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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

Monotaro (モノタロウ Monotarō) is one of the antagonists featured in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

He is part of a group called the Monokuma Kubs (Monokubs) and also its leader. He is the brother of Monosuke, Monokid, Monophanie and Monodam. The group assists their father, Monokuma, during the Killing School Semester and they patrol inside the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles.



Monotaro, along with his four other siblings were created by Team Danganronpa, a group of people who created the famous reality show called Danganronpa, a series which tells the story of Killing Games. Monotaro and the Monokubs' roles are to aid Monokuma in hosting the Killing Game. The Monokubs probably have used the Exisals ever since their debut in Danganronpa to punish the students who break rules.

It is unknown when they were created and in which Killing Game they started to appear. Their notable appearance is the last Killing Game entry, the 53rd season of the show.

Killing School Semester[]

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After the students woke up and left the classroom, the Monokubs began to drag every student to the gymnasium. After every student entered the gym, the Monokubs entered the gymnasium with their Exisals and they appeared before all the students by jumping from their Exisals, showing their robotic bodies that has a shape similar to a bear. Although this seems strange to the students and raises many questions, Monotaro and the others concentrate on incoherent things until at last they realize that the students did not possess the appropriate clothes to be "Ultimate Students", for which they give them new clothes. Realizing that Monophanie did not fulfill his task, the Monokubs are forced to stop the beginning of the mutual killing game and wait another time, restarting everything and returning some memories to all the students.

It was revealed that this event happened right before the 53rd Killing Game occurred, when the students' memories were about to be fabricated by Team Danganronpa.

Later when the students woke up again. The Monokubs appeared in the classroom to introduce themselves yet again to the students. However, the students do not recognize the Monokubs since they were brainwashed into their new selves. The Monokubs told the students to explore around the Academy and introduce themselves to the other Ultimate students.

Monokuma's entrance[]

After the students finished introducing themselves to each other, Monotaro and the Monokubs made an announcement to meet later in the gym again to tell them about the Killing School Semester, Monotaro and his siblings work alongside their father, Monokuma, to control the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles' killing game. After the students arrived to the gymnasium yet again, the Monokubs appear in their Exisals, this is what caused to the students to be panic. However, Rantaro Amami went to confront the Monokubs to ask them what they exactly want with them. The Monokubs ready to announce, the Monokubs ended up getting into a fight with Monotaro and the rest with their Exisals. However, Monokuma was heard from the backstage trying to calm down his “cute cubs”. This is what caused Monotaro and the Monokubs to leave the Exisals and greet his father with joy.

When Monokuma made his debut, he introduced himself to the students as the Headmaster of the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles with the Monokubs very happy to see their father again. Monokuma compliments his “cute cubs” because of his handsome look. However Monotaro and the Monokubs made Monokuma angry and punched his students due to them getting on his nerve. Afterwards, the Monokubs explained the rules of their new lives in the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles Killing Game to the students. When Monokuma officially started the killing game, the Monokubs laughed to the students as the game had officially began.

Hosting the Killing School Semester[]

After Monokuma and the Monokubs officially started the Killing game, the students went in search of an exit, the students ended up finding the Death Road of Despair, however the students failed to escape, which made Monotaro to appear with his siblings to mock them about their hopes of getting out of the Academy.

Monotaro along with his siblings were shown in the monitors of the Academy to announce the day time and nighttime and other events about the killing game.

The next morning, Kaito Momota was about to attack Monokuma, this caused the Monokubs to appear to punish him, that was until Monotaro accidentally squished Monokuma with his Exisal, which resulting in his explosion. Monotaro was the first one who began to cry for his father, later followed by his siblings, thinking he is truly gone. The Monokubs then took the place of the Headmasters of the Ultimate Academy for his father. The Monokubs then left to commemorate their father's demise.

Later the next day, Monokuma reappeared and made the Monokubs happy to see that their father is still alive. Monotaro was seen with the rest of the Monokubs announcing to the students nighttime from the back, with his sibling Monokid eating honey as he gets drunk.

Before the deadline of the motive from Monokuma, Monotaro along with his siblings were preparing a special meal from the menu for Korekiyo Shinguji, the name of the dish was "Pasta that tastes like a lonely old lady eating her grandkid's birthday cake ".

First Investigation and Class Trial[]

After the deadline, Monotaro appeared once again along with the other Monokubs when Rantaro Amami was found dead. He and the other Monokubs grabbed the cameras found in the crime scene in order to help the students investigate the crime scene with more details.

Later Monotaro and the other Monokubs announced to the students to head to the warehouse as they already finished printing the photos. After Kaede and Shuichi arrived, the Monokubs showed up and gave to the students the printed pictures found at the crime scene.

Monotaro and the others appear again during the first Class Trial, in which when Kaede Akamatsu is voted as the culprit, some of her friends try to stop her from being executed, but nevertheless, the Monokubs threaten them with their Exisals so that they couldn't intervene with Kaede's execution.

During her execution, Monotaro along with the other Monokubs helped Monokuma to orchestrate the execution by pulling the rope tied to Kaede's neck until she died from Asphyxia. At the end of the execution, Monodam killed Monokid by pushing him inside the slam-shutting piano's cover spikes.

Monotaro, Monophanie, and Monosuke are all shocked and confused as to why Monokid was executed as well where-as Monokuma simply brushes it off and stated that he at least has four more kids. After Monokuma left, the remaining Monokubs questioned Monodam, but he simply states that it was "For their own good" before leaving as well.

Monotaro and Monophanie were both still bewildered, but Monosuke didn't think much of it and simply states that Monodam killed Monokid because he was bullying him. After this, the remaining Monokubs left the Class Trial room as well.

Presenting the new prizes[]

The next morning, Monokuma decided to give to the students prizes due to them surviving the Class Trial as their new rewards. Monotaro and the Monokubs appear in the cafeteria quiet due to them having a bad time yesterday due to Monokid dying. However, Monokuma notes that they were being way to quiet, however he does not care due to his cuteness. Monodam claimed that they were just getting along as the rest of the Monokubs agree with him. Monotaro and the other Monokubs get straight into the point and present to the students who survived the Class Trial the prizes. The Monokubs claim that they are nonsensical prizes and don’t even know what they are for. After Monokuma left, the Monokubs stayed behind. Monosuke started a fight with Monodam due to him killing Monokid, however, Monotaro and Monophanie calmed them down having no reason to fight.

During the students’ investigation, the students came across the Pool which the students found dangerous. The Monokubs appear and tell the students that it was just an ordinary pool that the students could use to have fun. They also explain the rules of the pool in which Monophanie comments that its prohibited to swim at nighttime which leaded Monotaro to add a new school regulation to the Monopad.

Motive Videos[]

During the night, the Monokubs prepared the second motive, distributing various motive videos at random while the students slept in the dorm rooms. The Monokubs unaware of them giving out the Kubs Pad at random. The next morning, the Monokubs announce to the students the present they left in their dorms during the nighttime.

Age of the Monokubs[]

With Kirumi Tojo being executed, Monosuke also ended up being murdered by Monodam due to him being very mean to Monodam during Chapter 2, which made Monotaro and Monophanie shocked and scared of Monodam.

Monodam turns against Monokuma, accusing him of treating his children like slaves. Since the Monokubs have Exisals on their side, Monokuma is forced to surrender. Monokuma seems to be happy about the Monokubs. He then decides to take a vacation and leave the Academy to his children and have a part-timer take his place temporarily. Monotaro once again appears in the computer room along with Monophanie and Monodam where they presented to Shuichi the new computer that could create a completely "new world" with this technology. The Monokubs also gave Shuichi a Flashback Light with a new memory.

Monotaro and the other Monokubs appeared in the cafeteria with the students to give them a Flashback Light to prepare their no plan. However, Angie grabbed the Flashback Light and destroyed it right in front of the Monokubs. The Monokubs were shocked because their plan failed since Angie net far to break a Flashback Light. Monotaro began to question Monodam about the situation, but doesn't have anything to say and left the cafeteria. All confused, Monotaro didn't know what to do and left as well along with Monophanie.

Due to the previous Flashback motive falling, Monodam prepared another motive for the Monokubs Monotaro and Monophanie presented a new Motive to the students after Monokuma went on his vacation from the Ultimate Academy. Where they told the students that they could resurrect one of their dead classmates as a "transfer student" and participate in the Killing School Semester once again.

Monotaro later appeared when Angie's body was found in her Research Lab. There, Monotaro and the other Monokubs gave to the students the Monokuma File. Later during the investigation when Tenko's body was found the Monokubs where shocked to see two murders during the investigation for the Class Trial. Since the Monokubs didn't know what to do in that situation, they called their father for help. After their father, Monokuma appeared he began to lick them for their cuteness. Monokuma explained how this situation worked and later left the crime scene leaving the

After the investigation, all of the three Monokubs were present on the Class trial with their father. During the end of Chapter 3, Monotaro and Monophanie assisted his father, Monokuma to execute Korekiyo Shinguji. During the execution, Monodam committed suicide by rushing past Monotaro and Monophanie and into the flame that was boiling Korekiyo alive, causing it to burn even more.

Monotaro's Confusion[]

Monotaro began to forget a lot of things during Chapter 3 and was confused about a lot of his identity and other things, even forgetting who Monodam is.

Monotaro had a major memory loss where he became more and more confused about his identity. He came to believe that he was the drunken husband on Monophanie and thinking that Miu Iruma and K1-B0 were his parents, a role that Miu happily took up while K1-B0 didn't. Monotaro then began to act romantic towards Monophanie, saying he had never thought of her that way before. However, the next morning, Monotaro is seen acting completely different, kicking crying Monophanie and demanding her to give him money like an abusive husband, seemingly due to his memory issues. Because of this, Monophanie hides, causing Monotaro to panic since he can't remember anything. However, Monophanie feels bad for him and later takes him back, and he apologizes as the two of them cry. The announcement then ends with "the end", as if it were all theater.

The remaining Monokubs later appear when Miu was found dead. Monotaro was very upset to see her adoptive "mother" was murdered, Monotaro ended up assisting the students in solving the murder to avenge his dead mother by hacking into the Neo World Program via the main computer inside the Computer Room in order to give Shuichi Saihara and the other students important pieces of evidence for the fourth trial.

Monotaro's Fate[]

In Chapter 4's trial, Monophanie began to have stomach pains. Monotaro thought they were going to have a baby. Monotaro and Monophanie were involved in Gonta Gokuhara's execution. Monophanie was unknowingly carrying a robotic growing wasp inside her belly, and later she was killed after she gave "birth" to the insect when it exploded through her stomach and then proceeded to slice Monotaro in half. This was all a ploy by Monokuma as the cubs were boring him and that “Bad things always happen to children whose parents don’t care about them.”

That same night, Monokuma started to mourn for his “Cute Monokubs” on their funeral. However, Monokuma started to question himself why did they even exist.

Finding the Exisals[]

Monotaro was mentioned when Monokuma first showed the students where the Monokubs store the Exisals Units. Since Monotaro and his other siblings were dead, Monokuma gave to the students this room since no one can use the Exisals but the Monokubs. That same night, Monokuma started to mourn for his “Cute Monokubs” on their funeral. However, Monokuma started to question himself why did they even exist.

The Monokubs' Return[]

After finding out the truth culprit in Kokichi Oma’s Class Trial, Kaito Momota, Maki was ready to fight Monokuma to stop him from executing Kaito. However, Monokuma reveals that Monotaro and his brother were rebuilt to protect Monokuma with their Exisals from the students. Monokuma stated that the factory that built the Monokubs were still in function and brought the latest models of them. Monotaro and the other Monokubs don't know what has happened around in the killing game and are confused in a way.

The Ultimate War[]

After the Class Trial K1-B0 began a war with Monokuma by destroying the Ultimate Academy. This is what caused Monokuma to appear angry at K1-B0 and summoned the Monokubs ridding the Exisals with him. The Monokubs threaten to destroy K1-B0 for damaging the school and ending the Killing Game. K1-B0 reassures everyone to find the truth while he engages the Monokubs in combat, fighting them the entire time everyone else is investigation the real truth about the Killing Game. While all the Monokubs where inside the Academy with The Exisals searching for the students, Monotaro was the Monokub in charge of fighting K1-B0 as he both of them were seen fighting outside of the Academy.

During the investigation of the students to uncover the truth of the Academy, Monotaro showed up in the library with his Exisal and attempted to stop their investigation, but K1-B0 immediately rushed to his friends’ rescue, knocking the Exisal to the side and binding it in the rubble to keep it from moving for a while. When Shuichi, Himiko, Tsumugi and Maki left the hidden door, they encountered K1-B0 and Monotaro with his Exisal. During the fight between does two, they caused Himiko to be trapped in the hidden door.

After finding the entire truth, Shuichi headed out to the courtyard to stop K1-B0's and Monokuma's fighting, telling both groups that they were going to hold a Class Trial. Monokuma agreed to Shuichi's terms but only on the condition that they would be responsible for this Class Trial if it ended up being disappointing. K1-B0 however, was told by Monokuma that he had to take off his armaments before being allowed into the trial grounds. While K1-B0 was reluctant to do so, Shuichi reassured him that he was indeed trying to end the Killing Game. Hearing this, K1-B0 headed to his lab with the Monokubs to remove his equipment while also having his antenna fixed, allowing him to hear his inner voice once again.

Final Class Trial[]

Monotaro and his siblings were once again present in the final Class Trial. However, Monokuma manipulated the Monokubs to participate as they were necessary to, if they didn't they will get destroyed one by one before everyone dies at the end. The Monokubs are much more invested in the discussion this time than how he was in any prior trial, actively trying to refute evidence that the survivors presented. Monotaro without knowing much didn’t have much to say and begged the students to help him and let him win to survive. While the other Monokubs were already getting destroyed, Monotaro and Monophanie were the only Monokubs left in the courtroom. Monotaro was the last one along with Monophanie to explode among the other Monokubs.

Creation and Development[]

Monotaro was the first Monokub who was introduced during the development and the second character whose name was revealed of the Danganronpa V3 cast. He was revealed to be the leader of the Children of Monokuma, the Monokubs (Monokumāzu in the original Japanese).


Monotaro's name is based on Momotarō (桃太郎 lit. Clam Peach Boy), the hero of a popular Japanese folktale. Much like Momotaro, Monotaro is the leader of his own group. The Japanese name Tarō literally means "eldest son". Fittingly, Monotaro is the leader of the siblings.

Alternate Fates[]

He also appears in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) along with his brothers. He first appeared when Yasuhiro Hagakure's body was found. He later appeared in the Class Trial along with his father and brothers. In the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Monotaro and his siblings are headmasters of a Hope's Peak Academy like school.


Monotaro's appearance is similar to that of his father, Monokuma, but the part that is black on Monokuma is red on him. Likewise, his left eye is black, contrasting Monokuma's. Occasionally, a small red glow appears on the eye. He also has bright pink cheeks.

He also possesses a long gray scarf with a silver star pinned to it and a yellow pacifier.

He owns multiple throwing stars of different shapes.


Monotaro is the leader figure of the Monokubs, a group of child-like robots. As a leader, he tries to unite the group members' discordant voices into one. However, being a scatterbrain, he gets sidetracked a lot and often struggles to keep his rambunctious siblings focused on the task at hand. He is also mentioned to have a clumsy side, giving him a childlike charm [3] and he often acts the most child-like and "pure" out of the siblings. Despite not being a very competent leader nor the smartest, his siblings consider him a reliable figure.

Compared to Monokid and Monosuke, Monotaro is relatively mild-mannered and less openly hostile towards the students, though like all the Kubs he calls the students "you bastards" seemingly as an attempt to imitate his father. He also seems considerate of Monophanie and overall appreciates all the members of the group. Nevertheless, he is evil, just like all the siblings. He occasionally bullies his siblings and fights with them, just like all the Monokubs do. When his father supposedly died, he grieved and cried, but also disturbingly suggested that they should cook his remains. However, when his siblings get executed, he does get quite shocked and occasionally even pukes just like Monophanie.

While Monotaro has always been a bit forgetful, his memory issues become notable in Chapter 3 and turn even worse in Chapter 4. He forgets who Monophanie is and forgets even who he is, being unable to do his usual job without Monophanie's guidance. He is often confused about where he is and what is happening. Because of this, he makes amusing assumptions, like K1-B0 and Miu being his parents. He also begins to think that Monophanie is his wife and acts very romantic towards her. However, because of his memory issues, he is also seen to act abusive and aggressive towards her.

After Miu was murdered, Monotaro mourned her death deeply and even became an ally for the other students in order to avenge her death. After he regained his memories thanks to Monophanie, he once again turned evil and remembered he was on his father's side, which made some of the students sad because they had begun to consider him their friend.

Monotaro seems to become much more aggressive after he is revived as he is the one leading the fight against K1-B0 to prevent the destruction the Academy. He mentions that he must destroy rule breakers, because they make his father angry and he does not like it when he is angry, indicating that he is motivated by his fear of Monokuma. When his father threatens to blow him up if he and his siblings don't make good arguments, Monotaro and Monophanie eventually end up as the last ones left and they are scared and cry, not knowing what else to do, and beg Shuichi to let them win and live. Nevertheless, they both end up destroyed.


Controlling the Exisals[]

Monotaro, along with the other Monokubs, are the only ones who can control the Exisals.

Monotaro can control the Exisals to manipulate the students since the Exisals carry dangerous weapons such as a saw and a gun. He also uses the Exisals to punish any students who break the school's rules.

In Chapter 3, Monotaro and the other remaining siblings were able to force Monokuma to surrender the power to control the Academy, as Monokuma can't stop them if they are using the Exisals.

One of the reasons he was broke back was especially because of him and his siblings being the only ones with the ability to control the Exisals. Monotaro's ability of use the Exisals was demonstrated more clearly in Chapter 6 when he and K1-B0 were having an intense fight.


In Chapter 4, Monotaro forgets that he is bad with computers and becomes very skilled at hacking. He is able to examine the Neo World Program and finds important pieces of evidence for the Fourth Trial.

Fixing and rebuilding[]

Monotaro and his siblings seem to be able to repair machines as they are the ones who fix K1-B0's antenna and they are also able to remove gear and heavy weapons from his body.




Monokuma is the self-proclaimed father of Monotaro, Monokid, Monosuke, Monodam and Monophanie.

He calls them his "adorable children" and seems even disturbingly attracted to them because they look like him and he loves his own looks. He is mostly annoyed with and neglectful towards the Kubs, physically abusing them whenever they annoy him, and even stating that he tolerates them only because they're so cute.

In general, Monotaro admires Monokuma and tends to call him "father". After Monophanie, he loves their father the most, though even he isn't very fond of Monokuma's licks and is afraid of Monokuma's anger. When Monokuma was assumed dead, Monotaro grieved and cried, but he also disturbingly suggested that the Kubs should cook his remains. He is shocked to find out that Monokuma still exists and has many copies of himself.

In Chapter 3, Monotaro turns against his father because Monodam forced him to work with him. However, when the Kubs need his help later, Monotaro cries and begs for Monokuma to come back to them, telling him that he loves him with all his heart. Monokuma then returns, making Monotaro and Monophanie very happy.

In Chapter 4, Monokuma decides to kill both Monotaro and Monophanie during Gonta's execution, giving a petty excuse that they had been ignoring him.

Monokuma Kubs[]

Monotaro is the leader of the Monokuma Kubs despite being the most foolish and infantile of all the siblings. Monotaro maintains his character as the leader and appreciates all the members of the group. When his siblings slowly got killed in the Class Trial's executions, he initially expressed his shock and sadness over their deaths, but he would later forgot about their existence.


Monotaro seems to respect his sister more than any of the other Monokuma Kubs and seems the most caring towards her. Monophanie also seems to like Monotaro the most, as he's the responsible type. Nevertheless, they do bully each other and fight occasionally in the typical Monokub fashion, and Monotaro claims he mocks Monophanie whenever she isn't looking.

During Chapter 3, Monotaro and Monophanie are usually seen fighting with each other and verbally talking to each other. However, they tone it down and claim they're just "getting along" in order to avoid Monodam's punishment.

In Chapter 4, Monotaro's memory turned even worse than before and even forgot his own identity as well as who Monophanie and Monokuma was. Monophanie usually beat up Monotaro with a frying pan in order to make Monotaro remember who he was. He then began to act romantic towards Monophanie, saying he had never thought of her that way before. Though Monophanie tried to remind him they are family, she didn't really care and they then began a strong romance. However, the next morning, Monotaro is seen acting completely different, kicking crying Monophanie and demanding her to give him money like an abusive husband, seemingly due to his memory issues. Because of this, Monophanie hides, causing Monotaro to panic since he can't remember anything. However, Monophanie feels bad for him and later takes him back, and he apologizes as the two of them cry. The announcement then ends with "the end", as if it were all theater.

Monophanie also usually complained to Monotaro, due to him being on the side of the students due to his memories. Later, when Miu's corpse was found, Monophanie tried to cheer up his crying "husband". However, the two argue again, as Monotaro is convinced Miu was his mother and wishes to help the students in order to avenge her. Monophanie jealous, runs away crying because Monotaro doesn't love him anymore. Monophanie seems to be jealous of the students because they took away Monotaro from him. In the start of the fourth Trial Monophanie was able to get his memories back and was very happy. Due to Monophanie being pregnant, Monotaro and Monophanie started to act more like a “father figure” for the “baby”. Later, right before Gonta's execution, Monophanie begins to feel pain in her stomach and the two assume that she's having a baby. However, this turns out to be part of the execution, as a giant insect bursts out of Monophanie like in a horror movie and kills both of the Monokubs.


Monotaro seems to like Monodam more than his other male siblings. However, he is upset and surprised that Monodam refuses to speak even to him, seemingly not considering him a close friend.

When Monodam killed Monokid and Monosuke during the executions, Monotaro was shocked that he killed his own siblings. Later, Monodam forcefully takes Monokuma's place and forces Monotaro and Monophanie into submission, threatening them with violence if they refuse while claiming it's all for the sake of them getting along. Because of this, the two other Kubs are afraid of Monodam. However, Monotaro later speaks back to Monodam, telling him that he doesn't understand "the power of love" because he has never been loved when they try to get their father back.

Monotaro is later seen ignoring Monodam multiple times, though this is possibly due to his memory issues. Due to his memory problems, Monotaro immediately forgets who Monodam was after he died.


Monokid seems to have some respect for Monotaro, finding him smart and dependable. However, due to his short temper, he can easily turn hostile towards him.


Monosuke has some general respect for Monotaro, but acknowledges that he isn't very smart nor competent as a leader.

When Monosuke was blown up by Monokuma, Monotaro was shocked and even cried for him.

Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles:

Miu Iruma[]

During Chapter 4, Monotaro suffered from severe memory issues and believed that Miu was his mother. Miu really liked the idea of being a "mommy" and accepted him right away, while K1-B0 strongly denied that he's Monotaro's father. Monotaro seemed to love his adoptive mother and supported her more than anyone else. When she died, Monotaro cried for her and helped the students to catch the culprit by accessing the Neo World Program's data in the Computer Room.

When Monotaro regained his memories, he was no longer on Miu's side, but still cared for her and called her his mother.


At first, when they meet, K1-B0 saw Monotaro as someone like him being a rare Artificial intelligence. However, he was offended if he was directly compared to such "toys".

During Chapter 4, Monotaro suffered from severe memory issues, forgetting who his real father is and assuming that K1-B0 was his father, which he strongly denied. This made Monotaro upset, which caused Himiko to blame K1-B0 for mean behavior and told him he should at least play along for now. K1-B0 answered that he cannot play along since Monotaro isn't even his child. Monotaro then believed that Miu is his mother and she accepted him right away.

When Monotaro and Monophanie died, K1-B0 was shocked and even blamed Monokuma for letting his children die in the execution.

In Chapter 6, Monotaro and his siblings were ordered by his father, Monokuma to destroy K1-B0 from destroying the academy. Monotaro was in charge of fighting him as the other Monokubs wondered inside the Academy to search the students. Both of them are seen to have an intense fight during the investigation of the other survivors. When outside, both of them were having an all-out fight with guns. While in the library, they also fought with fists and their high tech guns.

Himiko Yumeno[]

Himiko could note that he was being bullied as Monotaro was acting weird to the students after Monokid died.

In Chapter 4, when Monotaro suffered from severe memory issues, he somehow became friends with the remaining students as he was helpful to them and considered him a very nice person. When Monotaro believed K1-B0 was his father and the robot declined, Himiko accused K1-B0 of mean behavior and told him he should at least play along for now.


Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) (English)


  • "We're the Monokubs! Nice to meet'cha!"

Class Trial:

  • "Cuz Şablon:İmp, that's why! [...] It means it'll "Stir The Fun Up!" Get it?" (Shutting up Kaede Akamatsu)

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (English)

Character Trailer:

  • "Bears do not lie!"
  • "Have fun!"


  • "You wanna go, Jabroni!?" (to Monokid)
  • "Wait! We can't kill them with the Exisals. According to the schedule, the Exisals aren't supposed to show up till later!"
  • "He only talks to close friends. The years of abuse have really done a number on his heart. Isn't that right, Monodam?"
  • "Even if she's faking, she looks peaceful. Let's whisper so we don't wake her up."
  • "The first thing we need you guys to do is remember your true selves."
  • "That's so mean...You humans are the real monsters for calling us monsters!"
  • "I'm glad I was born with these looks. I definitely won the genetic lottery."
  • "Yeah! Forgetting about your Ultimate talent is such a waste."
  • "We want you guys to keep honing your Ultimate talents, so we set up these rooms for you."

Chapter 1:

  • "When Father was still alive, he used to tell us cubs... ...that we must cherish life because we're like snowflakes—unique in every way."
  • "It's 8.a.m.! Time to wake up! Let's have a wonderful killing school semester today!"

Chapter 2:

  • "Only after you leave do I realize how much you really mean to me..."
  • "Monosuke, you better thank Monodam! Less attitude and more gratitude, got it!?"
  • "They burn down the forests we call home! They pollute the rivers we drink from! I'll never forgive humans!"

Chapter 3:

  • "It's true what they say—the serious ones are the scariest when they finally snap."
  • "By the way, I've been thinking...you guys should knock of all this killing and dying."
  • "Dying is, like, so lame! Living is all the rage these days!"
  • "You don't understand that cuz you've never been loved before, Monodam!"
  • "I wanna see you, Fatherrrr! I love you with all my heart!"
  • "Leaders gotta be able to take decisive action! Indecision is just the worst!"
  • "Dying makes you more popular!? Then we gotta die soon, too!"

Chapter 4:

  • "I've forgotten all about the past! Did you forget that I'm forgetful!?"
  • "I don't give a fart about the rules! I wanna help everyone! I wanna avenge my dead mommy!"
  • "This is all I can tell you guys, but I don't want any of you to forget... I'm your friend! When this Class Trial is over, I hope we can all get to know each other better! I...want a fresh start. I want to make up for my past mistakes."
  • "Yeah! I gotta get my act together for the baby!"

Chapter 5:

  • "I'm Monotaro! No matter how you read it or spell it or say it, it's still Monotaro!"

Chapter 6:

  • "One truth prevails!"

Ultimate Talent Development Plan:

  • "Y-You're right. If we don't grow up, Father'll never be able to relax."
  • "Huh? Is here anything we're supposed to do besides be cute and lay around?"

List of Appearances[]

  • New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology
  • New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology Volume 2
  • New Danganronpa V3: Minna no Koroshiai Shin Gakki Comic Anthology Volume 3

  • Trivia[]

    • Monotaro was the first member of Monokuma Kubs to be revealed during the development.
    • In the bonus mode Love Across the Universe, Monotaro can be found inside his Exisal. He asks Shuichi if he knew that girls' panties don't have wiener flaps, and claims that Monophanie told him that. He then says that's all he got and doesn't give Shuichi any casino coins unlike his siblings. He is later seen on guard, claiming there is no going past him, and that as the red Monokub he is a main character and thus doesn't tell lies. He then wonders why do people call them "bright red lies", and wonders if lies are red and if that makes him a liar.
    • Monotaro's English voice actor Sean Chiplock is also the voice of Kiyotaka Ishimaru in the English version of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.
    • In a poll hosted by MyNavi, fans voted Monotaro the 2nd most popular Danganronpa V3 Monokuma Unit.[4]



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