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This article contains information and transcripts for Byakuya Togami's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
10 25 1 2 5 3 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
108 270 50 75 150 100 75 50


The Şablon:İmp. A title befitting the name of the Togami family.
I suppose this place deserves some degree of praise for bestowing that unique title upon me.


This academy was so obnoxious, I am genuinely surprised they are all Ultimates.

Friendship Events[]

With Chiaki Nanami and Usami[]

With Chiaki Nanami and Usami
Why, good morning, Byakuya! You're looking well as ever today!
I've been pondering it for some time, but... What on earth *are* you?
Eh? What do you mean...what am I?
Your true identity...the reason behind your existence. Why are you at this academy?
Um...I'm Usami! Magical Miracle Girl ★ Usami! I'm here to teach everyone!
I'm not interested in that stupid story...
U-Um... I dunno how to respond to that...
Now, now... Usami might say some weird stuff from time to time, but she's sincere.
Oh, good morning, Byakuya.
Are you interfering with people in other classes now, too? You're quite the busy class rep.
Hmph...whether or not I'm in a different class right now doesn't matter.
Byakuya, if you're so curious about me, maybe we should have a nice chat some time! A student-teacher conference to foster mutual understanding between the two of us!
I decline. I've had enough of you and those insipid Monokubs...
Why are there so many damned plush animals running around here anyway? If I'd known this was such a dubious place, I would have never come to this school.
I know this all might seem strange, but... I think you're already used to it, Byakuya.
Plus, the Monokubs help us from time to time.
I have no desire to be helped by some strange teddy bear...
Um... What about me? I'm helpful from time to time too, right? Right...?

With Kirumi Tojo and Toko Fukawa[]

With Kirumi Tojo and Toko Fukawa
Thank you for your patience, Byakuya. I have prepared you civet coffee and chiffon cake.
Not bad. You've impressed me. But before I enjoy this coffee...
I know you're here. I can feel your eyes on me.
As expected from Master... You're even accompanied by a servant.
But you over there! D-Don't get carried away, just because you're a maid!
You're mistaken if you think you can care for Master every morning and all night long!
Toko, you should take a seat as well. Which do you prefer—English tea or coffee?
A cup of tea!
Understood. Please give me a moment.
W-Wait! That's not it!
How annoying... Kirumi, keep her away from me.
The dining hall is a common area, Byakuya. If you wish to spend time in a more private area, then may I make a suggestion?
You're going to disobey Master's orders, even though you're just a maid!? Throw me out already!
I am only offering advice, because I thought that would benefit Byakuya the most.
Assertive decisions are necessary, but it is not wise to ignore the emotions of those around him.
Hmph...I guess it's worth considering.
Master is going to listen to someone else's advice!?
Kirumi is not my equal. No one is. Still, she is rare individual with superior skills.
She is a servant worthy of the Togami Corporation. I'll at least listen to her advice.
A-As expected from Master... He truly is the first son of a noble family!

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)
Say something.
The two who should never have met now cross paths...
Your appearance... Explain. Now. Are you the same as that Tsumugi girl?
Allow me to warn you... Saying something like that near Tsumugi is sure to set her off. She says cosplay is different from wearing similar clothes and behaving like real people.
That's not the issue!
You've got five seconds... If you've got an excuse, say it now.
I won't make excuses...
I understand it may be...unpleasant to have your identity borrowed by another person. I won't ask for forgiveness. I just want you to understand one thing.
I did not take on your appearance to cause you harm. Byakuya Togami...the Şablon:İmp. He who is fated to stand far above the rest... I do not know any identity besides that. That is all...
Did you really think I'd find that flattering? Someone as pathetic as you is an Ultimate?
There are many fools who pretend to be part of the Togami family. They're all beneath me.
...The Togami family? Then you—
Don't jump to conclusions...I'm not saying I condone you. Just that I'm going to ignore you.
However...I will give you one piece of advice. If you're going to imitate me, lose weight.
To not understand the importance of fat... We will never see eye-to-eye, Byakuya Togami.
...Did you think even for a second that we could?

With Kaede Akamatsu and Miu Iruma[]

With Kaede Akamatsu and Miu Iruma
You two... Who said you were allowed to share a table with me?
Huh? I can't sit here?
I can sit wherever the fuck I want! If you got a problem with it, you can fuckin' move!
Don't sully the air with your vulgar words.
Awwww, is my hot body making your glasses fog up!?
Did you not hear me? You're unspeakably vulgar.
Well I guess it takes one to know one, fuckface.
...What did you call me?
You think comin' out of a rich dude's ballsack makes you better than me, an actual genius!?
H-Hey, you guys! Don't fight here!
Impossible. Someone like her would never be able to fight me on equal terms.
Yeah! Don't compare me to this four-eyed fucktard, Kaediot! I'm leagues above him!
Miu...do you want me on your side or not?
Hurry up and disappear. The two of you are wasting my valuable time.
What, even me!? That was totally unexpected!
Fuck you, Byakuya! You think I'll just let you off the hook for wasting my valuable time!?
Are you trying to extort me or something? You utterly disgusting woman.
Ergh! Disgusting woman!?
Ah, geez...Miu's gone all weird again.
I-It's not like I secretly enjoy it when someone talks shit to me!
I'm sorry, Byakuya...
...I hate that I've gotten used to reactions like that.
A-And now you're both ignoring me! This ain't half bad...!

With Teruteru Hanamura[]

With Teruteru Hanamura
Hey... Who made this food?
Hmhmhm, did you call for me?
You are...the Şablon:İmp.
I'm glad the Şablon:İmp remembers me. But please, call me the Şablon:İmp.
So how can I help you, sir?
Today's lunch was...acceptable. I'll commend you.
Do you have a problem with that? I wouldn't give such an evaulation to second-class food.
I've got mixed feelings about this, but... I suppose I'll consider it a compliment.
Rejoice... I might consider hiring you on as a contracted chef for the Togami family.
Just what I'd expect from the original Byakuya. Your condescending tone is truly top-notch.
Hey... Stop talking like there are other Byakuyas here besides me.
As for your offer...I'm grateful, but I'm going to have to refuse.
Well, I still want to open up my own place. I've gotta chase my dreams, y'know?
So instead of working for the Togami family, you choose to stay buried among the rabble?
A man longs for a castle of his own, no? Besides...I made a promise to my family. I can't up and run off to your place.
But whenever you miss me, I don't mind if you come on over to my place, okay!? I'll boil you all night long till you're hot and creamy!
...Perhaps it's better I don't hire him.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the scavenger hunt!
Meaningless child's play...but defeat is not an option for the head of the Togami Corporation! So, which card will you pull...?
"Someone who wears glasses"?
How boring. Hardly a challenge for me.
I suppose I *have* to participate in this childishness. Tsumugi, come with me.
Huh, me? Umm...okay. But why would you need plain old me? Was your card Şablon:İmp maybe?
...Just get moving.
...Master! If you need someone with glasses, I'm right—wait, Master!
You took Tsumugi with you to the goal, hurrying her along!
"Someone exposing a lot of skin"?
Such stupidity... And vulgar as well. A waste of my time.
Still, I suppose there is the obvious choice. Akane, come with me.
Okay, but...I just ran a bunch and I'm hungry, so I'm pretty much outta strength.
Behave and there will be a reward.
Reward? What reward? Food? Meals?
Okay! Let's go, Byakuya!
You made your way leisurely to the goal!
"Someone taller than you"?
I should be thankful to whoever made this card. The solution is so simple.
Hey, you there. You're the obvious choice.
Huh? You talking to Gonta?
Who else? If you have time to ask me such ridiculous questions, you have time to move.
Umm... Gonta not know what's going on, but if you need his help, Gonta will do his best!
You made it to the goal, but Gonta took off in a sprint and almost left you behind!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... You gave a lecture as a prominent Togami heir!
After your speech, some of the audience wants to talk to you...
Don't follow me around. It's obnoxious
Hey, I didn't even say anything yet!
You don't have to. I can tell just by looking at you that you're a nuisance.
Not true! I've got a question for you! The Togami Corporation funds all kinds of stuff, right? What about space exploration?
That is within our power. The Togami group, and I myself, can move mountains.
We are obligated to spread our grasp into space. A loser like you wouldn't understand.
I'm no loser! I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars!
But I see you also understand how great outer space is. Alright! I'll make you my sidekick!
...If you say that again, I will kill you.
Huh!? What's the matter!?
Kaito followed you around, pestering you about space all day...
You seemed to be listening attentively
Of course! As I was listening to that lecture full of talent and confidence...I started getting choked up!
Your words ring hollow. It was a simple lecture. Don't waste my time.
You're right... Scum like me has no place talking to someone like you, but... When I thought about how someone like you would never lose to despair...I couldn't help myself.
Your opinion of me is irrelevant. I will continue to succeed.
Now shut your mouth.
Nagito stared you at expectantly.
You have a question for me?
Wow... You so amazing, Byakuya. You know everything.
There was not supposed to be a Q&A, but I'm in a good mood, I'll indulge you.
Umm... Gonta listen very hard, but...Gonta not smart enough to understand really...
But you talk so confident, Byakuya. Gonta think that part of being gentleman.
Gonta want you to tell Gonta what he should do to be gentleman like you.
That has nothing to do with my lecture...but I did promise to indulge you.
A gentleman aims for the upper class of society. I, of course, fit this mold. But not because I was born into it. It was because I fought for it.
So...Byakuya amazing cuz he work really hard? Gonta knew becoming gentleman not easy.
Gonta work hard like you, Byakuya! Work hard to become gentleman!
Gonta may have set his expectations too high, but the lecture was a success!


Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas, but you're not interested!
You're not here to celebrate, you just want to sit and have a coffee.
I'll sit at this open table
Yo, Byakuya! Is that seat open?
Oh hey, let me sit, too!
There are plenty of other open seats, why don't you sit *anywhere* else.
Hey, don't say that! How about I lower my price for fortune telling for you?
And I can give you my autograph! In a few years it will be worth a lot!
You certainly have a lot of free time. But I suppose that's the case for the dull.
What are you talking about, Mr. Togami!? I'm super busy at the end of the year!
Us fanfic creators... No, all otaku are preparing a crusade!
I'm usually more busy at the start of the year. A lot of people want their fortunes then. So right now, I'm...y'know, saving up my energy.
And I will be busy deleting all of the anime I've recorded to make room for the next season.
You don't sound very busy. But I'm so glad you seem happy.
Oh, so you can tell, Byakuya? My fortune today *was* really good!
...I was being sarcastic. Now go away.
Man, come on! Admit it, we've grown on you a little bit!
It's true! When you first came to this academy, you were cold and heartless...
You gave off the aura of a man who would kill you for getting near them!
That's how you used to be, but look at you now! You've come a long way!
Don't you dare make assumptions about me...
You had...quite the noisy time...
I'll sit far away from the noise
Hm? You're gonna sit here? I'm about to say my prayers so I can't talk to you, Byakuya.
I don't mind that one bit. It will be nice and quiet.
If you like quiet, do you wanna pray with me? It'll fill your heart with peace.
You have many responsibilities and commitments, but listening to Atua will ease your burden.
Because Atua is never wrong.
Never ever wrong.
You underestimate me. I've never needed my burdens "eased." As a Togami, I will be fighting, winning, and mastering this world.
I would never rely on the fickle and uncertain nature of a god for help.
Hmmm... But Atua is the only certainty in life. It seems you are still brainwashed, Byakuya. How unfortunate.
I'm not going to be deceived by you. If you want to pray, do it alone.
You had your coffee while Angie quietly prayed across from you.
I'll take my coffee to a quiet classroom
What...? No, it can't be...
Maaasteeerrr!!! I'm seriously super duper lucky ya came to me instead of havin' to go to you!
Aawww, don't go, Master! Don't be shy! Didja forget what today is!?
Yep, it's Christmas! The day for lovers! How did today become a day for couples, anyway!?
I don't know and I don't care. I'm leaving.
A night of passionate sex... Are we too young to make the stork work tonight?
Do you prefer Miss Morose? I doubt that, but... Even though I don't wanna, I can switch to her!
Kidding! Wouldn't it be scary of I sneezed too hard and threw out my back!? Can't have that!
I have no business with you or Toko. I only want to drink my coffee.
You're insatiable! To have two poison flowers in each hand...you really can't choose between us!
If you insist on staying, then I insist that you shut your mouth.
Okay, I'll be quiet then! I'll keep my lips sealed and spend my time watchin' you!
Maidens are satisfied just from ogling their man from afar, y'know!? Kyeehahahahahaha!
Do not make me repeat myself.
Okay, okay. I'll listen...to everything Master orders.
Just for you, I haven't killed anyone in awhile. Y'know that, right?
So, let me stay by your side...kidding! That's definitely not my character!
How many times do I have to say it...?
You tried to return to the dining hall, but Genocide Jack followed you everywhere.

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Akane Owari[]

Today is the school festival... Obviously, you're gonna eat, eat, and eat some more!
You ate a bunch already and now you're taking a break. Who will you talk to?
This is a good shop! I like it!
But of course. After all, I am the one leading this shop.
Oh, thanks, Byakuya! Everythin' was really tasty!
Hm...I shall tell that to the chef, Teruteru.
Sorry, but I'm being called into the kitchen. Please enjoy your meal.
I'll take a little break and then eat till my stomach's full again!
I was told that Hope's Peak Academy's festivals were impressive...
This is the only place worthy of my tongue. Bring me a menu.
Byakuya! You lost weight so fast! What the heck happened to ya!?
I cannot even begin to comprehend your stupidity. You've mistaken me for someone.
You don't really get it, but it seems like Byakuya is annoyed for some reason...

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

Your last winter at the academy... You're having a Christmas party with your classmates today! You plan on telling your classmates the truth about yourself at the party... The preparations for the party are nearly complete, but something's bothering you...
There are no candles to put on the cake!
Hm... If you have business in the dining hall, you'd best hurry. Our party will start soon.
We didn't reserve the dining hall or anything, but it will get too noisy for your liking.
And you plan on attending this party with my persona, don't you?
It's true... I'm doing a poor imitation of you. You're not the type to run errands, are you?
I need to go out and buy some things we need for the party...
...I deeply regret allowing you to dress up like me.
No need to worry... There's only a small amount of time left.
After tonight's party...I plan to tell everyone that I'm not really Byakuya Togami.
I like to think that not even these idiots are unaware that you aren't the real me.
I know... They're all just humoring me. I need to be the one to put an end to it.
I've done a terrible thing to you. But I thank you for putting up with it all these years.
I guess this isn't something to talk about right now... Allow me to thank you next time.
It's fine, If you really want to make it up to me, you'll never imitate me again.
Yes... Next time we meet, I'll apologize to you with my own face.
You talked to Byakuya about your talent...

With Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to run a yakisoba stand.
At first it was a pain...but now you're getting into it! Try calling out to a passerby!
How about trying some yakisoba, Byakuya?
You want me...to eat food...from *food stands*?
Well, I wasn't expecting that... But yakisoba at a festival isn't too bad, y'know?
I'm in no mood to eat. I would prefer to buy the entire operation.
...You're lucky this is just a food stand at a school festival, Byakuya.
If you said the same thing at a real Kuzuryu food stand, you wouldn't make it till tomorrow.
Don't be so impressed. There's no way I will lose to such an impudent punk.
You better stop yapping...it wouldn't be funny if we had to start a war over this.
...It nearly turned into a big incident, but you decided to pretend you didn't hear anything.

With Genocide Jack[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Toko finished her events as fast as she could to go see Master in action, but...
Oh my, how lucky! Now you must burn Master's sweaty, youthful body into your eyes! But you don't know which event Master will be in... Where could Master be?
Master's slender body is perfect for basketball!
Aha! The power of love guides me!!! I've found you, Master Byakuya!
Hiro. Rejoice, I have a job for you. Detain her.
What!? You want me to detain *her*!?
Byakuya, please! Anything but that!
I'm coming for youuuuuu!
You pushed Hiro aside and passionately cheered for Master!

With Kazuichi Soda[]

Today is the school festival... You're going to visit the shop Sonia's a part of!
Since it's so busy, someone asked if they can sit by you... What do you do?
Quit glaring at me already!
Do you think I would waste even a fraction of my time and energy looking at you?
Hey, your whole face is screaming, "I can't stand sharing a table with you" right now!
The food is average, but the atmosphere is so bad I can't even drink my coffee.
Hey! It's not subpar! Miss Sonia's a part of this stand! We're just sharing tables because she wants us to have fun together...or something like that!
Princesses are amused by such trivialities?
W-Well that's just my interpretation... It means *I'm* boring, not Miss Sonia!
And you're fine with that?
You spent some time in the shop while Byakuya glared at you...

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school. So where will you clean?
The dining hall may be surprisingly easy
Oh, Byakuya...are you having a coffee break?
Do you honestly think I would stoop to cleaning this place?
No...I cannot imagine you doing such a thing.
Anyway, the dining hall's already been cleaned. I'm just here because there's no dust.
Ah, as I thought... Kirumi always cleans the dining hall, so there's nothing to do here. In that case, I shall thank Kirumi and have some tea.
By the way, Byakuya, I notice Toko isn't with you today.
She's never been with me.
Well...I do not think that's accurate. She's always following after you so eagerly.
I've never seen her. Even if I had, it wouldn't mean we were together.
Kehehe...so cold. Why not respond to her feelings? Such earnestness is rare, you know? You may find that it makes you happier than having the entire world in your hands.
What a terrifying thought... I'm disappointed that you have such commoner sentiments. Is that all that you've gained from observing people as the Ultimate Anthropologist?
No, this is a conclusion I've reached based on my own personal experiences.
Either way, it's a terrifying thought...
You spent time having tea and exchanging opinions with Byakuya...

With Makoto Naegi[]

Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
I'll go to the classroom
Oh, Makoto! I was just thinking about inviting you!
Me? You and Byakuya want *me*? That's pretty rare...
Don't get ahead of yourselves. Hina is just speaking for me.
Geez, I told you that you're invited, too!
What nonsense. If you really wanted me to go, I could go.
The Byakuya from the other class gathered all his classmates for a party, though...
Don't compare me to him.
Hold on, I'm lost...
Sorry about that. Did you know Chiaki and Peko's class had a party yesterday?
Yeah, a Christmas party.
Yeah! When I heard how lively and energetic it was, I was so envious.
Oh, you want our class to have a party or something?
Yeah, that's what I was getting at!
We have no call for a social gathering.
That's true... The last Christmas of our school life had already passed.
Ahhh, why didn't I think of this sooner?
Well, everyone was busy on Christmas. Isn't it better to do it now?
Oh, good point. That reminds me, Sayaka was doing a Christmas live.
It would've been a problem if Sayaka didn't come! I'm surprised you remembered, Makoto!
And, so...you wanted me to come to the party?
No. It seems Hina would like you to *plan* this party.
Huh? Me?
You're friends with everyone, right, Makoto? More people would come if you invited them.
Ah, I'm not so sure about that...
Definitely! Of course, I'll help plan and set up the party.
Okay then...I'll help with whatever I can.
Alright! Let's make it a fun party!
...I'll be keeping a close eye on you.
You planned a fun class party!

With Mondo Owada[]

Today is the the sports festival... You're the captain of the basketball team! School events aren't really your style... But you've got a responsibility. So, who should we look out for?
Didn't expect that family to be an issue...
What are you looking at? Let me guess, you're nervous about being a captain?
What kinda bullshit is that!? I was just thinking about how I don't want you on my team!
You're all bark and no bite.
Everything you say pisses me off!
I can't promise I won't snap at you during the match.
Hmph, if you can't even win this dullard's game, you don't deserve your Ultimate title.
Now you've said it! Just you wait, this team will be the best!
Byakuya kind of pissed you off, but he did motivate you!

With Toko Fukawa[]

Today is dreaded summer sports festival... You're forced into the scavenger hunt... Ugh, it can't be helped... Which card will you choose?
I sense love from the middle card! I just know!
Şablon:İmp! O-Of course, there's only one answer! M-Master! Please, will you run to the goal with me!?
Did you seriously think that I would expend energy for *you*?
N-No, I would never assume...
Then shut your mouth.
You forfeited the race...but you feel satisfied!

Your last winter at the academy... You should've been cleaning on the day of the ceremony, but...
Unfortunately, you turned into Genocide Jack before you knew it. The cleaning doesn't seem to be done yet... What will you do?
Master might be in the classroom
There he is! M-Master Byakuya!
Oh, it's you. The obnoxious one.
Master Byakuya...please, let me stay by your side!
If you keep your putrid breath in your mouth... I suppose I don't mind. First, you need a bath. Then stay 50 yards away from me and keep your mouth shut.
I-I'm the only one you ever give orders like that to... Thank you so much!
I-In return...I'll stay by your side forever, Master Byakuya. I will follow my master everywhere, even after we graduate...
A-And of course, once we share a family name, we'll be even closer... 50 yards... 25 yards... down to *sigh* zero!
Didn't I tell you to *shut* your mouth? The air is polluted enough already.
Th-Then! Please! W-Will you read this poem I wrote for you!?
Now you need to get away 100 yards away from me.
Y-Yes, I-I will sprint immedialety, I...
Whoa! Well lookie here, it's Master Byakuya! It must be fate!
Like hell it is!
Oooh, I feel it in the air! My other self was pouring her guts out to you! Master! Please! Take me!
Hey, hey, hey! If you're gonna make me chase you, save it for the honeymoon!
Genocide Jack enjoyed her time with Byakuya!


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