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Dosya:Danganronpa V3 CG - The students preparing to enter the Neo World Program (1).png

Shuichi Saihara and the others preparing to go into the Neo World Program.

The Neo World Program (新世界プログラム Shin Sekai Puroguramu), or New World Program in the original Japanese, also known as Psychotherapeutic Communication Simulator, is a Killing Game simulator created by Monokuma in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.


The Neo World Program was created by Monokuma as a Killing Game simulator, though it was rewritten by Miu Iruma as part of her plan to kill Kokichi Oma. When a person enters the Neo World Program, their real life body will go into a sleep-like state, and their mind will connect to their virtual avatar.

Dosya:Neo World Program (Danganronpa V3) Map.png

The Neo World Program.

Things Miu Iruma Modified[]

Miu rewrote the Neo World Program as her plan to kill Kokichi, like changing her avatar group from Human to Non-Human, adding a wall that only Non-Human objects can pass, removing all weapons except one, a hammer, making it so that every time she touches Kokichi, his avatar paralyzes, modifying the map inside the mansion, and adding a cell phone so that she can log out someone or herself without needing to go into the salon.

Dosya:Neo World Program (Danganronpa V3) Headset.png

The Neo World Program Headset.


Inside the Neo World Program, there was a Flashback Light that contained the secret of the outside world. This Flashback Light was first found by Kokichi, who ended up using it to sabotage Miu's plan.


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