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Design Documents[]

Design Sketches and Artwork[]

Early Designs and Concept Art[]

In the art book it's described during development, this early sketch design below of "Yamada's Sister" (山田 妹) had a "natural gift of bullying" and having a long twin-tail hair style. These traits were "inherited" for the finalized design for Kotoko after the final design for Fujiko Yamada took a different direction.[3]

Scrapped Character Concept Art[]

"Reiko Kamitsuki" (噛みつきレイコ) is a scrapped character featured in the Danganronpa Another Episode art book. In the art book is explained that Kotoko's Denture Gun was originally meant to be a fully fledged character. Their family name Kamitsuku means to bite off, obviously referring to her teeth, while Reiko means "excitation".

The first design is described in the book as having a "Gothic punk gimmick", and would of been a key figure with an intimidating aura.[4]

The second design is described as featuring Kotoko's border skirt design and wearing an early design for Kurokuma on a pin. They would be able to fire dentures from their mask (exactly how the gun works in the final game) at a speed of 880 miles per hour.[4]

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls[]


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Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony[]

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