Danganronpa Wiki Français & Adoption!

Salut! I'm Scottie, an Admin over at the English Danganronpa Wiki. I apologise for speaking English here on the French Wiki - I can speak French, but English is more comfortable for me!

Anyway, I'll get to my point:
It appears that you guys over here on French DR Wiki haven't had an active Admin since 2014. This hasn't been too much of a massive deal up until now, but Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will be released with a full French localization on September 29th, which means it's likely that the Wiki will receive an increase in activity. I'm concerned that there are no moderators here to check for vandalism, and there isn't anyone here to create pages in French about the new game with French localization terminology! The homepage could also really use some attention in making it look like there has been a new game since 2014...

Because I am not an active editor here, nor am I a fully fluent French speaker, I am ineligible to be an Admin here, however, I would encourage anyone who has edited on a semi-regular basis to look into the requirements for adoption:

Adopting a Wiki is a simple process (but it can take a few weeks to be accepted), and simply means that someone takes the reigns of a Wiki, can give rights to other users, and help moderate the community when there has been a lack of moderators for several months or years (which applies to this Wiki!)

Just editing a few times a week would make any editor here eligible, and this Wiki could really use a moderator! We already work to support our fellow Admin teams over on the Polish and Russian Wikis, and would be happy to help anyone who chose to adopt the French Wiki in any way we can. I'd even be happy to act as a temporary Admin alongside you to help you get onto your feet, if you have never Admined a Wiki before.

I hope one of you will consider it, I'm happy to answer any questions you might have!

Merci et prenez soin de vous!