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Hajime Hinata

It won't be just hope... There's a lot of despair out there, too... And I don't know what kind of future it'll become... But our future is ours! We're not going to leave it in anyone else's hands anymore!

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

Hajime Hinata (日向 創 Hinata Hajime), is a student of Hope's Peak Academy’s Reserve Course, and a participant of the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. He doesn't remember his talent at the beginning of the Killing Game, so his title is Ultimate ??? (超高校級の「???」, chō kōkō kyū no “???” lit. Super High School Level ???).

He, along with the Class 77-B, return in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School to explore their school life leading up to The Tragedy.


Hajime is a young man in his early twenties, around 22 at youngest. His virtual avatar in the Neo World Program appeared as his 17 year old self.[4]

He has short, spiky brown hair with an ahoge that moves according to his emotions. He wears a simple white shirt with the emblem of his previous high school embroidered on the hem, along with a green tie which also bears the same emblem. He has black jeans and red-and-white sneakers. During his time in Hope's Peak Academy, he wore a black reserve course student uniform, which is the same clothes he wears as Izuru Kamukura.

Hajime's eyes have a straight line running across his pupil, resembling a prohibition symbol. Although his eye color is originally green, his eyes turned red with symbols resembling target radars when he lived as Izuru, which his left eye stays red after the two personalities merge. The design of both his eyes have also adapted Izuru's target radar design.

Inside the simulation, during the ending of the second game, Hajime also gained "Awakened" form, with his hair turning white and his eyes becoming just like those of Izuru. In addition, he was completely enveloped in a lightning-like aura. In Super Danganronpa 2.5, when he is supposedly once again inside the simulation, his eyes have turned red again, but he is otherwise his usual self and wears his black Hope's Peak Academy uniform.

In the official art book, as well as in Chiaki Nanami and Nekomaru Nidai's Free Time Events, it's implied that Hajime has some muscle, as he has done some exercise. However, he's mentioned as the type who looks thinner when dressed.

Though never seen in the games, the official art book shows that he has dark blue trunks with white cherry blossom pattern, which are even described as fashionable. Apparently, he does not show them even to his closest friends and his underwear is normally "a mystery", humorously referencing the bonus modes and free-time events.


Hajime seems cynical at first glance, but it would be better to describe him as a realist. He is quite skeptical and tends to worry more than the other students, but his worries are usually understandable. He is logical and smart; often annoyed by the idea of not being able to understand someone or something at all. He tends to be quite serious, but he does joke around and often goes along with his classmates' eccentric hobbies anyway, and sometimes smiles awkwardly and sheepishly while his friends engage in some of their usual weird behavior. He is sometimes annoyed by some of his classmates, and can be snarky towards them in his thoughts as well as blunt while speaking to them, though he's more frank than sarcastic or mean-spirited. Though sometimes a bit submissive (especially with bossy girls), he is not afraid to speak his mind, and he can be rude if annoyed enough (for example, after enduring Hiyoko's attitude during her Free Time Events, he finally ends up stating "I don't even care anymore"). He can sometimes be short-tempered and snap at others, especially when he's tired or under pressure. He was also quite paranoid during the start of the game and didn't have much interest in friendship, but he later really wanted to believe in his classmates and felt bad about doubting them during the Class Trials, though he understood it was necessary. He sometimes regretted exposing the murderers, as shown after singling out the murderer in chapter 3.

Hajime's more aggressive personality is well demonstrated in a scene in Danganronpa 3, in which he attempts to punch Juzo Sakakura after he spoke in a very condescending and dehumanizing manner, and slapped Chisa Yukizome's hand away in anger when she tried to help him, which is notably different from the way the other protagonists would have behaved. In the Japanese version, his more blunt personality is also shown in his way of speakingーduring Nonstop Debates, he uses the phrase それは違うぞ (sore wa chigau zo; lit. "That's wrong"), while Makoto Naegi says それは違うよ (sore wa chigau yo; lit. "That's wrong"). Using よ yo in the end of a sentence is much more polite than using ぞ zo, which is perceived as impolite and more masculine. Another example of this is how he uses the more masculine and boastful word 俺 (ore) to refer himself while Makoto uses the more polite word 僕 (boku). Notably, he has also referred to Junko Enoshima as an "insane bitch", which is something Makoto wouldn't do even in the case of his worst enemies. Due to his more irritable personality, both Monokuma and Nagito have more or less jokingly compared Hajime to a tsundere, with Nagito calling him "tsuntsun hair" and Monokuma outright calling him a tsundere.

Despite his flaws, Hajime is generally pleasant and easily exhibits kindness and thoughtfulness to others around him; he genuinely cares about everyone. Although he may have trouble understanding or relating to his classmates, he is tolerant of everyone's eccentric personalities and quirks and is always willing to listen and give advice. The official artbook reinforces this by stating that he spends his time talking with everyone and gets along great with both the girls and the guys. In Free Time Events, he makes even the most antisocial characters feel more relaxed and they often reveal things about themselves they wouldn't tell anyone else. Due to this particular trait, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu thinks that Hajime's talent might be Ultimate Counselor and Nagito calls him Ultimate Serenity.

It's also heavily implied that Hajime is romantically inexperienced, appearing somewhat shy and even naive about the topic. He once mentioned that he hadn't really thought about it and has never asked a girl on a date. However, during Free Time Events and especially during Island Mode, several characters appear to have romantic interest in Hajime and he sometimes responds by flirting, dating or even forming actual (non-canon) relationships with them. He is sometimes shown to be a bit gullible when other characters show interest in him, with he himself admitting that he is "kind of dense" during Hiyoko Saionji's Shot Through The Heart event. Ironically, he incorrectly assumes Peko Pekoyama has romantic feelings for him during her Free Time Events, while actually she is one of the few characters who is confirmed to not have any feelings towards him.

Though he tries to hide it, Hajime is very insecure about his lack of talent and it bothers him deeply. This caused him to admire Hope's Peak Academy more than anything, as he believed that attending the school would fix his problem. He wished to be part of something bigger than himself, to become more confident and someone he can be proud of. He felt bitter about being just a reserve course student. Chiaki was the one who guided Hajime to see the reality that whether or not he had a talent was irrelevant. It was largely due to her support and encouragement that he was finally able to overcome despair and gain true confidence.

After Hajime awakens from the Neo World Program, he preserves his memories and identifies as Hajime Hinata, accepting that the future includes countless possibilities which can sometimes end in failure. As of Hope, it is revealed that Hajime and Izuru's personalities are mixed. Though he identifies as Hajime and acts mostly like him, having the capability to feel, he still becomes bored easily at times and sometimes his demeanor resembles more Izuru than Hajime. He is also capable of using Izuru's talents, which makes him the strongest person in the world, if he has reason to be. However, Kazutaka Kodaka has stated that he still has humanity and emotions, which could make him surprisingly weak. "If you've got Kazuichi talking smack about you, you're not all that great", Kazutaka said laughing, referring to Kazuichi's "This guy's from the Reserve Course" comment in Hope Arc.[5]

Talents & Abilities[]

Ultimate Hope[]

After fusing with Izuru's identity and becoming a new person carrying Hajime's name, he gained Izuru's ability to use all the known Ultimate talents that have been researched at Hope's Peak Academy. He has only been seen using a few. As the Ultimate Hope, Hajime possesses many talents such as the Ultimate Analyst, the Ultimate Soldier, etc.

Unlike other people seen with the Ultimate Analyst talent, Hajime is much more capable of feeling emotions and lacks constant boredom. However, he still feels bored at times, most likely because of his heightened analyzing skills.

Hajime has heightened physical strength, reflexes, and speed, to the point of being superhuman. He is capable of defeating several armed and skilled people in a few minutes. He is also seen easily bending metal and ripping a human-sized hole in sturdy wall.

Similar to Izuru, Hajime seems to be capable of being more cold-blooded when needed, as he badly wounded and likely killed people who were threatening his friends.

Hajime utilized an incredible talent which could bring back the comatose students alive from the Neo World Program. It could be talent related to Therapist, Neurologist, or Programming as these talents were held by the creators of the Neo World Program. Though, considering the fact he was imbued with every talent known to Hope's Peak Academy, it could easily be a combination of the three.

Counseling skills[]

Though he did not naturally possess an Ultimate talent, other characters have noted that Hajime may have potential for many things, the most notable trait being his ability to make other people feel more relaxed and talk about their issues. Because of this, Fuyuhiko says he could be Ultimate Counselor while Nagito calls him Ultimate Serenity. However, though he's glad to help, Hajime feels that such a talent would be stressful. Hajime also displays this trait as he manages to calm down Ryota Mitarai during the ending of Danganronpa 3.


Prior to the Tragedy[]

Ever since he was a kid, Hajime admired Hope's Peak Academy and dreamed of attending it. It was a big dream of his, like being a celebrity or a superhero. He was insecure about himself and wished to be part of something bigger than himself, to become someone he can be proud of. He felt that his life as a talent-less person was boring.

As a teen, Hajime indeed enrolled into Hope's Peak Academy (his previous high school being Kodaka High School), but into its Reserve Course Department. As he had no talent, his parents had to pay a lot of money to get him into the school. Since he was a talent-less reserve course student, Hajime still felt like he was not good enough. This resentment towards his own incapability led to the strong desire to become a main course student. The ambition-less attitude of the reserve school disagreed with him, and he often spent his time alone.

Hajime's ambition eventually culminated his participation in the Izuru Kamukura Project, undergoing numerous operations to enhance his abilities. Upon agreeing to the Kamukura Project, his official record marked him as expelled. Inhumane experiments were then conducted on him, and his memories of his life up until that point were erased, both of which Hajime did not expect.

Hope's Peak Academy exploited Hajime's feelings of admiration toward hope and talent just to use him as a lab rat. All of his senses, emotions, thoughts, and hobbies that could interfere with acquiring talent were excised. All of his memories of the past were forcefully suppressed into the darkest recesses of his mind. By directly interfering with his brain, the academy transformed Hajime into a completely different person whose specialty is talent itself. He was meant to be the fruit of all the research produced by Hope's Peak Academy's staff, a genius among geniuses possessing various talents, and he was named Izuru Kamukura after the academy's founder.

Izuru was known as the symbol of mankind's hope and he was given the title of Ultimate Hope. To protect such rare talent and prevent the public from discovering their human experimentation, the academy completely concealed all evidence of Izuru's origins and identity.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc[]

Episode 01 - Hello Again, Hope's Peak Academy[]

Hajime was standing in front of a fountain in the park, staring at Hope's Peak Academy main building. His head begun to hurt as he remembered everyone's insult about him being a Reserve Course student. Suddenly, Chiaki, the Ultimate Gamer, bumped into him while playing a game. Chiaki continued to walk until Hajime recognized that the game she played was Gala Omega. Hajime was overwhelmed by Chiaki's enthusiastic response after he told her that he also played the game. Chiaki made Hajime promise to show his game to her next time they meet.

Chisa Yukizome, looking for Chiaki, noticed that Hajime was in the Reserve Course judging from his uniform. The Ultimate Imposter, who had been dragged along by Chisa attempted to escape while Chisa was preoccupied with the conversation. Hajime laughed awkwardly, remarking that the Ultimates are more ridiculous than he initially expected. He envied the Ultimates and wished he had talent too.

Chiaki, disagreeing with Hajime, stated that whether one is talented or talentless doesn't make a difference. She goes on to say that having no talent allows him greater freedom than those with incredible talent. He can go anywhere and become anything, unlike her who only has games. When Chiaki left with Chisa, Hajime smiled at her and kept her words in his heart.

Episode 02 - My Impurest Heart for You[]

Hajime rested on the park bench, gazing at the sky until Chisa called his name, surprising him. Wanting to learn more about the Reserve Course, Chisa asked Hajime why he joined the Reserve Course. Patiently, Hajime answered that he joined the Reserve Course because he always aspired to attend Hope's Peak Academy, but couldn't find his resolve to join the Izuru Kamukura Project. When Hajime referred to himself as a "lowly Reserve Course student", Chisa reprimanded him and stated "everything starts with belief in yourself". He reluctantly obeyed her advice as she went back to her class.

Soon, Hajime was approached by the former headmaster of Hope's Peak Academy, Kazuo Tengan, to talk about the Izuru Kamukura Project. Despite the deadline is coming, Hajime still hasn't made a decision yet. He worried if he didn't accept the project invitation, he would get kick out by the Academy because his parents didn't have enough money to pay the student fees. Kazuo told him he can decline the invitation and return to his former high school. As Hajime raised his objection, Kazuo told him to not fear normalcy.

In Hajime's class, a new transfer student came and introduced herself as Natsumi Kuzuryu.

Episode 03 - A Farewell to All Futures[]

At the beginning of the episode, Hajime said that he wanted to have a talent that he could take pride on it. However, he was disappointed with himself for becoming a talentless and original person.

The scene began during the break time. Hajime, alone on his desk eating his lunch and reminded himself about what decision he should make since the deadline was only seven days left. Natsumi, the new transfer student talked to him and wondered why he always gazing at the Main Course building. Hajime doesn't seem to pay attention with what she was talking until she introduced herself as a family member of Kuzuryu Gang.

Hajime learned that he and Natsumi resembles in desiring a talent so they can be scout in the Main Course. Their differences is that Natsumi will do anything to do anything for it, unlike Hajime. Sato, a classmate of Hajime hit his desk after she eavesdropped their conversation, telling Natsumi not to plot something bad to her friend from the Main Course, Mahiru. As they continue to argue, Hajime tried to stop them until Mahiru came and took Sato out from the classroom.

After school ended, Hajime and Chiaki played Gala Omega games together at the water fountain near the park, the place where they first met. Hajime lost and said that his ability in gaming was nothing to be compared to the Ultimate Gamer. Chiaki, annoyed by it, said that Hajime lost because he wasn't focusing on his game. In turn, Hajime asked if Chiaki had no talent of gaming, and always lost whenever it comes to games, would she come to dislike it. Chiaki answered that she loves games and there are things that are far more important than just talents, like making memories with her friends. Hajime, surprised after hearing her words, was once again impressed by her resolve.

The scene change to where Hajime tried to stop Sato from punching Natsumi. He chased after Natsumi and asked her to stop intimidating either Sato and Mahiru, since if she continues, she would get kicked out from the Reserve Course and will never get a chance in becoming a Main Course student. Natsumi said that she didn't care, stating that a person with no talent has no right to interact with talented people. These words later impacted on Hajime's decision to accept the Izuru Kamukura Project. Hajime comforted Natsumi by saying that there's something more important than talent itself. Hajime said that she can stay by her brother's side and keep making memories with him. Afterwards they part, and that was the last time Hajime saw Natsumi because the day after, her lifeless body was found in the Music Room.

Hajime mourned on a bench at the water fountain. He spotted Mahiru and Sato talking about Natsumi's murder. After Mahiru left, Hajime approached Sato to ask her about the truth. Sato lied about Natsumi's death, saying that maybe she has given up on having a talent. Hajime, angered, said that Natsumi couldn't have done that because she still had hope. Sato objected that statement and left the scene. Several days later, Hajime never saw Sato again since she was also murdered by Natsumi's big brother, Fuyuhiko.

Hajime wanted to learn about the truth behind Natsumi and Sato's murders by asking Mahiru directly, but an officer prevented him from sneaking inside the Main Course building and when he tried to force enter, the person in charge of Hope's Peak Academy's security, Juzo Sakakura slammed him down to the ground.

Juzo gave Hajime a cheap explanation and stated that Reserve Course students can be easily replaced. This statement provoked Hajime until he attacked him. As the former Ultimate Boxer, Juzo easily dodged his attacks and delivered a powerful blow onto his stomach. Hajime didn't agree with Juzo's view of the Reserve Course since every lives were created equal. He once again stood up and tried to fight back. Fortunately, Chisa came to his side and protected him from another blow given by Juzo. To his disappointment, Hajime threw Chisa's handkerchief when she offered it to him and left.

The day of the deadline approaches and Hajime comes to a decision; accepting the Izuru Kamukura Project. When he met with Chiaki who has already waiting for him to play a new game, Hajime turned down her request and said that they will play together another time. At the end of the episode, Hajime arrived at the Steering Committee's building to begin the Izuru Kamukura Project.

Episode 05 - The Beginning of the End[]

Since he had agreed to the Kamukura project half a year ago, when Chisa looked into his school record, she found that he was marked as expelled.

Hajime is seen laying on a bed in just a robe. He thought back to Juzo telling him he has no talent. He also thought back to his last encounter with Chiaki. A scientist entered the room and told Hajime that the operation would start soon. Hajime then ends up in a pod, and the scientists assured him that he won't feel a thing, although he might be confused when he first woke up. Hajime thought about how he will become someone that he can be proud of around Chiaki. As the operation began, his eyes turned red.

Episode 11 - Goodbye, Hope's Peak Academy[]

Now in the Neo World Program, Nagito introduced Hajime to Chiaki Nanami. After exchanging greetings and names, the two shake hands.

During the Tragedy[]

Izuru was later influenced greatly by Junko Enoshima and he subsequently became a member of Ultimate Despair.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair[]

After the death of Junko, Izuru agreed with the other Remnants of Despair's plan to allow Alter Ego Junko to take over their bodies through the Neo World Program. The program's original purpose was to undo Junko's influence, but Izuru downloaded Alter Ego Junko into it.

After Izuru entered the Neo World Program, the program dug up the memories of Hajime and rebuilt his old personality from the data acquired in the past.

Prologue - Welcome to Dangan Island! Panic at the Heart-Throbbing School Trip!?[]

Hajime is first seen in front of the building of Hope's Peak Academy. He introduces Hope's Peak Academy and himself to the player. As he entered the entrance hall, his words became random, he felt dizzy and he quickly lost consciousness.

When he woke up, Hajime found himself in front of a door which led him to the class his classmates were in. After Haime enters, everyone realized that the door had been locked, and they all attempted to opened it until a rabbit-doll like creature that called herself Usami appeared. Usami then transported them to a tropical island, with her magical stick, named Jabberwock Island.

Hajime and his classmates began panicking at first, but when Usami tried to calm them down, Hajime lost consciousness. Nagito, one of his classmates, wakes him up.

After Hajime woke up, Nagito stated he should introduce himself to the others and Nagito accompanied him with his introductions and exploring the central and first island, able to gather his first Hope fragments. As a present for doing so, Usami had prepared presents for everyone on the Sandy Beach on the first island.

Usami gave each of them two presents: the first was a doll of herself and the second was a swimsuit set and most of the students went to swim including Hajime, while a few didn't. As soon as he steps close to the water, the sky suddenly turns dark and the weather turns bad.

Usami told Hajime that she is not doing anything, and yet, she's panicked by the weather changing so suddenly. While she's still panicked, someone talked and ordered the students to come to the Jabberwock park at the central island. Usami recognized something and disappeared in order to stop this certain someone. Hajime and the other students had no choice but to go to the Park so they won't miss something.

Hajime and the others met with Monokuma, the self-proclaimed Hope's Peak Academy's Headmaster. He quickly defeated Usami, turned her as his adoptive weak little sister "Monomi" and immediately executed her with his Monobeast. Monokuma's true incentive was to change the field trip to a Mutual Killing Game. He announced that only the one who committed murder and kept their identity as a culprit hidden until the trial was over could freely return home. Hajime and the others are aware to protect themselves from any students, and from the killing game.

Chapter 1 - Destination Despair[]

Daily Life[]

After Monokuma arrival and Usami's execution, Hajime came to the pool near the cottage, and looked up at his e-Handbook, and found that some rules were added by Monokuma. Hajime pondered about everything that he just experienced, Hajime looked up at the night sky that was filled with beautiful stars, but it was just a reminder of how far everyone including Hajime had been taken from what should they have been for their lives.

Hajime returns to his room when Monokuma broadcasts his Nighttime Announcement, frustrated, he kept yelling to himself, why he must accept such a grievous fate. He chooses to have a light sleep, to have a break and to clear his mind, as well as to prepare everything for tomorrow.

On the next day, after the Morning announcement, Monokuma entered Hajime's cottage, shocking him. Monokuma than explains to him that he hid Monokuma figures scattered around the island, if Hajime could found any, he could exchange the coins for some items at the beach and in Rocketpunch Market. Monokuma then disappeared once he was done explaining.

Hajime joined the meeting after Mahiru Koizumi successfully dragged Kazuichi Soda who was scared by the Monobeast. Just when the meeting began, Ultimate Imposter declares that they'll became the leader of the group, stating that they'll not allow a single victim to fall. Hajime and the others thought that the Ultimate Imposter is rather aggressive, but they finally accept the Ultimate Imposter as their new leader.

At night, Monokuma through the surveillance camera that spread all over in the island, told the students to go to the Jabberwock Park. Hajime, went to the park as he knew that opposing Monokuma would be bad for him and the others. After he arrived Monokuma and Monomi appeared on a stage that they set and began the event, called by Monokuma as “Monokuma Big Laugh Manzai Live Show”.

Just as Monokuma bullying Monomi for the most, Monokuma said that Monomi's erased the students memory. Monomi, stayed to keep shut her mouth, and Monokuma told to the students that there is a “traitor” among their numbers. Monokuma also gave them a “motive”, to get their memories of their previous school life. The Ultimate Imposter as the leader, ordered them to abandon this motive and move forward, and also ordered them to take a rest. When he arrived at his cottage, Hajime still was thinking about the traitor, but he discarded many speculations in his head, and collapsed onto the bed.

Hajime woke up after the Morning announcement on the next day, confirmed that he's more fit than last night. In the usual breakfast meeting in hotel restaurant, The Ultimate Imposter started the discussion about their plan to throw a party that night, all the way until morning and none of them were allowed to take absence.

Everyone thought that day was not a perfect time to throw a party, but after several discussions, they finally set up the party location at the old lodge and were granted permission to used it by Monomi. Nagito suggested one of them cleaned the Lodge, by drawing lots that he just prepared, which make Hajime thought that Nagito maybe imagined that would happen.

Nagito himself got the red mark chopstick and it was settled that Nagito was going to cleaned the Lodge, “So much for Ultimate Lucky Student” Hajime said to him. Beside that, Teruteru Hanamura, was willing to cook the party food, and Peko Pekoyama would invite Fuyuhiko to come to the party, then everyone dispersed, including Hajime, agreeing that they would meet at the old lodge after Monokuma's evening announcement.

After Monokuma's Nighttime announcement was broadcast, Hajime headed to the lodge and immediately body checked by the Ultimate Imposter. Later after being body checked by the Ultimate Imposter, Hajime came to the main hall and was welcomed by Nagito who already attended to the main hall and finished cleaning the Lodge.

Everyone excluding Fuyuhiko (not coming) and Teruteru (in the kitchen, serving the party food) was already in the main hall. The Ultimate Imposter believed that Teruteru still had some dangerous weapons, and they wanted Hajime to accompany him to the kitchen.

Hajime asked the Ultimate Imposter if keeping the dangerous items really necessary. They later discussed about it and led the Ultimate Imposter to share their past to Hajime a little.

Hajime learned that the Ultimate Imposter lived a harsh word that forced them to act as someone else. Just as when Hajime and the Ultimate Imposter ended the discussion, Teruteru broke into the kitchen and was flustered when Hajime and the Ultimate Imposter confiscated the cooking utensils. The Ultimate Imposter asked Teruteru that there is still one steel skewers missing, but Teruteru stated that the skewer was already gone since he first came to the kitchen. Afterward, Hajime, the Ultimate Imposter, and Teruteru returned to the main hall where everyone was waiting.

Everyone enjoyed the party, from Akane who couldn't stop eating, and Mahiru who decided to took some photos, Nekomaru Nidai  who attempted to left the party because of needs to void, Gundham Tanaka who lost his earring, until Teruteru who're still serve the food from the kitchen and busy explaining how beautiful and delicious the foods that he made were. Hajime's thought that there was no need to worry, until suddenly a black out occurred.

Everyone excluding Hajime panicked, refusing to just wait until the power came back, Kazuichi decided to go to the power outage. But before he did anything, the lights and electricity came back. Just after that, Mikan Tsumiki fell in a messed up figure again, success to ease the panicked students. Hajime, noticed something, that the Ultimate Imposter has just disappeared from the main hall.

The students searched everywhere, Hajime even asked Chiaki, and she stated that there was no one going outside during the black out, so Hajime and the others returned to the main hall. Surprisingly, Akane smells blood from the table near the lamp cord, so Hajime nervously reached under the table, and he swore that he will never forget the sight when he lifted the tablecloth, the dead body of the Ultimate Imposter.

Deadly Life[]

Hajime stand firm right in front of the tablecloth, still confused why one of his friends dead in such a way. Mahiru and the others started to panic and scream until Monokuma showed up, explained that he will hold a School Trial; to facilitate the students, Monokuma give them “Monokuma File 1”. Monomi, who doesn't agree with Monokuma's idea to hold a school trial, gets punched and dragged by Monokuma to nowhere, leaving the students no choice but to start the investigation if they did not want to be executed.

Before Hajime started the investigation, he checked the Monokuma File 1, and the information shown were :

  • The victim's body was discovered in the main hall of Hotel Mirai's old lodge.
  • The time of death was around 11:30 p.m
  • The cause of death was stabbing with a sharp object. The victim was stabbed multiple times in the region between the abdomen and throat again and again. There are no other wounds on the body, nor any traces of poison or other drugs.

After that, Hajime checked the table where the murder took place. However, the only significant thing on top of the table is just a table lamp who its power cord is attached to an outlet in the wall. Then he encouraged himself to investigate the Ultimate Imposter's body under the table. Hajime found the Ultimate Imposter's blood flowing out and has formed into a pool under the table, but there's no trace of a trail of blood anywhere. Besides the Ultimate Imposter's body, Hajime found a night vision goggles, who according to Nagito was originally from the supermarket. There is also a knife who covered in the packing tape, and the glow in the dark packing tape itself stuck under the table.

After done investigating under the table, Hajime trying to calming down Mikan who panicked caused of Monokuma who forced them to investigate the Ultimate Imposter's death. Mikan tells to Hajime that she panicked during the black out, and her foot got caught on the edge of the carpet and when she tried to get loose she ended falling in an embarrassing pose. Hajime also tried to calming down Mahiru, who blame the Ultimate Imposter's death to herself.

Mahiru then helped Hajime by showed to him the photo's she took before the blackout. Suddenly Mahiru notice that the Ultimate Imposter standing quite a distance from the murder took place. After succeed calming the girls down, Hajime got Gundham who lost his “Devildog Earring”. When Hajime asked about it, he ended told the story how he get the Devildog Earring. Hajime noticed a gaps on the floor, so when Gundham look at it, his earring was there, he then choose to find a way to get his earring back.

Done with everyone at the main hall, Hajime looked up at the Ultimate Imposter's duralumin case which he carrying himself during the party. Surprisingly, it's opened, there's a nightstick inside and a can of tear gas and some other unsettling items and a strange empty hard plastic case. Beside everything, Hajime found a key to the other duralumin case that filled with dangerous weapon. Hajime conclude that the other case can't be opened, and the weapon inside it have nothing to do with the Ultimate Imposter's murder.

Done with the case, Hajime found an air conditioner and its timer. Strangely, the timer is set to 11:30, the same time the Ultimate Imposter were killed, which means the mechanical beep was from the air conditioner turning on. After feeling that he has done investigate everything at the main hall, Hajime accompanied by Nagito to investigate the other room in Old Lodge.

Hajime first encountered Ibuki Mioda in front of the main hall's door. Ibuki said that she can remember everyone's conversation during the blackout. After talking with Ibuki, Hajime and Nagito asked Nekomaru about his problem during the party. He said that he wanted to used the only toilet in the Old Lodge, but it was locked, probably because someone was using it during the party. Hajime and Nagito also found a fire door which could be sealed to stop fire from spreading and giving everyone a better chance to escape.

In the kitchen, they interrogated Teruteru about his food and found the other kitchen equipment. In the warehouse, Hajime and Nagito were able to discover a bloody tablecloth and some powered on irons. Finally, in the Office Room, they found the circuit breakers of the Lodge, but its location was too high to reach. Somehow, Monokuma was the only one who could have flipped the circuit breakers.

Kazuichi declared Peko as the culprit, because she was not in the office room during the blackout. He also suspected Peko because she felt unwell when she left the office room. Hajime and Nagito found that the duralumin case which Peko bought to the office room was still locked and when they check, the content was still okay. After finishing the investigation in the Old Lodge, both of them decided to investigate the Ultimate Imposter's cottage.

However, before Hajime and Nagito could go further, they discovered Chiaki and Gundham investigating space under the floors from the outside. Gundham was still busy to search for his earring, and Chiaki stated that the truth behind the Ultimate Imposter's murder hinges on whether space under the floors is accessible or not. Later, Chiaki said something interesting about Fuyuhiko who just passing by the lodge during the party held. Then Hajime and Nagito encountered with Fuyuhiko who said same thing with Chiaki, Hajime wonders it's just a coincidence or Fuyuhiko who wanted to join the party.

Chapter 2 - Sea and Punishment, Sin and Coconuts[]

Daily Life[]

After waking up, Hajime recalled the events of the previous night in which the Ultimate Imposter was murdered by Teruteru who was executed for his crime. Still feeling sluggish, he proceeded to meet with everyone at the hotel's restaurant where he discovered not only that Hiyoko Saionji refused to shower due to being unable to dress herself in her kimono properly, but that Nagito, who he thought was a kind individual until it was revealed otherwise during the first Class Trial, was missing. After discussing the two events, Monokuma arrived and asked the group where one of his Monobeasts was. Since they didn't have the answer, Monokuma left, allowing Monomi to arrive and admit that she defeated the missing Monobeast, allowing the group to go to the second island and explore.

Upon exploring the second island, the students found that it had a library, a diner with a beach house not far off from it, a drug store with many types of prescription medications, and a mysterious ruin that looked much like Hope's Peak Academy. The group explored this ruin and found the front door was seal and had the Japanese word for 'future' written on it. Monokuma then arrived and told them about the mysterious World Ender organization that intends to end the world, while also revealing that Monomi and himself cannot go into this ruin. After a while, Hajime returned to his cabin for the day.

The next day, Hajime found out the truth of Nagito's whereabouts the last few days: he was tied up by Kazuichi and Nekomaru in the dinner hall where the Ultimate Imposter were murdered, stating that it would be better if 'the traitor' was tied up so as not to disturb the rest of their trip. Later that night, the class received a summons from Monokuma asking everyone to report to the Center Island. There, Monokuma showed them what would be the second motive for his sick game: a video game of a long forgotten game franchise brought back to life by Monokuma - Twilight Syndrome Murder Case. He stressed that the key to this game was a 'missing link' and proceeded on his way while telling everyone to play it, otherwise someone else may play it and take advantage of it's secrets to commit a murder. The group unanimously agreed to not play it, but once told not to do something, it becomes hard to not do.

A few days passed and Hajime runs into Fuyuhiko carrying a strange envelope. Despite his inquire, Fuyuhiko told Hajime off and he proceeded to the restaurant to meet with everyone. Upon arriving, Mahiru asked Hajime to take some bread and milk to Nagito since she felt uncomfortable doing it herself. When he arrived, he was shocked to see the state Nagito was in, but was still creeped out by his demeanor. It was then that Nagito revealed that he knew of the new motive and asked why he and the other Ultimates were ignoring the threat. Hajime took this to heart and decided that he would play the game so as to understand what he may encounter soon enough. However, upon completing the game, Hajime was disgusted by the confusing ending and decided to dismiss the game entirely, going back to bed.

The next day, Kazuichi invited him to the supermarket where he explained that the girls were planning to go swimming together at the beach near the diner. Wanting to make it look like a coincidence, he instructed Hajime to be at the diner by 3:00 PM and wait for the girls to arrive. While waiting, they ran into Fuyuhiko who immediately dismissed them once Mikan and Ibuki showed up. While waiting to go to the beach, the group saw Hiyoko running from the beach, seemingly in tears. Eventually Chiaki, Akane, Peko, and Sonia Nevermind arrived at the diner. Akane had to be nursed in the bathroom of the diner by Mikan who was worried about her wounds from her training with Nekomaru, leaving Hajime in an awkward position surrounded by the girls. He left just after Kazuichi, making the excuse that he probably needed help setting up the beach party. Approaching the beach, Kazuichi's screams were heard and the body discovery announcement was made once Hajime entered into the beachhouse, hoping that it was a lie, only to see something that reaffirmed that hope on the island was false, and that the only thing that was there was despair: Mahiru, the Ultimate Photographer's lifeless body lying on the beachhouse floor.

Deadly Life[]

Twilight Syndrome Murder Case is the true structure of this case and many times within Chapter 2 Deadly Life, Chiaki and Hajime seek the truth surrounding it. While uncovering the truth about the escape route after the murder, entering the shower room, he seeks the help of Akane who asks him for a piggyback ride in order to confirm the window was loose, much to his objections, he accepts but finds it increasingly awkward when she teases him about her 'panties' to which Hajime finds the whole experience pretty uncomfortable.

After, Chiaki and Hajime proceed to Jabberwock park, encountering Nagito who has been freed by Monomi and of course showing him the much needed hostility he deserves, they continue to the game, where the mystery of Twilight syndrome murder case is solved. Nagito helps Hajime collect together the real life characters portrayed in the game and they are then questioned at the airport, as always Hajime has never been truly thankful for Nagito's help but it's helpful nonetheless. When Monokuma allows Chiaki and Hajime access to Mahiru's cottage, they find, to Hajime's shock, incredibly realistic photos depicting real life events from Twilight Syndrome Murder Case.

Chapter 3 - Trapped by the Ocean Scent[]

Daily Life[]

The next day after the second trial, Hajime's utter bewilderment to the unnerving and creepy vibe given off by Hiyoko's shrine to Mahiru, to which he begins to accept in kindness as the other characters convince him that it's a thoughtful gesture.

When Hajime enters the third island he notices a completely different ambiance and vibe, seeking to discover the truth behind these desolate islands once thriving with life. In the next scene at the Monokuma theatre, he opts out of watching Monokuma's homemade movie and instead offers to pay him millions for a cheap badge, to which Monokuma states paying him back once he leaves the island, giving him a little source of hope, however little.

In the Electric Avem Hajime discovers a computer revealing an Usami X File containing information on The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History, to which he doesn't understand. Monokuma arrives and only taunts him instead of revealing any truth to it.

When moving on to the hospital, Hajime was also in shock to discover Fuyuhiko, along with the rest of them, thinking he wouldn't pull through. In reality, Hajime and the rest of the group still thought of Fuyuhiko as a friend just like them despite what he did. Mikan later decided to treat Fuyuhiko for the rest of the day.

Suprisingly on the next day just after he recovered from his wound, Fuyuhiko sliced his stomach in remorse. Hajime was also confused and shocked by the events but was surprised to see him making changes by coming to his own recovery party, organized by Ibuki. When she begins singing, he finds it just as horrifying despite saying in the beginning he was looking forward to her musical styling's. Then in the face off of Monokuma and Akane, in which Nekomaru saves her life, Hajime is completely in shock, at the thought of a sacrifice that bold.

The next day, when Nagito, Ibuki and Akane contract the Despair Disease for Monokuma's next motive, Hiyoko forces Hajime into staying at the hospital to look after those with the disease, including Mikan and Fuyuhiko. In which Mikan ends up sleeping on top of him while he's resting in the hospital break room and almost choking him accidentally, when Fuyuhiko comes in on them he begins teasing to which Hajime becomes embarrassed and flustered.

When he returns to his cottage Hajime has a nightmare about his days as a reserve course student and states 'wanting to be confident in himself' despite people's objections of him not being an ultimate, only a fanboy of Hope's Peak Academy. When he begins to wake up, Mikan is again suffocating him accidentally by sleeping on top of him. She forgot the reason she came to Hajime's cottage is to tell him that Nagito has recovered after he fell unconscious since he contracted the disease.

When Hajime visited Nagito along with Mikan, Nagito forcefully ordered Hajime to not visiting him again. It is hinted that actually Nagito wanted Hajime to stay since he was contracted with the "lying disease", saying things that contradicted with the truth. After Hajime told Mikan to rest, he noticed the video image of someone trying to hang themselves on the communication camera in the hospital lobby. He hurries to the "crime scene", 'Titty Typhoon' where he sees how events have transpired, he runs for help at the motel, obviously in massive shock.

Deadly Life[]

Later on returning to the scene of the crime, the door has been glued shut. Fuyuhiko, Chiaki, Mikan and Hajime all proceed to force it down, to which they're all shocked to find not only the hanging figure that belongs to Ibuki, Hiyoko also found dead tied up against the pillar too. Eventually they were able to lead to many discoveries, Nagito convinced Hajime to watch the movie, the Wizard of Monomi which had a specific key link to the case, of course he found it dreadful, he expresses buying the badge was a far better alternative much to Nagito's dismay. Chiaki helped Hajime discover the way in which the death of Ibuki actually occurred, before the case began.

After the third trial is finally closed, Monokuma expresses that Nekomaru is back, everyone including Hajime runs to the beach, obviously ecstatic at their friend's arrival, however to Hajime's dismay, it was no normal meet up as he wanted.

Chapter 4 - Do Ultimate Robots Dream of Electric Clocks?[]

Daily Life[]

After meeting back up in the restaurant, Nagito presumably as a test, seek to portray Hajime as the traitor because he couldn't remember his talent. This was probably his way of judging people mentally, through their reactions. When Monomi gained everyone access to the fourth island, they all rode the roller coaster to gain an important prize, a Future Foundation File of the Killing School life. Hajime tried to enter Monomi's house but she denied him, obviously to conceal the hidden diary which Nagito, Hajime, and Chiaki find later on.

They later took a train to the funhouse to gain another specific prize, however this was only a trap, which placed Hajime as a prime suspect for being the traitor by convincing them of getting into this situation. While searching Strawberry and Grape house, he was ditched by Kazuichi and was left with Nekomaru.

While both outcasts, Hajime and Nekomaru were able to discover the doors to Grape House were locked down tight until the button was pressed. Hajime stayed with the girls in Grape House so he wouldn't have to sleep in the lounge and he humbly chose the crummy room over the standard room as a considerate gesture.

Later, after the morning routine Monokuma Tai Chi, everyone begins feeling the effects of hunger and Hajime stated he'd rather starve than kill. Kazuichi ends up ranting that he is, in fact, the traitor for saying this to which this angers Hajime and Chiaki has to break up the fight. In a desperate attempt to escape, Hajime sought a way out through the Final Dead Room, only to be stopped by Chiaki who worried for his safety and knows that no escape will come from winning. Hajime ended up getting some rest to conserve energy, only to awaken to a loud thud but very quickly falls back into unconsciousness, eventually waking in time for Monokuma Tai Chi where he 'opens the door to despair' and finds Nekomaru's dead body laying on the ground.

Deadly Life[]

There was an interesting turn of events in which Hajime and the girls no longer have access to Strawberry house and vice versa, with the boys unable to use the lift or the tower button to look at the crime scene, Kazuichi set on fixing it.

In the meantime, Hajime is the narrative viewpoint at Grape House while Nagito is the narrative viewpoint at Strawberry House. Chiaki convinced Hajime to use the Grape phone and Fuyuhiko explained the situation to him. Meanwhile, Nagito went to the Final Dead Room and eventually discovered the truth about the true form of the "ultimate weapon".

After completing the Life-Threatening Game, Nagito entered Grape House through a secret hatch leading to the Monokuma archive and surprised Chiaki and Hajime greatly. He also explain he played Russian Roulette using 5 bullets, this also shocked Hajime who stated he only had a 1/6 chance of survival, Nagito then told Hajime he was only a Reserve Course student from the reserve department which upsets him deeply. Constantly criticizing him for not being worthy of hope, which left Hajime in silent.

Chapter 5 - Smile at Hope in the Name of Despair[]

Daily Life[]

The next morning, Fuyuhiko wanted to know what Nagito meant in the trial when he said Hajime was part of the reserve department, when Hajime reluctantly explains that he has no talent, they are surprisingly not bothered and Sonia explain that what really matters most is friendship although Hajime is still worried and reacts angrily in his mind to the whole situation. When Monomi uncovers a new island, Hajime is still very bothered and quite uncomfortable at being a backup student. Kazuichi finds an e-mail in the computer inside the factory about the destruction of the world and refuses to believe it, convincing Hajime that it's nothing but a delusional story for a manga. Hajime becomes nervous when Nagito finds out about their plan to capture him, to which Nagito picks up on instantly. When the bomb goes off and Nagito leaves the Hotel Lobby, Hajime later expresses he's afraid of him and feels his madness running through his bones. In an attempt by Nagito to blow up the island and weed out the traitor, Hajime faced an entailment of fear of trying to find the bombs, stopping them and leading up to the point where he discovers Nagito's body for himself.

Deadly Life[]

Hajime is shocked that someone could kill Nagito in such a cruel way but accepts the fact anything can happen on this island, in one way or another. Hajime begins to suspect that the motive for Nagito's actions may be different from just weeding out the traitor but he isn't sure what, not yet sure he is in fact Ultimate Despair, the very thing Nagito is trying to destroy in the upcoming trial. Chiaki and Hajime later investigate his cottage. Hajime discovers poison and holds the bottle with a shaking hand, representing his fear, and Monomi's/Chiaki's logbook although he doesn't know it yet but finds it quite strange. He then discovers the student profile in Nagito's bookshelf, to his shock, he realizes Nagito lied and everyone's profile's were written inside. However, it didn't provide any clues because by this point, Nagito had ripped out the important information. He was hoping that him being a Reserve Student was just a lie along with the rest but it turns out to be the only truth, which angers Hajime.

Chapter 6 - This is the End Goodbye Academy of Despair[]

After witnessing his friends fall one by one, Hajime vowed to stay alive. This conviction was made even stronger as Nagito released a time-locked video that basically stated his intentions. 

Although Hajime and the remnants of the still-unaware "former" members of Ultimate Despair were led through a series of verbal traps disguised as "truth exposes", that nearly played into Alter Ego Junko's hands, Hajime was eventually able to expose Alter Ego Junko with help arriving from unlikely sources. However, in the process, they had to come to terms with the fact that they were members of a terrible organization that brought about The Tragedy, especially Hajime, who realized that he was "Izuru Kamukura" of the Hope Cultivation Project - the person who murdered the entire Student Council, and a major conduit for the Tragedy. The overload of information meant that Alter Ego Junko was constantly on the upper hand of a battle to break their minds.

At the conclusion of a finale which culminated in three former participants entering the fray to save the remaining students, Hajime and a regenerated Chiaki - revealed to be a student observer, one of two AIs responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the Neo World Program - defeated Alter Ego Junko in a final Panic Talk Action which brought the remaining students to their senses, allowing him to convince his fellow students to go along with Makoto Naegi's suggestion to initiate a Forced Shutdown of the Program.

The Force Shutdown allowed Usami to emerge and eventually erase Alter Ego Junko from the Neo World Program.

Afterward, the world around Hajime and co. began to glitch out, but he was able to clear his lingering regrets with Chiaki - specifically, not thanking her - before the Neo World Program shut down entirely.

Epilogue - The Day Before the Future[]

After the defeat of Alter Ego Junko, Hajime and former Ultimate Despair members opted to stay on the Jabberwock Island (possibly in hopes that they could do something to help their comatose friends), acknowledging his past but choosing to live on as Hajime Hinata.

Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono[]

An AI took the form of Hajime with red eyes, and labeled itself "The World Destroyer". Having the ability to shoot bullets from his fingertips, it set about trying to destroy the fake world that had been created by the Neo World Program for the comatose Nagito. After Nagito awakened, Hajime welcomed his friend back and informed him that everyone was awake and fine.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc[]

Episode 06 - No Man is an Island[]

Hajime is shown on Jabberwock Island. seeing approaching Future Foundation peacekeepers, ready to attack under Kyosuke Munakata's orders. However, Izuru appears to be active in some form in his mind, as he emotionlessly expresses his boredom.

Episode 12 - It is Always Darkest[]

Hajime is briefly shown in the post-credits walking through a doorway, away from the dead brainwashed rescue squad members scattered at his feet that he defeated.

Hope Arc- The Academy of Hope and Students of Despair[]

At some point after the end of the Killing School Trip, the Class 77-B were awakened by Hajime, whose personality had blended with Izuru Kamukura's talents due to his experiences in the Neo World Program. Purged of Junko's brainwashing, the now-former Remnants of Despair joined Hajime on a ship that took them to the ruins the Future Foundation's off-shore facility, where Ryota Mitarai was attempting to broadcast a "Hope Video" to brainwash the world into never feeling despair again.

Led by Hajime, the Class 77-B engaged Ryota's army of brainwashed Future Foundation soldiers, Former Super High School Level Elite Task Force members and Monobeasts in an attempt to reach the broadcasting tower where Ryota was situated. Hajime began is ascent up a slope leading to the broadcasting studio but is met with opposition, a multitude of Former Super High School Level Elite Task Force squad members. He commanded them to stand aside, a loud crash is then heard by Ryota, Hajime breaking through into the studio, began to walk toward him.

Hajime was able to convince Ryota that hope does not come about by force, that he wasn't as strong either which is why he has regrets even now. The rest of the Class 77-B walk in, standing behind Hajime. He then explained that Chiaki's legacy is why they are standing where they are now and convince him that they'd rather atone for their past sins even if they weren't to be forgiven. Hajime was able to persuade Ryota to join them, so that they may atone for everything that happened, together. Ryota abandoned his plan and broke down in tears as a result, Hajime and the rest of the class surrounded him in support.

Hajime and his classmates left the broadcasting studio and continued down the sloping platform, Hajime nodding gratefully at Makoto with respect, as Makoto responds by also nodding in return.

Shortly afterwards, Hajime and the rest of the Former Remnants of Despair shoulder the blame for the Final Killing Game in a broadcast to the Future Foundation, presenting themselves in their despair persona and relieving the organization of any wrongdoing.

Chiaki A.I. appeared to Hajime as a live depiction of his memory upon the boat leaving for Jabberwock island. Clutching Usami in her arms, she recalled the time Hajime first entered the Neo World Program, when an A.I. was created to monitor them. She explained that it was everyone's desire to see her once more that brought her into the program, as a depiction of their memories. She acknowledged she is not the same Chiaki but still pointed out that the class were able to see her again. She ended by expressing they all won a miracle together, Hajime, in response, stated that an ending like that wasn't so bad. Chiaki A.I. agreed, pointing out that she fought and risked her life for this. Hajime and her both stared upon the rising sun, Chiaki A.I. stating they can all make their future together, she turned to Hajime and smiled once more. Nagito then called Hajime over so he wouldn't miss out on Teruteru's cooking, Chiaki A.I. faded away as Hajime left his position.

Aoi Asahina and Yasuhiro Hagakure wave off Hajime and his classmates as the boat began its journey back to Jabberwock island.

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony[]

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version)[]

Hajime appears alongside Yasuhiro and Makoto in the game's demo, with Hajime and Makoto working as Kaede Akamatsu's upper classmates, senior "protagonists" and major helpers.[6]

However, the ending majorly implies that they actually worked together with Monokuma and appear to be just actors. They all compliment each other for doing good work, leave the set and mention working together in the future.

Ultimate Talent Development Plan[]

In the non-canon bonus mode, Hajime is a reserve course student of Hope's Peak Academy who plans to participate in the Izuru Kamukura Project in order to become talented. However, after playing video games with Chiaki and listening to her and other students' advice, he ultimately chooses not to join the project as he realized that being talented isn't the goal. This allows him to continue his friendship with Chiaki and he also became very good friends with her classmates.

However, the bonus mode also includes a course with Izuru as the playable character. While Chiaki still tried to talk to him and wants to play games with him, there was no mention of him being formerly Hajime, leaving the situation quite ambiguous. Furthermore, Monomi was seen giving Hajime wise encouragement, while in Izuru's case only Usami works as his "supervisor" of sort.


Alternate Persona:

Izuru Kamukura[]

After choosing to participate in the Izuru Kamukura project, Hajime had no idea that the procedure would transform him into another person. During the project, Hajime's memories and personality were forcefully erased, in the process of making him into a person whose specialty is talent itself. Once the project was completed, Hajime's personality is already taken over by Izuru's.

As Izuru, Hajime had no recollection or knowledge of his former self. However, in the Neo World Program, the Future Foundation was able to give him back his memories, successfully turning him back into his old self. Once the program was shut down and he awakes from his coma, Hajime lived as one with Izuru, their two personalities merging and coexisting.

Class 77-B:

Chiaki Nanami[]

Real-Life Version[]

Chiaki was Hajime's closest friend in Hope's Peak Academy. One of the reasons he participated in the Izuru Kamukura Project was to be worthy of her.

The two first met at a water fountain near the school, in a scene Kodaka described as being pleased with how beautiful it turned out to be,[7] when Chiaki bumped into Hajime while playing a game. Since then, the two continued to meet with each other and play games after school at the same place. It is implied that the two of them had romantic feelings for each other, as they often blush when coming in contact with each other.

Chiaki once comforted Hajime after he felt upset about not having a talent. She told him that there's more to life than talent and that making memories with people is more important. Her words comforted him, though his obsession with having a talent didn't lessen.

Before the Izuru Kamukura project, Hajime finds Chiaki by the water fountain, and she invites him to play a game with her. Hajime refuses and says he has to be somewhere. Before leaving, Hajime tells Chiaki that she's more than just an Ultimate Gamer, and tells her to make many memories at Hope's Peak. While walking away from Chiaki, Hajime thinks to himself how one of the reasons he decided to participate in the project was because of his desire to show Chiaki he has a talent. He thought of her while he was being transformed into Izuru Kamukura, and decides to become a version of himself that he can be proud of around Chiaki.

Upon his transformation, Hajime forgot all his memories with Chiaki. As a result, Izuru could not recognize Chiaki, although he confronted her after her execution. After Chiaki dies, Izuru is seen shedding tears despite not knowing who she was, suggesting that a part of Hajime remains in Izuru.

After awakening from the Neo World Program, Hajime, when trying to persuade Ryota Mitarai that hope and despair are both essential, he remembers Chiaki, showing great sadness over her death. While recalling memories of her, Hajime claims that he would never forget her, nor would he want to, and forever thought of her as precious to him. He appears to keep her hairpin with him as a memento, just like he did as Izuru.

In Ultimate Talent Development Plan, Chiaki has a similar relationship with Hajime like she did in Danganronpa 3, with her playing different video games with him and even giving him the same advice about talent not being the goal. Hajime considered her a very reliable class rep, though Chiaki believed that Hajime can be very reliable and close with the aforementioned class as well (seemingly foreshadowing the fact that Hajime much later takes the leader role among the class). In their third year, she extended him an invitation to her class's Christmas party, and he accepts. With their graduation gets closer, Hajime asks her if she's free on New Year's, and explains that his friends are planning a party because it will also be Hajime's birthday. Chiaki appears a bit surprised that she can come too, but she then eagerly agrees and offers to extend the invitation to the rest of her class.

AI Version[]

Hajime is shown to be close to the AI version of Chiaki over the course of the story. Hajime and Chiaki are frequently shown to be together in cutscenes and events. Their relationship progresses to a point where they can understand each other's expressions and wishes, even without the other speaking. However, it took him some time to warm up to her, as in Chapter 2, he thought of her behavior as "annoying."

Chiaki prevented Hajime from going to the Final Dead Room when he was stressed out because everyone suspected him to be the traitor, and she also assisted him during trials and investigations. It was briefly indicated before the all-girls beach party in Chapter 2 that he was attracted to Chiaki in her swimsuit. It is especially prevalent in Chapter 4 that the two are considerably close throughout most of the chapter.

During the fifth trial, Hajime was the most devastated among the group of remaining students when he found out that Chiaki was the "traitor" and was executed. It was also Chiaki who begged for Hajime to both claim and prove she was this alleged traitor, trusting his ability to see past the words and lies Monokuma created and into the hope she sees in him.

In Chapter 6, Chiaki was the one who guided Hajime to see the reality that whether or not he had a talent was irrelevant. It was due to her support and encouragement that he was finally able to overcome despair. Before she was shut down along with the program, he thanked her for her help and promised never to forget her.

Throughout her Free Time Events, it is somewhat implied that Hajime and Chiaki's relationship extends beyond the regular friendship Hajime and the others hold to a deep, everlasting friendship. The talks the two have progressed from mere small talk to friendlier and playful yet also serious and consoling (usually from Chiaki to Hajime). There are also romantic connotations, such as both blushing when she trips and he catches her and her complimenting him on being well-built.

When Chiaki mysteriously reappears to Hajime, it is shown that when he refuted everyone's statements in the final Endless Debate, everyone saw a vision of the closest person to them, further showing Chiaki is the closest person to Hajime. Hajime insists on her person-ness, even after discovering her nature as an AI. When Hajime finally gets to tell her "Thank you," which is, in turn, responded in kind, it is implied that both their words carry a deeper meaning.

When the battle of hope and despair ends, and Hajime and the 77th Class get on a ship, Hajime seemingly sees an illusion of her talking to him, smiling as it tells him to move towards the future. However, it's heavily implied that Hajime isn't fully aware of her presence, as he doesn't directly speak with her nor look at her, seemingly speaking to himself with the hope she taught him and then walking past her as she watches over him with a smile.

Nagito Komaeda[]

Nagito was the first student Hajime encountered on the island. He was the only one to stay with unconscious Hajime and escorted him to introduce himself to the other students. He also helped Hajime during most investigations. Though sometimes annoyed by Nagito, Hajime felt more relaxed around the other boy and believed that he's a kind person, though maybe not the most reliable.

After learning about Nagito's twisted way of thinking, Hajime felt betrayed and scorned. He felt that Nagito was very dangerous, only wanted to make others suffer and could trick him again if they talked too much. He felt that he didn't understand his way of thinking at all. However, during his free-time events, Hajime kept attempting to understand Nagito's mindset and continued to talk with him. There are also several moments in the main game where Hajime comes very close to understanding Nagito's thinking, but then abandons the thought as he feels he's just over-thinking. In the end, it was Hajime's understanding of Nagito that ultimately thwarted his plan in Chapter 5.

According to Nagito, Hajime was the first person in his life to take an actual interest in him. This is further proven by how he questions himself why he worries about someone like Nagito during the despair disease of Chapter 3. One of Nagito's main reasons for being interested in Hajime is that he claims they're similar, though Hajime denies this. This is also mentioned in the Super Danganronpa 2 Art Book, as in Hajime's relationship chart, Nagito states how he and Hajime are alike and have similarities.[8] However, after learning that Hajime is a reserve course student, Nagito turned hostile towards him, seemingly projecting some of the traits he hates about himself into Hajime. Even though he acted harsh and bitter towards him, in the dialogue directly preceding the Chapter 4 trial he states that he still cares about Hajime, though he doesn't understand why. If Hajime tries to spend time with Nagito during Chapter 5, when Nagito is unbeknownst to him planning his own murder, Nagito suddenly doesn't appear hostile at all at the moment and with a smile he tells Hajime that he's happy he's asking someone like him, but he is busy at the moment. Somewhat wistfully, he tells Hajime not to worry about him and have fun spending time with the others. After his death, he mentions in his recording that he shouldn't have been so hard on Hajime.

After learning about Nagito's backstory and illnesses in his free-time events, Hajime feels bad for him and is willing to forgive him. However, Nagito then says that it was all just lies, which shocks Hajime a bit. More confused than angry, Hajime leaves deep in thought and believes that at least some of Nagito's words were true. He expresses curiosity to see what Nagito would do if he one day achieved the hope he claims to be pining after, saying that he felt a 'strange connection' to him, though his confusion and uncertainty of him remain; however this leads to his wishing to understand Nagito in order to protect everyone else on the island from the malice he senses from Nagito.

In Island Mode, Hajime spends time with Nagito, who is now much more harmless. However, Nagito's strange way of thinking still confuses and creeps Hajime out at the times. In the ending, Nagito hesitantly asks for Hajime's friendship and Hajime accepts it without much consideration, though he noticed that the wording seemed to start as a love confession and expected more. Nagito reveals that his way of thinking has changed for the better after his time with Hajime. Thanks to that, Hajime feels that they can eventually reach an understanding.

As shown in Danganronpa 2.5, Hajime wished to wake up Nagito from his coma and was worried of him. After Nagito woke up, the two rejoined in friendly terms. At first, he assumed Hajime was Izuru, but then corrected himself by saying he must be Hajime. Hajime helped him up in the way that resembles their first meeting inside the program. Nagito says he believed in Hajime to wake him up and later he takes Hajime's hand as the class moves aboard, planning to go towards hope.

Later in Danganronpa 3 - Hope Arc, Hajime and Nagito can be seen smiling and eating together on the boat. Even though Hajime earlier explained that he is now both Hajime and Izuru, Nagito continues to call him Hajime. Because of all they have been through, Hajime finally comes to an understanding with Nagito.

In an Otomedia poster, which was released after the anime, Nagito is seen giving Hajime a small bag of fortune cookies as a gift while they are on the ship, presumably after the anime's story. Hajime appears flattered as he takes the gift, smiling in a slightly abashed manner. In the magazine's interview, Nagito is asked what autumn food reminds him of Hajime. He answers a "chestnut in its burr", comparing it to Hajime's hair, but after being told it's too normal of an answer, he goes on to explain that to properly eat one you have to go through a lot of work. He states that "Not being straightforward… it’s like Hinata-kun, right?". In turn, Hajime answers that Nagito reminds him of "the rice of a new crop" (referring to rice freshly harvested during the fall season) because of Nagito's hair's color. He also mentions that due to Nagito's "poor grip on reality", it's difficult to appoint him to a food with distinct taste.[9]

Nagito has also more or less jokingly compared Hajime to a tsundere character more than once due to his occasionally annoyed mood in his company. In Danganronpa 2, during his Free Time Events, he suggests Hajime's unknown talent could be "tsuntsun hair", referring to both his aloof personality and spiky hair. This was translated as "Ultimate Spiky Hair" in the localization, and while it's not incorrect, it loses the additional joke regarding Hajime's personality. Nagito laughs and clearly finds his joke very funny, but Hajime annoyingly answers that it isn't even a talent. Nagito later called him "tsuntsun hair" again in the Danganronpa 3 related magazine interview.

In the non-canonical Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony's bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan/Hajime Hinata, Nagito seemingly dislikes Hajime at first and acted harsh and occasionally condescending towards him due to him being a reserve course student. He assumed that Hajime spent time with the Ultimates only to suck up to them and feel better about himself, which obviously irritated Hajime. However, Nagito claimed he doesn't actually dislike Hajime, and appeared reluctantly interested in spending time with him. The two had a slight argument after Hajime came to play basketball with the Ultimates, which left Nagito silent in thought and he then decided to cheer for all the players though he felt conflicted about it (in the official English localization, this was incorrectly translated as him cheering for almost everyone). Nagito's attitude slowly changes when he realizes that Hajime genuinely wants to spend time with him, though he cannot comprehend why anyone would want that. In three years, they become friends and Nagito tells Hajime about his luck and how it has affected his life. During their last Christmas in school, Nagito and Hajime talk alone while the other students are celebrating. Hajime reminds the other boy that the class will definitely keep in touch and see each other again, though Nagito thinks nobody would invite him. Hajime tells him that Chiaki would and he just has to accept her invitation. Nagito asks why Hajime cares about him and still hasn't lost interest in someone like him. Hajime explains that he still doesn't understand Nagito and he refuses to leave it like that. He formally asks Nagito to be his friend and the two shake hands, though Nagito seems to want to hold his hand longer. Nagito wonders if it's going to change anything, but Hajime tells him that maybe like this they could really change something and understand each other some day.

Kazuichi Soda[]

Hajime is a close friend of Kazuichi's. Kazuichi latches onto Hajime, calling him his "soul friend". Hajime is sometimes annoyed by the other boy.

Throughout their friendship, a brief break up ensues when he blames Hajime for "leading them" into Monokuma's trap and ends up turning to Nagito instead. They later make up however.

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu[]

The two seem to be on good terms with each other after the events of Chapter 2, when Fuyuhiko is intent on changing himself. They are also willing to stay and focus on their friends that catch despair disease in chapter 3. Though initially, Fuyuhiko did not attempt to form a friendship with Hajime, their relationship changes relatively in the end.

Fuyuhiko considered Hajime as the "Ultimate Counselor" due to his nature that give the students confidence to endure everything that they have. In his last Free Time Events, the two of them did a sakazuki, a Japanese ritual of exchanging cups to symbolize sworn brothers and pledge loyalty.

Mikan Tsumiki[]

Mikan seems to have formed a liking for Hajime as he is the first person (on the Island) to have gone up to her and spoke to her, not wishing to bully her but only to have a casual conversation. Though nervous and stuttering at first, she gradually lightens up, even asking him to come back and talk to her again.

Hajime is also the first person she admits to that she is glad that there is nobody to stomp on her and abuse her on the island. Mikan also chases Hajime around with a syringe a few times, wanting to give him an injection, and was found sleeping on him several times in Chapter 3. In the third trial, she uses him to give herself an alibi in the morning when they first discover the corpse.

In Chapter 3, when Hajime accuses Mikan of killing Ibuki and Hiyoko, she becomes furious, and obviously denies this. This act upsets Hajime, who doesn't want to believe she's the culprit as much the others, who are in shock at his accusation. Despite this, Hajime reluctantly shows evidence that points to her being the murderer. He tells Mikan to give it up, so he can still believe in her in the end. But Mikan's personality has already changed, and she was executed, leaving nothing but her malice for Hajime and the others.

In her free-time events, when Mikan explains her reasons for becoming a nurse, Hajime is disturbed and is afraid to show any signs of weakness or sickness around her. However, he also feels bad for her and believes that she is not to be blamed for the way she is now.

During the events of Island Mode, Mikan is very happy to be Hajime's friend and has a clear romantic interest in him. In her ending, she is even ready to go as far as to cripple him in some way so that they would be together forever. However, Hajime proposes to her instead, causing her to declare that she would become his own private nurse and take care of him forever.

Peko Pekoyama[]

During her Free Times Events, Hajime helps Peko to learn how to smile again.

Despite not sharing a close relationship with her in the main story, he interestingly has a romantic interest in her in the Free Time Events, much more straightforward than with any other character. Coincidentally, Peko is also the only character who is outright confirmed to definitely not have feelings for him, only liking him as a friend. Hajime thought he might be in love with Peko and assumed she liked him back, but in reality she is in love with Fuyuhiko and wishes for Hajime's advice. Though he's hurt to not have his feelings responded, Hajime wants to support Peko as a friend.

Ibuki Mioda[]

Ibuki and Hajime seem to be good friends, and they bond during club activities that Ibuki comes up with during her Free Time Events. Also during her Free Time Events, Ibuki has been trying to help Hajime remember his talent. She insists that it should've been obvious what she was trying to do, but Hajime claims that he didn't even realize it, and was touched that she was trying to help him.

Ibuki often pokes fun at Hajime, saying that he has developed a crush on her or that he is sometimes looking for an excuse to be alone with her. Ibuki also gave Hajime some advice that even when people are constantly changing, either physically or otherwise, that they are always going to be their true selves and she made Hajime promise her that he will never give up on trying to find out his true self. In Hajime's official relationship chart, Ibuki states she wants him to be the drummer in her band, and insists that the two are in a band, even teaching him lessons. However, according to Hajime, she only taught him how to use a loudspeaker.

Akane Owari[]

Hajime and Akane do not interact much in the main story, though they have a fairly decent relationship and he does worry about her when she is stricken with the Despair Disease. They eventually become close during her Free Time Events; Hajime is rather horrified to hear of the poverty and implied sexual abuse Akane went through growing up, especially her nonchalance towards it. Though Akane has difficulty remembering his name, she worries about him not eating enough, in a similar way to how she worried about her younger siblings. He's annoyed by her forgetfulness and mentions thinking that she's a bit crazy, but he does envy her cheery attitude. During her final Free Time Events, she recalls his name correctly and accepts his advice about accepting and overcoming weakness rather than denying it.

Nekomaru Nidai[]

Nekomaru's Island Mode relationship differs from that of his real-life relationship with Hajime. During Nekomaru's Island Mode ending, he believes there is something inside Hajime, but he is unsure what it is. The correct answer is "hope", but if Hajime suggests "love", Nekomaru become surprised and then begins to consider that his feelings for Hajime are romantic. If Hajime chooses a bad option during an event Nekomaru will say: "Hmmm… That date wasn’t exciting at all… A detailed plan produces maximum results in both dating and training. You won’t make me fall for you if you act like this! Bye now!” showing that his feelings for Hajime appear to be on a romantic level.

Teruteru Hanamura[]

Like nearly everyone else, Hajime is annoyed by Teruteru's pervertedness but enjoys his cooking.

Gundham Tanaka[]

At one point, Gundham is implied to have tried to follow Hajime and the rest of the students, though when discovered, he denied it and went away. Hajime and Gundham become rather good friends through Free-Time Events, and in his final FTE (which takes place in the Strawberry House), Gundham makes Hajime sign a contract via handshake and declares that with the contract, Hajime will not be permitted to die without exclusive permission from Gundham Tanaka himself. Hajime thinks to himself that he would like to return that promise back to Gundham, though he figured that Gundham might get angry instead. Comically, their handshake ends in a mutual hand-squeezing to the death.

Hiyoko Saionji[]

Hajime was curious of how she can be a high school student based on her height and appearance. Later during the game in Chapter 1, Hajime usually make remarks on Hiyoko in his inner thoughts and said that she has an Ultimate Bad Attitude. Hajime misjudged Hiyoko the first he introduced himself to Hiyoko in the Killing School Trip. He thinks that Hiyoko would be perfect to stand right next to flowers if she didn't have a rotten personality. He later warms up to Hiyoko and forms a sibling-like bond with her almost like the one she has with Mahiru. When Hiyoko tells him that most people fall asleep while watching her shows, Hajime told her he would stay awake for her during the show.

Mahiru Koizumi[]

While it was never showed in the main storyline, but in her Free Time Events, it's implied that Mahiru has romantic feelings towards Hajime. When Mahiru took a candid photograph of him, Mahiru didn't want to delete it even though Hajime told her to delete it. After revealing that she likes the candid of him, Mahiru blushed and ran away, saying that she needs to go somewhere.

In her last Free Time Events, Mahiru asked Hajime to take a picture of her so she can see how Hajime saw her. She said that she liked Hajime's shot as much as her mother pictures she did. Mahiru also added that she would give him her old camera.

In her Island Mode's ending, Mahiru thanked Hajime as she was able to find herself. It was the reason why she will hand him her old camera in appreciation and due to liking Hajime.

Sonia Nevermind[]

Sonia shown to be friendly with Hajime and took a liking of him during the course of Killing School Trip. In her Free time Events, she believed he was a hero from prophecy that would bring happiness to her land and wanted him to rule the Kingdom of Novoselic together after they escaped from the island.

Hope's Peak Staff:

Chisa Yukizome[]

Hajime first met Chisa when she came to get Chiaki to attend class. When Chisa came to him to ask him about the Reserve course, he told her about how he admired Hope's Peak Academy and why he enrolled himself in the Reserve Course. When he wondered why Chisa is concerned about a lowly Reserve Course student like himself, Chisa told him not to call himself lowly and that everything begins with believing in yourself.

Upon finding her dead body, Hajime finally calls Chisa "Miss Chisa". He also tells her that she would be proud of him because he finally understood what she and Chiaki had told him when he first met them.

Class 78th:

Makoto Naegi[]

Makoto put Izuru and the other Remnants of Despair in the Neo World Program. After waking up from the program, Izuru who successfully restored his previous identity, Hajime, brought his classmates to help Makoto to prevent Ryota from using his brainwashing video. Hajime is very thankful to Makoto, because of his hope his classmates return to their original personalities before being brainwashed by Junko.

Bonus Mode Guides[]

The links below are full transcripts and indepth guides for Hajime Hinata's routes in Ultimate Talent Development Plan.

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Ultimate Talent
Development Plan
Ultimate Talent
Development Plan


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (English)


  • "It was a day that felt...truly significant. And when that long-awaited day finally came, I felt proud in away I can't really put into words. I felt like...I had just become a part of something greater than myself. Does that make sense? Actually, that's exactly what it was like...I was truly in a dream."
  • "I'm not so special that I *have* to introduce myself, and formalities are always a little embarrassing... Well, this *is* what's expected... I guess that's how I should think about it. My name is Hajime Hinata. There's only one reason I came to Hope's Peak Academy... Because I admired Hope's Peak Academy. To me, attending Hope's Peak Academy is like being a celebrity or a superhero. In fact, instead of calling it admiration, it's more like...it's always been a dream of mine. That's why, to feel like a member of society, to become someone I can be proud of, I always wanted to..."
  • "At any rate, if this is a nightmare, I have no idea if it's even started yet... Sheesh, what kind of nightmare is that...?"
  • "But...if we weren't in situation like this, I'd probably be enjoying some lazy sunbathing myself. "If" being the key word."
  • "His build and that overwhelming aura of refinement just pushes people away... Is this what it means to be the Ultimate Affluent Progeny...?"
  • "The strange thing about genuine surprise is that when it happens, your voice won't let you express it. The sudden appearance of a monster might be normal in anime and video games... And that's precisely why...I couldn't grasp the reality of this situation... I couldn't even feel fear. All I could do was stand aghast."
  • "Once you're suspicious of something, you'll start to be suspicious of everything... Even of yourself. That's why it felt so hopeless."
  • "That day became a day unlike any other... A day which held a more significant meaning. It was a special day... A very meaningful day full of despair. That was the beginning. The killing school trip had begun, and this tropical island was the stage."

Chapter 1:

  • "There was no way I could believe that this was now my reality. Even so...this was undeniably real. There was no way I could believe that this was now my reality. No matter how much I didn't want to believe it, the moment I experienced and felt it for myself... It became undeniably real. This...is a reality that could not be more different from my usual daily life. School, studying, exams, job hunting, going for walks, going to school, riding the train, lectures... That kind of daily life...is no longer mine. And it led straight on to the first night. A night so beautiful it enchanted me... And yet, my heart was horribly upset. That kind of beauty was definitely...far different than my usual daily life."
  • "I didn't want to see anyone anymore. I just wanted to be alone forever... I have nobody I can trust... Because, even if I wanted to trust them...I don't know anything about them yet. The only person I can trust is myself... No, even I don't believe that."
  • "I wasn't tired or anything, but...I just wanted to sleep, if only for a short while. I wanted to put an end to it all. And if, by chance, I managed to wake up the next day... It would be awesome if I was back to my normal life."
  • "Wherever I go...there are surveillance cameras all over the place. Whoever's controlling Monokuma must be monitoring us with these cameras, too... It pisses me off to think I'm being watched by a lunatic... But there's nothing I can do about it."
  • "I don't get it. In this tense situation, we all need to be a lot more cautious... And yet, I'm relieved everyone is in such high spirits. It's strange, but...I feel like I can rely on them. This...must be what it means to have the confidence of an Ultimate... Then...what am I? Am I...confident enough to call myself one of them?"
  • "I don't really get it, but...I guess this guy isn't just some overconfident, narcissistic jerk after all. Despite our situation, he's mysteriously calm. He might just be a reliable person after all..."
  • "Friends, huh? Until now, I never really thought about friendship. That sort of thing seemed embarrassing. I never would have thought about it in this situation... No, actually, it's more like... *because* of this situation..."
  • "Believe in your friends, huh... It'd be difficult to believe in them right away, but it'd be nice if it could happen a little at a time... Huh. If I'm starting to think like that, doesn't that show I'm making good progress?"
  • "Now then, there's no reason to hole up in my room and stare blankly into space. Since there's time...it'd be a great idea if I went ahead and talked to everyone."
  • "When I first came to this island, watching everyone have fun was so frustrating... But now, it feels reassuring. We're actually "friends" who fight together... Friends who've developed a sense of unity..."
  • "This hopeless reality... That's the real enemy we need to fight... If I'm going to survive this... ...then I have to fight it."
  • "Finding out who the killer is... That's our only hope for survival... Something like this...is hope...? Even so...I still gotta do it."
  • "That's right...I need to do it... If we're gonna survive this, we need to do it. ...I have to prepare myself for the worst."
  • "It's not just for yourself! We have to do it to protect all of us! Stop blaming yourself... Nothing good will come of it..."
  • "Byakuya Togami, the Ultimate Affluent Progeny... He was the kind of guy who said a lot of hurtful things... ...but he tried his best to lead everyone. The only thing I can do right now... ...for Byakuya's sake... ...is to uncover the truth behind his death!"
  • "Well, if there's no reason, then there's no meaning..."
  • "It's not like we're doing this because we want to!"
  • "Just because it's cruel doesn't mean you can just keep crying like that. Crying won't solve anything... We have to do this no matter what, dammit!"
  • "You're right... There's nowhere for us to run... We need to do it..."
  • "It looks like everyone knows...even if we try to resist, it won't change a thing..."
  • "The person who did it...is one of us? I can't believe it... There's no way I can believe it... But...if it's really true... We need to find out, by any means possible... Because...that's our only option. There is no way for us to survive unless we sacrifice the killer... And so... ...this life-threatening trial billowing with hope and despair... ...has begun."
  • "No... Thinking about "if" is a waste of time. We have to do this...no matter what!"
  • "The darkness in his eyes shone brightly, as if layers upon layers of darkness were folding into each other... ...As if hope and despair had been crudely mixed together."
  • "The truth is beyond our sight... No, that can't be it. There should be some way to find out what happened in the dark!"
  • "I just thought I knew him. But this whole time, I didn't know anything about this guy. I didn't know...his true character. It's as simple as that. But...now's not the time for me to dwell on that. We need to find Byakuya's killer...by any means possible. Because if we don't... We... We will die here...!"
  • "Dammit! There's no way I'm going to lose against someone like him!"
  • "That's right...if we don't do that, we can't end this no matter how much time passes. So...we need to do it!"
  • "He...believed it more than anybody else here. That's why...he kept denying it... Because he believed it, he needed to deny it..."
  • "Let's definitely work together and leave this island!"
  • ""Do our best..." We kept using that phrase over and over again. Even though we knew they were just...cheap, meaningless, empty words... Regardless...we still said it. And we continued to say it over and over again without stopping."
  • "This sky is connected to anywhere, even to my daily life. That's why...I might be able to go home. That's right...I'm definitely going to go home."

Chapter 2:

  • "The air's....suddenly not so tense anymore... Well, I guess it's better than being down forever... If I was all by myself...I probably wouldn't have been able to put my feelings aside and move on like this... I guess...I have these guys to thank..."
  • "I'll find out about the Hanamura Diner... And when I do, I'll make sure I let you know...!"
  • "I don't know what you're thinking, but...we're all in this situation together. You're not the only one stuck on this island... We all have to work together."
  • "Training that resembles an actual fight might be fun, but just be careful not to get hurt, both of you."
  • "Running away as soon as things get inconvenient... That's even more suspicious." (About Monomi)
  • "We need to do our best to make sure there aren't any more incidents...!"
  • "So he wanted someone to back him up so he could step forward... I sort of understand how he feels..."
  • "Is doing nothing at all correct...? Or is trying to stop it from happening while being aware of the danger correct...? In this messed up world... There's no way I can know what's right..."
  • "Well, you know...values vary from person to person."
  • "Unlike his smile, his words carried a certain heaviness... As if a black poison was falling from his mouth every time he spoke, filling his surroundings with darkness... An illusion, but one I couldn't help feeling at that moment."
  • "Running away from your problems isn't a solution. I'm just putting it off..."
  • "It's not like I believe what Nagito said. It's just not a good idea to leave it alone..."
  • "If...this was all a dream... When did I...when did I begin dreaming? If this is reality... Why is Mahiru on the floor covered in blood? I...couldn't understand anything that was in front of me... And I couldn't believe in anything."
  • "Mahiru Koizumi, the Ultimate Photographer... She had an unyielding force of personality, but she was actually very good at taking care of people... And...she was always straightforward. Toward us and toward herself, she was always facing forward... ...She was that kind of person. Why her...? Why Mahiru...why... Wh-Why did this happen to her!?"
  • "Everyone feels the same. But we can't do anything else except do it... A-And... There's no way we can just ignore...the reason Mahiru was killed."
  • "That's right...we have to do it. It's the only way. I don't want to do this...but that's more the reason... for us to finish this... ...I'm the only one who can do this!"
  • "...No, now's not the time to feel regret. I need to focus on doing as much as I can right now. And then...I'm going to find out the truth behind Mahiru's death. That's the only way...the rest of us can survive."
  • "That...it's not just Chiaki... There's no way anyone would forgive something like this."
  • "The more I talk to him, the creepier he gets... The more I listen to him, the more I don't understand him... If he didn't exist, this situation would be a lot easier to deal with..."
  • "At the trial field where Monokuma is waiting... I have to make my case there..."
  • "That's right...I can only... Moving forward is the only option!"
  • "But we can't just stand around all day."
  • "Throughout that drop, I was fluctuating between feeling hope and despair. As if my heart was a rotten fruit, swelling in the sun before it finally goes "squish"."
  • "It's starting...the Class Trial is starting... Mahiru Koizumi, the Ultimate Photographer... She had an unyielding force of personality, but she was actually very good at taking care of people... Most importantly...she was always straightforward. The person that killed her... ...is among us? I don't want to believe it. I don't want to believe it. I don't want to believe it but... Regardless, we need to find the answer. It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Because...it's the only way. Aside from finding out who the killer is, there is no other way... ...for us to survive... And so... ...this life-threatening trial billowing with hope and despair... ...has begun."
  • "I...don't really want to say it myself but...I need to move the conversation forward..."
  • "An unconventional weapon...that also appeared in the game... If we're told we can't advance as long as we don't make that clear... ...Then I have to do it. I'll do it."
  • "Let's stop... Believing every little thing Nagito says is a waste of time."
  • "The bitter truth... That may be true but... ...Even so, we can't just stand around here all day. Even if what lies ahead is a cruel ending, the only thing we can do is move forward. because...unless we reveal who among us is Mahiru's true killer... There's...no way we'll survive."
  • "If I just focus and think about it, I'm sure I'll be able to find the answer. All right, I'm going to do it!"
  • "I don't want anyone else...to be sacrifice."
  • "...And so, the Class Trial ended. But we still can't see the real ending that we really want yet... When that finally arrives... What will have happened to us by then...? No matter where I look... No matter what possibilities I look for... I can't see our future, not even a speck. As if we were in a boat, floating unreliably in a vast, dark sea... We were just left there. Alone. Only one word could explain our situation. Despair. ...We couldn't find a more suitable word than that."

Chapter 3:

  • "My body feels terribly burdened... But...that worry ends here. There's no way I can just lay here and do nothing. ...That's right, just do it."
  • "Yeah, I couldn't really stay put and do nothing."
  • "Gaming as usual... No, I have a slight feeling she's deliberately concentrating on her game. Like she's trying to keep her sadness from showing by being completely focused in gaming... ...Or is it just me?"
  • "However...we didn't realize just how short-lived this peace would be. Even though we were finally bonding, a situation was brewing, like a huge fracture running between us all... And that...would be the trigger for a truly horrible and atrocious incident... Not just for me...but for every single one of us... ...We just hadn't realized it yet."
  • "A new island, huh... Maybe now we'll finally find it. A way to get off this island and go home... No...that's the only thing we have! That's our one and only hope!"
  • "Peko... You...weren't a tool at all. But you didn't realize it until it was too late..."
  • "Judging someone for their crimes... No one has the right to do that... That's exactly it, huh...Mahiru... The killings... The class trials... It's all so messed up...!"
  • "Nekomaru's quite good at taking care of people... I wonder if that's a habit of being a team manager?"
  • "The moment I have a heart attack...I'll definitely have something I need to be worried about..."
  • "He would've probably used the latest kitchen equipment... And cooked the World's Tastiest Dishes. With those dishes, he would've made a lot of people smile... But...that's no longer..."
  • "Hey Kazuichi... "Those who won't run will never see the goal!"
  • "The combination is crazy and everyone's doing different things...but strangely, it's harmonizing really well. Even though our paces are all different... Will we be able to be like this in the future? ... Mahiru, can you hear this performance? Are you seeing Hiyoko's dance...? Not just Mahiru... Peko...Teruteru...Byakuya...are you all watching? We will never forget about you. Ever! And we will not waste your deaths... We will survive and get off this island!"
  • "It should be okay to have a peaceful day like this for a change."
  • "It's...definitely not possible... There's no way it'd be that easy to move on... We never had to think about death until we came to this island. So when we're forced to suddenly confront it, there's no way we'd know how we're supposed to deal with it..."
  • "I've never felt so fatigued in the morning before... It's probably because of everything that's happened... But I should put that feeling aside and move on. There's no such thing as a useless day for us anymore."
  • "I see...Fuyuhiko's not the only one who's trying to change... She's...also trying, huh. The old Hiyoko...there's no way she would've ever forgiven Fuyuhiko like this."
  • "Even if we opened our mouths, only words of worry would come out. We all knew that. When we saw Nekomaru's tragedy happen right in front of us, once again we were all taught... If you think you won't die...well, that's just wishful thinking. ON this island, without any warning... People die... That...is the nightmare we're trapped in. When you think you've finally woken up from the nightmare, you realize you're still inside it. ...And thus, the nightmare continues."
  • "Nekomaru must've wanted to protect Akane at all costs. Just like how Peko wanted to protect you..."
  • "It'd probably be a waste of time to find out the reason for each little thing Nagito does but... I don't get this at all. Why did he have to tell such an outrageous lie?"
  • "Wh-What happened, Akane? It's not like you to cry...get a grip on yourself."
  • "I-I'd really prefer if she had a more confident-sounding catchphrase...!"
  • "I-It's going to be okay...you don't have to worry. Fuyuhiko and I are here, so don't cry."
  • "Worry...why do I have to worry about a guy like him...?"
  • "I do understand how you feel but...don't overexert yourself, okay?"
  • "Anyway...all we can do now is wait... Just wait patiently...until the situation improves...and changes for the better. Because waiting patiently was the only thing we could do...we waited patiently."
  • "My worries have piled so high that one sigh just isn't enough. And...the more I think about it, it's like I'm slowly being sucked deeper and deeper into an endless pit... I guess for today...I should just go to sleep. It's best if I not dwell on it too much..."
  • "I wanted to cover my ears. I wanted to run. To the place I deserve to be. Not here. To the place...where I can be more confident."
  • "Leave me alone... I just... I just want to become someone who's confident in myself."
  • "I rushed into the music venue with a prayer in my heart. But... I completely forgot... Prayer...means nothing on this island."
  • "Even though I expected it...I still didn't want to confront that reality. Under the hemp bag, there was no denying that the face I saw belonged to...Ibuki."
  • "That's right...we need to end this... We need to finish this...once and for all. I know there's no way he can believe that one of us did this... But for those two's sake, we need to find the truth! And then, we need to end this nightmare once and for all!"
  • "...I understand how you feel, but please get a hold of yourself. Two of our friends were killed... That's all the more reason why we can't just leave this alone, right?"
  • "This guy just wants to confuse us... There's no way I'm going to tell him what he wants to know!"
  • "I noticed our lined up silhouettes keep getting smaller and smaller... ...But I can't turn back now. If I turn back, I won't be able to press forward..."
  • "Ibuki Mioda, the Ultimate Musician... She was really loud, but she was the moodmaker of our group. When I was with her, all of my pain and suffering just seemed to melt away. Hiyoko Saionji, the Ultimate Traditional Dancer... Just from looking at her adorable face, you'd never know she was actually selfish and foulmouthed... But she was trying to change herself, and she was desperately trying to come to terms with Mahiru's death. The person who killed those two is among us. I...definitely can't believe it... But...whether I believe it or not is irrelevant. Unless I figure out the truth, I won't be able to escape from this hell. That's why...I must find out, no matter the cost. For our sake... For our friends' sake... For Ibuki and Hiyoko's sake... And so...the curtain to the third Class Trial was about to open... ...this life-threatening trial billowing with hope and despair... ...has begun."
  • "It's just as Kazuichi said... Nagito's the kind of guy who'll just confuse us and make matters worse..."
  • "Wh-What warm-up!? This isn't a game, you know!"
  • "Why Hiyoko went to the music venue... If that's the key to all this... I need to find that out, no matter the cost!"
  • "Nagito Komaeda... You're definitely someone I shouldn't underestimate..."
  • "And whether or not we can reach the that hidden truth... ...is all up to me."
  • "Tricks aside, logic aside... Is she really capable...of doing something like this? No, in fact...it'd be so much easier if I was wrong... If I have this much doubt about someone I've spent so much time with..."
  • "I...don't want to do this either...! Of course I don't want to do this...! But...I *need* to do this...!"
  • "That's not it! I suspect them because I want to believe them!"
  • "I need to...make up my mind. I'm the one who has to do it...! I'm the one who's going to finish this...!"
  • "Don't flinch....don't hesitate...don't run away...! I'm the only one who saw that video... Who else is gonna do it if I don't!?"
  • "At this rate, we're not getting anywhere... I gotta do something...and end this... I gotta do something...so I can make her admit it!"
  • "Mikan...it's already over... After I go over your crime from the beginning and show that you have no argument left... ...Please just admit it already! In the end, at least let me believe in you!"
  • "I-I won't believe it...! There's no way I can believe...you were like this all along... Because...if that's true...! Then who's the person we've been spending time with up until now!?"
  • "Like a house of cards collapsing in an instant... In the end, our friend we thought we knew ended up showing us a completely different side of herself... Then she vanished from our sight, leaving behind only her malice toward us. And now...there's no way we can just move on or try to have a clear-cut attitude about these feelings... ...That's clearly impossible."

Chapter 4:

  • "We were hoping things would progress smoothly. That's right. A common, ordinary progression. Like, for example... The enemy's lair crumbling right after you defeat the final boss, or your dead friend suddenly reappearing... It would've been just fine if things had progressed like that. That's the kind of old-school progression we were hoping for... Not...this unreasonable turn of events."
  • "It's better to just be alive... I do understand what Nekomaru is saying but... No matter how we make sense of this... It's just too weird... This isn't a novel or a movie. This is reality. Can something this unexplainable really be allowed to happen? No, instead... Why did this happen?"
  • "As I listened to Monokuma's boisterous laugh, once again I was forced to accept... This island is not the day-to-day world I know. It's a mad world where the strange is accepted as normal. Causes, reasoning, circumstances, foreshadowing... These things don't apply here at all. ...That's what it means to live in a mad world."
  • "I will not accept any more victims...! I will definitely prevent that from happening...!"
  • "It's useless to think about things that are a waste of time... I've learned that much during my time here."
  • "Don't talk so confidently about a castle you've never seen before..."
  • "Maybe it's because we were shown a new mystery from that Future Foundation file but... ...I was panicking. I couldn't keep still after being forced to see more mysteries that didn't make sense. I felt like...I didn't even care if it was a trap. And because of that panic, I completely forgot... Monokuma's traps are always...far beyond our imagination... ...I completely forgot about that."
  • "We've been together this whole time and you still don't know who I am!?"
  • "When people stop trusting you...it seriously sucks..."
  • "Of course, I'm not a kid who'd be amused by something like this... Besides, I don't have time to play anyway."
  • "Yeah, you're right... It's still too soon to give up."
  • "That's why... No matter what shape you're in, we're all extremely happy that you came back to us."
  • "But...we can't just stand here and do nothing...!"
  • "So once someone is suspicious of me, anything I do will look suspicious to them, huh. What should I do...?"
  • "So it was definitely a waste of time to believe Monokuma..."
  • "For a princess...you sure do think about petty stuff."
  • "It's a little cold in here... The draft coming from the door is making me hungry... But...I shouldn't be talking like that. For now, I need to endure it no matter what. No matter what happens...I will definitely prevent a killing from happening... I won't let Monokuma get what he wants...!"
  • "...Now then, what should I do now? In this kind of situation...panicking will accomplish nothing. It might be better if I spend time like I normally do for as long as I can. I should find someone to talk to...or it might be a good idea to just stay in my room and conserve my energy."
  • "In the future, it may be necessary to know about the enemy..."
  • "This isn't about just you... We're all getting screwed here."
  • "I'd rather...have that happen to us... ...than have our friends kill each other..."
  • "If I just leave this matter alone, something bad might happen... It's not like I'm worried but...I should go see how everyone's doing."
  • "...I don't even have the energy or willpower to say anything anymore."
  • "The weaker my body gets, the less sense everything seems to make... We're on the verge of starving to death and there's no way to escape... Is it really okay to just lay here and take it? Or..."
  • "This morning, I couldn't help feeling angry...that I said what I said in front of every one, but... I...I don't really think that it's okay if we end up starving to death... I need to do something... I need...to do...something...soon..."
  • "It...was very sudden. That's right, it's always sudden. The door to despair...always opens suddenly."
  • "If this is a nightmare, please, just let me wake up..."
  • "I gotta do it... I have to do it...!"
  • "I knew he was strange from the start, but for him to casually do something so suicidal... He's crazy...! That's all there is to it!"
  • "It's true that I'm...shocked, but...now's not the time for me to feel like that... Right now, I can't afford to be the only one who's depressed... I need to survive with everyone else and return home! That's what's most important! ...Isn't that right?"
  • "No... We've all come this far. If he's saying we should try it out, then we should give it a shot."
  • "O-Of course there isn't! What kind of hope comes from killing people!?" (to Nagito)
  • "Calm down... That's right... I need to calm down..."
  • "...And so it begins. I hoped this would never happen again, and now it's happening for the fourth time... The curtain to the fourth Class Trial...was about to open. Nekomaru Nidai, the Ultimate Team Manager... He was more passionate...more daring...more honest than anyone I'd ever met... Truly, he was more man than any of us. He sacrificed his body to protect Akane, and his appearance changed drastically because of that... But...he still tried to live earnestly. And just when I finally got used to his new form... Nekomaru's killer... ...is one of us. Killing someone because it's the only way to survive...is no excuse. ...I won't let this be excused. I won't forgive this. The person who betrayed Nekomaru... Who betrayed their friends... ...I will never, ever forgive them! And so... ...this life-threatening trial billowing with hope and despair... ...has begun."
  • "You can tell what the weapon is just by looking...? It wouldn't be much of a mystery if that were true..."
  • "Nagito... As usual, I can't tell what he's thinking. I have no idea if he's serious or not..."
  • "...If I'm going to reach the truth behind this incident, I need to solve that mystery next!"
  • "Another mystery I don't understand...? Seriously, it's just one after another... But...I can't choke up at a time like this. Just a little more and I'll be able to reach the truth... There should definitely be a clue to breaking through this contradiction!"
  • "Perhaps we've overlooked something... Maybe we're misunderstanding something... Think... If I focus and think...I should be able to find the answer to that mystery."
  • "I need too clarify by how much the time was off after the killer messed with the clocks. That's definitely the next mystery...! I'm going to reach the truth in one go!"
  • "When something is obviously wrong, that's when a contradiction is born... There's no such thing as a contradiction that can't be overcome!"
  • "A contradiction is when something is obviously wrong... There's no contradiction I can't shoot through... I'm going to find out what that is. For the sake of everyone's hope...I'll shoot through the contradiction!"
  • "...There's no way I can stop!"
  • "His argument...is exhausting... Just listening to it makes me tired... I need to skillfully cut back against his words, so he doesn't outpace me..."
  • "I guess you really don't want to admit it... Then...just as you requested... I will provide an argument that'll leave you no choice but to be persuaded!"
  • "It's true the Class Trial is finished but...that doesn't mean the incident is over... We can't finish yet until we hear it from Gundham!"
  • "Even after Gundham is gone... The spirit of his parting words still lingered deep in our chests. "Don't give up on life" Did I...misunderstand what he meant? Then...what's the right thing to do? I don't know... No matter how much I think about it... I don't know if I'll ever be able to answer that."
  • "We shouldn't just stand here... I mean...it's not like this is over. We...still have to do it. We still have to finish this. For the sake of our friends who have died, we need to finish this once and for all! So... Don't just stand there. Stand up and walk. Move forward. Live. If you don't... Everyone who fought and died will have died in vain...! We can't allow that!"
  • "With this, the Class Trial has come to an end and once again, we returned to Jabberwock Island. The size of our group has definitely diminished... But despite that...even if it was just the rest of us, we did our best to stay upbeat and have fun together. Of course, our optimism was only superficial... But at that moment, we were able to forget about the dark despair looming before us. However, the only thing I was worried about... ...was him. He wasn't there. He...suddenly disappeared from our sight."

Chapter 5:

  • "Nekomaru, you were a strong man. You were always straightforward...because you were strong. But...strength doesn't mean anything when you're dead."
  • "Gundham...I won't forget your final message... "Don't give up on life." Even now, those words are still etched into my heart. I don't know if I'll find any answers, but... We...will continue to press forward...so you won't lecture us...!"
  • "My whole life...I've just wanted to feel confident about myself... And I thought getting into Hope's Peak Academy meant I had finally become someone I could be proud of... Not...some fucking backup student...!"
  • "Hey, don't talk like you're not included. You're our friend too, you know..."
  • "As we left the restaurant, the expressions on our faces were clearly different than they were before... They were filled with strong will and determination... Armed with that, we began walking toward the last island. But...the clouds in my heart still lingered... I couldn't stop thinking about the Reserve Department. And that filled me with this strange uncomfortable feeling, like a small bone was lodged in my throat. But...I tried not to think about it. I tried to stay focused on moving forward."
  • "This mystery doesn't make any sense... No matter how much we think about it, there's no reason behind it..."
  • "It's just...a lot of unimaginable things have kept happening to us, so maybe I'm getting a little confused. But the world ending...? There's no way something so unbelievable could actually happen. That sounds like something that would happen in a work of fiction... But the thought of it actually happening in reality...is definitely unsettling."
  • "Kazuichi is right. It's dangerous to let Nagito wander freely. If we're being cautious, we have to act fast... But...what is this indescribable anxiousness I'm feeling? ... I hope...it just means I'm thinking too much..."
  • "There are photos of the 16 of us, but we can't return to those days anymore. Once again, I'm confronted by the fact that..."
  • "Well, since I walked around all day today, I was able to obtain several clues... Although I'm not really certain if you can even call these clues... Instead...I feel like we're just suffering from more mysteries that don't make sense... ... This isn't good... As soon as nighttime hits, I can't stop thinking all these pessimistic thoughts... ...This might be a bad habit of mine. I should just get some sleep for today. Rest my mind for a while... And then...I'll give this some more thought tomorrow."
  • "I don't know what he's thinking, but as long as we capture him, we'll have the advantage. I won't let him do as he pleases anymore...!"
  • "I couldn't even stop him... I felt...afraid of Nagito. The madness emanating from Nagito's body was seeping into my bones. I...never expected him to go this far..."
  • "But...it's ironic... Nagito is the reason we're all splitting up, but the reason we're all cooperating... ...is because of Nagito, too. ...It's pretty damn ironic."
  • "Nothing good will come from rushing... I should try looking somewhere else...!"
  • "Now's not the time to be calm! We need to stop them!"
  • "I'd never experienced such an oppressive atmosphere before, and I couldn't help holding my breath. And then, on the other side of the curtain... I saw the true source of the intense malice that I had been feeling. I...I had no idea...what I was looking at... By the time I realized I was looking at the remains of Nagito Komaeda, the Ultimate Lucky Student... ...Time had already stopped."
  • "Eventually...the shock finally registered with me. A numb feeling spread from the center of my brain almost instantly. Nagito...is dead... Even when I saw this before me, I wasn't able to comprehend that reality yet."
  • "I never expected I'd be looking at Nagito's body like this... Nagito...probably thought the same thing. I couldn't help seeing it in his dead, frightened face. But...on this island, unbelievably abnormal occurrences happen all the time... Even Nagito couldn't escape that truth... But even something as small as that..."
  • "There's a killer among us... The weight of those words began to sink into me. That was true of the previous cases, but...was it really true this time? No matter how much I tried, I couldn't believe it... Because the victim was Nagito...? Because his death was so abnormally cruel...? No, it wasn't just that. There was something more to it than that... And whatever it was...it was stuck inside me."
  • "A-Anyway... Like you said before, if we screw up here, it's the end for us. For now...let's focus on the investigation. We'll think about the countdown...after we live through the Class Trial."
  • "There's no time for us to stand around. In order to survive...there's no other way except to do it. In order to survive, we need to find Nagito's killer. If we don't sacrifice that person, nobody can survive... ...That's our reality. That's why...there's no time for us to stand around."
  • "Don't worry or form conclusions on your own... That makes *me* more worried than I should be."
  • "I never expected Nagito...to die like this... He was always spouting nonsense about hope and trying to confuse the hell out of us... But even so...dying like this is just too cruel. Also...he wasn't completely useless... There were times we were only able to reach the truth because of him. But...everything good and bad about him is gone. We'll never be confused by him again. We'll never be saved by him again... No...now isn't the time to think about unnecessary things. I need to focus on the investigation right now."
  • "Jeez...I can't believe I actually investigated such a grisly-looking body... ...Even I'm surprised at myself. Does this mean...I'm used to it? My classmate's dead body is right in front of me...and one of my peers is the killer responsible... And I have to investigate his death so I can find his killer... Am I used to something as abnormal as that? That would mean...I'm becoming abnormal, too."
  • "Well, Monokuma isn't exactly someone you would normally run into..."
  • "I feel a little tired... No matter how much I investigate, I don't feel any closer to the truth... That's probably why I feel this way. I'm feeling this strange feeling that I've never felt before. As if Nagito is trying to make us suffer, even after he's died... ...Well, now's not the time to think about stupid things like that. I haven't even investigated his cottage yet... It's too early to start complaining. If we investigate that place, we might be able to find some kind of clue. ...All right, let's go."
  • "So...Nagito was living here... What was he thinking inside this room? What was he feeling as he spent his days in here...? I can't even imagine. Wanting to see "absolute hope"... Becoming despair so he could act as a stepping stone for the rest of us... No matter how much I think about it, I just don't understand him at all... I don't even know if he truly believed that... He was especially weird these past few days. What changed him...? Maybe...the clue to that might be hidden here as well..."
  • "You're right...you're absolutely right... We're not alone... Even if it's a mystery that can't be solved alone... As long as everyone cooperates and works together... Yeah...if we do that, things will turn out fine..."
  • "In fact, during the Funhouse ordeal, we were completely dependent on him... But even if he's gone, the ones who've survived need to stand and fight. We...must fight... And then...the door slowly opened. This bright light greeting us... Is that the light of hope...? Or the light of despair...?"
  • "Nagito Komaeda, the Ultimate Lucky Student... When I first met him, I thought he was a nice guy. He came across as very sociable... But his true nature...held such a demented thought process that was nothing like his outward appearance... He said he believed in hop more than anything else. He said he was yearning for a powerful hope that can overcome any despair. He said he would even help despair just to prove that hope will never lose to despair... And...he said he'd become a stepping stone for hope. ...His way of thinking was completely screwed up. But...there were also times he saved us, too. Someone like him was killed... That was the end of him. And I have no idea at all...who did it, but... There's no way we can end this without knowing. We will be consumed by despair. That's why...we absolutely have to find out... The person who finished off Nagito... The killer who murdered Nagito...! In order to return from this despair alive, we need to reach the truth. And if Monokuma says this is really the last Class Trial... ...That's all the more reason we need to do this. And so... ...this life-threatening trial billowing with hope and despair... The last one... ...has begun."
  • "Jeez...and I was starting to feel a little sympathetic toward him... How stupid of me... I completely underestimated his capacity for malice... A mind-boggling malice that threatens us even after he's died... That's the form his malice look. I had forgotten all about it until now... If he was here now...he'd probably be sneering at me."
  • "I just remembered that his malice always defied our expectations...and that concerns me. For example, would that malice...just end here? Did Nagito's malice drive him to risk his life for a truth we'd reach *this* easily? I mean...this is Nagito we're talking about, you know?"
  • "If all your hopes are united, no despair can shake you", huh... ...Now that I think about it, Nagito said the same thing. "The absolute hope that can overcome any despair"... He said he was yearning for that... Then, this situation we're in...might be the thing that Nagito wanted all along... ... ...No, never mind. I'm probably...overthinking."
  • "I don't want to hurt anyone... I don't want to get hurt anymore...by hurting someone else. Everyone's tired...tired of doubting everyone else... I...I also feel that way. That's why I want to just rule this as "Nagito's suicide". If I do that...nobody here has to get hurt... But... That's no good... I feel like...Nagito is seeing through us. By calling this "Nagito's suicide," we're trying to take the easy way out so we don't hurt anyone else... But if Nagito was here right now... He'd probably be sneering at us. He'd probably say something like, "So that's the extent of your hopes."
  • "But...I just can't imagine ending this by turning our backs on the truth...!"
  • "He wanted to prove to us that there are mysteries that just can't be solved with educated guesses!"
  • "That's right...it doesn't mean the trial is over yet... Even though I don't know who killed Nagito... It should be clear what kind of trap he set. Then...I have to do it. Even if it leads to despair...! ...I got it. Let's do this then!"
  • "He relied on his luck to aim for a target, but he didn't even know who he was aiming for... It sounds way too unbelievable to have actually happened, but... ...The only thing we can do is believe."
  • "Wh-Whether I can prove it or not...that's not the problem... Don't you understand!? You may as well be asking me to kill you! I... There's no way I can do that...!"
  • "No, the truth is I might've already known the moment I found this notebook... It's just...I wanted to turn my eyes from the truth it contained... But now I clearly know. I...can't help but know..."
  • "I don't want to believe it either... I don't want to believe but... But...then nobody will be saved!"
  • "I don't...I don't want to believe it...but... I have to move forward... I have to move forward to the path she's showing us...!"
  • "We shouldn't believe in Monokuma...or Nagito... We have to believe in Chiaki! It doesn't matter who the traitor is... Even if Chiaki is the traitor, that's not the Chiaki I know. I believe in...the Chiaki who's been with us this whole time. That Chiaki is saying she wants to protect us with her life! So the only thing we can do is believe her! If we don't...nobody's going to be saved!"
  • "...It's not fair. I...feel the same as everyone else. There's no way I can agree to this...! Emptiness. Loneliness. Sadness. But most of all...I'm ashamed of my weakness. But... Even so... ...I have to move forward. If we believe in the person who's urging us forward... ...then we have to start walking. And believe...with as much hope as possible in what lies ahead."
  • "Without realizing it...I had fallen to my knees. A feeling of powerlessness spread throughout my body. It's over... It just had to end... Before I could ask what I needed to ask... Before I could say what I needed to say... Chiaki vanished before my eyes... And I couldn't even tell her, "Thank you"... If I had said that, would she have been comforted a little...? As she was executed as the traitor...would she have been comforted a little...? I don't know... My chest...just hurt."
  • "Even after I woke up, my will to move my body didn't come back. That's why... I didn't look back on everything that happened up till now... I didn't think about what was going to happen... I just kept praying that nothing else would happen... And burrowed deep into my sheets, as if I were trying to hide."
  • "The day feels abnormally long when you spend it praying that nothing happens."
  • "...Is everything really going to end? What is "everything" anyway? How far, how much is...everything? If we leave this island...is everything going to end? There's still so much we don't know... About our school memories, the Future Foundation, Hope's Peak Academy, Monokuma's true purpose... Can we really end this and turn our back on all that? And not just that...if we're really leaving, then where are we going? ...To Hope's Peak Academy? ... That was...my last night at Jabberwock Island. At a place where my worries didn't even matter...everything was about to end."
  • "I suddenly couldn't believe in anything, like everything in this world was nothing but lies..."
  • "Nagito...I can't believe you actually left a will... Fine, then I'll make sure to listen to your last words...!"
  • "To go to the trouble of preparing something like this... Nagito was unpredictable until the very end..."
  • "Beyond this door... The future is waiting... A sparkling future... Now then...let's move forward."
  • "Something's...wrong...? What did I do...? ... ... No...that's not it... I'm not the...weird one... .What's really weird is... ...this world?"

Chapter 6:

  • "The gymnasium...is here, right? ...All right, I'm going inside! Something might be waiting...but I'm not going to cower away anymore."
  • "If I really am a nobody...then...you should've just left me alone... Why...why do I have to go through something like this?"
  • "Chiaki said...she could not betray the Future Foundation... But if she were still alive, she definitely would've helped us... No...even her just being with us would've been a big help."
  • "He's...right... Now's not the time to bemoan how unlucky I am... Where this place really is... What's happened to Hope's Peak Academy... ...None of that matters. What's important is... I need to leave this island with the others. We sacrificed so many lives in order to survive just so we could do that... There's no way we can stop now."
  • "If we stopped at the green light...we'd never reach our goal."
  • "I...should hurry and start too... Just a bit more... Just a bit more...and it's going to end... I can escape this nightmare and return to my usual, peaceful, every day life. The only thing we can do is advance toward that hope... Even though I don't understand...and that a lot of horrifying things keep happening... For the sake of everyone who couldn't make it this far, I'm definitely going to go home!"
  • "I-I don't know how he's doing it but...he keeps doing it over and over again... He's so persistent... Bur I'm not gonna fall for his trap! There's no way this will make me back down!"
  • "The cherry tree is proudly displaying its full blossoms. The falling petals add to the elegance of the scene. If Hiyoko and Peko were here, it would've looked truly picturesque. For their sake's as well...I will definitely go home!"
  • "No...it'd just be a waste of time to wonder about things that don't make sense."
  • "He's trying to make us feel despair toward the outside world so we'll want to stay on this island. But...there's no way I'm going to do what he wants...! Despair like that simply can't exist... The outside world should be filled with hope... ...Just like now. Perhaps...no, that's definitely it."
  • "No...I've already decided that I'm not going to be surprised. That's right...there's no time for me to be surprised by something like this!"
  • "But still...her gut is pretty impressive... For some reason it's strangely intuitive... And Monokuma did say something about the main cast coming... It's surprising but...her gut must be correct again this time..."
  • "I'm starting to feel like we might be better off not remembering the memories we've lost..."
  • "A feeling of emptiness, like everything is being tainted. A feeling of weakness, like the world is collapsing beneath my feet. Everything is starting to feel meaningless... The desperate attempts, the sad goodbyes, the conflicts, the trust I felt until now... It's all disappearing until all I feel is... ...Despair."
  • "There was no way for me to acknowledge it as the truth... It would make much more sense if this was a fictional world..."
  • "I feel... I feel like I can't believe what's going on here... The missing sense of reality... All the mysteries...all the truths... They're all just fiction... Is that...? ... ...Even so, I need to know. I need to know what this world is."
  • "Do our best...huh... But...what do we have to do our best at...? ... The mystery is getting solved... I'm finally starting to see the truth... But...what are we supposed to do when that truth is really a lie? We know we're working towards a conclusion that nobody wants to hear... But still, do we really need to work hard and do our best? Is there...really a reason to do our best? If everything was a lie... Then isn't everything just meaningless? It's the same for the killings, too... Even though we had to experience something as painful as that... Something as tragic as that... Wouldn't all that be meaningless too? When the world is flipped over and becomes so irrational... What...am I supposed to do...?"
  • "It's...just a waste of time thinking about what this all means right now... For now...I need to finish this... I need to just focus on that..."
  • "The world's true identity... If I answer this...it will be true... And that lie...will become the truth... But... There's no way I can leave it unanswered."
  • "This world is a virtual reality created by a computer program. We can't proceed if we don't accept it... ...Is believing him really the only thing we can do?"
  • "The truth is... ...The truth is it was all a lie. That...is this world's truth... I-If everything's a lie... Then...what should we believe...?"
  • "What game...!? That's not what we risked our lives for!"
  • "She didn't exist at all...? Not human...? No, that's not it! Chiaki was really alive...! Even if she was a virtual existence, she was really alive... Did you forget!? She saved our lives, you know!"
  • "We've been trying desperately to survive until we can finally leave this place... If we don't get out of here now, all the deaths we've endured will be in vain... I...know this...but... ...Something's not right. ...How come Monokuma isn't trying to stop us? Is he just going to stay quiet and overlook us getting out of this game world? Then...everything Monokuma did would be pointless, too. Not only that... Is...it really okay for us to believe him? Should...we get out? Or..."
  • "We're...completely at her mercy. But if we can't progress unless we answer... We have no choice...but no answer...!"
  • "S-So you're saying you only exist...to fill people with despair?"
  • "Meaningless...vanish... Does that...include her, too? If we lose our memories of this world, we're also going to forget *she* ever existed, right? If that happens... Does it really mean that... ...that she, an existence confined to this world...is really going to disappear? She risked her life to protect us, and we won't even remember she existed...!"
  • "Graduate or shutdown... The world or me... Hope or despair... They're telling us to choose...? To choose between that...? Wh-Why...? Why...do we have to choose...? I can't do it... I...can't choose... You guys are telling us the world's going to be destroyed unless we sacrifice ourselves... And that...I can't decide... I can't choose either one..."
  • "Shut up! Leave me alone! This...this is just too much... Why do I...why do I have to be a part of this...? I mean, I'm different from the rest of you... And I don't even have a talent... But even so...I got dragged into this... And now...my existence is going to disappear? Ha...hahaha, I don't understand it at all."
  • "It's impossible! For someone like me...it's impossible... I can't choose the future...! Hope...despair...do whatever you want! It's not my problem!"
  • "Anyway...don't you think they're messed up? Telling us the world's going to be destroyed and to sacrifice ourselves...? There's no way I can choose... For someone like me...I'm just not able to choose... Seriously...I've had enough... I'm tired of being mixed up in all this stuff I don't understand... Not only was I told that I have no talent at all, but if I get out, I'll go back to being Ultimate Despair... And on top of that...I was told I'm going to disappear too. Isn't that messed up? ...Hey, you don't want that either, right? I mean, if we lose our memories, there won't be a single trace of your existence left. You're going to completely disappear...and none of us will ever remember you..."
  • "Hey Chiaki...can you tell me something? Which...which choice should I make? My hope...the world's hope...which one should I choose?"
  • "I have no talent at all... I was even betrayed by the academy I admired so much... I don't want to disappear... I'm not Izuru Kamukura... Who cares what will happen to the world...? It's not like I'll be appreciate anyway... I don't want to sacrifice myself... There's no way we can beat Junko! It's the Future Foundation's fault... Not mine... I can't choose the future..."
  • "There won't just be hope... There will probably be a lot of despair too... I don't know what kind of future awaits us... ...but our futures are ours! I won't let anyone take them!"
  • "I've decided...I'm done running away... I will fight for my future! I will fight alongside the future that everyone created for me! It's not for anyone else's sake but my own!"
  • "I...am not Izuru Kamukura... I am Hajime Hinata!"
  • "There's never only one choice to make... There's no way I'll allow things to end this way. The future everyone has created for us should have more possibilities than that. Let's leave this place with confidence, and from there we can just create it on our own. ...The future that we want!"
  • "It wouldn't be strange if a miracle happened... This isn't a game! We can change the future as much as we want!"
  • "We believe in our future... That's what makes us different from you... We believe that if we try new things, even difficult things, that everything will turn out okay. We believe we can even create our own futures!"
  • "I'm not...the one you should be thanking."
  • "And fro that point on...we're the ones who are going to create."
  • "So this is the end... But...it's just the beginning. ...Isn't that right? It doesn't change how scared I am... I can't help feeling scared...so scared, but... Thank you... Thank you, Chiaki... Phew...I finally said it."

Class Trial Interjections:

  • "I SEE!"
  • "There's no way I'll back out now!"
  • "I GOT IT!"
  • "HERE!"
  • "That's not it..."
  • "This world..."
  • "EVEN SO, I..."
  • "THAT'S PROBABLY TRUE...!" (Only in the Japanese version)


  • "And so...the ordeal has ended. And from here, our daily lives have started. Lives that are much more absurd, nonsensical, and irrational than before... Things are...probably going to be a lot more difficult now. There's no such thing as an answered mystery... It's doubtful whether or not things will even end well."
  • "The future isn't a path, it's like an endless sea... You can try to go anywhere... But it doesn't mean you'll get there. Even so, I will keep on living. I will keep on living as Hajime Hinata. My future...lies here."

Free Time Events:

  • "I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret playing this... But that's what makes it so much fun."
  • "Nagito is laughing in a carefree way. But seeing him laugh like that was enough to distract me from my worries."
  • "If I have to choose between liking you and hating you, then... well, I don't hate you. I definitely consider you a friend, and there's no way I could ever imitate your leadership... The truth is... I think you're amazing."
  • "But...you remember, right? So all you have to do now is never forget that again. That's probably your dream or something, don't you think? Well, it's not like it's my place to say that."
  • "I...don't really know much about photography, so I can't really give any good feedback, but... ...I really like photos like these. How should I put it...? It makes me realize the importance of what's right in front of you..." (to Mahiru)
  • "Even thought she complains about it, she’s really good at taking care of people. Well, she'd have to be. Otherwise there's no way she'd able to take so many smiling pictures."
  • "I can feel a strong bond between Mahiru and myself... Mahiru, let's definitely get off this island. With everyone. So I can one day hear the words she wanted to say...
  • "I-I don't intend to fight my friends at all. I definitely don't want to do that..."
  • "H-Hold on! What are you talking about!? I-It's pretty weird that you're assuming we'd ever need to fight them in the first place. We'll get out of this place if we cooperate with each other. Why do we need to think about fighting anyone?"
  • "Let me help you until you can finally smile on your own. Isn't it too early to give up now?"
  • "Fine...I got it... I'm not all that experienced myself, but... I think it's fine if you don't overthink it and just casually ask him, "Let's do something together." You want him to smile, right? You just have to make him feel like smiling."
  • "If she didn't have her foul mouth and rotten attitude, she'd look perfect standing next to flowers."
  • "Once again, I feel like I understand Hiyoko a little better now... ...But the more I get to know her, the more fearful I become."
  • "You're not scared of anything, huh...? Well, that's one good thing about Hiyoko...I guess?"
  • "Haha...maybe. But...if you're the one doing the dancing, I'll make sure to stay awake."
  • "Jeez... When she's not being an unbearable brat, she can be pretty adorable... But I guess that strength has been supporting Hiyoko this whole time. Since I understand that now...maybe that means a bond has formed between Hiyoko and myself. So I'll protect her...but if I say that to her, she'll definitely treat me like a slave."
  • "I see... If...I can fill that loneliness by doing stuff with her, even if it's just a little... Well, then I guess I don't mind playing along with her for a while."
  • "Ibuki said that with a seriousness that I've never seen her display to anyone else. It's kind of surprising that I'm actually learning from her, but... Her words took root inside my heart. I won't give up. I'll definitely leave this island...with everyone."
  • "B-But...I think you have an amazing talent for helping people. I mean, even now...you noticed right away that I wasn't feeling well, right? So, thank you for...caring about me."
  • "N-No, it's fine. Asking someone if they want to talk is totally normal..." (to Mikan)
  • "You're still talking like that... It's not like that... Everyone isn't doing anything to you because they don't hate you."
  • "Hey Mikan... Of course everyone cares about you. Because...you're uniquely you. Stop looking at people's faces all the time, and try looking at yourself more. Take a step back and pay more attention to your surroundings, and to yourself. Because you're just like everyone else. You're...our friend."
  • "I know it's difficult to change all at once...but I really want her to change little by little. That's what I felt when I looked at Mikan's smile. I can feel a strong bond between Mikan and myself. If possible, I want to watch over her just a little longer... Even after we leave this island... Because...it's not Mikan's fault at all."
  • "I'm not much of a sports guy anyway... But more important, he's got a lot of confidence. And...I can understand how proud he must be to be a team manager. Just as I thought...Nekomaru is an amazing guy."
  • "My heart is swayed... Is this the work of the Ultimate Team Manager's scouting skill?"
  • "Like you said, it may be a world that I don't really understand... But at least now, I understand how important you are to your athletes."
  • "I...I'm not good at all... It's like I'm thinking about way too many things... And...the more I think about it, I still don't know what to do..."
  • "I endured an impossible amount of training while Nekomaru offered me advice... The more I worked out, the more I noticed that something sleeping inside me was being awakened. And with that...came an optimistic feeling. It's probably because of the strong bond Nekomaru and I formed with each other. We will definitely escape from here...all of us."
  • "Listening to Gundham makes me rethink how much of a responsibility it is to raise pets."
  • "But Gundham seems different from usual when he talks about animals. Somehow, his face seems gentler. He must...really love animals."
  • "...I agree. But I don't plan to betray you at all."
  • "D-Don't you feel better now that you’ve talked about it...? I mean...you're actually a really kind guy."
  • "I'm not trying to manipulate you at all... In fact...you're the one who said I'm just a mere human with no special abilities whatsoever."
  • "It's true. I don't know anything about what drove you to this point... But...I definitely believe that you're my friend. If I didn't think that, I wouldn't be able to go on. That's it... That's the only reason. As long as you're my friend...I have no desire to take anything away from you and try to force you to change."
  • "It somehow became a battle of endurance but...I felt a strong bond between Gundham and me. Which reminds me... It's been a long time since I felt so happy being acknowledged by someone."
  • "... To be honest, I don't even know why I thought about talking to him. But I felt like the more I left him alone...the bigger my worries would start to grow."
  • "It doesn't seem he's trying to trick or trap anyone for the sake of his selfish desires. That's why...this is especially troubling."
  • "For someone who's lucky, you still got dragged into this mess. Doesn't that seem ironic to you?"
  • "...Don't get the wrong idea. I'm...just a coward... I'm scared to leave someone like you alone when I don't understand you at all."
  • "In the end, everything Nagito said... ...I don't know what was true and what was lies. But even so, there might've been a definitive truth hidden somewhere in his words... If there wasn't...there's no way I could feel this mysterious bond between Nagito and me. If...he does obtain the hope he wants, what is he going to do...? Strangely enough...I feel like I want to see that..."
  • "...You're right. It doesn't mean games always have to have happy endings, but you should get something out of beating them."
  • "I don't know why Chiaki would say something like that... But there's no denying this strong bond I feel between Chiaki and myself... I will definitely get out of here... and take Chiaki to a lot of different places..."
  • "She's pretty crazy, but I'm a little jealous of how cheerful she is."
  • "Akane's eyes lit up from being surrounded by food. She sort of looked like a little kid. When she looks this happy, it's hard for me to want to stop her..."
  • "Really...? Everybody has things they worry about. People feel hesitant or uneasy...and sometimes you just need to vent about it..."
  • "S-Still...I think everyone is scared of something! Plus...it's normal to be scared. And you're a girl so..."
  • "What's...wrong with being weak...? It's normal to be weak... Humans feel overwhelmed sometimes...and even cry... I know I do, so what's wrong with that? I don't think real strength means you don't accept your weaknesses... I think real strength means you overcome them."
  • "You're not weak at all, Akane. You don't need to try so hard by yourself. ...Especially in this situation, we should all work together and do our best. Right?"
  • "Akane gripped my hand tightly. I feel a strong bond forming between Akane and me... That's right...we're not alone. We can move forward and overcome our worries and hesitations. I hope Akane, who's been living alone her whole life, is able to understand that, even if it's just a little."
  • "Although Kazuichi's intentions are probably not pure, I agree with what he is saying. If this was a normal school trip, it would've been really fun..."
  • "Hmm, I don't know when people suddenly decide they're friends or not... But since we seem to have the same goal, maybe we can at least call each other comrades."
  • "C'mon, you know what they: "Where there's a will, there's a way," right...?" (to Kazuichi)
  • "Th-That rule doesn't matter! We...will never kill someone... It's that simple, right? If you start doubting now, you'll never stop... They want you to feel like this." (to Kazuichi)
  • "Kazuichi...I never felt betrayed by you. I mean...you always believed in me, didn't you?"
  • "B-But even so...you're still a regular girl to me. I mean, I'm not a citizen of your country. I'm not even one of your vassals. So...when it comes to myself and the others, you're just our classmate. You're a regular girl. ...You don't need to try so hard."
  • "Well...anyway, I'm glad Sonia feels better now. I'm sure everyone else won't feel like their usual selves if they don't see Sonia's smile. ...I can feel a strong bond with Sonia, and as long as I have this bond... I will never give up. I swear I'll leave this island with everyone."
  • "A dream, huh... How great would that be...? Ah...sorry. Obviously you'd be thinking about that more than I would."
  • "Y-You don't have to be so angry... I like sweet things, too. Um... Sweet things calm your nerves, and they also nourish your brain... So...it's nothing to be embarrassed about."
  • "...I really don't mind. If you think I look like someone who's easy to talk to, then I'll listen to you as much as you want."
  • "...You're giving me way too much credit. I'm just trying to endure everything the best I can."
  • "Fuyuhiko...let's definitely escape this island, okay? And when we do...would it be all right if we visited their graves together?"
  • "Our somber conversation took an unexpected, lighthearted turn, and we laughed harder than we had in a while."
  • "We each took a piece of the broken cup and put it in our pocket. I can feel a strong bond with Fuyuhiko. As long as I have this bond, I will never give up. That's what I believe."

Island Mode:

  • "I don't know what you're worrying about, but I want to help you, if you'll let me. ...Well, I don't know if a commoner like me could even help the great Byakuya Togami."
  • "I don't know what you're worrying about, but you don't need to force yourself to change. The Byakuya Togami I know is all you need to be right now."
  • "It's not easy to change yourself, but...there are times when you need to."
  • "The only Byakuya Togami I know is the one standing before me. It doesn't matter if you're really him or not. I just wanted to understand you better, that's all."
  • "...There's no need for you to disappear. You can exist right here. Don't leave and abandon the people who care about you without our permission."
  • "I don't know anything about qualities, but somehow I understand what you're really thinking."
  • "There should be something even I can do to give him what he yearns for with all his heart."
  • "I don't know what you're thinking about, but our relationship won't break that easily, right?"
  • "Like he said, our future is definitely filled with hope now..."
  • "Ah, well... There are lots of things that are good about you besides just taking pictures..."
  • "Ah, well, you know... I understand only doing things that are fun and come easy to you... But I feel like something might be missing, or that it might hold you back at some point..."
  • "Ah, well, you know... I think the way you focus on something and put all your heart into it is... pretty amazing."
  • "If you need life advice or love advice, I'll hear you out. So don't be modest about coming to me."
  • "She's so wrong, as usual..."
  • "No matter what happens, I'll always be by your side. I'll stand by you any time."
  • "...I gave Hiyoko a pat on the head. I don't fully understand her family's social standing, their traditions, or the burden placed on Hiyoko. But still, I hope somehow I can support her, even if it's just a little. I want us to become each other's hope..."
  • "No matter what happens from now on, as long as I'm with Ibuki, I can expect it'll be lots of fun."
  • "I just want to talk to you about different things. That's all. If I really didn't care about you, I wouldn't have talked to you to begin with."
  • "I'll always make you happy... Well, I can't say "always" but I'm not lying about my feelings. That's...the truth."
  • "I will never let anyone hurt Mikan ever again. I won't let her feel despair."
  • "Nekomaru, I feel like you're a man I can believe in."
  • "...I feel like he just overpowered me, but since Nekomaru looks happy, I guess it's fine. I can't really see myself as hope, but...when I'm with Nekomaru, I feel like I really can do anything."
  • "There might be a day when Nagito and I can finally understand each other in a meaningful way."
  • "Everyone already knows that you're stupid, but I personally think that's what makes you so unique."
  • "Holding hands is probably my own personal symbol of hope..."
  • "It would be strange if I chose your path for you. You should determine your own path."
  • "I...don't think it's a waste of time. Talking like this is how we understand each other better." (to Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu)
  • "Let's go somewhere again. Even if it's nearby, let's do it with everyone." (To Fuyuhiko)
  • "Yeah...I think so now. I worked together with everyone to do a lot of things, so in that sense, I feel like I grew a little. I will never forget the time we spent together on this island."

Ultimate Talent Development Plan:

  • "I can choose any path I want..."
  • "When someone gives me a gift, I get shy when I think about why they've given it to me... But when I see that look of sincere generosity on their face, I can't help but feel happy."
  • "You guys may be Ultimates, but you're not all athletes! We can still win!" (To Mondo Owada)
  • "I see... As a robot, what really matters is who you are, not what you can do." (To K1-B0)
  • "I was pretty lost for a while, but... I realized something important. Having talent isn't a goal. Even if you have one, but don't believe in yourself... ...you can't be proud of yourself. I know that now... That's how I feel."
  • "I know we've all got a bright future ahead of us. This isn't the last time we'll meet, though." (To Nagito)
  • "You made one bad choice in your life, right? But it's not like your life ahead of you has completely disappeared. You have tomorrow and the day after and the next. Treasure your bonds with your friends. So you don't make that mistake again. No...so even if you do, you've got a place return to."
  • "Even if I don't have any talents... I can leave this place with my head held high. That's okay...right?"

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc (English)

Episode 01:

  • "People in the Main Course are more ridiculous than I expected. I thought they'd be more like elites. But... You all have incredible talents, don't you? If only I had talent, too..."

Episode 03:

  • "It was like a dream to me... To have a talent I could take pride in. And to pass through the gate into Hope's Peak's main school. That was my dream. But... I had no talent. Not in sports. Not in art. Not in luck. Not in anything..."
  • "Even without a talent, you can have hope. This may not be all that bad."
  • "I understand. It must feel lonely, being left behind. But... I think there are other things just as important as talent." (to Natsumi)
  • "You love your brother, right? Even if you have no talent, you can stay with him and make memories together."
  • "Yeah, she had no talent... So what? All lives are equal!" (to Juzo)
  • "You're wrong... There's more to life than just talent..."
  • "Nanami... Are you making memories? Make lots of them. You're not just the Super High School-Level Gamer. You have many other good points, too."
  • "Nanami... I wanted to be able to say to you, my friend, with pride... "I have a talent. I can do this incredible thing." In the end, I couldn't do anything, though. But because of my emptiness, there are things I can do."
  • "I will become... ...everyone's hope."

Episode 05:

  • "I... I will live the life I want to lead. I will become the protagonist of my own story. I will become a version of me that I can be proud of around Nanami."

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Future Arc (English)

Episode 06:

  • "This is so boring."

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Hope Arc (English)

  • "Instructor, I've finally found what's important. She was right. It didn't matter if I had any talent. That wasn't the end goal. But... I don't mind who I am now. Sure, because of my power, I've done terrible things. But because of my power, I was able to bring everyone back. When you think of it that way, it isn't so bad. If you want to make a miracle happen, you can, right?"
  • "How boring. You won't feel pain or sadness, even if you lose people you care for. Is that... Is that the hope you're thinking of?"
  • "I'm not strong, either... That's why I have regrets. So do you, right?"
  • "Don't run away." (to Ryota)
  • "Sure, I'd like to be rid of the past. But I can't. I can't pretend Nanami never existed. Thanks to her, we're alive right now. I can't pretend that never happened."
  • "From now on, we'll be together."
  • "You don't need the right to be our classmate."
  • "Don't you think it would be boring for the world to be saved with a happy ending? That is why we wish to plunge the world into despair once more. The world needs despair." (A broadcast video of Remnants of Despair trying to cover Future Foundation's involvement in the Final Killing Game)
  • "A miracle, huh? This isn't a bad ending, is it?"

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) (English)

  • "My name is Hajime Hinata. I think I'm a grade ahead of you, but either way, nice to meet you."
  • "Kokichi, don't single out Kaede. In a class trial, everyone needs to contribute."
  • "It makes sense to suspect the first witness as the culprit... ...but taking shortcuts like that won't get us the best result."
  • "Don't give up now, Kaede! You can't let it end here! For all our sakes, and yours too!"


  • While the pronunciation of Hajime's first name (はじめ) often means "beginning", the kanji it is written with, 創, primarily means "injury" or "flaw". "Hinata" (日向) means “a sunny place” or “to face the sun”. His full name can altogether translate as either “to face a new day” or "to face an imperfect day".
    • The names "Hajime" and "Hinata" are very common names in Japan, with either having many written forms (e.g. Hajime can be written as 始, 治, 初, 一, 元, 肇, 創, 甫, 基, 哉, 啓, 本, 源, 東, 大, 孟, 祝...). Hinata itself is both a surname and a given name. This 'common' quality of his names is parallel to how Hajime was a common student with no extraordinary talent.
    • Matching the meaning of his given name, Hajime's birthday is January 1, the first day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.
  • Hajime's alternate identity is foreshadowed during one of Gundham's Free Time Events, where Gundham asks Hajime to reveal his “true name”.
  • During the final trial, in his temporary "Awakened Form", Hajime bears a striking resemblance to Kiyotaka Ishimaru's "Kiyondo" form; both have their dark hair turn pure white and their eyes bright red (Kiyotaka's were already red, however).
    • They both also changed into their respective forms because of memories of their deceased friends; Kiyotaka became Kiyondo due to his love for his friend Mondo, and Hajime entered his "Awakened" form due to the memory of Chiaki helping him overcome his despair.
  • Technically being the same person as Izuru Kamukura, Hajime is the first character in the Danganronpa series that has participated in two Mutual Killing Games and survived. The others are Makoto, Aoi Asahina, and technically Kyoko Kirigiri.
  • According to the text seen on the computer screen in the episode 6 of Despair Arc, both Hajime and his parents gave their consent for the Izuru Kamukura Project and agreed that the school would not be held liable for the said actions, although it's unclear if they were fully aware of the consequences considering the school's tendency to lie and hide information.
  • Hajime's former high school before he enrolled in Hope's Peak Academy, Kodaka High School (小高高校 kodaka kōkō) is named after the creator of Danganronpa, Kazutaka Kodaka.
  • Hajime, possibly Izuru with shorter hair, is seen in the promotional art for and the collaboration of Danganronpa 3 and Guns Girl Z.


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Hajime HinataAkane OwariByakuya TogamiChiaki NanamiFour Dark Devas of DestructionFuyuhiko KuzuryuGundham TanakaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaJunko EnoshimaKazuichi SodaMahiru KoizumiMikan TsumikiMonobeastsNagito KomaedaNatsumi KuzuryuNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaSonia NevermindSatoTeruteru Hanamura
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Ultra Despair Girls
Komaru NaegiToko FukawaGenocide JackJataro KemuriKotoko UtsugiMasaru DaimonMonaca TowaNagisa ShingetsuHaiji TowaHiroko HagakureHit List TargetsIzuru KamukuraThe ServantTaichi FujisakiYuta Asahina
Danganronpa V3:
Killing Harmony
Kaede AkamatsuAngie YonagaGonta GokuharaHimiko YumenoKaito MomotaK1-B0Kirumi TojoKokichi OmaKorekiyo ShingujiMaki HarukawaMiu IrumaRantaro AmamiRyoma HoshiShuichi SaiharaTenko ChabashiraTsumugi Shirogane
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The Animation
Makoto NaegiMonokumaAoi AsahinaAlter EgoByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChihiro FujisakiGenocide JackHifumi YamadaJin KirigiriJunko EnoshimaKiyotaka IshimaruKyoko KirigiriLeon KuwataMondo OwadaMukuro IkusabaSakura OgamiSayaka MaizonoToko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
Danganronpa 3:
End of Hope's
Peak High School
Future Arc
Main Characters Makoto NaegiAoi AsahinaKyoko KirigiriJuzo SakakuraKazuo TenganKyosuke MunakataRyota MitaraiByakuya TogamiChisa YukizomeDaisaku BandaiGreat GozuKoichi KizakuraMiaya GekkogaharaMonaca TowaMonokumaRuruka AndoSeiko KimuraSonosuke IzayoiUsamiYasuhiro Hagakure
Minor Characters Komaru NaegiToko FukawaGenocide JackWarriors of Hope
Danganronpa 3:
End of Hope's
Peak High School
Despair Arc
Main Characters Junko EnoshimaMukuro IkusabaIzuru KamukuraAkane OwariChiaki NanamiChisa YukizomeFuyuhiko KuzuryuGundham TanakaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaKazuichi SodaMahiru KoizumiMikan TsumikiNagito KomaedaNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaRyota MitaraiSonia NevermindTeruteru HanamuraUltimate Imposter
Minor Characters Jin KirigiriJuzo SakakuraKazuo TenganKoichi KizakuraKyosuke MunakataNatsumi KuzuryuSatoThe Student Council
Main Characters

Nagito KomaedaKazuichi SōdaFuyuhiko KuzuryūWorld DestroyerPeko PekoyamaSonia NevermindMikan Tsumiki

Minor Characters

Hajime HinataHiyoko SaionjiMakoto NaegiSayaka MaizonoChisa YukizomeRuruka AndoSeiko KimuraSonosuke IzayoiIbuki MiodaRyota MitaraiSuper High School Level ImposterNekomaru NidaiIbuki MiodaMahiru KoizumiGundham TanakaTeruteru HanamuraAkane Owari

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Trigger Happy Havoc IF
Mukuro IkusabaJunko EnoshimaAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChihiro FujisakiGenocide JackHifumi YamadaKiyotaka IshimaruKyoko KirigiriLeon KuwataMakoto NaegiMondo OwadaMonokumaSakura OgamiSayaka MaizonoToko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
Danganronpa Zero Ryōko OtonashiYasuke MatsudaChihiro FujisakiIsshiki MadaraiIzuru KamukuraJin KirigiriJunko EnoshimaKyoko KirigiriMakoto NaegiMukuro IkusabaThe Steering CommitteeSōshun MurasameThe Student CouncilYūto Kamishiro
Danganronpa Kirigiri Volume 1 Kyoko KirigiriYui SamidareEigo AminoKō InuzukaShīta EnbiSuisei Nanamura • Tadashi Asakura • Tōkichirō Endō
Volume 2 Kyoko KirigiriYui SamidareAkio ChageGekka RyuzōjiJohnny ArpMeruko MifuneMikado ShinsenNormanRei MikagamiSae YozuruSeiunsai Toyano'ohTaehime UozumiYuzen Minase
Volume 3 Kyoko KirigiriYui Samidare • Copycat • Hari Hironori • Hitomoshi Tsurugi • Kakitsubata Korisu • Kuchiki Kaei • Kuchiki Otsuko • Kumano Seika • Mikagami Rei • Mizuiyama Sara • Night Flyer • Oboro Tatsutora • Rikorne • Gekka Ryuzōji • Salvador Yadorigi Fukurou • Shirasu Suntetsu • Yaki Hajiki
Volume 4 Kyoko KirigiriYui Samidare • Erii Wan • Gorou Anbo • Hana Takezaki • Jin Kirigiri • Kamato Hachisuka • Kaoru Nagate • Kousuke Kanzashiichi • Nazuna Tooakitsu • Rei Naruko • Shikon Kyuuren • Suou Kyuuren • Taruhi Hoshii • Tooru Uchida • Touya Tsutsumi • Tsukiyo Nada
Danganronpa: Togami Volume 1 Byakuya TogamiBlue InkKazuichi SōdaSonia NevermindSHSL ImposterHiroyuki KetouinJin KirigiriSakura ŌgamiSatomi Aoba • Suzuhiko Otsuki • Taeko Kanai • Tōko FukawaYuika Ketouin
Volume 2 Byakuya TogamiBlue InkAloysius Pennyworth • Asa Togami • Asagao Togami • Celestia Ludenberg • Eyumi Togami • Hifumi Yamada • Hiru Togami • Ichiro Togami • Jiro Togami • Kazuya Togami • Kudan • Mitsuzo Togami • Saburo Togami • Shiro Togami • Suisei Nanamura • Takaya Togami • Wasuke Togami • Yoru Togami • Yusuke Togami
Short Stories Makoto Naegi Secret File Makoto NaegiKomaru NaegiJin KirigiriJutaro Akafuku
Ultra Despair Hagakure Yasuhiro HagakureKanon NakajimaKotoko UtsugiMasaru Daimon
Danganronpa 1 ・2 Beautiful Days
MonokumaUsamiAkane OwariAoi AsahinaByakuya TogamiCelestia LudenbergChiaki NanamiChihiro FujisakiFuyuhiko KuzuryūGundam TanakaHajime HinataHifumi YamadaHiyoko SaionjiIbuki MiodaKazuichi SōdaKiyotaka IshimaruKyōko KirigiriLeon KuwataMahiru KoizumiMakoto NaegiMikan TsumikiMondo ŌwadaMukuro IkusabaNagito KomaedaNekomaru NidaiPeko PekoyamaSakura ŌgamiSayaka MaizonoSonia NevermindTeruteru HanamuraTōko FukawaYasuhiro Hagakure
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