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This article contains information and transcripts for Junko Enoshima's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 20 3 2 4 2 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 216 100 75 125 75 75 50


A stupidly peaceful lukewarm academy like this... it'll be all sooo boring and predictable.
The plan was for Mukuro to go here instead of me...
But I messed up my own plan and came anyway!
Time for the Şablon:İmp to appear! Soaked in hope for three years! What despair!


It was a despair-worthy school life full of hope. Just like I thought... Hope really is boring.
Now then, time to test my Monokumas. Destroying my own creations is bound to bring me despair!

Friendship Events[]

With Rantaro Amami and Peko Pekoyama[]

With Rantaro Amami and Peko Pekoyama
Hey, Peko. I just got back from my trip. I brought what you wanted!
Rantaro...thank you for doing this. I know your travels abroad aren't just for fun.
Hey, don't mention it. It's nothing. Actually, it sorta helps me. Gives me some time to relax on my trips.
Hmm? Whatcha talkin' about? I wanna join in.
I'm not getting in the way, am I? Soooorry! I didn't know you two were such a pair.
Junko, are you perhaps misunderstanding something? Rantaro was just showing me photos.
Oh, Peko...is it okay to tell her...?
Well, it is not like I have anything to hide.
Hmm, Rantaro's pictures? Did you take these while you were out globetrotting?
You have a sharp eye. That's right!
I have been asking Rantaro to show me photos of animals he had seen in his travels
Ah, I see. It's cuz you like animals, isn't that right, Peko? Gundham's hamsters... rabbits... Sometimes you just stare at 'em like a hungry wolf!
Y-You knew about that?
Yeah. I was in the Mediterranean. I got lots of photos of cats. There was this one island... Cats, as far as the eye could see.
That sounds wonderful... I would have loved to see that with my own eyes.
The three of you spent some time looking at animal pictures...

With Aoi Asahina and Teruteru Hanamura[]

With Aoi Asahina and Teruteru Hanamura
I'm here, Teruteru. Did you need something?
I was waiting for you, Hina!
You didn't invite me, Teruteru! That's sooo mean!
Huh? Junko? Why are you here?
Well, I can't leave you and Hina alone together, now can I?
Huh? What do you mean by that? You wound me, madam.
Hey, what did you *really* need me for? If it's something dirty, then I'll get mad. I really hate that kinda stuff...
Sheesh, I know, I know! I'll choose my words carefully around your delicate ears, Hina!
I mean... I wouldn't wanna invoke Sakura's wrath, now would I?
Whatever. I'm bored of this topic now. Just hurry up and have Hina try it already.
Huh? You already know?
Well, if you're not pervin' out then it's gotta involve food, right?
That's right! I guess there's no fooling Junko. I've got something I want you to try, Hina!
Huh...? Me?
Tah-dah! Beignets, bonne femme style!
Wow, donuts!
Marron, fraise, myrtille... I made so many flavors, so please try some.
Whoa, there's so many types of donuts! It's like a gold mine!
From now on, once a week, I'm thinking of putting these out in the dining hall.
I figured everyone would like some delicious snacks to go with their delicious food.
And I heard there are some people who only eat my snacks, so I thought I'd offer my 3-star snacks. But since these are still works in progress, I'd love to hear your opinions on them.
What, really!? I'm totally fine with that, but why me!?
Seriously? Everybody knows you're a donut-freak, Hina.
That's exactly it. I wanted the woman who loves donuts the most to try them out first.
Thank you, Teruteru. I think I might've judged you too quickly before.
Hmhmhm, you can heap more praise on me if you really want, y'know?
Let me have some, too! I'll pretend I'm a gourmet food critic and do a report on 'em.
A Junko food report... that's super rare! Bon appetit, you two!
Mmm, it's delicious! If nothing else, you're a good cook! Junko, hurry and try one!

With Gonta Gokuhara and Kokichi Oma[]

With Gonta Gokuhara and Kokichi Oma
Oh, good morning. You from different class, yes? Your name... Junko, right?
Wow, you barely remembered someone as flashy and charismatic as me! Waaaay to go, wild boy!
S-Sorry! Next time, Gonta remember you better!
Good morning, Gonta! Has a rude blonde bitch always attended this school?
Oh, I guess Miu's a rude blonde bitch. But this one seems different somehow.
Ugh, being compared to...*her* fills me with so much despair, I could just die...
K-Keep chin up, Junko! No say such sad thing!
Of course I recognize you. I would never forget about my darling Junko.
At least...I think you're Junko... Hmm... Hmmmmm...
Sorry, has your face always looked like that? We've never really talked so I don't remember!
Whaaaat!? That's sooo mean! I've had this cute, popular face since the day I was born!
Kokichi... That's not very gentlemanly way to talk to lady!
But Kokichi might not be so far off the mark. It's not unusual for people to have lookalikes.
What? Really? Gonta thought there only one Junko.
No way there's more than one of this flashy-looking girl! She's not Byakuya!
What? There more than one Byakuya?
I have a twin, a body double, and a doppelganger and we all gave the same face. But that's a lie.
Hey, don't lie! That's my thing! You may be my bestie, but I'm still mad at you!
Uhhh, Gonta so confused... There only one Gonta, right?
Don't worry. Someone as stupid and gullible as you is one in a million!

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)[]

With Mukuro Ikusaba
That knife that just flew past me came from...
...this direction. Junko, are you there?
Geez. When we're next to each other, it's even more obvious. Hey, can you not come within 1,000 miles of me dressed like that?
Isn't that basically deportation!?
I-Is it really that bad? I thought I was pretty close with the makeup and clothes...
If that's "close," then you *are* hopeless! It's so bad, I wanna photoshop your face off!
Hey, big sis... Get a handful of that pathetic chest of yours and think reeeal hard. Actually, you don't even need to touch it. One look is enough to see we're different. I can't let you be seen by anyone who's even seen a picture of me before.
But when we're standing next to each other, we look like twins...
Ugggh... That gave me goosebumps all over! I'm gonna throw *so* many knives at you!
Okay... go ahead.

With Sayaka Maizono[]

With Sayaka Maizono
Today's lunch brings me such despair... if it's too good, I'll eat too much.
So you worry about eating too much after all, Junko... well, you are a charismatic model.
Oh, puh-lease. What are you talking about, little miss top idol!? You stand onstage in front of people a lot. It must be hard keeping your figure, huh?
Well, I do exercise a lot and care about my appearance, just for the stage...
What about you, Junko? You have a slim figure and your skin is so clear... do you do anything special?
That's a trade secret! But stuff like that's been covered in my magazine specials. Read all about it there!
Hehe... you sell yourself pretty well. Okay, I'll read them later then. But there are so many fashion magazines with you on the cover. Can you recommend one?
Sure can. You wanna go buy it after this? The latest issue should be out soon.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... It's a boring event full of hope! So which event will you participate in?
Maybe basketball or whatever
*sigh* ...I'm bored. Well, I've been bored since the day I was born...
What's wrong, Junko? You have no energy!
Well, I've got no energy or motivation. Do I look like I play any sports?
I see... Well, you *are* a model... I can understand that you want to avoid bruises or breaking a nail!
But it's good to move your body! And a diet, too!
A diet, huh? I don't really need one of those.
Oh, definitely not. If anything, I should be getting pointers from you!
If you wanna really fire me up... bring me a despairingly strong enemy!
You played basketball and it was boring...
Maybe volleyball with a reliable teammate
I'll be relying on you, Sakura. Let's do our best.
I will do what I can. But volleyball is a team sport. I will need your support as well.
Yeah, yeah. Well, I think I can help out here. Despite my appearance, I'm actually pretty good at predicting my opponents moves.
That is somewhat reassuring...
I'm so happy that you of all people can rely on me, Sakura. ...So happy that it will drive me to despair.
You played volleyball as a member of the team. You told them they can be your wingman anytime.
Maybe I'll go it alone at table tennis
When fighting by yourself, there's no one to save you when you're in trouble...
And if I were to lose... to her of all people... that might bring me the despair I seek!
What the fuck are you mumblin' about? You have a screw loose to match your loose hips?
Hm, yes. Losing to Miu... just thinking about that possibility makes me despair!
Huh? Are you mocking me? Don't you know who I am? I'm Miu Iruma, bitch! Your boobs seem big and all... but don't get cocky cuz mine are way bigger!
Okay, I *really* don't want to lose against you. You'd make such a huge deal out of it if you wont!
...You put aside your plan to despair for a moment and made sure you won against Miu!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... It's a boring event full of hope! Will you work or go around looking at the exhibits?
Maybe I'll be a waitress for the shop
Welcome, what would you like? Dinner? A bath? ...Or me?
What? There aren't any baths here, this is the dining hall... Wait, were you always like this?
Teehee... Geez, Kazuichi, you're so shy! Since I greeted you all lovey-dovey, ordering me is an actual option, y'know?
Huh? Is that just part of your bit, too? Or... can I *actually* order you?
I'm a limited time menu item, so I'll be gone if you don't order in the next 10 seconds.
Actually... what happens if I do order you? No, I have Miss Sonia...
10, 9, 8...
W-Wait a sec! At least explain what happens if I order you!
7, 6... Bored now, 0!
You missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you ordered me, I would've shown you hell.
What do you mean "hell"!? Aren't you supposed to say "heaven"!?
Ah, "hell" isn't right. I meant I would've made you despair so much you'd wish you were in hell.
...What kind of shop is this?
You quit joking and showed Kazuichi to his seat...
Maybe I'll help with the haunted house
Yah-hah! Are you gonna help us run the haunted house exhibit?
Yup, I can think of 20,264 ways to give people a despair-inducing surprise.
I see, I see. With your help, our haunted house will become even more divinely fearsome.
But... Atua says that haunted houses are supposed to be fun for everyone. Let's remember that and get to work.
Of course, of course! Leave it to me! I'll make it a stimulating environment for everyone!
...You powered up the haunted house into an attraction full of heart-pounding excitement!
Maybe I'll look at the exhibits or whatever
Welcome. I didn't expect to see you here, Junko. Are you interested in cosplay?
I guess. You've got a bunch of clothes and wigs here... Did you really make 'em all?
Yeah, I did. I actually like making cosplay more than I like wearing it.
But you do wear them, right? I've seen pictures online. It's like you *become* those characters. I wonder if someone like you... could become more like someone than even themself.
Please don't be mistaken! Cosplay is different from disguises! In my case, I can only do fictional characters!
Hmm... then if I was a character from something, you could cosplay me?
Of course. You'd be quite a flashy character to cosplay, Junko...
It'd probably be fun figuring how to do the makeup just like you and making a wig. Oh, and you're a model. I'd probably get fired up studying model poses.
I see... if I was going to have you become me, I'd want you to have that much passion. I wish that a certain disappointing big sister would try a little harder.
You discussed makeup and posing in front of a camera with Tsumugi for a while...


Your last winter at the academy... your three years as Hope's Peak are about to end boringly. On top of that, it's December 24th, the day you hate the most. How will you spend it?
Whenever I'm irritated, big sis will help
Hey! Why are you still dressed like that!? I told you it makes me sick!
Huh? It's dark, so I thought I could fool them if they found me...
You can't fool anyone at all! Do you really think we look anything alike!?
S-Sorry! Um... why did you call me, anyway? Is it because... it's our birthday?
Wh-What? I am in the worst mood possible today.
Y-Yeah. Sorry. It's a bad day.
Geez... to start off, these past three years have been too full of despair. Being a way-too-normal student... watching my childhood friend graduate without any despair...
During his graduation, I caught a glimpse of his face... and he looked needlessly happy. I ended up getting attached to this school and my classmates... And on this day I hate the most, I'm spending time with my sister while everyone's having fun...
It was peaceful, boring, hopeful, and it sucks. This is the worst despair.
But...I'm happy that we can spend some time together.
But this muddy feeling I have right now... it gets changed into stimulating despair, too! I'm thinking of how and when I can destroy all these things that have led to a happy end!
Hey, big sis... you better get your ass in gear by then, so you can taste sweet despair.
Yeah. I'm yours, Junko.
Maybe I'll go to the nurses office
Um... did something happen?
I just wanted to take a nap here. You're the nurse, right?
Yes, I'm Mikan Tsumiki, the Şablon:İmp. Pleased to meet you.
Yeah, yeah. Junko Enoshima. Is there a bed open? I'm so bored, it's sickening me.
U-Um... there's only one bed open, so... I'm really sorry, but unless you're actually sick...
Huh... are you kicking me out?
I-It's not like that, but...
Fine, fine. I'll just sit over there. Are you busy right now? I'm bored, so let's chat.
Y-You want to talk to me...? Really? Are you sure?
What? You don't wanna?
N-No... I'm happy.
Uhhh, my mind is drawing a blank from nervousness!
You don't gotta try that hard. It's easy. Just tell me stories about your classmates. I might find them useful one day...
Maybe I'll eat something in the dining hall
You're spending today like you would any other, no? Have you no interest in christmas?
Geez, did you think I'd be out with some guy? I look like this, but I guard my virtue, y'know?
Well... according to my observations, you don't seem the type to get excited for a day like this.
You're always acting bright and cheery, befitting your title as Şablon:İmp... However, at times, it seems as though... you are bored with everything in the world.
Eww, you've been watching me? That's way creepy. Stalkers aren't in right now, y'know?
Kehehe... that is not my intention. Besides, I already have someone dear to my heart.
Well, it's true that I'm bored most of the time. But I know how to deal with that... For me and everyone else to feel heart-pounding excitement...
...I know just what I need to do.
Hmm... well that sounds lovely. I assume you have some fun things planned?
Oh, I've got a bunch of stuff planned, so you can look forward to it.
You ate as you thought about your despair-packed plan...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

Today is the sports festival! But it'll be all stuffy and gross with your kimono...
So you're going to skip it! How do you kill time?
Squish some Mr. Ants
If I stay near all those obnoxious running people, my kimono will get dirty.
Huh, I thought you'd be skipping out on the sports festival here, but...
You're by yourself killing ants? What are you, some troubled teen?
Huh? Me, troubled? That's impossible...I mean, quit eavesdropping on me, you creep!
I wasn't eavesdropping, I'm just a girl who can hear a pin drop from 100 miles away.
Ugh, seriously!? What the heck!? You're just as bad as Gundham!
Geez, don't be so mean! We're blonde pigtail buddies, y'know!?
I don't remember being your buddy!
Oh...me neither. I guess we're just overlapping characters, then...what despair.
What's your problem!? Do you even understand what I'm saying!? We're not alike at all!
Yes...understanding. Nothing ties us together...nothing will come of this...it's meaningless.
Then go away! Geez!
You were harassed by a weird fashionista who was walking by...

With Monokuma[]

Today is the sports festival... But instead of competing, you're gonna be a nuisance instead! You've already disrupted a lot of events today... But what will you do during lunch?
Being a nuisance is so boring
Phew! I'm so despairingly bored!
And that's why...I'm done. While Monokuma distracts everyone, I'll be able to play all the tricks I planned.
Puhuhu... I bet creating a bunch of Monokumas in the basement will shock everyone. And yet...that's not even close to the despair I truly desire. Puhuhuhu...
You decided to let Monokuma roam free during the afternoon!

With Mukuro Ikusaba[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports hosted a fashion show! Junko took your place on stage, so things ended well... Who will you talk to now?
Junko, thank you for your hard work...
Geez, what's your problem, big sis? It should be easy for twins to switch places!
Sorry, I-I couldn't decline the offer...
Well, the media is here today so there's no way I can let you go out as me.
Even though we're twins, your fat ugly face is too different from mine!
I'm sorry! I should of tried harder... I should have grabbed that reporter...
Ugh, you're so crappy, even your ideas are crap! Despairingly shitty crap!
Y-You don't have to go that far...
While you talked, you evaded the knife your sister was using to try and cut your neck!

Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony ended, and only a few months are left. Your little sister asked to meet with you to have a talk. What will you do?
I should wait for her, so I'm not late...
Yoohoo! Big sis! You look nothing like me and are stupid and ugly as usual!
Junko? Did you want to talk?
It seems like someone found the Monokuma factory in the basement. Starting tomorrow, I need to do a rush job, so you're the lookout.
You've got something you want to say. Don't tell me you've got plans with a classmate?
Well, they were gonna have a party or something...
Aaah, so you want to bathe in the lukewarm water of buddy-buddy friendship with classmates... You, whose single brain cell is only good for killing, were completely won over by that.
Well, that might bring me despair, too...
Junko...you fall into despair, just like that? And I'm the only one who understands that about you! I'm the only one who knows you!
Ugh, it's gross when you say it.
I'll go with you tomorrow, Junko! No one would say anything if I say I got a job or something.
Hmm... In that case, I've got more things for you to do.
Leave it to me!
You were happy talking to your little sister for the first time in awhile!

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Today is the fall school festival! A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists... Girls with entertainment and sports talents came together to do a fashion show! But you didn't really want to participate in the first place. What do you do?
Watch the others closely
Just like I thought, Junko is so confident out there...
...Hm? No...it must be my mistake...
Oh, hello there Peko. Is it your turn next? Break a leg out there.
O-Oh... Thank you.
Was that...Junko? No, even if she had stage makeup on, her face was quite different...
Peko, is something the matter? You seem upset.
Sakura...did you see Junko's face as she went by just now?
No, I did not. I merely saw a shadow that looked like Junko go backstage.
I see. Never mind, then...
The next time you saw Junko, her face was the same as normal... Were you just mistaken?


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