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Books are a type of collectible featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. They contain various bits of flavor text, including novels written by Toko Fukawa.


As you progress with Komaru Naegi and Toko Fukawa through Towa City as part of the main objective of the game, you will stumble upon many books left behind by the people of the city before it fell into chaos. The books, as well as other collectibles in the game, appear in the overworld as a small glittering object. As you find a book and pick it up, the screen automatically goes on to display its contents. Reading the books will trigger a conversation between Komaru and Toko, which gives an insight into the book and the personal lives of the protagonists.

The books can be divided to several subcategories according to publisher which include books released by the Towa Group featuring info about the city and its history, books of propaganda published by Ultimate Despair, and miscellaneous works of fiction.

List of Books[]

Shun Sasaki Billy Milligan Royale

High school senior Sae Sunakosaka has 24 split personalities. After an unexpected turn of events, she obtains 23 new bodies. "But there's no need for 24 Sae Sunakosakas..." The killing of me against me commences... [1][2][3]

Book Conversation
This book isn't even worth throwing into the fire.
Really? I thought it looked pretty good...
I'm sure an idiot like you would enjoy it, but I only acknowledge pure literature.
I mean, look at this! He's using dissociative identity disorder as a plot point, the hack! Poking fun at his subject without even considering how they feel... This is *not* professional!
I'm sure he's not writing about you, specifically...
Oh, and speaking of dissociative identities, I wanted to ask you something... Genocide Jack isn't going to kill me...right? I'm totally safe, right?
No, she won't. She has a special thing about killing cute men. When it comes to Monokumas, I think she sees it as "breaking" them, not really "killing" them.
But she threatened me and told me Şablon:İmp...
Maybe it was just a threat... Or maybe you're actually a cute guy.
I-I'm a girl!
Oh? I'm not so sure. You could be lying to me. There's no proof you're *not* a guy...
Wh-Why would I lie like that for no reason!? What, you want me to show you!? Proof that I'm a girl!?
Wh-What'd you get all serious for!? I was kidding!
Well sorry! We just met, I'm not used to your brand of humor yet!

James Kodaka
The Right to Not Kill

One early morning in August, station staff Tado, who's almost made it to retirement age, is shot through the heart. Around the same time, Shuichi Tadokoro, a train nerd, falls in love. He must solve the mystery of the Tado killing...[4]

Book Conversation
...The author is some anime nerd. No doubt about it.
Hm? What makes you say that?
80% of authors who write books with drugs, guns, and high school girls in them are anime nerds. It's a safe bed, like knowing your white shirt is gonna get splashed when you eat curry.
Yeah, putting aside the curry thing... I'm a high school girl, and I have this hacking gun... Is this some anime nerd fantasy?
Do *not* associate a gift my Master gave you with anime nerd imagination nonsense! Keep being condescending and I'll cut you with a kitchen utensil only master chefs have heard of!
I-It's even more terrifying not knowing what it could possibly be!
But, seriously... I don't know much about guns. I barely know how to work *this* thing.
You really don't have a sharp memory, do you? It sends program codes in the form of radio waves that hacks the target machine.
Yeah, I don't get that at all but... It sounded really cool!
Jeez, you didn't get my explanation at all, did you?
But this doesn't work on *every* machine, right? I wonder why not...
Well I'm just an intern, so I don't really know the details, but I know it's a research project. M-Maybe it's made so it doesn't work on machines you don't need to use...?
Well that's...convenient. But, I have learned one time!
Wh-What's that?
This gun works as well on humans as the ray guns do against Crystal Bowie!
Wow, now *that's* an obscure reference... How old did you say you were?
Saburo Karin
Unstoppable Man

Triathlon, boxing, rock climbing... Sabuo Karin tackles them all nonstop. What is his newest (challenge)? What is the reason (why) he doesn't stop? And what is the single (scene) that will finally make him stop? If you start reading, you won't stop either!
Saburo Karin's Autobiography: Unabridged (Masterpiece) Edition!

Book Conversation
Unstoppable... There's no way I'll be able to do it. I'm getting pretty tired...
You think *you're* tired? If you're tired, I don't even have a world for how tired I am. I need a new onomatopoeic to express the sheer tiredness...
You're tired? You don't really look like it, Toko.
I'm liberal arts to the core. No energy... at all.
Aren't you younger than me!? Telling me you're tired already...
My age doesn't affect how tired I am...
Oh, hey... How old are you?
Y-Your tricks won't work on me!
You're trying to show how young you are by comparing yourself to my age, aren't you!? Trying to add "old hag" onto the usual insults of ugly and gloomy and smelly!
Th-That's not true at all! I was just curious!
Doesn't matter... I won't tell you.
Your hiding it makes me want to know more, Toko. Makes me think that maybe you're even older than I imagined...
No *way* I'm 5 or 6 years older than you.
...No way you're younger than that either...
I very well could be!

The Bomb Inside Her 1

I, Yumi Kayakuda (16), am a normal high school girl in every way. At least, I wish that were the case. My womb is filled with bombs, so if I ever fall in love, they'd explode. That's why ever since I was born, I have been pure and innocent, but then... He appeared. Shota Honen, the boy who says he loves me... Keeping my distance, less than lovers, more than friends, pushes me to my limit. "Sorry, but if this goes on, I'm going to fall for you. So do something to me!" Lighting up a fire in your heart!? A risque, thrilling love story!

Book Conversation
Th-Th-Th-This is it!
The Bomb Inside Her! This manga... Oh it's been ages since I read this! I love it!
It's just a manga... Why'd They draw her eyes so big? Jeez, at least I still look remotely human.
The size of the eye is a sign of beauty! A sophisticated process and form! A Manga with small eyes is like ramen with no bamboo shoots!
...Sounds like some pretty good ramen.
Oh have you even read it!? The Bomb Inside Her is like, required reading for high school girls!
There's no way I'd read even a single page of that manga dreck!
And what do you mean, "high school girls"? Were you even in high school?
Well age-wise, I am...
Age-wise? You've been...imprisoned since middle school? Is that your middle school uniform?
No, this is a high school uniform. While I was imprisoned, it was delivered to me one day along with food. Until then I had been wearing my middle school uniform... The culprit probably felt sorry for me.
Well, for criminals, that was a pretty nice gesture. A grown woman in a middle school uniform... People would have called the cops.
Well you're one to talk, wearing a high school uniform after you've graduated...
But... I'm really glad they gave me one. This is the St. Koa Girls Academy uniform. It's a famous rich girl school!
Koa? I've never heard of it.
Koa Academy has a 300 year history of culture, actives, and sports. The club uniforms are also super cute. There are tons of girls who want a chance to wear one. The school cafeteria is buffet style, and you hear about it on television all the time...
I'm feeling... It's just silly of me to fantasize about all those details now, isn't it?
Well it sounded too good to be true, but you're telling me you made up the whole thing!?
I wanted a high school life like that!
Even if you weren't imprisoned, I don't think that school life was in your future.
Y-You don't have to be so blunt about it!

Kids Bunko
Tornado Sentai Spin Ranger

Dawn, Container, Salable, Mellow, Food. These 5 friends run a small, unassuming soup shop. However, the chosen warriors cannot stay soup salesmen forever. With the mighty STORM power, they transform into Tornado Sentai Spin Rangers, and battle tirelessly day and night against the evil Phantoms. This is the eye of the tornado entertainment! Spin the world with Spin Ranger![5]

Book Conversation
Why are all the books we find in this town trashy? Did everyone with good taste die off or something?
I'm sure the person who dropped this was just a kid. All boys have a superhero phase, after all.
A-All boys!? Don't you dare! My noble master Byakuya would never befoul himself with this childish crap!
Hm, don't you think Byakuya is kinda like a superhero in a way?
What do you mean?
Like when he rescued me, his timing was so perfect, just like a hero's.
Master...doesn't think of you as his damsel in distress at all! You're no Lois Lane, woman!
I-I didn't mean it like *that*...
Well, I can never be too careful... You never know who's a homewrecker until it's too late...
But I know what you mean, about perfect timing. Lots of strange coincidences lately... The Monokumas ambused this town exactly when Future Foundation arrived to save you... It's too convenient to be a coincidence.
Byakuya said the reason they came here was because they received an anonymous rescue plea... Do you think...the children did it?
Wouldn't surprise me.
Then...the children were targeting Future Foundation from the beginning? Why?
Hmph, how would I know? But it does seem to fit. Still, I can't imagine what kind of grudge they have against Future Foundation. The only thing I know for sure is that we can't underestimate these brats, or we'll end up dead.
Hm... I hope there aren't any more unpleasant surprises...

Takehiko Kawakubo
Pure Family Companion

Dad's cheating with my classmate, Mom's beating up Grandpa and Grandma, my brother's chased around town by delinquents, and day and night I'm making this bomb to blow up the school... But this is normal for us. This is what a normal family looks like. I do have some complaints and worries, but any household would be the same, right? One day, a "stained boy" claiming to be a "Representative for the World" showed up at our house unexpectedly and said, "I'm going to reform you and your family..." It's none of your business! Will I be able to protect my family from being forced into "normalcy"?

Book Conversation
... This novel *sickens* me.
Doesn't look like it's gonna have a happy ending...
Let me guess. The main character wins in the end, and they stand up and say something stupid like: Şablon:İmp
Yeah, that sounds pretty plausible.
Well, just because I can predict the ending doesn't automatically make it suck, I guess. But it doesn't matter. Anything other than the purest literature is shit anyway.
That's rather cut-and-dry... Kind of a refreshing point of view, actually.
Speaking of predictions, I'm guessing your family was "normal" to a T, right?
Well, actually...we weren't really that normal at all. We're a family of four. My parents, my brother, and me, but...
What? Were you a family of cannibals or something?
D-Don't say something scary!
No, I mean... For example, Mom always watches the same variety show at lunchtime. Dad never shaves on weekends if he doesn't have plans, and my brother goes to an amazing school. When we're eating dinner and it's just the four of us, we basically just watch TV and small talk.
...Nothing you just said makes me think you're anything but completely and obviously normal.
But if that's normal, isn't it kinda... *not* normal, because it's *too* normal.
I'm really more interested in the relationship between you and your brother. Do you guys share a bed or bathe together like in those trashy light novels?
W-We're siblings! We'd never do that! We actually don't get along well at all!
The only time we even talk is when we're snacking together or talking about the manga we like...
...You guys get along better than most couples I know.
Really? I figured other siblings would be much closer than we are...
Any closer and it'd be illegal.
But now that...you mention my family... I'm started to get worried... I hope Mom, Dad, and Makoto are all safe...

Kosei Hatanaka
Mastering Disappointment

Various regrets accompany life. Messing up at work, rocky relationships... If only I could go back to that day... Have you need is to master disappointment. Because you haven't been able to properly attain "ultimate disappointment," you will forever be stuck in the past. Acquire the "skill of disappointment" so that you may finally begin looking towards the future. A guidebook to life that shines upon tomorrow, written by an author who has seen so much of the world, living in a pharmacy until the age of 10....What's wrong with being disappointed? Tomorrow for tomorrow's sake.

Book Conversation
I don't really like books like this... I feel like I'm being...scolded or something.
Right off the bat, the introduction is pretty fishy. Şablon:İmp and Şablon:İmp and Şablon:İmp... I can't believe how often I used to get suckered in by books like this...
So you do read this kind of stuff, huh? I thought you were all about "pure literature."
I-I mean in the past. I perused some when I was... When I was a weaker woman than I am now.
A weaker Toko... I can't even imagine it. To me, you're always a strong person who never gets depressed.
No, I'm not really strong... Not deep down.
But if I look strong in your eyes, then I guess that means I've grown a little.
Grown, huh... I gotta do that too...
Good idea. You're pretty annoying the way you are right now.
Wow, you didn't even try to sugarcoat that...
But if you want to change, now's the perfect time for it. Or maybe it's that, at a time like this, you *have* to change.
I have to...
Imagine being locked inside a closed space with your classmates and forced to murder them... Whether you want to or not... You change.
I can't even imagine that... But our current situation is just as unbelievable, really. I guess I really do have to change.
Just be sure you don't change for the worse.
And Toko, that thing you mentioned earlier, about killing your classmates...
...That's such an interesting concept! What a cool setting... You should be a writer!

Takahiro Suzuki
If You Are Not Careful With My Little Sister's Sixth Sense The World May End

"If You Are Not Careful With My Little Sister's Sixth Sense The World May End So We Must Be Very Cautious In How We Treat Her" Wataruko Tsumichi - the meaning of my life, the guidepost of my life, the world itself in my eyes. If it's for the sake of Wataruko, I don't even mind sacrificing my own life! ...That's what I believed until yesterday. When I woke up that morning, Wataruko was roaming through the house, bending all the spoons... But can she bend the very fate of the world!?
The world's best sci-fi love comedy, 1st volume!

Book Conversation
This is it... *This* is number 1.
What do you mean number 1?
Of all the books in the world, this refuse known as light novels is my number 1 most hated thing!
No, I take it back. Light novels shouldn't even be counted as books! They're literally waste paper! No, not even! I wouldn't wipe my ass with this. Light novels are the worst waste of paper ever.
...Well I obviously don't read them either... But surely some of them aren't so bad? They say that tastes grow over time, so maybe if you give it another shot...?
You couldn't *pay me* to give light novels another shot.
That's a pretty thorough hatred you have there...
You said you don't read them either, right? That makes me think that maybe, for the first time, I can see you as a human being.
Wh-What did you see me as before!?
So, what kind of literature do you fancy? Post-modernism? Romanticism? You better not tell me you like Victorian novels with a straight face.
Um, I don't really know how it's classified... I'm really just into manga...
Manga!? That's not literature, it's not even a novel!
Well, it's a *graphic* novel... And there's tons of different kinds! You should try reading one.
Collaborations from failed storyboard artists and English major dropouts? No thanks. Manga's a waste of resources too, just like light novels. Maybe worse.
H-Hey! You can make fun of *me* all you want! But if you make fun of manga, you've crossed the line! I won't forgive you!
...Where did all this passion come from?
Well, I mean... Reading manga is like, my only hobby. I'm proud of the fact I'm well-read... You don't like it when people make fun of stuff *you* think is important, right?
Don't you *dare* talk about novels and your little picture books as if they're on the same level!
And you say you're more well-read than others. I bet that means you only read like 1 a week! I see through you, you're just a self-declared otaku.
F-For a high school girl, 1 a week is a lot! I have to buy them with my allowance, after all... And what's important is the quality, not the quantity! It's about you love of the medium!
You know what I think? I think your mind is trying to protect itself from that garbage. You're subconsciously only allowing yourself to read 1 a week. 2 would probably kill you.
Ugh, you're so frustrating! No one makes fun of manga! And making fun of me for reading a lot of them!? Just because I refuse to buy used!?
Yeah... Your love of terrible manga is so gross.
They're not terrible!
..Fine, but you're still gross.

The Bomb Inside Her #2

Worried about the bomb inside her body that will explode if she "falls in love," Yumi Kayakuda continues to keep her distance from Shota, but even she can't keep her heart from longing for the forceful Shota. Whenever she realizes she is falling in love, she asks Shota to "bully" her to keep the flames of passion away from her bomb.However, one day, while she was getting "bullied" by Shota in the classroom after school as usual... The transfer student Tokeko Koriyama, whose light of life goes dark whenever the feeling of love vanishes, steps in! "If I can't be in love, I'd rather die!"Beware the carbon dioxide poisoning of life!
The 2nd volume of the steamy, torrid love story!

Book Conversation
Hey, the second volume of "The Bomb" series! Yoko Koriyama, the new girl, is so cute!
Didn't I tell you I'm not interested in this filth!?
Oh c'mon, don't say that. You should at least *try* reading one... The final date scene from this volume is so good, it's considered a masterpiece of manga history!
A masterpiece of crap is still crap.
But speaking of dates, this area seems like a pretty good spot for a date with Master Byakuya. Minus the Monokumas, obviously.
Yeah, it'd be nice for a couple to walk on the shore and eat sweets, hand in hand... I'd want a date like my for the first time.
Huh!? I took you for some sleazy tramp who just *acts* innocent! You really don't have *any* experience?
Of course not! Yes!
Well which one is it!?
I totally have experience! Lots of it! Too many to count with both hands! I flip through attractive boys like pages in a manga!
So then you *are* just putting on an act. You don't look like it, but you're a poisonous little succubus on the inside.
Um, well, no, maybe not...*that* bad...
No, really. If you're gonna be a slut, you should at least be proud of it.
Uh... Okay, I lied. I don't have any experience.
Why would you lie about that?
Well... I didn't want you to make fun of me.
...Your views on sex are about a quarter of a century old. Only the most narrow-minded vermin measure a person's worth by their sexual experience.
Well, even though I never actually went on a date, I have been asked out before!
So you turned them down?
Yeah, 'cause they were all my friend's exes, or like guys older than my dad...
...I can see that. That aura that really pulls in the lecherous types is just bursting out of you. 10 years from now, you'll probably be sold off to cover some low-life's gambling debts.
Stop that! Don't say it, or it might come true!
Well, what can I say? You've got a face that ugly guys just love. The kind of face that makes them think Şablon:İmp...
Well thanks, Toko, I'll remember that.

Harumi Nogochi
Spiritual Detective Nekopi

"Spiritual Detective Nekopi and the Ghost of the Dragon Palace" Nekopi, a high school girl who can see things that cannot be seen by others, receives a strange request. "Please make it so that Master can no longer see the ghosts of fish..." Meanwhile, in the city, a fugitive serial bomber keeps targeting the 4th floor of buildings... And then there's the romance of Tobari Yano! The 4th volume of the Hesitation series that connects this world and world to come!

Book Conversation
Well, putting aside the fact I can practically *smell* how crappy this book is...
I remember you saying earlier that you can see ghosts. Or things that can't be seen?
Well, it's not really about seeing, it's more like... I just *know*. Like I'm feeling a pretty bad aura in this place, so I know ghosts must be around.
...But you can't see them. What makes you think you're sensing ghosts. In the end you're just making an assumption, right?
No, there was a time, just once.... I was able to actually see a ghost!
It was in the 3rd grade. I heard a strange sound in the night, so I woke up. I turned my head, and BAM! My teacher from cram school was at my bedside! That's when I knew.
It was the living spirit of my old teacher.
What makes you think it was a living spirit and not just some burglar who looked like him?
No, the spirit knew my name. He kept whispering, Komaru... Komaru... And when he noticed I was awake, he apologized to me and asked me not to tell anyone what I had saw.
My real teacher would obviously never do something like that, so it must of been his ghost!
...And did you um...ever see that teacher again?
Well that's the thing! When I went back to school, I found out he mysteriously quit! Spooky, right?
The teacher's feelings must have become a living spirit to say goodbye to me before he quit!
...Yeah, I think he was probably just a trespassing sex offender. Some teacher who gets off watching grade schoolers sleep.
No way, Toko. You shouldn't even joke about that.
Your kind of genuine stupidity is even more rare than actual ghosts.

Jun Nagashima
The Ghost That Wants To Die

"Taro" jumped off the roof of the kindergarten, saying he no longer wanted to live. But now he was to live as a "ghost." The life of a "ghost" is pretty hard. Even though he wants it to end, it can't end. But "Taro" had an idea. Let's just change the meaning of "live." And to do that, "Taro" made a very strange move...!

Book Conversation
Hey Toko, are you afraid of the dark because you're scared of ghosts.
...Are you serious? There's no way I'd believe in ghosts and all that paranormal stuff. I may be liberal arts to the core, but I am capable of thinking logically.
Then why are you afraid of the dark?
...You sure come gouging at me.
Gouging at my brain to force me to remember my trauma! The reason I'm afraid of the dark is because of an experience I had, locked up in a dark place.
Oh, you did something bad so you got locked in the closet? That happened to me as a kid, too. It's so narrow and dark, it really is scary, huh?
This is *me* we're talking about, my story is way more traumatic than that! I was locked up in a place I didn't even know for 3 days and 3 nights.
F-For 3 days!?
And not even a crumb of bread to eat. Ever since then, my mind connects Şablon:İmp and Şablon:İmp subconsciously.
Ugh, just thinking about it now is giving me goosebumps.
Why were you locked up...? And who did that to you!?
Ugh, I... Remembering it is just...
S-Sorry... I shouldn't of asked.

Ichiro Yang
15 Ways to Make That Rich Son of a Noble Family Fall in Love with You!

There are myriad women who dream of marrying a rich son of a noble. But there are also myriad women who are cruelly torn from that dream. So then what's the difference between the women who live their dream and the women who wake up crying? Simple! Whether or not they've read this book! "Even if I don't know these things, I'm sure it will be fine." Are you saying this to yourself right now? Don't regret it! The son of a noble family won't wait for you! Learn the "15 ways" with this book so that you too can become the future wife of a noble son![6]

Book Conversation
...You want it?
O-Of course not! What a stupid book! Everything will turn out fine between me and Master! He'll wait for me!
"Think everything is going to turn out fine?"
"Act before it's too late. That son of a noble family isn't going to wait for you."
...So you are sure you don't want this?
I said I don't want it! Even if I were locked in jail, I wouldn't read that garbage!
Okay, if you say so...
...So who's the publisher?
What's that?
I-I'm asking what kind of awful publisher would print this nonsense!

Mayuko Aranami
In The Training of Stacking Ice Cream
Thinking that she had no special talents whatsoever, Konomi Tenri gave up on her current life. After hanging on for 17 years, she finally realizes her special ability on the brink of her death. "I have the talent to destroy other people's talents"... A girl who destroys other people's talents, and a boy who doesn't think he has any talents at all... Just what road will these two take?[7]
Book Conversation
Hey, you were also a student at Şablon:İmp, right? What's your special talent?
Didn't I tell you? My talent is writing. They used to call me the Şablon:İmp...
Wow, that's cool! A novelist! That's really admirable!
I-It doesn't mean anything to me to be admired by a talentless girl like you.
Hmph, you think I'm talentless, but really I'm super good at something!
You're gonna say you're super good at reading manga or something, right?
Wait, you were really going to say that?
N-No! I'm special in tons of ways! Like how I use a desk mat instead of a fan when it's hot. Or how I only get called on in class when I *don't* know the answer...
...The only thing abnormal about you is your stupidity.
...Kinda wish I was more normal in that area, then.
Now that I think about it, your reactions are all pretty normal too.
N-No, stop! Don't treat me like a normal person anymore!
How fast do you run a 100 meter dash?
...I wanna say... 18 seconds.
And what's your favorite music?
...Top 40.
Jeez, stop it already... You're making me sad.
What's your favorite saying?
...All's well that ends well.
And your favorite food?
Um, it's swallow's nest and tuna eyeballs.
Hm? Something wrong?
No, I must of have...heard you wrong. What's your favorite food?
I told you, it's swallow's nest and tuna eyeballs... Oh I also like kangaroo meat.
I'm going to pretend we never had this conversation!

Akihiko Ishizaka
The Conductor's 48 Hours

Odoriko Anaka, famous as the genius conductor, is regarded by the world as perfect, talented, extraordinary, and beautiful... However, she has a secret that she keeps from them all... The pinnacle of lyrical sexual prose: a fluttering melody of suffering and sadism.

Book Conversation
This novel seems pretty...intense... Interested?
Even with the S&M bits, it's beneath me. It's probably just some sloppily-written, wish-fulfillment fanfic garbage.
Oh I'm sure it's not *that* bad...
No, it's definitely going to be *that* bad. I can feel the lack of talent from here. Any book with a title this bad has to be just as bad on the inside!
Well, if the Şablon:İmp says it, I'm sure it's true...
A tasty subject like S&M, boiled down to this crap. A true masochist like me would do better. How did this even get published? They must *really* be getting desperate to put this out.
Hey... As a um, "true masochist"... Have you ever had that kind of experience?
What, like being tied up or suspended? Th-There's no way I'd do such...indecent things!
But then how do you know you're a masochist if you've never done that stuff before? Isn't that like someone saying they love cigarettes, but they've never smoked before?
You underestimate my imagination. Every spare moment I'm being stepped on, tied up, suspended by my Master... In my head.
...You sound pretty proud about that.
But that reminds me, one time, I really was tied up and suspended.
Huh!? By Byakuya!?
No... I don't even remember his name now. It was when I was in 3rd grade. Someone's lunch money got stolen, and it somehow ended up in my desk. My classmates thought I did it, so they tied me up to the jungle gym with a garden hose.
That's horrible...
At the time, I felt a...tingling sensation... But I'm sure that's not related.
No, that *definitely* sounds like a formative experience!

Toko Fukawa
So Lingers The Ocean

The love that is far too pure for the main character, "me," and the fisherman, "you." An indubitable foray into inner peace at the skillful stroke of a pen.
Popular female author Toko Fukawa's most renowned work. The long-awaited unabridged version!

Book Conversation
Ah, this is...
...That's right, it's my novel. Got a problem with that?
No, not at all! I'm really impressed! I've read this! It's was sad and really good too! I can't believe you were the writer of Şablon:İmp!
So Lingers? You're abbreviating the title of the book I wrote to my face? And of *course* it's really good, who do you think wrote it!?
A-As expected of the Şablon:İmp, you sure have confidence...
But I mean, if you can write a beautiful romance like this, you can definitely marry Byakuya!
Don't be an idiot! What's written in there is pure fantasy! There's no way I can act like that in reality!
...Oh, really?
What I write in my novels is my idea of an ideal world. Because I know it will never be reality, I have to write it in fiction.
So you write it because you can't have it? But don't most writers write from experience?
Not necessarily. My theory is that happy people can only write happy, shallow novels. But the downtrodden can vividly imagine their ideal world, perfectly envisioned in true beauty... And that's the spirit I put into my novels.
Well, I kinda get that... But I kinda don't.
But based on my theory, I wonder if I can keep writing interesting novels...
Hm? What do you mean?
L-Like I said, I'm concerned! If I have a friend like you, and I'm happy...
So you mean... Making friends with me made you a little happier?
N-No, there's no way a crybaby schoolgirl like you could actually interfere with my writing! You underestimate the intensity of my novels!
But you said it yourself...
Well, if you're that confident... I'm sure you'll be just fine.

The Bomb Inside Her #3

Yumi Kayakuda, the girl with a bomb in her womb, cannot love. And yet, she has chosen... I want to fall in love with Shota. If I can Just fall deeper in love with him, I don't mind if this body of mine burns away. However, a new character who has feelings for Yumi appears: Motomoto Nikaido. "Your life isn't only yours!" "My love is only mine!" A charred body of love, or a living doll...Which fate will Yumi choose!?
The 3rd volume of the fiery love story!

Book Conversation
Hey, are you the type who's okay with spoilers?
Wh-What brought this on?
The 3rd volume of Şablon:İmp is so good, I gotta talk about it! But are you okay with spoilers?
Okay, how many times do I have to tell you? I have no interest in manga at all.
So Yoko, the girl from the 2nd volume, tries to stop Yume from giving in to despair. And she says this... Oh, it's so beautiful...
I'm tearing up just remembering it...
Oh Yumi, Yoko... I'm so happy for you...
Hey, Komaru! Come back to reality!
Huh? Did you...? You stopped calling me Şablon:İmp?
O-Oh, did I? You're probably just mistaken.
No, I heard right! I tried to call you Toki, and you knew that and tried to call me by my name, right?
Wh-What, you got a problem with that? You think I'm too gloomy to have a character arc!?
No, it's not that at all... It just makes me really happy. Thanks, Toki.
S-Sorry! That slipped out on accident!
You're doing it on purpose, aren't you!?

Yoichi Muraoka
The Tragedy: What Was "The Incident" All About?
Though "The Tragedy" that painted the world with despair showed signs of calming after the death of the ringleader, it has not completely settled. However, in light of current events, shouldn't we look back at what "The Tragedy" can teach us, and prepare preventive measures? A thorough investigation to the "The Worst, Most Despair inducing Incident in the History of Mankind."
Book Conversation
You were abducted around the time Şablon:İmp was escalating, right? So I can assume you haven't really experienced Şablon:İmp?
Well, by the time I was abducted, the world was already pretty messed up. The crime rate was high, the war had started... 7 of my classmates had died...
...Do you mean they were killed by Şablon:İmp?
I'm not really sure if they died, but one day, all 7 of them went missing. And a little while after...someone mailed a package to the school... 35 fingers were inside.
Th-That's horrible...
They never ended up finding them... There's no way they're still alive.
Because I went through that... I'm worried about my parents...
If your brother were here, I'm sure he'd say something like this: "Do not lose hope."
Yeah, you're right! It's not like I know for sure Checko or my parents are dead!
Oh, my friend who disappeared. Her name was Checko.
Oh, you had a nickname for her.
Yeah, she was a pretty close friend, after all.
...Your friend...Checko...
Are you...jealous?
What!? Of course not! Don't even think it! Why would I be jealous of a girl with a big brother complex like you!
I told you, I don't have a big brother complex!
I'm sure you're just hiding it from me. Your favorite thing to say is Şablon:İmp I also can't abandon the idea that you two eat all your food mouth-to-mouth...
Jeez, that's *way* past a big brother complex at that point!

Genocide Jack Project
A Thorough Investigation of Genocide Jack

With a mastery of killing that can even be called "artistic," Genocide Jack changed the world. The rumors about him that flutter about are innumerous. Online, they talk about him as if he were a mere urban legend... However, he does really exist. In this book, we address the rumors, study the motives, and created the killer's profile.
...Genocide Jack is alive.

Book Conversation
I didn't know you were so famous they made a book about you! I'm surprised!
Does it really matter?
Well thinking of you as a celebrity makes me want to act more formal...
Being famous for something like this doesn't make me happy at all. I wish I never had the other me.
But why did Genocide Jack get into you in the first place?
...Get into me? What are you talking about?
I mean, identity disorders are like that, right? Was there a reason for it? Like, maybe your souls switched when you got hit by a truck or something?
There's no way something that ridiculously Sci-Fi would ever happen in real life.
It's true that she's inside me, but... She didn't come in from the outside. She's more like...a personality I created out of suppressed emotions.
That sounds kinda Şablon:İmp to me... But if that's the case, what was the reason you suppressed your emotions?
...My mother. It's my mother's fault Şablon:İmp was born inside me. I never thought of Şablon:İmp as my real mothers, not even once.
Wait, Şablon:İmp as your "mothers"? Don't you mean your mother and your father?
I'm a novelist, I wouldn't misspeak like that. I said Şablon:İmp and I meant it. ...I have two mothers.
Oh... Did your dad remarry or something?
No, he wasn't married to begin with.
Sounds complicated...
At the hospital where I was born, a baby born at the same time as me died from a medical accident. That's not so uncommon. However...
Through some mix-up, the hospital wasn't able to determine which mother's baby had died. And that's why I have two mothers. You get it now?
But wait, wouldn't they be able to find out which was which with a blood test?
...Both mothers declined the exam. A loving mother wouldn't want to face the possibility that the baby who died was theirs. But both of them...wanted their child to die.
They also discovered that both women had slept with the same man. Of course, that would be my father.
I mean, who could have thought an ugly, impure woman like me would have a player for a father...?
Th-That was a prime opportunity! You were suppose to object to the Şablon:İmp and Şablon:İmp part! You making that face is just making me feel worse!
Sorry...I just can't even imagine...
Anyway, because of all that, my daily life was full of stress. For a while, I turned my negative feelings into novels, but it got harder and harder... To release the feelings I couldn't bury with my novels, Genocide Jack was born.
Wow, that's...a pretty amazing story.
Well, I'm sure my extraordinary birth helps a lot with writing extraordinary novels... But thinking back on it all now, I don't think it was that big of a deal.
Um... Toko...
Oh don't you dare get weirded out by my story and try to change the subject now! Y-You're the one who asked, so you're gonna wallow in these bad memories with me, dammit!
No, it's not like that... How should I say it? I like you, Toko.
H-Huh!? What the hell are you talking about!?
Oh, sorry, that came out a little wrong.
I like you as a friend, Toko. So what did you wanna say?
...F-Forget it. I was going to keep going on about my misfortunes, but I seem to have forgotten...

Toko Fukawa
Blue Thread from the Scarred Mountain

As I live here in the village deep down in the mountains, I dream about you every night on my thin futon on the creaking kitchen floor. From the author of "So Lingers the Ocean," Toko Fukawa's long-awaited new novel.

Book Conversation
Huh!? Is this another one of your books!?
It says Şablon:İmp right there, genius.
Um, how many books have you written, Toko?
Never really counted before... Let me think. If we're talking about novels, I'd say more than 80.
It's not so surprising. I wrote every single day, after all. And it's not the quantity that matters, it's the quality. Only 3rd-rate companies value quantity.
A-As expected of an Ultimate!
But are you getting antsy lately, since you haven't been able to write?
Oh yeah. I'm aching to get all these raging emotions onto a manuscript. I'm worried if I don't get these babies out, my creative womb is going to explode.
...Y-Yeah that sounds bad...
What about you? What do you want to do when you get out of here?
Well, lots of stuff really... I want to go to school, and eat my mom's cooking, and there's lots of manga to read...
And also, I want to go on a picnic with you!
A picnic...? A virgin's dude date of choice?
It's just that, I haven't seen a nice, peaceful blue sky lately.
So when I get out of this place, I want to go on a picnic with you. Under a clear, sunny, blue sky... I want to do all the cliché things, like eat sandwiches.
Hmph, even when you're fantasizing you're normal. Well... if I don't have any engagement ceremonies with Master planned that day, I'll think about it.
Ah, you said you'd go! It's a promise, then!
I-I said I'd think about it! It's too early to think about that kinda stuff til we escape.
Well, the way I see it... I'm definitely going to escape. You think the same way too, don't you?
Th-That's true but... I guess I'm just surprised by how much you've changed in this short time.
Hehe, people change.
Cut the attitude... I should make a daily routine of lubing up your doorknob with salad dressing!
E-Ew! Please don't! I'd never want to go home!

Ichiro Yang
Complete Manual For Marriage Prep

With just this one book, you're safe from womb to tomb! From engagement to divorce, we have completely covered the know-hows of anything and everything related to marriage! Learn the ABCs of marriage!

Book Conversation
I guess there are some books that might be of use once in awhile.
Be of use? For what?
For proposing to Master, obviously! Once we're out of here, we'll make a vow right away!
Ah, you can't do that, Toko!
Can't? What do you mean I "can't"? Are you saying that Master rejecting me is a forgone conclusion? That I should just give up!?
No! I'm saying that if you keep talking like that, you're totally raising your death flag!
Oh, you don't know? A "death flag"?
Like, imagine a mystery novel, when a bunch of people are trapped in a mansion... One guy always says something like, Şablon:İmp and runs off alone. Talking like that or making a dumb decision pretty much means they're gonna die. A death flag.
I know what it *is*, I just don't believe in a stupid jinx like that!
Toko, no! That's also a death flag!
What, I can't say that either!?
Characters who don't believe in curses or the power of God *always* get killed off!
Th-That might be true, but...
Jeez, stop raising all those death flags! Now we're really in a pinch!
Jeez... How much do you believe in that stuff?
Since that's the case, we have no choice but to raise a survival flag!
In tear-jerking dramas, surgeries that have a low success rate always miraculously work, right? And in anime, whenever you think the main character is gonna lose, somehow they win! So we have to raise a survival flag! Activate Şablon:İmp
U-Um, okay...? What do we do?
What do we do!? The probability that we're going to defeat the children is a mere once percent!
Oh no! There's no way we can win against them! I'm just a normal high school girl and stuff!
...That's pretty much the first thing you told me when we met.
W-Well yeah! I've been trying to raise my survival flag ever since!
The character who tries too hard dies early, too.

Yukinori Ratesawa
Those Who Dream, Momoyo's Throat

I shouldn't have had that dream... If only thinking it would make it so, how easy that would be. When you think about something like that, how are you supposed to feel? To keep myself from thinking like that, I'll just keep trudging along with my head down. Though she has finally fulfilled her long-desired dream to become a novelist, Momoyo Muto's talent has dried up in less than 2 years. Her dream, her money, her life, and the encounter too frail to call fate.

Book Conversation
Which reminds me... I need to ask you something important.
Something important?
We are...you know, f-friends...right? And friends discuss things like hopes and dreams, right?
Wh-Why do you sound so unsure!? Am I wrong?
Well, there are different forms of friendship, after all...
Anyway, I realize that I don't know your dream. So tell me! What's your embarrassing dream for the future?
Um, well... It's not like outside of this town is peaceful, so it might not really matter what my dream is...
What, are you embarrassed or something?
W-Well a little! Aren't all dreams a little bit embarrassing?
My dream for the future is...greedy. It's embarrassing for me to think that far...
Oh just say it already. I won't laugh.
No... You're definitely gonna laugh.
What? I said I won't, so I won't! So just say it already!
...Promise you won't make fun of me?
Jeez, you're persistent. I promise.
Okay.. I've been thinking about it on and off since middle school... Um... I want to be a manga artist...
Or, I think like... It might be nice to be one...
I see. That is very "you"...
...Wh-Why'd you get quiet?
Y-You're really not going to make fun of me for that!?
Well, you won't change my opinion that manga is trash, but I told you I won't make fun of you. And besides, the desire to *be* something is admirable. I would never make fun of that.
Wh-What? You're creeping me out...
It's nothing, I'm just glad you're my friend. If I draw manga, I want you to be the first one to read it!
I-I can't imagine the day would come that I actually read a manga...
Huh, do you mean...?
Anyway! Manga or novels, none of that is going to get done unless we get out of this town! So let's hurry up and finish this!
Yeah! As long as we're together, everything will turn out right!

Satoshi Kawahara
A Quick And Easy Cleaning Technique

Rooms are said to be the mirror of your mental spirit. If the room is messy, your mental hygiene is not very good either. But if you are always busy in your everyday life and have no time to spend to cleaning, this book is the perfect cleaning book for you! With the godly skill of cleaning that only takes 5 minutes per day, your room can once again be your sanctuary.

Book Conversation
...I'm an annoying woman, aren't I?
Wh-Where did this come from!?
Just be honest! I'm annoying, right!?
Uh... Maybe?
That's right, I knew it. I'm an annoying woman. I'm scared that...Master might hate me.
No, it'll be alright! If you don't want to be seen as annoying, all you have to do is remember the 3 Şablon:İmp.
The 3 Şablon:İmp?
That's right, just keep the 3 Şablon:İmp in mind, and he'll never think you're annoying.
Wh-What is this magic you speak of!?
What are the 3 things!? Tell me, woman!
The 1st one is: Şablon:İmp. If you say you "want" this or that, boys will think you're demanding. If you want them to do something for you, first you must be a woman *worth* doing something for!
The 2nd one is: Şablon:İmp. It's true, it is a woman's nature to never be satisfied and always want more... But you have to fight those urges to be the ideal Japanese woman.
And the 3rd one is: Şablon:İmp. You have to give off an aura that makes boys think they have to take you quick or you'll disappear. And if you have that attitude, guys will start paying attention to you all the time.
Sounds simple enough... But how do you know this stuff?
Well, to be honest, I just came up with the 3 Şablon:İmp myself. I used to give love advice on the internet all the time.
Y-You... You're a virgin! How are you gonna give advice like that!
I thought you said that kind of experience doesn't matter! Chastity is a virtue!
Not right now it isn't!

Toko Fukawa
The Family From The Day Before Yesterday
(There is no in-game description given)
Book Conversation
So this is also your book, huh? Why is there no synopsis written here?
I'm sure *you* wouldn't know this, but that's not rare among pure novels. With a name as prestigious as mine, you don't need a summary to move units.
But because this is written by a friend, I at least want to know the synopsis.
O-Okay, as a friend...I'll tell you. S-Since you're listening to the author herself, you better clean your ears out and listen carefully.
Wait! Oh, well, actually...never mind. It's fine, continue.
Wh-What's the problem!? Calling me a friend like that, then snatching my moment away from me! You sadist!
I-It's not like that! I just think that, maybe because this is your book, I should go into it cold!
If that's the case...I guess I understand. But you should be more clear when you speak! You startled me so much, you nearly made me forget the idea for my next book!
Oh? You already have an idea for your next work?
Who do you think I am? I always have more than 200 ideas in stock! I just haven't decided which idea to use.
Well, maybe it would be fun to write about your own experiences, like in this town.
Write about my own experiences, huh? I've heard that advice before. But I've already decided to not write about this town. Or, maybe I should say that even if I do end up writing something, I would never publish it.
I'd want to read it, though... A novel about this city written by you.
Like, a novel written about me...
About this town...and about what happened to you...
I'd rather keep it a memory... A memory just for myself.
No, that's wrong!
...Wait, what?
What I mean is, it's not just your memory. It's both our memories, together.
...You're an average...idiot...but...
...Your hairstyle is weird.
I-It's not weird! My antenna is charming and really pretty! Jeez, I thought you were actually gonna say something nice to me!
Not in a thousand years! But... You made me happy.
Hm? Did you say something?
...You didn't hear me!?
I-I said that you're an average idiot, with a weird hairstyle, and a brother complex!
Really? I heard you say Şablon:İmp...
What!? So you *did* hear me!


The Road to Literacy
Found your first book and saw your first bonus conversation.


Guide credit to TheFinalEmblem at PSNProfiles.com'

Chapter 1[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Billy Milligan Royale On the left side of the Diagnosis Room on the table in the Hospital on floor 1F. Dosya:Books Guide Billy Milligan 1.jpg Dosya:Books Guide Billy Milligan 2.jpg
The Right Not To Kill Just before the construction site, to the left of the Monokuma detour cutout. Dosya:Books Guide The Right Not To Kill 1.jpg Dosya:Books Guide The Right Not To Kill 2.jpg
Unstoppable Man The north room in the hallway of the Hotel on floor 2F, room 204. Dosya:Books Guide The Unstoppable Man 1.jpg Dosya:Books Guide The Unstoppable Man 2.jpg
The Bomb
Inside Her #1
The south room in the hallway of the Hotel on floor 2F, room 213. Dosya:Book Guide Bomb Inside1 1.jpg Dosya:Books Guide Bomb Inside1 2.jpg
Tornado Sentai
Spin Rangers
To the left of the save point just before the subway. Dosya:Books Guide Spin Rangers 1.jpg Dosya:Books Guide Spin Rangers 2.jpg
Pure Family Companion During the second visit to the Hospital, in the east sick room on floor 2F. Dosya:Books Guide Pure Family 1.jpg Dosya:Books Guide Pure Family 2.jpg

Chapter 2[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Mastering Disappointment On the bookshelf in the first room you can enter in the underground shopping district. Dosya:Book Guide Mastering Disappointment 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Mastering Disappointment 2.jpg
If You Are Not Careful With My Little Sister's... On the opposite side of the Secret HQ entrance. Walk across the bridge to the west, then head back east. Dosya:Book Guide Little Sisters 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Little Sisters 2.jpg
The Bomb
Inside Her #2
After clearing Challenge room 4, head up the stairs, and then to the right. Dosya:Book Guide Bomb Inside2 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Bomb Inside 2 2.jpg
Spiritual Detective Nekopi In the female staff room on floor 3 of Towa Tower. Dosya:Book Guide Spiritual Detective 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Spiritual Detective 2.jpg

Chapter 3[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
The Ghost That Wants to Die After exiting Challenge Room 1, turn left and look by the blocked off area. Dosya:Book Guide The Ghost 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide The Ghost 2.jpg
15 Ways to Make That Rich Before leaving the Challenge Labyrinth, noted by the Monokuma Door, look to the left at the dead end. Dosya:Book Guide 15 Ways 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide 15 Ways 2.jpg
In The Training of Stacking Ice Cream In the first shack on the left in the Secret HQ. Dosya:Book Guide Ice Cream 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Ice Cream 2.jpg

Chapter 4[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
The Conductor's 48 Hours After the Bomber Monokuma attack, head right, then left until your reach the giant road sign, then turn left again and it's behind the car. Dosya:Book Guide The Conductor 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide The Conductor 2.jpg
So Lingers the Ocean Just before the West Challenge Room, turn to the right and look on the window. Dosya:Book Guide So Lingers 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide So Lingers 2.jpg
The Bomb Inside Her #3 Once underground, head into the small building and look to the left on the bed. Dosya:Book Guide The Bomb3 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide The Bomb3 2.jpg
What Was "The Incident" All About? On the table in the east room of B1 inside Towa Factory. Dosya:Book Guide The Incident 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide The Incident 2.jpg
A Thorough Investigation of Genocide Jack In the room just beyond the elevator of floor B2 in Towa Factory. Dosya:Book Guide Genocide Jack 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Genocide Jack 2.jpg

Chapter 5[]

Item Location Location Image Location Map
Blue Thread from the Sacred Mountain On a pile of books in Nagisa Shingetsu's room. Dosya:Book Guide Blue Thread 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Blue Thread 2.jpg
A Complete Manual for Marriage Prep On a table in the back of Rest Room B. Dosya:Book Guide Marriage Prep 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Marriage Prep 2.jpg
Those Who Dream, Momoyo's Throat In the first area after the elevator with the singing Monokuma Kids, it's in the eastern office room on the desk. Dosya:Book Guide Those Who Dream 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Those Who Dream 2.jpg
A Quick and Easy Cleaning Technique! After Challenge Room 5, the one with Kotoko Utsugi, it's on the west side of the room. Dosya:Book Guide Cleaning Technique 1.jpg Dosya:Book Guide Cleaning Technique 2.jpg
The Family From The Day Before Yesterday From the spinning statue, go right, right, then right again and it's at the end of the area. Dosya:Book Guide The Family.jpg (No map for this area)


  1. The publishing company for Billy Milligan Royale (shown on the cover), SpiChun Bunk0, is reference to the Danganronpa publishing company Spike Chunsoft.
  2. The title of the book, Billy Milligan Royale, which is a novel about a girl with multiple personalities, is based on the real-world Billy Milligan, a man who was the subject of a highly publicized court case in late 1970's, and was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder (abbreviated DID), also known as multiple personality disorder.
  3. This book title, Billy Milligan Royale, also references Battle Royale (バトル・ロワイアル), a 1999 Japanese dystopian horror novel by Koushun Takami, a story in which randomly selected junior high school students are forced by the military to fight each other to the death until only one survives.
  4. The family name of the author for The Right to Not Kill, James Kodaka, is a direct reference to the creator of Danganronpa, Kazutaka Kodaka.
  5. The book title, Tornado Sentai Spin Range, and description in the Japanese version of the game is a reference to the long-running Japanese superhero team franchise TV series The Super Sentai Series (スーパー戦隊シリーズ), however in the English version of the game it was more likely edited to be a reference to the American live action superhero television series Power Rangers, which takes scenes from The Super Sentai Series.
  6. The publisher of 15 Ways to Make That Rich Son of a Noble Family Fall in Love with You! (seen on the cover), Kodaka Bunko, is a reference to Danganronpa creator Kazutaka Kodaka.
  7. The publisher of In The Training of Stacking Ice Cream (seen on the cover), Spike Books, is a reference to Danganronpa publishing company Spike Chunsoft.


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