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Reference Books are a type of collectible featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. When collected, these books unlock skills such as increasing the Megaphone Hacking Gun's battery limit or raising the number of Monocoins after defeating enemies.


As you progress with Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa through Towa City as part of the main objective of the game, you will find reference books. These items, as well as other collectibles in the game, appear in the overworld as a small glittering object. When picked up, these books grant bonus skills which can give you an advantage in battle. Multiple skills can be attached at once, but their total cost must not exceed your maximum skill points (SP). There are 27 books to collect, and collecting all 27 will grant two trophies.

List of Reference Books[]

Dosya:Skill Book 1.png Autolock
SP Cost: 1
Automatically focuses the laser sight on the closest enemy.

Dosya:Skill Book 2.png Highly-Anticipated Body
SP Cost: 4
Max HP +1

Dosya:Skill Book 3.png Electric Up
SP Cost: 2
Enemy paralysis time increases slightly after Despair Time.

Dosya:Skill Book 4.png One Nighter
SP Cost: 2
EXP obtained increases slightly.

Dosya:Skill Book 2.png Awakened Girl Power
SP Cost: 2
Ups healing item effects by 1.

Dosya:Skill Book 4.png Gatherer
SP Cost: 1
Items slightly more likely to drop after defeating enemy.

Dosya:Skill Book 5.png Violent Urge
SP Cost: 4
Max Batteries +1

Dosya:Skill Book 6.png Raise
SP Cost: 4
Number of Monocoins obtained increases slightly.

Dosya:Skill Book 1.png Quickfire Skill
SP Cost: 1
Increases laser sight move speed slightly.

Dosya:Skill Book 1.png Precision Shot
SP Cost: 1
Decreases laser sight move speed slightly.

Dosya:Skill Book 3.png Saving God
SP Cost: 5
Despair Time's Yellow Range Increases.

Dosya:Skill Book 2.png Star Body
SP Cost: 4
Max HP+1

Dosya:Skill Book 1.png Super Precision Shot
SP Cost: 2
Decreases laser site move speed.

Dosya:Skill Book 2.png Brimming Girl Power
SP Cost: 2
Healing Item Effect +1

Dosya:Skill Book 4.png Excavator
SP Cost: 2
Items more likely to drop after defeating enemy.

Dosya:Skill Book 4.png Daily Effort
SP Cost: 5
EXP obtained increases.

Dosya:Skill Book 6.png Reraise
SP Cost: 6
Number of Monocoins obtained increases.

Dosya:Skill Book 4.png Ultra Study Technique
SP Cost: 8
EXP obtained increases greatly.

Dosya:Skill Book 1.png Battle Skill
SP Cost: 6
Komaru can run even when the Hacking Gun is readied.

Dosya:Skill Book 1.png Super Quickfire Skill
SP Cost: 2
Increases laser sight move speed.

Dosya:Skill Book 3.png A Girl's Bond
SP Cost: 3
Enemy paralysis time increases after Despair Time.

Dosya:Skill Book 2.png Envious Body
SP Cost: 4
Max HP +1

Dosya:Skill Book 5.png Destroying Urge
SP Cost: 4
Max Batteries +1

Dosya:Skill Book 4.png Adventurer
SP Cost: 3
Items highly more likely to drop after defeating enemy.

Dosya:Skill Book 2.png Unwavering Girl Power
SP Cost: 2
Healing Items Effect +1

Dosya:Skill Book 6.png Super Raise
SP Cost: 10
Number of Monocoins obtained increases greatly.

Dosya:Skill Book 5.png Killing Urge
SP Cost: 4
Max Batteries +1

Dosya:Skill Book 3.png Inner Power Generator
SP Cost: 5
Despair Time's Blue Range Increases


Back To School
Found your first Reference Book.
Skill Queen
Found all Reference Books.


Guide credit to TheFinalEmblem at PSNProfiles.com'

Chapter 1[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Autolock Automatically unlocked. N/A N/A
Highly Anticipated Body After exiting the construction zone, head to the right and use Move on the car. The book will be in the alleyway. Dosya:Skill Guide 1 1.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 1 2.jpg
Electric Up On the way to the bridge, continue walking forward after going up the steps of the walkway, then turn left and around to the shipping crate. Dosya:Skill Guide 1 3.png Dosya:Skill Guide 1 4.png
One Nighter Enter the Hotel from the south entrance and it is at the end of the hallway. Dosya:Skill Guide 1 5.png Dosya:Skill Guide 1 6.png
Awakened Girl Power During the second visit to the Hospital, in the southern sick room on floor 2F. Dosya:Skill Guide 1 7.png Dosya:Skill Guide 1 8.png
Gatherer Get an A rank on Chapter 1. N/A N/A

Chapter 2[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Raise After saving Shirokuma and unlocking the door in the west, head back east and enter the south door with a pipe. Dosya:Skill Guide 2 1.png Dosya:Skill Guide 2 2.png
Violent Urge In the dead end across from the entrance of the Sewer, have Shirokuma enter the pipe. Dosya:Skill Guide 2 3.png Dosya:Skill Guide 2 4.png
Quickfire Skill In the Secret HQ conference room, it is in the first locker. Dosya:Skill Guide 2 5.png Dosya:Skill Guide 2 6.png
Precision Shot On the dock with the Guard and Bomber Monokumas. Dosya:Skill Guide 2 7.png Dosya:Skill Guide 2 8.png
Saving God In the left red present in the cage with the Monokuma mannequins. Dosya:Skill Guide 2 9.png Dosya:Skill Guide 2 10.png
Star Body Get an A rank on Chapter 2. N/A N/A

Chapter 3[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Super Precision Shot After blowing up the shutter and getting outside on Towa Tower, head immediately to the left. Dosya:Skill Guide 3 1.jpg (no map)
Brimming Girl Power After leaving Towa Tower, head to the right and find it on one of the police vehicles. Dosya:Skill Guide 3 2.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 3 3.jpg
Excavator After Challenge Room 5, head to the left and follow the dock until the dead end. Dosya:Skill Guide 3 4.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 3 5.jpg
Daily Effort Under the bed in the first shack to the right in the Secret HQ. Dosya:Skill Guide 3 6.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 3 7.jpg
Reraise Get an A Rank of Chapter 3. N/A N/A

Chapter 4[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Ultra Study Technique After clearing the Northwest Challenge Room, it's in the back of the next room in the red present box. Dosya:Skill Guide 4 1.jpg (no map)
Battle Skill In the container in the North Challenge Room. Dosya:Skill Guide 4 2.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 4 3.jpg
Super Quickfire Skill On the north end of the train in the middle of the subway map. Dosya:Skill Guide 4 4.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 4 5.jpg
A Girl's Bond After entering the sewer, head left at the fork and find it by some rubble. Dosya:Skill Guide 4 6.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 4 7.jpg
Envious Body In the southwest corner of the room on B3 of Towa Tower. Dosya:Skill Guide 4 8.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 4 9.jpg
Destroying Urge Get an A Rank on Chapter 4. N/A N/A

Chapter 5[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Adventurer In front of Towa Hills, to the right. Dosya:Skill Guide 5 1.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 5 2.jpg
Unwavering Girl Power In Kotoko's room, on her bed. Dosya:Skill Guide 5 3.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 5 4.jpg
Super Raise On one of the platforms in Rest Room A. Dosya:Skill Guide 5 5.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 5 6.jpg
Killing Urge In the first area after going up the elevator, in the western office room in a chair. Dosya:Skill Guide 5 7.jpg Dosya:Skill Guide 5 8.jpg
Inner Power Generator Get an A Rank on Chapter 5. N/A N/A


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