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Notes are a type of collectible featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Some more plot-related notes, when collected, will prompt a short conversation between Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa, and sometimes another character if they are with them such as Shirokuma or Taichi Fujisaki.


As you progress with Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa through Towa City as part of the main objective of the game, you will stumble upon many notes and magazines left behind by the people of the city before and during its fall into chaos. These items, as well as other collectibles in the game, appear in the overworld as a small glittering object. As you find them and pick them up, the screen automatically goes on to display its contents. Collecting all 69 notes will award the player a trophy.

List of Notes[]

Something Terrible is Happening...
It didn't take long before I realized it. I understood when I saw my coworker on the floor with his eyes ripped out. I understood it when I saw my boss with his intestines in his hands.

I realized that this is pure insanity. But even though I know this, I still can't convince myself that this is real. In only 1 day. You'd think the world couldn't possibly turn completely on its head. You wouldn't think that the friends you're laughing with one moment could all be dead in another. Whatever happened to the "world" I lived in and the "common sense" I had believed in? Something like this... for kids to go around killing adults...

That sort of thing isn't supposed to happen...

Monokuma crushed my leg
I don't think I can take another step. I know I can't take another step. I can't walk. Monokuma destroyed my leg and I can't move. They're still around here, looking for me. I'm probably going to die. They're going to find me and kill me.

But I can't keep thinking about that kind of thing. I have to think happy thoughts now. If I make it home alive, I want to go to the beach with my family. I want to see the sparkling water again. I want to sit on the sand with my wife and watch our beautiful daughter play. And if she trips and falls, and gets a scrape, I want to say, "There there, it's okay, sweetie."

No, I can't. I can't think about the future. I'm just going to die in a few minutes. I don't want to die. But I know I will. This is the worst feeling I have ever felt.

Note Towa City, of all places...

It's not an exaggeration to say that my entire life up until now has been for the sake of Towa City. I admired Towa City's tech sector and dreamed of working in this town, and I've lived my whole life for that dream. And finally, finally my dream comes true, and this is what happens.

Why did it have to be here of all places? Why did it have to be now!? Is the world doing this out of spite!?

I was supposed to test my skills in this city, but instead I'm running for my life. I wish I could take it back. I want my dream back.

Note Conversation
After everything...it just had to be here. Out of everywhere on Earth, it had to be Towa to end up like this.
You seem especially upset about it. Did you have some kind of reverence for this place?
It's not quite that... Didn't I tell you? I used to work in security. Well I say security... What I did actually was architect security system programs. For someone like me, this place truly something special.
Something special?
Towa City leads the world's technology industry in both complexity and scale. There are tons of engineers out there who come to Towa City to test their skills.
You're right, I think I've heard that somewhere. I heard that the air purifier developed by Towa solved the toxic atmosphere problem.
Also, Towa Group built advanced weaponry and shelters to fight against Şablon:İmp. So Towa City is special for that reason, too.
But, that's something I just learned recently.
If this city is so advanced, why isn't there a giant defense robot to fend off Monokumas?
Um... I'm sure that any kind of weaponry was stolen or destroyed when all this first started.
Then nothing's changed. We gotta contact Future Foundation, no matter what!
Future Foundation's Weapon
I found something interesting. It looks like a Monokuma has broken it, so it won't be of much use, but this seems to be a weapon designed by Future Foundation. It's some kind of bullhorn-shaped gun. Future Foundation always blabbered on about peace, but their weapon was crushed by a Monokuma in a second. Useless piece of junk now. Serves them right.
Letter from a Towa Tower Employee 1
What's going to happen at work from now on? I really hate myself for thinking about work at a time like this, but I wonder if Future Foundation or the police will come and eradicate the Monokumas by tomorrow. I hope so. If they don't, it'd be bad for me. I have my job to think about.
Letter from a Towa Tower Employee 2
Future Foundation, the police... It was naive of me to rely on them. I don't know when, but I remember seeing an article about them. Future Foundation is connected with the Mastermind of that incident somehow. So no one will save me, nothing will save me. I'm at my wit's end.

Just like my other coworkers, I'm going to be killed. It's hopeless. I can't do anything to stop it. They are coming.

Letter from a Towa Tower Employee 3
No. I don't want to die. I don't want to be killed. I don't want to be end up in a bag of blood. No, please, no no no. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. Not the bag. N
Letter from a Towa Tower Employee 4
Not the bag...
Dosya:Danganronpa Another Episode Notes 02.png
Children Know This Town Better Than I Thought

I thought this place would be fine. I was confident that I would never be found. But, as if they knew where I was hiding from the beginning, a Monokuma came and attacked me.
I was just barely able to escape, but I couldn't save her... My wife was killed. She was torn apart, limb from limb. They cut off her skin, and her flesh was everywhere. But I just ran away. I'm done for. There's no place to hide, no place to run in this city.

Note Conversation
It's true that your parents were cruel to you, but that doesn't mean you can kill all the adults!
Again with that nonsense, after all this? We are all well aware that we are killing Innocents.
This is war. When you're burning an enemy's country to the ground, do you stop to spare the "good" people? Even if we had years, we would never achieve our dream with that...benevolence.
Consider it fate. We were born and raised here. We were treated as if we weren't even human. Wouldn't it be a cruel twist of fate if we *didn't* fight back?
But for you to just do them what they've done to you...
Perhaps you think we should have *stayed* sub-human? Just *accepted* it?
N-No, not like that...
Then you tell me. What should we have done? What was the right thing to do? What should we have done to earn the privilege of a normal, happy childhood?
Oh stop being such a drama queen! You could of relied on the police! On the government!
You're asking those who had their lives destroyed by adults...to trust other adults.
Ever since we five were born in Towa City, our destiny was decided. No one can stop us. With all the children in this town, we will build an idea paradise.
With all the children in this town? You're talking about all those brats in the helmets?
Of course. It's not just us, but also the Monokuma Kids. All the children.
Funny that all the kids in this town just happen to have murderous intentions like you!
...Hmph, perhaps I've said too much. I have nothing else to say to you. You cannot stop us now.
P-Pretty bold for a shrimpy little brat like you to talk big! I don't care how unfortunate your childhoods were, killing humans will never be okay.
I didn't expect a Demon to understand.
Thank you for everything you've done
If you're reading this, it means I'm already dead. I am really, really grateful to you. When I was sad, or rotting away at work, you always supported me. If you weren't around, I couldn't even stand up straight. Because I was with you, my entire life up until now.... All the way until now, it felt like it meant something.

I'm grateful to you for supporting me without any complaints. But even so... Why? Why did you leave me behind? Why did you desert me in a place like this? Someone like me, who can't even stand on his own... Who can't even walk on his own...

Notebook "List of Victims and Missing"

"List of Victims"
Sayuri Ishii, Misato Numataka, Masashi Onda, Hiroyuki Nishizawa, Katsuhisa Hashi, Tasuke Sakai, Miwako Tsukada, Toshie Shikatebukuro, Hiroshi Harada, Yutaka Kai...

"List of Missing"
Hoshi Ishizawa, Meguri Kawauchi, Yunon Maekawa, Keiko Terao, Ryohei Noma, Shio Kakan, Gizo Tanisho, Maki Kanda, Tamami Minegishi, Motoi Genbun...

Note Conversation
The victims and the missing are divided into two lists... They're both pretty long...
I-It's not even murder at this point... This is war.
The kids call it "revolution."
That's just semantics!
Exactly. Call it whatever name you please, in the end, there's still a mount of bodies. But by calling it a revolution, they justify it in their minds, and become even more brutal.
By how you're talking, you seem to know these brats pretty well.
You're talking about the Warriors of Hope who lead the "Monokuma Kids", right? From what I know, they were apparently students of an [[Elementary School Division|Şablon:İmp.]]
Hope's Peak Academy!? Why would that name come up now?
What about it? Did something happen before?
Not just "something"... But forget about it for now. It's a very long story.
But more on the subject, I never expected the academy to also have an elementary...
They're not technically affiliated. Attending Hope's Peak Academy still requires scouting. But the elementary was still prestigious. Many Hope's Peak Academy students came from there. The elementary students the Şablon:İmp. Only Şablon:İmp could attend.
And how exactly are they prodigies? They're just a bunch of mental brats.
I guess that just shows having a great mind does not always make person. Or a child. A child's talent can easily be corrupted into something evil. Those five are the worst examples. Actually, the Şablon:İmp were all in the classroom with the "trouble" children.
Troublemakers, huh? Just as I thought, they were all deviants from the start.
You remember what you were like when you were children? How many cruel things you did? Insane because they're too pure. Uncontrollable because they're too innocent. Children with more potential than adults, with such cruel natures... How horrifying it would be if they were truly out of control. Towa City is an example of that.
Y-You think it's fun to threaten us?
I-It's not like that! I'm just trying to tell you to be careful!
Hmph. That's none of your business.
About the Children at Night
There's only one thing I could tell for sure after taking the night shift as lookout. The children are all wearing those idiotic helmets. None of them look like they're sleeping. And I've never seen them eat, either.

Are they really human children? Isn't it possible that they're just mechanical dolls, like Monokumas? Well, regardless... Whether they're humans or robots, they're devils in our eyes. The only difference is what liquid they bleed when we run them over.

Product Development Document
The following series will be developed into 5 types, including the prototype.

Currently planning on investing each into general office world, goods work, bodyguard work, rescue work, and cleaning work. As the series becomes more popular and recognizable, we will expand into other horizons.

I'm only 16. I don't want to die.
I don't get it, I don't want to die... I mean, I'm just 16, you know? I didn't even confess my feelings to Taka, and I haven't seen Grandpa in like 2 years, and there's still a lot of things I want to do. There's still a lot of people I want to see before I die... No, I mean...

Those reasons shouldn't even matter. I don't want to die because I don't want to die. And it's obvious that everyone and my family feels the same way. But they died. They got killed. They got killed without a single pause, like it was automatic, like it was nothing. I want revenge. I want to do to them everything they did to my family. I want to kill all those damn children like it was nothing.

But I can't do that. I can't do anything... The only thing I can do is just hide. I'm so ashamed... I can't even avenge my family. I'm just a coward. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that I survived. I should have been the first to die.

I was so glad to meet you
To tell you the truth, I didn't know what to do when you were born. At the time, me and your mom were just students, and I'm sorry to admit it but we had arguments over whether or not to have you. In the end we decided to get married just before you were born. And maybe we regretted it a little at first, maybe we were kidding ourselves. But we worked through it. Even while other people our age were playing around and studying, I don't mind going to work for 12 hour shifts, because it was to provide for you and your mom. And I Know Mom doesn't like to think that, because as you know, her favorite thing to say is "Life's not about winning or losing!" But when I'm with you, I feel like I'm winning. I feel like I'm defeating the old me, the me who didn't want to have you, and what his life must be like right now.

So to put it simply, I'm so happy I got to meet you. But when you put that helmet on and controlled those Monokumas that killed your own mother, I'm sorry but all I feel for you is hatred. But even then, I would never think about killing you. But... How do I say it...? What was the last few years like for you? What did that all mean to you? Did you not think anything of your own mother or father? Or is this just not the real you, and this is just some bad dream? It's such a strange feeling to think that, if I am going to die, I at least want my own daughter to do it. I don't know.

Notebook I want to choose suicide.

This entire land is no good anymore. No matter where I hide, the Monokumas will find me sooner or later. I made it into the underground but it's not like this place is going to be safe forever. I remember the bodies. All of them stacked up like debris. I remember them at random times, out of nowhere, I see their faces. Will I join them soon?
If I'm going to be killed like that, I think I would rather just commit suicide. Just end it. But I'm too scared to choose suicide. I'm scared of dying and then meeting my friends in the afterlife, the ones who wanted to live so badly. I feel like suicide would be betraying them. There's no way I can do that.

Note Conversation
Y-You talked big but... You ended up killed by Monokumas, just like the others...
H-How horrible...
Hm? Did you know this guy or something?
No... I have no idea who he is... But an adult killed by children... He didn't do anything wrong... I never get used to it. It's the worst tragedy our society has ever seen...
...You're a sentimental one.
Ugh, if only... If only I had more power... If I was stronger I... I could of prevented this.
It's not your fault, Shirokuma. C'mon, cheer up.
Th-Thank you...
Strange that this guy is already so close with her.
Notebook Memoirs of Adult 1

Shirokuma brought in 3 new people. I feel happy, but at the same time, scared. I wonder how many adults are killed above ground. How many of them got saved? How many bodies are lying there...?
Thanks to the newbies screaming, sleepless nights continue. From what I can tell, in his dream, his friend gets killed by kids, and he screams out. I can kind of understand how he feels. I can't blame him.

The newbie finally broke. Even though he's a grown adult, he ended up acting like a newborn baby... He lost against his nightmares. To the kids. Looking at the scenery forces me to realize that even though I'm here, I couldn't run. Every time a newbie is brought in, my despair increases. I can't even run, nor forget... The children will kill us all.

Note Conversation
Th-This is pretty...intense.
Just reading it makes me feel dizzy...
Memoirs of Adult 2
Everyone is dead. Everyone got killed. The sound of chanting, the screaming like dogs being killed, never leaves me ears. Everyone got killed. Everyone got killed. Devils. They're devils in the bodies of children. Damn devils! Damn devils! Damn devils! Damn devils! Damn devils! Damn devils!

I want to grind down your organs, your heart, your liver your kidneys, everything, into dust. I want to throw you all into a blender and turn you all to sloshy livestock feed. I want to stab your eyeballs with a pencil until I can write with your blood. I want to boil you alive in a pressure cooker until your screams stop. I want to squeeze your little bodies until blood leaks from every pore on your skin. I want to slash open the wombs of the mothers that birthed you and stuff you back in.

My Beloved Son
I sent my son off to school this morning, and he came home this afternoon wearing some kind of helmet I couldn't figure out. I thought it was some kind of joke. When I asked him about it, a Monokuma showed up of nowhere and attacked me. I dodged the attack by a hair, picked up my son, and brought him here to hide. On the way, I discovered several things.

It's not just my son. The children throughout the town are all wearing them, and they're killing the adults with Monokumas. It's as if my son changed into a completely different person. He just gives me a creepy laugh. I'm not even sure he recognizes me. I can tell he's planning to kill me.

I remember the time I struck my son. Just once.

But I love my son. I'm sure my son knows it. There's no way he would kill his own mother.

Memoirs of a Factory Employee
The moment I saw that business proposal, time just stopped. I understood immediately. In the end, I was just a frog in a well. But even so, just thinking about being involved in this kind of work makes me shudder with excitement. I want to pour my life into this job.

If this gets out to the public, the life of every human on the planet would be more well off. And we will work tirelessly to make this work. I'm sure some will complain, bringing up safety concerns with the fact that the inner body is extraordinarily resilient, but it won't be a problem. I don't lend an ear to boring naysayers.

Memoirs of Toro
I came from Towa City with Kuro, mew! Apparently, Towa City is a technologically-advanced city with lots of machines. Kuro took Toro along, saying that if I go to Towa City, I can be a real city boy! But it turns out that the town is dealing with some kind of violence from children... White and black bear robots are running all over the place. It's so bad it makes me think, "Jeez!"

Toro and Kuro are also white and black, but there's no way we'd do something like that. If I stayed on the conveyor belt, would it just take me all the way to Toro's house? Jeez, I just want to go home...

(Note: This is a cameo by Toro and Kuro, who are Sony mascots)

Game Description
Demon Hunting
5 warriors have assembled in the cyber city of Towa. They have a single goal: defeat the Demons, the embodiment of evil, and reform the world. And for that noble goal, the "Demon Hunting" game was born...

By targeting cruel and malicious Demons and defeating them, they compete to see which of them can bring the world the closest to the ideal. Will the 5 warriors triumph over ultimate evil!?

How to Kill Demons Masterpiece no. 1
Since they're hard hit them to mush them up and then fill the insides with green peppers, and then feed them to your dog. Bury them in a hole so that only there nose sticks out and measure how long it takes for them to die. Make a game with a friend where you snap off their arms and legs and whoever keeps theirs alive longest wins.

Get their blood with a needle and put it in a cat and then make a super cat demon and then kill it. Get a bunch of Demons butts and then make a drum set with them and make a song haha. Use a Demons mouth as a cage for bugs and find a buncha bugs and save them and then kill the Demon. Or kill them regular, simple is besto yes!

How to Kill Demons Masterpiece no. 2
Cut off the ears, stuff them in the nose, and then kill them. Cut off the fingers and put them up there butt and then kill them. It's smelly but just do it. Attach a female Demons boobs on a male Demon to make a shemale Demon and then kill it.

Use a lot of tools and bend the body and then tie there hair around there heels to kill them. Cut all the pink stuff out of their mouths and feed it to doggies. Stab there eyeballs with toothpicks and kill them.

How to Kill Demons Masterpiece no. 3
Cut off 1 centimeter every day so that they die super slow. Pour 999 degree water onto their eyeballs to kill them. Stuff them into the dryer and turn it on. Imprison a bunch of them and make them kill each other! Kill them all! Kill kill kill killy kill kill!
How to Kill Demons Masterpiece no. 4
Tie the tongue with a rope and tie it to a really fast car to kill them. Nail a hundred gazillion nails onto them in a cool pattern and then they die. Make them drink a lotta water and then lock them in the freezer. Make them eat their own poopoo and kill them with fire. Ta-daa! They'll never expect it!
This is what I hate about you, Demon-chan
Getting old means you're getting close to being completely worn out. But Demons keep saying things like you should respect your elders? Like being older makes you superior?

I feel like they're causing their own downfall. If they're old and worn out, they should act like it and bow down to the sparkly new youth. And if that happened, we wouldn't have to do this paradise plan. Well, actually, we still would!

No matter how cute cockroach-chan looks bowing down, you gotta kill them. It's super obvious they're harmful, but even if they weren't they still deserve to be killed. It's instinct! It's put into our hearts and brains! Like the same way we think poopoo and weewees are funny, right?

Children's Paradise Preamble
コドモの楽園、鉄の掟1億箇条 前文
We won't try to fool you with fancy words or say something you don't understand. Let's just be happy as kids. That's it. The Demons aren't needed because they're selfish and treat children like they own us, like we're just things to them. They think we do not have feelings. They lack imagination.

We don't need them, so we're going to kill them. The paradise we build will be awesome. No parents. No chores. No school. No homework. There will be a few rules, but that's it. Respect one another. Be so good that you will become a role model for others. When you feel that you are becoming a Demon, kill yourself. Follow the rules and help build a paradise of only children.

Children's Paradise Commandments 1
コドモの楽園 鉄の掟1億箇条①
1. Sleep lots, eat lots, play lots.
1. Anything that makes you look like a Demon, like drinking and smoking, is illegal.
1. Any items with a picture of a Demon on them are illegal.

Anybody who breaks the rules will suffer the punishment: "Gargle coffee for 20 hours straight."

Children's Paradise Commandments 2
コドモの楽園 鉄の掟1億箇条②
1. Wash hands before a meal.
1. Play video games no longer than 8 hours daily.
1. If you ever feel like you are showing signs of reincarnating into a Demon, take responsibility and end your own life.

Anybody who breaks the rules will suffer the punishment: "Hold in their poo all day after a big barbecue."

Children's Paradise Commandments 3
1. If you have something on your mind, share it with the children around you.

1. Don't get involved in other people's business, like making fun of them for reading manga. 1. Don't ever try to remember what life was like with the Demons.

Anybody who breaks the rules will suffer the punishment: "Stuffed under the kotatsu in summer."

Children's Paradise Commandments 4
1. Inscribe on your hearts the fact that the "now" is the most precious thing we have.

1. Do not kill pets with "adorbs" faces. 1. Do not lose hope.

Anyone who breaks the rules will suffer the punishment: "Hide your Video Games Somewhere You'll Never Find Them."

Memoirs of Masaru Daimon
Uuuwhoaaa! My heart is pouuunding! Haha, I'm lookin' forward to it! Is the paradise ready yet? A world without a single Demon! I can say "weenie" and "poop" all I want! And no one's gonna tell me I'm gonna spoil my appetite by eating candy for dinner! Ahahahahaha!

For the sake of making the bestest possible paradise, I have to be the bestest leader! I'll lead everyone to victory!

Memoirs of Jataro Kemuri
Ehehe! Ehehehehehehe! The faces the Demons make when I'm hunting them is seriously always the best. The very top of warmed milk is always gooey. When a Demon is up against a wall they always clench their teeth or open their lips slowly. But in the end, when I kill them, they always open their lips and shudder like crazy.

Anyways, the sound of the bell that rings when you enter a store is so cute sounding, right? People who make those things must have a bad personality. People who make pretty or cute things have bad attitudes. On the other hand, I don't make pretty things, I make horrible dioramas, but my face and my personality is horrible too! Am I the only one whose tummy hurts when they smell rice from a rice cooker?

I always knew it, it's always the best to attack from both sides when hunting Demons. That way, even if they go left or right or go back, they always end up getting killed. The moment just when they all fall into despair and know they are going to die is really, always, splendid.

Memoirs of Kotoko Utsugi
Lame! Sooo lame! Why are the bodies of Demons not adorbs AT ALL!?

Like, their bodies are bigger for no reason! They're not even filled with adorbs thing inside! It's like an egg that has nothing inside! Empty Dumpty! I should kill them all just for that.

Speaking of eggs, there are two ways to write "egg" in Japanese, but you can use the words in different ways. The first "egg" means shelter from where life is born. The other "egg" means a cooking ingredient. Woo hoo! Isn't trivia just so adorbs!?

Memoirs of Nagisa Shingetsu
I know I should stop thinking about it, but it crosses my mind when I least expect it. Are we, the "Warriors of Hope," truly in the right? I tell myself that we are right and just every time, but sometimes I fail to convince myself. Do I not really want this? When was the last time I truly felt guilt? Or remorse?

Obviously, we were treated horribly. The worst of the worst. But even so, I feel that I am in debt to my parents for raising me. I hate it, but I can't stop feeling that, no matter how they treated me, I still owe them affection and respect. It's a heavy feeling in my chest.

Something I can never tell Masaru, Jataro , Kotoko, or even Monaca. I need to stop thinking about things like this. I, we, have a revolution to think about now. A paradise to build. For us, and for all the children of this town. I need to save Monaca. It's her I need to think about. She is much more precious to me than my own life.

That Useless Shitty Brat
I ordered my son to go buy alcohol. I even GAVE HIM THE MONEY. He comes back home EMPTYHANDED. He said something about not having ID or something, whatever. Who cares? I trained the boy. I made him go do it one more time, and he comes back with alcohol. The next day, the cops show up. Apparently the little shit STOLE IT! The brat HUMILIATED me. But I trained him good as soon as the cops left.

I hate my son's face when I'm teaching him a lesson. The smile he forces so that I'll stop hitting him creeps me out. He can't just cry or yell like a regular kid? Shit, I got myself a defective product.

(by Masaru Daimon's father)

It's my fault
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's all my fault... It's my fault I don't know how to buy alcohol properly. It's my fault that I cough when you smoke. It's my fault, and that's why Dad gets mad at me.

I'm sorry for making you look like the bad guy. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm the one who's at fault and I'm sorry I made you look like the bad guy. Please don't throw me away. Please stay with me. Please keep being my dad.

I Shouldn't Have Had Him
There's so much I can do if my son didn't exist. So much I could have done if I never had him. I could have obtained qualifications and licenses, taken lessons, worked more.

Instead, my entire life is just a platform for my son's life. I think about it every night before I go to sleep. If I woke up in the morning and my son was dead, how splendid would that be?

But every time I wake up and see him, I sigh. Why are you still alive? Why do you have a normal life? I yearn for the day he stops being healthy and stops growing and just disappears. That's all I want. Why can't you just do something that simple for me?

I want him to die so badly it makes me cry. And the fact that he has such a worthless face just makes me even more sad. It makes me think I'm the one who's wrong. I shouldn't have had you.

(by Jataro Kemuri's mother)

My Invention
Ehehehehehe! I'm the prince of Inspiration! The strongest land animal is the hippo. It's decided. The skin is 4 centimeters thick. 4 whole centimeters. That's about the thickness of an omelet.

I got it! I totally got it! The sadness I felt was really just not having peace of mind. I'm sad that Mommy hates me because I am not at peace.

Ehehe! If that's the case, it's simple! If I don't want to be sad, all I have to do is change the peaceful place. I just have to believe that being hated makes me at peace. If I can do that, even when she tells me to die, I will alllllways be at peace! I've heard that there will be clear weather after a typhoon, but I don't think they were talking about families.

The more Mommy hates me, the better it makes me feel. Now I can stay by Mommy's side forever! At peace!

For the sake of my daughter
Her thing is worth like 8 times more than mine. Younger women. Thing is, poor bitch doesn't understand that she's worth more the younger she is. If you're looking for cost-effectiveness, you gotta sell it when you're still young. But it's a waste of time telling a 10 year old any of that, I guess.

That's why mommy has to sell it for you. I'll sell it with you, as a set. Even if you cry and say it hurts, or it's too scary, the men still pay. Sometimes, they even pay more. Even tears have value. Being young is a horrifying thing.

It's not like I want money. It's not like I want to entrust my dream to my daughter. It's not like I'm a pervert. I do this, all of this, for the love of my child. I do it for her sake, so she can sparkle forever. No matter how much she hates me, or how much society will beat me up for it, I know my actions are right. It's the parent's job to shine the spotlight on their child.

(by Kotoko Utsugi's mother)

What Makes Me Cry The Most
Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, a peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked. There are tons of reasons tongue twisters are hard to say, but I think a lot of it comes from having to suddenly start another consonant sound. Humans are weak to sudden changes.

I dislike sudden things, too. Old men just suddenly start talking about it. Mommy suddenly starts crying. Just thinking about it makes my tummy squeeze... Why do I have to feel like this? I'm fine with normal. I don't need to sparkle.

Mommy tells me it's too late once you're old. Mommy says youth isn't "eternal." But I didn't even want to start. Youth might not be eternal, but I'm sure knowledge is. But I cannot say that to Mommy. If I say something like that, Mommy would cry. Even though it hurts, and it's scary, and it makes me sad when the old men are gentle to me... Making Mommy cry hurts more. So I might as well just be gentle all the time.

If I just hold in a little pain and fear and sadness, Mommy doesn't have to cry a single tear.

Debating on Switching Subjects
I cannot obtain the result I was expecting with my experiment. I cannot discern whether the environment or the subject himself is the problem. I shall look into the experiment conditions in more detail. Until now, I have used solely visual observation, but I should erect cameras to watch the subject at all times and discipline the subject when resting longer than allowed.

If I do not obtain any desirable results with the experiment, I will conclude that the problem lies with the subject, and change my experimental target.

(by Nagisa Shingetsu's father)

There's no way I can let him be disappointed
I'm the worst. It was a horrible result. I feel so worthless I want to die. Why am I like this? Why can't I just be better? Father had such high hopes for me, but I couldn't meet his expectations. Not even once. It was all meaningless, just because I wasn't good enough. It was stupid of Father to expect so much from a worthless fool like me.

Why am I me? Why wasn't I just born better? Why am I not the child Father wanted?

But excuses aren't going to help me now. Only hopeless idiots fritter away their lives with self-hatred. I don't have time. I need to work even harder. I need to live up to Father's expectations. It doesn't matter how high they are. I don't want to disappoint him. Never again.

When I heard there was going to be a new member of our family, I wasn't expecting much, but somehow I'm still disappointed. We get this brat inside our house now. I have no idea what she's thinking. She and her whole attitude don't belong here.

Food tastes disgusting when I have to eat with this alien, and look at her smile. Everything she does nauseates me. I have a bad feeling about this. I can't shake the feeling that my family is going to pieces because of her. And my intuition is almost always right.

(by Monaca Towa's relative, probably Haiji Towa)

Not A Fairy Tale
I never expected my mother would abandon me to my father, someone I never met before. I never thought something like that could happen to me, meow. If this were a fairy tale, the main character would tie the knot with a prince from somewhere. But I knooow this is reality. Not some silly old tale. The only thing I can do is siiigh...

Selfishly do their business, selfishly give birth, and then to top it off, selfishly abandon. Hehehe. Such pathetic characters. How splendid. Ah, right, right. Speaking of splendid, all of my new family is so splendid, too! The attitude they have towards me, the outsider, is faaar tooo obviooous.

When I say a joke, the room freezes. When I smile, they make a face that says "you don't deserve to laugh." They're sooo amazing! It sooo splendid! Kya kya kya kyaaan! So splendid that I wanna die! Juuust kidding! No seriously, I was kidding. Just a joke.

Memoirs of Monaca
I really, really love Big Sis Junko, so much that the word "love" isn't enough! I love Big Sis Junko, who shined light upon Monaca's world! If only I could see her one more time, if only that horrible day never happened...

Monaca will do anything it takes. Monaca will cut her wrists, Monaca will drink poison. Monaca doesn't need her eyes, ears, nose, or mouth. But... yeah, I know. No matter how many painful things I do, no matter how many shameful things I do, it won't change the facts. Monaca will just end up hurt and ashamed. I know that. Monaca knows that. But because i know that, without a doubt, Monaca feels lonely, and sad, and empty. I just want to die.

I know. That's why I feel hatred, that's why I want to kill them all so bad. That's why I thought of the idea of The Successor. Just a little bit more. Please, just a little bit more, and the world will know despair once again...

Dosya:Masaru Daimon's Diary.png

No doubt about it, Monaca is the best! As expected of the Mage of the "Warriors of Hope," lead by me. Just trust in Monaca, and even "brainrinsing" is easy as pie! As long as they wear the "Monokuma Head," everyone's our ally!
If this keeps up, the paradise will be completed in no time! And when that happens, I'll bring peace to the entire world next! And then, when I'm leader of the whole world, I'll make sure there's no more pain and fear!

(By Masaru Daimon)

Note Conversation
Toko, about this Şablon:İmp part...
He clearly means Şablon:İmp
Brainwashing... Does that really exist? I've only seen that in science fiction!
No... That level of technology was developed long ago. Technology like that...can't be advertised to the public, can it?
I figured this was the case... The masterminds made the other kids wear those helmet things to brainwash them.
That's even more reason we gotta stop the adults from fighting the children. I mean, if they were under mind control, they aren't really to blame at all, right?
I know how you feel, but... It's better if you don't think about that.
...Huh? What do you mean?
I know that you're growing, but... I have a bad feeling about this. The way you've Şablon:İmp... I feel like this whole situation has been a setup.
Setup? By who?
The one who teamed up with that white-haired guy, trying to bring you all the way here.
And here you are, right in the kids' HQ. It's exactly as that person planned...
But even if that's true, if I just run away, I can't do anything about this war, right?
R-Right, but...
It's going to be alright. I don't know whose idea this was, or why they're doing this, but...
As long as we stop this violence, nothing else matters!
You're right... We've come this far. Only thing to do now is believe in ourselves and go for it.
You're really starting to sound like him now...
Huh? Y-You think so?
D-Don't blush! It's just like I said, brother complex!
Survivors of the Killing School Life
Tadaaa! The ones who survived the super famous battle royale are these 6 lucky students!

Makoto Naegi, Byakuya Togami, Kyoko Kirigiri, Toko Fukawa, Aoi Asahina, and Yasuhiro Hagakure.

They are currently members of a secret evil society, planning world domination! They are the enemies of the entire world! If you find them, call the toll-free number!


About Makoto Naegi
Big Sis Junko, AKA the Goddess, was killed by Makoto Naegi. Makoto is super cool. He overcame tough circumstances with the power of hope, and obtained the future they wanted. He even makes the boys' hearts race. There's no mistaking that each and every one of you admire him. And a super cool guy like that absolutely has to be killed.

We were led to misfortune by Makoto Naegi. So we have no other choice. Pigs who kill others for their own interest deserve to be killed by pigs for other people's interest.

I should be able to escape from the bridge...
Argh! Seriously! This stuff makes no sense! Monokumas!? To think that I was finally released from imprisonment just to end up like this! Are these kids terrorists or something!? Paradise!? None of it makes any sense at all!

I gotta get out of this town. First, I'll head to the bridge. If it were my sister, I'm sure she would just dive headfirst into the ocean and swim right across, but I'm not as strong a swimmer. Anyway, to the bridge! I gotta make it across the bridge if I wanna see my friends and family again!

(Author Yuta Asahina)

I Must Not Die
What in the world is going on? There's not enough information out there to say for sure. But I know one thing: I have to make it out of this town. Until I know for sure that my wife and child are safe, I can't die. As a husband, as a father... I haven't done my job yet. If I die here, I can't give my wife and my beautiful child the life they deserve.

(Author Taichi Fujisaki)

Future Foundation Whatever
Future Foundation? That's what they call themselves? What "future"?

I'm going to crush those hypocrites.

(Author Kanon Nakajima)

Big Brother Leon
Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon

Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon Big Brother Leon

(Author Kanon Nakajima)

Another Tragedy? The Riot in Towa
あの事件再発? 塔和を襲う暴徒
Rampaging Monokuma robots, reportedly the same kind that were involved in "the incident," are running amok through Towa City. The hows and whys are currently unknown. Evidence points to the involvement of the Remnants of Despair.

Towa City is currently in a state of Level 5 Emergency Alert. Evacuation is advised.

Mystery of the Massacring Monokumas
With "The Tragedy" in the shadows, the investigation and research on the machines known as "Monokumas" is being led by the illustrious Towa Group. Who developed them, who manufactured them, and other mysteries surrounding the Monokumas will soon be made known to the public.
Towa Publishing
The Founding of Towa City
The predecessor to the corporation Towa Group was a small factory called "Towa Ironworks," which first opened its doors 200 years ago. Tokushige Towa, who became the 1st chairman of Towa Group, established Towa Ironworks entirely by himself. Because iron manufacturing was a new, blossoming industry, Towa Ironworks soon dominated 70% of the market.

But Tokushige Towa was not yet satisfied. He also had a hand in other business ventures, such as bamboo forests and foreign trade, and continued to show his strong will and brilliant business sense. Incredibly, from age 30 to his death at 64, he established a new business once every 20 days. Tokushige's wife, Tomoko Towa, had this to say about her husband: "When I asked him why he always pushes himself, he would always say that 'it's for the sake of the prosperity of mankind.'"

Without Tokushige Towa's unflagging devotion to the advancement of mankind, neither Towa Group nor Towa City would exist today.

Towa Publishing
Towa Group's Technical Triumphs
Though "The Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History" entrapped the entire world in despair, Towa City stood strong.

It is often argued that the technical strength Towa Group prides itself on was a huge deterrent to the spread of despair. The Mastermind behind the incident must have assumed that Towa City's technological superiority would be too much to defeat. Experts say that the influence of Towa Group is now so strong, it could even be a deterrent against global warfare.

Towa Publishing
The Most Influential Corporations in the World
"Alexander Magazine," a publication which boasts the highest circulation in the world, recently published their "100 Most Influential Corporations in the World" list. While groups from across the globe made the list, the unanimous first place went to Towa Group. The article praised Towa Group's quick response to The Tragedy and their unwavering support efforts.

Far and away the greatest gift Towa Group had given to the world was the invention of the air purifier that allowed massive quantities of atmosphere to be breathable again. Potentially millions of lives have been saved with this invention. Many Towa Group supporters have a nearly religious devotion to the company, thanks to their efforts against the incident.

Towa Publishing Top 100 Sweets You Don't want to Miss

Prepare your sweet teeth! We have chosen the top 100 sweets to eat in Towa City this spring.
Although the city is mostly known for its technology, Towa has tons of other attractions, like beautiful sea views and delicious sweets! We are going to introduce these Towa specialties--

Note Conversation
The letters are smudged here... We can't read it after that.
Why did it have to be the one *nice* file that gets messed up? It's always been like this for me. The one day I go outside, it rains... Whenever I drop money, it's always the highest bill...
It's like Murphy's Law. The more expensive the item, the more likely it is to break. When you wash your car, it rains. It's not a scientific theory or anything. It's just a theory popularized by pessimists.
A-Are you saying that I must believe in that law because I'm so negative and gloomy!? You're saying I can't be a little self-conscious, even though I'm ugly!?
I-I didn't say that at all! I just wanted to give you a bit of trivia about an interesting idea, is all...
None of your business! And if you're going to teach me something, make it more useful next time!
Hm? Information more useful to you?
For example, just what the hell *are* you!? Let's assume it's true that you really have no idea why you have an AI loaded inside you... Because you have consciousness, you should be able to explain what happened up til now, in detail.
...Well, I don't mind explaining, but... Promise me one thing, first?
What I'm going to tell you will sound...fishy. But if you promise you'll believe me, I'll talk.
So you're not going to talk unless we promise? Sounds like a threat.
I just don't want to be doubted...
Fine. We "promise." Even if you tell us something crazy, we'll believe you.
Thank you!
Then I'll give you the truth. The day I awoke was the first day of the violence, when the Monokumas began their attack. It was right here, just above us... I saw Monokumas attacking adults, and I thought...
...I have to do something! I painted my body white, and covered my red eye, and found a spot the children don't know about. I made the secret base there. Every time I found an adult, I brought them back there to hide.
So you just happened to wake up on the very day the riots start. It's fishy alright. Even a kid would assume you and the Monokumas have the same origin.
But I'm pure white inside, just like this body...
You just painted yourself.
You feel like confessing? That you're a spy?
Y-You promised that you wouldn't doubt me!
Hmph, there's no way I'd keep a verbal promise to a mechanical bear.
Ugh, this is why I didn't want to tell you...
Even I think it sounds a bit strange, but... Right now, the only thing we can do is believe him.
Believe in a Monokuma? I'd put more faith in a sham marriage.
(Towa Publishing)

Tokuichi Towa
While the government was left in complete disarray from The Tragedy, it was our very own Towa Group chairman, Tokuichi Towa, who undertook the task of managing peace and order. Though he was not experienced politically, he showed remarkable aptitude at listening to the voices of the people.

The residents of this city owe all the peace and prosperity we enjoy to Tokuichi Towa. However, despite our progress, the future remains uncertain. If we are struck again with a disaster equally as powerful as that incident, we will not be able to withstand. We await the fast recovery of the government and national order to be restored.

Towa Publishing
Welcome to Towa Tower
19 years ago, Towa Tower was built as a radio tower that could receive and transmit signals from a wide area. Under the design of Yukishizo Ibara, the tower became not just a high-tech installation, but also the number 1 sightseeing spot in Towa City.

Of all the countless amusements to be found within Towa Tower, by far the most popular is sightseeing towers and decks. These offer extraordinary beautiful views. Why not enjoy the Towa City skyline and immerse yourself in the scenery?

Towa Publishing
List of Charity Work Performed by Towa Group
Exactly 3 months to the day has passed since the true "Ultimate Despair" died. Though it isn't completely certain, it can be assumed that the world will return to its former, calmer state. To commemorate the peaceful future, let us celebrate some of Towa Group's charity work.

1) Development of the air purifier effective against the toxic air in the atmosphere 2) Distributed their inventions throughout the world 3) Manufactured and delivered weapons to combat the "despair" 4) Supplied high-performance gas masks 5) Built shelters in war-torn areas 6) Detoxified portions of the land and sea

Towa Publishing
The Tragedy Was A Future Foundation Conspiracy
Although Future Foundation's stated mission to help the world recover from "The Tragedy," our editorial department has received a tip that claims Future Foundation themselves caused the incident in the first place. To no one at this publication's surprise, the "true Ultimate Despair" is at the top of Future Foundation.

The true Ultimate Despair's grand ambition was to reduce the world to a state of total despair. By inventing an opponent, they significantly complicated the situation to further plunge the world into despair. This "opponent" is Future Foundation. That organization was intentionally built to be dysfunctional and try to combat the despair with increasingly drastic measures. The reason why it took so long for the incident to settle down was because Future Foundation was protecting the "despair." There can be no other explanation. Consider this: the ones who developed the air purifier was not Future Foundation, but Towa Group.

Isn't it strange to think that Future Foundation, on whom the fate of the world relies, are technologically inferior to a single company?

Towa Publishing
What is Hope's Peak Elementary?
Hope's Peak Elementary is, as the name suggests, an elementary school associated with the world-leading educational institution known as Hope's Peak Academy. However, acceptance at Hope's Peak Elementary does not guarantee a seat at the Academy. Only scouted students can attend.

But applications for Hope's Peak Elementary keep flooding in. Why? Because the Elementary is so dedicated to providing a high level of education. Like many private elementary schools, Hope's Peak Elementary uses an entrance exam with an interview segment to judge applicants. Because of this diligence, many of the Elementary's students are scouted for Hope's Peak Academy.

Hope's Peak Elementary is also a research institution dedicated to raising the "talent of the children."

Towa Publishing
The war between "Despair" and "Towa" is near?
It has been rumored that a full-on war between the "Ultimate Despairs" and Towa Group is drawing near. Ever since the incident, Towa Group has been doing everything it can to counteract the despair.

We can't really know what they're thinking, but the Ultimate Despairs didn't attack Towa Group and Towa City. But it's hard to imagine that will be the case forever. This stalemate can't continue. It's only a matter of time until the Ultimate Despairs show their true colors. Before then, we dearly hope this incident is over.

Dosya:Founding of Towa.png
Towa Publishing
Towa Group's Scale

It was declared early this month that the largest household electric appliance manufacturing company, "Kanto," has been acquired by Towa Group. This brings the number of subsidiaries owned by Towa Group up to 8,000. Towa Group, and by extension Towa City, has been receiving a lot of attention as of late.

Note Conversation
8000? Jeez, how big a scale are they thinking? You guys better not be planning world domination.
Ha, world domination... Sounds swell. If we could completely control all the brats in the world *and* the adults... That'd be nice.
So it's just as I thought!
I'm just kidding... Towa Group isn't some evil cooperation straight out of a movie. It's a financial group with a simple policy and reasonable assets. Şablon:İmp to a T. Aside from all the greed driving me to make this company the largest in the world, of course.
Don't joke with me! A no-good corporation like yours is no match for Togami Corporation!
Hm? Are you from the Togami family?
W-Well, not yet... But I'm planning to become one!
...What the hell is this chick talking about?
...It's a long story. Just let it go.
Well anyway, there's no dangerous ulterior motives behind Towa Group...currently.
H-Hold on, Şablon:İmp!? So it *used* to have dangerous ambitions?
Well, we may be nobles now, but that doesn't mean we didn't start at the bottom like everyone else. I'm sure Towa Group was rather ambitious when they were still a startup.
I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about when your father was chairman, before all this happened.
...Who knows? I wasn't exactly deeply involved with the business side of Towa. I have no idea. But it is true that Towa was working to put Şablon:İmp in the past.
That's why they made the air purifiers, right?
We also detoxify sea water and replant forests. We're honestly pretty good people.
Good people? The moment you started using Monokumas as guards, you stopped being "good."
Jeez, you're a pushy one aren't you? I already told you, you gotta trust me on this one.
And we should trust you just because you say so?
Toko, I know how you feel, but now's not the time for this.
Hmph... I know.
But Komaru, you can't trust this guy. The moment you let your guard down, he'll touch your butt!
On my honor... I promise I'm not into her! ...Specifically. What I'm tryin' to say is, the younger they are, the better it is for me!
That is a hardcore lolita complex! The real deal!
But I mean, the fact he *admits* it... It's kind of attractive.
...You are really *terrible* at picking men!
Towa Publishing
Towa Hills Reconstruction Plan
Tokuichi Towa, representative of Towa Group and Towa City, announced plans today to rebuild Towa Hills, a city landmark only trumped by Towa Tower. This time, reconstruction will upscale the business side of Towa Hills.

Towa Hills has entertained residents and tourists alike, and with the remodeling, the business and private sectors will be completely revitalized. Construction begins in 1 year, and is slated for completion 3 years later.


Ultra Know-It-All Girls
Found all Scrap Notes.


Guide credit to TheFinalEmblem at PSNProfiles.com'

Chapter 1[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Something Terrible Is Happening Inside the Power supply room after turning on the power. Dosya:Notes 1 1.jpg Dosya:Notes 1 2.jpg
Another Tragedy? The Riot in Towa On the right side of the Diagnosis Room on the shelf in the Hospital on floor 1F. Dosya:Notes 1 3.png Dosya:Notes 1 4.png
How to Kill Demons Masterpiece no. 1 To the left just as you exit the Hospital, by the dead body being attacked by Monokumas. Dosya:Notes 1 5.png Dosya:Notes 1 6.png
The Founding of Towa City The middle room in the hallway of the Hotel on floor 2F, room 218. Dosya:Notes 1 7.png Dosya:Notes 1 8.png
Towa Group's Technical Triumphs To the left of the Monoku-man machine in the Hotel lobby. Dosya:Notes 1 9.png Dosya:Notes 1 10.png
I should be able to escape from the bridge Immediately after the bridge collapses and Yuta dies, turn around and it will be at the edge. Dosya:Notes 1 11.png Dosya:Notes 1 12.png
The Most Influential Corporations in the World After the first encounter with the Siren Monokuma, the Scrap Note can be found immediately to the right as soon as you enter the small building. Dosya:Notes 1 13.png Dosya:Notes 1 14.png
Children's Paradise Commandments 1 During the second visit to the Hospital, in the eastern diagnosis room on a table. Dosya:Notes 1 15.png Dosya:Notes 1 16.png
Monokuma crushed my leg During the second visit to the Hospital, by the body in the southwest area of floor 2F. Dosya:Notes 1 17.png Dosya:Notes 1 18.png
Memoirs of Masaru Daimon After Challenge 5, it is to the right next to some bodies. Dosya:Notes 1 19.png Dosya:Notes 1 20.png

Chapter 2[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
I'm only 16, I don't want to die By the front of the first train, next to a body. Dosya:Notes 2 1.png Dosya:Notes 2 2.png
Children's Paradise Commandments 2 At the end of the first hallway in the underground shopping district, under a body. Dosya:Notes 2 3.png Dosya:Notes 2 4.png
I want to choose suicide After Challenge 2, it's in the room to the left. Dosya:Notes 2 5.png Dosya:Notes 2 6.png
Demon Hunting In the sewers, have Shirokuma crawl through the pipe that is near the three Monomono Machines. Dosya:Notes 2 7.png Dosya:Notes 2 8.png
Top 100 Sweets You Don't Want To Miss From the second save point in the sewer, head the opposite way, then left. Dosya:Notes 2 9.png Dosya:Notes 2 10.png
I was so glad to meet you After Challenge 3, you will find it under a man pinned to the wall. Dosya:Notes 2 11.png Dosya:Notes 2 12.png
Mystery of the Massacring Monokumas By the truck in the Secret HQ. Dosya:Notes 2 13.png Dosya:Notes 2 14.png
Adults Memoirs 1
Adults Memoirs 2
List of Victims and Missing
In the Secret HQ conference room, you will find all three of them in the second, third, and fourth lockers. Dosya:Notes 2 15.png Dosya:Notes 2 16.png
How to Kill Demons Masterpiece No. 2 In front of the Monokuma cutout just before Challenge 4. Dosya:Notes 2 17.png Dosya:Notes 2 18.png
Jataro Kemuri's Memoir After Challenge 5, head to the left and look in the window where the bodies are hanging. Dosya:Notes 2 19.png Dosya:Notes 2 20.png
This is what I hate about you, Demon-chan After entering Towa Tower, it is to the right, behind the collapsed Monokuma statue. Dosya:Notes 2 21.png Dosya:Notes 2 22.png
Welcome to Towa Tower Directly opposite of the save point in Towa Tower 1F. Dosya:Notes 2 23.png Dosya:Notes 2 24.png
Letter From a Towa Tower Employee 1 On the information desk to the right of the save point on 1F. Dosya:Notes 2 25.png Dosya:Notes 2 26.png
Letter From a Towa Tower Employee 2 On F2 of Towa Tower, keep going past Challenge Room 5 and it will be at the dead end. Dosya:Notes 2 27.png Dosya:Notes 2 28.png
Tokuichi Towa In the left room on F2, in the back on the shelf. Dosya:Notes 2 29.png Dosya:Notes 2 30.png
Children's Paradise Preamble After crossing the beam on F3, it's to the left at the dead end. Dosya:Notes 2 31.png Dosya:Notes 2 32.png
Letter From a Towa Tower Employee 3 Around the Monokuma mannequins on F3. Dosya:Notes 2 33.png Dosya:Notes 2 34.png
Towa City, of all places After meeting up with Taichi, it is directly on the bench opposite of the stairs on floor 1F. Dosya:Notes 2 35.png Dosya:Notes 2 36.png

Chapter 3[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Children's Paradise Commandment's 3 After catching the Monokuma Kid and the explosion happens, you'll find it on the desk to the left of where you start. Dosya:Notes 3 1.png (NO MAP)
Letter from a Towa Tower Employee 4 On 2F, next to the body being attacked by a Monokuma. Dosya:Notes 3 2.png Dosya:Notes 3 3.png
I Must Not Die By the elevator on 1F of Towa Tower. Dosya:Notes 3 4.png Dosya:Notes 3 5.png
My Beloved Son Right as you enter the room for Challenge 4, look to the right and it'll be by a body. Dosya:Notes 3 6.png Dosya:Notes 3 7.png
Future Foundation Whatever When entering the graveyard, it's on the third grave on the right. Dosya:Notes 3 8.png Dosya:Notes 3 9.png
How to Kill Demons Masterpiece no. 3 When entering the graveyard, it's on the third grave from the top on the left. Dosya:Notes 3 10.png Dosya:Notes 3 11.png
Future Foundation's Weapon Across the bridge and to the left after entering the sewers. Dosya:Notes 3 12.png Dosya:Notes 3 13.png
List of Charity Work Performed by Towa Group By the truck in the Secret HQ. Dosya:Notes 3 14.png Dosya:Notes 3 15.png
The Tragedy Was A Future Foundation Conspiracy In the second shack on the left in the Secret HQ. Dosya:Notes 3 16.png Dosya:Notes 3 17.png
What Is Hope's Peak Elementary? On the bed in the second shack on the right in the Secret HQ. Dosya:Notes 3 18.png Dosya:Notes 3 19.png
Memoir of Kotoko Utsugi After the Monorail crashes, head back down the path towards the sofas blocking the way. Dosya:Notes 3 20.png Dosya:Notes 3 21.png

Chapter 4[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
About the Children at Night Right when the chapter starts, go a little forward and to the right and it's behind a truck. Dosya:Notes 4 1.png Dosya:Notes 4 2.png
Children Know This Town Better Than I Thought As soon as you enter the Shrine, head to the left. Dosya:Notes 4 3.png (NO MAP)
The war between "Despair" and "Towa" is near? After exiting the small district from the north, head forward and look to the left of the MonoMono Machine. Dosya:Notes 4 4.png Dosya:Notes 4 5.png
Survivors of the Killing School Life After exiting the small district from the right, get to the puddle and turn left to find it behind the car. Dosya:Notes 4 6.png Dosya:Notes 4 7.png
Thank you for everything you've done Directly north of the subway entrance next to a body by the MonoMono Machine. Dosya:Notes 4 8.png Dosya:Notes 4 9.png
Memoir of an Adult in the Resistance From the save point at the end of the subway, head back to the trains and there is a body on the ground between them with this scrap note. Dosya:Notes 4 10.png Dosya:Notes 4 11.png
Big Brother Leon On the back of the train before Challenge Room 6. Dosya:Notes 4 12.png Dosya:Notes 4 13.png
How to Kill Demons Masterpiece no. 4 In the sewers, on the bridge next to the MonoMono Machine. Dosya:Notes 4 14.png Dosya:Notes 4 15.png
Children's Paradise Commandments 4 Past the ladder to the Secret HQ, by some boxes and Monokuma Kids. Dosya:Notes 4 16.png Dosya:Notes 4 17.png
Memoir of a Factory Employee After exiting the west room on B1 in Towa Factory, head to the right. Dosya:Notes 4 18.png Dosya:Notes 4 19.png
Towa Group's Scale In the northwest room on B1 of Towa Factory. Dosya:Notes 4 20.png Dosya:Notes 4 21.png
Product Development Document On the east side of B3 in Towa Factory. Dosya:Notes 4 22.png Dosya:Notes 4 23.png
Memoir of Nagisa Shingetsu On B4 of Towa Factory, to the right by the demolition machine. Dosya:Notes 4 24.png Dosya:Notes 4 25.png
Toro's Memoirs Walk into the wall between the MonoMono Machines on B4 of Towa Tower. Dosya:Notes 4 26.png Dosya:Notes 4 27.png

Chapter 5[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Towa Hills Reconstruction Plan On 1F of Towa Hills in the first room, look on the table on the left side of the room. Dosya:Notes 5 1.png Dosya:Notes 5 2.png
I Shouldn't Have Had Him After moving Jataro's robot, look behind its left foot. Dosya:Notes 5 3.png Dosya:Notes 5 4.png
For the sake of my daughter After moving Kotoko's robot, look behind its right foot. Dosya:Notes 5 5.png Dosya:Notes 5 6.png
Debating on Switching Subjects After moving Nagisa's robot, look behind its left foot. Dosya:Notes 5 7.png Dosya:Notes 5 8.png
Diary Will automatically get upon entering Masaru's room. N/A N/A
That Useless Shitty Brat After moving Masaru's robot, look behind its right foot. Dosya:Notes 5 11.png Dosya:Notes 5 12.png
Alien Once in the room with the large staircase, go to the left side and look on one of the couches. Dosya:Notes 5 13.png Dosya:Notes 5 14.png
Not a Fairy Tale On a desk in Monaca's room. Dosya:Notes 5 15.png (NO MAP)
About Makoto Naegi Before heading up the spiral stairs, look on the east side of the room. Dosya:Notes 5 16.png Dosya:Notes 5 17.png
Monaca's Memoir In front of the spinning statue on the Excalibur. Dosya:Notes 5 18.png (NO MAP)
It's my fault From the spinning statue, go left, then right. Dosya:Notes 5 19.png (NO MAP)
My Invention From the spinning statue, go left, then left again. Dosya:Notes 5 20.png (NO MAP)
What Make Me Cry the Most From the spinning statue, go right, then left. Dosya:Notes 5 21.png (NO MAP)
There's no way I can let him be disappointed From the spinning statue, go right, then right again. Dosya:Notes 5 22.png (NO MAP)


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