skills.
She is a servant worthy of the Togami Corporation. I'll at least listen to her advice.
A-As expected from Master... He truly is the first son of a noble family!

With Celestia Ludenberg and Teruteru Hanamura[]

With Celestia Ludenberg and Teruteru Hanamura
Hmhmhm... Well, Celeste... How was your lunch today?
It was excellent. Teruteru, your cooking skills are quite divine.
Celeste, I have brought you your afternoon tea.
My, thank you. Your royal milk tea is simply the best I have ever tasted, Kirumi.
*sigh* This is bliss... If only you two weren't a female or a Teruteru...
I would have you two serve at my future castle, but...
Eh? Wh-What's wrong with little ol' me?
If you cannot comprehend that, then your rank will never go up.
M-My rank?
Why, I assign everyone a rank. Teruteru, your cooking skills are at an A-rank, but you are barely an E, slightly above an F.
Th-That bad!?
If gender is a concern of yours, then perhaps would you prefer a butler, Celeste?
Yes, but I understand there are a few who are as talented as you, Kirumi...
However, I've decided to be served by only handsome men. That is simply non-negotiable.
In that case, I know of a superb butler agency. If you would like, I can refer them to you.
My... They must be truly excellent butlers to be recommended by you.
Forget butlers... You'll never find a chef quite like me. Aaah, I would work hard for you every day, Celeste...and even harder every night.
This is why...
...I'll never accept you, YOU DUMBASS!!!
Nnnnnnngh! Shout at me more!
Please refrain from shouting in the dining hall.
Hrrrrrrrrrh! Scold me more!

With Toko Fukawa[]

With Toko Fukawa
Toko, do you have a moment?
Wh-What...? Are you going to clean me out of existence, since I'm so dirty?
I would never do that. I simply wanted to ask if you do your laundry. If you are too busy and do not have the time, then I can handle it. So, please let me know.
A-Are you saying I'm smelly in a roundabout way? You want me to take a bath, don't you!?
I am sure you are busy writing your novels, but please take care of your hygiene and health.
You will feel refreshed after you shower. Perhaps I can wash your hair for you?
Wh-What!? You don't need to do that!
Is that so? If you have any request for me, then please tell me.
Are you not feeling well, Toko?
Y-You don't need to follow me around! I never had anyone take care of me before, so this kind of thing is unsettling.
Oh...my apologies. I should have known another presence would distract you from your writing.
But shall I do your laundry when you are not here?
Weren't you listening to me!? I can do my own laundry! Geez... I-Is my smell bothering someone!?
Toko, that... It is difficult for me to say, but...
I might be bothering someone, but...you're in a different class, so mind your own business!

With Rantaro Amami[]

With Rantaro Amami
Rantaro, may I have a moment of your time? Your sleeve appears to be torn.
Oh, yeah, you're right... I must've caught it on something.
Shall I repair it? You need not hesitate. My utmost desire is to serve others.
Are you sure? Thank you, I would appreciate that.
Understood. Please change out of your torn shirt and give it to me. You do not need to wash it. I will make sure it is laundered before returning it.
That would be absolutely perfect! You're something else, Miss Ultimate Maid.
...Makes me feel kind of nostalgic.
I hope you are not feeling nostalgic because I remind you of your mother.
Haha, no, no. We had a maid at my house a long time ago, is all.
I don't think she was as spectacular as you, but... To a kid...it felt like she could do *Anything*.
...She sounds like quite the fantastic maid.
Yeah. She was nice, took care of everyone... Heh, we were always fighting over her. It was silly kid stuff, like who got to have her read a bedtime story to them first...
I see... That is a heartwarming story.
Haha, yeah, I suppose those were good times. All of us treated her like a second mother.
Oh, but, I'm not comparing her to you or anthing, y'know?
Hmhmhm... I understand. Perhaps your maid's utmost desire was for you to trust her enough to see her that way.

With Ryoma Hoshi and Peko Pekoyama[]

With Ryoma Hoshi and Peko Pekoyama
Hmm? Near the gate, that's...
Good morning, Ryoma. May I ask why you are standing here? Did something happen?
You looked like you were staring at that gate over there...
Ah...I just saw a cat.
A c-cat!?
Perhaps the poor creature is lost...
I apologize... The cat probably ran away once it noticed me.
I doubt you're the reason why it ran. It is quite normal for cats to be skittish around people.
No, that cat could sense my merciless demeanor. It ran away from me, not from you or Ryoma.
Well, you do have a dangerous aura around you... To an animal, you probably seem like a predator.
Ryoma...what did the cat look like?
A brown tabby cat. Probably a mix... It looked like it had a soft coat.
I see... I wish I could have seen it, even just for a moment.
I can only imagine how nice it must feel to pet its soft, fluffy fur...
I gather you're both fond of animals?
It's not that exactly... It's just...I saw collar on it. I was worried if it'd be able to get out of this school and get home safely.
Yes, this academy is quite vast... The cat could get lost trying to find its way out of here.
Shall I search for the cat, then? We still have time until the opening ceremony begins, so I can track it down and rescue it.
That's a good idea... This is an emergency, so I'll ask for your help here.
Of course, I won't make you do all the work. I'll look for it, too.
Thank you, Kirumi... I would offer to help you search for it, but...
Ah, right. If you get close, it'll run away.
Quite right... Then Peko, can you enlist Gundham and Shuichi's aid?
I am certain they will come to help us. In the meantime, Ryoma and I will begin the search.
I will follow your careful instructions and call for them at once.
Hmph...I'm relying on you, Kirumi.
Leave it to me. I will fulfill this request for the both of you.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... Your team has requested that you win the relay race. In order to fulfill the request, which runner should you be?
I will support everyone as the first runner
If I gain a significant lead against the other teams, I will inspire my teammates.
Wow, you're in first place, Kirumi! I need to do my best, so I don't fall behind!
Kaede, the baton!
Thanks, Kirumi! I'll make sure to keep us in first place!
...You maintaned a good lead against the other team
I will support everyone as the middle
If I am the middle runner, then Peko will be anchor... If I stay in first, then we can win.
Peko, the baton!
Your running was excellent, Kirumi. Leave the rest to me.
Phew... I allowed Peko to gain a wide lead.
You watched Peko take first place!
I will support everyone was the anchor
That was quite dangerous, but...we somehow completed the request.
Aw, so Kirumi was my rival...A little bit more and I could have been first place. That sucks.
You ran at an amazing speed, Hina. We almost failed our request to win this race.
You were able to finish in first place!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... Your work at the shop has finally settled down.
Others have requested you visit their shops and exhibits. Where will you head to first?
I will visit the food stands in the courtyard
Oh, hey, it's Kirumi! Hey, Kirumi!
Oh, Leon. You had a stand as well?
Yeah. Hey, try one of my crepes.
Your crepe is burning, Leon...
Huh!? Wha-! This is bad! Th-The iron plate...what do I do!?
Please calm down. I can easily clean it.
Huh? Really?
Oh...then can you teach me how to clean it? And how to make crepes?
Understood, if that is your request.
Aw yeah! Lucky! The truth is, I have no idea how to make crepes. It's a good thing you're here to teach me how...hehe.
You taught Leon for awhile!
I will visit the juice stand
Hey there, Kirumi. I'm glad you stopped by. Were you looking for one of the girls? Sorry it's just me right now...
I do not mind. I can come by again later. But first...can you recommend me an item?
Sure thing. Just a minute.
Um, the ingredients I have are...milk, soda, soy sauce, and...um... Well, that's strange.
Oh, there's some lard here too. If it's here, am I supposed to use it in drinks...?
Nagito...this is a juice stand, correct?
Yeah. sorry for making you wait. Honestly, I was just supposed to clean up, so I wasn't listening to how to make the drinks.
Um, if only I had a cell phone, I could look up recipes...
At your request, I can research the menu so that you can provide proper beverages.
You helped out at the juice stand for a while!
I was requested to visit the haunted house
Is this the haunted house? Angie requested me to come here, however...
Oh, Kirumi... Yes, it's just like you said!
Ehehehe...welcome! You're the first person to come here since I took over as receptionist.
I would like to enter now. Can you guide me please?
Y-Yes, of course! Right away!
I-I'm so sorry I fell! Please forgive me!
Please calm down. First, close your legs. I can see under your skirt.
Now, hold on to me. Are you able to stand?
Oh, yes!
Are you hurt in any way? It does not seem like you have any injuries or ripped clothing. However, the white on your clothing is dirty now. I can wash it if you lend it to me.
Ohhh...ummmm.. Um, I'm fine, so...sorryyyyy! Please excuse me!
You smothered her a bit too much, and ended up troubling her even more...


Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. You will be especially busy today. Where will you start first?
Before that...the hallway seems to be noisy
The hell'd you say!? Oh, it's on!
You have some nerve, bro! Let's debate this thoroughly!
What is happening? I had assumed you two were quite amicable with each other.
He's a guy I respect, so there's some shit I can't let fly. You stay outta this!
Hey, bro! I can't overlook you yelling at someone who's not even involved!
Kirumi...it's just how it looks. I apologize, but could you leave us to settle this?
No...this is my business as well. Do you mind hearing my advice?
Wha-!? What'd you say!?
First...Taka, you are a hall monitor and I expect you to take command of this huge cleanup. I understand you may have forgotten your duties when you were distracted. You will regret it if you do not take care of the problem, so please be rational.
Gh... I-It's just as you say...
And Mondo... You should already be aware of how much Taka takes pride in his duties. Even if you do lose patience with him, you two have already accepted each other as brothers. If that is the case, then you should help Taka.
Gh... A man shouldn't tarnish his bro's pride...
Kirumi...I'm sorry. It seems I forgot myself there for a moment.
Sorry I yelled...
Please accept my apology for overstepping my boundaries. I sincerely hope that I can help mediate this dispute.
Bro...let's cool our heads and calmy talk this over.
Heh... You don't gotta be so proper. I forgot why we were fighting anyway.
Ooooh... Bro...!
You helped the two reconcile with each other, and cleaned the hallway!
After I clean the dining hall, I will bake
What is the matter, Hifumi? If you are not feeling well, shall I call Mikan?
No, you don't have to worry about me... I'm just out of energy.
Are you famished? I have already planned on making rice balls. Which falvor do you prefer?
That's amazing, Ms. Tojo! You're like a godess! Salmon flavor, please!
Understood. Please wait a moment. I shall pour some hot tea, as well.
Oooooh! Your motherly kindness is sinking into my crunch-time-battered body!
Please do not describe me as motherly...
How rude! If anything, you're more like my editor! The reason my manuscript was completed so perfectly this time was due to your advice!
To tell you the truth...I might already be useless without you. So I'd like you to ink my sketches and get me material, a title, and a draft for my next work.
Since I'm in a major circle...I should be able to afford to hire on at least one person.
If you wish to request this, then I will accept, however...are you truly fine with that?
Huh? Fine with what?
You are drawing what you love most, are you not? Then do not give everything to a stranger. You should draw it with your own hands. I am happy you are relying on me, however I wish to help you in the long run.
M-Ms. Tojo...
You're exactly right. I've gotten overdependent. How could I have forgotten...? The only one who can properly express my feelings towards Princess Piggles is me!
HWAAAH! Ideas are bubbling up inside my head! I need to repent and get back to drawing!
If you wish to do it, then I will help you. I will clean, so please return to your manuscript.
You sent Hifumi on his way, and cleaned the dining hall to sparkling perfection!
I need to buy tome cleaning supplies first
Oh hey, Kirumi! If you're going out shopping, take me with you!
Leon, I am simply heading out to buy some cleaning supplies.
It doesn't matter what you're going to go buy. There's something I wanna ask you.
Yes? Please tell me what I can help you with.
I'm going back to my parent's for New Year's. And, uh...I thought I should bring my cousin a gift once in a while.
That cousin's a girl so...I wanted to ask you what you think I should get her.
I see... If that is the case, I will help you.
I've given girls presents before, and I know she'll be happy with what I gave her.
So I figure I might as well get her something really good. Hehe, I'm a good older cousin, huh?
So your cousin is younger than you... I see...please give me more information. Let us think of something she might like.
Hehe, thanks! I'm sure you'll pick out something perfect!
You talked to Leon about his gift, while you finished up your shopping...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

Today is the school festival... You'll be taking command of the shop selling Teruteru's food! It looks like you have a guest right off the bat... How will you greet them?
I know the perfect person for hospitality
So, it is my turn now.
Kirumi...you are our secret weapon. I have only one request for you...
You must satisfy every customer. I'm relying on you.
Understood. Please leave it to me. I will do my best to make effective use of your leadership and Teruteru's cooking.
...You entrusted the floor to your top employee!

With Himiko Yumeno[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're being forced to play volleyball.
According to the rules, you can't use magic... What in the world will you do?
I'll leave it to my friends
Since you're on our team, I'll be relying on you, Kirumi.
Understood. A maid's true desire is to be relied on. Your team will surely be victorious. However, you will need to work as a team for volleyball, Himiko. I cannot do it myself... I can complete this request in terms that I support you.
When I seal away my magic, I'm just a cute ordinary girl. Like right now, y'know?
And plus, I'm small. A volleyball...
There is no need to worry. I will definitely find a way for your team to be victorious.
Nyeeeh...got it. I'll leave it to you, Kirumi. You always complete requests people give you.
...You did your best with Kirumi's support!

With Kazuichi Soda[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to visit the shop Sonia's a part of!
Since it's so busy, someone asked if they can sit by you... What do you do?
A seat just opened up here
I see. I will clean it right away. May I have you sit over here instead, Kazuichi?
Thanks! You sure work fast, Kirumi!
Here is the menu. If there is anything else I can bring you, please let me know.
Right... I'm starting to feel a little weird, though.
I never thought I'd be served by a real live maid like you...
Should you desire, I will serve you from the moment you rise until the moment you rest.
Huh!? The way you said that makes my heart pound...
N-No...I can't! I have Miss Sonia!
...Of course, I will serve you as a maid and nothing more.
I-I know that! Just let me dream a little!
...You had Kirumi take care of you, just for now.

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

Your last winter at the academy... You must cherish these last few days! It's the morning of the closing ceremony, and you have some free time...
I will exercise in front of the school!
Good morning! I see you are here early as well, Kirumi!
Oh, good morning, Taka... You are awake quite early as well.
It's nothing! I have a duty as a role model!
What a wonderful way of thinking. It is my duty to help someone like you. If there is anything I can do, please do not hesitate to make a request of me.
I appreciate your words! Your help is worth that of a hundred people! Of course a well-connected student like you would be an excellent role model! Having a person like you in this academy...is truly inspiring!
You continue to be amazed at all the geniuses this academy brings together...

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Let's take a lot of pictures today!
Where will you aim for the perfect shot?
I want to get shots of the relay race
...Alright. I got a lot of pictures.
Oh, Mahiru. Are you taking photos of everyone?
Good job in the relay race, Kirumi. I got your picture too, of course.
I got some really good shots, so I'll give them to you once they're developed.
I will thank you for them graciously. It is refreshing to be a subject for once.
Are you more used to taking pictures than having yours taken?
Indeed. I usually take my masters' family photos.
In that case...I'll get lots of pictures of you today!
You enthusiastically took lots of pictures!

With Sayaka Maizono[]

Today is the summer sports festival. For once, your job and a school event didn't overlap! You became the captain of the volleyball team. Who will you talk to before the game?
I'll greet the opposing team's captain
So Kirumi, you're the opposing team's captain. Let's have a good match.
I received a request to support the whole team and work together for a good game... I am sure you and your team will pull through. I look forward to our match.
I doubt this game will be boring. I may look like this, but I'm actually pretty built!
You played an intense game against Kirumi and her team!

Today is the school festival... You're going to perform on stage as the pop sensation! You can check out some exhibits and shops before your show stars... Where will you go?
I'll buy some warm tea at a shop
Welcome, Sayaka. Please, sit here.
Yes, thank you...hehe.
What is the matter?
Nothing, I was just thinking that I get to be served by a wonderful maid like you, Kirumi... I feel like a princess, and that makes me a little bashful.
I do not mind if you feel that way.
Today, you will be my practice partner to help me polish my serving skills. Please leave everything to me and enjoy your time here.
Kirumi, your aspirations are so amazing. Ahh, I wish you could be my manager.
...Just kidding. You're probably too busy.
If you prefer, I can serve you as a maid. I see great potential in you, and I wish to support that...
Stop it...or else I might really accept your offer.
You didn't take her offer, but you were flattered by Kirumi's praise!

Your last winter at the academy...but you still have concerts lined up around New Year's! You finished your Christmas show and came home late, but you're restless. What will you do?
I'll drink something warm in the dining hall...
Sayaka...Sayaka. It is about time to wake up.
Um...did I...fall asleep? I didn't even notice...
You drifted off to sleep. Were you tired?
S-Sorry...this doesn't usually happen...
I know you are busy, but you should take care of yourself. Please let me know if I can help you.
Thank you, and thanks for waking me up just now, too...
You do not need to worry. I happened to see you, while I was preparing a snack for someone else.
You're always helping people, Kirumi. That's really amazing.
Oh, but does that not apply to you as well?
You help others by making them smile. Is that not your job as a pop star?
Yeah, I believe it is...
I think you are doing an excellent job. Please work hard, but do not force yourself. If there is anything I can do, please tell me.
Kirumi... *sniff* Thank you.
Kirumi's kind, motherly words nearly made you cry...

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

Your last winter at the academy... You have plans to throw a party with your classmates! While you're cooking for the party, you're also helping with the dining hall...you're very busy! It looks like there are a few students here... Why don't you greet them?
Did you...come to help me?
That was not my intention...but if you require my assistance, I shall provide it.
No, if you came here to eat, I don't mind if you sit and relax.
Even the Şablon:İmp is just another customer to a chef like me.
I see, but...if you need my help, do not hesitate to ask. It is my true desire to help everyone. The Christmas party is today, yes? Shall I help you decorate once I finish my meal?
Hmm...that's okay. I think decorating with everyone is part of the fun.
True... Perhaps I spoke out of turn. It is your party to plan, after all.
Sorry for rejecting all your help... I do appreciate the offer, though.
I can't do that selfless devotion of yours...but I understand working hard for someone.
Is there someone you cook for, Teruteru?
At the start, yes. I wanted to see that person smile... That's why I started cooking.
Of course, now, I'm cooking for the cute customers who come to eat my food!
I see... Now I want to help you even more. When you have your own restaurant, please call me. I can refer you some superb staff.
...You got a heartfelt proposal from Kirumi!

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony has ended. Let's read someone's fortune for next year! Who should you select?
I'll find a hard worker!
Kirumi! Are you still cleaning? Thanks for always doing that, by the way.
Oh, Hiro. Did you come here to eat? Shall I pour you some tea as well?
...Oh, wait, I almost forgot! I want to tell you fortune!
Hold it, Hiro. Unlike you, Kirumi is actually busy, so don't get in her way.
Oh, you're here too, Hina? If you're jealous, I'll tell your fortune for 100,000 yen!
There's no way I'd be jealous. Hold on, that rate for just fortune-telling is too high.
For Kirumi, I'd do it for 90,000!
No, that's still too high! Stop trying to sell this to us!
My apologies... I do not require any fortune-telling at the moment...
Ah! Wait! Hold on! I've got it!
...I'm seeing it!
See what?
Oh...even though Kirumi declined, you're still gonna tell her fortune anyway!?
No, I just saw it! It's all coming to me like "wanananana"... I saw... a super-important-looking dude...asking Kirumi for something!
To me? Is this...a request?
That must be it! You seem like you get some really serious requests, Kirumi!
Alright, I've made up my mind! Kirumi, you get that fortune for free!
You say it like it's some big deal! You can't charge her after you blurt out her fortune!
In exchange! When that fortune comes true, you gotta let me help with your job! To be honest, it smells like a whole boatload of money!
Sorry about this, Kirumi... You can just ignore him.
No, it is quite interesting. It is an important request from a person with such status...
Yeah! And put in a good word for me! I get it right 30% of the time!
You have a 30% chance of obtaining an incredible potential customer!


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