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Эта статья предоставляет информацию об ивентах Абсолютного Плана Развития Талантов Сакуры Огами.

Статистика Карт

Minimum (LVL 1):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
20 10 5 3 1 2 2 2
Maximum (LVL 99):
Influence Focus Strength Defense Intellect Fortitude Agility Luck
216 108 150 100 50 75 75 75


Guide Project Sakura 04
I am the Ultimate Martial Artist, but I am not yet the strongest human alive.
That will be my goal at this academy.


Guide Project Sakura 07
I took advantage of many opportunities here. I trained hard and made lifelong friends.
I may not yet be the strongest... but these were a good three years.

Ивенты Дружбы[]

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

FTE Guide Nekomaru Mini Pixel
With Nekomaru Nidai
Guide Project Nekomaru 10
Oh, Sakura... Did you finish your training for the day?
Guide Project Sakura 03
Oh, Nekomaru. Were you watching?
Guide Project Nekomaru 02
If training's your daily job, then mine is checking in on athletes.
It's been a couple years...since we last talked.
Guide Project Nekomaru 15
Do you remember when we met?
Guide Project Sakura 12
I remember. It was back when we were both training in the mountains, right?
Guide Project Nekomaru 08
It's hard to believe we'd meet again in a place like this.
Actually this place is for the best of the best, so I guess it makes sense you'd be here.
Guide Project Nekomaru 10
I could see with a single punch that you've gotten stronger.
Guide Project Sakura 06
However, I have still not reached my goal...
Guide Project Nekomaru 07
The strongest human alive, huh?
Guide Project Sakura 06
There is still an opponent I must defeat. Therefore, I cannot stop training yet...
Guide Project Nekomaru 10
That single-mindedness of yours... It doesn't change no matter how strong you get.
If you want, I'll support you from the sidelines.
Guide Project Sakura 12
Did you come here to offer your talent?
Guide Project Nekomaru 10
Well...something like that. Just gimme a shout when you need me.
Even if it's just while we're both at this academy...I'll help you get stronger.

With Genocide Jack and Korekiyo Shinguji[]

FTE Guide Genocide Jack Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Korekiyo Mini Pixel
With Genocide Jack and Korekiyo Shinguji
Guide Project Jack 03
...Totally not adorable!
Guide Project Korekiyo 06
How rude to declare such a thing upon seeing someone... But your words will not faze me.
Guide Project Jack 04
Ngh, I can probably see a demand for you, but ya just don't cut it for me.
Guide Project Korekiyo 05
I have no issue with that. I doubt anything good will come from being your type.
You also do nothing for me. Only cleanly people are suitable to be Sister's friends.
Guide Project Jack 11
My gloomy side is the one who doesn't bathe! It's her fault I get this filthy!
By the by, what happens to the suitable girls? You find any worthy ones already?
Guide Project Korekiyo 08
I could ask the same of you. What happens to those who "cut it" for you?
Guide Project Sakura 03
I must interject...
Guide Project Jack 09
Ooohh, Miss Ogre just showed up, draggin' her knuckles like the ape-woman she is!
Guide Project Sakura 12
I felt a great disturbance in the air... What were you two discussing?
Guide Project Jack 05
Nooothing! We were just chit-chatting and sipping some tea!
Guide Project Sakura 06
I see...then that's fine. I must be imagining things... My apologies.
Guide Project Korekiyo 05
Kehehe... I do not mind. I am accustomed to people thinking I am suspicious.
Guide Project Korekiyo 01
In regards to your question from earlier, though...
Guide Project Jack 09
Hm? My question?
Guide Project Korekiyo 05
I will say... "The decision shall be put on hold for the time being."
I don't wish to be seen as any more suspicious than I already am at this school.
Guide Project Jack 01
Ahhh, we'd be in big trouble if she got mad! We'll call it off for now!
Guide Project Sakura 04

With Izuru Kamukura and Monokuma[]

FTE Guide Izuru Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Monokuma Mini Pixel
With Izuru Kamukura and Monokuma
Guide Project Sakura 05
Hm... Y-You are...
Guide Project Izuru 02
Hmm... So you're one of the students with a combat-related talent.
Guide Project Sakura 02
Yes...I am the Ultimate Martial Artist, Sakura Ogami.
How strange... Your body doesn't look built at all, but I can tell you're strong.
In order to become the strongest human alive, I must test your power. That's what I believe.
Guide Project Izuru 04
That's probably true. I'm talented at many martial arts.
The muscles you've spent years building would probably mean little against me.
Guide Project Sakura 01
Even a little will be fine. Can you spare some time?
Guide Project Izuru 01
Does that mean you want to fight?
I don't think there's any point to a battle where the outcome is obvious.
Guide Project Sakura 03
You may be able to predict the results, but it does not mean you are always correct.
Guide Project Izuru 01
My predictions are always correct.
Guide Project Sakura 03
Even so...in a battle, you will never know the final results until it is over.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 04
Hey, hey! Aren't you guys givin' off the wrong vibe!?
Guide Project Sakura 02
What do you want, Monokuma? We are in the middle of something...
Guide Project Monokuma V3 01
What do you think this is? The disappointing finale to a bleachy battle manga or something?
This is supposed to be about the daily lives of Hope's Peak boys! And girls, too!
Like, falling for the new girl in class, or falling for your childhood friend, that sorta thing...
Guide Project Monokuma V3 04
Don't you want a convoluted love dodecahedron that works out for everyone in the end!?
Guide Project Sakura 04
Guide Project Monokuma V3 11
That...that is what you guys want, right?
Guide Project Izuru 04
Guide Project Monokuma V3 09
Guide Project Monokuma V3 07
My bad... Clearly, I'm just getting in your way.
So you really were gonna fight, huh? Man, bears got nothing on you savage humans.
Guide Project Monokuma V3 21
Okay, then I'll just be the referee. Let's get it on!
Guide Project Sakura 03
It seems we should have our fight in a more private place, so no one can disturb us.
Guide Project Izuru 02
We've both wasted our time here.
And thus, a declaration of war was made!

With Akane Owari and Maki Harukawa[]

FTE Guide Akane Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Maki Mini Pixel
With Akane Owari and Maki Harukawa
Guide Project Sakura 03
Oh... It's you, Akane.
Guide Project Akane 08
There you are, Sakura! Fight me! I'm gonna win today!
Guide Project Maki 05
...What are you doing just jumping in like that? We were about to train.
Guide Project Sakura 04
Akane has been challenging me to fights quite frequently as of late...
I have no reason to refuse a challenger... And so, I will fight any who seek me out...
Guide Project Akane 05
Oh, Mookie's here too!? Perfect! How 'bout ya join us?
Guide Project Maki 16
I'll pass. Also, my name is Maki.
Guide Project Akane 22
Huh? Who cares!? I'm just feelin' feisty cuz I'm so damn hungry!
Guide Project Maki 05
What a convenient excuse. Besides, I get why you'd want to fight Sakura, but why me?
Guide Project Akane 23
Hm? Cuz you're strong, right?
Guide Project Maki 14
Guide Project Akane 12
I'll have fun fightin' you. That's what the guy from your class told me.
Ummm...I forgot his name. That one annoyin' brat with the shit-eatin' grin.
Guide Project Maki 02
Ah... Everything he says is a lie. Sorry, you were tricked.
Guide Project Sakura 03
I also agree that you're not just some ordinary person.
Guide Project Maki 04
Wait, what are you saying, Sakura?
Guide Project Sakura 04
I can see you're skillful, but I don't intend to challenge anyone who doesn't want to fight.
Guide Project Akane 05
Okay then, let's all fight! It's a free for all!
Guide Project Maki 05
I already said I'll pass.
Guide Project Maki 15
Unlike you two, I don't enjoy or respect fighting.
Guide Project Akane 08
Stop worryin' about that and just fight! It don't matter as long as we duke it out!!
Guide Project Maki 11
...You're stupid and absurd. I wish you'd stop spouting nonsense.

With Aoi Asahina[]

FTE Guide Aoi Mini Pixel
With Aoi Asahina
Phew! Water is the best after you work up a sweat!
Guide Project Sakura 07
Yes...I would choose a simple cup of fresh water over a grand feast any day.
Yeah, yeah! And we had such a good workout, too!
Guide Project Sakura 01
I agree. In this school, I can partake in any training I want.
I didn't think such an environment would be available in the middle of a city.
When I wanna run, I can run as much as I want! When I wanna swim, I can swim as much as I want!
We have access to rich protein shakes, too! This really is the best training environment!
Guide Project Sakura 07
But above all, even though we walk different paths, I found a friend who I can train with.
Hina... Thank you.
H-Hold on... What's up with you all of a sudden? Geez...
I'm also glad that you became my friend. When I see you working hard toward your goal...
...I feel like I can absolutely get the gold medal at the Olympics.
Guide Project Sakura 01
Yes... You'll definitely be able to accomplish that.
I'll be the fastest in water, and you'll be the strongest on land!
Alright! Let's train hard today...toward our dreams!

Seasonal Events[]

Sports Festival[]

Guide Project Sakura 02
Today is the sports festival... You were in the relay race, until Monokuma barged in!
You were able to stop him and let the runners continue their race, but... Monokuma ran away!
Monokuma might disrupt the other events as well... What should you do to catch him?
FTE Guide Ibuki Mini Pixel
I should ask if anyone has seen Monokuma
Guide Project Sakura 11
Detective work doesn't suit me...but it must be done.
Guide Assets Ibuki 19
Huh? What's up, Sakura? Are you mad about something?
Guide Project Sakura 12
Yes...I cannot ignore Monokuma while he interferes with everyone's good time.
Ibuki, did you happen to see Monokuma at all?
Guide Assets Ibuki 10
Hmhmhm, thanks for asking! I sure did!
Guide Assets Ibuki 15
...Is what I wanna say, but unfortunately I haven't seen hide or hair of Monokuma.
Guide Project Sakura 06
I see. Sorry for taking your time.
Guide Assets Ibuki 08
Ughughugh, I couldn't help you and now I'm filled with regreeet!
Guide Assets Ibuki 15
So since I was so useless, I'll tell you this... Don't work too hard on your own.
You're a student here too, Sakura... Don't forget to enjoy the sports festival.
Guide Project Sakura 07
...Yes, I won't forget. Thank you.
You looked for Monokuma, but you remembered Ibuki's words and participated in events, too.
FTE Guide Mikan Mini Pixel
I should use this time to treat my injuries
Guide Project Mikan 01
Phew...I heard that Sakura fought with Monokuma, so I brought the first aid kit...
Guide Project Sakura 12
It's merely a scratch, I'm used to such injuries. I'll deal with it later.
Guide Project Mikan 03
But umm...c-can you show it to me first?
Even if it's just a little scratch, if it gets infected, you could get sick.
Guide Project Sakura 10
Gh, Mikan!
Guide Project Mikan 05
Heeeee! Um, um... I'm sorry if I'm being a bother!
Guide Project Sakura 05
No, it's just...you're absolutely right. Even the strongest of us can fall ill!
I was wrong to doubt your ability. I leave it to you to heal me.
Guide Project Mikan 13
Y-Yes! I will!
You had Mikan properly examine your wounds!
FTE Guide Peko Mini Pixel
I should find an ally who shares my goal
Guide Project Sakura 03
Peko, do you intend to look for Monokuma also?
Guide Project Peko 18
Ah... Academy security is already after him, but since it's Monokuma, the more the better.
Guide Project Peko 13
The sports festival is important...so I'd like everyone to enjoy themselves today.
Guide Project Sakura 04
Then let's not ask any more people.
Guide Project Sakura 01
Peko, it seems our goals align. Let's join forces and split up to search for Monokuma.
Guide Project Peko 08
I was going to ask you the same thing. I'm glad to have your assistance.
You found a powerful ally to help you look for Monokuma!

School Festival[]

Guide Project Sakura 01
Today is the fall school festival... A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists...
All the girls with sports and entertainment-related talents are putting on a fashion show!
Unfortunately, that includes you, too... You have time before the show. What will you do?
FTE Guide Makoto Mini Pixel
Perhaps I will help set up the stage...
Guide Project Sakura 01
Is there something I can help with?
Guide Project Makoto 04
Sakura? Weren't you going to be up on stage next?
Guide Project Sakura 03
That is the plan, but I have some time before it begins...
Makoto, if memory serves, you are not the assigned helper for this event.
Guide Project Makoto 06
Y-Yeah, I was just going to watch for a bit, but then they asked me to help out...
Guide Project Sakura 01
Then allow me to lighten your load. I can be of use with any heavy labor.
Guide Project Makoto 22
Oh, no, I appreciate the concern, but it would be bad if you got hurt now...
Guide Project Sakura 03
...Do I look like I get hurt easily?
Guide Project Makoto 04
N-No, that's not what I meant...
Guide Project Makoto 07
It's just that, it's pretty busy, who knows what could happen?
You should be preparing to take the stage, Sakura.
Guide Project Sakura 07
If you're going to say that...then I will wait patiently. I apologize for taking your time.
Guide Project Makoto 01
No, not at all! Do your best!
You were distracted by your conversation with your classmate!
FTE Guide Tenko Mini Pixel
I will wait to go on stage with my peers...
Guide Project Tenko 22
Guide Project Tenko 13
Oh, that's not a siren! It's just my voice!
Guide Project Sakura 03
Yes, I can tell.
Guide Project Tenko 04
I'd usually be able to overcome this using my Neo-Aikido spirit, but...ghhh, I can't stay still! I
can't believe I'll be sharing a stage with a real pop sensation like Sayaka...
Guide Project Tenko 07
Oooohhh, this is bad! Whenever I get this nervous, my face distorts like a demon's!
Guide Project Sakura 12
Tenko...do you remember the purpose of this event?
Guide Project Tenko 01
Purpose...? Hm...
We have sports-related talents, while Sayaka and the others' talents are in entertainment...
So we want people to see how amazing we girls are, despite our different disciplines, right?
Guide Project Sakura 12
That's right. You cannot compare yourself to others. Take the stage...as yourself.
Guide Project Tenko 03
S-Sakura...it's amazing to hear that from a dignified girl like you! You're so cool!
Compared to you...I still have much training to do.
Guide Project Tenko 17
Alright. This'll be a piece of cake!
You were able to help Tenko!
FTE Guide Kaede Mini Pixel
I will enjoy the show before ours...
Guide Project Kaede 13
Phew...I think my performance went well.
Guide Project Sakura 02
Guide Project Kaede 16
Oh, Sakura. It's your turn next, right? I'm looking forward to it.
Guide Project Sakura 10
Guide Project Kaede 08
Ah! Wh-What's wrong?
Guide Project Sakura 02
Kaede... Your performance was beautiful.
Guide Project Kaede 44
Oh, I see... Thank you.
Guide Project Sakura 02
My childhood days were filled with training. I never got to appreciate entertainment.
I know nothing about classical music, but your performance has moved me deeply.
Guide Project Kaede 37
There aren't a lot of high school kids who listen to classical music.
I wanted to show everyone the charm of this amazing song, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Guide Project Sakura 04
It was wonderful. I would love to hear any further recommendations you have.
Guide Project Kaede 13
Oh, how about...you visit me in the music room next time?
I'll play some songs and you can tell me which piece is your favorite!
You made a promise with someone unexpected!


Guide Project Sakura 04
Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
With so few months left in the school year, you are overcome by bittersweet nostalgia...
FTE Guide Aoi Mini Pixel
Maybe I'll go to the schoolyard
Oh hey, Sakura! Are you here for a run, too?
Guide Project Sakura 03
No, I did not come here for any compelling reason...but since you are out for a run...
Perhaps my mood will improve if I join you.
Oh no, did something happen?
Guide Project Sakura 04
Don't worry about it. I was just feeling a little sad about our upcoming graduation.
I see... But when you're feeling down, that's the best time to start exercising!
It's gotten cold lately, too. Even more reason to get your blood pumping!
People say I'm like a hyper little dog when I say things like that...
Guide Project Sakura 07
I like your energetic spirit, Hina.
I would like nothing more than for you to follow your heart's desire.
Aw, that's so nice of you to say, Sakura...
Now, let's run! We'll start with a warmup!
You exercised with Hina until your body got hot!
FTE Guide Nekomaru Mini Pixel
Maybe I'll go to the dining hall
Guide Project Nekomaru 10
Oh, Sakura. Here for a meal?
I can come up with a special diet plan that'll suit you perfectly.
Guide Project Sakura 03
Nekomaru? When did you start working at the dining hall?
Guide Project Nekomaru 04
Hmph... That's not what I'm here for. I only help out when athletes come here.
When Teruteru's in the kitchen, the menu's more flexible.
Guide Project Sakura 04
I see... So you two have formed a partnership of sorts.
Guide Project Nekomaru 10
An athlete's diet has a profound impact on their training and performance.
I must consider all aspects of an athlete's training when creating a diet plan for them.
Guide Project Nekomaru 02
It's also my duty to stop certain people from eating too many donuts.
Guide Project Sakura 01
You mean Hina? I think your guidance will do her good, but allow her to indulge sometimes.
Eating donuts is one of the main sources of joy in her life.
Guide Project Nekomaru 09
Exactly! Meals that fill your heart with joy do wonders for an athlete's vitality!
Guide Project Sakura 07
You're right... I could use a meal like that.
Guide Project Nekomaru 12
Yeah! Be sure to EAAAAAT UUUUUUP!!!
...You regained your vitality by sticking to Nekomaru's diet plan!
FTE Guide Himiko Mini Pixel
Maybe I'll go to the gym
Guide Project Himiko 01
Nyeh? Sakura...are you trying to train here?
Guide Project Himiko 02
Sorry, but...I've got the gym reserved till tomorrow.
I'm gonna have a Christmas magic show tomorrow.
Guide Project Sakura 04
I see... Christmas will be here soon.
Guide Project Himiko 01
Did you forget? Well, I guess you don't seem like you'd be interested in stuff like that.
Guide Project Himiko 02
Hm...then you should come to my show.
Athletic people like you don't try to figure out my magic, so you'll have a great time.
Guide Project Sakura 01
I must admit, I have never attended a magician's performance before.
Then I will watch and support a fellow student.
Guide Project Himiko 22
Hm! Look forward to it!
Guide Project Himiko 01
Oh, but...um...it's hard to say this, but...
Guide Project Sakura 03
What is it?
Guide Project Himiko 03
R-Really? Then, I want you to remember... I'm not a magician, I'm a mage.
Guide Project Sakura 01
Guide Project Himiko 24
I-It's not like I'm saying you're wrong!
Guide Project Himiko 04
But...I'm a mage! I can't let that slide!
Guide Project Sakura 03
Calm down, it's alright. I did not mean to contradict you.
Presenting yourself as a mage is necessary so that you may bring smiles to your audience.
Guide Project Himiko 03
S-So you understand. Then it's okay.
Guide Project Himiko 09
Whew...I was about to wet myself a little.
You promised to go see Himiko's show!

Appearances in Seasonal Events for Other Characters[]

With Akane Owari[]

Guide Project Akane 01
Your last winter at the academy... But you're just going to spend it like usual!
You have some free time after the closing ceremony... What do you do?
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
I'll win my battle no matter what today!
Guide Project Akane 15
Damn...I lost again.
Guide Project Sakura 03
But you have increased your speed, and you hit harder than you used to.
Guide Project Sakura 07
Akane. In these three years, it appears you have practiced hard.
Guide Project Akane 02
I came to defeat you. Just you wait...you're goin' down!
Guide Project Sakura 01
Good. I will be your opponent. You bring the best out of me.
Come, challenge me. Even...after we graduate.
Guide Project Akane 04
Huh? Graduate?
I see...if we graduate, we can battle each other whenever we want.
Guide Project Sakura 05
That is correct.
Guide Project Sakura 07
Your heart is full of fighting spirit. I think that is a precious thing.
Guide Project Akane 23
Well, of course I can only think of fighting when someone as strong as you is around!
Well, I always think about food, too!
...You parted ways with Sakura, knowing in your heart that you'll win next time for sure...

With Angie Yonaga[]

Guide Project Angie 26
Today is the fall school festival... Your job was to make the haunted house exhibit!
You really want lots of people to come! Why don't you talk to students as they walk by?
FTE Guide Aoi Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
Stop, you two! Atua is summoning you!
Guide Project Angie 04
Atua has spoken... Everyone should enter this haunted house.
Huh? A-Atua?
Guide Project Sakura 04
...Your hometown must be exceptionally devout.
Guide Project Angie 03
Of course! Atua is always by my side! Nyahaha! It's so divine!
Um, anyway...you just want me to go into the haunted house, right?
What do you wanna do, Sakura? The haunted house looks pretty interesting.
Guide Project Sakura 03
It does... Since it is a school festival, we should experience it for ourselves.
Guide Project Angie 16
Yahooo! Now we're talking! I did all the interior decorations, but they're really intense...
Guide Project Angie 08
So intense, they might make you faint...
Hey, don't say it like that! I really dislike that kind of stuff!
Guide Project Sakura 04
I do not think she means any harm by it... She simply has a strange way of speaking.
Guide Project Angie 03
Nyahaha! Two victims, comin' through!
You escorted Sakura and Hina, who seemed exhausted already, into the haunted house!

With Aoi Asahina[]

Today is the summer sports festival you've been waiting for! You're in the relay race!
So, which runner should you be?
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
I'll be the middle runner and pass the baton!
I have the baton! Alright, I gotta hurry and pass it on to the next person!
...Sakura! Here!
Guide Project Sakura 01
Good job, Hina. Leave the rest to me.
Alright, I did a perfect job passing the baton! My team will definitely win!
You watched your best friend demonstrate an amazing sprint to the finish!

With Junko Enoshima[]

Guide Project Junko Enoshima 12
Today is the summer sports festival... It's a boring event full of hope!
So which event will you participate in?
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
Maybe volleyball with a reliable teammate
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 16
I'll be relying on you, Sakura. Let's do our best.
Guide Project Sakura 03
I will do what I can. But volleyball is a team sport. I will need your support as well.
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 16
Yeah, yeah. Well, I think I can help out here.
Despite my appearance, I'm actually pretty good at predicting my opponents moves.
Guide Project Sakura 07
That is somewhat reassuring...
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 17
I'm so happy that you of all people can rely on me, Sakura.
...So happy that it will drive me to despair.
You played volleyball as a member of the team. You told them they can be your wingman anytime.

With K1-B0[]

Guide Project K1-B0 23
Your last winter at the academy... The Monokubs have suggested that you all clean the school.
Where will you clean first?
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
I'll start with the gym since it's so big
Guide Project Sakura 03
Yes, I have finished cleaning.
Guide Project K1-B0 24
We finished this task very fast, thanks to you... There was hardly anything for me to do.
Guide Project Sakura 07
You were very helpful lighting up the dark areas for me to clean.
Guide Project K1-B0 03
Th-That's right! I was helpful, wasn't I!? My functions were useful, weren't they!?
Guide Project K1-B0 08
Guide Project Sakura 03
Keebo...there is no need to be sad. Like I said, you were very helpful to me.
Guide Project K1-B0 07
I'm sorry... It's just that I sometimes feel self-conscious when I'm around you.
Guide Project Sakura 03
Hm...how so? Please tell me.
Guide Project K1-B0 23
As a robot, I have no way to increase my strength on my own.
I require outside help to expand my functions and keep my body maintained.
Guide Project K1-B0 09
So I tend to feel a little self-conscious around others who can actually train their bodies.
Guide Project Sakura 04
I see... It's impossible for you to train your body...
But...look at it this way—generally speaking, people are strong and weak in different areas.
Guide Project K1-B0 24
Different areas...?
Guide Project Sakura 03
Everyone has a flaw. There is always something people cannot do, no matter how hard they try.
But...I do not think you should be ashamed of that.
With your body, the difference between you and others may feel more pronounced, but...
Guide Project Sakura 04
I'm sorry... Have I hurt your feelings? Being sensitive toward others is a weak area of mine.
Guide Project K1-B0 01
N-No...actually, I'm quite touched. Very few people are so direct and sincere with me.
Guide Project K1-B0 23
You're right... I should not focus so much on what makes me different from others.
There may be things I cannot do...but there are also things that only I can do.
Guide Project Sakura 07
Yes, exactly.
Even if you can't train your body, you can learn to do many things from experience.
Guide Project K1-B0 18
That's very true, Sakura. I will continue to improve myself on my own terms.
Your years of training lend a lot of weight to your words... I could learn much from you.
...Thanks to Sakura, you feel much more positive overall!

With Kaede Akamatsu[]

Kaede Akamatsu VA ID
Today is the sports festival... You finished your events, so you decided to cheer!
Which event will you cheer for?
FTE Guide Tenko Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
Girls volleyball seems fun to watch!
Guide Project Kaede 02
Wow, the other team has Sakura! But it looks like my class is working hard, too...
Guide Project Tenko 03
Oh, it's Kaede! Did you come to cheer us on!?
Thank you so much... Girls are the best! Now, I'm really pumped up!
Guide Project Sakura 10
Tenko, I see power in your eyes.
I haven't lost yet... Uuuooooohhhhhhh!!!
Guide Project Kaede 29
Oh, this is so intense! This reminds me of Chopin's Revolutionary Etude!
Guide Project Kaede 16
Alright... Do your best, everyone!
You chanted fiery cheers that matched the intensity of the heated match!

With Nekomaru Nidai[]

Guide Project Nekomaru 10
Today is the school festival... You decided to do "it" to athletes you've chosen!
A promising student is walking by right off the bat... How do you approach them?
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
I'll show you my secret weapon!
Guide Project Nekomaru 13
Hah! I was waiting for this day! The day my body would be of use to you!
Guide Project Sakura 12
Oh, it's you, Nekomaru. You may have a secret weapon, but I don't think you should reveal it.
Let me guess...your hand? No, your finger. That is where your skill is concentrated.
Guide Project Nekomaru 08
You were able to tell with a single look... Very impressive.
I'll show you this power that has supported many athletes...
Guide Project Nekomaru 12
I know your goal is to be the strongest human alive...so leave your body to MEEEE!!!
Guide Project Sakura 02
That's fine. I have received your encouragement as manager.
My body is normally immune to such techniques. But perhaps, from you...
...You did "it" to Sakura, full force!

With Peko Pekoyama[]

Guide Project Peko 15
Today is the fall school festival! A pop star, a fashionista, a swordmaster, martial artists...
Girls with entertainment and sports talents came together to do a fashion show!
But you didn't really want to participate in the first place. What do you do?
FTE Guide Junko Mini Pixel
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
Watch the others closely
Guide Project Peko 12
Just like I thought, Junko is so confident out there...
Guide Project Peko 17
No...it must be my mistake...
Guide Project Junko Enoshima 17
Oh, hello there Peko. Is it your turn next? Break a leg out there.
Guide Project Peko 09
O-Oh... Thank you.
Guide Project Peko 17
Was that...Junko? No, even if she had stage makeup on, her face was quite different...
Guide Project Sakura 03
Peko, is something the matter? You seem upset.
Guide Project Peko 15
Sakura...did you see Junko's face as she went by just now?
Guide Project Sakura 04
No, I did not.
I merely saw a shadow that looked like Junko go backstage.
Guide Project Peko 02
I see. Never mind, then...
The next time you saw Junko, her face was the same as normal... Were you just mistaken?

With Sayaka Maizono[]

Guide Project Sayaka 9
Today is the summer sports festival. For once, your job and a school event didn't overlap!
You became the captain of the volleyball team. Who will you talk to before the game?
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
Sakura...we'll support you
Guide Project Sayaka 3
I feel very reassured with you on my team, Sakura.
But, I can't let you do all the work. Let's do our best to support each other!
Guide Project Sakura 07
Well said, Sayaka. Although I train my body, I am unaccustomed to team events...
Victory cannot be achieved without your help... I appreciate it.
Guide Project Sayaka 6
Yes, let's put our all into it!
You played an intense game with Sakura and your other teammates!

With Tenko Chabashira[]

Guide Project Tenko 30
Your last winter at the academy... Graduation will be here before you know it.
But save your sadness for graduation day! Right now, you're feeling pumped as ever!
So, what will you do today?
FTE Guide Sakura Mini Pixel
I'll go train with Sakura!
Guide Project Tenko 03
Sakura! If it's alright with you, please let me join you!
Guide Project Sakura 07
Oh, Tenko...go ahead.
Even if we don't have class, we can't rest from training... You're the same, right?
Guide Project Tenko 17
Of course! I still have a long way to go before I master Neo-Aikido!
Guide Project Tenko 01
Plus...training with someone who's aiming for the top will inspire me to work even harder!
Guide Project Sakura 01
If me being here helps you, then that is for the best.
Guide Project Tenko 03
You're such an extraordinary girl! I admire you, but in a different way from Himiko!
Guide Project Tenko 04
Sometimes, I feel like I wouldn't be able to stand a chance against you...
But...there's no way I can give up from that!
Guide Project Tenko 02
I have one thing that I know you can't do! And that's mastering the path of Neo-Aikido!
Guide Project Sakura 07
A new martial art... That is also an extraordinary path to overcome.
Guide Project Sakura 06
Should we train together, Tenko? Perhaps we can bring the best out of each other.
Guide Project Tenko 03
Yes! Let's work hard together!
The two of you trained together with even more passion!