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This article contains information and transcripts for Kaito Momota's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
25 15 2 5 1 4 1 2
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
270 157 75 150 50 125 45 70


Alright! I'll keep training while I'm here and after I graduate, I'll go straight to space!


Space is in my reach now...The legend of Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars has just begun!

Friendship Events[]

With Mondo Owada[]

With Mondo Owada
What's up? Is something bothering you?
Alright, then I'll tell you about the universe! It'll make your problems look insignificant!
You talk about space and shit all the time, but...you ain't even been there yet, right? And even so, you've still got such a confident look on your face.
Of course. I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars! It's already been decided that I'm gonna go to space! Right now is just before that happens!
Bwaha... Hahaha! The fuck's that even mean, dude?
It pisses me off, but...hearing you say something like that makes it sound possible. Space, huh? To have a dream like that, you gotta have some real balls, man.
Right!? I knew you'd get me, Mondo! Space is huge! It's filled with the unknown! It's a man passion to explore it, right!?
A man's passion... Like the wind on ya when you're riding your motorcycle at top speed? ...Is it something like that?
That's right! Just like that! It's somewhere you'll never reach if you live normally!
Just like that...? Have you been on a motorcycle before? Well...whatever.
Hey, what's your dream, Mondo? I bet yours is filled with fire and passion!
Nah, I...ain't got something like that.
Really? Are you only looking at the past or something? You can't move forward in life if you're looking backwards, y'know?
What? You don't wanna tell me? Don't compare your dream to mine, y'know? You'll get scared by the size of the universe...
Shut up! There's no way fuckin' way I'd be scared! You think I'm a coward or something!?
Then chase your dream with confidence! Don't think your dream is too small or you'll become small yourself!
Like hell I'd do something like that! I'm gonna be the best in the universe at my dream!
Heh, that's what I like to hear! I dunno what kind of dream you've got, but I'll search the universe for your rival!
What? How are you gonna find my rival if you don't even know what my dream is?
You're a reckless guy after all...

With Usami and Ryoma Hoshi[]

With Usami and Ryoma Hoshi
Huh? Oh hey, it's Usami. What are you doing here?
I just came to talk to Ryoma! I'm everyone's teacher...so if you ever wanna talk to me about something, please feel free!
Hmph...Did I look like I was thinking about something? Thanks, but there's nothing to talk about. Don't bother with me. Go back to your students.
It feels...wrong for such a cheery mascot like you to be around someone like me.
Really? I think talking about stuff will help. Come on, just talk to her.
Hmph...is being nosy your talent or something?
What did you say?
Hey! Fighting's a no-no!
We're not gonna fight. There's no use butting heads with him anyway.
Because this guy's a total sad sack now. He used to be an amazing athlete before.
You knew about me?
A little, yeah...
So you get it now. The Şablon:İmp... I'm not that guy anymore. That's in the past.
Yeah, I guess not... The Ryoma I knew was invincible and would go up against any opponent.
K-Kaito... Is everything okay!? Please calm down!
My bad... I'm gonna go cool off.
The air feels so tense... It's all my fault... I shouldn't have said anything at all...
It's not your fault.
But...I do think you're a nosy teacher.
Noooo... Uguu... I might be nosy, but you're still a very important student to me, Ryoma. As long as you remember that, I'll be very happy...
Hmph... Yeah, I can do that. But that doesn't mean I'll respond to your nosiness.

With Maki Harukawa[]

With Maki Harukawa
Hey Maki Roll! You better remember our promise for tonight!
Are you talking about training? You made that promise, not me.
And stop calling me Maki Roll.
Alright, you remember! I'll see you there!
...Is that why you came to talk to me?
Nah, I've got a message from Kaede. She wants to talk about the promise you made with her. I dunno what kind of promise it is, but...since when were you guys so close?
We're not close, and I wouldn't call my arrangement with Kaede a promise, either.
She offered to play piano for the kids at my orphanage. That's all.
Oh, that's a great idea! She's amazing at the piano!
But... I left that orphanage years ago. Kaede thinks I was the Şablon:İmp at that orphanage before I came here, but...
Hey, there's no reason you can't go to the orphanage, right Maki Roll? So just take Kaede there with you. For the kids living peacefully there you worked so hard for... Let them hear Kaede's music.
That...might be good, but...
Oh! I just had a great idea too! How about me and Shuichi tag along?
Yeah! Let's do it! If Shuichi's with us, I bet Kaede will get all psyched up!
You want to tag along...and bring Shuichi?
Yeah! If there are any problems, Shuichi and I will help out!
Do you not want Kaede and the others to find out about your real talent?
But...I know you don't wanna distance yourself from them like when you first got here, yeah?
...Don't make assumptions about me.
But...I guess I'll give the orphanage a call.
Alright! Then it's decided!

With Leon Kuwata and Teruteru Hanamura[]

With Leon Kuwata and Teruteru Hanamura
Oh, you guys are in luck! There's only three of the desserts Kirumi made left! Let's split 'em!
Oh, nice! Of course I'm gonna have one!
Kirumi personally made these desserts, you say? As a chef, color me quite intrigued...
Hehe, it's gotta be delicious! And since Kirumi made it for us, it's even better. This school's got some pretty hot girls. Like Sayaka, for example!
Between the pool, the locker rooms, and the showers, my imagination is running wild!
The places where no boy has ever gone before... Stuff like that is a man's passion.
Mm-hmhmhm... You get it, Kaito!
When it comes to passion and chasing adventure, there's nobody who can stand as my equal!
I don't get it. Wouldn't it be better to just talk to a cute girl and get a girlfriend?
That's different than what I'm talking about!
I dunno, Leon's got a point.
Wha—!? Are you gonna abandon me too, Teruteru!?
Sure, it's fun to check out fresh ingredients and fantasize over how you're gonna cook 'em...
But you can't know how to prepare something until you've felt it with your own two hands.
I'm disappointed in you guys! Men should chase after passion!
No, I mean...that's just peeping, right? Getting a girlfriend is way more legit.
I never said I wanted to peep! I'm talking about chasing after unknown worlds!
Huh? Did the means and the end get switched around?
Don't sweat the small stuff! Listen up! I'll teach you what a man's passion really is!
You discussed a man's passion while eating dessert!

With Shuichi Saihara[]

This event appears only in Shuichi's Ultimate Talent Development Plan run and it's not available in Kaito's Friendship Event.

With Shuichi Saihara
Hey, bro. You're not headed home?
Ah, Kaito.
Why're you looking so down now? I thought you'd been looking better than when you first got to this academy.
If there's something going on, then spit it out! It's a hero's job to help out his sidekick!
It's nothing, I just... I feel as though I haven't used my detective skills lately.
Your detective skills? You mean you haven't taken any cases lately?
I was always helping out at my uncle's detective office, but since I've been here...
I feel like...I should be doing something. I got my Ultimate talent by chance, so...
Oh, you're talking about that? That's simple! You just gotta move your body!
Ah, we do a lot of training already though, don't we?
That's not what I mean. I mean put it into action!
Detective work is always useful! Isn't that right, bro!?
But...a detective can't work unless there's a case to solve, or a request to fulfill.
No! Your talents are more than just that!
Hey, Shuichi...I'm an astronaut. Do you think I'm useless when I'm not in space?
You're not useless! You have good teamwork, and you always help people in need...
Everyone really depends on you, Kaito.
Then what about detectives? Are they useless without cases or requests?
So I'll be the hero and you be my sidekick!
...Isn't that what we've been doing?
And when someone's in trouble, you help 'em out! Like, by giving them advice or something! It might be different from your usual detective work, but...
Instead of rotting away like that, it'll make you feel alive by helping out those around us.
What are you planning, Kaito?
A hero's most important job is to be the hero!
...That doesn't make sense.
When you need a hero's help, just call! I'll help you with anything you can't handle alone!
Ah...okay. I don't know what I'm supposed to do, but...I'll try.
Yeah! Hehe...you're looking better already!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Show 'em what you got in the three-legged race!
Maybe you should talk to someone before the race. But who?
My sidekick, of course!
Alright, bro! It's finally the time to show off the results of all our training! Don't hesitate! There's no way we can lose after training through blood, sweat, and tears!
Blood, sweat, and tears sounds like a little too much...
But it's true that this training will give us an edge in the festival. I feel like we can win!
I've already decided I'm gonna win at everything today. So as my sidekick, you better support me!
I don't think I can be a "sidekick" in a 3-legged race...but I'll do my best.
You and your sidekick showed off the results of all your training!
That guy right there
Oh, hey Fuyuhiko. Never thought I'd be going up against you!
What, am I not allowed to be here or something? Did you think I'd just ditch school events?
Nah, man! I'm glad you're here! I always thought you were the type that'd show up to this stuff!
Geez...don't act like you've got me figured out. I never wanted to do any of this lame shit.
But now that I'm here, there's no way I'm gonna embarrass myself. I'm gonna win this thing!
Right on! It won't be a real challenge unless you come at me with everything you got!
You raised each other's fighting spirits before the race!
Those guys way over there
Hey, Hiro. I can spot that hair of yours from across the field. Isn't it hard to run with?
Honestly...when I run, it shakes back and forth and gets in the way.
You think that's bad... My whole body shakes back and forth when I try to run!
Hahaha, that is pretty bad! I can tell just by looking at you! Just thinking about it is making me laugh. Was that your strategy the whole time!?
...You have to run while trying to hold back your laughter!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to help set up the stage! Since you're already here, you may as well check out a show afterwards. What looks interesting?
Can't miss Kaede's recital
Oh, Kaede! You're almost up, huh?
Huh...? You came by yourself, Kaito?
Yeah, my bad. Shuichi's not here yet, but he's on his way.
I-I didn't mean it like that!
It's just...I'm a little surprised you came to listen to classical music.
Hey, of course I'd come. You're the one playing, so there's no way I'd miss it.
I know you're gonna do great! As far as I'm concerned, you're the best pianist out there! Be confident and knock their socks off. I'll be watching from the seats!
Hahaha, thanks. That's so Kaito of you.
Alright, you're gonna hear the best performance! Let me know what you think after I'm done!
...Shuichi arrived before it began and the two of you listened to Kaede's performance!
A concert might be fun to watch
This seems fun, but...
Hey, hey! Huh, huh? What's wrong?
I get the instruments and amps, but...why do you need a barbecue set for a concert?
That's a concert essential! How could you agree to help without knowing that!?
Hmm... I can't even imagine what kind of performance this is gonna be.
Heh heh heh...three hehs. All you gotta do now is sit back and enjoy the concert.
Heh heh! It's concert time, it's concert time! Get pumped up cuz it's concert time!
You're really psyched up for this concert, huh? Looks like you don't need me to help with that.
Well, I'm sure you'll entertain us, right Ibuki!?
Heck yeah, man! My first song is gonna blow you away!
...You witnessed Ibuki's shocking singing at her concert!
A girl's fashion show...?
Hey, you! Stop being such a perv!
Wha—! Hey...don't be rude. I'm honestly excited for the show, y'know?
Geez...if Tenko or Sakura catches you acting all weird like that, they'll give you hell.
That'd be a scary tag team... With those two, you'd be safe from any weirdo.
Yeah, yeah.
That's why you better not take a peek while the girls are changing, got that?
I-I'd never do that! Who do you think I am!?
Hahaha, I'm kidding. Like, thanks for coming and have fun!
...You enjoyed an energetic show by the Ultimate girls!


Your last winter at the academy... There are only a few days left in the year.
The stars are especially pretty tonight... What will you do?
Take a walk with my sidekicks
You can see the stars pretty well tonight, yeah? Before long, I'll be up there with 'em!
The stars are pretty, but...is this really the only reason why you called me out this late?
He does this a lot... But isn't it kind of fun?
...I never said this wasn't fun.
So many things happened in the last three years after I met you guys! We did some school stuff, went to Sonia's country during the break and solved a case!
Hm, I still don't know why I had to tag along, though.
You were great at wiping out all those assassins! That's my sidekick for you!
Correction. I protected us from danger and Shuichi solved the case...
If anything, I don't now why you're tagging along, Kaito.
If Kaito hadn't invited you, Maki, then Sonia and I could have been in big trouble.
Issuing orders to sidekicks is the most important job a hero has!
Then your job was over before we even left the country.
Well, I've still got one huge job ahead of me! After graduation, when I'm in space, I'll look for you guys from up above!
Huh? You'd never find us.
Ah, well, he might be able to see this approximate area...
And then I'll take you guys into space one day. After all, I need my sidekicks to help me out.
*sigh* You say such stupid things.
You need us to save you, Kaito?
Well, yeah... We're the only ones who would do it.
Hey, Shuichi, what do you mean "save me"!? Maki Roll, what do you mean "the only ones"!? Geez, what sassy sidekicks. I gotta teach you guys some manners.
Whatever... Just take a good look, you guys! That big one right up there! The moon!
...Did you seriously think we didn't know what the moon was?
No, I want you guys to remember how the stars look from Earth once we're on the moon.
...How did we end up agreeing to go into space with Kaito?
There's no way it would go that smoothly. You really are all talk, Kaito.
Shut it! The impossible is possible, all you gotta do is make it so!
It's already been decided! Both of you gotta keep up your training!
I don't know if we'll ever end up in space, but...I'll keep on training.
...If I feel like it.
You made a promise for the future with your sidekicks...
Walk by myself
Oh, Kaito! Were you waiting for me to come back?
Like I'd do something like that! I didn't even know you were out!
Ugh...I never thought I'd have to see your face after graduation.
You're lucky then! You'll definitely get all the good luck this year!
I'm not lucky at all. This year's almost done anyway!
You haven't changed a bit these last 3 years... You're still like this at your age? Doesn't it make your parents cry? Do you even visit?
Hey now, you don't really ask the supreme leader of evil such normie questions.
Also, if you wanna know my origin story, you're gonna have to bet two lives for it.
Idiot, everyone's only got one life and there's no way I'd waste mine on your story!
Aw maaan, how boring. If you're not gonna bother learning the truth about me... ...then that means we'll have to say our final farewells at graduation in a few months.
Heh, that's a relief. It'll mean I'm done with being dragged around by your lies! But if you're saying that, then it means we might see each other again after all.
Huh...? Why do you say that?
Cuz you're a liar. Well, I'd be better off not seeing you ever again if I had the option...
So you're saying cuz I told you we'll never meet again, we actually will? Not bad for you, Kaito.
What's that supposed to mean!? Geez, on top of being a liar, you say a buncha unnecessary crap!
You feel like you'll be dragged around by Kokichi's lies till the very end...
There's leftovers in the dining hall
Oh, Hifumi. If you're here eating, does that mean you finished your, uh...
My fanfic? Of course! I've already submitted three new ones for the end of the year!
Hmm...I dunno how to draw manga, but I guess three of them's pretty amazing.
Well, yeah. The crunch time for them was difficult for even my golden hand... But as you can see, I overcame it and triumphed! I've raised the bar for fanfic yet again!
In other words, you wanted to show your manliness, huh? Good for you!
It's not that...but it totally is! You can go ahead and praise me even more!
Alright! Then next you can make a manga about me, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
Hu? A manga about you, Mr. Momota?
It's gonna be a legendary manga! If you make it about me, it's gonna be a global hit! Cuz it's gonna be filled with manga-style adventure before it even gets to the space part!
*sigh* What kinda life have you led?
Well, that aside, if I'm gonna make it...
It'll definitely be a global hit! You've got a good eye for talent, Mr. Momota!
Of course! I'm a hero with many sidekicks! So with that in mind, you better have an open schedule after I get back from space! The only person I trust to make a manga of me is someone with just as much passion!
I feel like I'm being forced into this... But I guess you're just excited.
Usually my my works are about the fairer sex, but...it might be nice to make something manly.
...You made a promise to have him write your biography!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami[]

Today is the school festival... You gave a lecture as a prominent Togami heir!
After your speech, some of the audience wants to talk to you...
Don't follow me around. It's obnoxious
Hey, I didn't even say anything yet!
You don't have to. I can tell just by looking at you that you're a nuisance.
Not true! I've got a question for you! The Togami Corporation funds all kinds of stuff, right? What about space exploration?
That is within our power. The Togami group, and I myself, can move mountains.
We are obligated to spread our grasp into space. A loser like you wouldn't understand.
I'm no loser! I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
But I see you also understand how great outer space is. Alright! I'll make you my sidekick!
...If you say that again, I will kill you.
Huh!? What's the matter!?
Kaito followed you around, pestering you about space all day...

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

Today is the summer sports festival. It's your first game of basketball... What should you be mindful of while you play?
No hesitating, just rush ahead!
If Gonta hesitate cuz he not understand rules...Gonta just hold whole team back.
I think you should play more aggressively. Just having you at the front lines will put pressure on the other team!
Got it! This first time Gonta play basketball...but Gonta will do his best!
Yeah! That's the spirit!
...For your first game, you did your best!

With Izuru Kamukura[]

Today is the school festival... It's a boring event, but Usami forced you to participate.
To get her to leave you alone, you decide to walk around for a bit. Where do you go?
It seems there are shows in the gym
Oh hey, Izuru. Perfect timing. Help me out! We need more people to build the stage!
Whew... We finished just in time.
You were a big help there. How about it? You wanna become my sidekick, too?
It wouldn't make sense to have a sidekick who is better than you at everything, right?
Heh, Şablon:İmp? That's nothin'! I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
I can analyze everything about a future you would follow.
Analyze? You're just talking about predictions. My destiny's too big to be predicted!
Plus...I've got Shuichi and Maki Roll as my sidekicks. If we include their strengths, the possibilities are endless.
As I predicted, you are an idiot. How boring...
That's a bad habit. If you keep saying that, you'll start to think everything's boring.
Are you okay with that?
...My word. Everything you say is boring.
You decided to ignore Kaito, who kept bugging you about being his sidekick...

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Let's take a lot of pictures today!
Where will you aim for the perfect shot?
I want to get shots of the three-legged race
Oh, good... It hasn't started yet.
Oh, Mahiru. You here on a photo shoot? Alright, be sure to get a good shot of me!
Okay, okay. I'll get a picture of your dumb-looking face.
Wha—!? What do you mean *dumb-looking"!? I'm a handsome guy! Check out this suave beard!
...You got shots of Kaito and the others who ran the three-legged race!

With Maki Harukawa[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
Maybe I'll stay in the classroom a bit longer
Oh, Maki Roll. You're not going home yet?
I have nothing to do right now. And it's not like I plan to do anything while I'm here.
Well, I get why you'd want to stay in the classroom. Graduation is coming up, after all.
It was a lot of work taking care of you guys these past three years.
You didn't even try to talk to people in the beginning.
Yeah. If you hadn't annoyed me so much with your constant pestering....
I probably would have never been able to talk to Shuichi and the others so casually.
You're being pretty frank today. It seems you finally understand how great I am!
Or...are you sad because graduation is getting closer?
...That's a bit too frank.
Well, there's no point being sentimental. It's not like we won't ever see each other again.
Yeah...you're right. It'll be hard for me to see you on a daily basis after this, but...it's not goodbye forever.
What do you mean, it'll be hard?
Hm? Well because I'll be up in space, obviously.
Oh, yeah... You still want to go there.
But you're my sidekick! If something happened to you, I'd fly back here, right away! I look out for my sidekicks! Cuz I'm a hero!
Huh...that again?
Well...I'll be waiting, but I won't be expecting much...
The two of you talked about your memories for awhile...

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

Today is the school festival... You're in charge of the reception desk for the haunted house! Instead of sitting around waiting for guests...why not try to approach passing students?
Excuse me...want to go in the haunted house?
What!? Wh-What's wrong!?
Kaito...you look terrible...and you started hyperventilating...
It's cuz you said haunted house! I almost wet myself just imagining it!
I'm really sorry I frightened you... Please accept my apologies! But, but, but...um...you'll be able to enjoy getting scared in the haunted house!
Hell no! That's impossible!
Wait, wait...I'm not scared. Everything in there is just fake, right?
Yes...they're all just props for the festival. So it'd make me happy if you tried it...sorta...
Sorry...I still can't.
You look like you're going to pass out, Kaito... Uuuh...I'm sorry I made you get like this...
You took care of a sickly-looking Kaito for a while...

With Mondo Owada[]

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed, and graduation is coming up. The closing ceremony is over, and winter break starts tomorrow. What do you do tonight?
I'll walk home, the breeze is nice
Hm? Hey, Kaito. What are you doing here?
Oh hey. I was gonna go get some fresh air.
Is that right? I'm almost embarrassed that I had the same idea as you...
Is that where you're headed, too? Then you're in luck. The stars are really clear tonight. Walks really are the best at night!
Oh. How about that.
Hey, what kinda reaction is that!? The whole universe is right up there! Get more fired up!
I'm not as into space as you are.
Well, I guess... I, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars, am the one closest to space in this academy!
With that kinda confidence, I think you might actually make it up there.
Well of course! I'm the Şablon:İmp, y'know!? Everyone told me it was impossible... But the impossible is possible, all you gotta do is make it so! You can always change your present and your future, as long as you don't give up!
You're right. I can't change the past, but I can do something for the future.
Yeah, that's the spirit! Do your best, even after you graduate, Mondo!
Don't talk to me like that, I'm not one of your sidekicks...
You looked at the stars with Kaito for a while, talking about nothing...

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Today is the school festival...a wonderful day where you can see everyone's talent shine! So, what will you do first?
I'll check out the show in the gym
Hey there, Kaito. Are you going to perform something on stage?
Nah, I'm backstage today. I'm helping out with the construction.
I see... I was hoping I'd be able to hear some stories about space from the Şablon:İmp.
Oh, are you interested in space, too?
Of course I am! The vastness of space... That's the only stage suitable for your talent, right!? There's no mistake that you'll be able to bring hope to the world from outer space!
Hmm...something feels off.
Off? What do you mean?
You're not interested in space... Or me. That's how it feels. Like it'd be weird for you to cheer me on...
Hmm...did I get too excited? I'm sorry if my blabbering made you uncomfortable... But it's true that I want to cheer you on, Kaito...
Well, I guess you're not lying... My bad.
Look forward to the day when I reach outer space! It'll be an exciting moment for everyone!
Kaito proudly talked to you about space...

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Today is the summer sports festival. Your events are over and you finally get a break... The soccer game is still going on, so you came to cheer. Where will you watch from?
Perhaps I'll watch from as close as possible
Oh, hey. You here to cheer for the team? Right on! They've almost won anyway, so let's shout real loud to cheer 'em on!
What, are you embarrassed? Everyone's shouting, so no one's gonna hear you.
Well...I'm no slouch when it comes to cheering! I'm gonna shout from the bottom of my gut!
It's not that I'm embarrassed. I simply...don't have much experience with that kind of thing.
It's not hard or anything. You just gotta shout their names as hard as you can...
Shout whatever you think will help. That'll become their strength out there!
I see...you're right. I will do what I can.
Yeah, that's the spirit!
...You copied Kaito and raised your voice just a little to cheer.

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas. Himiko asked you to help with her Christmas magic show. How will you help?
I'll help her set up inside the gym
Did Himiko get you to help her out, too?
Well, something like that. You too?
Yeah. I may not be as fit as I was back in my glory days, but it should be enough...
How pathetic... An athlete at your level should say stuff like, "I'll take on any challenge!"
Hmph... Don't bring up such an old story now. Those days are long past.
I don't care about your past!
I played tennis in middle school, so I know about you.
Hmph... Is that so? Well what's your point?
There are plenty of tennis players that look up to you. They're trying to surpass your memory. One of them might become the next Şablon:İmp!
So quit it with that mopey face you've got on all the time! When you see a tennis fan, can't you just smile at him and say, "Tennis is pretty great, huh?"
That's all... I just wanted to say that to you before we graduate.
Were you...just waiting for a chance to talk to me about tennis? That doesn't seem like you.
What do you mean? I always wait for the best time to talk about stuff!
Well, even if I agreed to...do you really think you're qualified to talk to me about tennis? Well...you'd probably say that something like that didn't matter.
Heh, so you get it, after all!
You really do just say whatever you want. Well...that's fine sometimes.
You worked on setting up for the show while talking to Kaito about tennis...

With Shuichi Saihara[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is the closing ceremony, and you're up early... Thinking about only having a short time left at this academy makes you sad...
And from that comes restlessness. What will you do?
Exercise is perfect at a time like this
Oh, hey there bro! Are you training too?
Yeah! It's good to sweat some things out!
Right on! That's the spirit! It's all thanks to your training with me!
...You're right. You befriended me, and encouraged me, and gave me advice...
You've...helped me so much, Kaito...
Hey, hey. What's all that about? Don't damped the mood, bro.
Ah, sorry... I was just thinking about what we've built over the years...
If I ever find myself in trouble, I can look back at my time with your inspiration, Kaito.
That's true, but... Graduation won't be the end for us!
Listen up! Even if things get tough in the future...
Don't bear it all by yourself, right?
Oh...well if you get it, then it's all good.
When things are bad, me, Maki Roll, or Kaede will help you carry your burdens.
As long as you understand that, you can get stronger.
The same goes for you, Kaito. If there's anything I can help you with, just say so.
Heh, now we're talking. Of course you'd help me! I'm the hero and you're my sidekick!
Alright then...wanna run for a while? Better hurry, or you'll be eating my dust!
Ah, hey! No fair, Kaito!
Working up a good sweat, you chased Kaito all the way to homeroom.


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