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Dosya:Namco poster.jpg

Namco poster of the crossover of Danganronpa 3 and Danganronpa V3

The Danganronpa 3 / New Danganronpa V3 x Namco Collaboration is a collaboration between Spike Chunsoft and the company of Namco.

The headquarters of Namco is located in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in June 1, 1955 and re-established in March 31, 2006.

It's industry is a video arcade and also an amusement park. It offered themed food and drinks based on characters from Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. It also features two special desserts from Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony. The mini games, goods, and some other cool features are also included.

It ran from December 2, 2016 to February 16, 2017.


Danganronpa 3 Food/Dessert[]

Makoto Assortment (830yen)
An assortment platter themed after Makoto, contents include soup, pasty, samosa's and Makoto themed plate
Kyoko and Koichi Parfait (800yen)
A strawberry parfait garnished with various edible features such as Kyoko's glove and Koichi Kizakura's hat.
Chisa, Kyosuke and Juzo Assortments (780yen)
A themed dish that is after Juzo, Munakata, and Chisa which everything can be edible and delicious.
Sonosuke, Ruruka and Seiko Themed Wafer Parfait

A themed parfait after Sonosuke, Ruruka, and Seiko with edible Kounai knives and macaroons.

Strawberry Usami Parfait

A strawberry themed parfait is after Usami with edible jelly.

Hajime and Izuru Combo

A combo dish that is themed after Hajime and Izuru with an edible Chiaki's hair pin.

Chiaki Game Console Platter

The theme is after Chiaki Nanami's console and contains edible dish

Komaeda Assortments

A Nagito Komaeda themed dish, contents including a spring roll, sushi and an edible red self-destruct button.

Gundham and the Four Dark Devas of Destruction Platter

A themed dish after Gundham Tanaka and his pets, Four Dark Devas of Destruction with crispy that is edible which resembles as Gundham.

Sonia and Kazuichi Sorbet

A sorbet themed in Kazuichi Soda and Sonia Nevermind colors, with edible Sonia ribbons and Kazuichi's Minimaru invention.

Peko and Fuyuhiko Pudding

A black pudding with edible Peko's sword.

Ultimate Imposter and Ryota Meat Platter

(850yen)A chicken bucket with Ryota Mitarai and Ultimate Imposter themed wafer.

Class 77-B Meat Kebab Pot

A cup containing to meat kebabs and as banner around the cup with the Hope's Peak Academy symbol and character sprites of the Class 77-B.

Junko and Mukuro Chicken Ball Stir Fry
with edible bread roll eye ball
A themed dish for Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba featuring chicken balls, vegetables and bread roll imitating the eyeball of the school executive committee member who was tortured by Junko.

New Danganronpa V3 Food/Dessert[]

The following food items were only available from January 13th, 2017 onward.
Monokuma Kub Pancakes (950yen)
An assortment platter of pancakes with a variety of flavored sauces imitating the color of the Monokubs including a Monokub themed crepe placed on top.
Kaede and Rantaro Parfait (780yen)
A strawberry and kiwi parfait featuring a crepe of Rantaro Amami and Kaede Akamatsu.


Danganronpa 3 Merchandise[]

Below is a set of Danganronpa 3 themed merchandise available and buyable during the period of the Cafe's introduction and end that a customer could receive through a purchase while at the Café.
Chibi Cat Future Foundation members and Class 77-B Key Chains (540 yen)
Themed key chains that resemble all characters from both Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc and Future Arc as chibi cats.
Chibi Cat Future Foundation and Class 77-B Buttons (378 yen)
Themed buttons that resembles all characters from both Dangamronpa 3: Despair Arc and Future Arc.
Hope's Peak Academy Student and Future Foundation Member Wallets including ID card (1,620 yen)
Themed Wallets and ID cards for Hope's Peak Academy students and Future Foundation members.
Hope's Peak Academy themed School Bags and Future Foundation Work Bags (1,944 yen)
Themed bags with Hope's Peak Academy and Future Foundation emblems imprinted on each frontage.
Sticker Collection Book of Danganronpa 3 Characters (648 yen)
Stickers of Danganronpa 3 characters themed as cats.
Pop-up hangable Paper Chibi Danganronpa 3 Characters (950 yen)
Paper makes of all the characters in Despair Arc and Future arc are themed as kittens in a Chibi style artwork.
Class 77th and Class 78th Board Game(972 yen)
The board game that includes all of the Class 77-B and Class 78th.

New Danganronpa V3 Merchandise[]

The following merchandise items were only available from January 13th, 2017 onward.
Pixel Sprite Gifted Inmates Academy Student Key Chains (540 yen)
Pixel Sprite Key Chains resembling the students of Gifted Inmates Academy.
Pixel Sprite Gifted Inmates Academy Student Stickers (378 yen)
Stickers of each student from Gifted Inmates Academy in their pixel sprite form.
Gifted Inmates Academy Wallets and ID cards (1,620 yen)
A black wallet with the Gifted Inmates Academy Gold Emblem on its frontage and on the inside, containing Kaede Akamatsu's ID card.
Gifted Inmates Academy Student School Bag (1,944 yen)
A black, zip-up school bag with a grey handle for the students of Gifted Inmates Academy with the school emblem on the front of the bag.
Circular Paper Pop-up of each Gifted Inmates Academy Student (950 yen)
Paper pop-up of each of the 16 students attending Gifted Inmates Academy with their name and information, matching the color of their character sprites.

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