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This article contains information and transcripts for Gundham Tanaka's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 2 2 2 4 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 175 75 75 75 125 125 100


The Şablon:İmp, huh...? Kehehe...amusing. How very amusing...
They dare give an earthly title to this Şablon:İmp!?
Let us go, my Four Dark Devas of Destruction... This academy may be worthy of me!


What awaits me beyond this point is further chaos... But any less than that would be boring! Let us go, my Twelve Zodiac Generals! Show time begins now!

Friendship Events[]

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

With Gonta Gokuhara
Oh, you're Gundham from other class. Good morning!
So the gods' colossus returns from purgatory at dawn... What color will tonight's moon run?
Ohhh, you mean it early morning! You wake up early too, Gundham!
Ah...so you were able to pierce the obfuscating veil of the Şablon:İmp.
Actually, San-D tell Gonta.
Wha—!? Are you saying you exchanged words of the soul with San-D, the Şablon:İmp?
Hmmm, four hamsters live in your scarf. Can Gonta greet them, too?
Kehehe...I never expected you'd match the astral level of the Four Dark Devas of Destruction.
How cute! Good morning, hamsters!
You must be a power holder who has been granted an authorized rank equal to my own!
A-Authorized...rank...? Uhhh...
Gonta understand animal talk. Cham-P say you talk to animals, too!
I could not have foreseen I'd meet another beastspeaker here... Is this fate's dark doing?
Yes, Gonta be happy if he can be friends with Gundham...
The two of you channeled your strength through the Four Dark Devas of Destruction.

With Himiko Yumeno[]

With Himiko Yumeno
You there... I hear that you are declaring yourself a mage.
Hm. I'm the Şablon:İmp... That's something I'm proud of.
Kehehe...interesting. I never expected to find a mage like you.
Those who walk the path of magic often seclude themselves from the world to master their art...
I don't really get what you're saying, but I can't avoid being in front of people...
Cuz my magic is for giving them smiles.
Hm...our ways of thinking are incompatible. But your faith will make your magic shine...
Nyeeeh...what are you even talking about?
Well, unlike everyone else, at least you get that I'm a mage.
Hm...maybe I should show you my magic show.
Ah, so you will expose your arcane secrets to this immaterial insanity, Gundham Tanaka! What recklessness! I like it! I shall bear witness to your skills!
Yeah...I still have no idea what you're saying.

With Sonia Nevermind[]

With Sonia Nevermind
Oh, Gundham, good morning!
I never thought I would encounter you at a time before dawn's rising.
Is the festival of the holy mother of darkness to be held in the final shadows of the night?
No, I simply woke up early and thought that I should clean the classroom.
Are you caring for everyone's demon beasts at the moment, Gundham?
Yes...the time is nigh for the demon beasts aligned with the sun to awaken.
The Four Dark Devas of Destruction will soon wrap themselves in darkness and slumber...
Then, would you like to accompany me to the school building?
Kehehe...very well. This, too, may be the workings of fate...
Hehe...I am enjoying our time together. In my own country, I could not commute to school with my classmates like this.
I wonder how many more opportunities like this will be given to me before we graduate...
If this ritual is necessary for polishing your soul...then I will lend you my power again...
However...that is only if you are determined to enter the aura of this malevolent arm!
Yes.... Yes, of course! Please allow me to accompany you again!
Thank you very much, Gundham!
...It is not something I need be thanked for.
You promised to walk to school together again!

With Hifumi Yamada and K1-B0[]

With Hifumi Yamada and K1-B0
My my...to encounter the Şablon:İmp in such a place... For someone with as much power as you to be among common humans... What are you plotting?
Kehehe... To accuse me of such a thing... Is your understanding truly that shallow... How could you—Şablon:İmp—not understand?
This dining hall that wears the mask of the mundane is where Şablon:İmp work their dark arts!
Wh-What? "They"? What on earth are you talking about?
Huh? He doesn't understand? Even though he's the closest to the realm of 2D of all of us!?
A soulless vessel is easily filled with hatred. Wards are needed for the electric spirit...
Hmhm...I thought he was a lost cause, but now the sealed cyber beast bares its fangs at us.
...Wait a minute! You're giving me a backstory without my permission, aren't you!?
Without permission, you say? That is simply not true... I hear it... The voice of the electronic beast that slumbers within that steel vessel!
This version of me...sounds awesome, actually. Do I have hidden functions and a rough past?
Oh-ho! You wish to know? Do you want to hear the backstory of the strongest robot?
Hm... You may hold the reins of your power only after you've faced yourself... You are a powerful foe, but defeating you now would be boring. I will awaken your true self.
What? Am I a villain in this backstory?
The three of you spent some time workshopping Keebo's backstory...

With Genocide Jack[]

With Genocide Jack
Kh... The Four Dark Devas of Destruction cry out in pain... This loathsome aura...
...It can only be you!
Ah, did ya smell me? Seems like Miss Morose hasn't showered for a few days again. I've had enough of her!
So your body can only be cleaned of fresh blood... Witch who feeds on the life of others!
Nah, I don't shower in blood or anything! Stop being so prejudiced against murderous fiends!
Although, you're right about the second half. I'm the famous murderer everyone knows! I haven't killed anyone ever since Master told me not to. There's no changing the past though.
Living life holding your bloodstained murder weapon and bearing your sins on your back...
It's not exactly like that. Although, things like that do fire me up. Injuring beautiful men and being hated by the world... They're free to call me a witch.
But I think it's fuckin' hilarious that you're so serious about being demon lord or whatever.
I am the Şablon:İmp... You shall remember that name in the depths of hell!
Okay, whatever ya say, Overlord! Kyeehahahahahaha!!!
You're better than those goody two-shoes who think being insane and eccentric aren't related.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... Your card for the scavenger hunt is...
Şablon:İmp! To whom will you offer a pact?
The antihero with a cursed mark on his back
What? I gotta run with *you*?
The cursed mark you bear on your back... Şablon:İmp... Its power differs from my own.
Most interesting! Now follow me, the Şablon:İmp!
I got no idea what the fuck you're talkin' about, but you've got a good eye.
You went on a rampage with Mondo and seized victory for the Tanaka Empire!
The witch with an armored finger that stirs fate
Now...you shall come with me, Ebon Witch!
I will not.
I've been cut down with a single blow!? Krgh...I never expected the blade of a witch to be so powerful...
Your nagging is becoming irritating. Get away from me!
Your path was blocked by the witch's barrier...
The enchantress who seals her evil eyes
I am reluctant to call on such a vile power... Yet this dark path befits an overlord...
Huh? Shouldn't you be home alone jerkin' off!? What the fuck are you even tryin' to say!? If this is your weird way of asking me for a favor, then get on your knees and beg for it!
Krgh...such waves of tainted aether are anathema to the Four Dark Devas of Destruction...
Huh? What the fuck are those furballs? Emergency rations!? Hah-hahahaha!
You...must truly wish to be turned to ash. My malevolent demon arm shall grant your wish!
You spent too much time dealing with Miu, and the scavenger hunt ended...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival, you concealed your true exhibit behind an illusion...
Those with low astral levels see an ordinary petting zoo! Your featured demon beast is...
The Four Dark Devas of Destruction, of course!
Oooh, I've always thought your hamsters were so cute...
Is it alright if I pet them?
Perhaps one as purehearted as you may be able to touch the Four Dark Devas unscathed. But do not forget...they are still demon beasts. If you underestimate their fangs, you shall pay.
Okay, I'll be gentle so I don't scare them...
Chihiro seemed to enjoy herself as she gently petted the Four Dark Devas of Destruction!
A fanged demon beast known far and wide
I knew that you would come...colossus of the gods!
Umm... You talking to Gonta, right? Gonta excited to see Gundham's exhibit.
Very well, you may set foot inside! ...If you so dare!
Ahhhhh... Shiba! Wow! Such cute! Very amaze! You Gundham's friend!? Nice to meet you!
Though there are no insects here, you shall find rest with the demon beasts of my domain.
Mm-hm, thank you. Gonta happy that Gundham's friends so nice.
Oh! Gundham should see Gonta's exhibit! Gonta give you true gentleman's welcome!
Gonta seemed to enjoy playing with the demon beasts quite a lot!
A demon beast who controls hearts
Wow, I was expecting some crazy animals, but there's just normal stuff like cats...
...State your purpose, Clown Prince of Lies.
I'm here cuz I love animals, of course. I've been looking forward to your zoo.
I hate it when people lie, but animals never lie, right?
Indeed...beings who speak words will inevitably betray you. You are one such being.
Huuuh, why are you being such a hater? What'd I do to you?
Especially when I love you so much. See, even this li'l kitty cat is saying you're being mean—
...Ouch. It scratched me.
They have sharp claws and a fickle nature. Those lured by their appearance become their prey.
Repent for your foolishness...and I shall cleans your wound!
You gave Kokichi some antiseptic...


Your last winter at the academy... You enjoyed a Christmas party with your friends!
The party ended and you're going to help clean up. What will you do first?
Sealing the offerings is my duty...
Phew... It seems like Teruteru put in a lot of effort for today's food.
I never expected that there would be leftovers with Akane and Byakuya here.
The offerings given for the rite of chaos shall nourish the flesh and blood of many.
Indeed. The food was most tasty... I hope that other people can have some tomorrow.
... It is over now... Our final Christmas party together...
We shall not have another party next year... Even if everyone else can meet, I...
Dark Queen...did you empty the cup that was offered to you this night?
What? Yes...I ate and drank everything that was given to me...
Kehehe... Those cups were part of a pact.
Those of us who drank from them...have forged an unbreakable pledge!
T-Truly!? I drank the whole thing without so much as a second thought!
It is too late to cancel the contract now. You are bound to it for all eternity.
Therefore...this will not be our final farewell. Those bound by the contract will meet again.
No matter where I am... No matter the time... We are all connected, correct?
It is my wish that we can all see each other again at any time, yes?
As I said, it is impossible to cancel the contract we have all entered into.
Yes... Thank you very much.
You reaffirmed your vows with those who share your fate...
I must collect the cups used in the contract
Oh hey, are you cleaning up the dishes, too? We've got enough help here.
I see. In that case, I shall purify the cauldron used in the rite of chaos...
Uh...hold on. There's something I gotta tell you.
...What is it? What manner of incantation do you seek to cast on me?
You know I can't do those. Anyway, are you free during New Year's?
Actually, I don't care if you're free. Fly back here or ride a horse or whatever.
Reveal your scheme to me this instant.
This is the last winter break before we graduate, right? And New Year's is Hajime's birthday. We're gonna use that as an excuse to get together and go wild one last time.
Ah...that is a well made plan for you.
So what are you gonna do? If we don't all get together, it'll make Miss Sonia sad, y'know?
Very well. I will make full use of our remaining time, no matter the toll on my body...
So does that mean you're coming!? Actually, I'm just gonna say you're coming anyway, okay!?
...You made plans to look forward to!
I shall lay the debris of chaos to rest
Oh, Gundham! Throwing away the trash?
What are you doing here at a time when all is swallowed in the dark's embrace?
I was so wrapped up in my research, I forgot to eat earlier...
You guys had a Christmas party, right? Was it lots of fun?
Kehehe... My magic levels have reached new heights!
Um, so...it *was* fun? Your little hamsters look like they enjoyed it!
Do not carelessly approach. I will not be held responsible if you are hit by a wave of evil. However, should you seek food, then journey beyond this place.
You may be able to consume the excess offerings from the rite of chaos.
Offerings such as birds grilled in hellfire and ensorcelled confections.
No one will blame you for being lured to such offerings... Go and eat.
So you want to share the food and cake from the party with me?
Hehehe, thank you, Gundham! That's so sweet of you.
...You lead a lost soul to sustenance!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With K1-B0[]

Today is the sports festival and you're going to play soccer! What position will you play?
I shall try the forward position
Let's work hard and do our best to have a good match today.
Kh... My malevolent aura is shaking!? No...it is trembling with anticipation...
To cause the Şablon:İmp to feel enthusiasm... Well done, Şablon:İmp!
...I don't know what you think I'm capable of, but I don't have any soccer-related functions.
You played a normal game of soccer!

With Kazuichi Soda[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to visit the shop Sonia's a part of!
Since it's so busy, someone asked if they can sit by you... What do you do?
Ugh, this guy...
You must have some courage to have disturbed the meditations of the overlord...
Huh? Because we're sharing a table? C'mon man, it's busy in here! How's that my fault?
People will gather at a festival of hope... However...
...where there is light, there is also shadow. That is...
...the law of nature that controls the chaos of this world!
That is right!
You guys were perfectly in sync!
Wait...Miss Sonia! There you are!
Gundham, thank you for coming today!
Um, Miss Sonia? I'm here, too!
Oh...thank you too, Kazuichi!
Tell me, Dark Queen... How did your hand help shape this festival?
I created the menu, decorated the interior, and am in charge of customer service.
It has been quite thrilling to experience things from a laborer's perspective.
That's Miss Sonia for you! You never forget your perspective as a princess!
If you like, it would be helpful if I could receive both of your opinions on the meal!
...You ordered lots of things and gave Sonia your opinions!

With Kokichi Oma[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it. You have a few months left on this campus... Why not walk around while you still have the chance?
Maybe I'll wander around the courtyard
Hm... The spawn of Loki's blood approaches... You are...the Clown Prince of Lies!
Wooow! And now I'm stuck here with a real pain in the ass!
Oh, make no mistake... I have no intention of aligning myself with the likes of you.
You, a supreme leader of evil, master of ruin... I, a demon, the embodiment of madness...
Do you think it possible for those who wear the masks of darkness to mingle? The answer is no!
Gundham, are you actually...interested in my title as the supreme leader of evil?
I get why you think it's cool, but you can't copy me, okay?
I, Gundham Tanaka, the one and only Overlord, would never be a duplicate of one such as you!
You and I are beings that are incompatible from our cores. If you understand, then leave.
Geez, you don't have to reject me like that. I wanna get along with you.
Do not enter my domain! You will regret carelessly crossing the threshold of my barrier.
Your domain? Ooh...that's right. There's a breeding shed you're in charge of over there.
So, you don't want me near your animals? Rude! I won't do anything bad, y'know that?
Reflect on your actions the past three years... It is only natural I wouldn't trust you.
Whoa...you're the last person I wanna hear that from...
You were chased away by Gundham...

With Leon Kuwata[]

Today is the the sports festival... But you can't impress the girls with your baseball skills. Unfortunately, you have to play soccer instead. What position do you play?
Being a goalkeeper looks easy. Maybe the girls will call me a guardian angel!
Guardian with hair of flames...will your flimsy barrier be able to stop my Reihado-kick?
...What? I didn't understand one word of that.
You got really tired fighting off Gundham's kicks with all the special names!

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed and graduation is coming up.
Lately, a lot of people have asked you to take pictures as keepsakes.
You brought a few of them to the closing ceremony. Who do you give them to first?
I'll give Gundham the animal pictures
Hm...it's you, Mahiru. For you to approach me... Have your astral levels been thrown into disarray after encountering my demon beasts?
Okay, okay. None of that. I just brought what you asked me. Here...pictures of animals.
I see... To make the ephemeral moments of this world eternal...that is your secret art!
Come on...can't you at least thank someone normally?
Kehehe...I am thankful for any record of the brief time my demon beasts have in this world.
Well, whatever... It was fun being able to pet the animals while I took their pictures.
Mahiru...may I use these pictures in the construction of my electric barrier?
Huh? What does that even mean?
I ask your permission to use these on my Exciting Breeding Journal website.
Huh? I didn't know you had a site like that.
That site is but a cover for another site that only chosen sorcerers may view...
Okay, okay. You can use them, but give me the URL. The way you talk still makes no sense... I kinda hate that I've gotten used to it.
...You looked at Gundham's website and felt soothed by the animal pictures!

With Maki Harukawa[]

Today is the school festival... Mahiru asked for your help for her photo exhibit. The photos are set up, so now it's time to sit at the reception desk. What should you do?
Write your name here if you're a guest
Kehehe...you ask me to unleash the seal on my cursed name? Clearly you don't value your life.
That nonsense doesn't matter. Hurry up and write your name.
Very well...I shall break the seal on my name out of respect for your fearlessness!
Onto this humble scroll, I shall etch... Şablon:İmp, Gundham Tanaka!
Just your name is fine. Hurry up, I'm sure you're looking forward to the pictures.
Do not be mistaken. I have a duty to observe this exhibit. The camera Mahiru wields is powerful enough to even record the demon beasts I've summoned.
You watched Gundham excitedly enter the photo exhibit...

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

Today is the long-awaited sports festival! You'll support your friends with all you've got! You're going to be captain of the soccer team! How will you fight!?
I'll pass the BAAAAALLL!!!
So you guys gotta run out to the front. Gundham, Fuyuhiko, you guys'll be our point of attack!
You've both got guts! There's no need to hold back! JUST DO IT!!!
Kehehe... So you will count me as a mere pawn on your chessboard.
But that arrogance amuses me! Very amusing, Nekomaru! I shall leave my fate to you for now!
I'm worried about being up front with this guy...but I'll trust you for now, Nekomaru. If you're gonna be using me...you better not show me any weak shit.
You supported your teammates with everything you had!

With Miu Iruma[]

Today is the fall school festival... You've decided to exhibit your ingenious inventions! Approach students as they walk by and tell them all about your amazing works!
Hey, dogfucker! Get over here!
The goddess of fate must be feeling sadistic force this encounter... Stay back, enchantress!
Heeee! How mean... I didn't do anything...
...Psych! Taaaaake...this!
What!? A ray gun!?
...Nothing happened.
Wha-!? My invention was a dud!?
Despite your foolish bluff, I still felt you draw from a well of nigh infinite malevolence! Tell me, enchantress! What is that ray gun!?
Huh? It's supposed to teleport your underwear... Did it break or somethin'? This can't be right...
A work of mad genius befitting a mad scientist, but even your madness cannot pierce my barrier.
Oh, now I get it... You're a fuckin' pervert who goes commando all the time, aren'tcha!?
Krgh... Do you value your life so little that you would speak that way to the Overlord of Ice!? Your astral level is far too weak to perceive the barrier which enshrouds my physical form!
Shut the fuck up, you weirdo! Stay the hell away from me!
You recieved numerous complaints from nearby classrooms as you and Gundham argued...

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Your last winter at the academy... Christmas has passed and graduation is coming up.
The closing ceremony ended and you have no plans for today... What will you do?
I will thoroughly enjoy fluffy animals
Gundham's got cutest animal friends!
Agreed. Though animals used to run away from me, I am able to pet them now.
All thanks to the two of you. I appreciate your instruction on the hearts of animals.
Kehehe... Peko, I bestow upon you the title, "Şablon:İmp"...
N-No... That won't be necessary...
Before coming here, Gonta never think he get to pet animals with human friends.
Gonta will feel even happier if you play with his bug friends.
Souls with the same fate are destined to gather before demon beasts, but can you rival my aura?
...I still have trouble understanding your words, Gundham.
Umm... We all love animals, but not many humans understand animals like Gundham.
Hamster translate for Gonta, so Gonta think he understand what Gundham mean.
I see. I feel that I will be able to deal with Gundham as long as you're around, Gonta.
You spent a peaceful time with the other students who love animals...

With Sonia Nevermind[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today, you're having a party with your classmates!
You decided to start the preparations early. What do you do?
I will go fetch those not here yet!
Ah, the Dark Queen. To run into you before the appointed hour...
Things are nearly ready, so I came to fetch you.
Let us have fun today. In this country, Christmas is a fun event.
Hah...it seems normal human beings believe that. But for a demon such as myself, tonight is only the beginning of the rite of chaos...
Very well...let us throw open the gates! Tonight's celebration will not be forgotten!
Yes... I hope it will be something we never forget. This will likely be the last time we will be able to gather together for a Christmas party...
...The flow of time cannot be halted by anyone. Not even I, the Şablon:İmp...
However, that is why we shall laugh uproariously this night.
This night will never come again...that is why we must etch it into our very souls.
Yes, you are correct. Tonight, we will have a lot of fun and make beautiful memories.
...You enjoyed to the fullest the last Christmas you'll spend with your friends in this country.


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