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This article contains information and transcripts for Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)'s Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 15 4 2 1 1 5 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 162 125 75 50 50 155 95


The Şablon:İmp, huh? I never imagined imitating Junko at this academy...
...I wish we could go together.


I've gotten used to it, but... After three years...they think I'm still Junko. That makes me feel...despair.

Friendship Events[]

With Junko Enoshima[]

With Junko Enoshima
That knife that just flew past me came from...
...this direction. Junko, are you there?
Geez. When we're next to each other, it's even more obvious. Hey, can you not come within 1,000 miles of me dressed like that?
Isn't that basically deportation!?
I-Is it really that bad? I thought I was pretty close with the makeup and clothes...
If that's "close," then you *are* hopeless! It's so bad, I wanna photoshop your face off!
Hey, big sis... Get a handful of that pathetic chest of yours and think reeeal hard. Actually, you don't even need to touch it. One look is enough to see we're different. I can't let you be seen by anyone who's even seen a picture of me before.
But when we're standing next to each other, we look like twins...
Ugggh... That gave me goosebumps all over! I'm gonna throw *so* many knives at you!
Okay... go ahead.

With Sayaka Maizono[]

With Sayaka Maizono
Today's lunch special looks great! It has like, everything to get me all pumped up!
Junko, you eat a surprising amount.
Well, if I don't eat enough, then I won't be able to move my body.
That's true, models do need stamina. And you'll get bad skin without proper nutrition.
Where's all this coming from? Don't tell me you, like, fell for me or something.
It's just...you're very skinny, Junko. I'm always thinking how nice and slender your legs are, and I was wondering...
Um...do you do any special exercises or something?
Ooh, that's what you're getting at. Well, like... For starters, I wear heavy duty boots and run four miles, just like how the Navy SEALs do it.
Oh, like army-style training? I think that used to be really popular for losing weight.
Yeah, yeah. It's totally killing two birds with one stone, since I need to do what's trendy.
Wow, Junko... You really put a lot of effort into looking gorgeous and being fashionable.
Well, I think you're way more amazing than me when it comes to that, Sayaka. You gotta worry about diet, skin, and other stuff, too. Tell me the things idols have to do!
Okay, since you told me what you do... We can talk about it over tea after we finish eating.
The two of you spent some time discussing beauty!

With Rantaro Amami and Peko Pekoyama[]

With Rantaro Amami and Peko Pekoyama
Hey, Peko. I just got back from my trip. I brought what you wanted!
Rantaro...thank you for doing this. I know your travels abroad aren't just for fun.
Hey, don't mention it. It's nothing. Actually, it sorta helps me. Gives me some time to relax on my trips.
I didn't know you two were meal buddies. Whatcha guys talkin' about, huh?
J-Junko! It's nothing! Do not worry about it!
Well, THAT'S not, like, totally suspicious. Should I not mention this to Fuyuhiko?
...What does he have to do with this?
H-Huh? You and him aren't close?
Close, how? Fuyuhiko and I are just classmates. ...Do you know something we don't?
Wow, you don't even talk to each other? Weird, I coulda sworn you two were close.
We weren't discussing anything *bad*. ...Peko does seem to be blushing a bit, though.
It's really nothing...but to keep rumors from spreading, I suppose I must tell you. The truth is...Rantaro has been showing me pictures of animals he's met on his travels.
Huh? Animals?
Yeah. I was in the Mediterranean. I got lots of photos of cats. There was this one island... Cats as far as the eye could see.
That sounds wonderful... I would love to see that with my own eyes.
Ohhh, so you like animals, Peko? That's, like, so adorbs!
The three of you spent some time looking at animal pictures...

With Akane Owari[]

With Akane Owari
Hmm... Hmmmmmm...
Why are you just groaning like that in the middle of the hallway? I can't get by, y'know?
My instincts are tellin' me I can't let you leave...
Huh? Like, what are you saying?
Alright! How about ya fight me!?
What do you mean, fight? Like a catwalk match, or a fight to see who can get the most numbers from guys? You gotta be more specific here... What kinda fight are you even challenging me to?
Isn't that obvious? We're gonna brawl with our fists, you and me!
Wait...I totally knew that was coming, but like, no way! I'm a fashionista, not a brute like you!
Hm...you do look skinny and frail... But my gut's tellin' me I'll have a good time fighting you.
I can't do the impossible.
Hm...that's weird. It might be my gut instinct, but...
No way, I wanna fight! Hey, just one round! Then we'll see if this flies or not!
I already said it's totally impossible! Geez, I'm leaving!
Oh, hey! Wait! Dammit...I was payin' full attention too, but she still managed to escape.
Seeing her run away like that...makes me wanna go chase her down!
You both played tag around the school!

With Aoi Asahina and Teruteru Hanamura[]

With Aoi Asahina and Teruteru Hanamura
I'm here, Teruteru. Did you need something?
I was waiting for you, Hina!
I-I'm here, too.
Huh? Junko? Why are you here?
Cuz there's like, no way I can leave you and Hina alone together, you know?
Huh? What do you mean by that? You wound me, madam.
Hey, what did you *really* need me for? If it's something dirty, then I'll get mad. I really hate that kinda stuff...
Sheesh, I know, I know! I'll choose my words carefully around your delicate ears, Hina!
I mean... I wouldn't wanna invoke Sakura's wrath, now would I?
Well, I still don't trust you, so that's why I'm gonna tag along.
Whaaa? I can't believe you don't trust me! Please just listen to what I have to say!
So...the reason I called you out here was because I got a surprise for Hina.
A surprise?
Tah-dah! Beignets, bonne femme style!
Wow, donuts!
Marron, fraise, myrtille... I made so many flavors, so please try some.
Whoa, there's so many types of donuts! It's like a gold mine!
From now on, once a week, I'm thinking of putting these out in the dining hall.
I figured everyone would like some delicious snacks to go with their delicious food. And I heard there are some people who only eat my snacks, so I thought I'd offer my 3-star snacks. But since these are still works in progress, I'd love to hear your opinions on them.
Works in progress? They look great, though! But why're you asking me?
Um, like...I think it's because everyone knows you like donuts, right?
That's exactly it. I wanted the woman who loves donuts the most to try them out first.
Thank you, Teruteru. I think I might've judged you too quickly before.
Hmhmhm, you can heap more praise on me if you really want, y'know?
Don't get carried away! There's no way you can fix your reputation with some donuts, y'know?
Now, now... Since you're here, why not try one for yourself, Junko?
Mmm, it's delicious, Teruteru! Junko, try one!
R-Really? Then, okay...I'll have one.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival. You are captain of the basketball team... You're not too enthusiastic, but maybe you should talk to someone before the game.
I'm like, totally relying on you, ace player!
You were on a basketball team before, right? Winning should be easy!
Junko...you actually remembered that I play sports!
Leave it to me! I'm going to do my best!
I'll pass you the ball! Make sure you make the shots!
You won by supporting Hina in the game!
We can't lose to that team, got that?
So it seems the fashionista, Junko, will be my opponent. I am hella stoked, soul-sistah!
Hey, let's do our best.
...Do I really seem like that much of a princess type? What era were you going for?
...I'll never be able to match that style.
You did your bests in the game, while feeling mentally exhausted!
Hold on... Aren't we missing a person?
Toko is on our team, too...right? Where did she go...?
Ta-daaah! Someone smashed the ⃤ button, and here I am!
What!? She's Genocide Jack now!? I-I don't think I can keep up with you...
And I don't think I'm gonna keep up with a pretty little fashionista!
But none of that matters when I slice the ball to pieces! Kyahahaha!
You did your best with Genocide Jack, while preventing her from slashing the ball...

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports hosted a fashion show! Junko took your place on stage, so things ended well... Who will you talk to now?
Junko, thank you for your hard work...
Geez, what's your problem, big sis? It should be easy for twins to switch places!
Sorry, I-I couldn't decline the offer...
Well, the media is here today so there's no way I can let you go out as me.
Even though we're twins, your fat ugly face is too different from mine!
I'm sorry! I should of tried harder... I should have grabbed that reporter...
Ugh, you're so crappy, even your ideas are crap! Despairingly shitty crap!
Y-You don't have to go that far...
While you talked, you evaded the knife your sister was using to try and cut your neck!
Heeey Sayaka, you were awesome
You're awfully comfortable on stage, Sayaka.
You're even more comfortable than me, Junko! You're a model, after all.
No, really, you have so much confidence!
And you have to do a concert after this too? Being a pop sensation is a test of stamina.
Yeah. I have to take every chance I get.
That's so cool! Do your best!
Thank you, Junko!
Without telling her you didn't stand on stage, you watched Sayaka work hard.
Mahiru, don't take pictures without permission
I've told you before, haven't I? My model photos have all been photoshopped. If the unedited pictures ever spread around...
I know. I won't do anything you won't like.
I'm kidding! I don't mind you taking my picture at all!
Geez...then let me take one with everyone in your class later, okay?
Sure! Make sure you get a cute one!
Even though it wasn't actually *you*... You had Mahiru take lots of pictures!


Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony ended, and only a few months are left. Your little sister asked to meet with you to have a talk. What will you do?
I should wait for her, so I'm not late...
Yoohoo! Big sis! You look nothing like me and are stupid and ugly as usual!
Junko? Did you want to talk?
It seems like someone found the Monokuma factory in the basement. Starting tomorrow, I need to do a rush job, so you're the lookout.
You've got something you want to say. Don't tell me you've got plans with a classmate?
Well, they were gonna have a party or something...
Aaah, so you want to bathe in the lukewarm water of buddy-buddy friendship with classmates... You, whose single brain cell is only good for killing, were completely won over by that.
Well, that might bring me despair, too...
Junko...you fall into despair, just like that? And I'm the only one who understands that about you! I'm the only one who knows you!
Ugh, it's gross when you say it.
I'll go with you tomorrow, Junko! No one would say anything if I say I got a job or something.
Hmm... In that case, I've got more things for you to do.
Leave it to me!
You were happy talking to your little sister for the first time in awhile!
Maybe I'll kill some time in the dining hall...
Oh, Byakuya. You've got a body with some volume.
Hmph...and you are worringly skinny. In the end, all you can rely on are fats and sugars.
That's hilarious! You're that enthusiastic, looking like that! Sometimes I feel like you're more like the real Byakuya than the one in my class.
Pretending to be someone is my speciality.
I've been told that I'm terrible at imitating someone...
Aren't you a model? Is your lack of acting ability that troubling? Are you perhaps...planning on breaking into acting at some point?
Oh, no way. After I graduate, I'm going to stop completely.
I see...I don't know your circumstances, but you don't need to be worried. Even if you change your appearance, your talent-- your self-- will remain.
...For some reason, you seem like a really reliable leader. Hey, is that just Byakuya? Or is that coming from you?
Who knows? As I spent time with my classmates...I made my current self. No matter who or what I was...they accepted me as their classmate.
I see. Youth is kinda nice, isn't it?
Quit joking around...
No, I'm serious! Good for you, Byakuya!
Oh, you're not really Byakuya. Well, I don't know what to call you, but good for you!
You felt a little envious...
Maybe I'll stay in the classroom for a bit...
Junko...you're not leaving?
Not yet. I've gotten a little attached to this classroom.
I see... Yeah, it is almost graduation. We won't be here much longer.
Yeah... It's kind of sad.
So, what is the Ultimate Lucky Student going to do after graduation? I honestly can't imagine.
It's tough to say what someone with my Ultimate talent would even do...
But if you're going to be a graduate of this prestigious academy...
I'm sure any company out there would be honored to have the Ultimate Lucky Student.
Junko, are you going to continue modeling?
Um...honestly, I'm not sure.
Why is that?
Well, sometimes I catch myself just staring off into space, thinking about it... Thinking about what I can do. Should I just keep doing what I've always been doing? Or should I put more thought into this?
Oh, don't worry, this isn't some serious life story or anything like that.
I just mean fashion isn't something I can do forever. It's possible to do a 180, really switch things up.
I see...must be tough.
It will be. There are a lot of demands made of models, after all.
You can't just...change so easily.
Well, no matter what you decide, I'll cheer you on.
I might not be much help, but I can at least listen to you.
Makoto...I told you, this wasn't supposed to be serious!
But you're making me tear up a little bit!
You felt like you would want to talk to Makoto more in the future...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Chiaki Nanami[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to do your best in the three-legged race! But it's your first time ever doing a three-legged race. What will you do?
I'll quickly analyze the opponents
Oh...I'm sensing a strong opponent.
Oh, we're up against Chiaki! You seem like the indoorsy type. I'm glad it wasn't Akane or Peko!
Hm, it's true I can't run like Akane or Peko, but...speed's not the only important stat here.
You're right. We're both not athletes, so we won't know until we try, right?
...You worked hard to compete with Junko, who was surprisingly fast!

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

Today is the school festival. You loitered around Mahiru's exhibit for a while, but...
Ibuki is going to put on a show! You've still got time before it starts. What do you do?
I'll go there early and get the best seat
The show before Ibuki's just finished and everyone's leaving now.
Whew. Looks like I can get a front row seat.
Oh, hey Hiyoko. Did you come for Ibuki's performance?
You came early to get a good seat, right? What a big fan!
N-No, it's not like that! It just means I like Ibuki's music!
Isn't that what a "fan" is?
Hm...the only thing I'm a fan of is Mahiru's pictures.
Oh, so you're sitting in the front because you're so short. Got it.
I-I still might have a growth spurt! I mean, I definitely will! I'll look even more like a model than you!
Well hey, when that happens, do you want to do some shoots together?
I don't want to co-star with a gross girl like you!
You decided to rethink your diet and get more nutrition from now on...

With Junko Enoshima[]

Your last winter at the academy... your three years as Hope's Peak are about to end boringly. On top of that, it's December 24th, the day you hate the most. How will you spend it?
Whenever I'm irritated, big sis will help
Hey! Why are you still dressed like that!? I told you it makes me sick!
Huh? It's dark, so I thought I could fool them if they found me...
You can't fool anyone at all! Do you really think we look anything alike!?
S-Sorry! Um... why did you call me, anyway? Is it because... it's our birthday?
Wh-What? I am in the worst mood possible today.
Y-Yeah. Sorry. It's a bad day.
Geez... to start off, these past three years have been too full of despair. Being a way-too-normal student... watching my childhood friend graduate without any despair...
During his graduation, I caught a glimpse of his face... and he looked needlessly happy. I ended up getting attached to this school and my classmates... And on this day I hate the most, I'm spending time with my sister while everyone's having fun...
It was peaceful, boring, hopeful, and it sucks. This is the worst despair.
But...I'm happy that we can spend some time together.
But this muddy feeling I have right now... it gets changed into stimulating despair, too! I'm thinking of how and when I can destroy all these things that have led to a happy end!
Hey, big sis... you better get your ass in gear by then, so you can taste sweet despair.
Yeah. I'm yours, Junko.

With Kaito Momota[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to help set up the stage! Since you're already here, you may as well check out a show afterwards. What looks interesting?
A girl's fashion show...?
Hey, you! Stop being such a perv!
Wha—! Hey...don't be rude. I'm honestly excited for the show, y'know?
Geez...if Tenko or Sakura catches you acting all weird like that, they'll give you hell.
That'd be a scary tag team... With those two, you'd be safe from any weirdo.
Yeah, yeah.
That's why you better not take a peek while the girls are changing, got that?
I-I'd never do that! Who do you think I am!?
Hahaha, I'm kidding. Like, thanks for coming and have fun!
...You enjoyed an energetic show by the Ultimate girls!

With Kyoko Kirigiri[]

Today is the the sports festival... You're in the three-legged race! It's not your style, but you don't want to drag anyone down. Who should you be careful of?
I should discuss this with my partner
Let's do our best, Junko.
You don't look athletic, but your P.E. grades are pretty good, right? I'm relying on you then!
That's my line. I can tell from your movements that you exercise quite a bit.
Well, models do need some physical strength. And I need to keep my figure, so I exercise a bit. Did ya get a good enough look yet? You're very observant, Şablon:İmp.
You acknowledged each other's talents before the event!

Today is the fall school festival... Should you work or check out everyone else's exhibits? What will you do?
I heard there are shows in the gym
It's magic... It's magic, it's magic, it's magic!
Ah geez, like, shuddap already!
Is there some kind of trouble here? Although, I'm sure I can guess what's happening.
Oh, Kyoko, you came at a good time. Himiko was about to perform some magic tricks, but...
I was gonna do have a magic show filled with magic! Not tricks!
She's been acting like this... When I asked about her magic tricks, she got all stubborn and kept saying it was real magic.
You're the one that's being stubborn! How many times do I have to tell you I'm a mage!?
Cuz like, no way magic exists, right? Kyoko, say something.
Kyoko! Will you watch my magic show?
Hm...if you say magic is real, then Junko will have to believe it.
Ah, now you've done it. Don't you know? Kyoko can definitely figure out all the gimmicks to your magic tricks.
No...there's no gimmicks or tricks in my magic! Kyoko will tell you!
You heard her, Kyoko. Make Himiko realize that all her magic tricks are just gimmicks.
Alright...watch and be amazed by magic, you two.
I never actually said I would watch the show yet...oh, she's gone.
You thought about what to say to Himiko and Junko, while you enjoyed the magic show!

Your last winter at the academy...but you've been too busy lately to be sad about graduation! You did some detective fieldwork at dawn, and now you're back at school... What will you do?
I'll go straight to the dorms
Oh, Kyoko. You weren't at the closing ceremony today, were you? Busy with work or something?
It was a sudden request. I finished it quickly, but I still couldn't make it to the ceremony.
Hm...must be tough. You were even working on New Year's, too.
Yes, I usually have work on Christmas, as well as the start and end of the year...
However, I'm sure you're busy as a model throughout the whole year, right?
Huh? Ohhh, of course... I have tons of photo shoots and stuff. But it's not like you where you have to deal with sudden cases or all-nighter investigations. You have to say several days at a place for investigations, right? That seems tiring.
Not really... I'm used to it.
Oh, are you busy tomorrow?
No, I already finished the last case request, so now I'm free... What did you want?
Hina talked to everyone about holding a party, even though Christmas already passed. Since you're free, would you be able to go?
Yes, I should be able to.
Ah, but you might get a sudden case request. Are the cases first priority?
I'll tell Hina you might not be able to attend, but...I hope you can go, Kyoko.
I...hope I can attend as well.
You became a little excited for tomorrow!

With Monokuma[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to host a talk show with Monomi! However, it's five minutes before showtime and not a single seat is filled... But you made some preparations just in case this sort of thing happened...
I forced tickets on someone who'd definitely come!
Oh, it hasn't started yet?
No, it hasn't. Did the empty seats give it away?
I see... Um, I guess I'll just sit here and wait.
No! If I gotta choose between no audience or just you, I'd rather have no audience! Go bring some nearby students... Tell 'em I'll make their sides explode with laughter!
I-I don't think that's possible... I'm not sure if anyone else is interested...
I...I don't wanna hear that from someone as humorless as you...
N'awwww... Monokuma's confidence levels are getting critically low...
The audience never came after all... So you staked out a high traffic area and put on a "bear on the street" talk show instead!

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Today is the fall school festival! A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... Girls with entertainment and sports talents came together to do a fashion show! But you didn't really want to participate in the first place. What do you do?
I will go through with it, however...
I should've expected the press would be here since Sayaka and Junko are performing.
It's a relief that filming is prohibited...but the press still have cameras.
I would like to avoid my face becoming known... Eventually, I must become the young master's...
Peko, you're up next.
O-Oh...sorry. I shall go prepare.
Oh, are you a little camera shy? You aren't used to this kinda thing, huh?
To be honest, I find it troubling, but trying to push through them would attract more attention.
Yeah, I don't like that kinda thing either.
...You feel that way too, Junko?
I'm okay with modeling for magazines, but I don't like being photographed all the time.
And when this ends... I'm considering sneaking out the back!
Sayaka said she'd cover for us. Wanna go with me?
R-Really!? That would be quite a relief, thank you!
It's no problem! Sayaka and I invited you in the first place!
You were able to avoid the cameras, thanks to Junko...

With Rantaro Amami[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're a server at the shop!
It's time for your break. Why not go check out the other events?
There's some kind of show at the gym...
Phew, that should be good for now. Did you come to watch the show, Rantaro?
I did, I enjoyed it a lot. You really classed up the place with a fashion show, Junko.
Oh, don't worry. I'm not hitting on you or anything.
I know that. You look like the type who plays the field, but you're different, aren't you?
Ha, I'm actually glad to hear you say that. People tend to think, I...get around.
I totally get that. I'm sure you're the complete opposite of sleazy, right? Do you get dumped right after someone tells you you're too closed off from your emotions?
...Well? I'm totally right, aren't I? I think I've got a pretty good eye for people.
Haha, nope, not touching that one. No comment.
You and Junko got along surprisingly well, and you told her to check out your shop.

Your last winter at the academy... You're back from your trip, but Christmas has passed. The dining hall has fewer people than usual. Should you talk to someone?
Junko, I have something for you
Oh my god, really!? You're so thoughtful!
Just so you know, I won't be satisfied with just pictures and memories, got that?
Haha, yeah, I didn't think so. I've got food too, so you don't have to keep hounding me.
You're so cool, Rantaro! You totally get me!
Anyway, traveling overseas... it's nice sometimes.
Have you ever been out of the country?
Yeah, I used to travel a lot in the past, like to the Middle East.
A young woman vacationing in the Middle East? That's rare.
Yeah, there's some dangerous places. The area I went to was pretty risky, too.
I always knew you had courage. Well, it's a good thing you're safe now.
Yeah, I guess. But, Rantaro...it looked like you traveled to dangerous places too.
I saw your injuries. It seemed like you wanted to hide it, so I kept quiet.
Oh, yeah...I've been in some bad places myself. So you noticed, huh?
Heh heh, it's a fashionista's keen eye! Don't ever underestimate it!
"A fashionista's keen eye," huh? That's the first I've heard of that.
Now, now. Don't worry about the details!
Anyway, just be careful, okay? As a fellow classmate, I worry for you.
Well...thank you, but I gotta warn you, I'm probably gonna keep worrying you.
Hm... So you're not going to stop even if it's dangerous... But why?
...It's for my little sister. I'd prefer it if we left it at that.
I see. Got it.
You see, huh? Well, that was easy.
No...I get what you're going through, so I won't stop you. Just be careful, okay? If you die, your little sister might get sad.
Yeah. I'd never want to make her sad. I'll take your warning to heart, Junko.
You gave Junko some souvenirs and discussed the events of your trip...

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Let's cook something for everyone's lunch!
Hanamura Dining Hall Delivery... Wait, no, it's a catering service!
You have a guest, right off the bat. How will you serve them?
I have a light menu for the ladies
I thought I smelled something good... Look at this delicious food!
From lunch courses to snacks... I can handle pretty much anything! Since everyone's working up a sweat today, I want them to refuel with some good food.
Rations are still better for you in terms of nutrition...
But I feel like having the luxury to savor food is important, right?
Yeah, something like that.
But, hmm...that's a strange way to look at it. Is it possible that you're not the type who values the joy of eating, Junko?
Well, I have to watch my figure. I'm counting calories.
Your slender, petite body is sexy...but it looks like you could snap in two! You need nutrition!
If you'd like, I can serve you from morning to evening...and even all through the night. Do you want me to serve you as your personal chef?
You better watch yourself, pervert!
Junko got mad and left! You wanted her to eat a lot, but you failed...


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