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This article is about content that never made it out of development, and as such, is non-canonical.

The Guillotine Execution (グングニルの槍 Girochin no jikkō) is a scrapped execution featured in DISTRUST, with Junko Enoshima being executed.


After the voting results show her as the guilty Blackened of the Class Trial, Junko is left shocked at the outcome, while shadowy figures reach out. Junko is then placed down on a guillotine. Tears stream down her face before she is later beheaded, with her decapitated head being shown lying on the floor with blood oozing out.


  • This execution has the only honor of being done completely in manga format.
  • Alongside, Kyoko Kirigiri and Monomi, Junko Enoshima shares the spot of having multiple executions with the other being The Ultimate Punishment and Forced Shutdown.