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Danganronpa 4B: And here death comes is a Spanish comic made by Ruth_Unk in Wattpad.[]

Danganronpa 4B is another version of Danganronpa, unfortunately it's still not finished, but the creator has already presented much of the things of the second episode, users of wattpad have access to the episode epilogue, episode one and part of episode 2 (This will be updated as soon as the entire episode comes out)

Theres a few characters, exactly 16.


Theres many characters, most of the designs aren't accessible, but I and the ones who read the comic hope that the creator is working on the design

Ashley Leroy[]

Ashley Leroy is a french high schooler girl who was accepted in Hopes peak academy, with a mysterious but calm personality. Her intentions are unknown, her Ultimate is "Ultimate Waitress", there's no much information about her, but I've contacted the creator, and they have accepted to tell me much more about the characters. I'll write their words:

" Ashley Leroy is one of the principal antagonists of Danganronpa 4B, since she is one of the masterminds, that makes her one of the principal antagonist. Her design is still a sketch but I know how it will be, she has a black shirt, a white belt with a white, a black long sock and one gray with a white line sock,her hair is a very dark teal green, like Shuichi's hair, but in a green tone. Her personality is quite changing one, she normally acts calm and inrespectfully, her friends Rin and Suzuki always stop her. Though sometimes it can be hard or confusing.

Ashley's favorite thing to do is confusing people, as the mastermind she is. It's basically like a sport to her."

(The original words were in Spanish, sorry if I translated any of them wrong)

Judging by the creator's words (Which I think is a girl), it's noticeable that Ashley is the very description of a confusing and evil person, and also maybe a bit childish judging by the things she has said.

Rin Aishi

Rin Aishi is a Japanese high schooler girl who was accepted in Hopes peak academy, her personality is quiet girl, also the main protagonist of Danganronpa 4B, why I say main? You'll probably wonder, there's more than one protagonist, but that's another story! Also, her Ultimate is Ultimate Weaver, I'll proceed to write the words of the creator:

"Rin Aishi is the protagonist of Danganronpa 4B, her design isn't made, but I've decided some of the basic description: Light yellow hair, purple eyes, black, lavender and dark purple clothes.

Her design is obviously inspired on Kagamine Rin, of Vocaloid. She has some friends, which are Ashley, Suzuki, Aiko and Nicki. And as the protagonist she is, she obviously has a ✨trauma ✨, which is a spoiler so I can't talk about it:D"

Hikari Yoshida[]

Hikari Yoshida is a Japanese high schooler girl that was accepted in Hope's peak academy, she's quite serious. And her Ultimate is Ultimate Programmer (Just as Chihiro)

Hikari was the first protagonist on Danganronpa 4B, until she died and Rin took her place. Well, here's the words of the creator;

"Hikari Yoshida is quite the serious one, her design is already finished. Her personality is the very description of serious, like Byakuya, but more kind, her romantic interest and canon ship it's Narumi. Though it's one-sided. Her best friend is Narumi obviously:P"

Narumi Tanaka[]

First of all, she's not Gundham's sister or anything...

Narumi is a Japanese high schooler girl that was accepted In Hopes peak academy,

(I have to go to bed and I can't finish this today, I'll update tomorrow)