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A life-or-death trial... A life-or-death deception... A life-or-death betrayal... Life-or-death mysteries... Life-or-death lies... Life-or-death truths... A life-or-death...class trial...

— Kaede Akamatsu, Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version)
Dosya:Danganronpa V3 Class Trial Demo.png

A Class Trial is present in the Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version) to serve as an example for the Trial mechanics in the main game Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony.

Like its predecessors, it serves as the final act to the Demo; and as a debate amongst the students, using evidence collected during the investigation phase, to determine the culprit.

The debate takes place in a courtroom setting, and consists of several debate phases and minigames. However unlike previous Trials, this Trial ends in the middle before a culprit, or "Blackened", is named thus no voting period or execution happens.

This page serves as an overview and guide to the Class Trial in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Demo Version). See the Class Trials main page for a more general overview of Class Trials throughout all Danganronpa games.


Nonstop Debate[]

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Nonstop Debate.png

Over the course of the trial, Kaede must participate in several Nonstop Debate phases. Within these debates, the students will argue amongst themselves in a series of statements. Certain phrases will be highlighted in orange; these phrases are called weak points. Truth Bullets are used during Class Trials to fire evidence at the weak points in students' arguments. If the correct Truth Bullet is selected and fired at a weak point using the crosshair, it either shows the contradiction in their statement or proves its veracity. In later stages, additional Truth Bullets can be "absorbed" from students' arguments and used at a different point within the same debate.

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Dorm Fight.png

Text called "White Noise" will also appear on the screen during Nonstop Debates, moving around the screen and making it harder to hit weak points. White Noise can be removed from the screen by shooting it. Successfully shooting white noise will add seconds onto the time limit, but accidentally hitting White Noise with Truth Bullets while aiming at a Weak Point will decrease the time limit.

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo V Point.png

Within the weak spots when focusing, there is a small red dot called the "V Point", hitting that with the correct Truth Bullet will result in a "V-Counter". A V-Counter improves the overall score at the end of the Class Trial as well as providing more Monocoins as a reward.

Nonstop Debate (Lie)[]

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Nonstop Debate Lie.png

During the Nonstop Debate minigames, Kaede has a chance to lie using a Truth Bullet, aptably called a "Lie Bullet". The Lie Bullet is usually the opposite of what the Truth Bullet is. Instead of being called a Refute, using a Lie Bullet to successfully hit a weak point is called a "Perjury". The Influence Gauge will drain while in the lying mode, but a successful Lie will refill it. Damage can also be taken if a Lie Bullet misses the weak point.

There is also a chance to perform a "V Perjury", which functions the same as a "V Point".

Mind Mine[]

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Mind Mine.png

When a piece of evidence needs to be "deduced", Kaede will need to do a "Mind Mine". Using the crosshairs, Kaede will "dig up" the small block pieces to uncover objects. The pieces can only be erased if two or more of the same color are connected, and when pieces are erased the differently colored ones also connected will change color. The color pattern goes white, pink, yellow, white, etc. Kaede can also remove one piece by tapping repeatedly on it, but it will incur a Time Penalty of 10 seconds. When all of the pieces are gone, the object can be selected. However if an incorrect object is chosen the Influence Gauge will be damaged.

Mass Panic Debate[]

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Mass Panic Debate Basics.png

The "Mass Panic Debate" follows the same gameplay as the "Nonstop Debate", only with three or more students debating at once.

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Mass Panic Debate Loud Voice Dialogue.png

However this minigame also has "Loud Voice Dialogue", which is "shouted" dialogue that will lock out the other two debates, preventing them from being interacted with. Kaede can use the Silencer to "quiet down" the Loud Voice Dialogue in order to make the other debates refutable.

Psyche Taxi[]

Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Psyche Taxi.png

The "Psyche Taxi" minigame is similar to the "Logic Dive" minigame in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. The player travels into Kaede's mind and drives a hot pink convertible down a colorful stretch of road. Along the road, Kaede will need to drive though "letter cubes" in order to form the multiple choice question. Once the question is completed, Kaede will be presented with multiple answers (called "Thinking Time"), and she will need to drive to the correct one in order to pick the "answer" in the form of a woman. If the answer is wrong, Kaede will simply run the woman over and will need to try again for the right one. There are also other cars on the road, which Kaede will need to avoid or take "Influence/Focus Energy" damage. Kaede is able to speed up and slow down the car as well.

Truth Bullets[]

Monokuma File
[Monokubs File]
Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (01).png The victim is Yasuhiro Hagakure. The time of death is estimated to be around 1:30 p.m. The body was discovered in the Protagonists' Room in the dormitory. The victim died in the bathroom. The fatal blow was a stab wound in the abdominal region. There were no other noticeable wounds.
Evidence of a Struggle
[No Evidence of a Struggle]
Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (02).png Several slash marks from a blade were found on the bed and walls of the Protagonists' Room.
Suspicious Knife Handle
[Suspicious Sword Handle]
Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (03).png The kitchen knife found stabbed into Hiro's abdomen. The knife is covered in blood, but the blood found on the handle is a different color.
Short Brown Hair
[Long Black Hair]
Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (04).png Brown hair found in the Protagonists' Room. Presumed to belong to someone in the academy, but too short to be from Yasuhiro. The only people with similar hair color and length are Makoto and Hajime.
Missing Makoto
[Makoto Wasn't Missing]
Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (05).png Makoto had not been seen since Monokuma called everyone to the gym.
Kitchen Knife
[Cutting Board]
Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (06).png There were kitchen knives of various sizes available in the kitchen, but one of them was missing.
Tenko's Account
[Tenko's Lie]
Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (07).png Before the body discovery announcement, Tenko was in the kitchen making tea. At the time, all the kitchen knives were still there. After that, she had tea with Himiko in the dining hall. When she went back to the kitchen to put the tea cups away, one of the kitchen knives was missing. In addition, someone went into the kitchen while Tenko was having tea with Himiko in the dining hall.


Phases & Minigame Solutions[]

Minigame Contradiction Solution
Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Dorm Fight.png
Nonstop Debate
He Şablon:İmp Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (02).png
Evidence of a Struggle
Dosya:Class Trial DR1 Demo Multiple Choice Yasuhiro and the Culprit.png
Multiple Choice
The two people who fought in that room were... Yasuhiro and the culprit

Incorrect Answers[]

Kirumi and Yasuhiro
Obviously, it was Kirumi and Hiro!
No, like I said before, I don't think Kirumi did it. I'm just plain sure of it.
Kaede and Shuichi
Obviously, it was me and Shuichi.
Um, so that's what they call...
A lover's quarrel!
You got quite a pair of ladyballs to start sluttin' it up when my life is on the line!
N-No, that's not true! Kaede, why are you...?
...What a waste of time. Hurry up and continue the discussion.
Yasuhiro and Monokuma
Obviously, it was Hiro and Monokuma!
Oh me, oh my! So Monokuma is the culprit!
Maybe! Might be! Possibly!
I see, I see!
If Monokuma is the culprit, I don't think he would have to fight with Hiro.
If he wanted to kill us, he could do it at any time.
Puhuhu... Well said.
Minigame Contradiction Solution
Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Mind Mine Knife.png
Mind Mine
What was used to killed Yasuhiro? Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Mind Mine Knife Answer.png
(Kitchen Knife)
Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Mass Panic Debate.png
Mass Panic Debate
It was Şablon:İmp there for my lecture... Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (07).png
Tenko's Account
Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Psyche Taxi (01).png
Psyche Taxi (Phase 1)
Şablon:İmp Victim
Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Psyche Taxi (02).png
Psyche Taxi (Phase 2)
Şablon:İmp Yasuhiro Hagakure
Dosya:Class Trial DRV3 Demo Kokichi Testimony.png
Nonstop Debate
I saw Makoto Şablon:İmp I swear! Dosya:DRV3 Demo Truth Bullet (05).png
Makoto Wasn't Missing (Lie)


Name Description SP
Attentive Influence Increases Maximum Influence a little. Effective during all parts of the Class Trial.
Can't be combined with Envious Influence.
Extraordinary Focus Increases Maximum Influence a little. Effective during all parts of the Class Trial.
Can't be combined with Menacing Focus.
Machine Gun (PC & PS4)
Point Blank (PS Vita)
Makes the Silencer fire rapidly. Effective during Nonstop and Mass Panic Debates.
Can't be combined with Shotgun or Grenade.


  • The other objects during the Mind Mine section are references to previous Class Trials in Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.
    • The crystal ball is from the first Class Trial when Leon Kuwata used Yasuhiro's crystal ball as a projectile to activate the Incinerator to destroy evidence.
    • The dumbbell is from the second Class Trial when it was used as the murder weapon by Mondo Owada to kill Chihiro Fujisaki in a fit of rage.
  • During the explanation of the Mass Panic Debate, SYSTEM (the green text) says "Everyone is clamoring to prove their innocence! There's a Şablon:İmp ! in the court room!". This is a reference to the real-world band Panic! at the Disco.


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