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This article contains information and transcripts for Genocide Jack's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
20 10 5 3 1 2 2 2
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
216 108 150 100 50 75 75 75


Hope's Peak Academy! Ha! I'm gonna get so much killin' done here!
My other self got accepted, but I still get that fancy Şablon:İmp title!


Thank you thank you thank you Hope's Peak, for letting me meet Master! Kyaaahahahaha!

Friendship Events[]

With Gundham Tanaka[]

With Gundham Tanaka
Kh... The Four Dark Devas of Destruction cry out in pain... This loathsome aura...
...It can only be you!
Ah, did ya smell me? Seems like Miss Morose hasn't showered for a few days again. I've had enough of her!
So your body can only be cleaned of fresh blood... Witch who feeds on the life of others!
Nah, I don't shower in blood or anything! Stop being so prejudiced against murderous fiends!
Although, you're right about the second half. I'm the famous murderer everyone knows! I haven't killed anyone ever since Master told me not to. There's no changing the past though.
Living life holding your bloodstained murder weapon and bearing your sins on your back...
It's not exactly like that. Although, things like that do fire me up. Injuring beautiful men and being hated by the world... They're free to call me a witch.
But I think it's fuckin' hilarious that you're so serious about being demon lord or whatever.
I am the Şablon:İmp... You shall remember that name in the depths of hell!
Okay, whatever ya say, Overlord! Kyeehahahahahaha!!!
You're better than those goody two-shoes who think being insane and eccentric aren't related.

With Izuru Kamukura[]

With Izuru Kamukura
Whoa, try jumping out of a window when you feel something unusual, why don't ya!?
What's with that hairstyle!? You look like you'd come crawling out of a TV!
Such long luscious locks...but you're a boy! Hm...I admit, that fires me up a bit!
...You're very energetic for the middle of the night. Were you up writing a novel?
Oh, you know Miss Morose? Maybe you're not suspicious, but just another schoolmate? Well, it doesn't matter, cuz this is the first time you've met me!
Hmm...a murderous fiend personality. I was aware of you, but...
Oh, did ya just think I'm boring and worthless just cuz I'm a cliche!? You thought that, huh!?
Well, whether or not being a murderous fiend is cliche, I definitely exist, y'know? My existence may be unnatural, but you can't deny the fact that I'm here now!
Something that has been born, acknowledged, and lived life can't be denied its existence.
Even so, as long as I'm here, I'm gonna have to live like this... That's all I can do.
Well, that's just what my murderous fiend's intuition is telling me, anyway. You...understand that feeling a bit, don't ya?
Or could this just be sympathy for a murderous fiend!? Kyeehahahahaha!
...This conversation is worthless.
I know, right!? Ahh, super worthless!

With Sonia Nevermind[]

With Sonia Nevermind
Today, I present this nation's very special murderous fiend, Genocide Jack. I was bestowed the opportunity to have an exclusive interview with her.
Genocide Jack... You have my sincerest gratitude for coming here today!
Thank you! It's your wonderful, smiling murderous fiend here!
Although, you're not quite sane, either! A princess all alone with a murderer? The king of your country is gonna have a heart attack!
That is true...Although, according to my knowledge... All of Genocide Jack's victims had been male. Murderous fiends are quite particular about their characteristics and their aesthetics.
I assume you are similar to that as well, Genocide Jack!
You knew you wouldn't be killed? Oh me, oh my! You sure did your research! Although, it's a bit creepy that you're talking to me like you know me... Well, I guess I can forgive you for reading on little ol' me.
I am sorry. I was just so incredibly eager to be able to meet *the* Genocide Jack...
Pfft! What? You make it sound like I'm a star or something! That's hilarious!
*sigh*...I wish I was being pampered by an adorable boy instead, so I could kill him.
An adorable boy...? How does this relate to your particular characteristic as a murderous fiend?
Wha-what? Don't you know anything about what's adorable? If not, you're missing out on life!
I-Is it truly that essential? Please tell us more about this!
Seriously? If I start, I'll ramble on forever! Do ya really wanna go down the maiden's road?
Maiden...? Is there something particularly related to women?
Well, it doesn't really have anything to do with that... But I don't mind teaching you all of the...
...Huh!? Wh-Why is the princess here!?
Oh, my! It seems I will be unable to hear all the juicy information!

With Korekiyo Shinguji and Sakura Ogami[]

With Korekiyo Shinguji and Sakura Ogami
...Totally not adorable!
How rude to declare such a thing upon seeing someone... But your words will not faze me.
Ngh, I can probably see a demand for you, but ya just don't cut it for me.
I have no issue with that. I doubt anything good will come from being your type.
You also do nothing for me. Only cleanly people are suitable to be Sister's friends.
My gloomy side is the one who doesn't bathe! It's her fault I get this filthy!
By the by, what happens to the suitable girls? You find any worthy ones already?
I could ask the same of you. What happens to those who "cut it" for you?
I must interject...
Ooohh, Miss Ogre just showed up, draggin' her knuckles like the ape-woman she is!
I felt a great disturbance in the air... What were you two discussing?
Nooothing! We were just chit-chatting and sipping some tea!
I see...then that's fine. I must be imagining things... My apologies.
Kehehe... I do not mind. I am accustomed to people thinking I am suspicious.
In regards to your question from earlier, though...
Hm? My question?
I will say... "The decision shall be put on hold for the time being."
I don't wish to be seen as any more suspicious than I already am at this school.
Ahhh, we'd be in big trouble if she got mad! We'll call it off for now!

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

With Chihiro Fujisaki
Alright... I'm finally going to tell everyone the truth today.
I'm so nervous, but if I just think about when I told Mondo, I'll definitely do my best!
Heeeey, Chihiiiii! Good morning!
Huh...? It's not Toko, but um...Genocide Jack?
Yup, yup! I'm the super excitable landmine who can blow up any second, the murderous fiend!
G-Good morning.
Yeah, yeah. Ah, I'm sleepy...
My charm is that I'm always hyper, no matter what! I know that already!
But I'm outta gas cuz I haven't killed anyone lately! I've been a good little glasses girl!
*sigh* Ah, where have all the adorable boys gone...?
Um, Genocide Jack... Uh, um...
Huh, you're still here? What do ya want?
Little lolis like you don't do nothin' for me...
Well, if you were a boy crossdressing, then that'd be a totally different story!
But a chick dressed as an adorable boys is a no-go! Heaven may forgive them, but not me! I'm totally okay with the reverse though! You think that's unfair? That's just my justice!
Kidding! A murderous fiend wouldn't talk about justice, even as a joke! Kyeehahahahaha!
...Ah. Too tired.
...I couldn't tell her.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Toko finished her events as fast as she could to go see Master in action, but...
Oh my, how lucky! Now you must burn Master's sweaty, youthful body into your eyes! But you don't know which event Master will be in... Where could Master be?
Master's slender body is perfect for basketball!
Aha! The power of love guides me!!! I've found you, Master Byakuya!
Hiro. Rejoice, I have a job for you. Detain her.
What!? You want me to detain *her*!?
Byakuya, please! Anything but that!
I'm coming for youuuuuu!
You pushed Hiro aside and passionately cheered for Master!
Master would take first place in table tennis!
Tch, no Master!? My prettyboy radar must need tweakin'!
Hey...cheering is fine, but don't get too worked up. You'll distract the people playing, y'know?
What?! You talkin' to me, midget?
You think some masculine mini boy can stop me? I'll make you bleed!
You're pretty good...but you still got a ways to go. I can dodge you with my Shukuchi Method.
You wanna bet!? I'll have you *begging* me to kill you in five minutes!
You toyed with Ryoma for a bit!
Master would gracefully shoot a soccer goal!
Master Byakuya's long legs are suited for stepping on faces and balls!
Oh, curse my girlish heart! Woe is me! If only I were some unfeeling robot!
What are you even talking about? Is this some new form of robophobia you've invented?
Since you came all this way, you enjoyed the rare sight of a robot struggling to play soccer!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival...but then you sneezed and ended up switching personalities! Looks like Miss Morose was selling her novels...But why not go somewhere else for now?
Is something happening at the gym?
Hm!? I smell Master Byakuya...
I'm comin' in!
Oh! My first customer!
Eh? A guest? How is this possible!?
What the hell is this!? There's no one here but stuffed animals!
Master's musk is in the air... I wonder if he hit the gym...
Welp, I'm outta here!
Hey, where ya goin'? My talk show is just about to start!
Plus, I'm here, too!
Who would wanna watch your freaky puppet show!? Move!
If you get between me and Master, I'll slice ya in two!
Oh me, oh my... I don't care what happens to Monomi, just spare me okay?
H-Hey... Are you throwing your little sister under the bus!?
Huh? But you always said...you weren't my little sister, right?
You monster! You've got ice water flowing through your stuffing!
You can't fool me, ya dumb bear! Move it or lose it!
Not only did Monokuma and Monomi waste your time, but you couldn't find Master...
Are they doing "it" in the classrooms?
Where the hell is Master?! Where?! I've looked everywhere!
Hey, what's this!? Photo exhibit!?
Hey, you! Stay away from this classroom!
What!? You're trying to reject the murderous fiend!? Sorry, sweetie! This is a festival for students, and I *am* a student!
No way! This is Mahiru's photo exhibit! If someone crazy like you went in there, you'd make her photos all dirty!
Shut up, banana head! Or do you want me to peel that banana and snip snip snip!?
Sh-Shut up! I'm not a banana head! What's up with you, ugly sewage bitch!?
Oh, you're borrowing *that* old relic of an insult!? It was shit then and it's shit now!
I may be an ugly sewage bitch, but if ya look close, I'm damn gorgeous, don't ya think!?
I'd never think that! Geez, go away already!
It didn't seem like Master was there, so you decided to head to the next exhibit...
Hm? A shop for "it"...how suspicious!
I can hear someone panting! Does this school really allow that kinda debauchery!?
Kh... I hear a nasty sound and here you are... What are you doing here?
Oh, it's Neko! What was goin' on here, hmmm? I wanna know!
Hmph...I can't just tell you that. After all, "Şablon:İmp"...is my secret weapon.
I give vitality to the athletes I've chosen so they can't go without it...
Let's just leave it at that.
Let's not! I'll just stand outside and eavesdrop!
Leave it to me, Neko, I'll bring ya some pretty boy customers!
Hey, wait up! I said I'd only do "it" for athletes I've chosen!
You pulled a few customers to Nekomaru's shop!


Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs asked you to clean the school today...
But once again, your personalities switched! Forget about cleaning! Let's look for Master!
Master must obviously be in the classroom!
Oh, Toko. Where have you been!?
It can't be! Master's not here, but some stuffed rabbit it!?
I'm making sure everyone is cleaning!
You're in the way of everyone's cleaning! That's *my* job!
Welp, good luck with that! I'm gonna go look for Master again!
W-Wait! You need to help clean, too!
Then tell me where he is, and I'll lick the floor beneath his feet!
B-By the time I came to this classroom, Byakuya was already gone...
Useless! Keep an eye on your students! Or do you want me to cut ya up!?
I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful...
Hey hey! No need for apologies, I am a *murder*, after all! Kyahahaha!
You clearly have a lot of issues...but you're still one of my students.
...What? I hate that kinda lip service.
Some plush bunny teacher is giving me up a compliment. That's downright wild!
Kinda funny, ain't it? That a murderous fiend like me would lead a normal life here?
Perhaps, but...
Even if you did something really bad... I wouldn't abandon you.
I'd stay by your side and help you get back on your feet again.
Now you're startin' to sound like an actual teacher!
Can't say I'm gonna listen to ya, though!
You ran away from Usami and started your hunt for Master again!
Master must be in bed at the Nurse's Office!
Nurse's Office! Bed! Me, in the bed!
With Master in this picture, it would be perfect!
Hey, this is nurse's office... Quiet down.
What, you here for the bed fun, too? If you cut in front of me for Master, I'll cut *you*.
No. I'm only here because I helped one of my injured classmates walk here.
That's downright sociable of you! Oh, right, you're a child caregiver. Doesn't fit you, though.
...Yeah, I guess it doesn't.
You're gonna agree with me just like that!? You wanna talk about it with a crazy lady?
I'd rather not, especially not to someone who kills indiscriminately.
Welp, that's fine, I don't care either.
The gloomy one is usually out and about, so this might be the last convo we get!
This might be the last time you ever see my beautiful face!
I'm not going to talk about myself just for that reason.
I told ya, I don't care. I was just thinkin' about graduation!
That's true... We'll probably never see each other again. If you don't have any business with me, then I'm leaving. You're looking for Byakuya, right?
Oh, right! No time to waste!
You parted ways with Maki, and decided to look for Master again!
Master must be having coffee in the dining hall!
I thought that Master would be here... But here you are, sippin' coffee!
Hey! Where's Master? Where!?
Kehehe... Well, well...aren't you an eager one?
Damn right I am! I've seen plenty of pretty boys, but...
Master takes the cake! Kyaaa! I can't control my ovaries!
How 'bout you? See any pretty girls lately?
I would appreciate it if you didn't compare my standards to yours. I don't seek girls for myself.
I already have someone I love. I have never so much as considered anyone besides her.
Now here we are, a couple of weirdos who are honest with themselves. Doesn't seem right!
I have mixed feelings about being called a comrade of yours... But so be it.
I will allow myself to say.. "Byakuya just left here to return to the classroom."
What!? Seriously!? We're doing the "just missed them" trope!? Thanks, comrade!
Thanks to Kiyo, you were able to find Master!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas, but you're not interested!
You're not here to celebrate, you just want to sit and have a coffee.
I'll take my coffee to a quiet classroom
What...? No, it can't be...
Maaasteeerrr!!! I'm seriously super duper lucky ya came to me instead of havin' to go to you!
Aawww, don't go, Master! Don't be shy! Didja forget what today is!?
Yep, it's Christmas! The day for lovers! How did today become a day for couples, anyway!?
I don't know and I don't care. I'm leaving.
A night of passionate sex... Are we too young to make the stork work tonight?
Do you prefer Miss Morose? I doubt that, but... Even though I don't wanna, I can switch to her!
Kidding! Wouldn't it be scary of I sneezed too hard and threw out my back!? Can't have that!
I have no business with you or Toko. I only want to drink my coffee.
You're insatiable! To have two poison flowers in each hand...you really can't choose between us!
If you insist on staying, then I insist that you shut your mouth.
Okay, I'll be quiet then! I'll keep my lips sealed and spend my time watchin' you!
Maidens are satisfied just from ogling their man from afar, y'know!? Kyeehahahahahaha!
Do not make me repeat myself.
Okay, okay. I'll listen...to everything Master orders.
Just for you, I haven't killed anyone in awhile. Y'know that, right?
So, let me stay by your side...kidding! That's definitely not my character!
How many times do I have to say it...?
You tried to return to the dining hall, but Genocide Jack followed you everywhere.

With Chiaki Nanami[]

Today is the school festival... Your exhibit is an arcade where everyone can play together! You have a visitor right away... What kind of game will you invite them to play?
...Want to play a puzzle game?
I'm comin' in! Is Master here!? What kind of puzzle we talkin' about!? The sexy kind!? Like a jumble of naked limbs!?
Huh, Toko...? Er...Genocide Jack?
Oh. Just some game room. My Master antenna was tingling, so I came here, but...
Hey, wait a minute! Do any of these games have adorable boys in them!?
Hm...? Are you talking about dating sims?
Sorry...I didn't set up any of those. They'd take too long to play anyway.
Oh, come on! Those kind of pretty boys show up in other places too!
I don't really get it... It sounds complicated.
Fandom is a strange place! You can get lost in it!
...Yeah, I can tell that by looking at you.
You couldn't play the puzzle game...

With Hifumi Yamada[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to sell your original works, of course!
Someone's here already! What do you do?
I don't think you'll find what you want here...
Yooo, Hifuminnie. I'm here to play.
I really wish you weren't.
I came cuz I heard you had fanfic comics, but there's no BL! Where are all the adorable boys!?
Why would you think I'd be carrying something like that!?
Well, I specialize in adorable boys and whatever you specialize in, I own. Therefore, you must be able to draw the type of adorable boys I prefer!
You can't force me to!
Genocide Jack browsed for a bit, muttering the occasional complaint...

With Himiko Yumeno[]

Today is the fall school festival... Obviously, you'll perform a magic show!
It's almost time for your show to start... How will you spend the next few minutes?
Maybe I'll peek at the guests...
I'll just peek a little... Slowly...
Ta-daaah! You called and I came!
Were you surprised? Did I scare ya?
L-Like I'd be surprised by that... I'm a mage. I can teleport too, you know?
I-I won't be surprised by someone else doing something so basic.
Is that so!? You're shaking like a baby fawn! Or, are you shaking from bein' too nervous! You're gonna put on a show, right, ya little Houdini!? What do you got planned for us!?
I might be able to outdo you if you're planning on cutting a body! Kyeehahahaha!
When *you* say something like that, it isn't a joke!
I kill by cutting, but my jokes don't make cut!
Oh, that was a joke! By the way, I'm very picky about the way I kill.
Geez...why are you even back here? I won't let you peek backstage. If you wanna see the show, you gotta go sit in the audience.
Oh, boring. I couldn't find Master anywhere and he's not even here?
I might as well watch the show while I'm here! Show me your best cutting skills!
I'm gonna show the whole audience, not just you...
Talking to Genocide Jack made you extremely tired...but at least you're not nervous anymore.

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)[]

Today is the summer sports festival. You are captain of the basketball team... You're not too enthusiastic, but maybe you should talk to someone before the game.
Hold on... Aren't we missing a person?
Toko is on our team, too...right? Where did she go...?
Ta-daaah! Someone smashed the ⃤ button, and here I am!
What!? She's Genocide Jack now!?
I-I don't think I can keep up with you...
And I don't think I'm gonna keep up with a pretty little fashionista!
But none of that matters when I slice the ball to pieces! Kyahahaha!
You did your best with Genocide Jack, while preventing her from slashing the ball...

With Maki Harukawa[]

Today is the sports festival... You were forced to be captain of the basketball team.
It's an unavoidable hassle... That being said, what's your strategy going in?
I should be cautious of anyone dangerous
There's one unpredictable person on the other team... We should watch out for them.
Whaaat, are you talkin' about me!? Well, I *am* one unpredictable rotten girl!
I see you're someone who can do pretty well, too! You can't deceive my eyes!
You played cautiously, watching out for the unpredictable player!

With Mikan Tsumiki[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You went to buy drinks...but you got excited and bought too many.
They're heavy... Why not take a break somewhere?
I'm going to keep going till the hallway
I'm sorry if it's a nosy question, but...have you been taking baths, Toko?
N-Not in a while... What about it? Are you trying to say I smell like an ugly bitch!?
Um...that's not what I meant. By taking baths and maintaining good hygiene...you reduce the risk of getting infections... If you wash too much, you'll damage your skin and wash away good bacteria, so you need to—
I-I know that already!
But also, um...if you're dusty all the time, then...
What are you trying to say!? Spit it out already...
Ah... Achoo!
Gettin' covered in dust makes me sneeze!
Uhhh... Genocide Jack...
Hey! Don't cry! It's not like I'm gonna eat you or something!
I-I'm sorry for being so nosy! I'll apologize, so...please don't hurt me!
I don't wanna cut up any chicks!
Because you were talking to Toko, it took you a while to get back to the dining hall...

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Let's cook something for everyone's lunch!
Hanamura Dining Hall Delivery... Wait, no, it's a catering service!
You have a guest, right off the bat. How will you serve them?
I don't think I've got anything for you...
If you'd like, you can order me...is what I'd usually say, but even I have a line...
Well good, cuz I just came here to get my lunch!
Maybe you think, "Hey, this psycho chick doesn't eat normal meals!"
S-Sorry...when you say "meal," I can only picture you eating adorable boys.
Well duh! I could always go for slicing up some adorable boys!
I want to fill my stomach...with Master!
Er, how passionate...bon apetit.
You have my condolences, Byakuya...
Genocide Jack bought a normal lunch...

With Toko Fukawa[]

Your last winter at the academy... You should've been cleaning on the day of the ceremony, but...
Unfortunately, you turned into Genocide Jack before you knew it. The cleaning doesn't seem to be done yet... What will you do?
Master might be in the classroom
There he is! M-Master Byakuya!
Oh, it's you. The obnoxious one.
Master Byakuya...please, let me stay by your side!
If you keep your putrid breath in your mouth... I suppose I don't mind. First, you need a bath. Then stay 50 yards away from me and keep your mouth shut.
I-I'm the only one you ever give orders like that to... Thank you so much!
I-In return...I'll stay by your side forever, Master Byakuya. I will follow my master everywhere, even after we graduate...
A-And of course, once we share a family name, we'll be even closer... 50 yards... 25 yards... down to *sigh* zero!
Didn't I tell you to *shut* your mouth? The air is polluted enough already.
Th-Then! Please! W-Will you read this poem I wrote for you!?
Now you need to get away 100 yards away from me.
Y-Yes, I-I will sprint immedialety, I...
Whoa! Well lookie here, it's Master Byakuya! It must be fate!
Like hell it is!
Oooh, I feel it in the air! My other self was pouring her guts out to you! Master! Please! Take me!
Hey, hey, hey! If you're gonna make me chase you, save it for the honeymoon!
Genocide Jack enjoyed her time with Byakuya!


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