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This article contains information and transcripts for Angie Yonaga's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
15 25 1 3 2 5 2 1
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
162 270 50 100 75 150 75 50


So this is where I'll be living for three years on my first pilgrimage away from the island.
Many mysterious miracles await me here. At least, that is what Atua says.


Atua is never wrong. These last three years were fun, just as He said they would be.

Friendship Events[]

With Korekiyo Shinguji[]

With Korekiyo Shinguji
Hm? How long have you been standing there, Kiyo?
Mm...I've been here for some time. I didn't wish to interrupt your prayer.
Nyahahahaha, thanks for being considerate! Do you want to join me, Kiyo?
Atua has spoken... If you convert now, you'll get a great deal on some exclusive services.
Hmm...I think I shall decline for now.
Hmmm... For now? This offer will not last forever, you know.
How can I believe in your god when I barely know anything about him?
His origins, his doctrines, the ways in which he is worshipped...
I can infer some from your words, but I have yet to hear a proper explanation.
I see, I see... You have a genuine interest in Atua beyond mere worship...
Cuz you are curious about Atua, right? That is what He is telling me.
Yes. I am curious as an anthropologist. Is it a problem if that's why I'm interested?
Hmmm, I would like to say that all are welcome, but...
Atua's business hours are closed for today. Too bad.
I see. That is unfortunate.
You know, if you want to hear the voice of Atua...you must pray.
Atua brings salvation, but only to those who believe.
Those who do not will face His judgment, you know.
Kehehe...how scary. I shall have to rein in my academic interest to avoid your god's wrath.

With Yasuhiro Hagakure[]

With Yasuhiro Hagakure
Oh hey Angie. Thanks for coming! Listen carefully, cuz today I've got a business plan that'll be perfect for you!
Huh? Business plan?
Hmmmm, what do you mean by that? Atua says to spit it out already.
Alright, listen up! This business plan is perfect. You don't even need to do anything different for it! You just gotta keep doing your creative stuff and listening to Atua like normal!
Uh-huh, uh-huh...and then?
All I want you to do is do your prayers and stuff...at the dojo!
Dojo, huh...? You mean where Tenko and Peko are always training?
Yeah, that's the place! I wanna record your prayers and sell CDs of 'em! If I do that, you'll get more followers and I'll get more cash!
I see, I see! That sounds simple enough! That would make us both happy!
Yeah! It's perfect, right!?
Yes, yes! Atua praises you, Hiro! Spreading the word of Atua to the masses is very good!
So...does that mean we're good?
Of course not! Cuz Atua says I can't do that!
Huh!? Why!? I thought Atua was on board!
No, Atua just said it's good that you're always thinking so much.
Huh? Really?
You have a lot of responsibilities, debt, and people who don't take you seriously... And yet, you still work hard as ever. Atua knows.
I-I see... Atua sees right through me!
Atua sees all. Atua watches over you, like a beautiful mother of infinite patience.
Atua...is so helpful!
Nyahahahah! Do you wanna pray?
Yeah! I will! I'm so grateful to Atua!
The two of you prayed to Atua!

With Himiko Yumeno[]

With Himiko Yumeno
Nyahahaha, all done praying! I can hear Atua loud and clear today, too!
Nyeeeh...how passionate.
Do you wanna pray with me, Himiko?
It will put your mind at ease.
No...I don't need that.
I see... So you still can't feel Atua's presence yet.
I will pray for you, so your mind can be cleansed and you can feel Atua's loving embrace.
If you think that way, then I won't stop you.
You are correct not to stop me. Because Atua is always correct.
Did Atua tell you to pray for me?
Huhhhh? What do you mean?
It wasn't even your choice?
Hmmmm... Atua has spoken. He says I must pray for my friend. If my friend converts, then both she and I will receive double the points.
Nyeeeh...that's a deal.
Right, right? It's divine, isn't it!?

With Hiyoko Saionji[]

With Hiyoko Saionji
Hm? Hiyoko? You have such a serious look on your face. Whatever is the matter?
Whaaaat? If you're feeling blue, you should pray to Atua.
I saw your work...
I thought you were just this weird cult chick but your paintings and sculptures are...good. The moment I saw them, it felt like I was struck by lightning... That's a first for me.
I see, I see... In other words, you want to pray to Atua, right Hiyoko?
Huh!? Where did that come from!?
Because it is Atua who creates the art.
My body is merely the vessel through which He works.
How annoying! Are you some kinda nutjob!? What's with those poses!? Do you think you're cute!?
If you like my art so much, it means Atua has accepted you.
Don't worry, Atua is watching over you like a gentle father.
Q-Quit it! I'd never be one of your creepy followers!
I'm asking you to believe in Atua, not me.
I already said I won't believe it no matter what, you psychoelectric, pea-brained bitch!
Though Atua has accepted you, if your bad attitude doesn't change... you'll be punished.
Geez! And I even complimented your art! What a waste of time this was!

With Izuru Kamukura[]

With Izuru Kamukura
Huh? When did you get here...?
I don't believe we've ever spoken before. Did you come to pray to Atua?
I would not come to the music room looking for someone who should be in the art room.
Nyahahaha, good point. Is my presence disturbing you?
Atua said the music room is rather dreary, and that I should decorate it...
So I was praying to see how I should arrange the decorations to best harmonize with music.
Decorations...? These paintings and sculptures all over? Are these your doing?
I didn't create this artwork. Atua did from within me.
Atua, huh?
Nyahahahaha! Isn't it divine? If you are ever feeling unhappy or discouraged, you should pray to Atua.
Atua's words are never wrong. Atua sees all, and will save only those who believe.
Hmm...so that's how you go about manipulating people into giving you what you want. To get exactly what you want...just like you expect. That satisfies you? How boring.
Hmmm... That's not very nice. You'll arouse Atua's wrath, you know.
Why...you'll even be punished across six generations.
How boring... Even if that's true, I don't care.

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the summer sports festival... You're going to participate in the scavenger hunt! There are three cards in front of you... Which one is Atua telling you to pick?
You may rely on the right card
Hmm... Şablon:İmp huh? Nyahaha! How easy-peasy!
Hey, Hifumi! Come here!
Oooh, me?
So you require a man of intellect? No one outmatches an otaku in wit!
Um... The card said to bring someone with a huge body, and Atua said you'd be perfect.
Oh. I see. Well, perhaps Mr. Gokuhara or Mr. Owada would be better suited...
Nah, let's just go. If we keep wasting time...you'll be punished for two generations.
I shall go immediately!!!
You ran through the goal with Hifumi as he huffed and puffed and wheezed!
Outlook good for the middle card
Hmm... Şablon:İmp Since Himiko's in the same scavenger hunt...
Okay Chihiro, let's go. Atua has chosen you to join me.
Wait, A-Atua? Huuuh?
Um... Religion is complicated, so I don't really understand, but...um, what should I do?
Don't be afraid. You'll be fine as long as you follow me. Atua is a gentle god, watching over you like a doting father, Chihiro.
But having a god like that watch over me is a little...
You ran through the goal with Chihiro, though she seemed a little put off by it...
Signs point to the left card
Hmm... Şablon:İmp
Hiyoko, let's run together.
Whaaat? But I don't wanna. I don't wanna do something grubby like running.
Besides, I heard you say what was on the card already! I'm not strong-willed, I'm elegant! Can't you at least see that, you stupid nutjob?
Atua has chosen you, Hiyoko. I do not think it would be wise for you to refuse Him.
*You* shouldn't be doing this... Don't act all high and mighty just cuz you like the attention!
Tensions flared between you and Hiyoko as she refused to listen to Atua...

School Festival[]

Today is the fall school festival... Your job was to make the haunted house exhibit!
You really want lots of people to come! Why don't you talk to students as they walk by?
Stop, you two! Atua is summoning you!
Atua has spoken... Everyone should enter this haunted house.
Huh? A-Atua?
...Your hometown must be exceptionally devout.
Of course! Atua is always by my side! Nyahaha! It's so divine!
Um, anyway...you just want me to go into the haunted house, right?
What do you wanna do, Sakura? The haunted house looks pretty interesting.
It does... Since it is a school festival, we should experience it for ourselves.
Yahooo! Now we're talking! I did all the interior decorations, but they're really intense...
So intense, they might make you faint...
Hey, don't say it like that! I really dislike that kind of stuff!
I do not think she means any harm by it... She simply has a strange way of speaking.
Nyahaha! Two victims, comin' through!
You escorted Sakura and Hina, who seemed exhausted already, into the haunted house!
Tokoooo! Come insiiiiiide!
Wh-What do you want, Psychoelectric Girl!? Do I look like easy prey to fall into your religion!?
Hmmm... Atua says...that you will enjoy my haunted house.
N-No way... Haunted houses are dark. And I bet it's swarmed with couples doing inappropriate things in the dark!
P-Perverted! What a perverted place!
Ohhhh, that's certainly possible.
Scary experiences do have a way of bringing couples closer together. Hmm, maybe we should've had you come up with designs for the haunted house, Toko.
Don't call me by my name, perverted Psychoelectric Girl... We aren't friends.
Toko refused to enter the haunted house.
Come inside and meet all the ghosts!
Gh-Ghosts? Didja just say ghosts?
Of course! This is a haunted house, after all. Please come inside, Akane.
Atua says this haunted house is super fun!
'Kay. I'm starvin' so, I'm gonna go eat.
Hmmm? Akane, you seem glum about something.
Don't tell me...you're scared?
N-No way I'm scared! I ain't weak!
Oh? Then why aren't you going in?
Why? Why?
I-If I already said I ain't goin' in, then I ain't goin' in! You've been sayin' "Atua this" and "haunted house that"... Quit sayin' weird stuff!
It's not good to say such things... You will be punished for six generations, y'know.
Six...whats? I dunno what you're talking about, but there's no way!
Awwww... This is the first time someone didn't listen to me.
Akane refused to enter the haunted house...


Your last winter at the academy... Himiko is going to perform a Christmas magic show! After working since yesterday to make the set, it's nearly showtime... What will you do?
Himikooo, Atua told me to check on you.
Himiko, it's nearly showtime.
U-Uh... This is it. The final show of the year.
Hm? So, you're nervous.
Atua will help relax you.
You should listen to His voice.
N-No... I'm fine. I've got nerves of steel...
And it's not my first time doing a show here.
I see, I see. You've come a long way, Himiko. I suppose this is good progress on your part.
Yeah, it's fine. You probably can't feel Atua's embrace yet the way you are now, but... I will still pray for you, Himiko! Nyahahaha!
Um...thank you.
Hm? Do you finally acknowledge the greatness of Atua?
No, I'm grateful to you. I don't get Atua. I don't know why it is you worship him all the time. But you're thinking about me is real... That's what I decided.
In order to repay you... I'll make today's show a success!
Hmmm...I see.
It seems Himiko is just fine, after all. I'm so relieved.
...You watched Himiko put on a successful show for the audience!
Maybe I'll go get something to drink.
Oh, there you are Angie! I'm in a pinch, will you help me?
Huh? I'm busy too, y'know.
Come on, don't say that! I really need your help!
Atua has spoken... He says you are okay, but only some of the time.
Rejoice, Hiro. With Atua watching over you, you'll be fine today no matter what happens.
Who's Atua!? What are ya talkin' about, Angie?
Hmm... Does it seem sloppy? I don't think so.
Atua says it's just fine, so there's definitely no problem.
Hmmm... Well, if you're saying it Angie, then I guess it's safe for today. But I'm worried about more than just today! I got debt and some bad dudes chasing me!
I thought I'd be safe here, but... We're graduating soon, y'know?
I didn't get the money, so I'm still in trouble!
It's okay. Even if you're stranded at sea in a fishing boat, you are never alone, Hiro.
No matter what happens... Atua will watch over you.
Watch over me!? I need Atua to do more than that!
It's come to this... I beg you, let me sell your merchandise! I've told fortunes for bigshots and the super rich, I've got *connections*!
I can make you *rich* off of your merchandise, Angie!
Oh, Atua has spoken... There is a solution available to you, Hiro. Ummmm... You should come to my island and offer yourself as a sacrifice.
Don't worry, we're just going to take a teensy bit of your blood. It's nothing scary.
Wh-What!? Are you mad at me or something!?
Mad? Why would I be mad? This proposal comes form Atua Himself.
But if you refuse...you will be punished across six generations.
Nooo!!! Save meee!!!
...Yasuhiro ran away in fear, so you returned to the gym!
Maybe I'll just watch from the audience.
Hm? Tenko, why are you in the audience? You helped prepare the show too, didn't you?
Yeah, but I only helped with the menial tasks...but I did send Himiko all my loving support. Angie...thank you for working on the set.
I merely lent my body to Atua, to be used as an instrument of His mighty artistry...
Ugh... Uuuuuggghhhhhhhh...
Hmmm? What's wrong?
When Himiko was preparing for her show, she asked you for help first. Of course she would. You're the only one who could make the perfect decorations for her show.
But...the show couldn't have been completed without me, either! Even if I didn't do anything special, what matters was that I was there!
Very true... Atua agrees with you, Tenko. You are so dedicated.
Mm-hm. You always dedicate your body and soul to doing your very best.
So if you dedicate yourself to prayer, I'm certain Atua will be most pleased.
Ugh...degenerate males may be the worst, but girls can be sneaky too!
I learned that cuz of you! Why would you make me realize that!?
Hmmm... Is this gratitude? Or anger?
You enjoyed Himiko's show while next to the emotionally conflicted Tenko...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Byakuya Togami[]

Your last winter at the academy... Today is Christmas, but you're not interested!
You're not here to celebrate, you just want to sit and have a coffee.
I'll sit far away from the noise
Hm? You're gonna sit here? I'm about to say my prayers so I can't talk to you, Byakuya.
I don't mind that one bit. It will be nice and quiet.
If you like quiet, do you wanna pray with me? It'll fill your heart with peace.
You have many responsibilities and commitments, but listening to Atua will ease your burden.
Because Atua is never wrong.
Never ever wrong.
You underestimate me. I've never needed my burdens "eased." As a Togami, I will be fighting, winning, and mastering this world.
I would never rely on the fickle and uncertain nature of a god for help.
Hmmm... But Atua is the only certainty in life. It seems you are still brainwashed, Byakuya. How unfortunate.
I'm not going to be deceived by you. If you want to pray, do it alone.
You had your coffee while Angie quietly prayed across from you.

With Hifumi Yamada[]

Your last winter at the academy... You finished your work—it's Christmas Eve!
But the convention in a few days is much more important! You don't feel good though...
I'll go to the nurse's office
Huh? You don't look so well, Hifumi. What's the matter? Are you tired?
Yes, I took an arrow in the knee just before the battle. I need some rest.
And what about you, Ms. Yonaga? You appear to be fine...
I'm just here because I need blood.
Blood...? A-Are you anemic?
No one is willing to make a blood offering, so I thought I might find some here.
I-I-I think they have b-blood for transfusions here...?
Yeah? Maybe I'll ask Mikan if she'll share some with me...
Or...do you want to be a sacrifice, Hifumi? Atua will praise you if you do.
Oh no, 2D is my god! Farewell!
You decided the nurse's office isn't the best place to rest and went to the dorms...

With Himiko Yumeno[]

Today is the fall school festival... Obviously, you'll perform a magic show!
It's almost time for your show to start... How will you spend the next few minutes?
I-I'm not nervous...but I'll take a deep breath
Breathe in...breathe out... W-Wait...did I just breathe in or out right now?
Oh wow, you're too nervous right now, Himiko.
Don't worry, handsome Atua is always watching over you.
Angie...you'll watch me too, right?
Hm? Me?
You took the time to help me set up, so... I'd rather have you watch me than Atua.
Why, I'll be by your side in the audience, watching your show from start to finish!
Yeah...you'll be by my side. Hm...that's reassuring. I'm starting to calm down.
Nyahahahaha, you're still trembling!
...You never did stop shaking, but you were able to find the courage to stand on stage!

With Ibuki Mioda[]

Today is the summer sports festival! Whether it's headbanging or tree climbing, bring it on! But most important of all...cheering! Where will you perform your fight song?
A place with a psychedelic vibe!
Weeeell, it's not a genre I really listen to, but it seems pretty interesting...
And right when I thought that, iiiiit's Angie! Somehow that makes sense!
Hmm? What's up, Ibuki? Have you come to offer yourself as a sacrifice?
You're quite skinny, though. It might be dangerous if I extract too much blood...
Nevertheless, Atua praises your devotion! Nyahahaha, how wonderful!
S-Sacrifice? Hey, I just came here to cheer...
But, what if it's an experience that'll be good for a live concert...? Ughughugh...
...You were so conflicted, you forgot about cheering!

With Junko Enoshima[]

Today is the fall school festival... It's a boring event full of hope! Will you work or go around looking at the exhibits?
Maybe I'll help with the haunted house
Yah-hah! Are you gonna help us run the haunted house exhibit?
Yup, I can think of 20,264 ways to give people a despair-inducing surprise.
I see, I see. With your help, our haunted house will become even more divinely fearsome.
But... Atua says that haunted houses are supposed to be fun for everyone. Let's remember that and get to work.
Of course, of course! Leave it to me! I'll make it a stimulating environment for everyone!
...You powered up the haunted house into an attraction full of heart-pounding excitement!

With Makoto Naegi[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the scavenger hunt! The card you pulled is...
Şablon:İmp!? There aren't many people that fit that description...
I'm not sure, I'll ask them...
Angie? Could you come with me please?
Hmmm? Me? I don't mind, but can you tell me what it said on the card you drew?
Umm...it said Şablon:İmp
I see... And you're sure I qualify? Our size difference is not that great, you know.
Well, I think I'm a little taller...
Ummm, I suppose that will work. When we cross the goal, I'll hunch a little.
Oh, thanks, that would help.
In return...will you be a sacrifice?
...A what?
Nyahahaha! C'mon, let's hurry up and go!
You ran to the goal with Angie, still wondering what she meant!

With Miu Iruma[]

You're going to play table tennis in the sports festival...and win, thanks to your inventions! You made sure to come prepared today... Which invention will you use?
The "Sit N' Rally" invention!
Hah-hahaha! As if I'd really work up a sweat during the day by exercising!
Huh, this strange invention of your is a clear demonstration of your talent.
But...it is also a clear violation of the rules. If you put it away now, Atua will forgive you.
Doesn't your god have anything better to do than meddle in a fuckin' table tennis match!?
...Tensions are flaring between the two of you!

With Mondo Owada[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the yakisoba stand! You're making a lot of money today! Another customer has arrived!
Hey, you want somethin'?
Mmmmmm, these food stands smell absolutely divine. Atua has spoken... I must try one. Mondo, may I have one yakisoba please?
What's with "Atua" anyway? Do you have to ask him what to eat too?
But Atua is never wrong.
Sure, sure. Here, take your yakisoba.
Yahoo! Thanks! May Atua watch over you, Mondo.
...Now, I know I'm not supposed to snap at a girl. Big Bro said guys who did that were trash. But there's no way in hell I'm ever gonna follow that god.
So you might as well just drop the Atua crap and leave.
No matter what you say, Atua is watching over you like a macho, reliable older brother.
Tch, get out of here!
Nyahahaha! If you ever wanna know what Atua is saying...you can visit me anytime.
You cooked some more yakisoba to clear your mind of Angie's words...

With Toko Fukawa[]

Your last winter at the academy... You should've been cleaning on the day of the ceremony, but...
Unfortunately, you turned into Genocide Jack before you knew it. The cleaning doesn't seem to be done yet... What will you do?
I'd rather clean somewhere with less people
Oh, hello, Toko. Did you come to clean up, too?
D-Don't talk to me like we're friends. I wouldn't have agreed to this if I knew the little cult leader would be here.
Atua has spoken... He says that's not a very nice thing to say.
Atua this, Atua that! You're deluded if you think that convinces anyone! I-It's fine to have faith, but you're obviously just doing it to manipulate people.
Hmm? I'm just relaying the word of Atua.
Atua has spoken... No matter the day or the hour. He will teach people how to be happy.
You're just making yourself sound even more suspicious. I c-can't believe you actually managed to trick people into following you.
And some of them even think that you're *friends*, don't they? ...You should keep your friends close. Don't hurt them.
Ohhh... What a suprise. I never imagined you'd be the one to tell me that, Toko.
Don't worry, Atua is watching over everyone close to me.
Whatever, I tried.
You cleaned the music room in silence...

With Usami[]

Your last winter at the academy... All the students will be graduating soon.
You feel both sad and happy. However, there is one student you're a little worried about...
Angie seems a little off-kilter...
Th-There you are, Angie... Um, what are you doing at the pool? It's winter, y'know.
Atua has spoken... Everyone should enter the water and bare their souls.
It works best if you're stark naked, but Atua says He'll allow swimsuits just this once.
...You were planning to swim butt-naked with the other students?
We do this all the time on my island, y'know. When everyone is feeling agitated...
We bare our souls and swim together. It feels so nice and relaxing.
Ha-wa-wa... I feel like I wasn't supposed to know that...
Um, anyway... Are you feeling agitated right this moment?
Hmmm? Why? Because graduation is nearly upon us?
Oh, Angie...maybe you're feeling—
I see now... So that's why Atua said we all need to bare our souls.
But...there's no point in doing this alone. I must bring someone who understands Atua's word.
So, would you like to join us, Usami?
Huh? Me?
Atua accepts all, even robots and plushies! Nyahahaha! He's such a great god!
You ended up swimming with Angie and never got to ask her if she was feeling sad...


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