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This article contains information and transcripts for Hifumi Yamada's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 2 2 2 4 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 175 75 75 75 125 125 100


As the Şablon:İmp, I don't think I'll find many kindred spirits here!
But educating the commoners is part of my duty!


My book has gotten thicker, my power has leveled up! Now, my legend begins!

Friendship Events[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter) and Mikan Tsumiki[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter) and Mikan Tsumiki
Um...thank you very much for waiting! Should I take off my clothes for being late!?
There's no need for that. Can you take a look at him?
Oh no, Hifumi, what happened? You look so pale!
I'm not sick or anything... It's just crunch time and I've been pulling all-nighters...
It sounds like he's had only snacks and soda for some time.
He's able to eat a magnificent amount, but such a diet will be the end of him. If this is truly an important battle... There are meals far better suited for it.
Even if you think you're fine, your immune system and organs may be weakening... It may affect the quality of your sleep and how your brain functions.
Even so... I've gotta meet my deadline! There's no way I could miss my release date!
There's no way I'd be in a slump... Guh...there's no way...
D-Don't overwork yourself! If you continue on like this, the doctor will have to stop you!
Indeed. If you collapse from overworking yourself, then it will all be for naught.
First, get yourself back in good health... For your readers' sake, as well as your own.
In order for your brain to function properly, you need lots of sleep and nutrition. Um...and you definitely need your brain in good shape to draw good fanfic comics, right?
Grn... Grrrrnnhh...
It's no use. My head's empty... I can't even think of a good protest.
You win. I'll go to sleep on time tonight and I'll eat a proper meal in the dining hall.
Please do it every day from now on...
But wow...the two of you were so in sync, it was like being lectured by a single person.
I've had Mikan help one of our friends who was in a similar situation as you.
*sigh* I guess there are a lot of people out there who force themselves...
Do all artists have that kind of problem?

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

With Chihiro Fujisaki
Pah! Post-writing cola really is the best! It's like I live for this one can!
You look like you're having fun, Hifumi... Did something good happen?
Excellent question! The new release I'm taking to Comiket...er, in other words, my new fanfic comic...
I finished the manuscript for it early this morning! I'm really proud of how it turned out!
Is that so...? Congratulations. Did you get any sleep? It looks like you worked hard.
W-Well, I didn't work that hard... Except I totally did. And of course I'd work hard on it! A great number of my loyal fans eagerly await it!
Hifumi... You make so many people happy with your comics.
Make people happy...
Hmm? Is something the matter? If you're going through a tough time, I can recommend some anime songs to cheer you up.
Hey, Hifumi... Um... Would you be happy if you could talk to people inside the screen?
M-Ms. Fujisaki? I never expected to hear something like that from someone like you! I-I mean, of course that would make me happy. It's an otaku's dream to talk with 2D... I've often thought that my monitor was in the way or wished I could jump into the TV.
Um... So monitors just get in the way?
Ah... Well, what I'm working on might make it so you don't even need to look at a monitor.
Huh? You want me to not look at the screen, even though my bride is right there? Why? S-Sorry, Ms. Fujisaki. I don't really see where you're going with this...
O-Oh, sorry...I didn't explain enough. Um, what I wanted to say is... I'm making an AI program that can be installed in computers and cell phones to help users.
So the reason why I said you might not even need to look at a monitor is because... ...my AI will make it so that users will be able to use devices with just their voice.
I-I see... So that's it. That certainly is a conversation with someone in the screen.
Yes, it thinks and speaks like a person, too. You can think of it as your partner. It wouldn't just help with work and life, but it'd be fun to talk to an AI with emotions...
We haven't reached that stage yet, but I hope one day, it'll become available to people.
Like the AI characters you see in sci-fl? They're always popular and appealing.
Well, it's hard to say without seeing it for myself, but it seems like people would enjoy it.
...Oh, yes. Thank you.
I'm going to work hard to create something that can make people happy...
And when I do complete it, I want you to try talking to it.
Mhm... Well then, I will look forward to that day.

With Himiko Yumeno[]

With Himiko Yumeno
Oh, hello Ms. Yumeno. That pointed hat suits you well.
Oh...you understand the greatness of my hat?
Hm...isn't it perfect for a mage like me?
Indeed. It lets me know your character at a glance. It's stereotypical, but still excellent. As far as magical girl hats go, though, it's not that cute...but I guess that's appealing too.
I don't really get what you're saying, but I think you're mistaken. I'm a mage.
This hat is an important magical item. I can take doves out of it and stuff.
Doves, huh? You don't really see those as magical girl mascots that often... Everyone knows doves are a symbol of peace... But, they're just...not very magical girl-y.
I'm not a magical girl, I'm a mage. Though it's true that I'm cute...
How stubborn... If you're going to be a magic character, why not be a magical girl?
Cuz I'm not a magical girl. I'm just an ordinary girl who can use magic.
Umm...I dunno if you're too committed to your act or you're just being stubborn...
You're pretty pathetic, Ms. Yumeno...
I don't wanna be told that by you.

With Gundham Tanaka and K1-B0[]

With Gundham Tanaka and K1-B0
My my...to encounter the Şablon:İmp in such a place... For someone with as much power as you to be among common humans... What are you plotting?
Kehehe... To accuse me of such a thing... Is your understanding truly that shallow... How could you—Şablon:İmp—not understand?
This dining hall that wears the mask of the mundane is where Şablon:İmp work their dark arts!
Wh-What? "They"? What on earth are you talking about?
Huh? He doesn't understand? Even though he's the closest to the realm of 2D of all of us!?
A soulless vessel is easily filled with hatred. Wards are needed for the electric spirit...
Hmhm...I thought he was a lost cause, but now the sealed cyber beast bares its fangs at us.
...Wait a minute! You're giving me a backstory without my permission, aren't you!?
Without permission, you say? That is simply not true... I hear it... The voice of the electronic beast that slumbers within that steel vessel!
... This version of me...sounds awesome, actually. Do I have hidden functions and a rough past?
Oh-ho! You wish to know? Do you want to hear the backstory of the strongest robot?
Hm... You may hold the reins of your power only after you've faced yourself... You are a powerful foe, but defeating you now would be boring. I will awaken your true self.
What? Am I a villain in this backstory?
The three of you spent some time workshopping Keebo's backstory...

With Tsumugi Shirogane[]

With Tsumugi Shirogane
Hmhmhm... At last, the two most powerful Ultimates have gathered together.
At last...? We've plainly been in the same place a bunch of times. I've seen you at a number of cons before. Your booth's always next to the wall and there's always a long line, so you're easy to find.
Oh? Ms. Shirogane...you go to fanfic conventions too?
Well, I sometimes cosplay at my friends' booths to help them sell their fanfics.
Hmhmhmhm, I see, I see. Then this conversation will go quicker than I thought.
Ah...I get it. Next, you're going to say, "Please be the cosplay sales girl at my booth."
"Please be the cosplay sales girl at my booth." ...gwah!
Well now that we've done that classic gag, what do you think? We work well together, huh?
Bwehehe... Combining your fanbase and mine would be huge, Ms. Shirogane...
The Ultimate Fanfic Creator and the Ultimate Cosplayer would certainly be a powerful combo.
Mhm, it'd be a Big Bang Impact!
Sorry, though. I'll have to decline.
Wh-Why...? You should've at least said the "But I refuse" line there.
You mentioned my fanbase there, right?
I feel like...two Ultimates together would stand out too much. People would say it's a stunt.
Well, I mean...there are some cosplayers who do stuff like that, y'know?
Yes, but...the most important thing for a cosplayer is to dress as characters you love.
That's exactly right! Even in fanfic, we treat our source material with love!
Right!? Even though fanfic creators and cosplayers are different, we agree on that!
Well said! Though our jobs are different, we're meant to stand side-by-side after all! So you'll be the cosplay sales girl at my booth after all, right Ms. Shirogane!?
Oh, I'm going to have to decline.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You want to finish your manuscript ASAP!
You have to do the three-legged race... Who should you ask to be your partner?
So, Yasuhiro Hagakure...
We have to do this together! Don't slow me down!
I don't even have to use my fortune telling to know we don't have much of a chance...
It'll work out! Don't worry about the quickness of our feet, but rather the syncing of our breath! We need to move in sync, like telepathy! Like we're piloting a Jaeger!
But then, both of our legs might give out! Why did I make that reference!?
...I don't know what you're talkin' about, but I was worried about tying our legs together.
Well, whatever! Let's try...
You didn't tie your legs together well enough, and the string came off during the race...
I don't care if he is yakuza!
Mr. Kuzuryu! You are my rival!
...You got some balls starin' me down like that.
I dunno why you'd pick a fight with me... But I'll take you on, fatass.
You don't remember? Don't play dumb, I've already done my research!
You have a younger sister that loves you dearly, Mr. Kuzuryu!
Huh? Why are you bringing her up now!? The way you're talking is creepin' me the fuck out!
Ha! Having real sisters is nothing compared to 2D sisters!
I was merely pointing out that you remind me of a light novel protagonist!
The kind that always wins! You have to believe me!
I-I've got no clue what the hell you're saying...but it sounds like you wanna die!
You and Fuyuhiko both worked up a fighting spirit and ran with all your might!
A mechanic... We might get along...
Mechanics are just machine otaku! We are one in the same!
The otaku sanctuary of Akihabara was originally an electric city, after all!
Oh, you get it. Yeah, working with tools is pretty relaxing.
Hehe, that makes me kinda happy. Guys like you are usually scared off by my looks.
Anthropomorphized machines are a big deal right now! You could help me with my work!
Though I find it questionable to go around anthropomorphizing anything and everything.
...I take it back. I think we can't understand each other after all.
Maybe you don't understand each other, but you put on a good race!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to sell your original works, of course!
Someone's here already! What do you do?
Oooh, interested in 2D as well?
Mr. Hanamura! I thought you specialized in the 3D world. Have you opened your heart to 2D?
Hmm, the thought of being escorted into the world of erotic 2D by you is exciting, Hifumi...
But I'm not here for that. I brought you something.
Something? For me?
I see you eating snacks and drinking Coke all the time...
I'm sure you're tired from pulling all nighters working, so I made you easy-to-digest foods.
Wh-What are you, my wife!?
Hmm? Not into Boys' Love? Well that's certainly surprising.
Why would you think I would be!?
You were taken off guard by Teruteru, but you had to admit the food was great.
I don't think you'll find what you want here...
Yooo, Hifuminnie. I'm here to play.
I really wish you weren't.
I came cuz I heard you had fanfic comics, but there's no BL! Where are all the adorable boys!?
Why would you think I'd be carrying something like that!?
Well, I specialize in adorable boys and whatever you specialize in, I own. Therefore, you must be able to draw the type of adorable boys I prefer!
You can't force me to!
Genocide Jack browsed for a bit, muttering the occasional complaint...
If you're here to tease, I must ask you to leave!
It's rude to say that to anyone! Especially a smokin' hot beauty like me!
Well, are you actually interested in my work?
Ah, I figured I'd come see your erotic fantasies in print and have myself a good fuckin' laugh!
So you *did* come to ridicule me! Did you assume I produced garbage work!?
Huh? Isn't your fanfiction just porn that you wrote and drew yourself?
I get it; you make your own wank material cuz you'll never ever touch a body like mine!
Oooh, you think I'm some kind of smut writer! I will not tolerate such an insult!
Ten-hut! I will now preach the virtues of 2D!
Heeeeeee!? D-Don't raise your voice all of a sudden... You scared me...
You drilled the basic knowledge of fanfiction into Miu's head!


Your last winter at the academy... You finished your work—it's Christmas Eve!
But the convention in a few days is much more important! You don't feel good though...
I'll go home and prepare for the grail war
Hifumi...you look a little pale. Are you losing sleep working on your manuscript?
Ah, Ms. Shirogane! You are correct, nothing gets past you.
There are plenty of cosplayers who stay up all night working on their outfits before a con. It's cliche advice, but make sure you eat and sleep enough so you can make it to the end.
I appreciate your advice, my 2D-loving comrade! I am planning on sleeping early!
Of course...after a good rest, I plan on starting my next project...
Already!? Isn't that too ambitious!?
I don't have a lot of time! Over the past three years, my idea book has gotten thick.
And I am planning on creating more completely original works!
Oh my, an original work? That's amazing! Let me read it when it's done.
Of course! I'm planning on creating a futuristic anime, movie, and game!
You will probably want to cosplay it... I'll be sure to lend you the material!
What confidence. It'll be exciting to experience the moment a new fictional world is born. It sounds so impressive... I'll be looking forward to it.
You parted ways with Tsumugi after discussing your ideas for your own work!
I'll go to the nurse's office
Huh? You don't look so well, Hifumi. What's the matter? Are you tired?
Yes, I took an arrow in the knee just before the battle. I need some rest.
And what about you, Ms. Yonaga? You appear to be fine...
I'm just here because I need blood.
Blood...? A-Are you anemic?
No one is willing to make a blood offering, so I thought I might find some here.
I-I-I think they have b-blood for transfusions here...?
Yeah? Maybe I'll ask Mikan if she'll share some with me...
Or...do you want to be a sacrifice, Hifumi? Atua will praise you if you do.
Oh no, 2D is my god! Farewell!
You decided the nurse's office isn't the best place to rest and went to the dorms...
I'll recharge in the dining hall
Ah, Coke is so good! A Coke after finishing your work is even better!
Your meal to store fat for your next battle had better not just be Coke and chips.
I would never jeopardize going to this convention! Especially after publishing my work!
Coke runs through my veins... I will never get tired of soda.
I'm not trying to limit on what you eat and drink. The opposite, in fact. You need variety. The only things you can believe in are fats and sugars... Eat well and face your challenges.
Of course! Before a battle, I always pump my HP and MP to full and make a save!
I will show you how I achieve victory! And when this battle is over, I will gain an age.
Huh? It'll be your birthday?
I was born on New Year's Eve. A proper day for a victory celebration!
I see... You should cherish the day you were born.
You made a toast with Byakuya! With Coke, of course!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to participate in the scavenger hunt! There are three cards in front of you... Which one is Atua telling you to pick?
You may rely on the right card
Hmm... Şablon:İmp huh? Nyahaha! How easy-peasy!
Hey, Hifumi! Come here!
Oooh, me?
So you require a man of intellect? No one outmatches an otaku in wit!
Um... The card said to bring someone with a huge body, and Atua said you'd be perfect.
Oh. I see. Well, perhaps Mr. Gokuhara or Mr. Owada would be better suited...
Nah, let's just go. If we keep wasting time...you'll be punished for two generations.
I shall go immediately!!!
You ran through the goal with Hifumi as he huffed and puffed and wheezed!

With Byakuya Togami[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas, but you're not interested!
You're not here to celebrate, you just want to sit and have a coffee.
I'll sit at this open table
Yo, Byakuya! Is that seat open?
Oh hey, let me sit, too!
There are plenty of other open seats, why don't you sit *anywhere* else.
Hey, don't say that! How about I lower my price for fortune telling for you?
And I can give you my autograph! In a few years it will be worth a lot!
You certainly have a lot of free time. But I suppose that's the case for the dull.
What are you talking about, Mr. Togami!? I'm super busy at the end of the year!
Us fanfic creators... No, all otaku are preparing a crusade!
I'm usually more busy at the start of the year. A lot of people want their fortunes then. So right now, I'm...y'know, saving up my energy.
And I will be busy deleting all of the anime I've recorded to make room for the next season.
You don't sound very busy. But I'm so glad you seem happy.
Oh, so you can tell, Byakuya? My fortune today *was* really good!
...I was being sarcastic. Now go away.
Man, come on! Admit it, we've grown on you a little bit!
It's true! When you first came to this academy, you were cold and heartless...
You gave off the aura of a man who would kill you for getting near them!
That's how you used to be, but look at you now! You've come a long way!
Don't you dare make assumptions about me...
You had...quite the noisy time...

With Celestia Ludenberg[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
That being said, you don't really feel anything. Let's spend our time drinking tea as always! Almost all of the seats in the dining hall are taken... Who will you ask to sit with?
Hifumi, I am going to sit in front of you
Hifumi. I haven't seen you in a while.
I do get busy at the end of the year... There's much bloodshed before the holy battle!
Don't tell me...you miss the milk tea that I used to make for you?
Never fear! I shall prepare you some right away!
Not particularly. In your absence, Kirumi makes my tea for me.
And to be honest, I enjoy her tea more than yours.
I will however allow you to have some time to improve your recipe.
Is it unfortunate, is it not? That you no longer pour my tea?
N-No, I was just a little...stunned is all. No big deal!
...It is unfortunate, is it not?
Well..okay, I am a *little* upset about it...
As I thought. Well, I cannot *always* rely on Kirumi. She does often get busy.
I suppose I will allow you to pour my tea for me, Hifumi.
Ahhh, nothing I can do.
So, royal milk tea, I expect?
You forced Hifumi to prepare your tea!

With Chiaki Nanami[]

Today is the school festival... Your exhibit is an arcade where everyone can play together! You have a visitor right away... What kind of game will you invite them to play?
...Want to play a sports game?
Fine by me. I've always wanted to duel you, Ms. Nanami!
Oh, you seem confident. You probably play a lot of different genres, Hifumi.
Of course! But this must be a contest worthy of Chiaki Nanami, the Gaming Queen! We have sports, martial arts, quizzes, and puzzles at our disposal. A best of seven?
Or is that too much for a gamer like you, Ms. Nanami? How rude of me!
So...you want to have a lot of different events, right? Alright, let's do it.
...You won against Hifumi in many different genres of games!

With Kaito Momota[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Show 'em what you got in the three-legged race!
Maybe you should talk to someone before the race. But who?
Those guys way over there
Hey, Hiro. I can spot that hair of yours from across the field. Isn't it hard to run with?
Honestly...when I run, it shakes back and forth and gets in the way.
You think that's bad... My whole body shakes back and forth when I try to run!
Hahaha, that is pretty bad! I can tell just by looking at you! Just thinking about it is making me laugh. Was that your strategy the whole time!?
...You have to run while trying to hold back your laughter!

Your last winter at the academy... There are only a few days left in the year.
The stars are especially pretty tonight... What will you do?
There's leftovers in the dining hall
Oh, Hifumi. If you're here eating, does that mean you finished your, uh...
My fanfic? Of course! I've already submitted three new ones for the end of the year!
Hmm...I dunno how to draw manga, but I guess three of them's pretty amazing.
Well, yeah. The crunch time for them was difficult for even my golden hand... But as you can see, I overcame it and triumphed! I've raised the bar for fanfic yet again!
In other words, you wanted to show your manliness, huh? Good for you!
It's not that...but it totally is! You can go ahead and praise me even more!
Alright! Then next you can make a manga about me, Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
Hu? A manga about you, Mr. Momota?
It's gonna be a legendary manga! If you make it about me, it's gonna be a global hit! Cuz it's gonna be filled with manga-style adventure before it even gets to the space part!
*sigh* What kinda life have you led?
Well, that aside, if I'm gonna make it...
It'll definitely be a global hit! You've got a good eye for talent, Mr. Momota!
Of course! I'm a hero with many sidekicks! So with that in mind, you better have an open schedule after I get back from space! The only person I trust to make a manga of me is someone with just as much passion!
I feel like I'm being forced into this... But I guess you're just excited.
Usually my my works are about the fairer sex, but...it might be nice to make something manly.
...You made a promise to have him write your biography!

With Kirumi Tojo[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. You will be especially busy today. Where will you start first?
After I clean the dining hall, I will bake
What is the matter, Hifumi? If you are not feeling well, shall I call Mikan?
No, you don't have to worry about me... I'm just out of energy.
Are you famished? I have already planned on making rice balls. Which falvor do you prefer?
That's amazing, Ms. Tojo! You're like a godess! Salmon flavor, please!
Understood. Please wait a moment. I shall pour some hot tea, as well.
Oooooh! Your motherly kindness is sinking into my crunch-time-battered body!
Please do not describe me as motherly...
How rude! If anything, you're more like my editor! The reason my manuscript was completed so perfectly this time was due to your advice!
To tell you the truth...I might already be useless without you. So I'd like you to ink my sketches and get me material, a title, and a draft for my next work.
Since I'm in a major circle...I should be able to afford to hire on at least one person.
If you wish to request this, then I will accept, however...are you truly fine with that?
Huh? Fine with what?
You are drawing what you love most, are you not? Then do not give everything to a stranger. You should draw it with your own hands. I am happy you are relying on me, however I wish to help you in the long run.
M-Ms. Tojo...
You're exactly right. I've gotten overdependent. How could I have forgotten...? The only one who can properly express my feelings towards Princess Piggles is me!
HWAAAH! Ideas are bubbling up inside my head! I need to repent and get back to drawing!
If you wish to do it, then I will help you. I will clean, so please return to your manuscript.
You sent Hifumi on his way, and cleaned the dining hall to sparkling perfection!

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

Today is the school festival... You are running the haunted house. A guest approaches...
So you enjoy such entertainment?
Well, I don't write horror manga, but I figured I'd learn something by shaking my emotions up.
And I knew if you had a part in this haunted house, Mr. Shinguji, it'd be the real deal!
I see. You are researching expression. I expect no less from the Şablon:İmp. I believe we will meet your expectations. I was involved with the design of the set... I had them create an authentic experience based on ghost tales passed down in many regions.
Mhm, and it looks like there's some good visual elements too. They're important for immersion!
I believe the atmosphere is perfect for inducing fear. But there are no real ghosts...probably.
Of course there won't be. Well then, it's time...
Hifumi advances into the dungeon!
...After a while, you heard Hifumi's shrill screams coming from inside.

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to participate in table tennis.
Even though it isn't tennis, holding the paddle brings back memories... What will you do?
I'll just let my opponent win
Everyone else is doing their best, so I thought I could give you the win, but...
It can't be... After I spent all night reading that famous table tennis manga...I lost.
I think "It can't be..." is my line. Even when I try to throw the match, I win...
...You tried to let your opponent win, but you ended up winning anyway!

With Sonia Nevermind[]

Today is the school festival you've been waiting for! You're going to see and do everything! But where will you go first?
Is this...Japanese manga culture?
Huh? If it isn't Ms. Nevermind! I should have known that you'd have a good eye!
Um, so your job is to sell manga that you have drawn. Is that correct, Hifumi?
No no no! I do *sell* my masterpieces here, but it is not merely my *job*!
I apologize, but it seems that you are not ready for my talent...
Oh my... It seems I have not studied enough. My apologies.
I have some knowledge of trendy drama shows, but when it comes to manga, I am a greenhorn. If you would, can you teach me about it? Please show me the gropes.
*gasp*! Princess!? Whatever do you mean!? I-I never imagined...a situation like this would play out in the 3D world!
M-My loyalty to 2D is being tested!
...Hifumi seemed conflicted as he showed you a lot of different manga!


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