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Collectibles are various items featured in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. They expand upon the background of the game or give bonuses depending on what collection they are from. These items appear in the overworld of Towa City as a small sparkling area. Collecting all of the items hidden in the game will unlock trophies.


Hit List[]

The Hit List is a collectible item that give "detailed" entries about "Demons": people forced to participate in the Warriors of Hope's Demon Hunting. It mainly features the loved ones of the Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc cast.

Dosya:Hit List Komaru Naegi (JP).png Dosya:Hit List Grand Bois Chéri Ludenberg (EN).png
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Hidden Kids[]

Hidden Kids are collectible items modeled after the Warriors of Hope.

Dosya:Hidden WOH The Fighter figure.png Dosya:Hidden WOH The Priest figure.png
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Socki the Sock[]

Socki the Sock is a collectible picture book spread across Towa City by the Monokuma Kids. It stars a character of the same name.

Dosya:Danganronpa Another Episode Komaru Naegi Socki The Sock Chibi 04.png


Books are a type of flavor text collectible that adds more insight into the game. Three of these collectibles are in-universe books written by Toko Fukawa.

Dosya:The Bomb Inside Her JP.png Dosya:So Lingers The Ocean.png
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Reference Books[]

Reference Books are a type of text collectible that when collected, unlocks skills for Komaru and Toko.

Dosya:Skill Book 1.png Dosya:Skill Book 4.png
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Notes are a type of flavor text collectible that adds more insight into the game. When collected, they prompt a small conversation between Komaru and Toko about the contents.

Dosya:Childrens Paradise.png Dosya:Jataro's Diary.png
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Hit the Lists
Handed over your first Hit List to Hiroko.
Your License To Kill Is Revoked
Handed over all Hit Lists to Hiroko.
Found You!
Found your first Hidden Kid.
Hide-And-Seek Champion
Found all of the Hidden Kids.
Back To School
Found your first Reference Book.
Skill Queen
Found all Reference Books.
The Road to Literacy
Found your first book and saw your first bonus conversation.
Socki the Sock
Found every page of the Socki the Sock book
Ultra Know-It-All Girls
Found all Scrap Notes.


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