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The Hit List (殺すリスト, Kill List) is a collectible item that give "detailed" entries about "Demons": people forced to participate in the Warriors of Hope's Demon Hunting. It mainly features the loved ones of the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc cast.

Introduction Dialogue[]

Upon finding the first Hit List (it doesn't matter which one) Toko and Komaru briefly discuss what it is and what the List means:

First Hit List Discovery Dialogue
What is this...? "Hit List"...? That doesn't sound good.
This is...
D-Did you remember something?
Yeah, it's probably something the brats made. A list made so they can efficiently hunt and kill targets like you.
B-But that's... Why would they do that!?
Take a look at this part. It says "Hunting Ground". And with this stupid little, Hit List... It's got to be those brats. They made this.
But does that mean...there's other people who are being hunted by the children?
I'm not sure, but this does seem likely.
But why would something like this...?
Well I doubt they're passing this list around to the adults, so some brat must of dropped it.
If that's the case, we have to hurry and tell this person! The children know where they are!
Your life is more important than that right now. I understand how you feel, but we have to go on. If we run into them, we'll let them know then. That's how we have to handle this for now.
I-Is that really okay...?
Don't think of it in terms of "good" or "bad"... It is what it is...
I-I see... It is what it is...

Upon turning in the first Hit List (it doesn't matter which one) Toko and Komaru explain to Hiroko what it is:

First Hit List "Hand Over" Dialogue
About this...
Oh don't tell me...
Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is. A hit list made by those kids for hunting down targets.
I picked it up on my way here... One of the children must of dropped it.
One minute they're going around killing adults, the next they're dropping their homework... Pretty creepy...but definitely childlike.
It's beyond creepy. It's psychotic. It's like baking a delicious cake only to take pictures of it instead of eating it...
Yeah... That *is* pretty crazy...
Um, setting aside the cake for now, let's take a look at the list.

Hit List[]

Hunting Grounds:
Science Memorial Hall
Demon Name: Takaakix (タカアキックス)
Real Name: Takaaki Ishimaru (石丸 高)
(Kiyotaka Ishimaru's Father)
A Demon who was a policeman in the Demon World. Maybe carrying the item "Gun," so be very careful when you hunt it! Also its father is a super rare Demon who's a former Prime Minster. If you can hunt it down while leaving some body parts behind, your friends are gonna be so jealous! Tickle its weak spot, the sides, then kill it when it starts laughing!
Hand Over "Takaakix"
Well I'll be damned! I never thought this guy would be in town.
Do you know him?
Nah, it's not like that. Look, read this. If this is true, this guy's father is the former Prime Minister.
I bet those brats just made that up...
You two don't remember? There really was a Prime Minister named Toranosuke Ishimaru. He was a genius, but didn't do too well in school. Despite that he became the Prime Minister. But in the end...a scandal ruined him. Probably smothered by his own talent.
That could be why he was such an uptight idiot...
But the problem is Takaaki Ishimaru. I heard a little about him too... There was a big stir about him being a cop, after his dad got caught. Folks wanted him fired.
And now to top it off, he gets caught up in this hunt... How unlucky can one guy be?
I hope he's safe, at least...
I feel for him, even if he is 5-0. But that's neither here nor there.
Towa Science Memorial, huh? I'll send rescue guys right away.
We'll leave it to you. I'm sure he's afraid, being all by himself...
Leave it to me. I'd give him the shirt off my back if he wanted, and with *my* charm...

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Library
Demon Name: Gontakerus (ゴンタケルス)
Real Name: Takemichi Yukimaru (雪丸 竹道)
(Mondo Owada's Elite Gang Commander)
A shrimpy Demon with a head as hard as metal. In the Demon World, it was an elite in the the Crazy Diamonds. Even though it doesn't look like it likes girl Demons, it has a fan club... You should plan a surprise attack when its "special school uniform" is off. Crush it with your very own fists!
Hand Over "Gontakerus"
Hey Toko, look at this... It says "Crazy Diamond," right? Is that like... a band or something?
Hm... I'm not sure. Doesn’t sound familiar.
You don't recognize it at all?
I feel like I’ve seen this before, but... I don't quite remember where.
Şablon:İmp. They're a bike gang.
...A bike gang?
Ah, you're right! You’re amazing, Miss Hagakure, how did you know?
Don't be impressed, it wasn't clairvoyance or anything. I just remembered the name.
The Crazy Somethings... Are they famous?
You already forgot what they're called!?
Şablon:İmp was the name of the biggest and fiercest biker gang in all Japan. This Ruru guy must be pretty skilled if he’s an elite in that group.
I knew it, this Captive is definitely connected to *that* guy...
But more importantly, he sure does look cute for an Elite Commander... If only I were 10 years younger... I would have gone to save him myself on my bike.
Wow, Miss Hagakure from 10 years ago! You must have been super cool, beating up criminals all day!
Oh stop it, Koko. I was one of those criminals. The cops couldn't count on two hands how many windows I broke in the day.
...Why would they have to count with their fingers?
Alright then, I guess I better send out the order to go save that kid.

Hunting Grounds: Unknown
Demon Name: Kanondos (カノンドス)
Real Name: Kanon Nakajima (仲島 花音)
(Leon Kuwata's Cousin)
A Demon who's real pretty and doesn't even wear much makeup. A super perverted Demon who worked as a manager of the baseball team. When hunting, use a handsome Monokuma to make it feel desire for the last time before you kill it!
Hand Over "Kanondos"
Oooh damn, this girl's a super hottie.
I admire girls like her. She looks like a manga heroine.
G-Girls with faces like that are cheating! They're just piling on makeup. 100 out of 100 of them do that. And it's been that way for 100 years!
Hm... In the file, it says she *doesn't* wear a lot of makeup...
Th-The kids are probably just lying! They can't tell anyway!
Why do you care if she wears makeup? She's cute, isn't that enough?
I-I hate girls who look like her. As an ugly girl, it frustrates me when I see girls covering up with makeup!
If you're ugly, be proud of it, dammit! That's the ugly girl way! Be PROUD!
Oh c'mon Toko, you can't let that bother you. There's more to a woman than her face.
Th-That's not encouraging at all!
I bet if this girl were a team manager, those guys would be really pumped up to win.
Wh-What kind of idiot would try hard at sports just to impress some hot girl...?
...Actually... I know one.
...Hm? An acquaintance of yours?
N-Not really... Who cares?
Well, high school boys are like that. They can live a whole month on nothing more than porn, fired chicken, and manga.
So... Does Makoto also...?
No doubt about it. It's true of every high school boy in the whole damn world. But back to the point... Looks like her hunting grounds are unknown.
I'll help you out. I'll convince some of the adults here to help look for her.
"Convince"...? Looks like adults aren't any different than high schoolers sometimes...

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Bridge
Demon Name: Yutax (ユータックス)
Real Name: Yuta Asahina (朝日奈 悠太)
(Aoi Asahina's Younger Brother)
Medium-sized Demon with super good physical ability. Wears long shorts to look cool to kids. When hunting, lower its guard with its favorite food, sweet bean jelly, and once it lets it guard down, go for the legs. Use your special attack when it crouches down and hold its legs!
Hand Over "Yutax"
Why the long face?
Before we picked up the list...we met Yuta...
Oh? How's he doin'? ...Why isn't he with you?
Yuta...died... The wristband is built to explode if you try to go outside Towa City. He didn't know that, and...he tried to swim out... Exploded... Died...
...Dude, that's just...unforgivable!
An innocent kid losing his life to some crazy-ass kids... No matter what you think it shouldn't be allowed!
H-Hey...Miss Hagakure...
They might be kids, but they're gonna get their just desserts! It will cost them at least a finger!
...I'm sorry, you said you were a *former* delinquent?
Hey, Miss Hagakure!
Ooops... My past self came through a little bit there...
Th-That was totally not a "little"...
But more importantly, that's just terrible... An explosion, huh? Poor guy.
Yuta tried to get help... for all of us.
If he... If he never met us, he wouldn't have...
It's not your fault, Koko. All boys really want to do is act cool in front of girls.
Oh s-sorry, I was just... It's just hard to think about. I'm fine...
Hey, it's fine. If you're gonna be down, you should go as far as you'd like. The more down you are, the easier it is to stand up a little.
Yeah... Thank you very much.
The older the wiser, huh... If he really is a blood relative, I wonder if that occult idiot might actually grow useful...
Did you say something, Toko?
N-Nope, just...talking to myself.

Hunting Grounds:
Demon Name: Hironosaurus (ヒロノザウルス)
Real Name: Hiroko Hagakure (葉隠 浩子)
(Yasuhiro Hagakure's Mother)
Even though it was a nurse before, it's a really evil Demon who devours hospital patients! They say it was really naughty, even when it was older. It has a weird thing about its son, so lure it out with a picture of it or something.
Hand Over "Hironosaurus"
Huh? You were a nurse...?
Didn't I tell you? I might not look like it, but I used to work day and night in that uniform.
I had a reputation in the hospital that my blood-drawing skills never missed a vein.
A nurse who's a former delinquent. Pretty cliché. Do you have a heart of gold, too?
Well anyway, the bit about the "son"... Do you have a son, Miss Hagakure?
Yeah, one. Little older than you two. Proud of him, a very successful boy.
...In what way, exactly?
Hm? Did you say something, Toko?
N-No, I was just thinking...what a doting parent she is.
He's a sharp boy. Handsome, tall, kind... If he didn't come out of me, I wouldn't believe he was my own kid!
...Well, thanks for that image.
But even if my son *is* perfect, something has been bugging me... It's just a small thing, but... He's just a teeny, eentsy but clumsy with money. He's in debt.
Well if he's so successful, he should be able to pay off his debt right away, right?
Oh, and he also repeated middle and high school about 4 times.
W-Well... I heard that...really smart kids don't always do well in school...
Oh yeah, and he's also just terrible with women...
Oh I'm sure he's...popular...?
...It's getting pretty tough to defend at this point, isn't it?
Well, those flaws are kinda cute too, in a way.
Yeah, I figured you'd say that. You really are a doting parent...

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Police Station
Demon Name: Ayakanegon (アヤカネゴン)
Real Name: Ayaka Haneyama (羽山 あやか)
(Sayaka Maizono's Idol Group Member)
A well known Demon that used to be in an idol group. It's a dangerous Demon who makes boy Demons fall in love with its sweet smell. Devours men whole. It has a temper because it always got to be put in the corner on stage, so it's super crazy now. That side of it is also kinda cute, though.
Hand Over "Ayakanegon"
C-Could it be...? Yeah, it totally is! There's no mistaking it, this has to be her!
Wh-What are you talking about?
Ayaka Haneyama... It's Ayakasu!
Ayakasu? You know her, Koko?
Not personally... She's Ayakasu, the iron guardian deity from that national idol group! You don't recognize her? Her catchphrase is, Şablon:İmp
Ah, I remember! I saw her on T.V. before. That idol group with Sayaka at the center...
Right...her group... Bringing in cash from gullible idiots like Komaru, she can't be *that* talented.
Hey! Did you just make fun of Sayaka!?
I was making fun of *you*!
Pick on me as much as you want, but don't you dare pick on my favorite idol!
If you must know... I'm a Sayaker.
Sayaka has over 100 million fans! That's what we call ourselves, Sayakers. I shouldn't have to tell you that you do *not* want to make enemies of us!
So...what kind of things do these "Sayakers" do, anyway?
Well, nothing specific... We're just people who like Sayaka and cheer for her. In my case, I buy CDs and merch with my monthly allowance... And guess what! Sayaka and Makoto went to the same middle school! Isn't that amazing?
Y-Yeah... That's pretty amazing...
But anyway, why is Ayakasu in a place like this?
Miss Hagakure! I put my faith in you! For Sayakers everywhere!
...Well, I'll do my best...

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Public Hall
Demon Name: Nekonekomaru (ネコネコマル)
Real Name: Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg (グランボアシェリ・ルーデンベルク)
(Celestia Ludenberg's Pet Cat)
It's cute on the outside but inside it's all slimy and yucky! If you let your guard down and get too close it'll eat you! Lure it out with "Gyoza Food" and burn it to ash with a fire attack. It might look like a cat, but cat food doesn't work, so pick the right food!
Hand Over "Nekonekomaru"
This...is a cat, right? I'm not going crazy, am I?
Nope, that's...definitely a cat.
It's a cat...
Well...shit. I never thought a *cat* would end up a target.
Well those brats weren't originally responsible for kidnapping the Şablon:İmp... But they're still gonna use this cat as a target? That's pretty messed up.
And check out that name. Grand Bois-something... That's one hell of a name.
Yeah, I can't tell if it's fancy long or gaudy long...
It's lame is what it is. That cat owner sucks at naming...
Do you...know who owns this cat?
Do I? No, I don't think so...
Welp, even if it's just a cat, I can't just let the kids get it. I'll send someone over.
...Even if that cat makes it all the way home, its owner won't be waiting for it.
Hm? Did you say something?
N-Nothing. I just think this cat has a bad personality, that's all.

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Tower
Demon Name: Taichinchin (タイチンチン)
Real Name: Taichi Fujisaki (不二咲 太市)
(Chihiro Fujisaki's Father)
A smartypants Demon with short, curly hair. It's not really strong, but it's super smart to make up for it. Hunting around machines is not a good idea! It's pretty serious, but it's still just a Demon. I'd use my sexy charm to trick him!
Hand Over "Taichinchin"
Hm, apparently he's around Towa Tower... Did you guys run into him?
We did, but... Before we went up the tower...
...That doesn't sound good...
Yeah, it wasn't. He was attacked by a Monokuma...and killed. Right in front of us.
God DAMMIT! Those little shits have no right! No, not just the kids... No one has any God damn right to kill anyone! I gotta rake those brats over the friggin' coals!
His name was Taichi Fujisaki...
He was a good man... A devoted father.
...He sure was.
I hope his daughter is okay at least...
...Yeah, I think she's doing just fine.

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Bridge
Demon Name: Gross Butlerix (キモシツジックス)
Real Name: Aloysius Pennyworth (アロイシャス・ペニーワース)
(Byakuya Togami's Butler)
An annoying old Demon that was the butler for the Togami Family. It has this super creepy voice that always goes "Welcome home, Young Master." Also, it has a weird special ability that makes its attack power go up when the Young Master "Byakuya Togami" gets made fun of, so make sure you're extra careful!
Hand Over "Gross Butlerix"
Jeez... Şablon:İmp... They were even more cruel than usual this time. He's probably just a faithful servant to his Young master...
I wonder if the kids think like... The older they are, the bigger the enemy?
Th-Th-Th-This is!
Hm? What's up?
Don't "what's up" me! This is a grave matter! An Earth-shattering event!
Seriously...what? Did you hit your head or something?
This is Byakuya Togami's name here on the file. It's who Toko likes. That's why she's so excited, I think.
I-I'm not excited, I'm worried! If he's Master's butler, that makes him *my* butler too! In the future! Wh-What's going to happen if he gets hurt!? We have to go save him!
Why don't we just leave it to Miss Hagakure like we usually do?
Yeah, listen to Koko! Just leave it to us, it's not a problem.
W-Well, maybe, but...
Hm? What is it?
I-I want him to own me one... I want to make it so he cannot defy me! With that butler in my pocket, I can do anything I desire! Like love potions or hidden cameras...
Sleazy until the end...
Y-You guys just don't get it! This is a huge deal for me! This is like...the world exploding! I gotta be sleazy till the end!
But even if you were one day able to tie the knot with Byakuya...would that really make you happy?
Geh, th-that's...
You should stop before it's too late. You regret a win by cheating more than an honest loss.
...Do you feel some kind of regret too, Miss Hagakure?
Yeah...I was young. I did something I shouldn't have because I wanted to be with my ex husband no matter what. But when I got found out, I had to end it with him. But then...I was honestly relieved. I was relieved that I was finally free from my sin.
If you don't mind me asking, what did you mean by "cheat"...?
...No, I shouldn't. Even I explained myself, I'm sure you'd think less of me.
Anyway, I'll do something about that butler. Leave it to me. That okay, Toko?
Yes...I will achieve my heart's desire with a full-frontal assault instead!

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Bookstore
Demon Name: Madafujirus (マダフジルス)
Real Name: Fujiko Yamada (山田 富士子)
(Hifumi Yamada's Older Sister)
A manga artist Demon who made "Tara☆Spa!". Before you kill it, make it write lots of manga and put you in a comic book! And if it complains, choke it to make it do what you want! It likes to draw naked pictures of boy Demons, so give it plenty of bodies to draw.
Hand Over "Madafujirus"
Th-Th-Th-That's impossible!
Wh-What happened!? Are you choking!? Vacuum! Get the vacuum!
No, this woman! It says she's the author of Şablon:İmp!
Tarasupa? What's that?
It says she's a manga artist, so it must be the title of a manga, right?
Not just any manga! A manga masterpiece! The drawings of food are so well done, it's said that reading it will make you start to drool!
Yeah, I feel like I saw my son reading it...
So Şablon:İmp was just a penname for this woman... What a shocking scoop!
Jeez, where did *this* enthusiasm come from?
This is big news! Huge news! The end of the century is the next generation of space wars!
Well if she's that famous, I kinda wanna meet her.
If there's an opportunity, I'll be sure to get an autograph.
Th-Thank you so much! Oh, but make sure it isn't addressed to me! That will make the value go way down!
That's exactly what you would say if you were gonna sell the thing!
Th-There's no way I'd sell it! Don't down play my respect of manga artists!
Y-You don't have to take it so seriously...

Hunting Grounds:
Towa Bookstore
Demon Name: Kirihitotein (ギリヒトテイン)
Real Name: Fuhito Kirigiri (霧切 不比等)
(Kyoko Kirigiri's Grandfather)
A wrinkly old Demon who's been around like, forever. It's got this organ that makes its head and back of its ears super stinky, so be careful when you get close! There's also a rumor that it's one of the founders of that "Detective Library", with all the books and stuff. You should read "Danganronpa Kirigiri" to know more.
Hand Over "Kirihitotein"
Targeting the elderly, too... They really don't discriminate.
Jeez, if they just waited a week he would probably die of old age! Then there's no need to kill him.
Toko! That's rude! You have to resp... Respec...?
...Respeculate your elders!
...You can't even say it properly.
By the way, what was this Şablon:İmp again? I feel like I've heard that somewhere before... But I can't remember.
If we can trust what's written here, isn't it some kind of detective union? Or maybe a group that mediates jobs to private investigators.
So it's just like a manga artist union!
...If that helps you, sure.
Anyway, a union of detectives sounds super cool! Kinda like a secret organization...
Hmph, real life detectives are no good at all.
Why not? Don't detectives in real life solve super cool investigations like in manga?
Well, I guess it's not that actual detectives are no good... More like, most situations don't even require a detective.
Yeah, that's right. Unless there's some super complicated case, detectives aren't really needed. Of course most police officers and judges fit that bill too...
Right, that goes without saying. I guess that's why I'm repulsed by them so much.
...For some reason, that sounded philosophical.
Anyway, regardless if they're detectives or culprits, we gotta save them now. Leave it to me. I'll solve it in a flash, just like manga detectives!

Hunting Grounds:
Demon Name: Slowpokemaru (ドンコマル)
Real Name: Komaru Naegi (苗木 こまる)
(Makoto Naegi's Younger Sister)
A typical mass-produced Demon that isn't unique in any way other than that it's below average in a lot of stuff. It's a perfect Demon to try new items on.
Hand Over "Slowpokemaru"
Hey, what's the big idea? Handing me somethin' like this!? You better not be makin' fun of me!
N-No! I wasn't thinking anything, I was just handing it over like I normally do...
Ahaha, I'm just kiddin'. I'm not the kinda woman to get pissed off about somethin' like this.
Y-Yeah... Thought so.
You really thought so? You look kinda relieved to me. You probably thought she was gonna hit you with a crowbar or something, right?
N-No! Honest! I was *not* thinking about getting hit with a crowbar and dragged behind a bike...
...No, really! I'm telling the truth, Miss Hagakure! I'm innocent!
Wow, you really, *really* suck at lying.
M-More importantly! This file is so...rude! I'm sure they could of written it a little nicer!
What, really? I dunno, I think "typical Demon" is pretty well put. How would *you* describe it?
Um... Like, how the hair is unique! Or how she reads tons of manga... Or how she makes funny voices with an electric fan, or how she's not really good at numbers...
...And that's about it, right?
Koko, there's nothing embarrassing about being normal.
I-It's not like I'm "embarrassed"...
But more importantly, they wrote Şablon:İmp for hunting grounds. They haven't found you. You should be happy about that, not sad about the whole "typical Demon" part...
Yeah... As a normal girl, I'm happy in a perfectly normal way...
...Remember when I told you you sucked at lying?

Hunting Grounds:
Underground Parking Lot
Demon Name: Kenshirox (ケンイチロウックス)
Real Name: Kenshiro (ケンイチロウ)
(Sakura Ogami's Boyfriend)
A super big-sized Demon who is in charge of a secret assassin skill. It was suppose to be the "strongest human alive" in the Demon World, and its assassin fist can even break the ground in half. Don't hunt it alone! But, it's suppose to actually be really sick, so stay far from it and make it all tired before you kill it!
Hand Over "Kenshirox"
Assassin's fist? Are the Captives really allowed to do that kind of B.S. in this game?
Isn't this just something some kid wrote? They're probably just make it up.
No, my guess is, this is the truth. I know a monster just as powerful as this guy.
...A monster?
Yeah. She was called Şablon:İmp and the Şablon:İmp. And those nicknames were no exaggeration. She really was a monster. And if she can exist, I'm sure that something like assassin's fist exists.
Then is it true that his days are numbered? Sounds like a plot from a manga...
It is a familiar story... Assassins always have short lives, just like how female spies always somehow fall in love.
...Well even though I don't really get that reference...you can leave this to me. Assassin fist or no, I'll take the responsibility of saving him.
Of course, I'm not personally going...

Hunting Grounds:
Demon Name: Kamekox (カメコックス)
Real Name: Kameko (カメ子)
(Toko Fukawa's Pet Stinkbug)
A magic Demon that looks like a stink bug. It's weak like its owner and smells like it too, but it can use stink gas on you! When you go hunt it, make sure you swear a gas mask or something!
Hand Over "Kamekox"
K-Kameko! So you were safe!
Kameko...? Is this...a bug?
Wh-What do you mean, "bug"!? Kameko is my dear friend... No, not just a friend, but an insect friend, a friendsect! If you *ever* call her a bug again, I won't forgive you!
The only one who knows what it's like to be called smelly is my Kameko! Every time my classmates coughed when I walked in, Kameko was the only one who didn't! The truth relationship between me and Kameko goes deeper than any human or insect out there!
It's okay, Toko...
You're not alone... You don't have to lie to yourself anymore...
You already know it, don't you?
Kameko is a regular insect.
What!? Like I said, she's no insect, she's a friendsect!
Insects don't understand how humans feel...
But Kameko!
Y-You're right... Kameko is just...a normal insect. I... I can accept that.
You don't have to lie to yourself anymore.
The world is a kinder place than you think.
...I hope to see you again, Kameko...


Hit the Lists
Handed over your first Hit List to Hiroko.
Your License To Kill Is Revoked
Handed over all Hit Lists to Hiroko.


Guide credit to TheFinalEmblem at PSNProfiles.com'

Chapter 1[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Right outside the elevator of floor 2F in the Hotel. Dosya:Hit List 1.png Dosya:Hit List 2.png
During the second visit to the Hospital, head back to the rooftop and look behind the entrance. Dosya:Hit List 3.png Dosya:Hit List 4.png

Chapter 2[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
At the end of the subway track before getting onto the first train. Dosya:Hit List 5.png Dosya:Hit List 6.png
After saving Shirokuma and unlocking the door in the west, head back east and open the top door with the pipe. Dosya:Hit List 7.png Dosya:Hit List 8.png
Behind the Monokuma statue to the left after entering Towa Tower. Dosya:Hit List 9.png Dosya:Hit List 10.png
In the male staff room on the third floor in Towa Tower. Dosya:Hit List 11.png Dosya:Hit List 12.png

Chapter 3[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Grand Bois Chéri
From the Masaru Daimon Hidden Kid, walk forward, around the curved wall, and at the fork, turn left where you will find a Monokuma. Behind it, by some tables, is the sparkle. Dosya:Hit List 13.png (no map)
After leaving Towa Tower, it is on one of the police vehicles to the left. Dosya:Hit List 14.png Dosya:Hit List 15.png

Chapter 4[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
After the Bomber Monokuma attack, head to the right, then left until you get to the giant road sign. Once again, turn left and use Move on the car and grab this behind it. Dosya:Hit List 16.png Dosya:Hit List 17.png
After beating the East Challenge Room, head north past the barricades. Dosya:Hit List 18.png Dosya:Hit List 19.png
On the east side of B1 of Towa Factory. Dosya:Hit List 20.png Dosya:Hit List 21.png
After turning off the lasers on B3, it's right next to the machine. Dosya:Hit List 22.png Dosya:Hit List 23.png

Chapter 5[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Kenshiro From the start of the Chapter, head to the left and find it on the stage. Dosya:Hit List 24.png Dosya:Hit List 25.png
Kameko Blow up the left wall in the Throne Room and follow the path. Dosya:Hit List 26.png Dosya:Hit List 27.png


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