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Kural İhlali

The following behavior is considered vandalism:

  • Adding irrelevant or nonsensical information to any article.
  • Deliberately removing correct information with no clarification in the edit summary or contacting an admin.
  • Using offensive language or breaking the Wikia Terms of Use outlined in our User Agreement.
  • Writing in a language other than English or Japanese, because Admins cannot moderate it.
  • Edit-warring with another editor (continuously editing/undoing edits on a page to change or remove another editor's contribution). Conflicts or debates between editors should be taken to the article's talk page or the individuals' message walls. If necessary, contact an Admin to mediate the dispute.
  • Raiding the Wiki as part of a group of vandals making similar edits in a short period of time will result in an instant one month ban.

You can report vandalism to staff either by adding a message to the Contact Admins board, or by leaving a message on an Admin's message wall.