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Kirigiri Sou (霧切 草) is a PC sound novel that came bundled with the third Japanese Blu-ray box set of Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School release. The story follows the actions of the Super High School Level Detective, Kyoko Kirigiri.


Translation Credit: @Jinjojess on Tumblr

The main character is a normal student with nothing unusual about them. While taking a shortcut home, they get lost, and end up driving through a thick forest. Driving on the road that's difficult to see, the main character meets a mysterious, beautiful girl named Kyoko Kirigiri, and offers to give her a ride in their car.

However, their drive together does not last long. The main character gets into an accident, and the two seek refuge in a nearby Western-style house. This house was actually where Kyoko was headed, but it has a strange atmosphere and a huge tree growing inside.

The characters are assaulted by a creepy suit of armor, a skull buried in the flower bed, and a girl who’s the spitting image of Kyoko.


While reading through the story, the choices sound novels are known for will appear. Aside from the minor changes in developments depending on what you choose, as you see on the right [in the picture], eventually different storylines will diverge and will lead to completely different endings.


Kyoko Kirigiri (霧切 響子) Santa Shikiba (色葉 田田田) Kouhei Matsudaira (松平公平) Kyouka (キョウカ) Rhinogradentia (鼻行類 )
Super High School Level Detective Super High School Level Botanist Normal High School Boy A Girl Identical to Kirigiri Super Galaxy Level Invaders





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