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This article contains information and transcripts for Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 18 2 2 2 4 4 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 175 75 75 75 125 125 100


The Şablon:İmp, huh...? I never thought I'd be a normal student with Peko...


I never thought I'd end up graduating high school. It actually doesn't feel too bad.

Friendship Events[]

With Kokichi Oma[]

With Kokichi Oma
Hey, Boss Baby! Your smile is looking fresh and friendly today!
Do I look like I'm fuckin' smiling, asshole? And what the fuck did you just call me!?
But we should get alooong. Hated by society, we both walk under the cover of the night. Why shouldn't we get along? If anything...you should be sucking up to me, Fuyuhiko.
I'm an evil supreme leader with connections to criminal organizations all over the world. You won't last long in the criminal underworld if you get on my bad side. Know what I mean?
Hmph, that supposed to be a threat? Fuck you and your bullshit.
Evil supreme leader? What are you, a fuckin' preschooler or something?
Uh-oh... I wouldn't say that kinda stuff if I were you. You're living the good life now, but it won't last once you become the head of your clan.
Keep yapping, shithead.
Oh, by the way... You, of all people, don't get to call me a kid! Got it, Boss Baby!?
The fuck did you just say to me, you piece of shit?
You're so cool and mature, Fuyuhiko! But I'm sure you already know that's a lie!
...I'm gonna show you hell, and I'm gonna take my sweet fuckin' time doing it.
Yay! The dark battle between the supreme leader and yakuza begins! Time to put you in your place!
...Usami happened to walk by and put a stop to your rowdy hallway ruckus!

With Mahiru Koizumi[]

With Mahiru Koizumi
...There we go.
...You taking a picture?
Ah!!! You scared me... How long were you there for, Fuyuhiko? You should've said something.
I didn't say anything because it looked like you were concentrating. You gonna take any more?
No, I think I've pretty much snapped all the pictures I wanted to take.
I'm surprised you asked me something like that. Are you...interested in photography?
Not really... But I've got a family member who's into it.
I see...
She'll show me a shit ton of pictures and ask me what I think or drag me with her to take more. Honestly, it's kind of a pain in the ass. The only thing I could say about her pictures...was that I thought they were good.
Hey...don't just use empty words like "good" or "pretty." You should give real feedback.
I know that... That's why I came to talk to you.
Well...I couldn't come up with stuff to say about her pictures, but I can for yours.
So I was thinking...maybe if I look at your pictures, I'll know what kinda stuff to say.
So...you want to practice forming your opinions into words by examining my pictures?
Yeah, basically. If it's a pain in the ass for you, it's fine if you say no.
*sigh* You should've just said that from the start.
But, sure. If you're fine with my pictures, then I don't mind.
Gotcha... Thanks.
But in exchange, you better be really into it.
You don't gotta tell me that. You want me to tell her my opinions with my own words, yeah?
Yeah, you should do that for her. I'm sure that'd make her very happy.

With Kazuichi Soda[]

With Kazuichi Soda
Maaan...this sucks. I keep wishing so hard, but it won't come true...
Sup. What's your deal?
...Miss Sonia won't pay attention to me. Not even to abuse me...
Tch...it was stupid of me to ask.
What, don't you have any stupid youthful regrets!?
Yeah, today's the day I'm gonna make you tell me who you're going for! Get ready!
Pathetic... You were acting like a little bitch a second ago, but now you're all pumped up.
I'm not pathetic! I've got a serious problem! Quit trying to show off by acting all tough!
Hey, it's not Miss Sonia, right? Say it's not Miss Sonia you're after!
Yeah, yeah. I don't have a thing for Sonia. Geez, you're such a pain in the ass...
Are you sure!? You better not backstab me later, okay!?
A yakuza wouldn't tell such a shameful lie.
Then who *are* you going for?
Th-That shit again?
Because...y'know...right now is the best time of our lives, yeah?
All our classmates are crazy interesting, all the girls are super hot...
Getting all hyper over school events and doing a bunch of stupid crap... We're all having fun.
Yeah...though it's a pain for a yakuza to get pulled into all that stupid crap...
But I guess it's not bad to spend some time as a normal high schooler.
Right? You get it. And normal high schoolers gotta know who's going for who!
...Is that all you think about?

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

With Yasuhiro Hagakure
Hey, you're the Şablon:İmp, right?
Huh? Yeah, so what?
I just thought you were pretty amazing! You look like that, but you're a yakuza!
...What do you mean "look like that"? Say it. Depending on your answer...
Maybe I'll let you choose which ocean I drown you in.
I-I was just sayin' that a guy dressed up in a snazzy suit like yours has gotta be a yakuza!
Y-You're really handsome! You've got a martial artist's body and a detective's brains! Even among all the Ultimates gathered at Hope's Peak Academy, your talent is supreme!
Th-The hell is all this about...? It's fuckin' creepy...
Normally I charge 1,000 dollars for two hours, but I'll read your fortune for a mere 800. It's an unprecedented discount... But me and you are friends, so it's okay!
Since when were we friends...?
Actually, all this is real fishy. What're you scheming!? Cough it up!!!
Well, of course my scheme is to flatter you so you'll help me!
A lotta stuff happened and now I'm being chased by some scary guys! But if I got help from the nation's biggest yakuza gang, then I'd be safe...
Wha–!? I told you everything! This must be the interrogation power of the Şablon:İmp!
...Are you stupid or something?

With Peko Pekoyama[]

With Peko Pekoyama
What...? Why are you out this late?
Young master...
Hey, what are you gonna do if someone hears you? They're gonna think some weird things.
My apologies... There was no one around, so it slipped. But please don't worry, I was only out shopping. I will excuse myself before anyone arrives.
Wait, are you going somewhere this late? I know we're inside the campus, but...
You do not need to worry, I was only invited to Chiaki's room.
Well...she invited me, because they did not have enough people to play a four-person game.
Oh, so that's why you got snacks.
Heh...look at you. Just like a normal high schooler.
And you, young master? Where are you going?
I couldn't sleep, so I'm just going for a walk.
Then, I will join you...
Nah. Chiaki and them are waiting for you, right?
You're not my hitman anymore... Go and have fun with your friends.
And...let me know if you're able to beat Chiaki at least once.
...Understood. Please be careful.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... Events like this just aren't your style.
You want to go lay low for a while... Where do you go?
Maybe I'll go rest in the dorms...
Good morning! Did you oversleep? How shameful, on the day of the sports festival!
Taka... What are you doing here?
I had heard about student absences being a problem, and so I am on patrol!
*sigh*... Figures. I knew I shoulda gone back to my room earlier...
I heard that! You weren't planning on *skipping class*, were you!?
Shut up, what's it got to do with you anyway?
It has *everything* to do with me! I cannot let such truancy go unpunished!
You must come with me, Fuyuhiko! No excuses!
You have in to Kiyotaka's demands and participated in the sports festival...
Maybe I'll go eat...
Ah, there you are, Fuyuhiko. The event's about to start.
Chiaki...did you come here looking for me?
Yeah, of course. I waited, but not everyone is ready yet.
Leave me alone. If it's starting, you should get back already.
Don't you want to come, Fuyuhiko? Isn't that why you're here instead of the dorms?
This festival only happens once a year... Relationships with people make memories.
...Right? Right?
Geez...you're so persistent. Fine okay, I'll go with you.
...It's not like I wanted to participate or anything.
...You were dragged along by Chiaki to participate in the sports festival after all.
Maybe I'll cool off in the schoolyard.
Oh? Fuyuhiko?
Huh? I didn't expect to see you here. Are you skipping out, too?
I wouldn't do something so drastic...well maybe a bit. You too, Fuyuhiko?
Yeah...I'm hiding out here, so quit bothering me.
Of course I'll respect your wishes! Events like this are hard to get motivated for, right?
Huh? You don't like the sports festival? I thought you of all people would be into it.
Oh, I am. Because this isn't a normal festival, it's Hope's Peak Academy's sports festival! By using all the different talents we have here, we can make this event shine even brighter... But just looking at it, it seems like it's going to be a normal sports festival.
Don't you think it should be done differently? So that everyone's talent can truly shine.
...Are you thinking some weird shit or something?
I've been thinking...is there even anything someone like me could do to help everyone?
Well, it's none of your business. Besides, you can help just how you are, right?
Huh? Really?
Well...if someone with amazing talent like you thinks so, Fuyuhiko, then it must be so.
Let's get going, then. It's about to start.
You had a bad feeling, so you decided to drag Nagito with you to the sports festival...

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to run a yakisoba stand.
At first it was a pain...but now you're getting into it! Try calling out to a passerby!
Hey, Kyoko, wanna stop by?
Oh...me? I'm surprised you would approach me...
Actually, I'm surprised to see you just walking around aimlessly. You were just nearby is all.
Do I need a reason to be walking around a school festival?
It ain't like that...but if you don't got any plans, how about some food?
Are you sure?
Your face might not show it, but I'm guessing you're enjoying the festival in your own way.
You gave Kyoko some yakisoba you made yourself!
How about trying some yakisoba, Byakuya?
You want me...to eat food...from *food stands*?
Well, I wasn't expecting that... But yakisoba at a festival isn't too bad, y'know?
I'm in no mood to eat. I would prefer to buy the entire operation.
...You're lucky this is just a food stand at a school festival, Byakuya.
If you said the same thing at a real Kuzuryu food stand, you wouldn't make it till tomorrow.
Don't be so impressed. There's no way I will lose to such an impudent punk.
You better stop yapping...it wouldn't be funny if we had to start a war over this.
...It nearly turned into a big incident, but you decided to pretend you didn't hear anything.
Rantaro, you hungry?
Oh, a yakisoba stand? Looking good...it suits you.
You think? Well, it isn't my first time. My little sister was better at it though.
Oh, you have a little sister?
Yeah, she's kind of a pain.
Haha, you say that, but I can tell you love her by the way you talk.
It's not like that. She's talented, but I never know what she's gonna do.
So you feel like you can't leave her alone, right?
Hey...what's your deal? Why are you being so nosy?
Oh, sorry, just feeling a bit jealous is all. You should really cherish your sister.
...That's not something I need you to tell me.
Nah, of course not. You're a family. ...That's what family is supposed to do.
...You gave a sad-looking Rantaro a large portion of yakisoba.


Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates. You still have some time before the party. What will you do?
I'll chill in the classroom a bit...
Oh, there you are, Fuyuhiko! You were here after all!
Oh, it's you, Hiro... What do you want? If it's something stupid, I'm kicking you out.
Hey, come on! That's no way to treat the guy who's gonna give you a special fortune!
So it is something stupid...
It's not stupid! My fortune telling is super popular this time of year!
You should have a lot of customers, then. So piss off.
No, really man! I've got a special fortune that told me to tell you your fortune!
I don't care about you... I told you I don't need my fortune told.
I'm telling you, I've seen it! Clear as day!
Next year...there is a 30% chance that you are going to genuinely apologize to someone!
Huh!? Quit fuckin' around!
D-Don't get mad at *me*! If you gotta apologize for something, you messed up!
Geez...barging in here and saying a bunch of stupid shit... All I gotta do is make sure to not do anything I'd need to apologize for next year, right?
See, I knew my fortune telling would be useful! You get a discount!
I-I don't believe it or anything! I just got caught up in the moment is all!
You decided to spend next year being extra careful...
I'll take a walk
Fuyuhiko...where do you think you're going? You haven't forgotten about the party, have you?
Of course not... I'm going to it, no matter what you tell me.
I see...alright then. You're being awfully frank today.
Hey, I'm always frank. Chiaki's always inviting me to this stuff...
I know. I was just messing with you a bit. In the beginning, you'd never come with us, no matter how much we asked. But now...our class has gotten so close.
Yeah...dealing with you guys is a real pain.
You say that, but I know you enjoy it. My pictures always capture your childlike smile.
Wha—!? Childlike!?
Yeah, yeah. Don't lose your temper like some little kid.
Grgh... Y-You...
I'm going to take a bunch of pictures today, so leave it to me.
Oh, and don't be all stubborn and force yourself to not smile or anything, you got it?
I'll help out in the dining hall
Um...the boys were in charge of cleaning up afterwards, right?
You could have been relaxing until the party started, young master.
It's fine, I was bored. Besides, it'd be lame for me to be doing nothing while you work.
Or am I in the way? I'll leave if I'm not gonna be any help...
No, of course you aren't in the way. Thank you very much...for lending a hand.
More importantly...talk to me normally. There're people nearby. They'll hear you.
O-Oh, sorry... It seems like I let my guard down a little.
Well, if that was you relaxed...
Then it means...for you, it's not normal to talk to me the way you talk to others.
Of course. Even though we spent time as normal students, once we graduate...
Things will return to the way they were before we started here. That's what I'm planning on.
...I see.
But...this is my will.
Not because I want to exist as a tool... But because it's something I want to do.
Is that...wrong?
If that's what you really want, then there's no way I'd ever stop you.
I see... I'm glad. I can't think of another place for me to be, other than by your side.

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Aoi Asahina[]

Today is the fall school festival... The shops and food stands are tempting you! If you're gonna eat, it has to be donuts! Why don't you go look for some?
I'll check out all the food stands real quick
Ah, that smell... A delicious smell... A smell that makes you wanna start eating and never stop...
Hm? A customer?
Oh, a food stand! What are you selling, Fuyuhiko?
I'm runnin' a yakisoba stand.
Yakisoba, huh? I knew I smelled something like sauce!
This ain't my first time makin' it, so I'll be able to serve up some good stuff, y'know?
Um, I prefer to stuff my face with donuts... But I really wanna eat yakisoba, too... This is the toughest choice I've ever had to make.
I'll put it in a to-go box for you, alright? That way, you can take it with you.
But then it'll get cold if I walk around with it! It tastes best when it's still hot!
Freshly-made yakisoba is calling out to me... The soft noodles... The smell of the sauce...
Yeah, it's good stuff... The juicy meat, the crunchy cabbage...
Just imagining it is making my mouth water. Hehe... Fuyuhiko, one yakisoba please.
The yakisoba was delicious!

With Gonta Gokuhara[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
Gonta feel like walking around campus
Hey...you better watch yourself. You almost ran into me.
S-Sorry! Gonta not watching where he step...
Huh!? Are you tryin' to say I'm so short you gotta look down to see me!?
S-Sorry! Gonta so sorry! Gonta just so big! Sorry!
Gah, alright already...quit apologizing. I don't even feel like being mad anymore.
I guess for you, most people here are too short to see, huh?
But seriously...how the hell did you get to be so fuckin' big?
Ummmm... Dunno. Gonta been big for as long as he can remember.
I see... So you can't change what you're born with, is that it?
Oh... Gonta hear that drinking milk supposed to make you bigger!
H-How dare you!? Don't you dare say that fucking word in front of me!
What? Milk?
I just told you not to say it!
S-Sorry! Do you hate milk!?
Ahhh! Gonta say it again!
*sigh*... Forget it. Talking to you confuses the hell out of me...
Is not very gentlemanly to confuse others, huh?
Huh? Gentlemanly?
Yeah. Gonta's goal is to become true gentleman.
A gentleman, huh? That's not really my thing. But you don't gotta worry about what I say. I think it's good that someone as strong as you...is trying to lead an honest life.
R-Really!? Thanks, Fuyuhiko! You really nice person!
S-Stop... It ain't like that. You really are confusing...
You grew a little closer to Fuyuhiko today...

With Hajime Hinata[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today, you have been invited to Chiaki's Christmas party. You've still got some time before the party. How will you spend it?
There's probably something in the dining hall
Huh? I heard the girls were going to set up here, but you guys came too.
Of course I'm here! I couldn't miss a chance to see Miss Sonia in an apron!
I just...had some spare time, so I decided to help out.
Alright then, I'll help too. What should I do?
In that case...Hajime, there's a favor I wanna ask you. Your birthday is New Year's Day, right?
Yeah, but...what about it?
Listen up, Hajime! Your duty for today is... plan a birthday party and invite Miss Sonia!
Huh? Why?
You're gonna make him plan his own birthday party? That's a bit harsh, don'tcha think?
New Year's isn't a great excuse to have a party with your classmates, right?
But that's where Hajime's birthday comes in! Miss Sonia would definitely come to that!
So that's your motivation, huh...?
Oh, of course we'll celebrate your birthday, too! We're soul friends, after all! Getting to be with Miss Sonia on New Year's Day will be the best! Thanks for being born, Hajime!
That's probably the worst birthday greeting I've ever gotten...
Hey Hajime. Invite Chiaki, too. Today's party was her idea, right? Actually, when we all get together, it's usually her idea. That's why I wanna invite her to something for a change.
Fuyuhiko, you...
H-Hey, it wasn't my idea! Byakuya and Mahiru were the ones that said it!
Got it. Then let's all get together on New Year's Eve.
Alriiiight! I'm already excited for next year!
But...please tell everyone it was you guys who came up with this plan.
You talked about the New Year's birthday party, before the Christmas party had even started...

With Hifumi Yamada[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You want to finish your manuscript ASAP!
You have to do the three-legged race... Who should you ask to be your partner?
I don't care if he is yakuza!
Mr. Kuzuryu! You are my rival!
...You got some balls starin' me down like that.
I dunno why you'd pick a fight with me... But I'll take you on, fatass.
You don't remember? Don't play dumb, I've already done my research!
You have a younger sister that loves you dearly, Mr. Kuzuryu!
Huh? Why are you bringing her up now!? The way you're talking is creepin' me the fuck out!
Ha! Having real sisters is nothing compared to 2D sisters!
I was merely pointing out that you remind me of a light novel protagonist!
The kind that always wins! You have to believe me!
I-I've got no clue what the hell you're saying...but it sounds like you wanna die!
You and Fuyuhiko both worked up a fighting spirit and ran with all your might!

With Kaito Momota[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Show 'em what you got in the three-legged race!
Maybe you should talk to someone before the race. But who?
That guy right there
Oh, hey Fuyuhiko. Never thought I'd be going up against you!
What, am I not allowed to be here or something? Did you think I'd just ditch school events?
Nah, man! I'm glad you're here! I always thought you were the type that'd show up to this stuff!
Geez...don't act like you've got me figured out. I never wanted to do any of this lame shit.
But now that I'm here, there's no way I'm gonna embarrass myself. I'm gonna win this thing!
Right on! It won't be a real challenge unless you come at me with everything you got!
You raised each other's fighting spirits before the race!

With Kazuichi Soda[]

Today is the sports festival... You'll be in the three-legged race! Time to show off to Sonia! ...Or that was the plan anyway, but Monokuma jumped onto the course and made a scene!
Rawr! Come any closer and I'll eat ya!
Fuyuhiko, do something!
We're partners, right!? C'mon, pleeease!
Quit freaking out already... It's not like he's a real bear or anything.
But it'd still hurt if you got bit! Look at those teeth! Monokuma would totally do it, too!
Geez...what happened to all that shit you were spouting before about showing off to Sonia?
That's completely different! I didn't think something like this would happen!
Well, whatever...you're coming with me. Our feet are still tied together, after all.
Huh? Whoa, hold on...
Come on, let's go already.
Fuyuhiko dragged you forward...

With Mondo Owada[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the yakisoba stand! You're making a lot of money today! Another customer has arrived!
Oh, time for a shift change?
Yeah, you're on break for two hours now. Go ahead and check out some events.
Really? It's kinda funny, don't you think? A bike gangster having fun at a school event?
Did you already have a look around?
Yeah. Shops, shows, all that kinda stuff. They're all fired up.
Bro did say he was gonna give a speech or something. I'll go cheer him on.
Yeah, go do that. Though, your bro's usually so fired up, steam's comin' off him.
Haha, yeah, definitely.
You took a break and brought Kiyotaka some yakisoba!

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

Today is the long-awaited sports festival! You'll support your friends with all you've got! You're going to be captain of the soccer team! How will you fight!?
I'll pass the BAAAAALLL!!!
So you guys gotta run out to the front. Gundham, Fuyuhiko, you guys'll be our point of attack!
You've both got guts! There's no need to hold back! JUST DO IT!!!
Kehehe... So you will count me as a mere pawn on your chessboard.
But that arrogance amuses me! Very amusing, Nekomaru! I shall leave my fate to you for now!
I'm worried about being up front with this guy...but I'll trust you for now, Nekomaru. If you're gonna be using me...you better not show me any weak shit.
You supported your teammates with everything you had!

With Ryoma Hoshi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas. Himiko asked you to help with her Christmas magic show. How will you help?
I'll bring something from the dining hall
Hm? Are you the only one here?
Nah, Teruteru's in the back. He's with the girls in our class getting ready for our party.
Oh, yeah. Your class is having their Christmas party today.
If you wanna eat something, the dining hall's open till the party starts.
In that case, I'll talk to Teruteru when he's got a moment. Thanks.
Hey...hold on a sec. While you're here, there something I gotta say to you.
What would a yakuza want with me? If it's a fight you want, I'm not interested.
Nah, it ain't like that. In fact, it's the opposite.
The opposite? What do you mean?
I didn't have a whole lot of chances to talk to you the last three years...
But I know what you did before you came to this academy...and why you did it.
I see... I guess it wouldn't be strange if you of all people knew about it.
I'm not mad at you or anything. In fact, I think you got some serious balls.
So if you got nowhere to go after graduation...come talk to me.
Looking out for guys like you is pretty much my specialty.
I'm surprised. You don't know me all that well, but you're still concerned about me.
...You made an unexpected connection before graduation!

With Tenko Chabashira[]

Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordsmaster, martial artists... Girls excelling in entertainment and sports are hosting a fashion show!
You're in the fashion show, but now you're nervous. Maybe you should walk around the gym?
Grrr...I see a suspicious shadow
You degenerate male! What are you doing sneaking around like that?!
I'm not sneaking around... You guys said you'd be doing some kinda show...so I thought I'd drop by or whatever.
Hmm, I don't trust you. Your face has "ulterior motive" painted all over.
What did you say to me!?
You're gonna blow all over while looking at the cute girls on stage, aren't you!? Males your age only care about stripping girls of their clothes, no matter what we're wearing!
Tch...I'm used to people being suspicious of me, but being accused of shit like this is a pain...
Spit it out already before I throw you out the gym!
H-Hey, I already spit it out! What's so bad about coming to see the show?
You argued with Fuyuhiko, until Sakura and Peko stopped you...


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