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This article contains information and transcripts for Izuru Kamukura's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
20 10 5 3 1 2 2 2
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
216 108 150 100 50 75 75 75


Is there even any meaning in the Şablon:İmp bothering to enroll in Hope's Peak Academy...?


...Everything is as I predicted. All the minor variances are insignificant ripples.
What will happen after graduation... I can also predict that with ease. However...

Friendship Events[]

With Sakura Ogami and Monokuma[]

With Sakura Ogami and Monokuma
Hm... Y-You are...
Hmm... So you're one of the students with a combat-related talent.
Yes...I am the Şablon:İmp, Sakura Ogami.
How strange... Your body doesn't look built at all, but I can tell you're strong.
In order to become the strongest human alive, I must test your power. That's what I believe.
That's probably true. I'm talented at many martial arts. The muscles you've spent years building would probably mean little against me.
Even a little will be fine. Can you spare some time?
Does that mean you want to fight? I don't think there's any point to a battle where the outcome is obvious.
You may be able to predict the results, but it does not mean you are always correct.
My predictions are always correct.
Even so...in a battle, you will never know the final results until it is over.
Hey, hey! Aren't you guys givin' off the wrong vibe!?
What do you want, Monokuma? We are in the middle of something...
What do you think this is? The disappointing finale to a bleachy battle manga or something? This is supposed to be about the daily lives of Hope's Peak boys! And girls, too! Like, falling for the new girl in class, or falling for your childhood friend, that sorta thing...
Don't you want a convoluted love dodecahedron that works out for everyone in the end!?
That...that is what you guys want, right?
My bad... Clearly, I'm just getting in your way. So you really were gonna fight, huh? Man, bears got nothing on you savage humans.
Okay, then I'll just be the referee. Let's get it on!
It seems we should have our fight in a more private place, so no one can disturb us.
We've both wasted our time here.
And thus, a declaration of war was made!

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

With Kaede Akamatsu
...Are you done playing piano for now?
Eh!? H-How long have you been here!?
Since you began playing Chopin's Şablon:İmp...
I see...I didn't notice that at all. You should've said something sooner.
Oh, so you know Farewell Waltz. It's so pretty! But it's so tragic, it makes my chest hurt! I'm sure plenty of people have heard this song before, but not many know it's by Chopin. Do you enjoy music a lot? Ummm...your name is...?
I am called...Izuru Kamukura.
You're called...?
And you?
Oh, I'm Kaede Akamatsu. I'm the Şablon:İmp.
So, do you like music, Izuru?
Singing, Instruments, writing lyrics and music... I can do all those sorts of things.
Whoaaa, that's amazing! Then can you play the piano, too?
With ease.
W-Wow... Well, everyone calls me Piano Freak, but I'm curious if you can play better than me!
If you don't mind, I'd like to hear you play.
You want to hear me play right now?
Can you? I mean, you already heard me play!
If that's what you wish, then I don't mind.
Wow...that was amazing. That was such a stunning performance.
Are you dissatisfied?
No, nothing like that. Thanks for playing for me.
Your technique was incredible... You played all the difficult parts like they were nothing. Your rhythm and everything was perfect... It was a beautiful performance, but...
So you are dissatisfied.
I'm not dissatisfied... What do you think of when you play the piano, Izuru?
What do you want to deliver to the audience? Do you want them to feel anything?
Not particularly.
Huh? N-Nothing? Even though you can play so well?
Then...what did you think of my performance earlier?
It was close to perfection. Your talent would be clear to anyone.
Um...that's not what I meant...
Ah, geez! It's hard for me to critique other people's performances!
But...I was thinking how you could do so much more. If you have this much talent, you could deliver any kind of emotion through music.
Even if I were to do that...the outcome would be predictable.
So you think you don't need to do it, because you can predict it? I think differently.
Hey, Izuru...if you want, would you like to come hear me play again?
Um...I have a lot of things I want to tell you...
But instead of using words, I think it'd be faster if I used the piano.
If you're able to smile from my performance, then that'd be great. Is that okay?
I don't feel it necessary to nod.
A simple "okay" would've been enough!
Geez...well, whatever. I don't wanna force you or anything...
But whenever you feel like it, come visit me... I play the piano everyday, so...
Well, I have plenty of time... So I'll consider it.

With Angie Yonaga[]

With Angie Yonaga
Huh? When did you get here...?
I don't believe we've ever spoken before. Did you come to pray to Atua?
I would not come to the music room looking for someone who should be in the art room.
Nyahahaha, good point. Is my presence disturbing you?
Atua said the music room is rather dreary, and that I should decorate it...
So I was praying to see how I should arrange the decorations to best harmonize with music.
Decorations...? These paintings and sculptures all over? Are these your doing?
I didn't create this artwork. Atua did from within me.
Atua, huh?
Nyahahahaha! Isn't it divine? If you are ever feeling unhappy or discouraged, you should pray to Atua.
Atua's words are never wrong. Atua sees all, and will save only those who believe.
Hmm...so that's how you go about manipulating people into giving you what you want. To get exactly what you want...just like you expect. That satisfies you? How boring.
Hmmm... That's not very nice. You'll arouse Atua's wrath, you know.
Why...you'll even be punished across six generations.
How boring... Even if that's true, I don't care.

With Genocide Jack[]

With Genocide Jack
Whoa, try jumping out of a window when you feel something unusual, why don't ya!?
What's with that hairstyle!? You look like you'd come crawling out of a TV!
Such long luscious locks...but you're a boy! Hm...I admit, that fires me up a bit!
...You're very energetic for the middle of the night. Were you up writing a novel?
Oh, you know Miss Morose? Maybe you're not suspicious, but just another schoolmate? Well, it doesn't matter, cuz this is the first time you've met me!
Hmm...a murderous fiend personality. I was aware of you, but...
Oh, did ya just think I'm boring and worthless just cuz I'm a cliche!? You thought that, huh!?
Well, whether or not being a murderous fiend is cliche, I definitely exist, y'know? My existence may be unnatural, but you can't deny the fact that I'm here now!
Something that has been born, acknowledged, and lived life can't be denied its existence.
Even so, as long as I'm here, I'm gonna have to live like this... That's all I can do.
Well, that's just what my murderous fiend's intuition is telling me, anyway.
You...understand that feeling a bit, don't ya?
Or could this just be sympathy for a murderous fiend!? Kyeehahahahaha!
...This conversation is worthless.
I know, right!? Ahh, super worthless!

With Aoi Asahina[]

With Aoi Asahina
Oh, good mooorning! You're up early!
Good morning... Goodbye.
Huh, h-hold on! That's it!?
Is there a problem?
No, but...shouldn't you ask why I'm up early or how I'm doing today?
I don't particularly care.
Geez...How are you getting along with your classmates like that?
Well, I guess Chiaki and Mahiru are pretty attentive of others, but still...
There is someone who talks to me every day. I have nothing to say back, though.
Your classmates must have it tough. It seems like they wouldn't know what to do with you.
Cuz I'm sure you're amazing, right, Izuru? I bet you're pretty talented at talking, too.
Psychology, negotiation, observation... I have many talents useful for building conversation.
Then why don't you use those talents and try to have a fun conversation?
Or is it cuz...it's boring to talk to us?
...Do you want me to deny that?
Ngh...I think I get why everyone tries to talk to you everyday.
I'm willing to go out of my way to do something to get you to talk to me...
That seems like a waste of time.
I won't know until I try! Well, I'm gonna head back first. But...you're up early. Did you have something to do?
I was heading to the classroom simply because I had nothing better to do.
I-I see...I was just out for a jog. Izuru, do you play any sports?
I am talented at all sports. However, I never exercise for pleasure.
Um...I love donuts! What about you, Izuru?
I don't like any food in particular.
Ugh...this is hard, really hard...
If you're finished, I'll be off now.
Ah, wait... Um... Then, after school! I'll be ready with a topic, so just wait for it!
...Do as you like.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... It's a boring event, but Usami forced you to participate.
To get her to leave you alone, you decide to participate in just one event. Which will it be?
I will choose basketball
What? *You* are in this?
Let's hurry and get this over with. I am talented at basketball.
The fuck? You think you can beat *me*?
That is a given.
You've got some nerve, punk! I'll teach you a lesson for underestimating me!
...The opposing team seemed to be very fired up, but you won without any effort!
I wil choose table tennis
Are you...going to play table tennis?
It was the event I felt as though I would be able to finish quickest.
I see... Unlike team events, no one can slow you down here.
But wow... To be able to see you play against someone... It must be a lucky day for me.
Are you my opponent?
No, it seems like it's someone from another class. If I keep winning, I'll go against you... But I don't think I can defeat anyone else. It's a shame, but we won't be able to compete.
It doesn't matter to me who my opponent is.
...You attained a flawless victory in table tennis!
I will choose soccer
Huh? Are you my opponent?
Oh dear... It'd be great if someone would tell me what to do in this situation...
You speak highly of your various functions...yet when troubled, you rely on others.
Grgh! You say such hurtful things as if it's the obvious truth...
Robots have feelings too, you know! I won't stand for insults! Not even from you, Izuru!
Are you going to look away from the truth? Are you going to rely on your uniqueness as a robot to hide how unremarkable you truly are?
N-No...I just think you should be polite. There are things you just don't say to other people, even if it is the truth. Even I know that and I'm a robot, so you should be able to understand. Or do you think your relationships don't matter? Because...that would be a boring thing to say.
...You're saying boring things yourself.
Alright Izuru, let's start our match. Though you might win... I'll show you that you cannot achieve victory nor demonstrate your talents just by yourself!
You singlehandedly defeated Keebo's team...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... It's a boring event, but Usami forced you to participate.
To get her to leave you alone, you decide to walk around for a bit. Where do you go?
There's an exhibit in the school building
Oh...Izuru. This room isn't really an exhibit, it's just an arcade where we can play games.
That's fine. Time passes the same, regardless of what I am doing.
Aww, I lost...but it was a close battle.
I had a lot of fun.
Fun? Even though you lost with the one talent you have?
Losing is frustrating, but...I'm glad I was able to play with you Izuru. Besides...
...the game's not ever just because I lost once. We can keep playing...as long as we're friends.
...So let's have another battle! I won't lose this time!
Very well. Even though the outcome is the same no matter how many times we play.
...You played the game over and over again with Chiaki!
It seems there are shows in the gym
Oh hey, Izuru. Perfect timing. Help me out! We need more people to build the stage!
Whew... We finished just in time.
You were a big help there. How about it? You wanna become my sidekick, too?
It wouldn't make sense to have a sidekick who is better than you at everything, right?
Heh, Şablon:İmp? That's nothin'! I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
I can analyze everything about a future you would follow.
Analyze? You're just talking about predictions. My destiny's too big to be predicted!
Plus...I've got Shuichi and Maki Roll as my sidekicks. If we include their strengths, the possibilities are endless.
As I predicted, you are an idiot. How boring...
That's a bad habit. If you keep saying that, you'll start to think everything's boring.
Are you okay with that?
...My word. Everything you say is boring.
You decided to ignore Kaito, who kept bugging you about being his sidekick...
There are food stands in the schoolyard
Hm? Well, if it isn't Izuru. If you're here...does that mean Usami dragged you out here?
I see you are in the same situation.
Hmph...that's right. I can't really participate in events like this. I was thinking about just skipping it, but I was told there were things I could do.
That's why you are running a cream puff stand, despite it having nothing to do with your talent.
Well, now that I'm doing it, it's pretty fun. How about it? You want one? It's an assortment of mini cream puffs.
One of them has been tampered with, correct? ...I will return this one to you.
...You didn't even look at the one you took out. So you think this is the one?
It's boring, but one of my talents is Şablon:İmp. If you doubt me, eat that cream puff.
Hmph...I think I'll pass.
...You ate the sweet cream puffs that Ryoma gave you!


Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
Your classmates invited you to a Christmas party today... What do you do?
I'll get dragged along anyway, so I'll go
Izuru...thanks for coming today.
You came back without me having to come to get you... I feel so many emotions right now!
I simply bypassed an annoying conversation. I predicted that you'd come to get me anyway.
I'm happy to hear that. Until recently, you never would have come back on your own.
...I do not feel like I have changed.
Hmm...if something has changed, it's the distance between us.
We spent three years as classmates... There's no way nothing changed in that time.
I'm even starting to get a better win rate against you, Izuru.
I'm sure a lot of things changed for you since you came to this academy, too...
Chiaki has a point. If all you did was spend time by yourself...
I don't think you would've grown into the person you are today.
That single act of enrolling at Hope's Peak Academy...will result in great things someday.
Hmm... For once, you actually sound like a teacher.
Oh...that's true. Usami was a little teacherly right then.
I know, right!? I can rise to the occasion when necessary!
...Though I dunno how to feel about that "for once" remark.
You spent Christmas with your classmates...
Perhaps I will return to the dorms
Hm? Why are you here, Izuru? Isn't your class having a Christmas party? Did you let them know you'd be absent?
...I'll do that later.
Irresponsible! That kind of notice needs to be given as soon as possible!
You're quite pushy. Do you dislike me that much?
You've looked at me with hostility these last three years, haven't you?
So you've noticed... It's true, I have my reservations about you. You are a talented individual, without question. I am not jealous or complaining. I am merely cautious of your inbridled talent!
Please, do not misunderstand. I have nothing against you personally!
Hmm...so you're just taking your frustrations out on me.
I deserve that. But let me say this! I *do* get frustrated by you...because I think there is something you lack.
Something I lack? Hm...
Effort? Do you think someone as talented as I needs something like that?
Indeed you do! You have all this talent, but you have no goals! No motivation!
You're right. I have no purpose right now... I have not been given one.
You must put in that effort for yourself! You must find out how to best use your talent!
I don't think there is any meaning in me doing that. I am being neglected for now... But before long, someone will appear to leech off my talents.
And...I will be used for the sake of hope.
The pattern of hope is predictable. The process may vary, but the result is always the same. Boring...predictable hope.
But that is not your true will!
Hmm... So I should do something of my own free will, then? Would you still feel that way if, for example, I used my talents toward some evil purpose?
Not at all! If you dare take one step down that path, I will right you!
...You are an annoyance.
You were persistently lectured by Kiyotaka about the importance of effort...
Perhaps I will leave the academy
Hm? Isn't your class having a party today?
Do you really think I'm the kind of person who would enjoy something like that?
Of course not! I would know, since I love you soooo much!
Yup, being anti-social is *totally* a thing. Even though, I go to events I'm not invited to.
I have no intention of socializing with you either, so I will excuse myself now.
Hey, hold on there. We should talk more, now that we have the chance.
Sooo, what does anti-social Izuru plan to do after graduation?
Are you gonna use your amazing talents to accomplish things all over the world?
I will answer that question with the same question I posed to you moments ago.
Well, I've been watching you for the last three years, so I know you'd never do that.
If you don't know what to do after, then do you want to become my subordinate?
It's an evil secret organization, so it's not safe. But I can guarantee it'll be interesting.
An evil secret organization...no one would normally accept such an absurd offer.
That's why I think it's perfect for someone who's not a normal person.
I'm sure if you ever got tossed into a tough situation, you'd be able to handle it.
Hmm...so there is the possibility of being tossed into tough situations.
Of course. Subordinates under the supreme leader of evil's rule deal with danger everyday. I am a liar...but that wasn't a lie, okay?
Even if you were to lie, I would be able to see right through it.
Wah! You're scary! You're the nemesis of liars!
Well, if what you say is true, then you must know I'm serious about my request, right?
Don't think too hard on it... Just imagine it as if you're playing a game with me.
I'm sure I'd be able to enjoy a fun game if it's with you.
I will decline. You may have fun, but I'm sure I will find it boring.
Hey, how meeeean! I thought of interesting games that would be tough, even for you!
You were continually pestered by Kokichi...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Celestia Ludenberg[]

Today is the summer sports festival, but...running and sweating doesn't suit you!
Instead, let's place bets with other students over the results of boys basketball!
As you are gathering participants, someone catches your eye. Who do you see?
I spot someone who seems quite lucky
You there. Would you care to bet?
Gambling... Though it can involve many elements such as strategy and tactics...
In the end, the most important aspect of it is luck. There is no unknown there.
Are you certain? Luck controls life. It is a terrifying force that cannot be fully understood.
I also have the boring talent known as luck.
I see. That is very intriguing. It makes me want to challenge you all the more.
...How boring. I'm not interested.
The man, who seemed to have an abundance of luck, said his piece and then left...

With Kiyotaka Ishimaru[]

Today is the school festival... You are giving a speech about meritocracy! You gave a passionate speech. Why not talk to some of the people in attendance?
I've never seen you before! I'm glad you came!
A world that rewards effort...where those with talent are not relied upon. That is your ideal.
Correct! Talent alone is not enough to secure a good and just society!
In that case...I am your enemy.
I have many talents. Nearly every talent you could think of...
What? Impossible! There's no way someone like that exists...
Don't waste your time doubting my words. There's only one thing I want to say to you. Even if you were to create your ideal world...it would crumble before someone like me. Human beings without talent always latch on to their superiors and live off them...like ticks. Still...are you going to preach the value of effort to me, the embodiment of talent itself?
D-Don't mess around with me!
I don't know what kind of man you are, but you should not underestimate the world! Nothing good will come of you abusing others! I cannot abide a man like you!
Fighting against the truth on your own will not move all the talentless humans in the world.
But I am not alone! Many people know the value of hard work! Even with talent...you are just one man. You make mistakes...and then you die.
Hmm... So you carry the shadow of a dead genius on your back. How boring...
The mysterious man spoke harshly to you, but it only strengthened your determination!

With Kokichi Oma[]

Today is the summer sports festival! The events you were in ended early...
There's still time until afternoon events start. Why not walk around and kill some time?
Oh, there's someone with a weird silhouette
That long hair... Could it be...? Whoa, I'm so lucky to meet you here!
You... Do you know me?
Weeeell, not exactly, but...there are rumors about some long-haired guy walking around.
Hey...aren't you supposed to be dead?
What sort of ridiculous rumor is that?
About how you're a ghost. But rumors might as well be a bunch of lies, so I hate them!
So, who are you? I haven't seen anyone at this school with a silhouette that stands out as much as yours.
I am nobody. I'm just staying at this academy... I no longer have a will or purpose.
So you used to have a will or a purpose before?
...The Şablon:İmp.
That is what I was called.
That totally sounds not-so-boring. Tell me more.
There's nothing to tell. I am...nobody now.
You harassed the man with the long hair, but he ran away before he told you anything...

With Kyoko Kirigiri[]

Your last winter at the academy...but you've been too busy lately to be sad about graduation! You did some detective fieldwork at dawn, and now you're back at school... What will you do?
Someone suspicious just walked by...
Wait. Who are you...?
I am not an intruder. I have been permitted to stay at this academy.
I'm aware... You have been a rumor at the academy for two years now. An irregular male student of the same year with long hair... I never thought I'd meet you.
I've witnessed your existence, but I'm sure the school security doesn't plan to remove you. I won't question the fact that you've been allowed to stay here on school grounds.
I am called...Izuru Kamukura
Kamukura... That is the same surname as the founder of Hope's Peak Academy.
That's not your real name, is it? But rather, someone calls you that... Then it's natural of me to assume that you are someone important relating to this school.
You understood all that from just my name... Your talent is likely analytical in nature.
There's no point in hiding my talent from you. I'm Kyoko Kirigiri, Şablon:İmp.
Kirigiri... You must be related to the headmaster.
And what about that? Is he the one responsible for giving you the name, "Kamukura"?
The headmaster knows of me, but he is not the one who named me. He was merely the one who...took me in.
Took you in?
He also asked me to officially enroll in the academy. However, I declined.
So you have an Ultimate talent, as well. Who are you?
Do you have a reason to investigate that?
I don't... You are suspicious, but no one has given me any case requests regarding you.
Then you have no business with me. Or is the headmaster the one you're concerned for?
...Why would I be concerned about him? From what I know, you two have a friendship. I have no need to worry nor is there a reason to.
Hmm...I see. Well, don't worry. I have no plans to do anything that would hurt the academy.
Like I said...I'm not worried.
You encountered someone unexpected...

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

Today is the school festival... You decided to do "Şablon:İmp" to athletes you've chosen!
A promising student is walking by right off the bat... How do you approach them?
Hey...do you play any sports?
None in particular... But I have the talent to excel in any of them.
Ohh... Then do you want to become an athlete?
I don't have any such intentions.
I see... How unfortunate.
Unfortunate? Why?
You've got a well-balanced bone structure... Your posture shows your physical ability... If you work hard, you could become an athlete that'd leave his name on the world. That's what I think...
With my talent, I could become the best in the world at any sport without needing to work hard.
Best in the world!?
Gah-hahaha! What splendid confidence! I wasn't even thinking that far ahead!
Confidence...? I simply stated the obvious.
Let me tell you one thing... Your talent will only have meaning once you have a goal to direct it towards.
...I have no interest in an obvious future.
The man who seemed like he had a talent for sports, left without getting "Şablon:İmp"...

With Usami[]

Today is the fall school festival... Let's go visit everyone's exhibits and events!
Where do you wanna go?
The main building has lots of exhibits!
Alright, I'm gonna visit all the exhibits!
...At least, that was the plan, but there's nothing here.
Um... Which way are the classrooms hosting all the exhibits...?
What are you doing here?
Huh..Izuru? What are *you* doing here?
...The same thing as always. Wandering aimlessly without purpose.
But...it's the school festival...
I know! Come with me, your teacher, and see all the food stands and exhibits!
I don't remember ever being your student.
Even if you're not really a student of Hope's Peak Academy...you're still my student!
Your thoughts are exactly as I predicted... How boring.
Awww...what a cold response... Have you entered your angsty rebellious phase, Izuru?
Do you think I even care enough about you to rebel?
D-Don't say anything else! You're just gonna make me feel even sadder!
The way back is that direction, "teacher."
Y-You...just called me a teacher for the first time...!
...Yet I do not consider you one.
You followed the directions you were given and wearily returned to the school festival...

Your last winter at the academy... All the students will be graduating soon.
You feel both sad and happy. However, there is one student you're a little worried about...
He's not a student, but I'm worried about Izuru...
Oh...Izuru! I'm glad I found you! I've been looking everywhere for you!
It would be great if I had to ability to see where everyone is at the academy...
You shouldn't wish for the impossible. Anyway...what do you want?
Over the last three years...we've only ever spoken briefly, if at all.
I know, but...you always listened to whatever I had to say.
You never ignored me or shooed me away... You always treated me like an equal.
Like an equal...? Should be a teacher be thankful for that?
T-True. Painful, but true...
For a teacher, I guess I'm sorta pathetic. I couldn't do anything for you in the end.
We met three years ago... I had plenty of time to try to help you like I helped the others...
Three years... It's been that long.
I thought I was doing my best to be everyone's teacher, but I couldn't really do anything... The Monokubs were probably more helpful to you all than I was. It makes sense, I guess. They're newer and they outnumber me. It's a sign of the times, really.
...This conversation has become even less than small talk.
*gasp!* I'm being such a downer right now!
And it's not even bothering you at all... I'm so sorry!
I'm not bothered by it, nor do I have any interest in it.
Aw... So in the end, this is how things are gonna be between us...
Hm...so this is the end?
Oh... Of course not! As long as you're here at the academy, I'll always be your teacher!
And if the day comes when you decide to leave this place, I'll still be your teacher!
You never learn your lesson, do you?
I can't give up on a future that's brimming with hope that easily!
So...let's stay in touch from this point on. I'll always be watching over you.
In addition to never learning your lesson...you have strange taste.
...You think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Izuru!

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

Today is the summer sports festival... It's a good day to make money! Let's do some fortune telling!
You there! Want me to read your fortune?
I've never met you before... Perfect for fortune telling! It's a good price! And my fortune telling is right 30% of the time!
So 70% of the time, the future is unknown. Because of your talent, uncertainty is born. However...it is not difficult to find patterns even within that uncertainty.
I don't know what you're talking about, but don't make fun of my fortune telling!
What I am saying...is that your fortune telling is boring.
That's making fun of it! Now I'm not gonna tell your fortune!
I have no problems with that. It is unnecesary to begin with.
You refused to serve a rude customer!

Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony has ended. Let's read someone's fortune for next year! Who should you select?
Hey, you! Want your fortune told?
I feel like I've met you somewhere before... I have, right?
Well, now's a good time to have your fortune told! It's a flat rate of 100,000 yen!
No thanks.
Why would you pass up such an incredible opportunity!?
I do not need my fortune read. Even if I did, I could do it myself.
Wh-What!? You can't take away my one thing, man!
Wait, are you trying to be my rival!? You better not be stealing my customers!
This is a baseless concern. I have no intention of using fortune telling for anything.
Really? You have that talent, but you don't wanna use it?
...I don't have any particular purpose.
Are you done talking? If so, then I'm leaving.
Ah, wait!
He's gone... He didn't even listen to my sales pitch!
A weird customer got away from you...


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