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This article contains information and transcripts for Kazuichi Soda's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 3 2 4 2 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 216 100 75 125 75 75 50


This school seems like it's got a lot of intense peoole...but it sounds like fun!
Kazuichi Soda, the Ultimate Mechanic! I like the sound of that! I'm gonna have fun here!


We...had some good times here, didn't we? It wasn't bad at all, huh!?
Hehe...it was sorta my dream to feel this way when I graduated.

Friendship Events[]

With K1-B0[]

With K1-B0
Hey...are you the Şablon:İmp?
Yes, I am... May I help you?
H-Hey...lemme see!
Huh? What the—!? You're too close!
Hey, don't touch me! Do you touch all your classmates without their permission!?
Or do you think it's okay because I'm a robot!? Because that's robophobia, you know!
You're amazing!
Are you even listening to me!?
...Wait, amazing?
Yeah, you're amazing! It looks like you've got a buncha weird functions...
But they're all crammed into your body! Hey, hey! How're you powered?
A-Are you...curious about me?
Hell yeah I am! You're way too interesting!
O-Oh...oh my... Th-This is the first time anyone has ever understood just how incredible I am...! If I had the ability to cry...I would be weeping twin waterfalls of joy right now!
Hey...can I take you apart? C'mon, just a little...
It's okay! I can put you back together! Probably!
And even if I can't...I'm sure I'd be able to turn you into a cool jetpack or something!
N-No, thank you! Please, don't come anywhere near me!

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu
Maaan...this sucks. I keep wishing so hard, but it won't come true...
Sup. What's your deal?
...Miss Sonia won't pay attention to me. Not even to abuse me...
Tch...it was stupid of me to ask.
What, don't you have any stupid youthful regrets!?
Yeah, today's the day I'm gonna make you tell me who you're going for! Get ready!
Pathetic... You were acting like a little bitch a second ago, but now you're all pumped up.
I'm not pathetic! I've got a serious problem! Quit trying to show off by acting all tough!
Hey, it's not Miss Sonia, right? Say it's not Miss Sonia you're after!
Yeah, yeah. I don't have a thing for Sonia. Geez, you're such a pain in the ass...
Are you sure!? You better not backstab me later, okay!?
A yakuza wouldn't tell such a shameful lie.
Then who *are* you going for?
Th-That shit again?
Because...y'know...right now is the best time of our lives, yeah?
All our classmates are crazy interesting, all the girls are super hot...
Getting all hyper over school events and doing a bunch of stupid crap... We're all having fun.
Yeah...though it's a pain for a yakuza to get pulled into all that stupid crap...
But I guess it's not bad to spend some time as a normal high schooler.
Right? You get it. And normal high schoolers gotta know who's going for who!
...Is that all you think about?

With Miu Iruma[]

With Miu Iruma
Why, if it ain't the virgin greasemonkey, lookin' stupid as ever!
Wh-What the heck's that all about!? Even low-level insults like that can hurt!
You seem testy today. I know you're pent up, but don't start droolin' over my tits now!
I'm not drooling! You think way too highly of yourself!
Huh? There's no way a fuckin' potato-face like you could pass on my delicious body!
It's not all about big boobs! Just look how divine Miss Sonia is, for example!
What, you like flat chests? Don't settle for less when you can grope a big chest!
Miss Sonia is divine in that department, too! I mean, uh...she's elegant! Yeah, that's it!
Geez... You really are a virgin if you think that girl has anything on me.
Well, if you can't get with me, then I guess you'll just hafta settle for second-place sluts!
Stop it! If Miss Sonia heard this and misunderstood, I'd curl up and die!
No one wants to hear you squeal, piggie!
Grrh...it's too much of a pain to correct you...
Hah-hahaha! Oh, cheer the fuck up!
Your clothes are decent so maybe if you didn't slouch, people wouldn't notice your ugly face!
Are you trying to compliment me or insult me!?
Compliment you, duh-doy! I know you don't get 'em often, so try not to wet yourself!
It's pretty ballsy for a virgin like you to dress so flashy. Your outfit's all the same brand, yeah?
Y-Yeah... I'm...sorta surprised. Not many people notice that.
Well, no matter how you dress, you still don't hold a candle to my amazing body!

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

With Chihiro Fujisaki
Hey, Chihiro! I fixed that thing for you!
Wow, you fixed the PDA perfectly! Amazing, Kazuichi! Sorry for troubling you... I can fix most electronics myself, but... It broke pretty bad when I dropped it, so there wasn't much I could've done... You saved me.
I was shocked when you ran into my class begging me to help. I was all, "What the heck!?"
Ibuki was freaking out and Mahiru started getting in my face asking me what I did...
I'm sorry... I was panicking at the time. It's embarrassing to think about.
Well, for things like this you can come to me whenever. I'm used to fixing stuff. I've fixed pretty much every kind of household electronic, too, y'know?
Wow... You're amazing, Kazuichi!
O-Oh, nah I'm...
...On second thought, you're right!
Yes, you're really amazing! Hehe, thank you. How can I ever repay you? I'll do anything you ask.
"Anything" makes me imagine all sorts of stuff...No, I've got Miss Sonia...
Is something wrong, Kazuichi?
I-It's nothing! No need to thank me, it's not a big deal!
Is that so...? Um, but I had to ask for your help, so now I feel bad...
How about I treat you to Teruteru's delicious cooking at the dining hall?
S-Sure... If that's what you want, I'll take you up on that... You're kinda...surprisingly aggressive.
Well, I sorta thought you weren't the type to really talk to guys...
O-Oh, really? But that's not completely true... I talk to the boys in my class often...
Oh, I guess I misunderstood. Sorry for judging you by the way you look.
No, it's fine... Don't worry about it. I'd be happy if we could get along.
Yeah! If anything happens, feel free to come talk to me!

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru
...Aw shit!
Hey! Where do you think you're going!?
I-I've been caught!
Of course! You stick out with that garish face of yours! I won't let you get away today! A man like you with such a garish outfit from top to bottom...you're disturbing public morals!
Gaaah! Shut up! Leave my outfit alone!
Leave it alone!? I'm a member of the morals committee! That would be abandoning my duty!
Alright, hold on a sec, Taka! Think about it... I'm a mechanic yeah? So this outfit's my uniform! It's so that I can do my job as a mechanic any time I need to!
Hmm...that is an important view to consider.
But that's no reason for your uniform to be so garish! Not to mention your whole head!
Y-You didn't buy it...
I will not be deceived! What kind of fool do you take me for!?
Whoa, wait, wait! Hold on, Taka! Is the way I dress really that important?
Of course it's important! Disorder in one's outfit is disorder in their heart!
...I see.
Nah...I get it. The way you look is important. For example, a plain nerd and someone who looks sleazy like me... People wouldn't treat them the same.
Your words are foul, but correct. Now, which of those two would society trust more!?
Well, the plain— Er, I mean, people like you. Short black hair, nice clean uniform... I'm sure everyone thinks you're responsible.
So you do know... Then why haven't you fixed your appearance? Are you okay with others not trusting you?
Well, I mean...looking like this is actually pretty fun.
More importantly...doesn't it seem like I'd get a lot more chicks than a nerd like you!?
Wha—!? What are you saying!?
Whoa, looks like class is about to start! Hehe...see ya!
Y...You're disturbing public morals after all! Hold on, Kazuichi! Kaaazuuuiiichiii!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... You'll be in the three-legged race! Time to show off to Sonia! ...Or that was the plan anyway, but Monokuma jumped onto the course and made a scene!
Rawr! Come any closer and I'll eat ya!
Fuyuhiko, do something!
We're partners, right!? C'mon, pleeease!
Quit freaking out already... It's not like he's a real bear or anything.
But it'd still hurt if you got bit! Look at those teeth! Monokuma would totally do it, too!
Geez...what happened to all that shit you were spouting before about showing off to Sonia?
That's completely different! I didn't think something like this would happen!
Well, whatever...you're coming with me. Our feet are still tied together, after all.
Huh? Whoa, hold on...
Come on, let's go already.
Fuyuhiko dragged you forward...
Well, guess the race is canceled
If you think about it, it makes sense to just wait till someone stops Monokuma.
Ahhhhh! Monokuma! What do you think you're doing!?
...Seriously? Monomi? She's not reliable... Or wait, should we just let robots fight robots?
Leave this to me, you guys. I'll stop Monokuma at once!
Monomi awaaaaay! Cheerio!
Monokuma and Monomi started fighting in the middle of the track and the race was canceled...
Let's get someone to help
There should be someone strong around here somewhere...
...There we go! Heeey, Peko! Do something about Monokuma!
Me? If I were to approach the course during a race, then... ...No, this is an emergency.
Very well. I shall remove Monokuma from the course. You two focus on running.
Alright, we'll leave it to you! Maaan, good thing Peko was nearby!
...Peko dashed onto the course and removed Monokuma!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to visit the shop Sonia's a part of!
Since it's so busy, someone asked if they can sit by you... What do you do?
Ugh, this guy...
You must have some courage to have disturbed the meditations of the overlord...
Huh? Because we're sharing a table? C'mon man, it's busy in here! How's that my fault?
People will gather at a festival of hope... However...
...where there is light, there is also shadow. That is...
...the law of nature that controls the chaos of this world!
That is right!
You guys were perfectly in sync!
Wait...Miss Sonia! There you are!
Gundham, thank you for coming today!
Um, Miss Sonia? I'm here, too!
Oh...thank you too, Kazuichi!
Tell me, Dark Queen... How did your hand help shape this festival?
I created the menu, decorated the interior, and am in charge of customer service.
It has been quite thrilling to experience things from a laborer's perspective.
That's Miss Sonia for you! You never forget your perspective as a princess!
If you like, it would be helpful if I could receive both of your opinions on the meal!
...You ordered lots of things and gave Sonia your opinions!
Quit glaring at me already!
Do you think I would waste even a fraction of my time and energy looking at you?
Hey, your whole face is screaming, "I can't stand sharing a table with you" right now!
The food is average, but the atmosphere is so bad I can't even drink my coffee.
Hey! It's not subpar! Miss Sonia's a part of this stand! We're just sharing tables because she wants us to have fun together...or something like that!
Princesses are amused by such trivialities?
W-Well that's just my interpretation... It means *I'm* boring, not Miss Sonia!
And you're fine with that?
You spent some time in the shop while Byakuya glared at you...
A seat just opened up here
I see. I will clean it right away. May I have you sit over here instead, Kazuichi?
Thanks! You sure work fast, Kirumi!
Here is the menu. If there is anything else I can bring you, please let me know.
Right... I'm starting to feel a little weird, though.
I never thought I'd be served by a real live maid like you...
Should you desire, I will serve you from the moment you rise until the moment you rest.
Huh!? The way you said that makes my heart pound...
N-No...I can't! I have Miss Sonia!
...Of course, I will serve you as a maid and nothing more.
I-I know that! Just let me dream a little!
...You had Kirumi take care of you, just for now.


Your last winter at the academy... You spent time at a Christmas party with your friends. You're done cleaning up the party and it's time to go home... What do you do?
A-Alright...I'm gonna talk to Miss Sonia!
There you are...Miss Soniaaa!
Oh, Kazuichi...can I help you?
Well, not with anything in particular... But today sure was fun, huh?
Doing stupid stuff with everyone... It was a genuine high school experience...
Yes, it was most fun. I made many good memories.
Um... Are you gonna go back to your country after we graduate?
Yes. Since I am a princess...I will return to my country to serve my people.
O-Of course... Um...are you ever gonna come back to visit or anything?
Of course I want to. However, it may not be that easy...
Yeah, I guess... You'll be all the way in Europe... It'll probably be hard to make time...
That is correct. It will be most difficult...
Uh... So, umm...
...Leave it to me!
I'm...a mechanic, even though I might not look like one!
Yes, I am aware...
And...I like making vehicles and stuff... So I'll make an awesome vehicle!
Something that can go back and forth between here and your country, even with your schedule!
I'll make an awesome vehicle like that in no time!
Thank you so much...I am very happy. I look forward to riding in the vehicle you make!
M-Miss Sonia!
Hm...I shall leave this matter to your discretion!
Y-Yes, your majesty! Please leave it to me!
...You gained an important purpose!
Maybe I'll stay here a little longer
Ah, crap...
Eh!? What's with the uglier-than-usual face? Is my body givin' you blueballs or somethin'?
Geez... Now all my good vibes from the party are totally ruined...
Hah-haha! How sad for you! On this holiest of nights, you have no hole to call your own! I know what'll cheer you up, virgin! I'll let you fantasize about me wearin' my Santa miniskirt!
Actually...it's almost sort of a relief to see you acting the way you always do.
It makes me forget that graduation's coming up or that this is our last Christmas here...
What's the matter, grease-monkey? Sad you won't get to oggle my titties anymore?
Make sure you get one last look at 'em and burn it into that peabrain of yours!
Who you callin' peabreain!? You really do have too high an opinion of yourself!
You felt better after talking to Miu, who was the same as always...
Maybe I'll take a walk first
Oh, Kazuichi... Your class's Christmas party was today, right?
Yeah, it just ended right now. Hehe...it got pretty rowdy. The food was great, too!
I see... I must admit, I'm a little jealous. It would be nice if our class did the same...
Then...why don't you plan something and invite everyone in your class?
Hm? Me...? If I planned a party, it is difficult for me to calculate whether everyone would attend...
What, are you worried about the fact that you're a robot or something?
I'd like to say "no," but doing so will lead to a question that I'd have trouble answering!
Hmm...so you're worried about being popular, then? You think about that kinda stuff too, huh?
Well, just try inviting them anyway! If you're worried, just get one person to agree and have them invite everyone!
I see... Perhaps I will enlist Kirumi to help me gather people, then.
Thank you, Kazuichi. I will begin planning this party right away!
Alright, good luck!
You gave Keebo advice, though you did nothing for your own party...but he seemed happy!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

Your last winter at the academy...but you're too busy with research to be sad about graduation! You worked so hard that you didn't even realize it was Christmas Eve until the evening... It's not good to overwork yourself... How about a little break?
Maybe I'll research something else
Hey, Chihiro! Sorry to keep you waiting!
Oh, don't worry. More importantly, how is it? Is it going well for you?
Yeah! I'm almost done making the prototype, A little robot you can put your AI in. So cool!
Wow, you're almost done with it? That's amazing, Kazuichi!
Hehe...let's make something extra rad that blows Keebo and Monokuma out of the water!
Yes, I'm excited.
Hey Kazuichi, what kind of robots do you want to create from here on out?
From here on out? What, are we talkin' about the next thing already?
Hehehe, am I getting ahead of myself? I always come up with new ideas for new programs while I'm researching.
If the small robot we're currently working on goes well, I'd want to make a big one next...
A big one... In that case, let's make one that transforms into a vehicle!
Yeah, yeah! Let's have it transform into a car! That'd be so cool!
Yes...that sounds great.
F-For real? You think!?
It can be in human mode for conversing with people, and then in car mode for transportation.
Oh, and if possible, we could even make it a robot that can help the disabled.
If it's something that can help people, maybe we can find companies to invest in our research.
I see... I wasn't really thinking about what it'd be for or who'd be using it...
But if we're thinking of it that way, I know we'll be able to make something awesome.
Yes, I'm sure you would be able to make something amazing, Kazuichi.
Y-Yeah! But your technology is awesome, too... So let's keep makin' stuff together!
Back when we both started at this academy, I never imagined we'd team up like this.
You discussed your ideas on creating robots with Kazuichi!

With Gundham Tanaka[]

Your last winter at the academy... You enjoyed a Christmas party with your friends!
The party ended and you're going to help clean up. What will you do first?
I must collect the cups used in the contract
Oh hey, are you cleaning up the dishes, too? We've got enough help here.
I see. In that case, I shall purify the cauldron used in the rite of chaos...
Uh...hold on. There's something I gotta tell you.
...What is it? What manner of incantation do you seek to cast on me?
You know I can't do those. Anyway, are you free during New Year's?
Actually, I don't care if you're free. Fly back here or ride a horse or whatever.
Reveal your scheme to me this instant.
This is the last winter break before we graduate, right? And New Year's is Hajime's birthday. We're gonna use that as an excuse to get together and go wild one last time.
Ah...that is a well made plan for you.
So what are you gonna do? If we don't all get together, it'll make Miss Sonia sad, y'know?
Very well. I will make full use of our remaining time, no matter the toll on my body...
So does that mean you're coming!? Actually, I'm just gonna say you're coming anyway, okay!?
...You made plans to look forward to!

With Hajime Hinata[]

Today is the sports festival at Hope's Peak Academy. You came to cheer for your friends... But the basketball team was short a person, so you were asked to join!
...You want me to join? Are you sure?
Hm? What do you mean?
Well, why invite me over someone with a sports talent? You've got other options, don't you?
Besides, I'm not from the main course... You guys might get disqualified because of me...
Oh, don't worry about stuff like that, man. I saw Usami being thrown into games to fill in for people.
U-Usami? If that's the case, I guess anything goes...
Anyway, you better work hard so I can show my stuff! Miss Sonia might be watching!
Alright, I'm gonna stop thinking and just go at it!
Yeah! I know you got my back, Hajime!
You gave it your all alongside your teammates!

Your last winter at the academy... Today, you have been invited to Chiaki's Christmas party. You've still got some time before the party. How will you spend it?
There's probably something in the dining hall
Huh? I heard the girls were going to set up here, but you guys came too.
Of course I'm here! I couldn't miss a chance to see Miss Sonia in an apron!
I just...had some spare time, so I decided to help out.
Alright then, I'll help too. What should I do?
In that case...Hajime, there's a favor I wanna ask you. Your birthday is New Year's Day, right?
Yeah, but...what about it?
Listen up, Hajime! Your duty for today is... plan a birthday party and invite Miss Sonia!
Huh? Why?
You're gonna make him plan his own birthday party? That's a bit harsh, don'tcha think?
New Year's isn't a great excuse to have a party with your classmates, right?
But that's where Hajime's birthday comes in! Miss Sonia would definitely come to that!
So that's your motivation, huh...?
Oh, of course we'll celebrate your birthday, too! We're soul friends, after all! Getting to be with Miss Sonia on New Year's Day will be the best! Thanks for being born, Hajime!
That's probably the worst birthday greeting I've ever gotten...
Hey Hajime. Invite Chiaki, too. Today's party was her idea, right? Actually, when we all get together, it's usually her idea. That's why I wanna invite her to something for a change.
Fuyuhiko, you...
H-Hey, it wasn't my idea! Byakuya and Mahiru were the ones that said it!
Got it. Then let's all get together on New Year's Eve.
Alriiiight! I'm already excited for next year!
But...please tell everyone it was you guys who came up with this plan.
You talked about the New Year's birthday party, before the Christmas party had even started...

With Hifumi Yamada[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You want to finish your manuscript ASAP!
You have to do the three-legged race... Who should you ask to be your partner?
A mechanic... We might get along...
Mechanics are just machine otaku! We are one in the same!
The otaku sanctuary of Akihabara was originally an electric city, after all!
Oh, you get it. Yeah, working with tools is pretty relaxing.
Hehe, that makes me kinda happy. Guys like you are usually scared off by my looks.
Anthropomorphized machines are a big deal right now! You could help me with my work!
Though I find it questionable to go around anthropomorphizing anything and everything.
...I take it back. I think we can't understand each other after all.
Maybe you don't understand each other, but you put on a good race!

With Junko Enoshima[]

Today is the fall school festival... It's a boring event full of hope! Will you work or go around looking at the exhibits?
Maybe I'll be a waitress for the shop
Welcome, what would you like? Dinner? A bath? ...Or me?
What? There aren't any baths here, this is the dining hall... Wait, were you always like this?
Teehee... Geez, Kazuichi, you're so shy! Since I greeted you all lovey-dovey, ordering me is an actual option, y'know?
Huh? Is that just part of your bit, too? Or... can I *actually* order you?
I'm a limited time menu item, so I'll be gone if you don't order in the next 10 seconds.
Actually... what happens if I do order you? No, I have Miss Sonia...
10, 9, 8...
W-Wait a sec! At least explain what happens if I order you!
7, 6... Bored now, 0!
You missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you ordered me, I would've shown you hell.
What do you mean "hell"!? Aren't you supposed to say "heaven"!?
Ah, "hell" isn't right. I meant I would've made you despair so much you'd wish you were in hell.
...What kind of shop is this?
You quit joking and showed Kazuichi to his seat...

With Kokichi Oma[]

Today is the school festival... You walked around looking at food stands and exhibits!
You went into a haunted house that's known to be scary, but you have one comment. And that's...
I have a problem with the mechanisms!
Hey...who made the mechanisms for this haunted house?
Oh, that was me! Was there...something wrong with them?
Hm well, I was pretty excited when the people dressed as ghosts snuck up behind me... But I'm not so sure about the fire shooting from the floors and burning up all the ghosts.
Are you serious!? But I checked to make sure that wouldn't happen!
Y'know the toy hands falling from the ceiling? An assassin fell down too and tried to kill me!
It's pretty tough being a supreme leader of evil. You never know when they'll strike.
I never thought you'd be cooperating with my enemies... I can't let you live now...
Whoa whoa whoa! I didn't do anything! Were you just lying about all that stuff!?
Oh, you got me. You scared me with the haunted house, so I wanted to scare you back as thanks!
I don't need your twisted thanks!
You actually had a pretty good time!

With Kyoko Kirigiri[]

Today is the fall school festival... Should you work or check out everyone else's exhibits? What will you do?
There are exhibits in each classroom
Hey, Kyoko...wanna check out the haunted house? I made all the mechanisms in it!
This haunted house does seem to be quite elaborate, but I'll have to decline.
Wh-Why!? It'll be fun for sure! Oh... Or are you afraid or ghosts or being surprised or something like that?
No, it's nothing like that.
Of course not...
Well, if you think it'll be boring by yourself. I can go with you. But I'll probably be really scared, so you're gonna hafta protect me!
Aren't you the one who made all the mechanisms?
Going in together seemed like a hassle, so you declined Kazuichi's offer...

With Monokuma[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to host a talk show with Monomi! However, it's five minutes before showtime and not a single seat is filled... But you made some preparations just in case this sort of thing happened...
I lied to an easily fooled idiot!
Miss Soniaaa! I've come to see you!
...Huh? Miss Sonia's not here... Actually, nobody is...
How rude! I'm here!
Huh!? Hey, didn't you say Miss Sonia was gonna be here in a fashion show!?
That fashion show ended a while ago... and Sonia wasn't part of it.
Wh-What the hell!? You tricked me!?
Hey! I won't let you besmirch my good name, Kazuichi! Are you sure you didn't mishear me? I'm pretty sure I told you that I was hosting a talk show in the gym with Monomi.
Hell no! There's no way I woulda misheard that! I don't care about your stupid talk show!
Since you're here, why don't you stay and watch? I'll even let you do a sketch with me.
Hey, leggo... I don't wannaaa!
...You hosted a hilarious talk show for your audience of one—Kazuichi Soda!

With Tsumugi Shirogane[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to do your best for an introvert!
The other events seem to be still in progress... Maybe you should cheer for them?
Maybe I'll check out the boys basketball game
Hm? Oh, it's you, Tsumugi.
Were you hoping Sonia would show up? Well, too bad. It's just plain old me.
No, I'm not disappointed or anything. Girls are totally welcome here!
Did you come to cheer for your classmates? Cheer for me too, while you're at it!
Well, okay. Why not? Is your team taking a break right now, Kazuichi?
Yeah...I'm exhausted from having to deal with all these athletic-type people.
They should really think about balancing these teams better.
Those athletic-types are on a whole different level. I'm an intellectual type, so I get it.
Right? I thought you'd understand! It's hard enough just trying to keep up with them!
...If Miss Sonia heard me saying stuff like this, she'd think I'm pretty lame, huh?
Wh-What? What's the matter?
Umm, I think your problem's a bit more basic than that... You should just talk with Sonia normally and plainly, like you are with me right now.
Normally...? She's a real live princess, y'know? Besides, I'm already trying to be normal...
Ah...so that's what you were going for...?
You gave him some plainly sound advice, but he probably won't make good use of it...


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