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This article contains information and transcripts for Himiko Yumeno's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 25 1 3 2 5 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 270 50 100 75 150 75 50


I was admitted as the Şablon:İmp... But I'm a mage...
Does this academy want to hide my power just like the Magic Castle?


Even though this academy didn't acknowledge me as a mage...I increased my magic powers here.

Friendship Events[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

With Angie Yonaga
Nyahahaha, all done praying! I can hear Atua loud and clear today, too!
Nyeeeh...how passionate.
Do you wanna pray with me, Himiko?
It will put your mind at ease.
No...I don't need that.
I see... So you still can't feel Atua's presence yet.
I will pray for you, so your mind can be cleansed and you can feel Atua's loving embrace.
If you think that way, then I won't stop you.
You are correct not to stop me. Because Atua is always correct.
Did Atua tell you to pray for me?
Huhhhh? What do you mean?
It wasn't even your choice?
Hmmmm... Atua has spoken. He says I must pray for my friend. If my friend converts, then both she and I will receive double the points.
Nyeeeh...that's a deal.
Right, right? It's divine, isn't it!?

With Akane Owari[]

With Akane Owari
Hmmm...uhhhh...where was it?
Did you need something from me?
Nah, I just thought I've seen you before.
I usually forget any weakling who looks too feeble for me...
But something's botherin' me. Hey, have we met before we came to this school?
Isn't that question usually reserved for running scams and picking up girls?
Well whatever. I gotta go prepare for my magic show.
Oh! That's it, that's it! You do all the tricks in the magic show!
It's a magic show cuz I do magic. Not tricks.
I've gone to one of your free shows before with the li'l ones.
Your kids...?
My brothers and sisters. I think I have seven or eight of 'em.
I see... One of my shows...
Um...were your brothers and sisters happy?
Oh, they were yellin' like crazy during the whole show.
The only time we get that excited is when there's food in front of us.
I see...I'm glad...
Lemme know when you do more free tricks. I'll bring the li'l ones with me.
It was a charity magic show cuz I did magic for charity. Not tricks for charity.
Okay, okay! Are you chargin' for a show today? You better eat up since you're small, squirt!
That's none of your business...

With Gundham Tanaka[]

With Gundham Tanaka
You there... I hear that you are declaring yourself a mage.
Hm. I'm the Şablon:İmp... That's something I'm proud of.
Kehehe...interesting. I never expected to find a mage like you.
Those who walk the path of magic often seclude themselves from the world to master their art...
I don't really get what you're saying, but I can't avoid being in front of people...
Cuz my magic is for giving them smiles.
Hm...our ways of thinking are incompatible. But your faith will make your magic shine...
Nyeeeh...what are you even talking about?
Well, unlike everyone else, at least you get that I'm a mage.
Hm...maybe I should show you my magic show.
Ah, so you will expose your arcane secrets to this immaterial insanity, Gundham Tanaka! What recklessness! I like it! I shall bear witness to your skills!
Yeah...I still have no idea what you're saying.

With Tenko Chabashira and Chiaki Nanami[]

With Tenko Chabashira and Chiaki Nanami
Hey...do you two mind if I join?
You're more than welcome to join us, Chiaki! That's fine, right Himiko?
Oh, thank you. Don't mind if I do then. Um...so you must be Tenko, the Şablon:İmp, and Himiko, the Şablon:İmp.
I'm a mage.
A mage... They're useful in a party, and in many RPGs, they're at the center of the formation. Thank you for your hard work.
Hm, it seems you understand my true value.
Oh, my name is Chiaki Nanami. I'm the Şablon:İmp.
Of course, I know who you are! You're the president of your class! I heard from your teachers you're wonderful at leading girls and disciplining males!
Um...I'm only doing it because I was chosen. Well, I am enjoying it though.
I think it's awesome that you're having fun leading everyone. It would be great if you could get along with us, too!
Yeah. Let's play some games together next time.
Nyeeeh...I don't wanna.
How come!? Is it cuz I'm all you need!?
I never said that.
You should totally say that!
You two really get along.
Of course! We became best friends as soon as we met!
Your memory is as bad as Monotaro's. It's kinda worrying, actually.
I-Isn't that a little harsh!? But I'm elated that you're actually worried about me!
Yeah, you two really do get along...I think.

With Hifumi Yamada[]

With Hifumi Yamada
Oh, hello Ms. Yumeno. That pointed hat suits you well.
Oh...you understand the greatness of my hat?
Hm...isn't it perfect for a mage like me?
Indeed. It lets me know your character at a glance. It's stereotypical, but still excellent. As far as magical girl hats go, though, it's not that cute...but I guess that's appealing too.
I don't really get what you're saying, but I think you're mistaken. I'm a mage. This hat is an important magical item. I can take doves out of it and stuff.
Doves, huh? You don't really see those as magical girl mascots that often... Everyone knows doves are a symbol of peace... But, they're just...not very magical girl-y.
I'm not a magical girl, I'm a mage. Though it's true that I'm cute...
How stubborn... If you're going to be a magic character, why not be a magical girl?
Cuz I'm not a magical girl. I'm just an ordinary girl who can use magic.
Umm...I dunno if you're too committed to your act or you're just being stubborn...
You're pretty pathetic, Ms. Yumeno...
I don't wanna be told that by you.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're being forced to play volleyball.
According to the rules, you can't use magic... What in the world will you do?
I guess I'll try my best...
If you stay still...you never know when a ball's gonna come flying at your face.
That's the spirit! Why don't you use your magic to throw balls as fast as cannons!?
That's against the rules.
So you wanna follow the rules!
You did your best while being careful not to get hit by the ball.
I'll leave it to my friends
Since you're on our team, I'll be relying on you, Kirumi.
Understood. A maid's true desire is to be relied on. Your team will surely be victorious. However, you will need to work as a team for volleyball, Himiko. I cannot do it myself... I can complete this request in terms that I support you.
When I seal away my magic, I'm just a cute ordinary girl. Like right now, y'know?
And plus, I'm small. A volleyball...
There is no need to worry. I will definitely find a way for your team to be victorious.
Nyeeeh...got it. I'll leave it to you, Kirumi. You always complete requests people give you.
...You did your best with Kirumi's support!
Is there a non-human on the other team?
Huh? Are you talking about me?
Who else would I be talking about? I never thought I'd go against someone smaller than me.
Do you...fly with those wings? Do you drop spiky things down below?
Hehe, maybe... I am Magical Girl Miracle ★ Usami, y'know!
Buuuuut that's against the rules...
Um, Himiko?
Magical...? Did you just say "magical"?
I never thought I'd be fighting another mage here...
P-Please calm down, I'll play volleyball normally...
...You did your best while keeping a close eye on your new rival, Usami!

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... Obviously, you'll perform a magic show!
It's almost time for your show to start... How will you spend the next few minutes?
I-I'm not nervous...but I'll take a deep breath
Breathe in...breathe out... W-Wait...did I just breathe in or out right now?
Oh wow, you're too nervous right now, Himiko.
Don't worry, handsome Atua is always watching over you.
Angie...you'll watch me too, right?
Hm? Me?
You took the time to help me set up, so... I'd rather have you watch me than Atua.
Why, I'll be by your side in the audience, watching your show from start to finish!
Yeah...you'll be by my side. Hm...that's reassuring. I'm starting to calm down.
Nyahahahaha, you're still trembling!
...You never did stop shaking, but you were able to find the courage to stand on stage!
Hey, you! What are you doing!?
You there! What are you doing!?
There we go!
Hey...what are you doing to my magic implements!?
Huh? Looks like you caught me!
Weeell...I just thought I'd help decorate for the delusional girl who's obsessed with magic.
Of course I'm obsessed with magic. I'm a mage, after all.
Geez, that's so lame, it gave me goosebumps. You think that crap's okay cuz you look young?
I'll use my magic to reflect that comment back at you...
Give me back my magic implement and go back to your seat.
I'll bring you lots of smiles with my magic...
Hmph...if you bore me, then I'll make you flip all your organs backwards as an apology.
You took back your magic implements from Hiyoko and had a successful show!
Maybe I'll peek at the guests...
I'll just peek a little... Slowly...
Ta-daaah! You called and I came!
Were you surprised? Did I scare ya?
L-Like I'd be surprised by that... I'm a mage. I can teleport too, you know?
I-I won't be surprised by someone else doing something so basic.
Is that so!? You're shaking like a baby fawn! Or, are you shaking from bein' too nervous! You're gonna put on a show, right, ya little Houdini!? What do you got planned for us!?
I might be able to outdo you if you're planning on cutting a body! Kyeehahahaha!
When *you* say something like that, it isn't a joke!
I kill by cutting, but my jokes don't make cut!
Oh, that was a joke! By the way, I'm very picky about the way I kill.
Geez...why are you even back here? I won't let you peek backstage. If you wanna see the show, you gotta go sit in the audience.
Oh, boring. I couldn't find Master anywhere and he's not even here?
I might as well watch the show while I'm here! Show me your best cutting skills!
I'm gonna show the whole audience, not just you...
Talking to Genocide Jack made you extremely tired...but at least you're not nervous anymore.


Your last winter at the academy... You decided to perform a magic show for Christmas! You should be well-prepared for the main event. What will you start with?
I'll start preparing in the gym
Himiko, how's the stage looking? Is it alright?
Hm, it's fine.
Himiko, how are the preparations for your magic going? Anything I can help you with?
No, not really. Only a mage can prepare for a magic show.
Himiko, are you nervous? Is there any way I can cheer you up?
Nyeeeh, that's my line! Why are you more nervous than me!?
H-How can you tell!? I'm just so happy that I get to help you!
If you wanna help me, then calm down! To use big spells like this, I gotta focus!
I-I'm sorry! I won't get in the way of your big spells!
Ughhh, I made you mad... But I'm a little happy...
You're showing me way more expressions than you did in the beginning!
And you're only like this...to me!
No, I'm like this to others, too.
Gaaaahhh!!! You could've said it was just me!
Geez...you're always so weird.
Himiko, you smiled... Or more like...I made you smile just now.
O-Oh god... Your smile was too cute!
What? Don't overexaggerate just because I smiled a little. I can't always be serious.
I'm still happy. Please show me your smile from now on. I'd be pleased with any other emotion, too.
I know. I'll be sure to show you, so...let's get back to preparing, Tenko.
...You worked together to prepare for your magic show!
I can't use magic if I'm hungry
Oh, Hermeko, right? Are you eatin'?
It's Himiko. It's almost graduation and you still can't remember my name?
Geez...don't tell me you forgot about my show, too.
My bad...Himiko, right? So, Himiko...what show are you talkin' about?
So you did forget! I told you I was gonna do a Christmas magic show!
Ohhh yeah, that's right. Your magic trick show, huh?
It's a magic show! Cuz I do magic!
Don't tell me...you forgot to invite your siblings, too.
Huh? Did I call 'em...? Well, they should be comin', so I gotta go get 'em soon.
S-So you did remember... What a relief.
Alright...just you watch. I'm gonna give your siblings the best Christmas present.
Hey is your show gonna have meat and cake?
Nyeeeh!? What do you think goes on at magic shows!?
Y'know, Akane...people can't survive with just food alone. Being able to smile from the bottom of your heart...will give you the will to live.
Hmmm, you sure...? Food's all I need.
You'll understand it one day. Just watch my show...and keep your eyes peeled.
Huh? If I peel my eyes, then I can't see nothin'.
Whatever! Just watch! I'll make you smile! You'll see!
...Your motivation for the show went up!
I gotta tell everyone about the show
Hm... Hiyoko.
Oh, it's the delusional girl. Outta my way...
Nyeh? It's rare to see you so down. Where'd all your sass and your smirk go?
Hey...who do you think I am?
Well...a bully, pretty much...
But whatever. If you're not feeling well...then come watch my magic show.
I don't need to watch your show...
I already invited a couple of your classmates.
Hm...everyone's got a lot of free time on their hands, I guess.
Don't you want to come see it with your friends? Aren't you sad that we're all graduating soon? My show will be a great place to make memories.
Huuuh? It's not like that. You sure are being a brat right now, Himiko.
I don't care about graduation. I just don't wanna be apart from Mahiru.
I see... So that's why you seemed down.
Then you gotta come to my show. Bring Mahiru with you.
With my magic, I'll make you guys laugh like crazy.
Um...it's a magic trick show, not stand-up comedy, right?
It's not tricks...it's magic.
I don't care if it's real magic or a magic trick. You're so lame, delusional girl.
But if you're gonna go that far, then I guess I can watch your stupid delusions on stage. If Mahiru comes, you better thank me.
...It looks like you'll have more guests now!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

Your last winter at the academy... Himiko is going to perform a Christmas magic show! After working since yesterday to make the set, it's nearly showtime... What will you do?
Himikooo, Atua told me to check on you.
Himiko, it's nearly showtime.
U-Uh... This is it. The final show of the year.
Hm? So, you're nervous.
Atua will help relax you.
You should listen to His voice.
N-No... I'm fine. I've got nerves of steel...
And it's not my first time doing a show here.
I see, I see. You've come a long way, Himiko. I suppose this is good progress on your part.
Yeah, it's fine. You probably can't feel Atua's embrace yet the way you are now, but... I will still pray for you, Himiko! Nyahahaha!
Um...thank you.
Hm? Do you finally acknowledge the greatness of Atua?
No, I'm grateful to you. I don't get Atua. I don't know why it is you worship him all the time. But you're thinking about me is real... That's what I decided.
In order to repay you... I'll make today's show a success!
Hmmm...I see.
It seems Himiko is just fine, after all. I'm so relieved.
...You watched Himiko put on a successful show for the audience!

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

Today is the the summer sports festival! You planned to do your best in the three-legged race... ...but Monokuma barged in and started his 1,000 Blows! What will you do?
I can't run with so many balls flying around...
Th-That Monokuma... I wanna take a baseball bat and give his face a grand slam...
And if I've got enough MP left after that, I'll saw him in half and not put him back together.
Chihiro, Himiko... Hide behind Gonta.
But then, you'll get hurt...
Gonta is gentleman, so Gonta use his big strong body to protect everyone!
Gonta, you're so strong... Thank you.
You managed to get away, while Gonta shielded you...

Today is the school festival... You held an AI session, so people can talk to Alter Ego! A lot of people came... Why don't you ask for their opinion?
Miss Mage, what do you think...?
Hm...this artificial intelligence you made can talk like a living human.
Not bad for science. It's not as good as magic, though.
I see...I'm glad this wasn't boring.
But...how come the alter ego looks so much like you?
Um...I thought if I did that, it would be easier to understand what an alter ego is.
By inputting memories and other info, you can recreate an existing person with an AI.
Wh-What good will that do? It's not funny for there to be another me in the screen.
Hm...there are many things you can do. For example, you can recreate the personality of a lost loved one...to help remember that person.
Nyeeeh...I see. That's probably something that would make people smile.
They say that advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic...
But magic is more amazing...don't forget that.
Hehe, okay... Show me your magic some time.
You talked about programming and magic with Himiko!

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

Today is the sports festival... Your card for the scavenger hunt says, "Şablon:İmp"! The one you like the most is always inside you, so going to the goal alone would be correct... But explaining that seems problematic. How will you deal with this?
Perhaps I will exchange my card
Hmm...this should solve the problem.
Kiyo...I saw you switch your card with the one I was gonna draw...
That's cheating. That card's mine, give it back.
It wasn't me that switched them. They were switched by the power of your magic.
M-My magic? Did you say it was my magic?
indeed. Because of that, you cannot return them to the way they were before...yes?
Hm...well, if it was my magic that did it, then that's that.
...You managed to pull of the switch!

With Kyoko Kirigiri[]

Today is the fall school festival... Should you work or check out everyone else's exhibits? What will you do?
I heard there are shows in the gym
It's magic... It's magic, it's magic, it's magic!
Ah geez, like, shuddap already!
Is there some kind of trouble here? Although, I'm sure I can guess what's happening.
Oh, Kyoko, you came at a good time. Himiko was about to perform some magic tricks, but...
I was gonna do have a magic show filled with magic! Not tricks!
She's been acting like this... When I asked about her magic tricks, she got all stubborn and kept saying it was real magic.
You're the one that's being stubborn! How many times do I have to tell you I'm a mage!?
Cuz like, no way magic exists, right? Kyoko, say something.
Kyoko! Will you watch my magic show?
Hm...if you say magic is real, then Junko will have to believe it.
Ah, now you've done it. Don't you know? Kyoko can definitely figure out all the gimmicks to your magic tricks.
No...there's no gimmicks or tricks in my magic! Kyoko will tell you!
You heard her, Kyoko. Make Himiko realize that all her magic tricks are just gimmicks.
Alright...watch and be amazed by magic, you two.
I never actually said I would watch the show yet...oh, she's gone.
You thought about what to say to Himiko and Junko, while you enjoyed the magic show!

With Makoto Naegi[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the scavenger hunt! The card you pulled is...
Şablon:İmp!? There aren't many people that fit that description...
She's wearing a tall hat, but she's short...
Himiko? Could you come with me please?
Nyeeeh...that's a pain.
Bear with me... Please, Himiko?
If you want me to move, you gotta persuade me with magic...
Magic? I can't do magic!
Himiko wouldn't budge...

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Your part is over, so now you can cheer for the Ultimates! Which event will you go watch?
The girls are playing volleyball
You...what are you doing here?
I just came here to cheer... Am I in the way?
Nyeeeh...if it's just cheering, then whatever. But don't say weird stuff to mess us up.
I promise I won't say anything weird... I just wanted to see your magic.
Hm...so you understand. Normally, I'd tell you to watch my magic closely. But since it's against the rules to use magic in volleyball...I can't show you my magic today.
You cheered for a fired up Himiko and the others!

With Sakura Ogami[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it. With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
Maybe I'll go to the gym
Nyeh? Sakura...are you trying to train here?
Sorry, but...I've got the gym reserved till tomorrow. I'm gonna have a Christmas magic show tomorrow.
I see... Christmas will be here soon.
Did you forget? Well, I guess you don't seem like you'd be interested in stuff like that.
Hm...then you should come to my show. Athletic people like you don't try to figure out my magic, so you'll have a great time.
I must admit, I have never attended a magician's performance before. Then I will watch and support a fellow student.
Hm! Look forward to it!
Oh, but...um...it's hard to say this, but...
What is it?
R-Really? Then, I want you to remember... I'm not a magician, I'm a mage.
I-It's not like I'm saying you're wrong!
But...I'm a mage! I can't let that slide!
Calm down, it's alright. I did not mean to contradict you. Presenting yourself as a mage is necessary so that you may bring smiles to your audience.
S-So you understand. Then it's okay.
Whew...I was about to wet myself a little.
You promised to go see Himiko's show!

With Shuichi Saihara[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is the closing ceremony, and you're up early... Thinking about only having a short time left at this academy makes you sad...
And from that comes restlessness. What will you do?
It's early, I'll go to the classroom
Oh, it's you, Shuichi.
Good morning. You two are up early.
You're here early yourself.
Yeah...I just woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep.
I understand. When I wake up early cuz I gotta go pee, it's hard to get back to sleep.
After today's closing ceremony ends...it won't be long till we graduate.
You never thought about it...?
Ah, well...a little.
We make for a pretty unusual group. It's usually Kaito or Kaede here...
I can't have talks like this with the loud idiot. But for all of us to be here right now... That's going to be hard to come by in the future.
Why are you all sad? That's not like you.
Maki...I don't really know how to say it, but it's not as if we'll never see each other again.
I know. Even though I know that...it probably won't go that way...
Ugh, don't make that face! It's not like we're graduating today!
Besides, we can still see each other after we graduate! I'll invite you all to my magic show! My magic can still improve. The next time I show it to you, it'll be even more amazing! See? Why don't you guys try to think of the future in a more fun way? Look forward to it!
Look forward...to the future?
Himiko's right. There are a lot of things we can do from here.
Hey...Kaede played a performance at Maki's orphanage, right?
Why not have Himiko do a show at the orphanage too?
A show for orphans, huh? Yeah, that's a good idea.
I might even get an apprentice. How about it, Maki?
...I can't imagine you as a master. I think you're moving too fast.
Hrmm...so that's how it is...
Well...that kind of future might be possible.
Yeah! Let's plan on it.
The three of you discussed the future...

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to be the chef at a shop! Do your best!
A new customer has come to visit... How do you greet them?
Greetings mademoiselle...this is on the house
Nyeeeh... Hm...
Hmm...she's more relaxed than ever.
Here you are. The chef's special soup.
Nyeh? I didn't order anything.
Didn't I tell you it was on the house? Your face was saying you're all shaken up, Himiko. When you're nervous, a bowl of soup is the best medicine.
Nervous? Well, I will be performing a magic show pretty soon...
But I'm a pro at magic, so I'm not nervous, But I'll still take the soup...
Well, that's fine, so...how does it taste?
Hm, it's good. Your customer service isn't bad, Teruteru.
Hmhmhm... Only a true chef is able to meet his customer's needs before they ask!
...Himiko seemed very happy!


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