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Chisa Yukizome

There's more to life than just talent. Interacting with others will build character and help you make memories. Let's make something more important than talent shine: your hope.

Danganronpa 3: Despair Arc

Chisa Yukizome (雪染 ちさ, Yukizome Chisa) is a character featured in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School. Her title during her time at Hope's Peak Academy's Class 74th was the Super High School Level Housekeeper[2] (超高校級の「家政婦」chō kōkō kyū no “kaseifu”).

She is a member of the Future Foundation, and the leader of the 5th Division. Her responsibility as the leader is to gather intelligence on the phenomenon of Despair. She, along with the other Future Foundation heads, is forced to participate in the Final Killing Game.


Chisa is a woman in her mid-twenties, around 25 at youngest (about 20-21 in Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc).[3]

She is a young, petite and smiling woman, who comes across very cheerful and friendly. She has large green eyes and orange hair almost always tied into a ponytail. A small part of hair on the right side of her head is curled.

During her time as Class 77-B's homeroom teacher, Chisa used to wear a light blue skirt suit with a white dress shirt underneath. She would also frequently put an apron over her dress, apparently a habit from her days as a housekeeper. Interestingly, she also carries around a pair of Wakizashi as part of this attire.

In Future Arc, her color scheme is darker and more dull, making her hair appear brown instead of orange. She wears a white coat, with the Future Foundation ID pinned to its lapel, a pink dress shirt, and a black vest. She wears a black pencil skirt, black tights, and black mid-heel shoes.


Chisa is a very friendly woman with a cheerful disposition. She is generally very lively and confident, always working hard with a smile on her face and facing new challenges with positive attitude. In general, she is a kind person who comforts those who need it and takes care of others. However, she is also rather quirky and a little odd, which is often pointed out by her students who find some of her behavior confusing. At first, she called her students "rotten oranges", randomly pulled knives on some of her students to make her point clear, and at one point nonchalantly let Nekomaru and Akane destroy the classroom simply because Nekomaru explained they're training. She also tends to randomly appear next to her students out of nowhere to give them advice, which sometimes startles them, and enthusiastically encourages them when they feel insecure. She is stated to be often even more enthusiastic than her students. She can be dense at times, and is described by Juzo Sakakura to be "easily absorbed" by things, to the point where she loses sight of her original goal.

Despite her quirkiness, Chisa is quite competent, and not just as a housekeeper. As a teacher, she is shown to be very passionate and engaging. She is able to adjust her personality to best communicate with each student—such as being kind to Mikan Tsumiki and abrasive with Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu. She is willing to go to great lengths to teach and uses certain triggers to lure out the other students, such as using Sonia Nevermind to lure Teruteru Hanamura from the kitchen of the cafeteria. She can also be a competent spy and while she isn't been shown to be a fighter, she can fearlessly step between fights, such as when she quickly stepped in front of Hajime just when he was about to be punched by Juzo and she didn't even blink despite his fist being millimeters in front of her face. Her braveness is also seen in the way she is willing to face even the Ultimate Despair for the sake of her students. She has a very strong sense of right and wrong, as she frequently protests Juzo's violent nature and is absolutely horrified when she finds out about the Academy's human experiments. She values interpersonal relationships, youth, and believes that there is more to life that just talent, and her ideals have greatly inspired others such as Chiaki and Hajime.

Much like Juzo, she is very devoted to her classmate, Kyosuke Munakata, and does not regret anything he asks her to do and has said that she is willing to die for him. She has strong romantic feelings for Kyosuke and acts a bit like a teenager in love about it, seemingly being too shy to tell Kyosuke about it and blushing shyly when she imagines them as a romantic couple. However, she constantly and openly talks to Juzo about her feelings for Kyosuke with no shame. While she originally worked only for Kyosuke's goals, she grew truly attached to her students, and chose to help her students at one point when Kyosuke and Juzo needed her. When her students were in danger, she appeared to ignore common sense and instead quickly went to help them on her own.

Chisa was shown to be unusually resilient against the brainwashing by Junko and Mukuro, but eventually succumbed and fell into despair, losing all of her hope and even forgetting her feelings for Kyosuke. As a spy for Ultimate Despair, Chisa acted normally and could manipulate her own emotions; in Future Arc #10, she faked her tears after she and Kyosuke found dead bodies of kids; despite having personally murdered them in a fit of despair, Chisa put on a perfectly convincing performance of horrified sorrow as she wondered who could have done this. Chisa also knew how to manipulate Kyosuke and her normally shyer behavior towards him turned much more bold, as she became openly physically and emotionally affectionate towards him, which seemed to successfully manipulate him. It's also stated that after joining the Future Foundation, she played the role of keeping the atmosphere surrounding Future Foundation as relaxed as possible, though in reality all of this was manipulation.

At first, it seems that Chisa kept her despair persona even after her death, as she is seen watching the Final Killing Game progress while calmly eating popcorn in the afterlife, and even seems sarcastic when talking of her own death. However, in a conversation with Junko in the afterlife, Chisa rebutts Junko's claims that the world will fall into despair, stating that the world is not done for, as hope now begins. This proves that the brainwashing wore off once Chisa died, but it's unsure whether she reverted back to her original personality.

Talent and Abilities[]

Super High School Level Housekeeper[]

As the former Super High School Level Housekeeper, Chisa likes to keep things clean, and even serves tea during meetings of Future Foundation Division heads.


While it is unknown if she received professional training, Chisa has been shown to be an expert infiltrator. She was able to sneak into the office of one of the members of Hope's Peak's Steering Committee undetected, and she was able to infiltrate the Future Foundation as a member of Ultimate Despair, without her closest friends Juzo or Kyosuke noticing that she had been corrupted.


Prior to the Tragedy[]

Chisa was scouted to attend Hope's Peak as part of Class 74th as the Super High School Level Housekeeper. After attending, she graduated alongside Kyosuke and Juzo, 3–4 years before the Tragedy.

On the graduation day, the trio are shown looking at the school as Juzo asks if they are sorry to say goodbye, Chisa states that she feels a little lonely knowing they are graduating. Juzo says that she shouldn't feel lonely because they'll still be together as Kyosuke butts in, stating that the two are strange because they could work anywhere they wanted and yet they chose to stay with him. Juzo states that he had already won the world championship and that being with Kyosuke seemed more fun while Chisa states that because Kyosuke always makes decisions without second thoughts, he would need someone like her around. Kyosuke says his thanks and explains that there are bad rumors going around about Hope's Peak and many want to know how the school works. Kyosuke said he would open an overseas branch and use it to take power. He states that by the time he returns he wants Juzo to become head of security and he wants Chisa to become a teacher and use her position to forge relationships, they both agree. Kyosuke then says that from this school he would change the world, when asked if this was his dream by Juzo he laughed and said no, stating that with them around it would become a reality. The trio later take a picture of Chisa's wishes as Kyosuke snaps out of his flashback.

The three of them also offered help to Seiko Kimura after she was expelled from the Academy.

After graduating, she became one of the school's teachers at Kyosuke's request. She becomes the assistant teacher of the 77-B Class, using it as a cover in order to investigate Hope's Peak's shady activities. After an incident relating to Nagito Komaeda, Chisa was stripped of her assistant teaching position of Class 77-B and moved to the Reserve Course for half a year.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Despair Arc[]

Episode 01 - Hello Again, Hope's Peak Academy[]

The episode began with a flashback narrated by Chisa herself. In it, she was shown watching her death, which took place during the Final Killing Game in Future Arc. She was disappointed, but saw that there was nothing she could do about it.

In the next scene, Chisa arrived at Hope's Peak Academy. While helping Kyosuke with the construction of the Hope's Peak Overseas Division, she was recommended, and sent, by him to fill-in for Koichi as the permanent homeroom teacher of the Class 77-B. She met with Jin Kirigiri and a hung-over Koichi in his office. She excitedly took on the responsibility and rushed off to meet the students.

Chisa arrived at the classroom and met Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Hiyoko Saionji, Mahiru Koizumi, and Sonia Nevermind, who were the only students to arrive on-time to class. She told them that, starting today, she was going to be their new homeroom teacher and showed considerable confidence, completely ignore Hiyoko's threats. After Mikan Tsumiki arrives late to class and trips, Chisa helped her off the floor and attempts to comfort her. Disappointed that so many students chose not to attend class, Chisa made it her mission to strengthen everyone's relationships, as well as find all the remaining students.

The intensity of her words and actions scared Mahiru, somewhat, but Sonia took an immediate liking to it. When Fuyuhiko tried to protest, Chisa gained his respect by threatening him and showing that she was willing to go to great lengths to be a teacher.

After retrieving Nekomaru Nidai from the bathroom, Chisa lead the students to the cafeteria where Sonia lured out Teruteru Hanamura. Chisa then tied him up and restrained him with Nekomaru's help. Afterwards, Chisa had Teruteru roast some meat with Mahiru, Hiyoko, and Fuyuhiko tending the fire, in the hopes of drawing out Akane Owari. After spotting her, Chisa ordered Nekomaru to fight and restrained Akane, resulting in Akane being tied to a cross.

Chisa then used Sonia to distract Kazuichi Soda and comforted him as she ran away. Chisa then lead everyone to the Animal Shed, where they retrieved Gundham Tanaka, then to Hope's Peak's Music Room where they found Ibuki Mioda. Chisa was one of the few people in the room who enjoyed Ibuki's singing and rocked out with her on the guitar. Chisa and the class went to find Peko Pekoyama in the school's dojo, and Chisa admonished Teruteru for his behavior. With three left to go, the students wandered to try and find Nagito Komaeda when Kazuichi got hit by a truck that sent him flying in the direction they need to go. As Nagito bent down to get a drink, she handed one to him and smiles.

Chisa (and presumably everyone else) helped Nagito carry his sodas and returned to the classroom. She commented on the dirtiness of the classroom and, while she went to find the Ultimate Imposter and , told the students to clean up. When Kazuichi protested, she threatened him with a knife, then left for the Former Student Dorm. She tracked down the Ultimate Imposter's apartment number, and thwarted their attempts to leave, eventually dragging them away. She found Chiaki at a fountain just outside the school, talking with Hajime Hinata. She recognized Hajime as a part of the school's new Reserve Course and explained to Chiaki what the Reserve Course was. She noticed the change in Hajime's expression and was about to say something when she noticed the Ultimate Imposter attempting to escape. She tied them up and returned to collect Chiaki, carrying both of them to the classroom with ease.

After returning to the classroom, Chisa was happy to see that everyone had waited and that the classroom was clean. When the students once again brought up the fact that they didn't have to go to class, so long as they have their talent, Chisa reminded them that talent isn't everything, and that she wanted them to build strong relationships and "hope" with each other.

At the end of the day, Chisa sat at her desk and called Kyosuke, thanking him for his encouragement and help. They talked for a while as Chisa looked at a photo of herself, Kyosuke, and Juzo on her desk, and thanked Hope's Peak Academy for their opportunity to meet.

Episode 02 - My Impurest Heart For You[]

Chisa is approached by Koichi and talked to him about the class's progress and how they must select a class representative soon. Koichi advised her to make sure the students behave, or else they could end up Reserve Course teachers, and Chisa assures him that her students are good kids. Suddenly the phone rings, and the teacher supervising Chisa's students yells for help. Chisa turned to Koichi for help, however, he had already left.

Chisa rushed to her class and found Nekomaru and Akane engaging in hand-to-hand combat. To the students' surprise, she allows it. Chisa witnessed Akane drink Teruteru's soup, which made her stronger and more muscular. Afterwards, Chisa went outside of her class to talk to Chiaki, who felt upset that her games have not gained her any friends. Chisa teased Chiaki, then tells her that if her games were that much fun to play by herself, playing with other's would make it even more fun.

Later Chisa called Kyosuke, who asked about the progress of her investigation. Chisa informed him of the money the school had been making from the Reserve Course, and that how the money is being used is currently unknown. She told him the school was hiding something, and she would continue to investigate to find out what. True to her word, Chisa questioned Hajime, asking him about his reasons for joining the Reserve Course. However, she gains no noteworthy information as the conversation quickly switched to Chisa attempting to boost Hajime's self-confidence.

Chisa returned to her class and found out that Chiaki had shared her games with the rest of the class and that Kazuichi built a monitor so they could all play. The class took turns playing in groups of four, and Chisa herself played a racing game with Chiaki, Hiyoko, and Ibuki, winning second place. The class stopped playing to eat food made by Teruteru. However, it turns out that Hiyoko had slipped an aphrodisiac into the food, shocking Chisa. As Teruteru angrily turned on Hiyoko, scaring her, Chisa witnessed Chiaki punching him away. After the nikujaga's effect wore off and everyone had calmed down, Chisa looked over the students who were resting in beds. She watched some of the girls surround Chiaki, complimenting her on her punch, then suddenly she had an idea.

The next day, Chisa announced that they would be selecting their class representative. Instead of taking volunteers, Chisa selected Chiaki herself. The class agrees with her choice, and Chiaki reluctantly agrees after Chisa pushes her to.

Episode 03 - A Farewell to All Futures[]

Chisa spotted Juzo beating up Hajime at the entrance of the school when the latter attempts to enter the main building. As Juzo is about to land the finishing blow, Chisa steps in front of Hajime, causing Juzo to halt his attack. Chisa offers her handkerchief to Hajime after seeing the blood on his mouth, but he angrily slapped her hand away.

Chisa went somewhere private to talk to Juzo about their investigations. Juzo told Chisa that she shouldn't have to stand up for the students and that she needs to focus on their main reason for being at Hope's Peak Academy. Chisa angrily said that Juzo was using violence against a student and that she simply couldn't let that stand. Juzo gives in, and the two talk about their findings, and how the recent deaths of Natsumi Kuzuryu and Sato were being avoided. They agreed that the school was going down the wrong path. Their conversation ends when Chisa suddenly told Juzo that she won't let anyone, not even him, "have" Kyosuke. Chisa got up to return to the main building, and Juzo told her that she acted like a real teacher by protecting Hajime, making her smile.

Episode 04 - The Melancholy, Surprise, and Disappearance of Nagito Komaeda[]

Chisa announced that the annual practical exam would start on the next day and told everyone to get prepared. However, due to the latest incidents, her class's morale had decreased greatly and it made her worried.

Later in the office room, Chisa was visited by Nagito who wanted her to postpone the practical exam since his classmates weren't in their best condition. She apologized to Nagito stating that she would do it if she could.

On the day of the practical exam, the gym exploded and Chisa, along with the other teachers, hurried to the scene, commenting that it was a serious matter.

Chisa then interrogated Nagito inside a room, the mastermind behind the bombing incident. She slapped him when he referred himself as a trash, reminding him that he was one of her precious students and that he should never call himself something as low as trash.

Chisa was called in the Principal's Office by Jin along with Koichi to discuss about the incident. Jin had already expelled Ruruka Ando, Sonosuke Izayoi, and Seiko for being involved in the incident caused by Nagito. Chisa, who protected Nagito by assuring that he was one of the victims, was punished by Jin, who transferred her to the Reserve Course.

On the next day, Chisa came to the class and bid her students farewell. Upon the students protesting her removal, she promised to them that she would return someday and wanted the class rep, Chiaki to protect her classmates.

At the end of the episode, Chisa was called by Kyosuke to report that she would start to teach in the Reserve Course, making her investigation of Hope's Peak Academy easier. Even though her main duty was to investigate the Academy, she was very sad to leave her beloved students.

Episode 05 - The Beginning of the End[]

Chisa admitted to the viewer that she went through many things unpleasant during her transfer to the Reserve Course. Half a year later, she met with Juzo at the entrance gate. She asked Juzo how to get the Hope's Peak Academy's Trustee ID because she needed more information regarding the Izuru Kamukura Project. Furthermore, she learned that Hajime was expelled from the Academy when she heard the rumors about the Izuru Kamukura Project.

In the Principal Office, Chisa was happy to hear that Jin assigned her as the official teacher of the Class 77-B since Koichi has been reassigned to focus on scouting. Arrived in front of her class, she hesitated to enter at first but remembered her supposed job to aid Kyosuke's investigation in Hope's Peak Academy.

Upon entering the classroom, Chisa's students happily welcome her back and was grateful to have her back as their official homeroom teacher. She was very touched when her students told her that Chiaki worked very hard to organize her welcome back party. She was surprised when she saw the grown up Hiyoko and Sonia, who had begun to pick up Gundham's habits.

Episode 06 - A Despairfully Fateful Encounter[]

Chisa met with Juzo again when he gave her a trustee ID. Chisa promised to Juzo that she will sneak to the steering committee's building with full awareness. As Juzo informed that the security has been tighten, Chisa simply said that today is the only chance for her to use the card and will risk her life for it. She said that she will do anything to help Kyosuke, no matter what ideals he has and once again confirmed to Juzo that she will die for Kyosuke.

After her students moved to the new building, Chisa welcomed them warmly and hoped that they do their best.

Episode 07 - The Biggest, Most Atrocious Incident in Hope's Peak Academy's History[]

After meeting up with Juzo on the park grounds to discuss their findings, Chisa is shocked to hear from him that twenty staff members have disappeared, she is also told that the trustees have requested increased security around her and the students. When Juzo tells her to keep away from danger, she tells him she's prepared for it as she would 'Die for Kyosuke' and on teasing him of being jealous, he tells her yes and she becomes flustered before Juzo reveals to her it was only a joke.

Episode 08 - The Worst Reunion by Chance[]

Mikan explained to Junko that Chisa is a wonderful person when she asks about her class. As the students watched on from the school building at the student protest, Chisa has to collect herself from outside the doorway before walking in the classroom. She then sought to improve their mood and gave them a positive outlook. When Chiaki asked whether Hajime was caught up in the protest, Chisa told her she doesn't know about the Reserve Course right now.

The next morning Chisa once again has to increase her positivity and quash her fears before heading into the classroom, where she was shocked to find the students have left the building to look for Mikan. When Kyosuke requested Juzo call Chisa to join them, she was too busy looking for the students to notice and Juzo tries several times.

When Chisa encountered the real Ryota Mitarai who runs into her on the school grounds, he plea's with her to help save Chiaki who he thinks may be killed, Chisa acts calmly, consoles Ryota and asks him where to go. When she finds the hidden entrances under Izuru Kamukura's statue, she states she may not see Kyosuke again.

Episode 09 - Chisa Yukizome Doesn't Smile[]

Chisa immediately came to Chiaki's aid, throwing a fire extinguisher into the room. Junko dodged easily, but the extinguisher created a fog which gave Chiaki and an unconscious Nagito a chance to escape. Chisa then inquired as to who Junko was, and the model willingly admitted that she was Ultimate Despair. When Junko presents Izuru Kamukura to her, the teacher realized the horrific scope of what had, and would, come to pass.

Junko then explained that her plans had once again changed - that she would use both Chisa as well as her students to create a group known as Ultimate Despair. As a demonstration of the effectiveness of her newly-acquired brainwashing video, Junko brought out a Reserve Course student, who acted under compulsion to saw willingly into his own neck despite his objections. Chisa sought to stop the student from harming himself, but became restrained by Mukuro, who had managed to escape the diversion created by Peko. Chisa watched helplessly as the Reserve Course student killed himself, unable to do anything to protect him.

Chisa was later forced to watch the Student Council Killing Game video that Ryota had worked on, although the teacher resisted the subliminal messaging, which surprised Mukuro. As Junko left to deal with the escaped Ryota, she directed Mukuro to perform neurosurgery on Chisa's brain to manipulate her into becoming more susceptible to despair. With her willpower fading, Chisa could only think of Kyosuke before Mukuro's efforts took effect, effectively lobotomizing her.

Meanwhile, Chiaki and the class went on a mission to rescue their teacher, and headed for Junko's hideout. Halfway down the staircase, Mikan pushed Chiaki through a secret hatch where she falls unconscious into an unknown corridor. She is awoken by Chisa, who explains that Izuru set her free and let her escape. Saying that the class was in grave danger, she helped Chiaki to her feet before offering her a smile eerily similar to Junko's, implying that she had completely succumbed to despair.

Episode 10 - Smile at Despair in the Name of Hope[]

Chisa leads Chiaki down the unknown corridor, a darkened shadow laying under her fringe to conceal her eyes. Chiaki becomes uncomfortable with the situation, upon Chisa requesting what's wrong, she explains that it seems as if they're going in the wrong direction but Chisa reassures her that they'll reach the rest of the class soon, holding Chiaki's face in both hands causes her to become less concerned and they continue down the corridor. On approaching a large red door, Chiaki asks Chisa again if they're going the right way, Chisa tells Chiaki she can always turn back if she so desires but Chiaki disagrees and upon Chisa opening the door, they enter a bare room with a lift facing in front of them. Chisa, hugging Chiaki from behind, begins to thank Chiaki for bringing the class together as one and that she couldn't have done it without her. Turning Chiaki towards the lift, she pushes her inside, before ending her sentence 'that's why you were chosen' she presses the button and the lift descends, Chisa's eyes now patterned in a spiraling swirl.

Chiaki, injured greatly from Junko's torturous chamber, finds a door titled 'Goal' which she believes could be an escape, upon opening the door, she finds her classmates, including Chisa. Chisa holds out her hand to her, welcoming her back. Chiaki tries to reach for Chisa's hand but the illusion disappears before she can reach her and a spear is fired through Chiaki instead.

Episode 11 - Goodbye Hope's Peak Academy[]

As Kyosuke began to reconsider the culprit of the school trustee murder's, Chisa enters the room, running to his side before holding him in embrace. He comforts her, apologizing for not trying to find her sooner, he then inquired as to her thoughts on Junko, Chisa attesting to her innocence. Kyosuke, still dissatisfied, trusts both her and Juzo enough and decides to consider himself mistaken about his thoughts on Junko, Chisa then holds him in another embrace. She then commences narrating, that this is a story of hope that ends in despair. That the world will not become either hopeful or despairful but will eventually be transformed into complete despair. Chisa's face is then shown, her eyes a patterned swirl, in Kyosuke's arms.

Chisa and the 77th class have their final lesson together, they have finished their studies and are ready for graduation. Chisa states she is honored to have been their homeroom teacher, before shedding a tear which Kazuichi points out. She then pulls her notebook from her pocket, explaining that she had wrote the class a letter, she starts to read. She wishes them well and hopes for them the very best in their lives, as she is reciting her letter the Reserve Course Students commence their march on the school, vandalizing the building and murdering any students inside who are not with despair. After Chisa has finished reciting her letter, she closes her notebook and takes a bow, the class clap in her honor. Upon seeing Chisa's face again, the patterned swirl of her eyes have returned along with the rest of the class. She cries into her hands before collecting herself, stating the class must officially die here to be taken off the 'list of protected students'. Chisa then sets off a detonator, bidding the class farewell as the classroom explodes.

Kyosuke discovers her within the burning building and immediately moves toward her, holding her in another embrace. Chisa explains that the students are all dead, before crying loudly in his arms, Kyosuke apologizes for not being able to reach her in time. He seeks to remove her from the building, although she accidentally drops her notebook in the fire, containing a picture of the school party they had prior, celebrating her return to the class. Chisa walks from the room casually, despite Kyosuke being willing to go back for it, she refuses.

Chisa, Kyosuke and Juzo stand on a large slanted piece of rubble, watching on as the world begins to fall into despair. Chisa runs to Kyosuke, hugging him in embrace, explaining she will be by his side to help him create a world without despair. Shielding her face from him, her eye now a patterned swirl, she expressed that in the end, Kyosuke will fall into the deepest despair of them all.

Danganronpa Gaiden: Killer Killer[]

Chapter 14 - Killer Killer[]

Chisa made a cameo appearance in the last chapter of the manga. She was seen inside a meeting room with Kyosuke who stated that he wanted to wiped out the Ultimate Despair from the world. Chisa commented that he didn't have to be so worked out, and smiling slyly with swirly eyes, hinting that she is happy that she is able to manipulate Kyosuke.

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School - Future Arc[]

At some point in time she got recruited by Koichi for the Future Foundation, she became the head of the 5th Division. Her responsibility as the 5th Division leader was to gather intelligence on the phenomenon of Despair. However, in truth, Chisa acted as a sleeper agent for Ultimate Despair, also contributing to the Tragedy. For example, at one point, Chisa murdered some children that she was assigned to protect, and showed her act to other prominent members in order to drive them closer to despair.

Episode 01 - Third Time's the Charm[]

During Kyoko Kirigiri's opening narration, Chisa is seen on a bridge with several other Future Foundation leaders and they were stopped by Fuyuhiko. When Kyosuke blocked Peko's attack, Chisa looked on in awe.

Once everyone was gathered at the off-shore location, Chisa remained in the background cleaning while the other members argued across the table. After Juzo's outburst, she appeared sad, but continued cleaning, not saying a word. After Kyosuke entered the room, she took her seat as they began to discuss the situation. When the images of the Remnants of Despair were shown on the main monitor, Chisa watched the screen with a glazed expression. Once Makoto Naegi, Aoi Asahina, and Kyoko entered the boardroom, she was the only one who smiled at them.

While waiting for the board meeting to be called back into order, Chisa distracted herself by cleaning again which prompted Kyosuke to ask if she wanted to rest. Chisa told him that he didn't have to be so formal when they're alone together and went to stand beside him. She asked if he's tired, and told him not to work so hard.

Chisa visited with Makoto in a separate room to help disinfect his injuries. Makoto asked if she was a doctor, and Chisa revealed that she was the homeroom teacher of the Remnants of Despair. She asked why he wanted to protect them despite what they had done, and nods after hearing his answer. She said that they were right to call him the Ultimate Hope and said that, like Makoto, Kyosuke is also Future Foundation's hope. For that reason, she didn't disagree with Makoto's feelings but understood that Ultimate Despair can't be combated by just being nice, which is why Kyosuke's decisiveness is so important. She told Makoto that if he could try to understand Kyosuke it would make her happy, and she hoped that the two of them could combine their hopes for a greater hope.

Chisa was in the boardroom when the off-shore location was being attacked. After Juzo restrained Makoto, she told him to not be so rough and she was pulled aside by Kyosuke. She attempted to contact HQ, but she couldn't get any signal from the outside. When the sleeping gas hit the board room, she called out to Kyosuke just as she passed out.

Chisa's body was later found after everyone woke up and Monokuma announced the Final Killing Game, draped over the room's chandelier. The weight of her corpse caused the entire thing to fall.

Episode 02 - Hang the Witch[]

Chisa's corpse was later examined by Juzo and Great Gozu, with the latter using his jacket to cover the body.

Episode 04 - Who is a Liar[]

Chisa's corpse appears in Monokuma's recap of the events happening thus far.

Episode 05 - Dreams of Distant Days[]

Kyoko and Ryota also examined her body later on and learned more things regarding the attacker's true methods, Koichi asks Kyoko if she learned a lot, and she replied that she has and that she needs to see Great Gozu before coming to any conclusions.

Episode 06 - No man is an island[]

In the conference room, Kyosuke is shown looking at Chisa's body as he recalled the time Chisa, Juzo, and him had graduated from Hope's Peak Academy. After recalling the heartwarming events, Kyosuke took his katana and stabs Chisa through her heart, telling her goodbye.

Episode 08 - Who Killed Cock Robin[]

Chisa first appeared on Miaya Gekkogahara's screen, showing her actual NG Code description, "Having Kyosuke Munakata dies." She also appeared in a flashback during Kyoko Kirigiri's explanation of how Ruraka killed Sonosuke and how his death was different than the others as the people killed by the killer were stabbed in the heart as opposed to Sonosuke.

Episode 10 - Death, Destruction, Despair[]

Kazuo mentioned Chisa a few times during his battle with Kyosuke, asking if the former Super High School Level Housekeeper was one of the "necessary deaths" Kyosuke espoused as the cost of eradicating despair. Later, when Kyosuke demanded to know the identity of the traitor, Kazuo claimed that everyone in the Future Foundation had been tainted by despair, even Chisa herself.

After the third time limit hit, Kyosuke visited Chisa's body and stabbed his sword into her chest, bidding her a late farewell. He also found two pictures of Chisa: One of her playing with orphans, and another of her sitting on a swing, smiling while a dead orphan lay behind her. She had written "it was me" on the photo, referring to when she pretended to find the orphans, and tearfully asked Kyosuke, who could do this. The revelation that Chisa had once been a member of Ultimate Despair, and had been the one who killed the orphans, left Kyosuke devastated and in an even more unstable state of mind than before.

Episode 11 - All Good Things[]

Chisa is seen in a flashback that takes place right after the first game when Makoto and the others are leaving the school. After Kyosuke confirms Junko was the culprit, Chisa apologizes for not investigating her more thoroughly. She dives into Kyosuke's arms, and as he comforts her, she smiles a devious smile. Chisa is then seen in another flashback after it is revealed that the monitors brainwashed all of the victims into committing suicide. Chisa is reaching for the chandelier, while clutching the Monokuma knife in her teeth. While not seen onscreen, it can be confirmed that she placed herself on the chandelier and stabbed herself with the knife provided by the Monokuma monitor.

Episode 12 - It is Always Darkest[]

A flashback is seen, showing what appears to be a military base controlled by the Future Foundation. Chisa, finding Kazuo sitting underneath a marquee, hands him two flash drives, one being the despair video which contributed to The Tragedy, the other contributing to the Mass suicide of the Reserve Course students. She expressed that Ryota was the one who contributed to these videos and that finding him may help in the fight against despair. Kazuo inquired as to whether Chisa had seen the video herself, prompting her to lie, she explained that she had not. It can be assumed that Chisa planted the seed which would become the foundation of Kazuo's plan for the Final Killing Game.

Back to present time, her body is seen when Kyosuke sheltered himself in the conference room after being cornered by brainwashed rescue squad troops. Needing any available armaments, with reluctance he removed his katana from Chisa's body in order to better fight the brainwashed troops. Kyosuke apologizes to Chisa once more, only wishing he could have been by her side throughout all of this. Seeing Chisa's body again, the bandage covering Kyosuke's damaged eye has been removed and placed on Chisa's body, he has also wiped away the dried blood upon her face using these bandages.

Chisa later appeared in a movie theater, talking with Junko while watching the events of the Final Killing Game. Junko relayed the events of the Final Killing Game, the contribution of Chisa in these events, leading her class to despair, causing a conflict between Kyosuke and Kazuo and ultimately causing the destruction of the Future Foundation. After Junko had relayed all past events, Chisa stood from where she was seated, proclaiming that this is where 'Hope begins'. Although Junko pointed out it does not matter as they are both already dead.

Super Danganronpa 2.5: Komaeda Nagito to Sekai no Hakaimono[]

Chisa appeared in Nagito's imagination world, resuming her role as their teacher. She is later seen at Kazuichi's funeral.

Side: Hope - The Academy of Hope and Students of Despair[]

Hajime entered the conference room, staring over Chisa's body, he stated to her that he found something important to him, that the goal was not having a talent and that using his powers brought the Class 77-B back, despite what he used his powers for in the past.

Later, after Kyosuke stated to Makoto that he had his own burden to carry, he remembered a flashback of himself, Chisa and Juzo looking on at Hope's Peak Academy.



Kyosuke Munakata[]

Kyosuke is a close friend of Chisa's. They met during their time at Hope's Peak Academy, where they spent much of their time together. She had strong romantic feelings for him, and she believed her life does not feel "regrettable" as long as she does things for his sake, suggesting she felt indebted to him in some way. She genuinely cared about his well-being and respected him a lot, believing he is everyone's hope. Chisa always asked Kyosuke to call her by her first name, but Kyosuke firmly refused, preferring to address her formally. Just like Juzo, she was willing to do anything Kyosuke asked of her, and her main motivation in life was to help Kyosuke reach his goals.

While Kyosuke appeared to have feelings for Chisa as well, the two did not appear to be a couple as they were busy doing their own work and Chisa was seen acting shy about the subject as she blushed while thinking of herself as his lover, and only talked about her feelings in Juzo's company.

Ultimately, Chisa forgot her feelings for Kyosuke after being brainwashed by Junko and Mukuro, her last panic-filled thoughts being her thinking about him until his image was erased from her mind. While pretending to still be on his side, Chisa was shown to be manipulative towards Kyosuke, including being much more bold and physically affectionate towards him than before, to which he answered in calm and gentle manner. After Kyosuke's personality begun to turn colder, he still cared about Chisa, but wasn't very responsive to her physical and emotional affection. Nevertheless, she secretly pushed him towards despair, eventually succeeding when Kazuo revealed her status as an Ultimate Despair to him.

Not only that, Chisa left two pictures behind intended for Kyosuke. The first picture showing Chisa playing with some children the duo found dead in a park; however, the second picture showed Chisa casually sitting on a swing smiling with the dead children in the background, accompanied by a little note confessing to Kyosuke that she killed them.

Interestingly, Chisa's NG code during the Final Killing Game was letting Kyosuke die. This is possibly due to their relationship - mainly the fact that Chisa dedicated her entire life to him. Since the NG codes usually inconvenience the owner, this would've put Chisa at a disadvantage because she had already turned on and betrayed Kyosuke. However, it's possible that Chisa still truly cared for Kyosuke after being brainwashed, as she dedicated the rest of her life from that point on to push him towards despair, probably because he was the person she cared about most.

In the afterlife, Chisa is seen watching him during the events of the Final Killing Game.

Class 74th:

Juzo Sakakura[]

Juzo is a close friend of Chisa. Chisa met Juzo during their time at Hope's Peak, where they spent most of their time together as classmates. Despite being very good friends, Chisa and Juzo are almost exact opposites. Chisa despises violence, whereas violence is Juzo's answer to almost everything. Chisa's carefree nature can also annoy Juzo at times. Still, both learn to put up with each other and eventually grow close. In Juzo's official profile, it's stated that he is often misunderstood, but Chisa understands his true intentions.

The two are not only friends but co-workers as well. The two work under Kyosuke, who they are both extremely loyal to, and were usually put together for jobs, such as investigating Hope's Peak Academy's dark side. During this time Chisa became Class 77-B's assistant teacher (later Reserve Course teacher) while Juzo became the school's head of security. The two often shared their findings with one another and used teamwork to uncover Hope's Peak Academy's hidden secrets. Chisa frequently tells Juzo that she won't let him have Kyosuke, but Juzo states that she is mistaken and that that isn't what he wants.

Despite their closeness, Juzo was unable to tell that Chisa was corrupted by Junko and had fallen into despair.

Class 77-B:

After graduating Hope's Peak Academy, Chisa became the teacher of Class 77-B. Originally, she was supposed to only act as a teacher and worked for Kyosuke, but she quickly grew to truly care about her class. Chisa was close to all her students, knowing to act with each of them and doing her best to bring the class together. She taught them about her belief that hope can be attained by creating memories with others. She believes that there is more to life than talent, and that building relationships with one's classmates is important. She cares deeply about her class, and wants to protect all her students. Chisa also tries to help students who are insecure or have low self esteem, such as Mikan and Nagito. The class thinks of Chisa as a great teacher and role model and some try to follow her example.

One day, because of a school bombing that was caused by Nagito, Chisa is left to defend him and Jin has Chisa transferred to the Reserve Course in order to keep the school's reputation clean. Chisa was visibly saddened about leaving her students, and sheds tears while walking to the Reserve Course. Her students are extremely upset about her leaving, but Chisa encourages them to keep moving forward, and that she will come back to be their teacher again. True to her word, Chisa came back for her class after six months in the Reserve Course, this time as their official homeroom teacher.

However, during The Parade, Chisa was brainwashed by Junko and became a member of the Ultimate Despair along with her students, with the exception of Chiaki and Ryota, with the former who was executed and the latter who had ran away and joined Future Foundation. Chisa still felt a strong bond with her brainwashed students as an Ultimate Despair. She got emotional over saying goodbye to them, and even read a speech. Chisa still considered them her students as she talked about how they brought the world into despair. When her wallet containing pictures of her and her class was burned during the Tragedy, Chisa seemed genuinely upset and heartbroken, knowing she would not see her students again.

When asked about her feelings of her formal charge falling into despair, she seemed disappointed, but stated she still deeply cared and had hope for them. Still, because of the neurosurgery applied on her at The Parade, her seeming to be loyal to Kyosuke, and the fact that she never stated her opinion on the matter, it is unknown whether Chisa wanted her former students killed or not. It is implied she may have just said that in order to keep her cover as a spy for Ultimate Despair.

Chiaki Nanami[]

Chiaki was one of Chisa's students. She was the one who encouraged Chiaki to make friends through her love of gaming, and was happy to see that Chiaki listened to her and took her advice to heart. Chisa became quite fond of Chiaki after she helped her classmates bond, and she even personally selected Chiaki as the class's representative. Chisa thinks of Chiaki as a very reliable student, while Chiaki thinks of her as a great role model and teacher. They both have deep trust in one another and work together to protect the class.

However, in the end it was because of their strong bond that Chiaki was murdered by Junko. After being brainwashed, Chisa betrays Chiaki, using Chiaki's trust in her to trick her into going to her execution, which resulted in her death. Furthermore, Junko used an illusion of Chisa to lure Chiaki into the trap that ultimately killed her.

Nagito Komaeda[]

Nagito was one of Chisa's students. Because of their conflicting opinions on hope and despair, they were never really on the same page. However, Chisa truly cared for Nagito, just like all her other students. She hated when Nagito constantly put himself down or call himself trash, and Chisa often tried to get rid of his self esteem problems. Chisa's kindness towards him confused Nagito, who wasn't used to receiving that kind of treatment.

Even after Nagito causes a bombing that gets her into trouble, Chisa protects him by placing the blame on herself, which was why she was transferred to the Reserve Course and Nagito wasn't expelled.

Koichi Kizakura[]

Chisa was Koichi's assistant homeroom teacher. Because Koichi was drunk almost all the time, Chisa took over his class at his request. The two seem to be on good terms, and in fact, it was Koichi who invited Chisa to join the Future Foundation. Koichi frequently offers Chisa encouragement, as shown when she first arrives and Chisa, in return, tells Koichi to do his best.

The Reserve Course:

Chisa became a teacher for the Reserve Course Department for half a year after a bombing involving by Nagito caused her to be moved. Although Chisa did not think badly of the talentless, she described her time teaching the Reserve Course as torture, most likely due to the fact that she was forced to leave her class.

Hajime Hinata[]

A student at the Reserve Course. Chisa met Hajime when picking up Chiaki for class, and became friendly with him from then on. She treated Hajime as one of her own students (from Class 77-B), protecting him from Juzo when the latter beats Hajime for attempting to enter the Main Course. She appeared to be somewhat concerned upon discovering that Hajime had "left" the school, although she did suspected his involvement in the Kamukura Project.

However after her own death, Hajime entered the conference room, staring over Chisa's body, he stated to her that he found something important to him, that the goal was not having a talent and that using his powers brought the Class 77-B back, despite what he used his powers for in the past.

Class 78th:

Junko Enoshima[]

Junko was the one who ordered Mukuro to brainwash Chisa, filling her with despair. Despite Chisa's efforts to protect her class from Junko, the latter emerged victorious, brainwashing not only her class, but Chisa herself. Interestingly, Chisa didn't harbor the same feelings of love and admiration that her students and the rest of Ultimate Despair had for Junko, and didn't bring despair to the world like Junko wanted her to; instead, she dedicated the rest of her life to making Kyosuke and the Future Foundation fall into despair. Despite that, Chisa lies about Junko's involvement in The Tragedy to Kyosuke in order to protect Junko and her plan.

Interestingly, Junko is seen personally talking to Chisa in the afterlife. Chisa is quite annoyed with her, frowning while Junko continues her speech about the world in despair, and even rebuts Junko's claim that the world is done for, showing that the brainwashing wore off after Chisa's death.


Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Despair Arc (English)

Episode 01:

  • "Aw, I died. I end up present for a lot of decisive situations, don't I? Like in The Housekeeper Saw!"
  • "This is... ...the story that leads up to the... ...Biggest, Most Atrocious Despair-Inducing Incident in Human History. This is a tale of hope... ...that ends in despair. So, does it have a bad ending, you ask? I wonder." (Danganronpa 3 - Despair Arc opening monologue)
  • "You all have these disappointing relationships, don't you? This is a crisis that needs solving!"
  • "Youth comes only once. It will never return! How can you not care about your classmates? You kids are all... ...rotten oranges! Rotten oranges are rotten oranges. They're sticky, squelchy, and squishy! I'm saying I can't let this stand. Let's go and find all your rotten friends! We're going to take back your lost youth!"
  • "With enough rotten oranges, we can still make youth jam!" (to Mahiru"
  • "As a teacher, there are things you must be ready to do to earn a living, Kuzuryuu."
  • "Experience comes with age, I guess."
  • "You have the vibrant personality I'd expect from a Super High School-Level student, Hanamura!"
  • "You'll find a new love in no time."
  • "It's fine to work on your main job, but you need to attend class, too."
  • "The door of youth is right before our eyes!"
  • "You aren't scum. You're a rotten orange!"
  • "Everyone, get your butts in gear!"
  • "True, that is what the school rules say, but... There's more to life than just talent. Interacting with others will build character and help you make memories. Let's make something more important than talent shine: your hope."

Episode 02:

  • "It'll be fine. My students are all good kids!"
  • "That's totally untrue! You shouldn't just say you can't make friends! You can't make friends through gaming? The games you love are so worthless? If games are fun to play by yourself, they'll be even more fun to play with everyone."
  • "Let's rebuild this school as it should be." (to Kyosuke)
  • "How can you spend your precious break time alone? It's a waste!"
  • "Hinata! You shouldn't ever call yourself "lowly"! Everything starts with belief in yourself! What do you say?"
  • "Okay! Let's approach today with cheer, too!"
  • "You should give everything a try."

Episode 03:

  • "But that was violence, plain and simple! As a person, I can't just overlook it!" (to Juzo)
  • "I get what you wanted to do. But don't get violent with students who don't know anything."
  • "I won't let anyone else have Munakata, not even you!"

Episode 04:

  • "It's your chance to use your talents, and show us teachers what you've been able to accomplish! Do your best!"
  • "There is no such thing as a hope that hurts others." (to Nagito)
  • "You aren't trash! You're my precious student. And I am your teacher. You'll all graduate together. Understood?"
  • "Komaeda was thinking of all of you. He worked his hardest to help you. So, when Komaeda comes back, give him a warm welcome."
  • "I'll definitely be back. Because I'm your teacher. I'm sorry to have to be away from class at a time like this. Still, try to look forward, even if only a little. Together, as a class. Protect everyone. Okay, Class Representative?"

Episode 05:

  • "I'd tell you how I suffered during my half year in the Reserve Course, but it isn't easy to put into words. My just desserts, the pain of separation, unspeakable hardship, painstaking action, loss of hope, disappointment, pandemonium. Peaches and chestnuts grow in three years, and persimmons in grow in eight! "The light of fireflies! Snow by the window! Break, dawn! This morning, we part!"
  • "No! I've got to keep fighting! If I let this get to me, Kyosuke will laugh! As Kyosuke's partner, I must become a woman he won't..."

Episode 06:

  • "I'll risk my life for it."
  • "But I want to be of use to Munakata. I'll do it for his ideals. No, to be honest, I don't really care about that. Anyway,if I can help Munakata this way, I'm fine with it."
  • "I could die for Munakata, I think."

Episode 08:

  • "Class! Don't just stare out the windows! You should look toward the shining future."
  • "It's a time like this that a teacher must pull her students along. We need to charge toward our youth!"
  • "It's all right. Protecting everyone is a teacher's job. When I get back, show me your anime, okay?"
  • "I have a bad feeling about this. My talent is being a Super High School-Level Housekeeper. For some reason, an unnatural number of coincidences have led me to places at decisive moments. Yes, this time, too. I'm sorry Kyosuke... We might not meet again."

Episode 09:

  • "Leave this to me. After all, I'm your teacher."

Episode 10:

  • "Our class rep looking so uneasy is a matter of serious concern."
  • "Hey, Nanami... We've been through a lot together, haven't we? Searching for the members of our divided class and reuniting them. The group, only formed due to talent, came together as one. Without a doubt, that was thanks to you. I really am grateful to you for taking on the role of class representative. And that isn't all. While I was away, you did a splendid job of bringing the class together. Without you, they'd never have become such a great class. That's why... ...you were chosen."

Episode 11:

  • "This is a story of hope that ends in despair. I guess, in a way, you could say the story has already ended. All that's left is for a world that's neither hopeful or despairful in nature... To be transformed completely into despair."
  • "Even though today's the end... I guess I just can't keep it together."
  • "As your home room teacher, and an alumni of Hope's Peak High School... I will be cheering you on from my heart. I'm sure that there will be hard, and sad times in your lives. But even then, never forget what you learned here... And fly to great heights! The thought of not seeing you all again makes me sad, but... I'll be rooting for you all, in your future endeavors. From your home room teacher, Chisa Yukizome."
  • "Boring..." I bet that's what that boy with the long hair would call this. The future became exactly the place Junko Enoshima wanted it to be. My students infected the world with despair. The infection of despair caused new cases of despair to flare up... It wasn't long before the entire world was dyed with despair. I also ended up with the fate she imagined for me..."
  • "Kyosuke, we have to stop this despair! Let's make a world without despair! I know you can do it, Kyosuke. I'll be there to support you. So that in the end, Kyosuke... You can fall into the deepest despair of them all."
  • "Yes... this is a story about hope that ends in despair. So, isn't it a bad ending, you ask? I don't know about that. For her and the people who worship her, it's the exact ending they wanted... Besides, could there have ever been a happy ending for a story like this?"

Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School/Future Arc (English)

Episode 01:

  • "Munakata is the Future Foundation's hope, as well."
  • "I don't believe that the way you think is wrong, but these are actual times. You can't defeat the Remnants of Despair by being nice. The Future Foundation needs Munakata's decisiveness."
  • "Hey... If two hopes could understand each other and work together, wouldn't that make an even better hope?" (About Makoto and Kyosuke's ideals)

Episode 06:

  • "Whenever you make a decision, Munakata, you always follow it without thought. You need someone like me with you."

Episode 10:

Episode 12:

  • "I am Chisa Yukizome, the former Super High School-Level House Keeper. Guided by my talent, I've been present at many critical moments."
  • "And so, hope was lost... A wish for hope gave birth to despair. Prayers went unanswered, love was betrayed. Everything fell into darkness... And so, our future ends here. No. Because now, hope begins."


  • Her given name is written in hiragana and hence there are many possible kanji spellings for "Chisa". However, some of the most common spellings include 萵苣, which means "lettuce", and 千紗, which means "a thousand gauze". The latter suits her title of housekeeper, as if mending to all of her students' problems.
  • Yukizome (雪染) can be translated as meaning "Snow Prints", or "dyed snow"
  • Chisa's talent is similar to that of Kirumi Tojo's.
  • On her profile seen in the salvaged PDA in Future Arc #09, Chisa's zodiac sign was erroneously listed as Cancer instead of Taurus.
  • Her initial design is dark haired and extremely similar to Mikan; her redesign is possibly to minimize outing her as a Remnant of Despair from the beginning.
  • During a scene in Despair Arc #01, Chisa is seen with a guitar that has the kanji for 'Kyosuke' (京助) printed on the body.
  • Along with the Great Gozu, Chisa is one of the two Final Killing Game participants whose NG Code never appeared to directly affect their actions/fate in the game.


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  3. Heavily implied by the series' timeline. The flashback at the beginning of Future Arc #08 confirms that the mutual killings took place 'years ago'.


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