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This article contains information and transcripts for Akane Owari's Ultimate Talent Development Plan events.

Card Stats

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
18 15 4 2 1 1 5 3
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
175 162 125 75 50 50 150 100


Uhhh, what was I again...? The Şablon:İmp or somethin'?
Well, as long as there's somewhere for me to sleep and eat, I'm fine with whatever!


I met a bunch of strong dudes and I ate a lot of good food... I'm pretty satisfied.
But...now I get it. All that's gonna end today.

Friendship Events[]

With Himiko Yumeno[]

With Himiko Yumeno
Hmmm...uhhhh...where was it?
Did you need something from me?
Nah, I just thought I've seen you before.
I usually forget any weakling who looks too feeble for me...
But something's botherin' me. Hey, have we met before we came to this school?
Isn't that question usually reserved for running scams and picking up girls?
Well whatever. I gotta go prepare for my magic show.
Oh! That's it, that's it! You do all the tricks in the magic show!
It's a magic show cuz I do magic. Not tricks.
I've gone to one of your free shows before with the li'l ones.
Your kids...?
My brothers and sisters. I think I have seven or eight of 'em.
I see... One of my shows...
Um...were your brothers and sisters happy?
Oh, they were yellin' like crazy during the whole show.
The only time we get that excited is when there's food in front of us.
I see...I'm glad...
Lemme know when you do more free tricks. I'll bring the li'l ones with me.
It was a charity magic show cuz I did magic for charity. Not tricks for charity.
Okay, okay! Are you chargin' for a show today? You better eat up since you're small, squirt!
That's none of your business...

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)[]

With Byakuya Togami (Imposter)
Akane... The time has finally come.
Yeah, my body's ready. I'm rarin' to go! Let me at it!
I understand that feeling... I, too, am tired of waiting.
These all-you-can-eat tickets Teruteru gave us! At long last, we can use them!
Uuuuoooooooooohhhhhh!!! I'm ready to eeeeeeeaaaaattt!!!
Hold on...if you wish to eat as much as possible, it's important to keep your pace.
Are you wearing loose-fitting clothing? You didn't do something dumb like skip meals, right?
No way, I'd starve to death! And besides, I'm great at keepin' my pace. Eating's top priority, y'know?
After I'm done eatin', I just get hungry again, so then I eat more.
And also, when I eat somethin' salty, I need something sweet, so I eat more! D'ya get it?
My word... When you're seated at a dining table, you become a raging beast.
We hafta eat meat first! Meat, meat, meat!
Wait...I understand you want to eat meat, but you need to start with vegetables first. If you want to build fat, you've also got the choice to go all-in on oily food.
But in order to enjoy as much food as possible, it's best to start with vegetables.
When you've given the chance to eat to your heart's content, you must make the most of it!
Okay, fine... Oh well, food tastes great no matter how ya eat it.
Alright, let's go, Akane! Come, I will guide you!
Alrighhhhhhhhhtttttttttttt!!! I'm gonna eat till I pass out!
The both of you managed to empty out the dining hall reserves!

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)[]

With Junko Enoshima (Mukuro)
Hmm... Hmmmmmm...
Why are you just groaning like that in the middle of the hallway? I can't get by, y'know?
My instincts are tellin' me I can't let you leave...
Huh? Like, what are you saying?
Alright! How about ya fight me!?
What do you mean, fight? Like a catwalk match, or a fight to see who can get the most numbers from guys? You gotta be more specific here... What kinda fight are you even challenging me to?
Isn't that obvious? We're gonna brawl with our fists, you and me!
Wait...I totally knew that was coming, but like, no way! I'm a fashionista, not a brute like you!
Hm...you do look skinny and frail... But my gut's tellin' me I'll have a good time fighting you.
I can't do the impossible.
Hm...that's weird. It might be my gut instinct, but...
No way, I wanna fight! Hey, just one round! Then we'll see if this flies or not!
I already said it's totally impossible! Geez, I'm leaving!
Oh, hey! Wait! Dammit...I was payin' full attention too, but she still managed to escape.
Seeing her run away like that...makes me wanna go chase her down!
You both played tag around the school!

With Sakura Ogami and Maki Harukawa[]

With Sakura Ogami and Maki Harukawa
Oh... It's you, Akane.
There you are, Sakura! Fight me! I'm gonna win today!
...What are you doing just jumping in like that? We were about to train.
Akane has been challenging me to fights quite frequently as of late... I have no reason to refuse a challenger... And so, I will fight any who seek me out...
Oh, Mookie's here too!? Perfect! How 'bout ya join us?
I'll pass. Also, my name is Maki.
Huh? Who cares!? I'm just feelin' feisty cuz I'm so damn hungry!
What a convenient excuse. Besides, I get why you'd want to fight Sakura, but why me?
Hm? Cuz you're strong, right?
I'll have fun fightin' you. That's what the guy from your class told me. Ummm...I forgot his name. That one annoyin' brat with the shit-eatin' grin.
Ah... Everything he says is a lie. Sorry, you were tricked.
I also agree that you're not just some ordinary person.
Wait, what are you saying, Sakura?
I can see you're skillful, but I don't intend to challenge anyone who doesn't want to fight.
Okay then, let's all fight! It's a free for all!
I already said I'll pass.
Unlike you two, I don't enjoy or respect fighting.
Stop worryin' about that and just fight! It don't matter as long as we duke it out!!
...You're stupid and absurd. I wish you'd stop spouting nonsense.

With Usami and Nekomaru Nidai[]

With Usami and Nekomaru Nidai
A-Akane, you're awake! Are you alright!?
Hm? Why am I sleepin' here?
You were training here with Nekomaru.
He really did a number on you... You shouldn't be so reckless...
Ohhh, I remember now. Coach Nekomaru roughed me up a bit.
I made some of the team manager special... An extra large rice ball! You want some?
Oh, it's great!
H-How did you make a riceball the size of your fist so fast, Nekomaru!?
Gah-hahaha! You guys eat pretty well. Eat more! Or else you can't build your body!
I know. If I don't eat and get stronger... I won't be able to beat you or Sakura.
Hmph...it seems like you're starting to get the hang of controlling your body properly... But if you can't beat me, a simple team manager, then you don't stand a chance against Sakura.
A-Akane...you wanna challenge Sakura?
Duh! There's no way I wouldn't fight when such a strong opponent is right in front of me!
Sometimes, it's good to get knocked down a peg by a huge rival. Especially for people like her.
When I fight you or Sakura...I get even more excited when I lose.
I can get stronger... No, I'm gonna get stronger. I'll definitely win tomorrow.
I've never felt this hyped before.
Akane...at first, I wasn't sure if I could watch you get beat up again...
But now, I realize that this is something you have to do.
Don't worry, Usami... As a team manager, I'll look out for Akane.
Yes. I will trust you...and watch over you both.
But...next time, please train outside. The gym's walls are full of dents...

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Today is the sports festival... But you were roughed up by Monokuma earlier!
You need to recover in time for the events in the afternoon!
Food food food! Can't fight without eatin'!
Whew, I'm starvin'! Hey, Teruteru, you're makin' boxed lunches, right? Gimme one!
I'd prefer you call it "catering"... But I guess it's fine if it's you.
I know you'd come. Your face says you're longing for a magnificent meal!
Yeah! Gimme meat!
Teruteru fed you an excellent lunch!
Guess I should go change...
Alright. There we go...
Huh? Are you changin' your clothes too? Uh...what was your name again?
Geez, did you forget already? My name's Tsumugi Shirogane.
You need to go ask Hina for some tips on remembering people's names.
Sorry, sorry. You're so plain, I couldn't remember you.
I'm well aware I'm plain...but when I take off my glasses, I look amazing, y'know?
Tsumugi got annoyed by you...but you didn't really care!
I gotta have him do "it" to me!
Oh, there you are coach Nekomaru!
Ah, Akane. It seems like you're pretty busy today.
I dunno about this sports festival thing or whatever, but I had some good battles!
So, y'know...can you do "it" to me? I've still got some events in the afternoon.
Very well...taking care of athletes is a manager's job. I'll do "it" for you!
...You restored your energy by having Nekomaru do "it" to you!

School Festival[]

Today is the school festival... Obviously, you're gonna eat, eat, and eat some more!
You ate a bunch already and now you're taking a break. Who will you talk to?
Hey, you gonna eat that?
You only drank your tea. If you're not gonna eat your share, give it to me.
Me? Oh, I am fine. Do not mind me. I helped to plan the menu, so I have tasted all of the prototypes already.
What the heck!? That ain't fair! I want some too!
Hmhm...I am sorry. Right now, I am simply watching everyone enjoy their food...
I am here to enjoy their happiness.
Simply watching you eat with the intensity of a lion fills my heart with pride!
Hmm...does that mean I can eat your food? You better not complain when you're hungry.
Indeed. Please eat as much as you would like.
You ate even more as Sonia watched you happily!
This is a good shop! I like it!
But of course. After all, I am the one leading this shop.
Oh, thanks, Byakuya! Everythin' was really tasty!
Hm...I shall tell that to the chef, Teruteru.
Sorry, but I'm being called into the kitchen. Please enjoy your meal.
I'll take a little break and then eat till my stomach's full again!
I was told that Hope's Peak Academy's festivals were impressive...
This is the only place worthy of my tongue. Bring me a menu.
Byakuya! You lost weight so fast! What the heck happened to ya!?
I cannot even begin to comprehend your stupidity. You've mistaken me for someone.
You don't really get it, but it seems like Byakuya is annoyed for some reason...
Time to eat at the food stands!
Akane, you can still eat!?
Oh man. Lookin' at all these food stands is startin' to make me hungry again.
I want donuts, yakisoba, crepes! I want *all of them*! But the calories...
Akane, you always eat a lot, but you have such a fit body!
Gymnastics and swimming burn the same amount of calories, don't they...? Right!?
Hmm, I dunno what you're talkin' about, but...if you're hungry, just eat till you're not.
You sound like someone who's never been worried about her body...
But still, I should eat as much as I can! To support my classmates!
Well, you can't have any of my food!
Aw, come on! Just a little!?
...You visited all the food stands with Hina!


Your last winter at the academy... But you're just going to spend it like usual!
You have some free time after the closing ceremony... What do you do?
It! I need "it"!
Well? I've done "it" to you. Are you satisfied now?
Ah, I feel so refreshed! It feels great when you do "it" to me, coach Nekomaru!
I...can't live without coach doing "it" to me anymore. You'll take responsibility, right?
Hmph, of course a manager will support his athletes.
However...if you need my help from now on, we need to have a formal contract.
If that's the case...I'd have you attend tournaments as a gymnast.
Huh? Why?
Because we're graduating, obviously. We aren't students anymore, so we'd need to continue as athlete and manager.
I don't really get all that... I don't like thinking about hard stuff.
There's nothing hard about it. You become a gymnast and I support you. That's all.
If you want to have heated battles or train all the time...I won't stop you. I'll help you. You just need to agree to it. It'll be my job to deal with all the pain in the ass paperwork.
So...you'll fight with me all the time from now on...? Or do "it" for me?
Then...that's fine. I look forward to working with ya, coach.
Hmph, I knew you'd say that.
Now let's stop talking about boring stuff! Let's START! TRAAAAIIIINNNNNIIIINNNG!!!
...You moved your body with Nekomaru!
Food! Food!
This is good! Damn good!
I've still got plenty more, so eat up!
Yeah, bring it on! I'll eat even more than I did yesterday!
I got a little too excited and cooked way too much for yesterday's Christmas party.
I'm totally fine with that! I'm gonna eat as much as I can!
Your food was tasty to begin with, but I think it's gettin' even tastier.
Akane...do you understand the different delicate flavors in each dish!?
Huh? Obviously! I can tell by smell!
Hmm...I know you're a bit on the wild side. Is that why your senses are so sharp?
Well, I've noticed my own improvement too. Everything I make tastes even better now, no? Once I'm gone, the food here will do downhill. I'm worried who will satisfy the underclassmen.
Hm? Are you goin' somewhere or somethin'?
Well, I'll be graduating with you. My skills can't be confined to some dining hall.
I need to start deciding where I should build my restaurant. Maybe in Aoyama?
Anywhere's fine...just make more food for me, okay?
Of course! Whenever you like! Once I've got my own restaurant, I'll contact you right away!
...You've got something to look forward to in the future!
I'll win my battle no matter what today!
Damn...I lost again.
But you have increased your speed, and you hit harder than you used to.
Akane. In these three years, it appears you have practiced hard.
I came to defeat you. Just you wait...you're goin' down!
Good. I will be your opponent. You bring the best out of me.
Come, challenge me. Even...after we graduate.
Huh? Graduate? I see...if we graduate, we can battle each other whenever we want.
That is correct.
Your heart is full of fighting spirit. I think that is a precious thing.
Well, of course I can only think of fighting when someone as strong as you is around! Well, I always think about food, too!
...You parted ways with Sakura, knowing in your heart that you'll win next time for sure...

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Angie Yonaga[]

Today is the fall school festival... Your job was to make the haunted house exhibit!
You really want lots of people to come! Why don't you talk to students as they walk by?
Come inside and meet all the ghosts!
Gh-Ghosts? Didja just say ghosts?
Of course! This is a haunted house, after all. Please come inside, Akane.
Atua says this haunted house is super fun!
'Kay. I'm starvin' so, I'm gonna go eat.
Hmmm? Akane, you seem glum about something.
Don't tell me...you're scared?
N-No way I'm scared! I ain't weak!
Oh? Then why aren't you going in?
Why? Why?
I-If I already said I ain't goin' in, then I ain't goin' in! You've been sayin' "Atua this" and "haunted house that"... Quit sayin' weird stuff!
It's not good to say such things... You will be punished for six generations, y'know.
Six...whats? I dunno what you're talking about, but there's no way!
Awwww... This is the first time someone didn't listen to me.
Akane refused to enter the haunted house...

With Byakuya Togami[]

Today is the sports festival... You're in the scavenger hunt! Meaningless child's play...but defeat is not an option for the head of the Togami Corporation! So, which card will you pull...?
"Someone exposing a lot of skin"?
Such stupidity... And vulgar as well. A waste of my time.
Still, I suppose there is the obvious choice. Akane, come with me.
Okay, but...I just ran a bunch and I'm hungry, so I'm pretty much outta strength.
Behave and there will be a reward.
Reward? What reward? Food? Meals?
Okay! Let's go, Byakuya!
You made your way leisurely to the goal!

With Chihiro Fujisaki[]

Today is the the summer sports festival! You planned to do your best in the three-legged race... but Monokuma barged in and started his 1,000 Blows! What will you do?
C-Can someone stop Monokuma?
Finally...the barrage of balls stopped...
UOOOOOOOOH! Today's the day I'm gonna crush ya!
That's my line. I can tell from your movements that you exercise quite a bit.
Y-You're amazing, Akane... I'm too scared to even get to close to Monokuma...
Akane! Go, Akane!
UOOOOOOOOH! I'm gonna do it! Gimme your strength, everybody!
You stood in front of everyone, and cheered for Akane as loud as you could!

With Himiko Yumeno[]

Your last winter at the academy... You decided to perform a magic show for Christmas! You should be well-prepared for the main event. What will you start with?
I can't use magic if I'm hungry
Oh, Hermeko, right? Are you eatin'?
It's Himiko. It's almost graduation and you still can't remember my name?
Geez...don't tell me you forgot about my show, too.
My bad...Himiko, right? So, Himiko...what show are you talkin' about?
So you did forget! I told you I was gonna do a Christmas magic show!
Ohhh yeah, that's right. Your magic trick show, huh?
It's a magic show! Cuz I do magic!
Don't tell me...you forgot to invite your siblings, too.
Huh? Did I call 'em...? Well, they should be comin', so I gotta go get 'em soon.
S-So you did remember... What a relief.
Alright...just you watch. I'm gonna give your siblings the best Christmas present.
Hey is your show gonna have meat and cake?
Nyeeeh!? What do you think goes on at magic shows!?
Y'know, Akane...people can't survive with just food alone. Being able to smile from the bottom of your heart...will give you the will to live.
Hmmm, you sure...? Food's all I need.
You'll understand it one day. Just watch my show...and keep your eyes peeled.
Huh? If I peel my eyes, then I can't see nothin'.
Whatever! Just watch! I'll make you smile! You'll see!
...Your motivation for the show went up!

With Leon Kuwata[]

Today is the school festival... You're working at the crepe stand to get girls! Because you're kind of a big deal, you decide to take a walk around...
I'm thirsty, I could use some juice...
Huh? You a customer?
Yeah, I'm looking for something really refreshing.
You want a juice or somethin', right? Gimme a sec...
*rustle, rustle*
There ya go...
Thanks! Nothin' like the first drink after a hard day's work, huh? It's sort of weird, seeing you working a normal job like this.
I'm pretty used to stuff like this... I've worked as a waitress part-time. Selling juice here is easy. Nobody tells me not to wear panties. It's a piece o' cake!
...What was that about panties!?
Yeah, there are shops like that, y'know?
Y-Yeah, but... I'm surprised to hear that coming from you! I figured you only thought about food.
Really? I don't think it's that surprisin'. I've never worked at any of those places anyway.
Huh? Really? Now I feel like an idiot for getting excited...
You chugged the cold juice to quench the fire in your heart...

Your last winter at the academy... The closing ceremony is over, and you're heading home. You were having a meal and thinking about gifts when the dining hall started to get busy. Who would you like to talk to?
Akane! Sit down, your plate is spilling!
Whoops, my bad! Thanks! It's pretty crazy in here right now.
Damn girl, you're eating a ton! I don't know anything about gymnastics, but are you allowed to eat all this?
Huh? Gymnastics? I dunno much about 'em either. But I gotta eat to keep my strength up.
Yeah, I guess... It would be a pain in the ass to not eat what you wanted before a meet.
Being able to stuff my face whenever I want is the best. I eat, get strong, and win!
I didn't realize you were so competitive.
When you see a strong guy, don't you get pumped up about winnin', too?
Wouldn't know, I've never lost. But I guess I get it...
I remember watching the high school baseball championships after I transferred. My school lost, and I thought, "Damn, I coulda helped them win if I were there."
Hmm...so you're strong, then! You look a bit wimpy, but do you wanna fight?
What? Fight? I'm talking about baseball!
Hm? So you do baseball?
You just figured that out now!?
I don't really get it, but quit mumblin'. If you wanna battle, let's do it already. Quit mumblin' about your past and just win! That's all you gotta do.
I dunno, sounds a bit too simple. Man...talking to you makes me feel like I shouldn't sweat the small stuff.
Maybe I just want to throw the ball around, bat a little...whatever.
Okay! Let's fight!
I told you, I'm talking about baseball!
Talking to Akane sapped your strength...

With Maki Harukawa[]

Today is the sports festival... You were forced to be captain of the basketball team.
It's an unavoidable hassle... That being said, what's your strategy going in?
I should be cautious of anyone athletic
Hm...you just gotta chuck seven balls at your opponent to win at basketball, right?
Hell yeah! Leave it to me! I'll blow everyone away!
The other team...seems pretty athletic, but I don't think they understand the rules.
They might be dangerous...so it might be a good idea to stay away from them.
You played cautiously, watching out for some of the members on the other team!

With Nagito Komaeda[]

Today is the school festival...a wonderful day where you can see everyone's talent shine! So, what will you do first?
Looking around's fine, but I should help out
Even a guy like me can help out... cleaning the juice stand.
Oh hey, Nagito! Perfect timin'!
Huh? Akane...what's the matter? Is there a problem with the juice stand?
It's a huge problem! I'm starvin'! The longer I'm there, the hungrier I get. And there's not even any food there, just drinks.
Well, it *is* a juice stand. Do you want me to go buy something for you?
I can't wait that long! Take over for me!
What? But I wasn't told how to make any of the drinks...
I'll be back once I'm full! You got this!
And there she goes... Hmm...this is a problem. I'm stuck here till she gets back...
It's a little bad luck, but...good luck is waiting for me after this!
You covered Akane's shift at the stand, even though you had no idea what to do!

With Sonia Nevermind[]

Today is the sports festival you've been looking forward to! You get to be captain of the basketball team! What plan will you go with?
Offense, offense, offense, offense!
Fortunately, I know the perfect people to execute this strategy!
Akane and Peko! Sally forth!
Don't boss me around! Well...I did just eat, so I guess I'll do it.
So whose ass do I need to kick!?
Akane, this is basketball, not martial arts. Sonia, we need detailed instructions.
My bad. I have just always wanted to say "sally forth"...
...You put an unbeatable offense with your reliable comrades!

Your last winter at the academy... Today, you're having a party with your classmates!
You decided to start the preparations early. What do you do?
I will carry the food!
Hey...can I eat now? I can't wait any longer...
Akane...please wait a little longer. Everyone else will be coming soon.
Just a little longer? You sure about that?
Yes, just a little. It seems as though you are particularly pekoish today.
Oh...sorry. I believe the word I meant was "peckish," not Peko.
Aah...I dunno why I'm so hungry. Maybe it's cuz I was watchin' Himiko's show just now.
Himiko's show...?
Yup. She told me to invite my little brothers and sisters to come see it.
She got all excited, so the show went long and I wasn't able to eat my 3 o'clock meal...
Hmhmhm...what a beautiful Christmas.
Oh! So that's why I'm starvin'!
Hey, can I eat yet?
J-Just a little longer...please hold on!
You spend time calming Akane down until everyone arrived...


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