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This article contains information and transcripts for Ibuki Mioda's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 2 2 2 4 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
270 162 75 150 50 125 50 75


As the Şablon:İmp... Ibuki Mioda will make her solo debut!


What? It's already over!? If this was a concert, I'd be screaming "ENCORE"!
But fine! I guess it's time for the next show! This isn't the end, right!?

Friendship Events[]

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

With Mikan Tsumiki
Oh, Ibuki! I'm glad you're awake!
Oh? Where am I? Who am I?
What? I-Ibuki?
You're Mikan... Mikan Tsumiki!
Um...I think I get what's going on now! I'm in the infirmary and I'm Ibuki Mioda!
Phew...don't scare me like that!
My memories before this area are a little fuzzy... I remember getting hyped up and climbing a tree!
I think you fell off a tree. Sakura found you as she passed by, and brought you here.
Whaaa—! Sakura is so kind! I'll bring her some of my homemade cooking as a thank you!
Ibuki, do you feel any nausea? Does any part of your body feel tingly?
I feel a-okay and my mood's excellent! Sowwy about that!
Phew, that's a relief...
Um, Ibuki... It's fine that you want to spend some time alone.
I-I know this is presumptuous of me to say...
But if something like this happens again...and no one finds you...
Ahhh, that would be a problem! A super huge problem! Got it! I'll be careful then, especially since you saved me and even gave me a warning...
So, please don't be sad! Although, you are pretty cute when you make that face!

With Leon Kuwata[]

With Leon Kuwata
Oh, Ibuki! Heeey!
Heeeeyyy! That's me! I-bu-ki!
Hehe...I wanted to talk with you at least once!
Ooh? And what business does Leon, the Şablon:İmp, have with me?
Forget about baseball! I'm gonna explode onto the stage as a musician!
Huh? You know how to play an instrument, Leon?
Nah. I'm gonna be vocals!
Hmmm...then how about writing lyrics and composing?
Not really. I'm gonna have one of my other members do that pain in the ass stuff.
W-Wow...so does that mean you already have band members ready to go on stage with you?
That's what I'm recruiting people for right now! So...Ibuki, you wanna join my band?
You're guitar, right? Well, I don't have any instruments yet, so anything's fine.
Me and the former star Ibuki... The both of us'll get a lot of attention from our debut! And our fans probably won't overlap, so I'll let it slide if you stand out a little!
Haaa... Ahhh....I don't even have a face for this. I've never felt this un-pumped up...
Not bad, Leon! Not bad!
Then you're gonna be the guitarist for my band, right!?
Nooope! Not even if you paid me a million, a billion, or a gajillion dollars!

With Sayaka Maizono and Kaede Akamatsu[]

With Sayaka Maizono and Kaede Akamatsu
Ooohh! Kaede, Sayaka! Good morn-morn-morning!
Good morning, Ibuki.
Kyaaa! A perfect smile for the morning! Smiling like that for free would even affect inflation!
Morning. You're super excited as usual.
For the three of us to gather here... We were attracted by the aura of a musical revolution!
A musical revolution...?
Ultimate Pianist... Ultimate Pop Sensation... And the Ultimate Musician! But all three of us are totally unique, and we clash with each other's music... It'll be like putting rice, pasta, and Chinese dim sum on one plate! A musical clusterfuck!
That's a combination of dishes no one would order together...
But I was thinking it'd be nice to collaborate together. Like be in a music video with Ibuki, or sing in a concert with Kaede on the piano.
Oh, that sounds fun. It'd be a good opportunity for us to spread our music to everyone, too!
Tahaaaa! Our dream is growing and spreading-ding-ding!
But going back to what Ibuki said... Our genre of music is totally different from each other's!
That's true... Kaede focuses on classical music and Ibuki is a guitarist of an all-girls band...
And, and, and! Sayaka has the center lead in her idol group!
We'd end up breaking up before we even get the chance to play together! That'd be horrible!
Ugigigi...but the hype would go through the roof if we worked together!
Instead of trying to kill each other's music and do things we're not particularly skilled in... I think it'd be best if we try to synchronize our music with what we're good at.
Well, I can only play the piano...
I agree with Kaede! I'll sing, Kaede will play the piano, and...
I, Ibuki Mioda, will be in charge of lyrics and composition!
Do you think this will turn out okay?
...I can sorta guess what'll happen next.

With Tsumugi Shirogane[]

With Tsumugi Shirogane
Hellooooo Tsumugi, are you heeeere?
I'm plainly here. Did you need something, Ibuki?
Um well, to be honest... I forgot my sewing kit.
Ughhh, I didn't finish my costume yet for next week's show...and I wanna sew on my break...
I see. So you figured I'd have a sewing kit on me.
Ding-dong, you're right! I'm in real shit! If you have one, please let me borrow it!
I'll give you tickets to my concert this weekend as thanks!
Oh, sorry. I have a cosplay event this weekend. But you can still borrow my sewing kit. You'd do the same if I needed help.
Ah, my goddess! I will never forget what you've done for me! I'll even write a new song about it!
Wait...did you make the outfit you wear on stage all by yourself, Ibuki?
Hell yeah! I'm an awesome seamstress and I can make a killer beef and potato stew, too!
Y-Your girl power levels are through the roof! My girl power scouter's going to break!
Huuuh? Aren't you skilled at sewing too, though?
Well, I am pretty good at it... As a cosplayer, I deal with more than just fabrics, though.
Mm-hm, mm-hm...that's a lot. Fashion is a deep labyrinth that goes every which way.
We've only begun our descent...down the infinitely deep slope that is fashion.

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

With Hiyoko Saionji
Hiyoko, I have something to give you...
Huh? If it's something dumb, then I'll toss you in the trash with it, got that?
Tahaaaa, you're severe as ever! But, but! I'm sure you'll be happy with what I got you!
Here you go!
Is this...a CD?
Ibuki's latest creation! I was wondering if you'll listen to it!
My song will blow the whole music industry away, so I want you to listen to it now before anyone!
Hmmm, but why me?
Cuz I thought you'd have the most fun while listening to my song!
Hm...well, since you gave it to me, I guess I'll listen to it.
You're not very good at anything else, but you're pretty amazing at music, Ibuki.
I-Is that a compliment!? I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad!
Kidding! I'm happy! Like how a fish is thrown out of the water and flipping its tail in desperation...that's me!
That's a terrible metaphor!
Well, I'm just super excited right now. Not everyone's gonna be happy with the kind of music I make...
So that's why, it'd be so cool if you got all hyped up right now!
Yaaaaayyy!!! Yahooooooooo!!!
Ahhh, shuddap! You're just loud and annoying if you do that outside a concert!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Whether it's headbanging or tree climbing, bring it on! But most important of all...cheering! Where will you perform your fight song?
A place with a psychedelic vibe!
Weeeell, it's not a genre I really listen to, but it seems pretty interesting...
And right when I thought that, iiiiit's Angie! Somehow that makes sense!
Hmm? What's up, Ibuki? Have you come to offer yourself as a sacrifice?
You're quite skinny, though. It might be dangerous if I extract too much blood...
Nevertheless, Atua praises your devotion! Nyahahaha, how wonderful!
S-Sacrifice? Hey, I just came here to cheer...
But, what if it's an experience that'll be good for a live concert...? Ughughugh...
...You were so conflicted, you forgot about cheering!
A place with a pop vibe!
Yaaaaaa hooooo! Who's my hero? Chi-hiro! You're just like a cute, tiny mascot animal!
Ibuki, hello there. Um, what's going on?
Ibuki came to cheer-o Chihiro on! I'll support you with all my might so you can work hard! They wouldn't let me bring my guitar, but I can still headbang and shout for you!
Alright...thank you? I'm not very good at this kind of thing, but your cheering will really help me!
That's the spirit! Let's get pumped up!
You headbanged while cheering for Chihiro!
A place with a punk vibe!
Oh ho! I discovered the source of the punk vibe! Hey, Miu!
Gahhhh! What's with the fuckin' shouting!? If my pussy had ears, it'd be deaf right now!
With chords like those, I bet you're a real screamer in the sack! Hah-hahaha!
You say a lot of stuff that should be bleeped out... Like Teruteru, minus the subtlety.
So what the fuck are you doin' here? Did you come to waste more of my time?
Hmm...honestly...I dunno what I'm here for either.
I don't even need to sing. Your whole presence is its own performance...
Huh!? So you *did* come to waste my time! That's it, get on your fuckin' knees!
You got out of having to give an apology, but the vibe was shot...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival you've been waiting for! Of course, you'll do a concert!
But you've still got some time before the show. Why not chek out the other events for now?
I heard Hiyoko's doing a haunted house!
Oooh, ghosts right at the entrance! That's a new one!
...I am not playing a ghost. I am merely the receptionist.
Huh? Oh, now that I take a good look at you, you're Kiyo!
I'd appreciate if you noticed without having to take a good look... Anyway, the haunted house...
Heck yeah! I'm gonna go in there and shout my heart out to prepare for my concert! If Hiyoko's involved, I'm sure it'll be some sorta screamy, machiney, super crazy place!
Indeed...Hiyoko seemed to be making some very cruel traps. I'm sure you will enjoy them.
Hyaaaa! It'll be like visiting hell!
...You headed for the show after shouting at the top of your lungs in the haunted house!
I heard Mahiru's doing a photo exhibit!
Good parding me! That's a combination of "good morning" and "pardon me"!
Go ahead. If you're here to look at the exhibit, then look quietly.
Hey, it's Maki! Are you a helper for the photo exhibit?
Yes, but I'm just the receptionist. If you need Mahiru, she'll be back soon.
Roger dodger! But, but, but, since you're here, I wanna play with you!
Hey, Maki! Maki! Hey, Maki! You wanna have a headbang competition with me!?
Shut up.
Haaa, cut down by merciless words! I need to cut some albums myself!
If you're not going to look at the exhibit, then please leave.
No, no, no! I'm totally gonna look! Mahiru's photos might give me some lyrical inspiration!
...You quietly gazed upon the photo exhibit for a little while.
You can't do a concert on an empty stomach!
Hey, Ryoma! Can I have an octopus crepe or a yakisoba waffle or whatever!?
Hmph...I'm running a cream puff stand.
Awww, man! How unexpected! Super unexpected!
But custard sounds good too! Gimme some of that!
I see... In that case, here. It's an assortment of mini cream puffs.
Yaaaahooo! Thanks, I'll eat 'em right up!
However...there's one wasabi cream puff mixed in, so choose wisely...
You should've told me that...first!
Spicy! It's too spicy!
...Amazingly, you randomly chose the wasabi cream puff right off the bat!


Your last winter at the academy... Today's your Christmas party with your classmates!
Your heart is already partying and you're as psyched up as you can possibly be!
But the actual party won't start for a while... You can't stay still...what do you do?
Scream "Merry Christmas" right nooow!
Yaaaaahoooo! Merry Christmas! It's time to start my impromptu concert!
Oh, so it was you, Ibuki. I knew I heard someone loud.
Tenko! Merry Xmas!
Merry Christmas, Ibuki! You're energetic as always!
I'm especially jazzed today because my class is having a Christmas party!
Christmas means cakes, turkey, and death metal! Let's crank this Christmas up to Christmaximum!
Oh, a party? I'm so jealous! I wanna have an all-girls Christmas party with Himiko, too!
Huh? So you don't have anything to do for Christmas, Tenko?
That's an incredibly innocent, but blunt, question!
But I will not be discouraged! For I have a plan!
Tooday is...Himiko's special Christmas magic show!
Himiko's show sounds fun, too! But I'm already booked solid today!
What a Christmas! My day is 100% Christmas!
It's unfortunate you won't be able to come...but I'm sure there'll be another chance.
The next time Himiko has a show, I'll definitely let you know!
There's always tomorrow! Got it! I'll definitely go then!
...You made a promise with Tenko!
Share my overflowing energy with someone!
Kaede! Kaede! I came to share my energy with you before you get on stage!
Because today is the commemorative first collab between Sayaka and Kaede!
Oh, Ibuki... Aw, even though you can't make it to the hall, you're here to cheer me on instead.
Well, of course! It's you and Sayaka's collaboration!
There's no way I'd miss it! Yaaaaaahooo!
Huh? But I thought your class was having a Christmas party tonight...
I'll go mach speed to the concert and then back to the party at lightning speed!
I might miss it when they break out the cake, but I just gotta check this concert out!
I see...thank you. Alright, you guys are gonna hear the best performance today!
I'm excited! I'm gonna headbang real hard!
Um...you probably shouldn't get *that* excited. The main piece is a piano ballad...
...With more exciting plans ahead of you, you managed to get even more pumped up!
Head to the party venue right away!
Yaaaahooo! You want me to help with anything?
You're here pretty early, huh Ibuki? It'll be a while before we can start getting ready...
I'm so excited and I have too much energy to wait any longer!
I've been like this since last night! I was so excited, I didn't even sleep!
Well, there's nothing to help with right now. We'll see the dishes out in a bit.
My word, what a hasty little kitten. I'd give you some cream to lick...but I'm busy, too.
Ughughughugh...I'm getting goosebumps! Did I pick the wrong choice!?
But I smell yummy stuff from the kitchen... Even here, my excitement is reaching its limit!
How about you just sit right there and try to figure out the menu from those yummy smells?
Hmm...yeah, okay. I'll wait here a while.
I'll enjoy the yummy smells...oh, and maybe I'll compose a Christmas song!
W-Well, hold on... Maybe you should start decorating the hall instead?
You decided to start decorating with Teruteru's recommendation...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You plan on telling your classmates the truth about yourself at the party... The preparations for the party are nearly complete, but something's bothering you...
Pipe down! The party hasn't started yet
There's no stopping my excitement! Because I'm having way too much fun!
Just like the night before a field strip, parties are most exciting before the first party popper!
So in other words, right now is...
Wait, does that mean once the party starts, it'll all be downhill!?
Argh, of course not! Things will be even more exciting!
Really? Reallyreallyreally?
Would I lie about something like that?
Hmm...I guess Kokichi's the only one who lies about weird stuff like that!
Well, even if you did lie to me, I'd forgive you if you let me shout in your ear three times!
I see...
Huh? What's the matter? Your face got super serious all of a sudden...
After the party...there's something I want to tell you all. I was planning on telling you guys anyway, but...now I'm even more determined.
Oh, what is it? Hu? Is it super important or something?
It's not important... Just practice your shouting for now.
Hmm...well...if you insist...then Ibuki will RAISE HER VOICE!
...You enjoyed the party with a strong feeling of determination!

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Today is the school festival... Obviously, you've decided to perform a piano recital!
It's almost time to go up on stage. What kind of musical piece will you play?
I'll play an exciting musical piece
I'm starting to enjoy performing a lot more... I feel I haven't played enough, though.
Kaede, Kaede, Kaede! I heard your performance! You were super rockin'!
Oh, Ibuki! You came!
I'm a little nervous to hear what the Şablon:İmp thinks of my music...
I play a totally different genre, but...your piano performance rocked my very soul!
I wanna jump on stage now and et 'er rip! I feel like my guitar can shoot fire!
It seems like Ibuki enjoyed it a lot!

With Kaito Momota[]

Today is the fall school festival... You're going to help set up the stage! Since you're already here, you may as well check out a show afterwards. What looks interesting?
A concert might be fun to watch
This seems fun, but...
Hey, hey! Huh, huh? What's wrong?
I get the instruments and amps, but...why do you need a barbecue set for a concert?
That's a concert essential! How could you agree to help without knowing that!?
Hmm... I can't even imagine what kind of performance this is gonna be.
Heh heh heh...three hehs. All you gotta do now is sit back and enjoy the concert.
Heh heh! It's concert time, it's concert time! Get pumped up cuz it's concert time!
You're really psyched up for this concert, huh? Looks like you don't need me to help with that.
Well, I'm sure you'll entertain us, right Ibuki!?
Heck yeah, man! My first song is gonna blow you away!
...You witnessed Ibuki's shocking singing at her concert!

With Monomi[]

Today is the fall school festival! You've been looking forward to everyone's exhibits! But Monokuma forced you to be part of his talk show, so you barely got to see anything. The festival is nearly over...but you still have a little time left! Where will you go?
Will there be any more shows in the gym?
There's no one here... Was our talk show really the last show scheduled?
Huh? Is that Monomi? What are you doing out here all by yourself?
I-Ibuki! Thank goodness! I thought I was all alone!
By any chance...are you about to put on a show?
Huh? My concert ended way back when everyone was still going wild.
I just came back to get something I left here during the concert!
Did you miss it? Man, my concert today was seriously the best!
H-How disappointing... I was looking forward to seeing everyone's exhibits...
Did you miss all the shows, too? Didja, didja? There was a lot of intense action today!
*sniffle* It's all Monokuma's fault... I missed the school festival...
Oh wow...I feel bad for you now...
Ooookay! Ibuki will give you a special encore!
I'll sing a song just for you, Monomi!
I-Ibuki...I'm so touched by how sweet and kind you are!
Thanks to Ibuki, your broken heart was quickly pieced back together!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Your last winter at the academy... You were invited to a party by the symbols of hope.
But you feel like someone like you has no place at such a party... What do you do?
I'll see everyone's hopeful smiles up close
Oh, Nagito... Are you having fun?
Of course. I can see everyone having fun and full of hope.
Don't just watch. You wanna have a headbanging competition with me?
I'll pass. If I joined in, it'd just bring everyone down.
You're still saying stuff like that? Even after three years?
Well, it's because I'm still worthless scum and you all are still shining beacons of hope... Unless the world turns upside-down, that's never going to change.
Huh...is that so?
No, there's no way hope would ever waver, even if the world turned upside-down. If it's a strong enough hope, it will tear apart any despair.
Ughughugh... I'm supposed to be used to this by now, but it still gives me a headache!
I am not sure how to respond to all that... My my, what a problem.
It seems like you talked too much and ruined the party for everyone...

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed and graduation is coming up.
The closing ceremony ended and you have no plans for today... What will you do?
Perhaps I'll leave school right away...
Peko, let's walk home together! Even though the dorms are right there!
Sure...I do not mind.
*sigh*... Today's the last day of school. It's pretty much just like the end of the year.
So I'm already in a New Year's mood! No, I'm already excited for next year's Christmas! Christmas was just yesterday, but I've already got my hands full with the next one!
The party last night was very fun...but don't you think you're getting ahead of yourself?
You can't help being excited about stuff. That was the most music I've played on Christmas!
You're right...it was fun.
Oh, you agree with Ibuki!? That makes me oh so happy!
Yeah. I'm not thinking about next year just yet, but...
I'm looking forward to the next time we can all get together like last night.
We all get along so well, I'm sure there'll be another chance before too long.
It's different from hanging out with my music friends, but this is way fun, too!
You'll come to next year's party, right?
Yes. No matter what I'm doing this time next year...I'll definitely come to our gathering.
...You made a promise for the future with Ibuki.

With Sakura Ogami[]

Today is the sports festival... You were in the relay race, until Monokuma barged in! You were able to stop him and let the runners continue their race, but... Monokuma ran away! Monokuma might disrupt the other events as well... What should you do to catch him?
I should ask if anyone has seen Monokuma
Detective work doesn't suit me...but it must be done.
Huh? What's up, Sakura? Are you mad about something?
Yes...I cannot ignore Monokuma while he interferes with everyone's good time. Ibuki, did you happen to see Monokuma at all?
Hmhmhm, thanks for asking! I sure did!
...Is what I wanna say, but unfortunately I haven't seen hide or hair of Monokuma.
I see. Sorry for taking your time.
Ughughugh, I couldn't help you and now I'm filled with regreeet!
So since I was so useless, I'll tell you this... Don't work too hard on your own. You're a student here too, Sakura... Don't forget to enjoy the sports festival.
...Yes, I won't forget. Thank you.
You looked for Monokuma, but you remembered Ibuki's words and participated in events, too.

With Sayaka Maizono[]

Your last winter at the academy...but you still have concerts lined up around New Year's! You finished your Christmas show and came home late, but you're restless. What will you do?
Maybe someone's in the music room...
Hmm...a dark song on a holy night! I want things to end nice and spicy!
Are you up late writing a song, Ibuki?
Yes! In the middle of! Composing! Super stoked! I was partying with my classmates earlier. My excitement was rocketing up and up till it exploded into an inspiration bomb!
A party with your classmates, how nice... That sounds fun.
It's sooooo much fun! Too much fun! I can't believe I won't be able to do it next year!
Yeah, since we're going to graduate soon.
Sometimes I get a cliche sadness attack and hope that we can meet up after graduation.
It should be fine...probably. From what I can see, your classmates get along very well.
We get along... Not like bandmates, but just as precious. Are we...? Are we all...?
...Friends!? Of course we are! Our class is the best!
Yes. It always sounds so fun, so I'm a little envious of that.
You've got awesome friends too. Right, Sayaka? I saw 'em today!
Hmhm, to tell you the truth, I went to your concert before I lightspeed dashed to my party!
Wow, really!? That makes me so happy!
I saw you on stage with everyone in your group! I...remember when I did stuff like that...
Ah, your band disbanded...
Well, that's the past. I dunno diddly about the future, but...
My road might be different, but I'll meet new friends on it. That's just how it's gonna be.
You're right. There's no guarantee that everything will stay the same as it is now... Even if some things do change, I'm sure those changes will be wonderful.
Yup, yup. Exact-a-mundo. ...
...Hey, Sayaka. Is there anything you're worried about?
Actually...with graduation so close, I've been wondering if I'll still be able to perform...
But thanks to you, Ibuki, I feel like I'm able to calm myself.
No no. I didn't do anything! But I'll still accept your thanks!
You and Ibuki spent time talking about music activities and each other's friends!

With Tenko Chabashira[]

Today is the exciting summer sports festival! You're gonna be in the three-legged race! It's unfortunate that Himiko is in a different event, but...let's do our best anyway!
I must receive energy from those around me!
All the girls in the audience are cheering for me! I'll do my best, so give me all your energy!
Wow! You're so full of energy, Tenko! Ibuki the cheerleader will not lose!
Gooood luuuuuck, Tenkoooooooo!
Thank you very much, Ibuki! Your cheers are the best!
Heck yehh! Leave the cheering toooo meeeeeeeee!!!
Then leave the running toooo meeeeeeeee!!!
You were hyped by Ibuki's cheers and started yelling, until everyone told you to shut up!

With Usami[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Let's watch everyone play sports and get along!
...At least, that was the plan before you got chosen to fill in for the volleyball event!
Alright, leave it to me!
If I gotta do this, then I'm gonna make sure I get super pumped up! Follow my lead, guys!
Ooooh, Usami's super excited! But there's no way I'll lose in that department!
I'm gonna make and receive every serve...and I'm even gonna spike the ball like a pro, too!
...Well, I'm not expecting that much from you.
Y-You're not...? Ughhhhh...
You made wobbly serves, received with your whole body, and never landed a single spike!


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