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This article contains information and transcripts for Hiyoko Saionji's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 25 1 3 2 5 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 270 50 100 75 150 75 50


This academy probably has a bunch of stupid embarrassing weirdos. I wonder if there's even anyone as sensitive and refined as me, the Şablon:İmp.


Finally, I don't have to deal with these loud idiots anymore. I can finally live a quiet life.
And...it won't be the end after graduation.

Friendship Events[]

With Usami and Sayaka Maizono[]

With Usami and Sayaka Maizono
Hey, Usami. You're my teacher, right? Will you be on my side?
Of course! I'm always on your side, Hiyoko!
Okay then, will you put thumbtacks in Sayaka's shoes? She's getting super obnoxious since everyone's giving her so much attention!
Eh? B-But that's, um...uh...
Huuuh? What? You just told me you were on my side!
Um...I'm everyone's teacher...so I can't condone bullying...
P-Plus, you're a dancer and she's a pop star. Performing is something you have in common! So maybe you two can get along if you dance together...
Huh? I'd prefer it if you didn't compare my dancing with some idol's cheap frolics
Hiyoko, Usami... Good morning.
S-Sayaka...um, you see...
Hmph, are you gonna act like nothing happened? You heard our conversation, didn't you?
Yes...I overheard it.
O-O-Oh d-d-dear...
Hiyoko, you focus on traditional dancing, so I'm sure you think very highly of it.
Hmmm...so you're gonna act like a goody two-shoes when no one's looking?
No, that kind of thing doesn't really bother me. I'm sure from your perspective, idols are just young amateurs dancing on stage. Even so, it's a wonderful job that brings smiles to many people's faces. That's what I think.
And...? What about it?
Well...I think we've both got our own pride when it comes to the stage.
So, are you trying to say...being flashy isn't the only thing you need?
Yes, I would be glad if you could understand that. Okay then, I'm going to leave now. The next class is starting soon.
It has nothing to do with willpower. Those who can't compete on stage will be taken down. Well, I guess you know that already. I'm not interested in picking on her anymore.
Wh-What? Don't stare at me like that. You're creeping me out.
Well... even if you don't always get along, at least you can respect each other.

With Ibuki Mioda[]

With Ibuki Mioda
Hiyoko, I have something to give you...
Huh? If it's something dumb, then I'll you in the trash with it, got that?
Tahaaaa, you're severe as ever! But, but! I'm sure you'll be happy with what I got you!
Here you go!
Is this... a CD?
My song will blow the music industry away, so I want you to listen to it now before anyone!
Hmmm, but why me?
Cuz I thought you'd have the most fun listening to my song!
Hm... well, since you gave it to me, I guess I'll listen to it.
You're not very good at anything else, but you're pretty amazing at music, Ibuki.
I-Is that a compliment!? I don't know whether I should feel happy or sad!
Kidding! I'm happy! Like how a fish is thrown out of the water and flipping it's tail in desperation... that's me!
That's a terrible metaphor!
Well, I'm just super excited right now.
Not everyone's gonna be happy with the kind of music I make...
So that's why, it'd be so cool if you got all hyped up right now!
Ahhh, shuddap! You're just loud and annoying if you do that outside a concert!

With Angie Yonaga[]

With Angie Yonaga
Hm? Hiyoko? You have such a serious look on your face. Whatever is the matter?
Whaaaat? If you're feeling blue, you should pray to Atua.
I saw your work...
I thought you were just this weird cult chick but your paintings and sculptures are...good. The moment I saw them, it felt like I was struck by lightning... That's a first for me.
I see, I see... In other words, you want to pray to Atua, right Hiyoko?
Huh!? Where did that come from!?
Because it is Atua who creates the art.
My body is merely the vessel through which He works.
How annoying! Are you some kinda nutjob!? What's with those poses!? Do you think you're cute!?
If you like my art so much, it means Atua has accepted you.
Don't worry, Atua is watching over you like a gentle father.
Q-Quit it! I'd never be one of your creepy followers!
I'm asking you to believe in Atua, not me.
I already said I won't believe it no matter what, you psychoelectric, pea-brained bitch!
Though Atua has accepted you, if your bad attitude doesn't change... you'll be punished.
Geez! And I even complimented your art! What a waste of time this was!

With Monomi and Gonta Gokuhara[]

With Monomi and Gonta Gokuhara
G-Gross!!! I'm covered in ants! They're crawling all over me! I-I'm so itchy!
Kyahahahaha! I didn't know stuffed animals feel itchy, too!
Look, look! You have ants on your back! Want me to put another one on you?
Ergh...I can't reach!
Huh? What you two doing? Gonta can hear ants talking...
Please help me, Gonta! Hiyoko is... Hiyoko is...
Monomi said she wanted to play with the ants, so I put some on her.
I-I never said that!
Hmmmm... Ants seem to like you. Ants very delicate, so play nice.
Ya heard him... Maybe you should let the ants down now.
B-But...my hand...can't reach...
Well then, I guess I'll just have some fun squishing the ants crawling on top of you.
Th-That's too cruel!
What? Do what to ants?
Did you say...squish?
...Ah! I-It's nothing, Gonta! You must've misheard!
Hmmm? You heard me. I'm gonna "squish" the ants crawling on Monomi...
She means squish them with hugs! Cuz Hiyoko loves ants!
Gonta understand... Ants are cute and work hard. Gonta can learn much from them!
Yeah, I like them too. Y'know...like when you squish them into gush...
O-Oh yeah, I just love ants!
Hey, you...what's your problem!? I'm talking here!
Ummm, please Hiyoko... Just let me do the talking...
Gonta happy to meet friends who like ants.
Oh! Do you wanna come with Gonta and see other bugs?
O-Of course! That sounds great!
Who cares!? It's obvious I hate...
C'mon, c'mon, let's go! Hurry, hurry!
Don't interrupt me! I'm gonna wrap you in duct tape and tear it off with one clean rip!
Hey, now! Fighting not good! Geez...Gonta hope they have fun meeting and greeting bugs...
Yes! Let's all have a great time!
Ergh...I'm a little scared...
The three of you spent some time together, surrounded by bugs!

With Miu Iruma and Teruteru Hanamura[]

With Miu Iruma and Teruteru Hanamura
Look! It's the leader of the jailbait brigade. Didja come for some lollipops and bananas?
Hiyoko...welcome to my dining hall. What is your desire? Lunch, sweets, or...me?
Geez, you two are the worst! I wish I could erase both of you from my mind and existence!
You loudmouth brat! The world would be a terrible fuckin' place without my genius ideas!
You're the loudmouth, you lowly, gross pig woman! Quit dirtying the air with your stench!
Oh... P-Pig woman...? Th-That's not bad...!
Ooh...this scene's starting to get me all excited. Please go on, you two.
You two are soooo gross! I'm so embarrassed to be seen with you in public!
Now, now, don't say that. Miu and I are pretty in sync, y'know?
You're way too small to satisfy me! But I guess even a pig like you can whip up a decent meal!
Then do me a favor and go lock yourselves up in a pen like the gross pigs you are!
Hmhmhm, no can do. We need to discuss a joint research project for our next exam.
Huh? Joint research project?
Wow, I guess even pigs are lucky enough to benefit from my genius and beauty!
The problem is...your ideas are really useless. An invention to let you eat 3-star restaurant food in your sleep? So a machine cooks for you?
Huh? Who said anything about a machine doin' the cookin'? Obviously, you're gonna cook.
What? Wh-What do you mean?
Geez, do I gotta spell it out for ya!? I'm gonna remodel ya into a cookin' machine!
Are you a mad scientist!?
Oh, then remodel Teruteru so he can never open his terrible mouth again!
While you're at it, you should sew your mouth shut too, Miu!
I...I've never tried that kinda kink play before...Maybe just a little...
Th-There's no need to try it! We're not going with that invention, geez!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival! But it'll be all stuffy and gross with your kimono...
So you're going to skip it! How do you kill time?
I'll go find Mahiru!
Yayyy, I found Mahiru!
Oh, Hiyoko...I was wondering where you were. I didn't see you in any of the events I visited.
Mahiru, were you worried about me? Ehehe...sorry.
*sigh* Are you skipping out on all the events today?
Yeah, I'm gonna leave the stuffy gross stuff to the physical idiots...and play with you!
Hey, hey, let's go eat snacks!
O-Okay...don't be so clingy. I still want to take more pictures...so after that, okay?
You spent time clinging to Mahiru as she took pictures!
Maybe I'll go tease Mikan
Mikan, you've got nothing better to do, right? Get me some snacks.
S-Sorry...I'm giving Kokichi a medical exam right now, so...c-can you wait a little?
Owieeee...my head, chest, stomach, hands, and feet are all aching at the same time...
That's obviously a lie! You're not in pain at all, you lying pig barf!
But...since he's saying he's in pain...I have to do a medical exam.
Nee-heehee...you're so kind to injured people, Mikan.
See? This lying pig barf is perfectly fine!
Whoa! Owieeee, now my ears are starting to ache, too!
You had a bitter back-and-forth battle with Kokichi...
Squish some Mr. Ants
If I stay near all those obnoxious running people, my kimono will get dirty.
Huh, I thought you'd be skipping out on the sports festival here, but...
You're by yourself killing ants? What are you, some troubled teen?
Huh? Me, troubled? That's impossible...I mean, quit eavesdropping on me, you creep!
I wasn't eavesdropping, I'm just a girl who can hear a pin drop from 100 miles away.
Ugh, seriously!? What the heck!? You're just as bad as Gundham!
Geez, don't be so mean! We're blonde pigtail buddies, y'know!?
I don't remember being your buddy!
Oh...me neither. I guess we're just overlapping characters, then...what despair.
What's your problem!? Do you even understand what I'm saying!? We're not alike at all!
Yes...understanding. Nothing ties us together...nothing will come of this...it's meaningless.
Then go away! Geez!
You were harassed by a weird fashionista who was walking by...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival. You loitered around Mahiru's exhibit for a while, but...
Ibuki is going to put on a show! You've still got time before it starts. What do you do?
I'll go there early and get the best seat
The show before Ibuki's just finished and everyone's leaving now.
Whew. Looks like I can get a front row seat.
Oh, hey Hiyoko. Did you come for Ibuki's performance?
You came early to get a good seat, right? What a big fan!
N-No, it's not like that! It just means I like Ibuki's music!
Isn't that what a "fan" is?
Hm...the only thing I'm a fan of is Mahiru's pictures.
Oh, so you're sitting in the front because you're so short. Got it.
I-I still might have a growth spurt! aI mean, I definitely will! I'll look even more like a model than you!
Well hey, when that happens, do you want to do some shoots together?
I don't want to co-star with a gross girl like you!
You decided to rethink your diet and get more nutrition from now on...
I'll look at Mahiru's pictures some more
Mahiru left to do some errands, but I won't be sad if I look at her pictures.
I just wish all these annoying customers would go away so I could look at them in peace.
Wouldn't Mahiru want a lot of guests to see her exhibit, though?
Huh? Maki? How long have you been here? I didn't notice you because you're so forgettable.
I was here the whole time...as the receptionist. Mahiru left me in charge while she's gone.
Hmm...so Mahiru trusts you.
...Do you want something? If you don't, I'd prefer it if you didn't stare at me.
Of course not. Like I'd ever want something from you.
If you have time to be talking to me, do the job Mahiru asked you to do, already.
Mahiru asked me to be the receptionist since there was no other job for me.
I think no one asked you because you already had a job.
Wh-What's that all about? I didn't ask you that, so why are you talking about it?
No reason. I got the feeling you wanted me to say it, so I did.
Hey...are you treating me like some kid?
Well, you are a kid. And I'm not talking about your age or your physical stature.
Everything you say gets on my nerves...
Hmph. I'm not gonna stay here.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna go find someone who looks bored and make them look at Mahiru's pictures.
I see... Have fun.
...You tried to drag people into the photo exhibit for a while!
I'll buy some snacks for Mahiru
Hmm...this food stand kinda sucks.
I don't wanna give Mahiru crappy food... But I also don't wanna go to Teruteru's shop. Aww, there's not enough options... Hope's Peak should have a better festival than this.
Hey, I can *hear* you, dipshit. Are you gonna eat my yakisoba or not!?
Huh? Me? How dare an outdated small-fry punk caricature like you talk to me... I'll report you.
Bring it on! Some flatty chick like you can't scare me!
And besides, no one's gonna take your side anyway!
Waaaaaah! I got yelled at by an idiot who only knows how to be reckless and yell at people!
Wh-What? H-Hey, don't cry about it...
You think I'm only good at being reckless and yelling at people!? What the fuck!?
He yelled at me again!
You both got scolded by Usami for all the yelling and crying...


Your last winter at the academy... Christmas is over and graduation is coming up.
Thinking about that...makes you feel gloomy. How will you spend your remaining time?
I'll spend as much time with Mahiru as I can
There you are, Mahiru! Can I hang out with you today?
Sure. Is everything okay?
Yeah. I just wanted to be with you.
Oh, hey... *sigh* You're still so clingy, huh?
Ehehe... Hey, what's that? A photo album?
Yeah. I was just thinking I took a lot of pictures, the last three years.
Mahiru...will you keep taking pictures of me?
Hm? Yeah, of course. I'll take pictures of you anytime you want.
But...not for long...
That's right. We're...graduating soon.
Hey, I... Since you taught me, I can tie my kimono sash by myself now.
But... I still want you to tie it for me sometimes.
I'll go and see your dances, too, Hiyoko.
Will you take pictures of me and tie my kimono sash again?
Yeah. Of course.
Ehehe...you better. It's a promise!
You made a promise for the future with Mahiru!
Maybe I'll mess with Mikan
Oh, Hiyoko...what's the matter? Are you not feeling well?
When I go somewhere to feel better, you're always there... It's good to know your place.
Hey, hey, your arms or your legs? Which is better?
Huh!? What kind of choice is this!?
Whatever, just choose one already.
U-Ummmm.... My arm...?
Okay, then I'll go for the arm!
What!? P-Please forgive me!
Shut up, pig barf!
Um, um...I thought you said you weren't feeling well. Did something happen?
Nope... I was just frustrated.
S-So...is that why you came to see me?
Hey, what are you laughing about? It's so creepy...
Hiyoko...I'm just so happy. You never ignore me, after all. Um...so my arm, right? What did you want to do? Write on it with permanent marker?
Huh!? That's not what I wanted to do! What kind of gross masochist are you!?
You forgot about your gloomy feelings as you talked with Mikan...
It's been a while since I called dad...
Hey, look where you're walking! I won't forgive you if you get my kimono dirty, y'know?
S-Sorry! Are you okay?
Well duh, isn't it obvious? Geez, you were probably all giddy for winter break like some little kid, huh?
N-No, it's not that... I'm actually feeling... troubled.
Oh, I got a Christmas present from my family, and...
Gosh, it's just so embarrassing! I can't believe I got a gift...
I didn't ask for your life story. When you say family...do you mean your parents?
Um, well, my dad... I told him I didn't need anything, but he got me something anyway...
You...piss me off.
If you don't want it, just throw it away.
N-No, I could never break his heart like that!
Then you should take what your dad gave you and be happy about it, right?
...Yeah, you're right. Sorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was complaining. I'll be sure to thank my dad.
You were a little jealous of Chihiro...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to participate in the scavenger hunt! There are three cards in front of you... Which one is Atua telling you to pick?
Signs point to the left card
Hmm... Şablon:İmp
Hiyoko, let's run together.
Whaaat? But I don't wanna. I don't wanna do something grubby like running.
Besides, I heard you say what was on the card already! I'm not strong-willed, I'm elegant! Can't you at least see that, you stupid nutjob?
Atua has chosen you, Hiyoko. I do not think it would be wise for you to refuse Him.
*You* shouldn't be doing this... Don't act all high and mighty just cuz you like the attention!
Tensions flared between you and Hiyoko as she refused to listen to Atua...

With Aoi Asahina[]

Today is the fall school festival... The shops and food stands are tempting you! If you're gonna eat, it has to be donuts! Why don't you go look for some?
I'll ask someone if they saw any donuts
Oh, it's Hiyoko. Hi there!
Oh, it's Hina. Did you need me for something?
Did you just come from the school building? Is there a shop that sells donuts?
Huh? Why donuts? Are they your favorite food?
Yeah! Donuts are super delicious. The sweet sugar, the dough's texture, eggs and butter...thinking about it makes my mouth water!
Hmm...yeah that sounds right. You would like crappy food like that, Hina.
Donuts!? Crappy!? The ring-shaped delicious treat that sends your taste buds to outer space!?
Outer space? How can you stand to say cringy stuff like Gundham and Hifumi?
It doesn't matter if it hurts or not! I won't let anyone trash donuts as long as I live!
Obviously Japanese snacks look prettier and taste better than those boring things!
Japanese snacks are good too. But...that doesn't mean donuts aren't!
You think everything tastes good! You're such an airhead, Hina!
You're happy as long as you can eat, right? Kyahahaha!
Hold on, I'm not some fatty, okay!? Geez, you say some horrible things!
You became even hungrier after arguing with Hiyoko...

With Genocide Jack[]

Today is the school festival...but then you sneezed and ended up switching personalities! Looks like Miss Morose was selling her novels...But why not go somewhere else for now?
Are they doing "it" in the classrooms?
Where the hell is Master?! Where?! I've looked everywhere!
Hey, what's this!? Photo exhibit!?
Hey, you! Stay away from this classroom!
What!? You're trying to reject the murderous fiend!?
Sorry, sweetie! This is a festival for students, and I *am* a student!
No way! This is Mahiru's photo exhibit!
If someone crazy like you went in there, you'd make her photos all dirty!
Shut up, banana head! Or do you want me to peel that banana and snip snip snip!?
Sh-Shut up! I'm not a banana head! What's up with you, ugly sewage bitch!?
Oh, you're borrowing *that* old relic of an insult!? It was shit then and it's shit now!
I may be an ugly sewage bitch, but if ya look close, I'm damn gorgeous, don't ya think!?
I'd never think that! Geez, go away already!
It didn't seem like Master was there, so you decided to head to the next exhibit...

With Himiko Yumeno[]

Today is the fall school festival... Obviously, you'll perform a magic show!
It's almost time for your show to start... How will you spend the next few minutes?
Hey, you! What are you doing!?
You there! What are you doing!?
There we go!
Hey...what are you doing to my magic implements!?
Huh? Looks like you caught me!
Weeell...I just thought I'd help decorate for the delusional girl who's obsessed with magic.
Of course I'm obsessed with magic. I'm a mage, after all.
Geez, that's so lame, it gave me goosebumps. You think that crap's okay cuz you look young?
I'll use my magic to reflect that comment back at you...
Give me back my magic implement and go back to your seat.
I'll bring you lots of smiles with my magic...
Hmph...if you bore me, then I'll make you flip all your organs backwards as an apology.
You took back your magic implements from Hiyoko and had a successful show!

Your last winter at the academy... You decided to perform a magic show for Christmas! You should be well-prepared for the main event. What will you start with?
I gotta tell everyone about the show
Hm... Hiyoko.
Oh, it's the delusional girl. Outta my way...
Nyeh? It's rare to see you so down. Where'd all your sass and your smirk go?
Hey...who do you think I am?
Well...a bully, pretty much...
But whatever. If you're not feeling well...then come watch my magic show.
I don't need to watch your show...
I already invited a couple of your classmates.
Hm...everyone's got a lot of free time on their hands, I guess.
Don't you want to come see it with your friends? Aren't you sad that we're all graduating soon? My show will be a great place to make memories.
Huuuh? It's not like that. You sure are being a brat right now, Himiko.
I don't care about graduation. I just don't wanna be apart from Mahiru.
I see... So that's why you seemed down.
Then you gotta come to my show. Bring Mahiru with you.
With my magic, I'll make you guys laugh like crazy.
Um...it's a magic trick show, not stand-up comedy, right?
It's not tricks...it's magic.
I don't care if it's real magic or a magic trick. You're so lame, delusional girl.
But if you're gonna go that far, then I guess I can watch your stupid delusions on stage. If Mahiru comes, you better thank me.
...It looks like you'll have more guests now!

With Kokichi Oma[]

Today is the school festival... You walked around looking at food stands and exhibits!
You went into a haunted house that's known to be scary, but you have one comment. And that's...
I have a problem with the acting!
Go get me the person who directed the acting for this haunted house!
Whaaat, me? What's your problem?
Oh, so it was you, Hiyoko. No wonder the acting was downright dirty. That's not a complaint—I was actually pretty impressed. It was a controversial work of art. The music playing the whole time in the background especially made me shudder.
Yeah, Kazuichi made that for me. I thought if it was too scary it'd make you freeze up, so I had him tone it down.
That's true! The music was relaxing for me, but it did a number on the other scared guests!
The haunted house taught you a lot about how to be a better supreme leader of evil!

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. So where will you clean?
Perhaps I shall go to the dojo
Geez, I knew the noisy ones wouldn't come here, but now I gotta deal with the creepy one.
Kehehe... Did I interrupt your quiet break time, Hiyoko?
Hey, can you not say it like I'm slacking off? I just thought if I had to clean, I may as well clean this beautiful Japanese room.
I usually don't hang around in barbaric places like these, but this scenic view is okay.
Hm...I suppose I should have known a traditional dancer like yourself would have a delicate side.
What do you mean by that? Of course I'm delicate.
In any event, I shall leave the cleaning here to you... You may spend as much time as you like.
Eh, whatever. Now that I think about it, this place smells like sweat. It's gross.
I'll look for Mahiru and help her, so you can just clean this place by yourself.
...I almost reevaluated her, but it was a mistake to even consider it. She is not worthy.
You cleaned the dojo by yourself...

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in charge of first aid! You finish treating all the injured students. Time to check on the people resting in bed.
The person in the middle bed is faking too...
Hiyoko, it's almost time for the afternoon events. Um...I think you should go back.
I told you I don't like gross, stuffy sports festivals. I'd need to change out of my kimono.
Pig barf like you shouldn't tell me what to do. Just mindlessly do your job like a Mr. Ant.
Uhhh...I'm not pig barf...
...Hiyoko stayed in the middle bed all afternoon!

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You went to buy drinks...but you got excited and bought too many.
They're heavy... Why not take a break somewhere?
I'm going to make it all the way back
I-I finally made it back...
Huh? Mikan? You went to buy some things?
If you needed a hand, you should've just called for us!
But...this was my job...so I thought I should do my best...
Hmph...even if you're not an athlete, I'll support you. Because you're my classmate.
Nekomaru...thank you so much!
It's not just me. Everyone in our class would've gladly helped out.
Then...from now on, when I need help, I'll just ask everyone. Ehehe...
Hey, you're late pig barf! You've got guts to make me wait!
As punishment...how about you clean the whole place all by yourself? Yeah, and for tomorrow's school cleaning...how about you do that by yourself, too?
Wh-What? Why are you guys all quiet? Hey, cut it out. It's creepy.
...Everyone cleaned up after the party together!

With Toko Fukawa[]

Today is dreaded summer sports festival... You're forced into the scavenger hunt... Ugh, it can't be helped... Which card will you choose?
Th-The wind blew the left card away!
C-Come back here! I need that card! W-Wait, stop, where are you going you stupid card!?
...Huh? Hey, don't look at me, you filthy little pig!
Wh-Who are you calling a filthy pig!? Move your dirty little feet!
I-I didn't go that far... What kinda persecution complex have you got?
Move, move! You're stepping on my scavenger hunt card!
While you argued with Hiyoko, who was just passing by, you ended up in last place...


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